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Casper B(P)ortman born 1793
Barbara Trump born 1804


Joseph B(P)ortmann born the 19th March 1838
died Sept. 8th 1916

Margaretha Amberger born the 16th Nov. 1845
married on the 20th February 1866


George born on the 6th June 1867
Joseph born on the 21 August 1869
Andy born on the 30 Nov. 1872
- died on the 27th Jun. 1893
Barbara born on the 25th December 1874
Louise born on the 14th June 1881



The following names and dates were taken from the pages of the George Preisser family Bible. In 1980 this Bible was in the possession of Mary Jane Oderwald Brown of Clifton, Illinois.

George Preisser of Ashkum, Ill. and Mary Ann Cleary of Ashkum, Ill. were united in Holy matrimony at L'Erable on the 10 of Sept. 1871.


George died Feb. 19th 1873
William G. Preisser died Aug. 10 on Tuesday in 1937 at Watseka, Ill.


Maggie E. Preisser was born June 8th 1894 on Friday; Died July 29, 1961
Irene Evelyn Preisser was born Aug. 29, 1899 on Tuesday
Mayme Collins died 1952 Born 29 Aug. 1882
Mother died in 1923 Aug. 3.
Father died March 30 year 1931
Thomas H. Preisser died June 21 1938.
Father died 1 March 30 1931.
Katie died Mar. 20 1887 on Friday
Joe Preisser died Feb. 18 1943
Casper Preisser died December 3, 1968


Thomas Cleary Sr. Born 22 December 1824 and died April 2 1911 87 yrs. old
Mary Hollan Cleary died 1902.
Mother - Mary Ann Preisser was Born at Wilmington May 14 1857 and died on August 3rd 1923 age 66 years
Daniel Cleary was Born May 15th 1867 and Died on 15th of April 1925
Irene Burns died April 10 1940 wife of Vincent Burns
Lizzie Burns born June 23 Died 23 Nov. 1952


Celeste Irene Burns Born July 31 1902 at Ashkum, Ill.
Mary Elizabeth Burns Born July 13 1904 at Ashkum, Ill.
Vincent A. Burns Born May 27 1908 at Ashkum

All Born out on the old farm
Thomas James Reynolds born Mar. 10th at Chicago
Johon Freidrick Burns Born Feb. 29 1937
Jane Mary SanHamel Dec. 1 1937


George A. Preisser was born Nov. 14, 1872
Joseph Preisser was born Feb. 19, 1874
Thomas H. Preisser was born Nov. 3, 1875
William G. Preisser was born Mar. 12th 1877
Anna E. Preisser was born June 23, 1880
Mary Alice Preisser was born Aug. 29, 1882
Steve A. Preisser was born Jan. 25, 1885
Katie A. Preisser was born Nov. 5, 1886
Emmie L. Preisser was born Dec. 6, 1889 Fri.
Casper E. Preisser was born June 7th(?) 1892

On two blank pages is written the following:

Grandchildren of Mrs. Lizzie Burns
Thomas James Reynolds Mar. 10th
Jhon Freidich Burns Feb. 29th 1927
Jane Mary P. SanHamel Dec. 1, 1937
Orin Byrne SanHamel Aug.
Barbara Anna
James Martin Burns
Irene E. Preisser
Born August 29, 1899 Teusday (sic)
Baptized October 1st 1899
by Re. J. A. Kelly
sponsors Will Cleary - Mary Cleary

Philip J. Oderwald
Born January 4th 1894
Elaine E. Oderwald
Born August 4th 1927


No title page


John W. Riggle of the state of Ill and Mary Jane Barden of the state of Ill were married at her home by W. H. Preston Feb. 5, 1857 Witnesses - Brides parents & other relatives

John W. B. Houston of Atkinson, Neb. & Clara G. Riggle of Oneill, Neb. were married at her home by Rev. B. Blain Mar. 1, 1885

WitnessesParents of the bride
other relatives
Elder Hodgets (?)

Eddy Palmer Riggle of Eureka, Kansas
Belle Torrance Munger of Eureka, Kansas
were married at her home, Gatalpa Knob, Eureka Kansas by Charles N. Riggle, Minister, on October 7, 1903

George A. Riggle & Myrtle Kincaid of Brownington MO were married at the residence of the Rev. P. S. Hillman in Clinton MO Oct. 28, 1903


John W. Riggle was born Sept. 25, 1831
Mary Jane Barden was born Mar. 27, 1840
Adda Riggle was born Mar. 8, 1860
Ida May Riggle was born Aug. 20, 1861
Charley Barden Riggle was born Feb. 7, 1863
Frankie Riggle was born Sept. 27, 1864
Clara Grace Riggle was born Oct. 28, 1866
Carrie Gertrude Riggle was born Sept. 26, 1868
Eddy Palmer Riggle was born May 10, 1870
George Andrew Riggle was born Feb. 7, 1877?


