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The newly pubished book by Dean Karau is now available for purchase! 

The History of Wethersfield 2.0 is an updated story of the 1836 founding of the village of Wethersfield and Wethersfield Township in Henry County, Illinois. It traces the dreams and the hardships of those early settlers until their aspirations were shattered a little more than a decade and a half later by the building of a railroad and the 1854 founding of the village of Kewanee a mile or so to the north.

Researcher and author Dean Karau pulls together disparate elements of previous histories of Wethersfields founding, resolves conflicts among them, while adding newly-discovered information, in order to make the story come alive in todays world. Dean tells the history from the point of view of a friend of Henry Gilman Little, one of the pioneer Wethersfield colonists, breathing realism and excitement into the story of the beauty, the privations, and disappointments faced by those intrepid men and women. In the words of Henry,

[y]es the people were poor in those years, we were very poor if lack of money and luxuries constitutes poverty. But I do not think we felt poor, certainly we were not unhappy. It seems to me that we were rich, rich in love and neighborly kindness, rich in our equality of condition and the warm sympathy which resulted rich in appreciation for the best things and rich in our high hopes, which never failed us for the future of the great west and of our own community, rich in the common joy of overcoming difficulties, of subduing the wilderness and bending the forces of nature to our will.

Wethersfield History by Dean Karau

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                            24 January 2022-  How to organize your research-   Researching on the intermet   Steve Morrison Presenter

                               28 February 2022- Bill Scott- God, and the Model T
                               28 March 2022- DAR Historical House in Kewanee - Meeting at the House on 610 Park Street
                               25 April 2022Janene Blogett - Hans Hosling- Reunited at Bishop Hill
                               23 May 2022- Larry Lock- Corn Huskers Including the National Contest Held in Galva-   Meeting at the Kewanee Historical Society Building
                               27 June 2022- Vicki Massie - Dairy Maids of Bishop Hill - Dirty Laundry
                               25 July 2022- Dick Wells - World War 1 Soldiers from Henry County
                               22 August 2022- Angie Snook- Underground Railroad
                               26 September 2022- Henry County Museum at Bishop Hill-  Tour and Meeting
                               24 October 2022-
                               28 November 2022-
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