Probate Book F.

Cass County Probate Book F, August 1861-September 1864

Cass County, Illinois Probate Book F Abstracts. The names appearing will include that of the deceased, the administrators, perhaps some bondsmen, guardians, minors and surviving heirs.

Code: Adm.-administrator; Dec.-deceased, Gd-guardian, Mn.-minor/s.

The probate books have been transcribed and re-typed more than once. Please check the records at the courthouse to make sure the information is accurate.

The society members will not look up or copy any additional information concerning probate records at Cass County courthouse. The records are not easily searchable and some records are stored and not easily found.

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7.     Petition for sale of real est. of John G. JOCKISCH, dec. vs., Phillip Guth, Joseph Guth, August Krohe, Christiana Krohe, Edmond P.
        Miller, dec., to be given her dower interest in the remainder of the proceeds of sale. John A. Arenz adm., Aug. 1861.
10.   Est, of Allen LAKE, d. 8 July 1861. Heirs, widow, Anna Marie Lake, mn. child, Edward Lake. Israel Lake appt. adm., Sept. 5, 1861.
10.   Final acct. of est., mn., A.B. CAUBY to receive $21.40. Phineas Underwood Jr. gd., Sept. 7, 1861.
12.   Est. of Albon H. HITCHCOCK, d. Beardstown, 3 Aug. 1861. Heirs widow, Hannah Hitchcock, children; Harriett Meigss, Sarah W. Goodspeed,
        Mary A. Montgomery, Frances Budington, Norman S. Hitchcock, William W. Hitchcock, Martha J. Hitchcock, and Adaline Hitchcock. Stephen
        B. Budington, adm. Sept. 9, 1861.
14.   Est. of Enock S. HUFFMAN, d. 2 Aug. 1861, heirs, widow, Emily B. Huffman and five mn. children; Alex M., Louis C., Emily E., Mary and
        John Huffman. Jacob Ward, adm., Sept. 11, 1861.
21.   Final acct. of Joseph ALLISON, dec., heirs to receive $63.64 each, Joseph Allison, John Allison, Elizabeth Reeder, Margaret Ingals, Martha
        Litton, Catherine Boicourt, Mary Wilson, and heirs of Jane Fitzhugh, dec. John S. Boicourt, adm., Sept. 21, 1861.
24.   Seth Hickey and Ellen Letitia Hickey, both under the age of 14, are mns. of Michael HICKEY, dec. Joseph Hickey, gd. Oct. 14, 1861.
24    A jury declared that Dianah HENDERSON, age 57, is insane and is to be taken to the Illinois State Hospital for Insane. Oct. 14, 1861.
28.   Est. of Starett HOUSTON, d. 13 Aug. 1861. Hazen Skinner, adm., Oct. 26, 1861.
29.   Mary BODE, formerly Mary Fritz is appt. gd. of Henry Fritz, Margaret Fritz and William Fritz, mns. of Henry FRITZ, dec., Nov. 12, 1861.
30.   In the matter of money from an est. in Mass., which money did not forthcome, Ezra J.D. DUTCH asks his office as gd. of mns. Ezra D. Dutch and
        John Dutch be annulled. Nov. 14, 1861.
30-31.   David McLaughlin acting as agent of power of attorney in est. of Thomas LAKE, dec., reports the acct. has liabilities of $6168.99 and assets of
       $5318.57. The widow has life interests in a house and lot in Virginia, Illinois. J.G. Campbell, adm., Nov. 13, 1861.
32.   Est. of John CARROLL, d. 19 Oct. 1861. John Husted, adm., Nov. 22, 1861.
33.   Est. of Henry C. SIMPSON, d. 1 Sept. 1861. John Hammer, adm., Nov. 1861.
34.   Est. of William BECK, d. Beardstown, Nov. 25, 1861. Heirs, widow, Margaret Beck and children; Caroline Beck, Louisa Beck,  Wilhelm Beck,
        Margaret Beck, Matilda Beck and John Beck. Margaret Beck, adm., Dec. 16, 1861.
35.   Est. of Phillip GUTH, d. Beardstown, 18 Nov. 1861. Heirs, widow, Josepha Guth, son Elias Guth. John A. Arenz, adm. Dec. 12, 1861.
37.   Est. of Henry PAUK, d. Beardstown, 20 Oct. 1861. Leaves no known relatives. William Mohlman, adm., Dec. 12, 1861.
37.   Thomas Carter, adm. of will of Sophia EDWARDS, dec., vs. Ann H. Hall, has issued a judgement of default against Hall for $180.00 for debt
        and damages to plaintiff. Dec. 16, 1861.
