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Loose pages; no title page; incomplete

Benjamin Denton jnr and Mary Jane Barrick was joined to gether in holy matrimony February the 5th in the year of our Lord 1846

Benjamin Denton jnr was born October the 18th in the year of our Lord 1826
Mary Jane Denton was born july the 31st in the year of our Lord 1825
Charles Henry Denton was born july the 5th in the year of our Lord 1847
Emely Frances Denton was born August the 23rd in the year of our Lord 1849
Allen Haywood Denton was born November the 14th in the year of our Lord 1851


Certified copy copied from the Self Interpreting Bible by the late Rev. John Brown, Minister of the Gospel of Haddington. Printed London, England 1816
In custody of Mrs. Guy Gettings, Knoxville, MD
Found in the DAR files #37704 Supplemental Mrs. Harold E. Nehrenberg



Benjamin Eastburn was married to Jane Robison October 5th the year 1760
Esther Eastburn was born the 21st day of August at two o'clock in the morning 1761
Elizabeth Eastburn was born the 25th November 1762
Robinson and John Eastburn was born 16th December 1763
Hannah Eastburn was born the 18th August 1765
Esther Eastburn was born the 15th December 1766
Bengemin Eastburn was born the 1 July 1768
Jesse Eastburn was born the 16th November 1769
Eunice and Jane Eastburn was born the 19th March 1771
Bengeman Eastburn was born the 1 March 1773
Joseph and Mary Eastburn was born 27th August 1774
Isac Washington Eastburn was born the 20th October 1776
Tirzah and Horatio Eastburn was born 5 July 1778
Amelia Eastburn was born 2 August 1780
Jas. E. Armour, son of James & Juliann Armour was born Sept. 26th 1821
Eliza Jane Eastburn was born on the 13th of January 1815
Eliza Jane Eastburn and John Cameron was married May 10, 1831
Amelia E. Cameron was born August 1, 1832
Anna Mariah Cameron was born July 26, 1836
Juliann McGraw was married 19th Nov. 1820 to Jas. N. Armour


Benjamin Eastburn died on the 17th August 1784 aged 41 years
Jane Eastburn died on the 21st April, 1821 aged 82 years
Juliann Armour died on the 18th August 1822
Amelia Eastburn Cameron died on the 13th February 1833
Amelia Eastburn died the 10th July 1854 aged 74 years
James H. Elgin consort of Julia A. And Anna M. Elgin departed this life July 27th 1899 aged 83 yrs. 3 mos. 11 days


No title pate; in the files of the Iroquois County Genealogy Society

This certifies that the rite of holy Matrimony was celebrated between James Eastburn of Sheldon, IL and Anna E. Smith of Belmont, IL on November 1st 1883 at Belmont Twp. by ? M. Buswell Minister if the U. B. Church. Witness: Miss Ida Richards.


Clyde Eastburn was born October 1st 1884 near Watsek Ill.
Herrietta F. Goetz was born June 29 1888 in F---ford Ill.
Emeline Wilson born June 7 - 1849 in Jay Co. Indiana
Russell E. Eastburn was born Oct. 3 1910 in Watseka Ill.
Sarah Hultzer was born March 30 - 1822 near Dayton Ohio
Winifred Payne was born Nov 1910
Isaac Miner Smith was born July 6, 1844 near Lafayette Indiana
Georgia A. Smith July 29, 1866
Anna E. Smith was born Dec. 29 1867
Lorena Smith was born May 13 1889 near Watseka Ill
James Eastburn Feb. 20th 1861
Ellen Eastburn was born March 26 1935 in Watseka Ill.
Marra Eastburn was born march 15, 1838 in Coshoton Ohio
Rhoda Smith borned June 5 1883


Clyde L. Eastburn and Henrietta F. Goetz were married Octobe 25 1905 in Watseka Ill.
Sarah Hutzler Wilson died feb. 7 1917
Clyde L Eastburn & Mary A. Bache were married May 31, 1924 in Tuscola, Ill by Judge Herman Wamsley
William L. Eastburn and Massa Hoagland were married May 12 1854
Minor Smith & Emeline Wilson Sept. 10, 1865
Anna E. Smith & James Eastburn Nov 1st 1883


Isaac Minor Smith died Oct 2nd 1898 near Watseka Ill.
William Loyd Eastburn died June 28, 1910 in Watseka Ill.
Sarah Jones died Feb 7 1917
Massa Eastburn died Jan. 28 1920
George Wilson died 28 feb 1936
William Wilson died July 3 1936
Weltha Wilson died May 27 1942 in New York City
Emeline Smith Branor died April 17th 1932
Anna Eastburn died Jan 20 1949
James Eastburn died Aug 23 1949
Georgia A. Smith July 29 1866


Front page reads: The Holy Bible containing The Old and New Testaments: Stereotype edition: New York: For "The American Bible Society".

