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Farina Presbyterian Church
Membership, 1883-1912

(*) denotes charter member.

S. C. Arrington Oct. 10, 1883* Charles Craig April 5th, 1896
S. G. Harris Oct. 10, 1883* Gertie Craig April 5th, 1896
C. W. Koseck Oct. 10, 1883* Sellie Howell April 19th, 1896
J. W. Harris & family Oct. 10, 1883* Charles Holstlaw April 19th, 1896
Mrs. Ella Blackburn Oct. 10, 1883* Herschel Rogers May 3rd, 1896
Mrs. Amelia Loy Oct. 10, 1883* Monroe Holmes May 3rd, 1896
Mrs. Sarah Arrington Oct. 10, 1883* Samantha Holmes Howell May 3rd, 1896
Mrs. Catherine Arrington Oct. 10, 1883* Henry Bumgarden Aug. 9th, 1896
Martha Koseck Lamb Oct. 10, 1883* Rev. J. B. Runyon Jan. 10th, 1897
Mrs. Lucinda C. Blurton Oct. 10, 1883* William Warren Jan. 10th, 1896
Mrs. Catharine Harris Oct. 10, 1883* Nellie Rauckman March 14th, 1897
Mrs. Marada Anglin Oct. 10, 1883* Louisa Easterling Oct. 31st,1897
Mrs. Lucinda Harris Oct. 10, 1883* Rusia Hollinshead Oct. 31st,1897
Miss Anna Harris Oct. 10, 1883* Minnie Combs Feb. 11th, 1898
Miss Sarah Harris Oct. 10, 1883* Florance M. Tubbs Feb. 11th, 1898
Miss Florance Bowers Oct. 10, 1883* Senithe Leith Feb. 13th, 1898
A. B. Gerard April 6th, 1884 Florance Lackey Holmes Feb. 13th, 1898
Mattie Gerard April 6th, 1884 Ellen Goen Feb. 13th, 1898
Lydia Whittimore Harris April 6th, 1884 Cornelius Goen Feb. 13th, 1898
Mary Whittimore April 6th, 1884 Mary Gragert Feb. 13th, 1898
Hattie Bretts April 6th, 1884 Emma Farrill Feb. 13th, 1898
Dora Arrington April 6th, 1884 Mary Tharp Feb. 13th, 1898
A. L. Hanes April 6th, 1884 Rena Goen Feb. 15th, 1898
Julia Hanes April 6th, 1884 Sarah Huston Feb. 15th, 1898
Fredric C. Harris April 6th, 1884 John F. Rowe March 13th, 1898
Isaac Lyons April 6th, 1884 Victoria Rowe March 13th, 1898
Thomas Farrill April 6th, 1884 Robert Rowe March 13th, 1898
Nathan T. Daniels April 6th, 1884 Laura Rowe March 13th, 1898
Annie McClure April 6th, 1884 William Rowe March 13th, 1898
Nettie Davis April 6th, 1884 Pliny Rowe March 13th, 1898
Lettie Davis April 6th, 1884 Mable Rowe March 13th, 1898
N. B. Anglin April 6th, 1884 Olive Wehe March 13th, 1898
Henry Gray April 6th, 1884 J. D. Campbell July 31st, 1898
James M. Arrington April 6th, 1884 Zell Smith Mar. 12th, 1899
John F. Arrington April 6th, 1884 Elmer Kern Mar. 12th, 1899
Albert Arrington April 6th, 1884 Mrs. Mary Kern April 9th, 1899
Charles Arrington April 6th, 1884 John Huston April 9th, 1899
Josie Osburn April 6th, 1884 Mattie Oldham April 9th, 1899
Albert C. Koseck April 6th, 1884 Louis Marsh June 18th, 1899
Hattie Bryan Herington April 6th, 1884 Mirtle Marsh June 18th, 1899
Mattie Osburn April 6th, 1884 Ida Morrison Feb. 18th, 1900
