Location: Montgomery Township, Crawford County, Illinois; Sec. 10, T5N, R11W. (GPS: 38.893322, -87.629776) (Google Map) (Hand-drawn map and notes). (Plot map developed by Burl Rich, July 25, 1990.) Compiled April 15, 1995 by Burl L. Rich. Row numbers start on the east side of the cemetery. Gravesite sequences start on the north end of each row and go south. The original Wilma Roesler survey of this cemetery is also provided online for cross-checking purposes. The cemetery is located at (GPS: 38.893322, -87.629776), but it is necessary to park back at the sign on N 1700th St. (GPS; 38.892646, -87.632207) and hike straight east into woods, following long-used, and also long-disused vehicle tracks, through one stand of woods, straight east across a southern extension of an open field, then following the tracks as they turn north, then quickly again turn northeast, and enter into a second stand of woods, for about 80 more paces to the cemetery.


Wesner, Joanna
1-31-1833 1-28-1916 Vault, Wife of James Wesner
Wesner, Albert N
2-4-1887 20Y 4M 11D
Wesner, Infant Son
6-3-1871 3D, Son of J&JR Wesner
Wesner, James
3-2-1876 46Y 1M 1D
Wesner, John W
10-8-1858 11-8-1907
Wesner, James Burley
3-17-1889 9-27-1894 Son of JW&ME Wesner
Wesner, Infant
11-16-1899 12-13-1899 Infant of JW&ME Wesner
Grave - no marker


Grave - sandstone marker
Wesner, Dora A
10-18-1894 26Y 3D, Wife of WH Wesner
Wesner, Otas
10-1-1894 3Y 7D, Son of WH&DA Wesner
Wesner, Mary A
2-25-1866 10-20-1912 Wife of Samuel Wesner
Grave - no marker
Martin, Calvin L
11-1-1874 6Y 10M 5D, Son of DK&EA Martin
Martin, Laura B
9-1-1873 3Y 7M 28D, Dau of DK&EA Martin
Martin, William W
8-19-1873 1Y 5M 27D, Son of DK&EA Martin


Pierson, Elizabeth
10-13-1846 70 Yrs, Wife of Joseph Pierson
Blackerby, John L
1-30-1868 1Y 10M 3D, Son of J&A Blackerby
Three graves with sandstone markers.


Wesner, Nancy
6-25-1886 88Y 4M, Wife of William Wesner
Wesner, William
2-19-1881 80Y 1M 24D
Wesner, Allen
9-29-1855 22Y 1M 1D, Son Wm & N Wesner
Grave - no marker
Four graves with sandstone markers.
Four graves with no markers


Five graves with no markers
Carter, Hester K
2-12-1867 15Y 1M 7D, Dau. J&C Carter. (Hester had a Tombstone on 4-12-1991, but it was gone on the date that I surveyed the cemetery. Burl Rich.)