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Western Gazetteer (1817)

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T rees, Plants, and Minerals.

Between two and three hundred thousand bushels of salt are annually made at the U. S. Saline, 26 miles below the mouth of the Wabash. These works supply the settlements of Indiana and Illinois. The salt is sold at the works at from fifty to seventy-five cents a bushel. Government have leased the works to Messrs. Wilkins and Morrison, of Lexington. [p. 26]

Villages, Roads, and Settlements.

Shawannaetown, above the mouth of the Saline, containing 30 or 40 logs buildings; the inhabitants live by the profits of the salt trade. The growth of the town has been greatly retarded in consequence of the United State having reserved to themselves the property of the scite of this place, the salt licks as well as the intermediate tract between this and Saline river, 9 miles distant. It is a place of great resort for boats and in time twill no doubt become a place of consequence, as the lands in its vicinity are of a good quality. Here formerly stood an Indian village of the Shawannoe nation.

There are two roads leading through the Ohio to Kaskaskia. The first leaves the Ohio at Robin's ferry, 17 miles below the Saline; distance to Kaskaskia, 135 miles. The other leaves the river at Lusk's ferry, 15 miles above the mouth of Cumberland. This is the shortest route by 15 or 20 miles.

    Samuel R. Brown. Western Gazetteer; or Emigrant's Directory. Auburn, N. Y.: H. C. Southwice, 1817. 26-28.

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