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"Proof of Death" from Probate Files, 1867-1879

Adams, A. P. Fayette Co. Aug. 23rd, 1867 his residence William Farmer
Adams, James I. Sharon Twp. Dec. 30th, 1875 his residence William H. Adams
Ashburn, Elias Avena Twp. May 22nd, 1879 his residence John W. Durbin
Betts, Charles Blue Rock, Muskingum Co. August 1873 his residence Jordan Betts
Beunghoff, Peter Vandalia July 6th, 1867 Vandalia Elizabeth Beunghoff
Blockberger, Mary C. Vandalia Mar. 28th, 1868 Vandalia Christian Blockberger
Brister, Randal Fayette Co. Nov. 1875 not given Jacob Brister
Bullington, Josiah Wilberton July 30th, 1876 his residence James M. Manion
Bunyard, Samuel Vandalia Feb. 21st, 1876 Seminary Benjamin F. Shipley
Busse, Ludwig Lone Grove March 13th, 1878 his residence John H. Borchett
Cammack, William Vandalia March 20th, 1874 Vandalia Willis Cammack
Capps, Ebenezer Vandalia Feb. 7th, 1877 Vandalia Charles A. Higinbotham
Chestnut, Curtis Ramsey Feb. 19th, 1878 his residence Mary Chestnut
Clark, John LaClede Dec. 4th, 1872 his residence Ransom Williams
Clarkson, Robert R. Kaskaskia Oct. 4th, 1875 his residence Mary E. Clarkson
Colibert, Osibe A. Seminary Feb. 24th, 1875 his residence Vilfred E. Colibert
Cothern, Hudson Bowling Green Dec. 1st, 1873 his residence Jesse Cothern
David, Henry L. Sefton Twp. Dec. 28th, 1869 his residence George D. Pasley
Dayton, Sally Ann Bear Grove Sept. 4th, 1877 her residence Martin F. Haniston
Dermody, Edward Vandalia April 9th, 1874 Vandalia John L. Davis
Doyle, Lydia Sharon Twp. April 8th, 1876 not given H. C. Doyle
Dunn, John B. Kaskaskia April 11th, 1873 his residence John Downs
Ehrat, George Wilberton July 17th, 1871 his residence Catherine Ehrat
Elam, James T. Bear Grove March 25th, 1877 his residence Cornelius Elam
Ervin, Alfred Otego Twp. Feb. 7th, 1876 his residence Louisa C. Ervin
Fehren, Mathias Vandalia April 15th, 1874 his residence John N. McCord
Fulton, James N. Wheatland Dec. 27th, 1876 his residence Elizabeth Fulton
Fulton, William Wheatland March 26th, 1874 his residence Polly Ann Fulton
Garland, Jesse Fayette Co. Oct. 2nd, 1867 Edwardsville Margaret Garland
Gehle, Frederick Wilberton Oct. 15th, 1876 his residence Ernest Bahde
Grant, Edmund Fayette Co. Aug. 12th, 1867 his residence David Grant
Henry, Daniel Wilberton June 3rd, 1874 his residence K. D. Henry
Hine, George Sr. Vandalia April 15th, 1875 his residence George Hine, Jr.
