Families from Marano Marchesato, Cosenza, Calabria

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The following books have been utilized by the researchers of Marano Marchesato


Written by Mario DeFilippis and Carmen Ambriani.  It is in Italian.  Contains transcribed text of various documents from Marano Marchesato in the 1800's, focusing on the political forces of that time.  There is particular reference to the colorful priest and sindaco (mayor) of the town, Luigi Conforti.  The picture on the cover of the book is the Conforti estate that still stands in Contrada Perri in Marano Marchesato.  Copies of this book may be obtained by writing to to [email protected].  Writing in Italian is suggested.  The cost of the soft cover book is 25,000 liri, about $12.50 in US dollars.

This book is an account of the travels of Norman Douglas through Calabria in the early 1900s.  His tone is rather pompous at times, reading between the lines reveals his love of the region. Old Calabria (Marlboro Travel)

 Great recipes and some history of the region can be found in Cucina Di Calabria : Treasured Recipes...

 This book is the reference book most used by this webmaster in her study of the civil records of Marano and a must-get tool for any new researcher of Italian civil records.  A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering...

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