39.   Nathan B. Thompson presents a claim of $4102.00 against est. of Frederick HILLMAN for a contract during his lifetime. Court approved claim.
        Samuel Christy, adm., ordered to pay the amount. Dec. 18, 1861.
41.   Est. of Daniel SMITH, d. 17 Dec. 1861, has no relatives in Illinois. Martin Cole appt. adm., Dec. 19, 1861.
44.   Richard Davis, adm., of James H. BUCK is to pay Martha Buxton a balance of $41.00 from the est. Dec. 23, 1861.
44.   Will of Mathew BOWYER, d. 2 Dec. 1861, will made 15 Sept. 1860. Dau., Eliza W. Thompson, to receive $5.00, dau., Ella Morrison to receive
        $100.00, dau., Amanda Mathews to receive $5.00, son Omar Bowyer, to receive all my real est. consisting of farm of 40 acres near Arenzville, on
        Sec. 32, Tsp. 17, Rg. 11. My personal est. to go to Ella Morrison and Amanda Mathews and to be shared equally. James Coffin, adm., Dec. 27,
47.   Est. of Robinson WARNER, d. 13 Dec. 1861. Henry F. Foster, adm., Jan. 7, 1862.
53.   A certificate of good moral character was given to Mrs. Frederick HESS, Jan. 7, 1862.
54.   Est. of Ernest MOELLER, d. Camp Melton, KY, 12 Nov. 1861, is unmarried and has no other relatives in the USA. Frederick Moeller, uncle
        appt. adm., Jan. 7, 1862.
55.   Matter of est. of Mathew B. BOWYER, son of Omar Bowyer, appts. James M. Epler, adm., Jan. 9, 1862.
61.   Will of Allen Q. LINDSAY, d. 29 Nov. 1861. Heirs, son, William Lindsay and three single daughters, Elizabeth Lindsay, Nancy Lindsay, and
        Jane Lindsay are to receive all personal property, home, cattle, hogs, wagons, buggies, farming utinsels, household and kitchen
        furniture. Sons, N.W. Lindsay and William Lindsay, etux. Jan. 20, 1862.
63.   John F. Skinner and William T. Houston, adms., of Isaac T. HOUSTON, dec., are ordered to pay distribution share to heirs of John R. Houston,
        dec. Jan. 20, 1862.
67.   Final acct. of est. of William WILKIE, dec., heirs, widow, Euphemia Wilkie to receive $123.00, children, Cecila Needham, Jane Reed, Isabel
        Staten, George Wilkie, Agnes Hill, John Wilkie, and Euphemia Cunningham to receive $30.95 each. Jan. 21, 1862.
71.   Matter concerning John R. HOUSTON, dec., Mary Ratcliff, mother of mns., Hezikiah Houston, Isaac Houston and William T. Houston asks that
        William E. Milstead be appt. gd., Feb. 1, 1862.
71.   Will of Sophia HEINMAN, dec., will made July 2, 1861. To dau. Elizabeth Tendick, my Bible, she along with dau. Anna Heinman to receive
        one half of my bedding and furniture, each, as well as $50 and one forth of any cash left. To John Heinman and Arnold Heinman, one forth
        of cash left as well as notes. My dau., Elizabeth Tendick has been compensated for taking care of me during the time I have lived with her. I desire
        a suitable tombstone placed over my grave. J.A. Arenz, adm., Feb. 10, 1862. (Her tombstone is in Beardstown City Cemetery, date Aug. 1861.)
76.   Final acct. of John FIELDEN, dec., est. heirs, mother, Sarah Owens to receive $157.90, sisters, Sarah Fielden and Ann Fielden to receive $78.95
        each. Feb. 12, 1862.
79.   Final acct. of Henry FRITZ, dec., heirs, Mary Bode to receive $976, Henry Fritz, Margaret Fritz and William Fritz to receive $650 each. Feb. 17,
80.   John L. CALLANAN issued a certificate of naturalization, Feb. 17, 1862.
81.   Est. of Elizabeth Opehart (formerly Elizabeth Tendick), John A. Arenz, Peter Opehart, Anna Heinman and Henry Wilson issued a petition of real
        est. to pay debts of John TENDICK, est. , dec., Feb. 19, 1862.
83.   Est. of Purdy Ann ALEXANDER, d. Sept. 1861. Garland Pollard, adm., Feb. 20, 1862.
87.   Rest est. of Land owned by John P. HALL, dec., this land to be sold and heirs names are Ann. H. Hall, Robert Hall, Nelson Newman, Eliza
        Newman, George Shackelford and Ann P.S. Shackelford. Feb. 22, 1862.
