Clark Co.IL Family Files


                            MYLES   FAMILY  HISTORY

                                                                                                                    2nd Edition

                        Ancestral Family Names Included


                        Compiled by Milton W. Bush, Jr.
                        205 Tri-Mountain Road
                        Durham, CT 06422

                        January 2002

I.  Myles   m.
    b.          b.
    d.          d.

II. Myles   m.
    b.          b.
    d.          d.

III.    Henry Miles (?) m.  Charlotte Yates
    b.          b.
    d.          d.
Children: (?)
i.  Wesley Miles b. 1820 TN
ii. William Riley Miles b. 1822  Washington, KY
iii.    Nathaniel Miles b. 1827 KY
iv. Thomas Miles b. 1828 KY
v.  Richard Miles b. 1831 IN

IV.                    Thomas  Myles                    m?                  Louisa Oxendine on    1852?
    b. 1828 KY?         b.  Oct 1825 Darwin Twp., Clark Co., IL
    d. ?            d. 1909 age 84?
                Louisa's spouses:
                                    m. 1st  William Ingram   14 May 1844
                m? 2nd  Thomas Myles (common law or
                                                                                                neighborhood boyfriend?)
                m. 3rd  Andrew Fleming 31 Aug 1854
                    b. 1811  d. about 1875
Louisa's Children:
i.  John Wesley Myles        b. 1853
ii. Riley William Fleming   b. 1858?            d.
iii.    Jasper Fleming              b. 1868?    d.

Residences: In 1860, 1870 and 1880 the Flemings resided on a farm in Anderson Township a
few miles south of Marshall and two miles west of Darwin. In 1900 Louisa
resided in Darwin Township with Robert and Myrtle Myles Smith.
Occupations:    [cooper?]
1.  Louisa also raised her brother, David's daughter, Maria, after the mother, Mary Curry Oxendine, died.
Maria was born about 1861, d. 1934. On 7 Nov 1878 Maria had a daughter, Myrtle Alice (Myles). On
8 Jul 1880 Maria [Maria E. Odendeise] married John Krise in Clark County.  Myrtle Alice Myles
Smith d. 15  Aug  1956, Terre Haute.

2 .          The 1850 (20 Sep) census for Clark County, Darwin Township, shows at p. 221a,  Oxendine house 779
       David        70  b. 1780  South Carolina   farmer
       Hannah       47           b. 1802 Alabama         [Righenour]   can not read or write
       Louisa [Ingram]  24           b. 1826  Illinois                    can not read or write
       Rebecca      18           b. 1832  Illinois
       David, Jr.       16  b. 1834  Illinois
       Levi           8 b. 1842  Illinois       [d. 9 Dec 1923] in school
[Combining this with the 1830 data totals 10 children]

       The same census shows next door to the Oxendines:  house 780
       Nathaniel Miles      23  KY  farmer  [m. 30 Jun 1847, Darwin] can read/write
       Sarah            24  IL  [nee Oxendine];  a/k/a Sally          can read/write
       Thomas B           3 IL  [Thomas Butler]
       Emaline E.             1 IL

       Down the road are:  house 792 Darwin Twp., p. 222a
       Wesley Miles     30  cooper  TN  can read/write
       Susanna          27      OH  can read/write
       Eliza            10      IN  in school
       Emaline                4     IL
       Thomas Miles     22  cooper  KY  can read/write

       Down the road, house 912, Darwin Twp.
       William R. Miles     27  farmer  KY  can read/write
       Nancy            27      IL  can not read/write [nee Taylor]
       Richard          19  farmer  IN  can read/write
       Eliza            10      IL
       William R.             8     IL
       Elvina             7     IL
       Elizabeth              6     IL
       James              5     IL
       Rebecca          6/12        IL

       Also close by (Auburn Precinct) are:
       Stephen Oxendine     67  shoemaker   S. Carolina
       Ellen "          27          IL
       Allen            25  laborer     IL
       Mary         22          IL
       Eli              20          IL
       James            13          IL
       Angeline           6         IL
       Oliphi (sp?)           3         IL

       More down the road: house 747, Darwin Twp.
       Andrew Fleming       40  farmer      NY  land $150    can read/write
       Thomas "         11  in school   IL  [b. 10 Jul 1839; m. Orlinda 1879]
       Nancy   "              5         IL
               Elizabeth English        59          NY  [Andrew's sister]

3.  1860 Clark County census shows Anderson Twp. 29 Aug 1860 pg. 35: [provided by Karen Vackert]
Andrew Flemming b. 1811 in New York age 50  farmer  land $1,600
Louisa Flemming        Ill          age 37
Nancy Flemming         Ill          age 13
Wm R.              Ill          age 13
John               Ill          age 10  [Myles]
Mary Rofs          PA           age 67

Next door:
Nathaniel Myles
Sarah Myles
Thomas B.
Emily E.
Amanda      b. 1858
Marinda     b. 1858

The 1860 Vigo County, IN Census  for Prairie Creek Township shows:
Thomas H. Miles     31  farmer  KY  does not read or write
Roxie           27      OH
Alice             7     IL
Rukama            5     IL
Emiline           2     IL

           and Prairie Creek, Vigo Co.:
       Mary Miles           40      IN
       Rachel             9     IN
       Radicy             7     IL
       John           5     IN
       Bell               3     IN
       Mary A.            4 mos     IN
       Franklin Walker      26  farmer  IN

      Next door to Mary Miles:
      James Oxendine        23  farmer  IL  can not read or write
      Eliza Oxendine        21      IL  "
      Martha              1     IL

      Next door to James Oxendine is:
      David Oxendine  Jr.       23  farmer  IL  can not read or write
      Mary Oxendine     19      IL  "   [nee Curry, m. 13 Dec 1858]
             Nancy  Oxendine          2 mos.        IN

4.  1870 Clark County Census July 20, 1870 Anderson Township (Marshall)  pg.  273b:
Andrew Fleming         NY       age 59 farmer
Louisa Fleming          IL      age 45 keeping house
John Myles              IL      age 19 at home

                      In the same Census, for Darwin Township, were
                      Wiley Myles       age 50 cooper       TN  (house 58)  [probably Wesley]
            Susan Myles     age 53 keeping house    OH                     [probably Susanna]
            Emaline Myles   age 23 at home      IL
            James F. Myles  age 14          IL
            Charles Myles   age 8           IL
            John Myles      age 1           IL

        Butler Myles    age 21 farmer       IL  (house 59)  [Thomas Butler Myles b. 18 Apr
1849, d. 9 Nov 1925]
Sarah Myles     age 19 keeping      PA  [nee Sarah Ellen Good, m. 31 Dec 1868;
      b. 11 Aug 1853, d.25 Feb 1932]

