Located Section 14, Township 5 North, Range 11 West, on land originally owned by the Allison Family. The survey below was compiled 1969 through 1972 by Wilma Roesler and Imogene Bailey. The original Roesler survey of this cemetery is also provided online for cross-checking purposes.

Allison, David Young (Rev.)
3-5-1881 72Y9M29D
Allison, Sarah
7-1-1896 84Y7M25D. Tombstone erected by DH Clements
Highsmith, James Buchanan
5-24-1882 25Y4M29D
Allison, William M.
6-19-1861 9M23D, Son CM&ME Allison
Allison, Calip M.
10-14-1865 30Y2M29D
Highsmith, Thomas T.
4-16-1891 77Y4M10D
Highsmith, Angeline
8-27-1883 52Y4M29D, Wife of TT Highsmith
Allison, Robert Y.
4-13-1874 12Y14D, Son CM&ME Allison
Allison, Clement V.
5-24-1866 2Y8M9D, Son CM&ME Allison
Seaney, Audrillo
9-1-1885 2Y4M29D
Allison, Claudie M.
4-15-1879 1Y9M13D