Crum Cemetery is located in Wapella Township, Section 26 off Road 800E..  It is about 1/4 mile off the road on the east side of  Kickapoo Creek.  It is a neatly kept cemetery but many of the older stones are broken and almost unreadable.  The earliest stone I found was that of Samuel R. Swearingen d. 1832.  The 1882 County History says "The first death occurred in 1830: the deceased was Melinda, a daughter of John Troxell: she was buried on the land occupied by Mr. Troxell, in, section 28. This finally became a neighborhood place of interment, and subsequently dedicated to public use as such, and is now known as the  Crum burial-ground."  This would lead one to believe there are also many missing stones in this quiet cemetery and indeed there are many bare spaces in the older part of the cemetery.

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