            Richard Myles               farmer      IN  (house 127)
            Sinai Myles     age 34 keeping house    ILL [nee Lawwill]
            Oliver Myles    age 14          ILL [middle name, Cromwell]
            Julia A. Myles  age 8           ILL [middle name, Ann]
            Bruce Myles     age 4           ILL [middle initial initial, A]
                      Clark Myles       age 2           ILL [middle initial, A]

             Riley Myles        age 50 farmer       NY  (house 128)
             Polly A. Myles age 34 keeping house    ILL
             Lewis P. Myles age 16 laborer      ILL
             Havery Myles   age 10          ILL
             Martin Myles   age 8           ILL
             Julia A. Myles age 4           ILL
             Viola      age 2           ILL

5.  Joan Oxendine by letter, 27 May 2001 refers to a family history book, "Oxendine Census Records" :by
Charles Oxendine, "A note says that Sarah Oxendine married Nathaniel Miles in Clark County in
1847, and was the daughter of David or Stephen Oxendine. They are in the 1860 census for that
county, Nathaniel Myles, wife Sarah, and children, Thomas B., Emily E., Amanda (b. 1858), and
Marinda (b. 1858)…. A note says that Andrew Flemming's first wife was Emeline Oxendine (married
12 Oct 1838), and his second wife was Louisa Oxendine Ingram (married 1854). It says Louisa had
married William Ingram in 1844."

6.  Data of Mar 2001from Lawrence Planck, desc. from Levi Oxendine, says David Oxendine was born in
1780, father was Charles. Married Hannah in 1822. She was born in Alabama in 1802, d. 1877. Louisa
was born in 1826; Rebecca in 1832; David Jr. in 1932; Levi in 1841 m. Angeline Roberts.

7.  Data of Jun 2001 from Charles Oxendine of Tallahassee says Sarah Oxendine m. Nathaniel Myles on
30 Jun 1847, Marshall, Clark Co., IL.. David Oxendine is in the 1820 census of Jackson Co., TN; in
Edgar Co., IL in 1830; and in Clark Co. in 1840.

"His father (doubtful) or grandfather was John Oxendine born between 1696-1707. John Oxendine had
sons : (1) Benjamin born 1733; John Jr. born 1739; ?Charles Oxendine born 1741; and ?Cudworth
born before 1747. Charles Oxendine born 1741 was not his father as we know his children. He had a
son David but it looks as if he stayed in Robeson County, NC.

I am about 95 percent sure that the David Oxendine in 1820 Tennessee is the David in Clark County,
Ill. The Stephen Oxendine born 1783 is also in Clark County, Ill (Edgar Co. in 1830) is probably his

I don't know if David was married to Namoi Omaha 'Oma' Jackson, but it is said that she had two or
three children with her in Jackson Co., TN. Two were Wilson Oxendine born about 1814 and Amanda
Oxendine born about 1813. Another may have been Polly Oxendine.

David probably left Jackson County, TN in late 1820. He married Hannah Righenour in Jul 1822 in

[The Jackson County 1820 census shows:
David Oxendine  age 45+     farmer
Wife        age 26-45   farmer
Daughter        age under 14
2 Sons      ages under 14

This David would have been born in 1775 or earlier and may be unrelated; or his family perished, and
he went by riverboat to wander up the Wabash?]

[ Data from the Edgar County (Paris, IL) 1830 Census shows at p. 39:
David Oxendine
        1 free white male under       5
1        10 to 15
1        50 to 60
2 free white females under  5
3             5 to 10
1   20 to 30

 Stephen Oxendine
        1 free white male under   5
1   10 to 15
1   30 to 40
1 free white female under     5
2     5 to 10
1   10 to 15
1   30 to 40

Data from Clark County 1840 census shows:
David Oxendine
        3 males           0-9
        1 male          10-19
        1 male          20-29
        1 male          60-69
        2 females         0-9
        3 females       10-19
        1 female            30-39].

8.  Data from Bonnie Johnson, Jun 2001 says David Oxendine m. Hannah Righenour  13 Jul 1822 in
Crawford Co. David Oxendine Jr. m. Mary Curry 13 Dec 1858 in Clark Co. . Lorena Oxendine m.
Darious Hillburt  9 Aug 1837. Mary Oxendine m. John Vance 14 Jan 1849, Clark Co.

The actual marriage license from the Crawford County Clerk records is signed by the Justice of the
Peace, 13 July 1822, It does not recite ages or parentage. With it is an affidavit by Richard Barker
County Commissioner and J. P., 11 Jul 1822 that Hannah Righenour is of lawful age and he "saw the
record of her age in the bible " that day. The County clerk must have sent them off for a bit of proof of
her age. If Hannah's obit is correct, she was about 15 at the time and David was about 42.

"Hannah Oxendine, an old Indian lady, of the south-west part of this County, died on Thursday last, of
malarial fever and old age. She was 70 years old." Clark County Herald 22 Aug 1877. (Provided by
Tina McCauley, Feb 2001).

9.   Andrew Fleming and Emiline Oxendine were married on 12 Jul 1838, per Crawford County Clerk
marriage license, and certificate of the J.P.. This verifies the actual name spellings.

10. Under the Northwest Territories Act of 1787, the Indiana Territory consisted of Indiana, Illinois,
Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Illinois Territory was separated in 1809. It was all "Indian
Country", mainly Shawnee. Fort William Henry Harrison was built in 1811 on the East bank of the
Wabash River, just two miles north of the Wea Indian Tribe farming village of Tare Holt. There were
at least 15 tribe cabins there. They raised maize, squash, climbing beans, yams; gathered many types of
fruit and nuts; hunted buffalo, deer, rabbits and beaver; and fished. The fort was a small log stockade
manned by 50 soldiers. In 1816 the village was platted and the first lot was sold, corner of Water and
Walnut Streets. Two years later a tiny courthouse, post office and one room log school were built. The
village was incorporated in 1832, and a small surface coal mining venture was started. The coal was
shipped to New Orleans by steamboat. In 1838 the National Road was finished, going all the way to
Washington D.C., and connected shortly thereafter to St. Louis. In 1852 railroad service started on the
Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Richmond RR. In 1859 the telegraph arrived. 1863 Wiley High School
was started. [Most public high schools did not appear until the 1890's]. 1871 the city waterworks
started. 1875 underground shaft coal mining begins. 1881 telephone service. 1887 electric power for
street  lights and houses. 1902 the Interurban Trolley to Paris and Indianapolis begins. 1915 the Coca
Cola bottle was invented at the Root Glass Company. 1919 town officials are arrested for larceny and
graft in the operation of the 400 houses of ill-repute in the red light district. Data abstracted in part
from the Vigo County Library Timeline History, 2001.

