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The Holy Bible
New York
American Bible Company
Presented to William Henry Augustus by his Father Eli V. Augustus Nov 24 185?

Eli V. Augustus and Martha Ellen Johnson was married August 4 1856
William H. Augustus and Julia Elizabeth White was married September 13 1877
Eli V. Augustus was born July 21 1832
Martha Ellen Johnson was born Nov. 25 1836
William Henry Augustus was born July 13 1857
Julia Elizabeth White was born August 6 1859
Ivo Thurlow Augustus was born August 1 1878


Front page reads: The Holy Bible; containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues. New York: Published by George Lane and Levi Scott for the Methodist Episcopal Church at the conference office, 200 Mulberry Street. 1849 Inscription on inside front cover reads: Bought by F. P. Beach Novemb 1849.

Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord

Mary Beach Clark Wisdom died Dec. 5, 1889 of operation for tumor
Carrie Beach Whitham died Feby. 14 1890 acquired consumption
Infant son of C. E. Beach & Lizzie L. Beach, unnamed died spasms Dec. 9 - 1900
Nancy Lewis Beach dide March 9th 1903 of crepins peralisis (paralysis agitans)

The Promise Is Unto You And To Your Children

Mary Gertrude Beach was Baptised March 1864
Mattie Julia Beach was Baptised March 1864
Libbie Bell Beach was Baptised March 1864
Carrie Desire Beach was Baptised March 1864
Lavaun Lewis Beach was Baptised March 1864
Clifford Earl Beach was Baptised 1867 by G. R. Palmer at Onarga, Ill.

The following births and deaths are on the backside of the title page to the New Testament

Samuel Beach Born Feby 7, 1784
Violette Beach " Mar. 3? 1787
Olivia C. Beach " Apr. 2, 1809
Julia Beach " Aug. 3, 1811
Desiah Beach " Oct. 14, 1813
Sam'l. E. Beach " Apr. 5, 1816
Newton Beach " Aug. 12, 1820
Edwin Beach " Aug. 4, 1823
Freedus P. Beach " Oct. 15, 1827


Edwin Beach died Oct. 20, 1823
Samuel Beach died June 17, 1830
Julia Beach Webster died Feby 12, 1838
Olivia Beach Catley died Sept. 9, 1842
Violette Beach died Oct. 3, 1842
Newton Beach died Aug. 17, 1876
Desiah Beach Pinney died Dec. 2, 1887
Samuel E. Beach died Nov. 8, 1892

Bring Up Your Children In The Admonition Of The Lord

Freedus Poe Beach was born October 15th 1827
Nancy Lewis was Born November 8th 1828
Mary Gertrude Beach was Born November 3rd 1890
Twin boys Born Feb. 1853 dide at birth
Twin boys born June 1854 and dide a few hours after Birth
Mattie Julia Beach was Born April 30th 1856
Libie Bell Beach was Born March 11th 1858
Carrie Beach was Born February 9th 1860
Lavaun Lewis Beach was Born April 1st 1863
Clifford Earle Beach was May 16th born 1866

Marriage Is honorable In All

Freedus Poe Beach and Nancy Lewis was Married March 27th 1849
Mary Beach was married to Calvin R. Clark Oct. 27, 1871
Mattie Beach was married to A. L. Whitcomb Oct. 27, 1880
Carrie Beach was married to Chas. S. Whitham Oct. 19, 1881
Libbie Beach was married to E. B. Hoel Sept. 1, 1883
Lavaun Beach was married to Geo. W. Hanford Oct. 4, 1886
Clifford E. Beach was married to Lizzie P. Lindsey Feb. 1, 1888
Libbie Beach Hoel was married to Rev. Harrison D. Brown Oct. 3, 1895
Lavaun Beach Hanford was married to Charles V. Imerson

Bring Up Your Children In The Admonition Of The Lord
Note at top of page reads: Grand children of Freedus P. & Nancy L. Beach

Ethel Clark Born Aug. 8, 1872
Walter Clark Born May 31, 1875 - Died Dec. 1885 (killed by Indians in Arizona Geronimo's Band of Apache)
Clyde Clark Born Feby 5, 1876
Eugene Clark Born Jan. 26, 1881
Edwin Beach Whitcomb Born Sept. 7, 1881
Alma Whitcomb born Dec. 19, 1887 - died Feby 3, 1888
Gerard Beach Hanford Born Aug. 7, 1888
Nita Beach Born Nov. 14, 1888
Dwight L. Whitcomb Born about April 24, 1892
Leola Beach Born June 22, 1890
Lois Whitcomb born Dec. 1897
Boy child Born to C. E. and Lizzie L. Beach Dec. 9, 1900 - died spasms Dec. 9, 1900
Infant daughter born to C. E. and L. L. Beach unnamed Aug. 30, 1891 - died Aug. 31, 1891 (was 24 hours)

