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Gallatin Co. Misc.

Gallatin Co. ILGenWeb
A s expected this page covers everything else.

Gallatin County Marriage Database — This is actually the Illinois Statewide Marriage Database maintained by the Illinois State Archives, but includes all but a few of the 19th Century marriages in the county.

Kentucky Couples Marrying in Gallatin Co. — The Henderson County ILGenWeb website has this list of couples who crossed over the river to marry in Shawneetown.

Lost Marriage Records — This is almost self-explanatory. It includes some of the early marriages found only by references to the marriage bonds, and are generally not in the books themselves. If you can't find a marriage on the state's database and you know it took place in Gallatin County, check here.

Rev. Lowry Marriages — This is the only list that includes some 20th Century marriages. Rev. Lowry preached in both the Shawneetown and Cave-in-Rock areas.

Loren Bruce Bennett's Journal — Mr. Bennett lived in the northeastern corner of Gallatin County in the early 20th Century. In a journal he jotted down various tidbits of information including marriages, births and deaths, as excerpted here.

USGenWeb Archives for Gallatin County — This is a hodgepodge of items. Check it out. You might find something. Some of the items here can also be found on the Gallatin County ILGenWeb site.

Researcher for Hire — Monte Thompson recently retired and is willing to do research for a fee at the Gallatin County Courthouse. He charges $5 per hour, plus costs for photocopying and postage. This site isn't making any endorsements, but just passing along the offer.

County Clerk's Office — The Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder's office will copy and send you certain records that are available. Click the link for details.

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