Fairview - Fremont Cemetery is another of the examples of forgotten cemeteries.  It is located in Waynesville Township Section 15 and very hard to find as it is about one mile down a tiny trenched road between two fields.  I do not have a list for this cemetery but took pictures of many of the stones.  The family surnames are familiar to that area: FRISBY, SHAFFER, WILLIAMS, PRICE, FORREST, DARROW, BAKER, and MORRIS.  I apologize for not getting a wide shot of this one.  If you have relatives here I would suggest that you act fast and notify the State of Illinois Controller immediately.  If anyone happens on this site that would have a reading for this cemetery or is related to those buried here, please contact me.  Here is a list of who I could determine was buried here using the pictures: (Pictures are Below)

Mary A. wife of James F. Scott d. 4-11-1883 24y 5m 20(?)d

Samuel Crichfield d. 1-21-1886 68y 9m 14d

Lydia wife of Samuel Crichfield dates unreadable age 60(?)yrs.

Henry son of S. & L.A. Crichfield d. 1865(?)

Amanda dau of S. & L.A. Crichfield wife of S.L. Cunningham

died 2-8-1879 39y 5m 1d

Infant son of J. W. & S. Hammit d. 3-30-1871

Sammuel L. Hammit 1789-1861

Catherine E. McElhiney wife of Samuel Hammit 1791-1857

Mary dau of J. & S. Hammit d. 12-2-1859 2mos 1d

Infant son of W. & S. Hammit d. 8-5-18?? age 15 days

Isaac son of J. H. Looker/Locker d. 11-1-1862 1mos 13 days

Elizabeth Morris (Our Mother) no dates

Goozzine Kinzel (our Father) no dates

Silas R. or H. Baker d. 4-21-18(72?)

Eleanor J. Baker wife of Mason Baker b. Jan 7 18?? d. Nov 18, 1898

Nee: Burton m/ 12-6-1848 DeWitt Co.

Christian son of James Baker d. June 3, ????

John A. Nichols 9-13-1840/10-10-1861 Pvt. Co. D 8th MO infantry

(son of Amos and Cynthia Nichols)

Amos Nichols d. 10-25-1867 67y 24d

Calvin son of A.C.& R. Shaffer d. 10-3-18 (32 or 52) age 9 mos

Margaret J. wife of John Shaffer dau of S. & R. Baty d. 4-18-185(1 or 4) age

29 years

Aaron Shaffer M. D. d. 11-22-1837(57)

James Frisby d. 12-13-1858 1y 2m 24d

Russel Frisby d. 4-19-185? age 34 years

Thomas J. Frisby 1823-1914

Mary A. Baker wife of Thomas 1825-1875 ( m/ 2-19-1846 McLean)

Lydia A. Morris d. June 28, 18(51?) age 34 years

William Morris d. 9-18-1882 age 43 years

Barthena wife of James H. Price d. Feb 27 or 21, 1877

age 34y 11m (Nee: Williams m/ 9-10-1868)

James R. Grisby d. 12-18-1875 age 35y 5m 18d

Sons of James and Lydia Grisby no other info.

Millard R. Grisby d. Feb 20, 186?

David S. Morris d. ? 21, 1872 age 35 years

Mathew and Samuel Sons of Moses and Cynthia Williams b. 6-19-1844 d.


Moses C. Williams 1812-1854

Cynthia his wife 1814-1844

Catherine E. his wife 1824-1915

John F. Ritchey d. ? 20, 185?

Barbara wife of ?? d. 12-28-1853

Joseph husband of Elizabeth McCalister d. Aug 3, 1855 50y 4m 28d

Vanceline L. wife of Joseph H/ Forrest d. 5-9-1853 28yrs

Samantha dau of ? &? Hammit rest unreadable

Infant daughter of Almira Morford b. 7-30-1884 d. 12-14-1884

(Almira Baker m/ I. N. Morford 8-22-1880)

wife of William Morris (name broken off) d. June 28, 1851 43yrs

(on 1850 census wife is Lydia )

Thomas N. Darrow Company E 7th Ill Infantry no dates

David P. son of W. N. & A. J. Green ( a William N. Green and Aurillia J.

Buchanan m/ 4-8-1853 Morgan Co., IL)

Joseph Mason rest unreadable

Catherine Burten(Burton) wife of Thomas b. 12-13-1804/d. 12-28-1866

Henry W. son of A(?) & S. Eveland d. 9-23-1851

Alfred and Sarah Eveland on 1850 Census (m/ 11-7-1843 nee: Sarah McConneha)


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