Adda Riggle died Mar. 15 1860 lived 7 days
Ida May Riggle died Sept. 9, 1862 lived 1 yr. 19 days
Charlie Barden Riggle died Nov. 4, 1864 lived 1 yr. 8 m. 27 days
Frankie Riggle died Nov. 24, 1864 lived 1 m. 27 days
Carrie Gertrude Riggle died Jul. 18, 1869 lived 9 mo. 22 days
Eddy Palmer Riggle died Jun. 10, 1915 lived 45 yr. 1 m.
George Andrew Riggle died May 23, 1943 lived 66 yr. 3 m. 16 days
Clara Grace Riggle (Houston) died Sept. 25, 1964 lived 95 yr. 1 mo. 7 days


Front page reads: The Holy Bible; Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, with Canne's Marginal Notes and References. To which are added an Index, An alphabetical table of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their Signification and Tables of Scripture Weights: Measures, Coins, Etc. Cincinnati: Published by E. Morgan & Co. 1853


Hesakiah Ross & Eliza A. Armstrong were married Aug. 11th 1853


Elizabeth Jane Ross was born Aug. 25th 1854
James F. Ross was born Sept. 29th 1856
Julia Ann Ross was born Sept. 14th 1858
Rosa Belle Ross was born Oct. 27th 1861
Eva Ross was born November 4th 1864
Eliza Ellen Ross was born March 24th 1867
William Wesley Ross was born Aug. 6th 1869


Hesakiah Ross was born in Hamilton Co. Ohio September 1st 1831

Eliza Ann Armstrong was born in Franklin Co., Ind. September 26th 1836



Micajah Stanley Born Feb. 2nd 1810
Rebecca Stanley Born Jan. 19 1814

Jane S. Stanley Born Feb. 11th 1834
Louisa Stanley Born Aug. 23rd 1837
Minerva Stanley Born Oct. 5th(?) 1840
Joseph Stanley Born Sept. 2nd 1843
Dicie Stanley born Feb. 27th(?) 1846
Mark Stanley Born Nov. 23rd 1848
Lydia Stanley Born Aug. 31st 1850
John Stanley Born Dec. 14th 1855


Micahjah Stanley Died Apr. 18, 1888
Rebecca Stanley Died Nov. 16, 1904

Louisa Stanley died Aug. 12th 1854
Minerva Stanley White Died Feb. 14th 1863
Lydia Stanley Willoughby Died April 26th 1874
Joseph Stanley Died March 19th 1916
John Stanley Died Sept. 5 1920
Dicie Stanley Warren April 1938
Jane Stanley Taliaferro


Jane S. Stanley Married June 22nd 1850
Minerva Stanley Married Oct. 7th 1858
Joseph Stanley Married Oct. 10th 1867
Lydia Stanley Married Oct. 12th 1870
Mark Stanley Married July 25th 1871(?)
Dicie Stanley married Dec. 4th 1873
John Stanley Married Feb. 2nd 1878



Jonathan C. Sturdevant was born August 12, 1810
Lucina Sturdevant was born August 31, 1813
Almira Sturdevant was born August 31, 1832
Jonathan W. Sturdevant was born November 22, 1834
Abel G. Sturdevant was born December 8, 1836
James C. Sturdevant was born January 30, 1839
William N. Sturdevant was born May 8, 1841
Samuel W. Sturdevant was born January 15, 1844
Jasper N. Sturdevant was born June 19, 1846
Isaac O. Sturdevant was born December 19, 1852
Sarah Sturdevant was born November 17, 1854
Joseph I. Sturdevant was born May 28, 1858
Allie M. Gilchrist was born July 12, 1860
Daniel Gilchrist Long b. Nov. 2,---- (unmarried)


Jonathan C. Sturdevant and Lucina Jenkins was married September 8, 1831
Enoch H. Long and Almira Sturdevant was married July 1, 1855
Jonathan W. Sturdevant and Francis A. Taylor was married April 9, 1857
Abel G. Sturdevnant and Eliza J. Jones was married (no year)
James C. Sturdevant and Maria A. Sayers was married June 6, 1865
John Eby and Sarah Sturdevant was married March 16, 1873
Joseph I. Sturdevant and Allie M. Gilchrist was married September 28, 1879


Jasper N. Sturdevant died July 19, 1848 (2y-29d)
Samuel W. Sturdevant died August 22, 1851 (7y-7m-7d)
Isaac O. Sturdevant died September 4, 1853 (8m-13d)
William N. Sturdevant died January 7, 1968 (21y-7m-29d)
Jonathan C. Sturdevant died March 4, 1873 (72y-6m-20d?)
Abel G. Sturdevant died December 10, 1878 (42y-2d)
Jonathan W. Sturdevant died September 3, 1886 (51y-9m-2d)
Sarrah Eby (Sturdevant) died March 12, 1893 (38y-3m-6d)
Lucina Sturdevant died July 11, 1898 (84y-10m-11d)
Almira Long (Sturdevant) died Feb. 22, 1912 (79y-5m-22d)
James C. Sturdevant died Oct. 1, 1927 (87y-8m-2d)
Joseph I. Sturdevant died Oct. 10, 1927 (69y-5m-8d)
Allie M. Gilchrist died Feb. 24, 1938 (77y-7m-12d)

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