11.                The Clark County Clerk's Office in Marshall finds no record of a marriage there for Thomas Myles
and   Louisa Oxendine (Ingram).

There is a Clark County record for Louisa Oxendine marrying William Ingram on 14 May 1844 by the
Justice of the Peace, reciting both were of lawful age. No ages given, or parentage, or witnesses.
[Louisa, then age 18]. The Clerk has no record of a divorce for them, nor a death record for William

There is a Clark County record in Vol. 2, page 8 for the marriage of Louisa Engrum and Andrew
Fleming signed by Thomas Antrobus, Minister of the Gospel , 31 Aug 1854 and entered by the County
Clerk, A.B. Briscoe on 4 Sep 1854. At that time Louisa's son, John Wesley Myles, would be 18
months old; Louisa would be age 27.

12.        The 1880 census for Anderson Township, Clark County dated 8 June 1880:
           Louisa Fleming   54          IL  NC  IL  head
           Maria [Oxendine] 18          IL      keeping house
           Jasper [Fleming] 12          IL      farm laborer
Alice [Myles]     1         IL

13.       June 7, 1900 Darwin Township, Clark County census. Page 53.
          Robert Smith  July 1875    age 24   mar 4 years    day laborer / not employed   owns house no mortgage
          Myrtle Smith  Nov 1878    age 21   mar 4 years    2 children,   one living
          Lulu Smith    Aug 1898    age 1
      Louisa Fleming  Oct 1825  age 74  Grand mother-in-law; widow; 3 children, 2 living.
               Father b. North Carolina. Mother b. Illinois

                    Next Door in Darwin:
         Levi Oxendine          Dec 1840 age 59  farmer, not literate, owns farm
         William Franklin Oxendine  Mar 1870 age 30  day laborer
      Almeda Oxendine                Feb 1879  age 21
      Della Oxendine            Jun 1884  age 15  at school
                    Dolly Oxendine          Feb 1887 age 13  at school

14.      The Darwin Cemetery has many Myles headstones visible from the roadside. Sort of cousin, Dalanne
         Miller, desc. of Wiley/Wesley Myles has a cemetery name index.

15. Illinois Marriages show a Nancy Fleming married George Walker in Clark County on 20 Dec 1886.
    A Thomas Fleming married Arletha Haxen on 24 Sept 1865 in Marshall, IL.
A  Jasper Fleming married Alta Speelman 5 Jul 1894 in Douglas, Il

16.      The 1860 farms for the Myles and Oxendines appear to be just north of downtown Darvin, near the
Wabash River, by the big bend and the gravel pit. One block north, the Aurora Bend area, is actually
Prairie Creek Township, Vigo County, IN, where in 1860 two Miles and two Oxendine families lived.
At that spot, Vigo County, IN  is west of Darwin, IL. Virtually next door neighbors lived in different

V.  John Wesley Myles           m.      Mary Jane Mathews on 14 Apr1879, Darwin, IL
    b.  19 Jan 1853 Darwin Twp        b.   3  Sep 1863 Crawford Co. IL
                              d.   27 Jul 1909 Terre Haute, IN        d. 25 Aug 1939  Terre Haute
                  age 56                                                        age 75
i.  Louisa [Louise] Lily Miles
vi. Minnie Alice Miles, b. 2 Dec 1881, d. Jul 1970, m. Fred Savoree. No children. N.
Vernon, IN in 1909;  621 N. Main St., Paris, IL; then Charleston, IL, S. of
vii.    Eva Blain Miles, b. 3 Jul 1883, d. Oct 1951, m. James Monroe Johnson in 1900. Paris, IL.
1.  Oscar William Johnson, b.             1902, d.   1985?, m. Belle Heffner; m. 2nd Fama E.
Hardy   , AZ.
(1) Edsel Oscar Johnson  b. 1921
(2) Juanita Jane Johnson  b. 1923       m.            Snider
(3) Fama Catherine Johnson  b. 1925     m.            Rams

2.  Mary Francis Johnson, b. 1915  d. 1928

3.  Virginia Johnson, b.  13 May 1917, m. Howard  Kiser, b. 19 Jun 1917. 185 Sulphur Ln.,
Paris, IL 61944
(1) Howard James Kiser II.  b. 6 Apr 1947, d.   29 Jul 1979 in Marathon Refinery explosion,
Robinson, Il.  m. Sonna Lou Southand  b. 20 Oct 1949
(i) Howard James Kiser III. b. 8 Jul 1973
(ii)           Nathaniel James Kiser b. 27 Jun 1976
(iii)          Andrew Juris Kiser  b. 27 Jul 1978

viii.    William Riley Miles, b. 14 Feb 1886, d. 5 Jun 1955, m. Nellie Mosteller, b. 28 Mar 8
1885, d. 8 Mar 1958.  Terre Haute. A latherer.
1.  Ethel Pearl Miles, b. 13 Aug 1910, d. 17 Nov 1991, m. James Oscar Cole in 1939,  b. 16
Nov 1911 d. 10 Apr 1995. N. Terre Haute
(1) James Miles Cole b. 17 Sep 1941 m. Carolyn Neff in 1963, b. 12 May 1943
(i) Christine Cole  b. 19 Jan 1967 m. Roger Trainor in 1989
1.  Tyler J. Trainor b. 4 Jul 2001
(ii)    James R. Cole b. 25 Jun 1970, m. Jennifer Rusin in 1996

(2) Jerry Richard Cole b. 6 Jan 1947,  m/d Linda Smoot; 2nd Judi Hamilton
(1) Neal Cole b. 27 Jun 1970
(ii)    Brian Cole  b.
                (iii)   Jennifer Cole b.

ix. Ada Pearl Miles, b. 1888, d. 1957, m. on 10 Jul 1905 to Bert Shisler, b. 1 Jun 1881, d.
Apr 1966 .  No children.  Ran a rooming house near Indiana State Univ.   Bert
was a paper hanger. 105 S. 13th St.; 426 N. 5th St.. Bert d. in Greysville, S. of
Terre Haute.

x.  Fairy Ethel Miles, b. 1 Dec 1892, d. 5 Oct 1989, m. Frank M. Fauble on 23 Sep 1909 in
Chicago.  b. Jun 1880, d. Dec 1941. Glassblower in Terre Haute until 1915;
jitney driver; fruit farmer in N. Vernon, IN; Paris, IL. Frank was raised by an
aunt and uncle, Tidmarsh, and he was called Frank Tidmarsh. He was told his
real family name just before he married Fairy.
1.  Florence E. Fauble, b. 4 Aug 1912, m. Frank J. Ziolkowski, b. 12 Nov 1916, d. 25 Jun
(1) Patricia Ziolkowski b. 20 Aug 1946
(2) Pamela  Ziolkowski b. 17 Mar 1948
2.  Frank Fauble, Jr., b. 5 Jan 1919, d. 1968, m. Norma         . No children.
3.  Janice Fauble b. 4 Nov 1922, m. John Lapus
(1) David   Lapus
(2) Penny Lapus
xi. Lester David Miles, b. 11 Oct 1893, d. May 1975, m/d Florence; m. Nina Norris, b. 29
Sept 1912, d. Dec 1978. No children. A latherer; then a bartender in Detroit.
Moved to Paris, IL in the 1960's, boarding with Fairy and Frank Faubel.

