Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Resident

John Burns

Admission Date: March 1, 1908 - age 86

Residence: Clinton, DeWitt County, Illinois

Birth: November 19, 1822, Ireland

Service: Civil War, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Co. I, Private

Disability: Old age and senility

Pension: $20.00 per month, # 939519

Death: June 12, 1920, in hospital

Family Members: No family; William Booth, Conservator

Doctor: C. E. Ehle, Asst. Surgeon

Occupation: Farmer

Notes: He was listed as John Burns on the forms, but a private letter written from a Clinton attorney, Richard Lemon, refers to him as Thomas Burns.   He was listed as Thomas Burns in the 1900 census and he and his wife had four children still living, but he stated that he had no relatives.
February 7, 1913
Clinton Register

Thomas BURNS, who was taken suddenly ill Sunday morning, was taken to the soldiers’ home at Quincy.  Mr. Burns is 85 years old and a veteran of the civil war.

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