Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Resident

John Stewart

Admission Date: June 21, 1906 - age 66

Residence: Clinton, DeWitt County, Illinois

Birth: January 15, 1840, Donegal, Ireland

Service: Civil War, 107th Illinois Infantry, Co. D, Private

Disability: Chronic catarrhal gastritis

Pension: $12.00 per month, # 779300

Death: Date unknown

Family Members: William Stewart, brother

Doctor: Dr. C. E. Ehle, Surgeon

Occupation: Farmer

Notes: He had previously been in two other homes.  One in Kansas and one in Tennessee.  It is unclear if he was ever admitted at Quincy, because he was supposed to have resided in the State of Illinois for two years and he was living in Kansas when he applied for admission.

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