Residences: In 1890, Choctaw/Allright rural area in Anderson Township, (3 miles west of
Darwin) IL; 1902 Terre Haute, IN.
Occupations:    Gristmill operator and farmer; laborer at Standard Wheel Co.
1.  The spelling change from Myles to Miles appears to have occurred with the move from Chocktaw to Terre
Haute about 1902    . Mary Jane may not have liked the change.

2.  John Wesley Miles handwritten obit, written by a family member possibly in 1910. He died while visiting
daughter, Minnie Savoree, on the farm in N. Vernon, IN.
    "John Wesley Miles, Son of Thomas and Louisa Miles was born near Darwin Ill Jan 19th 1853. He departed
this life at the home of his daughter Mrs. Minnie Saverie near North Vernon Ind July 27th 1909. His age
being 56 yr. 6 mo. & 8 da.
He was united in Marriage to Mary Mathews [date penciled in-] April 9, 1879. To them were born 7
children, 2 sons & 5 daughters, namely Mrs. Minnie Saverie of North Vernon Ind. Mrs. L.D. Bush, Mrs.
Eva Johnson, Mrs. Ada Shisler, Mrs Farrie Fauble, Riley & Lester Miles all of Terre Haute Ind.
He came with his family to T.H. about 10 years ago where they have since resided, with the exception of
one year which he spent back in Ill.
He became a Christian and united with the Baptist Church at North Mill Creek Ill about 15 years ago.
He is survived by his wife, 7 children, an aged Mother 84 years old and one Grandson & other relatives &
friends to morn their loss." [This was obviously written after Ross was born in Nov. The writer omits
mention of John's first daughter, Myrtle age 30, with whom his mother, Louisa Fleming, was living in
Darwin at the time]. Document discovered and provided by J. Ross Bush, Dec 2001.

3.  Mary Jane Myles obit, [Saturday] 26 Aug 1939, Terre Haute Evening Tribune,
"Mrs. Mary Jane Myles, 75 years old died at 3:45 o'clock Friday night at the [Shisler] home, 426 N. Fifth
street. She is survived by five daughters, Mrs. L.D. Bush of Detroit; Mrs. Sarah Savoree of Terre Haute;
Mrs. Eva Johnson and Mrs. Mary Fauble of Paris, Ill, and Mrs. Ada Shisler, also of Terre Haute; two sons,
Riley Myles of Terre Haute and Lester Myles of Detroit, and a sister, Mrs. Katherine Bryant of California;
eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren. The body was taken to the Thomas funeral home from
where the funeral services will be held at 3:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Burial will be in Roselawn
cemetery, with Rev. R.C. Mowery in charge."

4.  Terre Haute City Directories show John W. Miles 1903-1910
        1242 Lafayette Ave.
        1135 8th Ave…. and William Riley, a lather, and Ada
        1209 S. 2nd
1209 S. 2nd…. William Riley
1660 N. 13th
1736 N. 13th
1736 N. 13th  Mary, a widow, 1910.
Mary Jane took in boarders for some time, then moved to Paris, IL where she was housekeeper for the
Flannigan family for five years. Stayed with Eva and Mun Johnson for a while. Finally lived with Ada and
Bert Shisler on N. 5th St.

5.  Photo c.1896 in front of house. John operated a gristmill and feed elevator by Chocktaw. A rough plank
house. Barefoot boys; girls in Sunday dresses. Mary Jane somewhat stoop-shouldered. John had a
moustache. Left side is Aunt Kate Bryant. Photo probably taken by David Bryant. Louise, about 16; Lester,
about 3.

6.  Photo c. summer of 1922 of 19 family members, including Mary Jane.

7.  [To follow]

8.  Tombstones in Roselawn Cemetery for many family members. 7500 N. Clinton Road, Terre Haute.

9.  Clark County Marriage Application and Certificate:
    John W. Myles 29 years old; b. Clark County, Illinois; Farmer
    Father: Thomas Myles    Mother: Louisa Oxendine
    Minnie Mathews 21 years old; b. Crawford County, Illinois
    Father: David Mathews   Mother: Sarah Morris
    Married: Darwin, Ill.  April 14, 1879
    Witnesses: Butler Myles and Char. Myles                    [both spelled with a 'y' in Myles]
    A first marriage for both
Officiating and Certified by: William Fowles, J. P.

[Mary Jane Mathews, being a bit underage at 15, and an orphan, fabricates both her name and her age]
[This is just 5 months after the birth of his daughter, Myrtle Alice Myles, by Maria Oxendine}

10. Death Certificate for John Wesley Myles (pending)

11.          Death Certificate for Mary Jane Myles : Vigo County Vol. CH-61, p. 56, died 25 Aug 1939 at 426 N. 5th St
    Terre Haute, age 75 years 11 months 22 days. Pneumonia one week. Widowed . Roselawn Memorial

12. Obituary for Myrtle Alice Smith. 16 Aug 1956 Terre Haute Tribune Star   (provided by Tina McCauley )
"Mrs. Myrtie Alice Smith. 77,  RR 3 West Terre Haute, died at the residence at 8:45 o'clock Thursday
morning. She is survived by the husband, Robert; three sons, Ira of Tenino Wash; Buel of RR 3 WTH; and
Adam Smith of Terre Haute; Four sisters, Mrs. Louise Bush, Detroit. Mich; Mrs. Ferry Fobel and Mrs,
Minnie Savory both of Paris, IL, and Mrs. Ada Shisler of Terre Haute. Two-half brothers, Lester Myles and
Otis Krise, both of Terre Haute; one-half sister, Mrs Mae Powell of Terre Haute; nine grandchildren; 18
great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. The body was taken to the Bedino Chapel of the
Valley." [Buried in Roselawn Cemetery.]

