Elba School students 1884 through 1894

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Elba Students — 1884 to 1894
1952 Letter
A list of classmates in Elba, Ill., School from about 1884 - 1894

Ashley, Fred
Bain, Flora
Bain, Lillie
Bain, Lizzie
Barker, Clara
Barker, Ethel
Barker, Herbert
Barker, L.Sec
Barnett, Clarence
Barnett, Nellie
Barnett, Sam
Barnett, Tom
Barrett, Ethel
Barrett, Mittie
Bozarth, Casper F
Bozarth, Cassie
Bozarth, Ed L
Bozarth, Hannibal
Bozarth, John
Bozarth, Mary
Bozarth, Maude
Butler, Stella
Butler, W A
Chaffin, Effie
Chaffin, Sophie
Downey, Albert
Downey, Carroll
Du Boise, Nellie
Durham, Harrison
Durham, Richard
Endicott, John N
Etherton, Charles
Etherton, E F
Etherton, Etta
Etherton, Lillis
Farlis, Eddie
Farlis, Will
Fields, Mary
Grubbs, Charlie
Grubbs. Lena
Harrison, Arminda
Harrison, David
Harrison, Emma
Harrison, Eva K
Harrison, Jack
Head, Peter
Hedger, Emma
Hedger, John
Hedger, Louise
Hedger, Rube (Big)
Hedger, Rube (Little)
Hedger, Wade
Hudgens, Andrew
Hudgens, Edgar
Hudgens, Julia
Hudgens, Pearl
Jones, Dicia
Jones, Gus
Jones, Julia
Jones, Orville
Jones, Walter
Kight, Inez
Kight, Mollie
Kight, Rochelle
Kight, Rosa
Lewis, Atha
Lewis, Doc
Lewis, Edgar
Lewis, Effie
Lewis, Ester
Lewis, Eva
Lewis, Sylvia
Logan, Harry
Matherly, Anna
Matherly, Fanny
Matherly, Floy
Matherly, Georgia
Matherly, James
Matherly, Lilly
Matherly, W T
Mayhue, Thomas
Mc Closkey, Anna
Mc Closkey, Louella
Middleton, Dora
Moore, Orlando O
Moore, Stella
Moore. Mabel
Nelson, Charlie
Parks, Bertha
Parks, Daisey
Parks, Eva
Parks, Grover
Parks, Ike
Parks, Nellie
Parks, Poley
Parks, Truman
Ramsey, Sadia
Randels, Carry
Randels, Claudia
Randels, Noah
Reisinger, Betty
Reisinger, Carrie
Reisinger, Charles
Reisinger, W Phineas
Reynolds, Edgar
Reynolds, Harry
Reynolds, Lena
Reynolds, Oma
Reynolds, Will
Sanders, Daisy
Sanders, Eva
Sanders, W Virgil
Scott, Harry
Short, James
Simpson, Ann
Simpson, Charles
Simpson, Cooper
Simpson, Henry
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mattie
Simpson, Mollie
Simpson, Sallie
Simpson, Solomon
Simpson, Stella
Simpson, Wm
Simpson, Viola
Skelton, Charles
Skibinski, Flava
Skibinski, John
Skibinski, Tina
Sloan, John
Sloan, Minnie
Sloan, Warren
Smith, Ambrose
Smith, Delbert
Smith, Eva
Smith, Will
Stevens, Nettie
Stevens, Sam
Tate, Alma
Tate, Emily
Tate, John
Tate, Maggie
Tate, Will
Thompson, Tommy
Trousdale, Abner
Trousdale, Arthur
Trousdale, Beula
Trousdale, Felix
Trousdale, George
Trousdale, Kassie
Trousdale, Lucy
Trousdale, Mattie
Watson, Lafe
Watson, Lizzie
Watson, Lucy
Waynick, Harry
Williams, James H
Williams, John A
Williams, Retha
Williams, Walter

Transcribed by Richard E. Williams from a list prepared by William's uncle, Walter Williams, in 1952.

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