Elba School students 1884 through 1894

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A dream and a wish
Poem to his brother
Last night I dreamed of long ago,
    when, you and I were boys.
Attending school at Elba,
    in dear old Illinois

And when I woke, I wished that we,
    could spend an hour or so,
On ground where once we played
    some sixty years ago

But no familiar face we'd see
    if we were there today;
The scenes have changed and we also,
    Since we were there to play.

Yes, I'd rejoice to meet you there,
    and I would gladly go,
To play once more with bat and ball,
    where we played so long ago

Alas we boys are scattered now,
    and some have passed away.
They're in their last long sleep,
    a'waiting Judgement Day.

I wish that all could meet me now,
    and line up in a row.
Where we lined up in spelling class,
    some sixty years ago.

Our teachers too have crossed the bar,
    and could not meet us there.
But surely they will gain a crown,
    which all the ransomed wear.

They were a friend to every one,
    they loved us all I know.
They were so patient good and kind,
    Some sixty years ago.

The years are passing now,
    at least they seem to be.
The reaper soon will call us all,
    including you and me,

I wish the boys could meet again,
    before one more must go,
And play again the boyhood games
    we played so long ago.


Transcribed by Richard E. Williams, Walter's nephew.

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