13. 1860 Census for Crawford County, Palestine P.O.,  p. 416  shows:
    William Morris  25  laborer     Ill
    Sarah      "    14          Ill
    Edward   "    1         Ill

14. Anderson Township Map, Clark County, IL. Virginia Johnson Kiser of Paris indicates the Myles house and
mill were about three miles South of Marshall, down Rt 1 (Grand Turn Road), then West a bit. Section  23.
The area is known as Choctaw and Allright, and is on some detailed maps. Choctaw Road (1560 Road)
runs West and South) intersects with Road 900th.  Mill Creek runs through it. The farm was on the south
side of Chocktaw Road about 500 feet north of Anderson Road. The remnants of the mill pond dam and
race are there. Jul 2001. Mapquest shows the lands. John's business was called "Gideon Mill".

15. June 6, 1900 Census, Allright Village, Anderson Township, Clark County, IL page 4A
    John Myles  Feb 1845  age 55  mar 21 years; farmer & miller; rents farm; mother & father b. IL
    Mary Myles Sep 1859  age 40  mar 21 years; 7 children, 7 living; literate
    Riley Myles Feb 1886  age 14 farm labor
    Ada Myles   Apr 1888  age 12  at school
    Fairy Myles  Dec 1889 age 10  at school
    Lester Myles Oct 1892 age 7 at school
    Eva (Myles) Johnson  Jul 1883  age 16
    Monroe Johnson Jan 1879 age 21, son-in law; day labor, not employed 5 months; b. Virginia

16. Maria (Molly) Oxendine married John D. Krise in 1880. Children: Theo; David; Mary; Otis; Robert;
Elizabeth; Albert and Maude. After John died in 1927, she married George Wells. (Provided by Tina
McCauley, Jul 2001).

17. Myrtle Alice Myles married Robert  Logan. Smith (b. 28 Jul 1874, d. 9 Mar 1963)
        Ira D. Smith m. Cecile
            Mildred Smith m. Charles Atterson
                Anita M. Atterson m. Virgil E. Alkire
                    Tina Alkire m.          McCauley
                    Melody Alkire
                    Diana Alkire
                    Tammy Alkire
                    Stephen Alkire
                    Jeffrey Alkire
        Buel Smith
        Adam Smith

VI. Louise Lily Myles   m.        Lewis Daniel Bush on 24 Dec 1905
    b. 26 Mar 1880, Marshall, IL    b. 17 Sep 1875, Marshall's Creek, PA
    d. 12 Jan 1961, Detroit, MI, age 80 d. 6 Oct 1944, Detroit, MI, age 69
i.  Julius Ross Bush b 10 Nov 1909 Terre Haute  m Dorothea Schmidt in Aug 1947 (b 18
Feb 1908, d. 19 Dec 2001). English teacher Wilbur Wright H.S., Detroit.  H.  B.A. Wayne State
Univ., M.A. in French, 1943; W.  B.A. Univ. of Mich., M.A. in education administration, W.S.U.
U.S. Navy April 1942--Dec. 1945, classification specialist, Great Lakes Training Station and
Dearborn Naval Training Station.
1.  Wesley Ross Bush, b. 15 Jan 1954, m.  Teresa (Teri) Milks
(1) Wesley Ross Bush Jr.,  b. 21 Nov 1987
(2) Julius Ross Bush II,  b, 4 May 1994
ii. Milton Wesley Bush
iii.    Kathryn Margaret Bush, b. 12 Dec 1912 Terre Haute,  m. William Winter Baird. Teacher;
ass't principal Carleton Elementary School, Detroit.  Married on 3 April 1947.  W. A.B. 1934 in
education and art; M.A. 1943, in administration, Wayne State Univ.; H. A.B. Albion College
1934, M.B.A. Univ. of Mich. 1936.  W. taught art and elementary education 1934-46;
administration to 1972.  H. corporate business manager for Detrex Chemical Co.; U.S. Army
1941-45, Chemical Warfare Dept., Chicago  (b. 25 Aug 1912, d. 26 Aug 2001).
1.  Kathleen Louise Baird b 25 Jul 1950 m Barrie R. Wilson   on 25 Feb 1972.  B.A. in Math
1971, M.A. 1974, Univ. of  Michigan.  BRW. A.B. 1962, M.A. 1967 in math at Indiana  Univ.,
PA.  Teachers at The Woodlands, TX High School
(1) David Baird Wilson, b. 1 Jul 1975, B.A., Univ. of Colo., 1997.

Glass blower, Bellafontaine, OH: Sidney, OH; Terre Haute, IN --Root Glass Co.(Coca Cola soda bottles); 1916
bought movie theater named "HABIT" at 7th & Seabury, T.H.; sold insurance for Metropolitan Life for a number of
years; worked at Chicago and Eastern Illinois R.R. roundhouse car shops; 1927 Cooney Coal Co. foreman, Detroit
with brother, Wallace.

East Stroudsburg; Bellefontaine, OH; Sidney; 1632 S. 9th St., Terre Haute [1907]; Detroit, 5423 Burns Ave. [1932];
4375 Chatsworth Ave. [1949-]

    1.  Marriage Certificate, Christmas Eve, 1905 Terre Haute, Lewis D. Bush and Louise Miles, both of
Terre Haute

    2.  Death Certificate H. & W., Wayne County Records

3.  Letter 29 Dec 1902 to Mrs. Julius F. Bush from Lewis D. from Terre Haute, addressed to a
Philadelphia hotel:

        If you wish to stay longer
        and send more money write
        the boy.
Terre Haute Ind.
  Dec. 29 -02
        Dear Mother

            Your favor of the 27th received today, was glad to hear from you and learn that you are
enjoying good health and had a nice Xmas.
            I would have liked to have been in old Phila. myself.  Think that is the only city at Xmas
time.  Seems to me you are sporting around a good deal, and, takeing a great many pleasure trips for and old girl like
you & dont let me hear any more of it for a whole month.  The idea of it is ----- preposterous.
            Said you were worried about my health.  I only had a cold and am OK again.  Have been
well all winter.
            How are they all at home remember me to them.  Tell Papa I received the            all right.
            I don't know of any news that would interest and is                     off in the first
I close with                   .
            Love to you and Papa.  Wishing both of you a happy and prosperous New Year     I am
                                    Your obedient Son
                                        /s/ Lewis
        P.S.  You may find in that
        large city use for the enclosed

        Env:  Tiger Hotel               Terre Haute, Ind.
        N.E. Cor 4th and Vine St.       dec 29 9:30 PM '02
        Return to L.D. Bush     To:  Mrs. Julius F. Bush
        Terre Haute Ind.            Philadelphia PA

    4.  Middle name from grandfather

    5.  Glass blowing 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, $72.  Unskilled labor was paid about 35 cents
per hour.  Bottle blowing automated between 1915 and 1925.  Recessions in 1907-1908 and 1913-1914 caused
wide-spread lay-offs.