Ferdinand Anglin April 6th, 1884 Rachel Whittemore Jan. 19th, 1902
Hugh McClure April 6th, 1884 Claud Rowe Jan. 19th, 1902
Frank Beaver April 6th, 1884 J. P. Glenn Feb. 22nd, 1903
Katie Beaver April 6th, 1884 Mrs. J. P. Glenn Feb. 22nd, 1903
Alonzo B. Bryan April 6th, 1884 Oran Glenn Feb. 22nd, 1903
Charles H. Blackburn April 6th, 1884 Edna Glenn Feb. 22nd, 1903
J. A. Demonbrun April 6th, 1884 Charles Glenn Feb. 22nd, 1903
Mrs. Daniels April 6th, 1884 Mrs. Nancy J. Rogers Feb. 22nd, 1903
Mrs. D. C. Demonbrun July 2oth, 1884 Lester Rowe Feb. 22nd, 1903
Mrs. Mary Lyons Feb. 1885 Nancy Letitia Rogers March 1st, 1903
Miss Mattie Demonbrun Jan. 10th, 1886 Pearl Flaharty March 1st, 1903
Willard E. Tanner Mar. 28th, 1887 Olive Flaharty Bousman March 1st, 1903
D. T. Shaeffer Mar. 28th, 1887 Walter Eagar April 19th, 1903
J. T. Vaughn Mar. 28th, 1887 Mrs. Walter Eagar April 19th, 1903
Mrs. Sarah Vaughn Mar. 28th, 1887 Lesta Eagar April 19th, 1903
Frank Blurton Mar. 28th, 1887 Agnes Eagar April 19th, 1903
Presley Farthing Mar. 28th, 1887 Jesse Wright April 19th, 1903
Alice Josephine Farthing Mar. 28th, 1887 Mary Eaton Feb. 28th, 1904
Miss Mary Kasch Mar. 28th, 1887 Clara Roberts Feb. 28th, 1904
Christian F. Kasch Mar. 28th, 1887 Mary Murphy Feb. 28th, 1904
Miles A. Broom Mar. 28th, 1887 Herschel Wooten March 6th, 1904
Mrs. Maggie Broom Mar. 28th, 1887 Gladyson Flaharty March 6th, 1904
Perry S. Burdick Mar. 28th, 1887 Lewis Rauckman March 6th, 1904
Mrs. Perry Burdick Mar. 28th, 1887 Blanch Harkey March 6th, 1904
Frank Markley Mar. 28th, 1887 Oscar Thompson March 6th, 1904
Lillie Markley (Koseck) Mar. 28th, 1887 Clarence Wooten March 6th, 1904
Ada Markley Dawkins Mar. 28th, 1887 Mrs. Clara Wooten March 7th, 1904
Dora Rumley Mar. 28th, 1887 E. P. Lacy March 7th, 1904
Nellie Eaton Mar. 28th, 1887 Mrs. E. P. Lacy March 7th, 1904
Mary Holmes Mar. 28th, 1887 Mercie Roberts Feb. 7th, 1905
Ida Boston Mar. 28th, 1887 Mrs. McHatton Feb. 7th, 1905
Daniel Chase Mar. 28th, 1887 S. A. D. Roberts Dec. 8th, 1907
Charles Fogler Mar. 28th, 1887 Mary Roberts Dec. 8th, 1907
Nettie Hefton Mar. 28th, 1887 Clorett Roberts Dec. 8th, 1907
Mrs. Henry Gray Mar. 28th, 1887 Oscar W. Miller Dec. 8th, 1907
Mrs. Helen Sasser Mar. 28th, 1887 Minnie Miller Dec. 8th, 1907
Mrs. Manervy Markley Mar. 28th, 1887 Lena Miller Parrill Dec. 8th, 1907
M. V. Hefton Mar. 28th, 1887 Nettie Whittemore Dec. 8th, 1907
Mrs. Lena Hefton Mar. 28th, 1887 Ines Whittemore Dec. 8th, 1907
Mrs. Amanda Nirider Mar. 28th, 1887 Della Whittemore Dec. 8th, 1907
Fredrick Nirider Mar. 28th, 1887 Hazel Hoffmeister Dec. 8th, 1907
Mrs. Maggie Curry Mar. 28th, 1887 Elva Simmons Dec. 8th, 1907
Harvey Curry Mar. 28th, 1887 Julia I. Hoffmeister Nov. 6th, 1908