Found on a separate piece of paper in the Bible:

Samuel Beach Born Feb. 7th 1784
Violette Beach Born Nov. 29th 1787
Olivia C. Beach Born April 2nd 1809
Julia Beach Born Aug. 3rd 1811
Desiah Beach Born Oct. 14th 1813
Samuel E. Beach Born April 5th 1816
Newton Beach Born Aug. 12th 1820
Edwin Beach Born Aug. 4th 1823
Freedus P. Beach Born Aug. 15th 1827
Edwin Beach Died Oct. 20th 1823
Samuel Beach Died June 17th 1830
Julia Beach died Feb. 12th 1838
Olivia C. Beach Died Sept. 9th 1842
Violette Beach Died Oct. 3rd 1842


transcribed from pages owned by Mildred L. Alexander
Hilltop Road, Apt. A-2, Fort Dodge, IA 50501
October 1985


Andrew M. Benjamin born October 11 In the year of our Lord 1843
Sidney M. Benjamin born October 30 in the year of our Lord 1845
Hiram L. Bemjamin born April 23 in the year of our Lord 1848
Cynthia An Ellisa Benjamin born June 16 in the year of our 1851
Daniel N. Benjamin born August 2 in the year of our Lord 1853
Darius Benjamin born September 1 1858 in the year of our Lord
Cyntha Benjamin born Dec. 14, 1812
Jacob Benjamin born February 11 in the year of our Lord 1829
William Henry Benjamin born May 15 in the year of our Lord 1831
Elijah Weslley Benjamin born August 11 in the year of our Lord 1833
Stephen Lester Benjamin born August 28 in the year of our Lord 1835
Joseph Edward Benjamin born June 17 in the year of our Lord 1837
Marshel Benjamin born August 30 in the year of our Lord 1839
Anson Benjamin born Septmeber 29 in the year of our Lord 1842


Marshal Benjamin died August 27 in the year of our Lord 1842
Anson Benjamin died September 29 in the year of our Lord 1842
Eliza A. b A. Elija Benjamin
Cynthiy A. Eliza died Desember 14 1867 in the 17 year of her age
Stephen L. Benjamin died September 9 1872 age 38
Elijah Benjamin Died Feb. 20, 1882 74y5m24d
Cyntha Benjamin died Sept. 6, 1896 83y8m20d


Front page reads: Self-pronouncing Edition The Holy bible containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised: together with Marginal References. Conformable to the Edition of 1611, Commonly known as the Authorized or king James Version. D. B. Clarkson Co., Chicago, IL

In the Bible was found the following marriage certificate from Vermilion Co., IL
Charles Bowman of Hoopeston, IL and Miss Lulu Schoolcraft of Hoopeston, IL were married at the Bride's home on the 14 of Sept. 1904 in the presence of Roy Brougher, and Katheryn Schindler by Warnas King Christian Minister.


Charley Bowman & Lulu Schoolcraft - Sept. 14, 1904
Louise Bowman & Harlin Sloan - Nov. 7, 1925
Dale Bowman & Mary Mahoney - Jan. 14, 1933


Charley Bowman born July 13, 1882
Lulu Schoolcraft Bowman born June 3, 1884
Vera Louise Bowman born June 27, 1905
Edgar Dale Bowman born Nov. 13, 1911
Alice Pauline Bowman born Apr. 21, 1917


Charley Bowman died Nov. 30, 1832


(no title page or date)

This certifies that Abraham Carpenter of Iroquois, Illinois and Catherine Hougland of Iroquois, Illinois were untied by me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at Texas, Iroquois Co. on the 20th of March in the year of our Lord 1866.


LaVerne Wall to Marie Appleget Mar. 12, 193?
Ralph A. Cline to Bernice Appleget Nov. 9, 1935
John A. Appleget to Lee Faserrich Mar. 11, 1942
Arthur L. Barr to Mona Meyer Feb. 25, 1951
Norman L. Luecke to Betty E. Barr Oct. 2, 1955


Abraham Carpenter was born May 28, 1838
Catherine Hougland was born Feb. 22, 1849
Willie Carpenter was born Oct. 4, 1867
George Carpenter was born Mar. 23, 1869
John Carpenter was born Aug. 10, 1871
Clarence Carpenter was born Mar. 19, 1876
Clarence G. Carpenter died Nov. 3, 1943
Minnie Carpenter was born Dec. 20, 1880
Artie Carpenter was born Nov. 10, 1884
? Carpenter was born Jun. 15, 1886
Clara C. Carpenter was born Oct. 19, 1887 (MO)
Jackie Lavern Appleget born Dec. 10, 1948 s/o Johnnie Appleget
Merl Delris Cline born Dec. 2?, 1934
Ralph Richard Cline born Apr. 29, 1937