    6.  First car in 1916, Model T Ford $400.  Electric lights, 1900.  Two telephones installed in 1912:
one for north end of town, one for south end.  Gas hot water heater, Atwater-Kent radio, and G.E. electric
refrigerator in Detroit, 1927.

    7.  Kay Baird saw first movie in 1916, "Perils of Pauline".  Projector was crank-operated by Lewis;
piano player accompanied the film.  Adults 10 cents; kids 5 cents.
    8.  On moving to Detroit, Ross uses middle name instead of first name.

    9.  Pioneer member in A.F.L.  Represented glass blowers at national conventions.  Knew Samuel
Gompers well and spoke of him often.  This was a conservative union of skilled tradesmen.  Anti-radical,
encouraged national level organization and leadership.

            "'We want more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning
and less vice; more constant work and less crime; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact,
more of the opportunities to cultivate our better natures and make childhood more joyful, womanhood more
beautiful and manhood more noble.'
            Gompers, who helped found the American Federation of Labor and headed it for nearly
40 years, made those remarks on Aug. 28, 1893, in Chicago."  From The Wall Street Journal, Vol. CCXXII No. 38,
August 24, 1993, p. A1.

 10.    Louise was the oldest child of John Miles and Mary Jane Matthews Miles.  John operated a gristmill and
feed elevator by the village of Choctaw a/k/a Darwin, south of Marshall, IL. [P] of family in front of wood house
c/1896:  barefoot boys; girls in Sunday dresses; Mary Jane a little stoop-shouldered; John had moustache.  Family
moved to Terre Haute about 1897.  John worked as a laborer at Standard Wheel Co.  A strict church-going family.
Children were: Louisa [Louise] Lily; Minnie Alice (b 1881 d 1970), m Fred Savoree, no ch; Eva Blain (b 1883, d
1951), m Monroe Johnson, 3 ch, Paris, IL; Riley William (b 14 Feb 1886 d 5 Jun 1955), m Nellie Mosteller, 2 ch;
Ada Pearl, (b 1888 d 1957), m Bert Shisler, no ch; she ran a rooming house near Indiana State University; Bert was
a droll paperhanger; Lester David, (b 1894 d 1975), m Nina Norris, no ch, a lather, then a bartender in Detroit; Fairy
Ethel, (b 1891 d 1989), m Frank Fauble, 3 ch, Fairy was married in 1909 at age 16, Frank was 28:  Florence, Janice
and Frank Jr.  [P] c/1922 of extended family, (19) including Mary Jane.  In her mid-teens, Louise would climb out a
window at night and get her clothes which she hid in the woods and go to visit friends.  Before marrying, Louise
lived with her Aunt Kate and Uncle David Bryant and worked at their Hollywood Photography Studio.  Louise and
Fairy lived next door to each other in Terre Haute 1910-1913 and were very close.  Houses were four blocks from
the glass factory.  Their children would run up and down the piles of stored sand there.

            "John Wesley Myles married Luisa (pronounced Lu-iza) Oxendine, daughter of Lee
Oxendine of Snider, IL. (then called Hatton or Hutton). [Snider is part of Darwin Twp, just south of Marshall].  She
died at 83.  After 5 years he died after a week of pneumonia.  They had one son, John Wesley Myles.  He changed
the name to Miles saying the Myles' had bad reputations.  Two years later Louisa married David Flemming.  They
had one son Riley William Flemming.  David was shot and died in the Civil War.  He was sent home and Louisa
buried him in an old cemetery, near Snider, Il.  She is also buried there.  She left her small farm to Louise Miles."
Letter from Florence Z.  1991.

            "John Wesley Miles married Mary Jane Matthews.  She was an orphan as well as her
sister Catherine.  Mary Jane and Catherine were first put with an Uncle Jasper  (Crawford County, Il.)   Then Aunt
Jewel and  Uncle Jim  took Kate.  Mary Jane was shifted here and there.  Finally, Aunt Morris   took her and she
stayed there till she was married.  One of their 7 children was named William Riley after his Dad's stepbrother Riley
William Oxendine."  Per letter of Ethel Pearl Miles  (1911-1990) to David Wilson, c. 1988.  Terre Haute City
Directories show John W. Miles listings starting in 1903, ending in 1910.  Last address was 1135 8th Ave.  Moved
frequently.  Mary, a widow in 1910 entry.

11. Tintype photo of Lewis, June 1877, in christening gown on a black draped chair, "Lew Bush age 20
mos."Reverse stamped:  "A. Jacoby, Photographer, East Stroudsburg".

12. Before marrying, Louise worked with Aunt Kate and Uncle David Bryant at their Hollywood Photography
Studio in Terre Haute. They moved to Indianapolis about 1910. Louise and daughter, Kay, visited them via
interurban trolley. After David died, Kate went to Hollywood to study acting. Had little success. Eventually, fell
on hard times.

     13.    Vigo County Library city directories show Lewis in 1904, glassblower for North Baltimore Glass Co.;
roomed at 1605 Lafayette, T.H.  1907 glassblower lived at 1209 S. 2nd.  1910 1632  9th, asst. superintendent of
Metropolitan Life.  1912-1913,"glass worker." 1920 "car builder" [in Pennsylvania Railroad  Roundhouse]. To
1927, driver,  chauffeur and agent.

     14.    Root Glass Co. started in 1901 by Secretary of N. Baltimore Glass. In 1905 Root started a separate plant to
make fruit jars. 1915 designed and patented Coca-Cola bottles, eventually employing 1,000 workers by 1932.
Bought out by Owens-Illinois.  Closed in 1940.  Reopened in 1960 as Wheaton Glass> American Can> Midland
Glass> Anchor Glass.  Closed in 1984.  Third and Vorhees Sts.  Earl R. Dean designed the Coke bottle at age 25.
Photos of Root Co. 1907 and 1935.  News clippings for Root Glass and products.

     15.    Oral family history "Life as a Child in Terre Haute" recorded 17 Sept. 1992, Grosse Pointe, MI by Kathryn
Baird, J. Ross Bush and Milton W. Bush.  Transcribed by Milton W. Bush, Jr., Dec. 1992, 32 p.

     16.    (a) Photo portrait of Lewis, age 20.

     (b) Lewis, Louise (age c. 23) and other Bushes posing on Atlantic City beach.  Building marquee
advertisement:  "Fighting the Flames."

     (c) Lewis on his open surrey with Stella the Morgan mare, Fall 1910.

