Long Point Cemetery is located in Wapella Township in section 22  off road 1000E.  This was the site of the Long Point Christian Church founded in 1856.   Quoting from the 1882 County History " The first church house was built by the Christian denomination in 1856. It is a plain frame building, and situated in the little hamlet of Zabriska, in section 22. The church is yet standing and in a fair state of preservation, and the passer-by would conclude that it was built by the Catholics, as the cemetery grounds are situated in the same lot close by the church".
The oldest stone I found was that of James M. Swearingen b. Jan. 22, 1853 d. Sept. 5, 1855.  I suspect that some of the older stones are missing as the majority of the graves are dated from the 1870's up, there are only one or two left any older than that.  This cemetery is well groomed and easily accessed.

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