Arthur Lee Barr born May 16, 1929
Betty Ellen Louise Barr born Jul. 26, 1931
John's Baby Mary Lee Jan. 31, 1943 died & born
Carol Lynn Appleget born Jun. 14, 1954
Ronald Eugene Wall born Jul. 12, 1933
Donald ? Wall born Jun. 2?, 1935; 1941 he died
Donie Lee Wall killed 8 June would have been 6 yr. 20th of June
John Carpenter died Jul. 25, 1941
John Carpenter & Hattie Whitatone md Feb. 27, 1893
Clarence Carpenter & Mandy Delaney md 1 Dec. 1902
Arthur Carpenter & Stella ? md 25 Jan. 1906
Clara Carpenter & Ora Appleget md 3 Oct. 1906
Arthur Carpenter & Mabel Kemper 15 Feb. 1927 (second marriage)
Robert M. Barr & Clara Carpenter 5 Jul. 1928 (second marriage)
Mandy E. Carpenter & John Lipstone 1 Sept. 1937
Clarence S. Carpenter died Nov. 3, 1943
Hattie Carpenter died 1943
George Carpenter died Aug. 23, 1870?
Edith Carpenter died Jun. 15, 1886
Matilda Carpenter died
Abraham Carpenter May 6, 1926
Catherine Carpenter died Feb. 21, 1928
Stella Carpenter died Apr. 10, 1926
Catherine Carpenter died Feb. 21, 1928
Abraham Carpenter died 6 May 1926
Dollie Barr - Feb. 5 , 1965
Arthur Lee Barr died Mar. ?, 1959

Gracie Carpenter born May 16, 1895; died Jul. 31, 189?
Abraham Carpenter born Jul. 17, 1904; died Aug. 16, 190?
Eva Irene Carpenter born & died Apr. 27, 1913
Mary Carpenter born Apr. 4, 1914; died Aug. 16 191?
Abraham Carpenter born Oct. 5, 1896
Fred Carpenter born Dec. 10, 1900
Cassey Carpenter born Jan. 26, 1906
John Grant Carpenter born Oct. 10, 1907
Clarena Obert Appleget born Jun. 19, 1908
Marie Catherine Appleget born Jan. 25, 1910
Bernice Matilda Appleget born Oct. 6, 1915
John Abraham Appleget born Sept. 25, 1919
? Charley Carpenter died Apr. 30, 1926
Charlie W. Carpenter born Apr. 30, 1909
Lloyd O. Carpenter born Sept. 28, 1911
Marian I. Carpenter born Apr. 19, 1927
Delbert R. Carpenter born Dec. 19, 1918
Eva May Carpenter born Aug. 15, 1915
Nora May Carpenter born Jul. 15, 1920
Mary Hattie Carpenter born Apr. 4, 1913; died Aug. 15, 19??

Grandparents of Carpenter children:
George Hoagland died Feb. 10, 1856 age 48 yr.
Nancy Hoagland died May 25, 1850 age 31 yr. 23 days
George Carpenter died Jan. 4, 1868 age 27 yr. 9 mos.
John A. Appleget enlisted in Navy Apr. 13, 1937; sailed for Long Beach Oct. 3
Clarence Appleget went to the war Sept. 17 from Camp Grant, IL 1942


Loose pages; no title page

Rolley P. Case was born September 1st Annodomini 1827
Rebecca J. Case was born Jan 19th 1826
Susan Shackelford was born May the 2 Annodomini 1832

Rolley P. Case and Susan Shackelford was married November the fourth Annodomini 1850
Rolley P. Case and Revecca Jane Roberts was married October 18th Annodomini 1856
Allen H. Denton and Mary T. Case was married March 2nd A. D. 1872 by Rev. J. H. Keyt
Fred L. Nesbit and Adelaide L. Case was married July 4th 1898

Mary Tiffin Case was Born October 16th Annodomini 1851
Isaac Nathan Case was born November 23 1853
Adellade Linora Case Was born September the 16th Annodomini 1857
Rolley Allen Denton was born dec the 22 1891
Wm Case was Born Oct 17th 1801 Departed this life Oct 17th 1859 Aged 58 years
Lavina Case Departed this Life Aprile 14th 1868 Aged sixty five years 65 years
Rebecca Jane Case departed this life January 23rd 1880 aged 54 years
Rolley P. Case Departed this life June 6th 1899 Aged 71 yrs 8 mos and 23 ds