Hinton, Henry Hurricane Twp. Oct. 8th, 1874 his residence Holly S. Prater
Houlihan, John Bear Grove March 11th, 1876 not given Catharine Houlihan
Jackson, David B. Vandalia Feb. 7th, 1875 Vandalia Beverly W. Henry
Jackson. George L. Vandalia March 10th, 1874 Vandalia David B. Jackson
Kenny, Ellen Vandalia June 24th, 1869 Vandalia David Savage
Kepler, Jacob Wheatland Sept. 18th, 1871 his residence Martha J. Kepler
Krug, Christian Wilberton Nov. 16th, 1874 his residence Ernest Krug
Lehman, Joseph F. Vandalia Mar. 15th, 1869 not given Christinia Lehman
Leigh, Whitmill Ramsey April 17th, 1876 not given David W. Leigh
Lilly, Richard A. Loudon Dec. 1st, 1878 not given C. Keppler
Lippincott, Elizabeth Wheatland Aug. 13th, 1871 home of John Lippincott John Lippincott
McClughen, Elizabeth C. Kaskaskia Dec. 26th, 1872 her residence E. L. Miller
McCurdy, Nathaniel Vandalia Sept. 29th, 1876 Philadelphia, Pa. George W. Brown
McGehan, John M. Farina Mar. 6th, 1872 his residence Jacob Ritchey
Miller, Andrew London Oct. 20th, 1873 his residence Henry Miller
Miller, Henry Sefton Twp. Feb. 11th, 1879 not given Robert S. Mabry
Mullins, Celaracey Loudon Sept. 27th, 1877 not given Henry Miller
Nowlin, David Sharon Twp. May 21st, 1875 his residence John Nowlin
O'Conner, Thomas Sharon Twp. June 10th, 1876 Vevay Catharine O'Conner
O'Keefe, John Vandalia Sept. 7th, 1878 his residence Catharine O'Keefe
Oertwig, Michael Wilberton late Oct., 1869 his residence Edward Rheiner
Parkinson, Isaac L. Sefton Twp. Nov. 28th, 1878 not given William Buchanan
Pasley, James Vandalia Dec. 8th, 1868 his residence James T. Sefton Twp.
Reis, Bartholomaus Avena Twp. Nov. 1873 St. Elmo Martin Reis
Reiss, Frederick Lone Grove Nov. 1st, 1877 his residence John H. Borchett
Remann, Frederick Vandalia June 17th, 1873 his residence John N. McCord
Ritter, Jacob Sr. Vandalia March 16th, 1878 his residence John G. Smohl
Rosenburg, Phebe LaClede Jan. 5th, 1873 Farina Sidney Snyder
Ross, Sarah A. Vandalia March 3rd, 1877 Vandalia William Sonnemann
Sandhoffer, Paul LaClede Feb. 10th, 1875 his residence Peter Waigand
Schert, David Vandalia Dec. 13th, 1872 his residence Frederick Gerdis
Schwan, Charles G. Wilberton Dec. 29th, 1878 his residence Edward Rheines
Sefton Twp., John Sefton Twp. Dec. 13th, 1878 Sefton Twp. Twp. William Buchanan
Slusser, Philip Otego Twp. May 2nd, 1867 his residence Jacob & Abraham Slusser
Smith, Harriet E. Fayette Co. Dec. 26th, 1878 not given William E. Smith
Smith, Mary E. Vandalia Jan. 25th, 1875 Vandalia Beverly W. Henry
Sonnemann, C. A. Vandalia April 3rd, 1875 Vandalia Richard T. Higgins
Sporleader, Henry LaClede Sept. 13th, 1876 his residence John Pletch
Spurgeon, George W. Loudon April 1st, 1877 his residence George R. Spurgoen
Stall, Abraham Fayette Co. April 8th, 1872 his residence Joseph Sahh/Sapp
Stillman, Robert LaClede Oct. 26th, 1878 LaClede James I. Stillman
Stubbs, Joseph Otego Twp. March 1st, 1877 his residence Joseph Stubbs, Jr.
Tohman, John Sharon Twp. May 4th, 1879 not given Mary M. Tohman
Vollberg, William Vandalia April 5th, 1872 his residence Albert Frier
Watson, Willis Hurricane Twp. May 21st, 1872 his residence John W. Lice
Weider, Nicholas Avena Twp. Oct. 19th, 1877 his residence Christian Siebert
Wernet, Catharine Avena Twp. Feb. 10th, 1879 not given Charles Wernet
Williams, Benjamin Sharon Twp. March 26th, 1874 his residence Benjamin F. Williams
Wright, Ewing Sharon Twp. March 25th, 1874 his residence Robert J. McFarland
Wulf, Dudley Sharon Twp. Aug. 29th, 1870 his residence Isaac Jeffs
Zeitler, Frederick Sefton Twp. March 9th, 1879 not given Charles N. Owen

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