of times gone by in Fayette County

STORIES! How many times have we sat and listened to the stories our parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents have told of days gone by? How they lived, even down to the ‘walked 10 miles every day just to get to school’! Know what I mean? (Like the time my husband tells me about when he was a kid,…..he and his cousin painted their grandmothers cow, with house paint! It was a drab color, so they wanted to give it some color). Mysteries! Funny stories! Stories your parents told you! Even better yet, the ones your grandparents told you! Or, stories that were handed down from generation to generation. I would like to see what this page might bring. Wouldn’t you? For that matter, what about the stories you would like to tell your grandchildren?

I’ll not put too many restrictions on this, other than the necessary ones, in that it pertain to this County, be in your words (you type it, and I will just copy/paste). I will ask that the story not be too long….these will not be indexed in any way. You will need to put your name, and e-mail in the body of the message.

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I'll start putting them in as I get them!

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