     (d) Family studio portrait:  Kay age three, Milton age five; Ross age 7.  (Collection of Kay Baird)

     (e) Studio portrait photo, 1891, of Lewis Bush by Roshon Gallery, Main St., Stroudsburg.  (Collection of J.
Ross Bush)

    (f) Studio portrait photo, 1910, of Lewis Bush and J. Ross Bush age 1 in christening gown.  (JRB)

    (g) Postcard photo, 1910, of Louise Bush, J. Ross Bush, Fairy Fauble and Mary Jane Miles, seated on front
porch, probably Terre Haute.  One  cent stamp postmarked Nov 8, 1910, Terre Haute.  Addressed by Louise to Mrs.
Frank Fauble, North Vernon, Ind.  "Hello Auntie Fairy:  When are you coming to see me - Do you supose [sic] you
will know your little nephew.  I am so messy and mischieveous [sic].  Hurry up or I will be a man - Julius R. Bush"

    (h) Photo of Fauble two story brick house, Paris, Ill., ca. 1960.  Now torn down.  (JRB)

    (i) Photo of Fairy Fauble and Florence Ziolkowski ca. 1970.  (JRB)

17.  Detroit 1927: letter from Kay Baird 8 May 2001.
"We moved from Indiana in 1927 to a flat, 2922 Holcomb, that my Dad had rented. He had been living with Uncle
Wallace, Aunt Pearl, Marie and Helen for many months before we came up.

Mother didn't like the other family there because the mother didn't care where her daughters went, or with whom or
when they came home, so we moved to a flat further East on Gray Avenue in 1928.

Milt worked at an A&P store on Mack Ave. After school and on Saturdays, and I worked there Saturdays. Ross
worked in Kroger's office and went to night school. He had graduated from Wiley High School in Terre Haute in
June before we moved to Detroit.

In early 1930 we moved on the West side to Hogarth so I could go to teachers college three blocks away. Dad drove
me back to Eastern High a few months before I graduated. Teachers College closed that summer and merged with
Wayne State [Teachers College] so we moved back to the East side to a lovely home, 3911 Bewick. Sept. 1930, I
started to Wayne and worked Saturdays at J.L. Hudson Dept. Store, $2.00 a day - Depression.

Milt was in his second year of Detroit College of Law and also worked at the YMCA [next door] all through law
school. In 1932 we bought the home on Burns Ave. from a bank that had repossessed it, $5,500. Near the university,
men were selling apples on the corner for ten cents each. We learned the value of a dollar and never forgot it.

VII.    Milton Wesley Bush  m.  Eunice G. Westbrook, 2 Nov 1936
    b.  4 Apr 1911, Terre Haute b.  4 Feb 1909, Croswell, MI
    still golfing in 2001           d.  30 May 1980, Port Huron, MI
    m. 2nd Lois Wiseman Simpson
                on 24 Feb 1981
                b. 3 Sep 1926:  Charles and Richard Simpson
i.  Jeffrey Lewis Bush, b. 23 Feb 1939, d/n/m,  d. 16 Nov 1968, Ontario.  B.S.E., Mich.
Tech. Univ., M.S.E. UCLA. Electronics development engineer Hughes Aircraft, Buena Park, CA.
Spl. radar operations U.S. Army 1966-68, Ft. Huachuca, AZ. National Merit Scholar.  Long-
distance swimmer; Zane Grey afficianado.
ii. Diana Elizabeth Bush, b. 30 May 1940,  m. Dennis Cahill, DDS, on 14 Nov 1970; b. 23
Aug 1937, Capt. U.S. Army 1964-1966, Fort Dix, NJ; B.A. Univ. of Michigan 1962; English
teacher, guidance counselor, Bayshore, L.I. to 1972. Dental office manager. Oakdale, NY.
1.  Colleen Diana Cahill, b. 15 Dec 1972, B.S. Notre Dame 1995; M.D., Syracuse Univ.
1999. Resident physician Richmond, VA
2.  Erin Elizabeth Cahill,  b. 13 Oct  1975, B.S. SUNY / New Paltz 1999. Social worker.
3.  Amanda Michelle Cahill,  b.  8 Aug  1977, B.B.A Notre Dame 1998. Investment
securities at Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust NYC.

iii.    Milton Wesley Jr.

Detroit Eastern High School diploma,  June 1929.  Detroit Institute of Technology, one year undergraduate studies;
Detroit College of Law,  L.L.B. (J.D.) 1934.

Claims attorney Travelers Ins. Co.; Mich. Mut. Ins. Co. to 1943; Lieut. U.S. Navy Air Force 1943-1946, PBY
squadron exec, Solomon Islands; trial law insurance defense practice, Black & Bush, et seq. 1946-1987.  W. legal
secretary, Brown, Stoneman, Lorenzo & Springston; Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, Detroit, to 1936.

Terre Haute; Detroit; Port Huron, MI; Bridgeport, MI; Port Huron, again, 1946-.  1954- on Lake Huron shoreline
one mile north of Ft. Gratiot Lighthouse. Lake Worth, Fl 1970-1998 winters; Jensen Beach 1999-.

    1.  1905 Lackawana Ry. Mountain and Lake Resorts showing photo of Spruce Cabin Inn,
Canadensis.  5,000 acre resort operated by namesake great-uncles, Milton and Wesley Price.  Built in 1887, burned
in 1891, rebuilt, burned down again in 1920.  Steam heat, 80 guests, "the swankiest hotel".  The Story of Barrett
Township, Bancroft, 1974 [P].  Family visited area summer of 1926.  M.P. gave MWB a $20 gold piece.  W.P. b 14
Feb 1858, d 2 Jan 1925, M.P., b 13 Aug 1860, d 23 Sep 1938.  They were half-brothers of E.A.P.B.

            "Before World War I, the New Spruce Cabin Inn was one of the largest in Barrett
township, and the only one that served liquor.  Its owners were the Price brothers, Wesley and Milton, sons of a
leading lumberman and rafter.  Wesley had been educated in public and private schools, Milton had worked in
boardinghouse on the old homestead for wealthy New Yorkers, who came to fish and hunt."  The Pennsylvania
Magazine, Lawrence Squeri, October 1991.

    2.  Treasurer and Vice Pres. of Michigan State Bar Association, and member of Board of
Commissioners; ABA House of Delegates, various distinguished legal societies; YMCA, Presbyterian Church,  and
other community organization offices.

    3.  Met on a blind date in Detroit.  They frequently went to the Greystone Ballroom on Woodward
Ave.  [P] The couple in a rowboat at Belle Isle, c. 1935.

    4.  Worked as a student in a grocery store; added up purchases on the grocery bag quickly.  YMCA
attendant, next to law school.  Handball expert 1930- ; still wins at 80 against players in their fifties.  Also worked at
the family coal yard in the summer:  "the first two tons were easy, but the rest****."