Daniel W. Burdick Mar. 2nd, 1890 Forest Roberts Nov. 6th, 1908
John Mathis Mar. 2nd, 1890 Alice Rauckman Nov. 6th, 1908
Edward Gordon Mar. 2nd, 1890 Clara Dudman Nov. 6th, 1908
Alice Downing Mar. 2nd, 1890 Bessie Dudman Nov. 6th, 1908
Amie Hefton Mar. 2nd, 1890 Myrna Murphy Nov. 6th, 1908
Katie Dravance Mar. 2nd, 1890 Ruth Gail Quick August 28th, 1910
August Rauckman Aug. 24th, 1890 Nannie Quick August 28th, 1910
Sidonia Rauckman Aug. 24th, 1890 Bertha Chase Painter August 28th, 1910
Mason Hedrick April 1891 Mary E. Starkey August 28th, 1910
Mrs. Mason Hedrick April 1891 Stella Edna Lamont August 28th, 1910
Ed Heuston May 15th, 1892 J. C. Thompson August 28th, 1910
John Holstlaw Feb. 12th, 1893 Mary E. Thompson August 28th, 1910
Mrs. Beck Feb. 12th, 1893 Mary J. Quick August 28th, 1910
Mrs. Lucy Demonbrun Feb. 12th, 1893 Lee R. McHatton August 28th, 1910
Mrs. Nancy Curry Feb. 12th, 1893 Nellie McHatton August 28th, 1910
Robert W. Curry Feb. 12th, 1893 Sarah Molt March 31st, 1912
Ann Eliza Branson Oct. 21st, 1894 Frona Molt March 31st, 1912
Mrs. S. M. J. Andrews Oct. 21st, 1894 Alvin Molt March 31st, 1912
Mrs. Susan Lamont Dec. 1895 Joseph L. Hoffmeister March 31st, 1912
Edna Blurton Feb. 23rd, 1896 Rolla H. Hoffmeister March 31st, 1912
Lura H. Harris (Rowe) Feb. 23rd, 1896 Grace Coy March 31st, 1912
Millie Cook Andrews Feb. 23rd, 1896 Anna Burket March 31st, 1912
George Harkey March 8th, 1896 Clara Roberts March 31st, 1912
Sarah Harkey March 8th, 1896 Flora Coy March 31st, 1912
Bessie Harkey Huston March 8th, 1896 William Peters March 31st, 1912
Etta Harkey March 8th, 1896 Martha Peters March 31st, 1912
Jesse Dawkins March 15th, 1896 Hazel Peters March 31st, 1912
Charles Andrews March 15th, 1896 Clara Page March 31st, 1912
William Glenn Tanner March 15th, 1896 Ivol Eagar March 31st, 1912
Frank Demonbrun March 15th, 1896 Thomas Anglin March 31st, 1912
Harvey A. Brown March 23rd, 1896 Grace Smithson March 31st, 1912
Aminda Brown March 23rd, 1896 Gertrude Baker Aug. 22nd, 1912
Nellie Brown March 23rd, 1896 George R. Stanley, Jr. Aug. 22nd, 1912
Hattie Brown March 23rd, 1896 Edith Burkett Aug. 22nd, 1912
Dennis W. Switzer March 23rd, 1896 Oha Bennett Aug. 22nd, 1912
Cecil Demonbrun March 23rd, 1896 Ralph Osborn Aug. 22nd, 1912
Nellie Carson March 23rd, 1896 Sylvester Leith Aug. 22nd, 1912
Ellen Berge March 23rd, 1896 Milton Lacey Aug. 25th, 1912
John Curry March 29th, 1896 Nora Coy Sept. 1st, 1912
Clarance Gray March 29th, 1896 Frank Hornbeck Sept. 1st, 1912
Bessie Gray March 29th, 1896 Oscar Smithson Sept. 1st, 1912
Beatrice King Sept. 1st, 1912
Ella Hornbeck Sept. 15th, 1912

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