April 2nd in Waltz township Wabash county IA Mary Shackelford daughter of Henry and Mary Tiffin and wife of James Shackleford She was born in Virginia in 1781 and uniting with the methodist Episcopal Church in the morning of life she Continued faithful till death the last Seven years of her life were spent in this county where her house was a preaching place and a house for the weary itinerant She conversed about her departure with the utmost composure requesting those around her to meet her in heaven her end was peace her funeral was attended by eleven of her children thirty three grand children two great grand children five daughters in count and four sons in law twenty eight of whom are members of the methodist Episcopal Church may the lord

Susan Case daughter of James and Mary Shackelford and wife of Rolley P. Case Departed this life December 31st Annodomini 1854

Isaac Nathan Case son of Rolla and Susan Case Departed this life January the 24th Annodomini 1856 Aged 2 years 2 mo 2 days

Mary T. Denton Departed this Life December 13, 1926 Age 75 years 1 month and 28 days


Holy Bible
(in German)
Published by Ernst Kaugmann
New York & Chicago

Johann Garrel Caspers s/o Garrel Caspers & Teda Conrads was born 25 Feb. 1878
Johann Capsers & Emilie Kogler were married in Ash Grove, IL 12 Jan. 1899
Tena Amelia Caspers born Nov. 24 1899 in Ash Grove
Mary Johana Caspers born Jan. 2 1904 in Ash Grove
Freda Gusta Bertha Caspers Born Oct. 18 1909 in Ash Grove


The Family Bible
Baird & Dillon
120 chambers St., New York/141 & 143 Wabash Ave., Chicago

This certifies that Austin Clark and Sarah F. Phillips were solemnly united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Rossville, Illinois on the twenty-six day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and sixty-two conformably to the Ordinance of God, and the Laws of the State. signed Jacob Swisher


Austin Clark born 8 Mar. 1836/ died 11 Jun. 6:30 a.m.
Sarah F. Clark born 28 Dec. 1846
Johney W. Clark born 13 Oct. 1863
Allen G. Clark born 16 Feb. 1865 Bluegrass Vermilion Co., Ill.
Willie W. Clark born 12 Aug. 1867 Marysville Vermilion Co., Ill.
Cora E. Clark born 16 Feb. 1870 Stone Bluff Fountain Co., Indiana
Minnie A. Clark born 13 Sep. 1873 Rossville Vermilion co., Ill.
Frankey B. Clark born 25 Oct. 1878 Danville Vermilion Co., Ill.
Charles A. Clark born 1 Aug. 1883 Gibson City Ford Co., Ill.
W. W. Clark 12 Aug. 1867
A. F. Clark 12 Mar. 1869
Ruth Goldie Clark 30 Nov. 1892
Russell Austin Clark 27 Dec. 1894
Ruby Madeline Clark 25 Oct. 1896
Rachel Sarah Clark 7 Nov. 1899
Rily Ross Clark 1 Dec. 1901
Ralph Cecil Clark 1 Dec. 1901
Rea Elsie Francis Clark 2 Jul. 1905
Robert Bruce Leslie Clark 10 Feb. 1908
Rosamond Clark 1 Sep. 1910
Lois Elizabeth Clark 14 May 1913


Nancy A. Phillips departed this life 30 Apr. 1851 Age 39
John T. Phillips departed this life 5 Aug. 1875 Age 64
George W. Phillips departed this life 22 Sep. 1861 Age 27
Charles Phillips departed this life 8 Mar. 1881 Age 45
W. H. Phillips departed this life 11 Feb. 1890 Age 58
Lucy A. Parker departed this life 19 Sep. 1876 Age 46
Hulda Swisher died Oct. 1899
Minerva Swisher Worls(?) Sep. 1911
Johney W. Clark departed this life 5 Sep. 1864 Age 10 months
Austin Clark died 11 Jun. 1908 Age 72 years 3 mo. 3 days
Minnie A. Little departed this life 5 Jul. 1895 Age 21
Sarah F. Clark died 13 Dec. 1908 Age 61 years 11 mo. 15 days
Charlie A. Clark died 22 Sep. 1904 funeral by Ella - Niswander
Willis Willis Clark departed this life 30 Oct. 1920 funeral by E. R. McCorkle at home Gibson City, Ill.
Frank B. Clark departed this life Feb. 1921


(with pictures)

Pictorial Family Bible
The National Publishing Co.,
Philadelphia, PA; chicago, ILL.; St. Louis, MO., and Atlanta, GA.

A Christmas present to E. & C. E. Clark by their father Jonathan Watkin
25 Dec 1879

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Evlan Clark of Iroquois County Ill. and Clarissa E. Watkins of Iroquois County Ill. on 9 December 1860 at residence of J. Watkins by Rev. Joseph Stoops


Evlan Clark born 18 Aug. 1838
Clarissa Ellen Clark born 9 Aug. 1843
Albert W. Clark born 20 Jun. 1871
Charles Richard born 6 Aug. 1874
Mary Edith born 6 Feb. 1879

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