Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Resident

James Gilbert

Admission Date: November 25, 1892 - age 59

Residence: Clinton, DeWitt County, Illinois

Birth: March 14, 1835, Alabama

Service: Civil War, 3rd United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Private

Disability: Paralysis of left side and chronic rheumatism

Pension: $12.00 per month, #702752

Death: October 20, 1927, Quincy, Adams County, Illinois

Family Members: Robert Gilbert, son; Lizzie Ann Gilbert, daughter

Doctor: Dr. John A. Edmiston, Local Physician

Occupation: Laborer

Notes: James’ wife, Matilda was admitted in 1908 and died in 1914.  James was discharged in 1925 and readmitted the same year.

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