Inside front cover reads:
Benjamin Hardy and Rachel was married September 5, 1827
Sarah Frame and Silas Parkes was married September 25th 1828
Caleb Frame and Matilda Bristow married November 21st 1826
Samuel M. Frame and Vitariah Amerman was married October 11th 1832
Reuben Dooley died 22nd of April 1822
Elisabeth Frame departed this life March the 12th 1831 aged fifty years & eight months
Samuel Frame departed this life August the 29th 1847 aged 68 years

Page facing the Gospel of Matthew reads:

Samuel Frame was born November the 14th 1779
Elisabeth Frame b. July the 12, 1780
Nancy Frame June the 12th 1803
Caleb Frame Nov. 16th 1804
Rachel Frame Aprile 13th 1807
Sarah Frame Aprile 2nd 1810
Celia Frame October 10th 1812
Felix William Frame Aprile 29th 1815
Samuel Martin Frame Sept. 27th 1817
Abner Frame Feb. 6th 1824
Sarah Frame April 2nd 1810
Samuel and Elisabeth was married Sept. 16th 1802
Elisabeth Frame wife of Samuel died March the 12th 1831 in the 51st year of her age

Page facing Revelations Chap. XXI reads:

Samuel Frame Bible
Caleb Frame and Matilda Bristow was married Nov. 21, 1826
Benjamin Hardy and Rachel Frame was married Sept. 25, 1827
Silas Parks and Sarah Frame was married Sept. 25th 1828
Samuel M. Frame and Vitariah Amerman was married Oct. 11th 1838


Holy Bible
King James Version
Presented to Margret Gould by George Goff

This is to certify that Alexander A. Gould and Margaret Goff were solemnly united by me in Holy Matrimony at Kankakee, Illinois on the seventeenth day of March in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty-six in the presence of David Pollack and Joseph Dillaback


Alexander A. Gould born April 4th 1827
Margaret Goff (Pollack) born March 3rd 1832
George Goff born June 15th 1851
Margaret Sloan Goff born May 15th 1854
Jennie e. G. Gould born December 24th 1856
Rachel G. Gould born May 9th 1861
Mary E. Gould born April 29th 1865
Susie Goff born Jan. 7 1877
Herbert R.. Goshorn born April 26 1877
Warren Paul Goshorn born July 6th 1883
Helen M. Goshorn born Feb. 12th 1918
Dorothy D. Goshorn born May 21st 1919
Virginia R. Goshorn born Oct. 3rd 1921
Paul Alexander (Bruce) Goshorn born Apr. 15th 1925


Jennie E. G. Gould to J. B. Goshorn by Rev. L. P. Deathrage July 26th 1876
Maggie S. Goff to Nelson Brouillette by Rev. Lowe May 15th
Mary E. Gould to John Wilson Aug. 19th 1886 Wm. Wilson D. D. Dwight, Ill.
George Goff to Elizabeth Hamilton January 5th 1876
Herbert R. Goshorn to Eleanor E. Lockwood June 23rd 1909 Dr. Rogers - Presb. K. C. MO
Herbert R. Goshorn to Charlotte M. Meridith(?) May 13, 1917 Rev. Sauer K. C. MO
Warren Paul Goshorn to Tacy B. Wagner May 20 1904


Alexander A. Gould December 2nd 1905
Rachel G. Gould May 20th 1882
George Goff Dec. 9th 1927
Dr. John Wilson April 29 1929
Paul Goshorn Jan. 10th 1953
Elizabeth Scott Goff Dec. 19 1914
Margaret Gould Dec. 1912
Dr. Herbert R. Goshorn Feb. 11 1947

Received into the congregation of Christ's flock This Certifies that on Sunday the fourth day of May A. D. 1884 in Grace Church Galion Ohio diocese of Ohio Joseph Baughman Goshorn son of Samuel R. and Ellen McC. Goshorn who was born in Huntingdon Co., PA on the thirtieth day of Sept. 1841 was by Bishop G. T. Bedell D. D. solemnly Baptized. Sponsors: A. W. Ball & Wm. M. Brown

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