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The Henry County Genealogical Society- Web Site Just Back On October 22, 2018

Our purpose is to encourage the science of genealogy, to help others gather genealogical information, to preserve, and publish material of historical and genealogical nature, all for educational purposes.

For Sale---- New CD or Print Copy- for sale: History of The Brandenburg Tavern and Family $12(includes shipping) 60 pages by Bonnie Wiley

For Sale---- Book 1- Gone But Not Forgotten- Henry County Rural Schools- 1857 to 1869: 187 pages by Steve Morrison-- $35- $30 without shipping Printed with Index- CD $20 includes shipping

For Sale---- Book 2- Henry County One Room Schools from 1892 to 1954: over 425 pages by Steve Morrison-- Print $50 CD $25 includes shipping $45 without

For Sale---- Civil War Obituaries Found in the Kewanee, IL Newspaper- 125 pages with an Index by Steve Morrison-- Over 300 Listed-- $30 Printed includes shipping

For Sale---- St Francis School of Nursing, St Francis Hospital, Kewanee by Steve Morrison-- $35 includes shipping

Meetings are held at 1:30 PM on the second floor Meeting Room at the Kewanee Public Library unless otherwise noted. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND


Janaury 28 - Cancelled due to weather

February 25 - Mary Oberg- Family Search Tree Program- How to Start a Free Tree

March 25- Program Change- Charles Stackhouse and his trip to the "Gold Fields" in California in the year 1849 he was the grandfather of Myron Stackhouse of Cambridge! Marg Rogers had to cancel the scheduled program due to illiness

April 22- Going Green- Earth Day by Jacque Jaquet of Galva Recycling

May 28 - Tuesday due to Memorial Day (Library Closed)- The Underground Railroad in Geneseo by Angie Snook

June 24- Kewanee Boiler and Walworth and their Predecessors by Larry Lock

July 29- Floyd Ham - Presents Petticoats and Government

August 26- US Church Records by Jacquie Schattner

September 23- The Little Cabin in Kewanee by Dave Clarke

October 28- Col. Gary Miller Presents Past, Present and Future

November 25- Election of Officers for 2020

December - No Meeting