Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Resident

William G. Johnson

Admission Date: February 25, 1897 - age 63

Residence: Farmer City, DeWitt County, Illinois

Birth: March 17, 1834, LeRoy, McLean County, Illinois

Service: Civil War, 107th Illinois Infantry, Co. I, Private

Disability: Rheumatism and general debility

Pension: $6.00 per month, # 457792

Death: November 29, 1910, in hospital

Family Members: J. H. Johnson, brother; George B. Johnson, brother; J. L. Johnson, brother; Catherine Martin; sister; Matilda Rudlidge, sister; Emeline Hill, sister; Ellen McKinney, sister

Doctor: Dr. C. E. Ehle, Assistant Surgeon

Occupation: Blacksmith

Notes: He didn't list any children, but he wanted Mrs. Janey Beach notified in case of his death, and he made out his will to Thomas A. Johnson, his son.

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