Families from Marano Marchesato, Cosenza, Calabria

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Click on the thumbnail images for larger views of these maps.
cosmap.jpg (178013 bytes) Clicking on this map will give you an idea of where Marano Marchesato is in relationship to the town of Cosenza.  This is a part of a topographic map that I ordered through the Library of Congress.  Complete instructions are available on Cimorelli's PIE website and can be reached at http://www.cimorelli.com/pie/maps/loc/loc.htm
mmarmap.jpg (82937 bytes) This is a "zoom" of the above map portion of the general Marano Marchesato area.
martop1.jpg (150168 bytes) This is the first of four topographical maps of Marano Marchesato.  The electronic versions of this map were contributed by Alessandro D'Alessandro.  You may visit his web site at http://mysite.ciaoweb.it/alexdalex/ .
martop21.jpg (222599 bytes) This is the second of four topographical maps of Marano Marchesato.
martop3.jpg (286019 bytes) This is the third of four topographical maps of Marano Marchesato.
martop4.jpg (187579 bytes) This is the last of four topographical maps of Marano Marchesato.
This is where Marano is in Cosenza

Picture courtesy of www.calabriaweb.it


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