    5.  Milton W. Bush enlisted in Navy Air Force on 1 Dec 1943 in lieu of being drafted.  Officer
Indoctrination Program at Quonset Point, RI for two months.  Assigned for two months to Philadelphia Naval
Supply Depot. Set up project files in contract cancellation department. Then two months at Jacksonville Naval Air
Station to train for aircraft oxygen control officer, but no equipment there to train with.  July 1944 sailed from San
Francisco to Green Island--northeast of Guadalcanal with PBY-5A "Black Cat" bomber squadron of 16 planes, a
New Zealand B-25 squadron, a P.T. Boat squadron of 12 boats, and several fighter plane groups.  Daily bombing
runs on enemy-held islands in a 500 mile radius, including the five bases at Rabul and bases in the Admiralty
Islands. Served as the Patrol Aircraft Technical Support Unit  personnel and legal officer, then as the squadron exec.
officer. The atoll island is horseshoe-shaped, ten miles from end to end and the lagoon is about four miles across.
Lagoon (fighters) and Ocean (bombers) Airfields.  The water source was rainwater.  He and the commander had
their own personal Jeeps.  He "put 100,000 miles in his."

         July 1945, squadron moved to Samar Island, North of Leyte, Philippines.  6 Aug 1945 Hiroshima
bomb.  2 Sep, V-J Day; elder son enrolls in kindergarten that morning.  Oct 1945--March 1946 with occupational
force at Guinea, Samoa.  Returned to Portland, WA on battle cruiser; ship destroyed most Columbia River docks for
40 miles at 40 knot speed. The captain was in a hurry: he was to be married that afternoon there.  Troop train home
to Detroit.

    6.  World War II after 1942 was a terrible time for young mothers and young children.  Very little
money, 3 gallons per month for gas ration card, serious food rationing; blackout curtains and window shades.  All
male siblings and in-laws were in the Army or Navy.  Aluminum pots and pans went to the government to be melted
down.  Kitchen grease was sold back weekly to the butcher for 5 cents per lb.  Coat hangers earned a 2 cent refund
at the dry cleaners.  When he enlisted, their landlord in Bridgeport reduced the rent from $50 to $25 per month for
the duration.

    7.  Occasional family movie theater outing in early 1950's would be at 5:55 PM as evening admission
price was 10 cents higher.  Last half of picture always seen first, then Movietone News, then cartoon.  Then, dinner
of ten cent burgers at Powers Hamburger Stand, or a milkshake at Emerson Drug Store soda fountain.

    8.  1950 Admiral television set arrives; one channel, Dumont Broadcasting.  Sponsors: " smoke
Phillip Morris; smoke Chesterfields; smoke Camels; smoke Old Golds; drink Goebel Beer; drink Altes Golden
Lager Ale".  Watched Howdy Dooty Time with Buffalo Bob and Clarabell, Princess Summerfall Winterspring, and
The Peanut Gallery; Hopalong Cassidy, Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca; Captain Video.  Radio:  The Lone Ranger
Rides Again; Gene Autry; Amos & Andy on Sunday evening at eight.

VIII.   Milton Wesley Bush, Jr. m.  Virginia L. Olsen, 30 Dec 1966,
                at Redding, CT
    b. 22 Jun 1943, Saginaw, MI b. 6 Oct 1944, Guilford, CT

i.  Adam Acheson Bush, b. 18 Mar 1971, B.A. History, U-Conn 1994, Graduate studies
medieval history Mississippi State Univ.1994-95.  Software engineer,1995 Tampa; 1997 Boston;
1998 Atlanta; 2000 San Jose; 2001 Alpharetta, GA. Married Verna Tuulikki Tanner Korolainen 2
Jun 2001 at St. Johanneksen Kirkko,  Helsinki.
ii. Ryan Johnson Bush, b. 20 Apr 1973, B.A. Russian and Linguistics, Swarthmore College
1995; Graduate student and teaching assistant at University of California Santa Cruz for five
years. Ph.D. in Linguistics Jun 2000. Spent junior year at Voronezh State University, Russia; visit
to China summer 95; Georgia and Azerbaijan summer research 96; visit to Tokyo 96; summer
research Indonesia, 97. 2000 San Francisco. Research scientist for BeVocal, Corp, Santa Clara.

    Port Huron High School 1961         Joel Barlow H.S. 1962
    Univ. of Mich. B.A. 1965                Univ. of Mich. B.A. 1965
    Detroit College of Law J.D. 1969            Indiana Univ. M.A. 1966

    H. attorney, real estate and manufacturing interests, family  historian; W. literary research, writing, editorial
assistant for Radiology, English instructor Wayne State University, house designer, poetry, office computer systems
developer, literacy volunteer tutor.

Apartment on Parkview Ave., near Mayor's Detroit River mansion, Detroit, MI; Westcott Dr. 1969 to 1973; 4960
Lakeshore Rd. to 1983, Port Huron; 205 Tri-Mountain Rd., Durham, CT 1983-, farmhouse built by Justin Austin in
1795.  CT shore style center-chimney, keeping room fireplace with beehive oven.  A few acres of lawn and meadow
grass, bordered by woodlands. Brass marker next to stream marks Old George Washington Trail used by him in
1775 and 1789, going from New Haven to Hartford.


    1.  "New Improved Eight-Day Clock", 1840, made in Bristol, CT brass works, via Milton, Lewis,
Julius, and Daniel Bush. From the farmhouse in Middle Smithfield, PA.  Heirloom history of clock is documented.
Strikes gongs on the hour.

    2.  Clay smoking pipe bowl from a Irish Acheson ancestor,  head-shaped, blue glaze finish.  Given to
Adam by Ann Acheson Lester, Algonac, MI, 1978.

    3.  First met in Chaucer class, Ann Arbor, Sept. 1964.  Prof. Thomas Garbatty announced his big
reputation for class room match-making on first day. He retired in 1999. A remarkably witty and entertaining

    4.  Zeus is our cat, age 10, a big, shy Maine Coon Tabby Cat. Chaucer is an African Grey Parrot,
hatched 12 Jul 2000. Presently has a speaking vocabulary of about 80 words and phrases, such as, "Chaucer - want
come out now", and , "Mama, love you sweetie". His tail feathers are bright crimson red. Fresh pea pods, string
beans,  green grapes, oatmeal, and toast are favorites, as are unshelled peanuts.

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        VI. Louise Lily Myles, 1880-1961
        VII. Milton Wesley Bush, 1911-
        VIII. Milton Wesley Bush, Jr., 1943-
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