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Catlin's Own Inventor

Charles V. Champion Sr.

Charles V. Champion, Sr. invented the "Tostwich," a combination electric toaster and sandwich maker, before 1920. Mr. Champion applied for a patent for his Tostwich on May 26, 1924 which was granted and registered March 3, 1925.

Champion also produced corn popping machines and received a patent on June 30, 1925, for display cases.

Mr. Champion and his brother-in-law, J.W. McIntyre, made the first products but demand forced the company to leave Catlin and make its business headquarters in Danville.

An article in the Danville Commercial-News of Wednesday, February 25, 1925, described the expansion of the business.

On August 8, 1929 the Catlin Manufacturing Co. was incorporated by the State of Illinois and the document was signed by William J. Stratton, Secretary of State.

In the Museum collection we have:

 the 1929 charter;

 two patents (one for the Tostwich, dated March 3, 1925 and another for display cases, dated June 30, 1925);

 six original catalogues of C. V. Champion & Co. (showing all models of the pop corn machines and some of the Tostwich) plus one catalogue of 76 testimonial letters praising the C.V. Champion Co.;
Champion sandwich toaster Model No. 1

 four renewal forms for the corporation dated 1950, 1951, 1954, and 1955;

 a brochure for the Tostwich showing Model No. 1 (cost $22.50) and Model No. 2 (a double model costing $42.50) which could make approximately 200 sandwiches per hour;

 a Tostwich recipe book;

 and several Tostwich toasters.

More photos

 Champion's corn popper

 Poppers crated for shipment

 Champion products in use

 A menu and an ad for the sandwich toaster


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