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Was lost but now is found by:

       Mikki & Jim Judge was in search of her grandmother who had relatives dating back to the Mayflower.  Mikki was in search of Phebe De Maranville and where she might be buried.

"The Happy Couple"

Jim & Mikki Judge

      The search for her great-great grandparents stemmed from years of family research which had begun as a project for her parents. Mikki was trying to put together a book for her parents' 75th birthday. Mikki had the book but with one obstacle still standing in her way -- the location of where Phebe and Nehemiah De Maranville where buried. 

     In the summer of  2000, Mikki and Jim while visiting some De Maranville descendants to help decorate De Maranville graves; a cousin showed them a treasure trove of Photos.  Among them was a photo of Phoebe's headstone. Mikki and Jim did a happy dance with lots of squeals of joy.  The photo from about 1960, meant that someone had visited Phebe's grave, no one knew who took the photo, but written on the back was "Hunter Cemetery." 

     Even with the cemetery name, Mikki and Jim felt only slightly closer to her relatives.  She and her husband had no idea where Hunter Cemetery might be.  Some of the De Maranville descendants did.  Mikki said some of them had searched for Hunter Cemetery in Arispie Township and hadn't been able to find it..  Not to be deterred, Mikki and her husband said they would find the cemetery..

      Mikki and Jim drove Arispie Township.  They spent the better part of three hours driving the country side, stopping drivers, talking to farmers, but no one had heard of the Hunter Cemetery.  Late in the morning, after leaving Arispie and driving south into Wheatland Township on County Road 1775 East, they stopped another farmer, he pointed to a grove of trees and told them there had once been a cemetery in those trees.  

     Mikki and Jim asked Alan Read permission to go back to check the grove of trees to see if there was still any signs of a cemetery being in the area. Mr. Read gave his consent.

       After driving a quarter mile over a tiny grassy road in between a cornfield with grass as tall as the truck's hood, the couple realized they weren't looking at just a simple stand of trees. The area had been completely taken over with trees, vines, and massive overgrowth.  Hunter Cemetery had gone back to nature.

     "You couldn't even see into it," Jim said. We didn't know what were looking at.  What they eventually found was the Hunter Cemetery, taken over by Mother nature since the human aspect of keeping it right had deceased.   Hunter Cemetery was overgrown, gone to weeds, brush as thick as hedgerows., gooseberry bushes, fallen trees, mud, everywhere you looked.  Jim said, "It was so overgrowth with ground cover that the ground never had a chance to dry out."

     Within a half hour, by trying to match the photo with overgrowth; they found Phebe and Nehemiah De Maranville.  The four-foot high marker had been toppled over. It lay on it's side like so many of the other tombstones they would find over the next few hours.  It was dirty, stained with age, but still readable.  The carved letterings stood out clearly.

Phebe De Maranville

Nahemiah De Maranville

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