Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Resident

John L. Converse

Admission Date: March 16, 1897 - age 54

Residence: Clinton, DeWitt County, Illinois

Birth: March 17, 1843, Lyndeboro, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Service: Civil War, 145th Illinois Infantry, Co. I, Corporal

Disability: Failure of eyesight, lameness in left leg and catarrh of stomach

Pension: $8.00 per month, #682277

Death: September 9, 1923, in hospital

Family Members: Mrs. Althea F. Converse, wife; Mrs. Allie Baghurst, daughter

Doctor: C. E. Ehle, Assistant Surgeon

Occupation: Printer & Farmer

Notes: John was discharged and readmitted several times.  His wife, Althea, was admitted in 1914.  She was 'disabled by age,' but her age was not given.  She died December 21, 1921, while they were visiting their daughter in Pennsylvania.   After her death, John went back to the Home in Quincy, where he died in 1923 at age 80.

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