Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Resident

Thomas Shaw or Thomas Shay

Admission Date: June 5, 1894 - age 73

Residence: Clinton, DeWitt County, Illinois

Birth: (no date) Ireland

Service: Mexican War, Capt. Ruff's Maryland Rifles Mexican Volunteers, Co. I, Private

Disability: Old age and rheumatism

Pension: $8.00 per month, # 2175

Death: December 23, 1896, in hospital (Obituary)


Family Members: Mrs. Mary Dewey, daughter

Doctor: Dr. E. B. Montgomery, Surgeon

Occupation: Day laborer

Notes: Thomas was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery under the name Thomas Shay, and his obituary was published under the name Thomas Shay.  His wife, Mary, died in 1893 and they are buried next to each other.  Mrs. Mary Dewey, listed in these records as his daughter, is also listed as a daughter in Mary Shay’s obituary.  She was also listed as Mary Shay in her marriage record to William Z. Dewey.  All of Thomas’s military records use the name Shaw, though, so which name is correct?

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