89.   Final acct. of John LANGDON, dec., widow Mary Langdon and children, Michael, John, Mary A. and William Langdon, heirs. The gds. of said
        children are to receive two thirds of $704. for their upkeep. Feb. 24, 1862.
90.   Miranda McMurray asks to be appt. gd. of John H. McMurray, mn., heir of John McMURRAY dec. Feb. 27, 1862.
91.   William KEANNY is two years old, a mn. of William Keanny, Sr. The child was born before the marriage of his parents. His father has
        abandoned him and the mother. The mother gave the child away and is living as a housekeeper to an unmarried man under
        circumstances improper. Henry Dummer, gd., asks the child be secured in a comfortable home.
91.   Henry Winter asks that Moses W. MORSE be sent to Illinois State Hospital. A jury was held and request was granted. Mar. 11, 1862.
94.   Est. of Daniel SMITH, d. 17 Dec. 1861. James Cairns (next of kin) asks that Garrett H. Seeger be appt. adm. March 14, 1862.
210.  A certificate of good moral character was issued to Frank HALENGER Sept. 15, 1862.
210.  Susan, wife of Alexander CUNNINGHAM dec., was assigned her dowers rights of $300 Sept. 15, 1862.
211.  Rebecca Hillman asks that Frederick Hillman, mn., of Frederick HILLMAN, dec., appts. Jennings G. Mathis, gd., of said mn., Sept. 19, 1862.
212.  Est. of Tenna JAMES d. Sept. 16, 1862. Heirs, Elizabeth Hodges, Nancy Masterson, Mahala Masterson, Harriett Cook, heirs of Margaret
         Kellum, heirs of Mary Burgetts, heirs of Ellen Braden and heirs of John James., Charles Coffin, bro. of dec., appt. adm. Oct. 21, 1862.
213.  Certificates of naturalization issued to David KOCH, Oct. 6, 1862.
214.  Est. of John H. PARR, d. Sept. 8, 1862. Heirs, wife, Nancy Parr and children, William, Mary Ellen, Catherine, Alfred. George and Jane Parr.
         Joshua Nance appt. adm. Oct. 13, 1862.
215.  Est. of Joseph RUFF d. Oct. 12, 1862. Heirs, wife, Sarah Ann Ruff, William Ruff, Adeline Ruff, Sarah Miller, Catherine Nichols, and Eliza
         Ruff. Theodore Heintz appt. adm. Oct. 14, 1862.
216.  Will of William COX d. Oct. 16, 1862 at the home of his father Eli Cox. Will made Oct. 1862, this was an oral will and reduced the writing on
         Oct. 20. Contents of the will not stated. Oct. 20, 1862.
217.  Est. of Richard BACON dec. vs. Cordelia A. and Ellen Bacon. No personal funds to apply for liquidation of the debt of dec. Therefore, real est.
         in Cass, Mason and McDonough Counties to be sold. Theo Heintz adm. Oct. 20, 1862.
223.  Final acct. of Robert BATH dec., Mrs. Adaline Bath sole heir to receive $362 Oct. 25, 1862.
224.  Naturalization certificate issued to Thomas TAYLOR, Oct. 30, 1862.
224.  Naturalization certificate issued to Bartholomew HOFFSTETTER, Oct. 31, 1862.
224.  Naturalization certificate issued to Patrick MULLER, Oct. 31, 1862.
224.  Naturalization certificate issued to John REICHAL, Nov. 3, 1862.
225.  Naturalization certificate issued to Jacob SHUMAN, Nov. 3, 1862.
225.  Naturalization certificate issued to Daniel HOFFSTETTER, Nov. 3, 1862.
225.  Naturalization certificate issued to Adam SCHNELL, Nov. 3, 1862.
226.  Est. of John W. TURNER d. Oct. 21, 1862. Survived by wife Matilda Jane Turner and three mn. children under the age of 14, William Turner,
         Wallace Turner and ??. William H. McCauley appt. adm., Nov. 3, 1862.
227.  Will of John LOOMAN d. Oct. 18, 1862. To Mina Looman, wife, all personal property and real est. If she remarries, then she will receive the
         amt. of property which is allowed in IL. If she does not remarry, after her death all that remains go to children, Mary Seeger,
         Henry Looman, Lidia Mohlman, John B. Looman, and Hannah Looman, the latter a mn. aged 12. Mina Looman, excu. and she appt. gd
         .of children. Will made Aug. 27, 1862. Probated Nov. 1862.
230.  Est. of John S. HUNTER d. Nov. 5, 1862. Survived by father, James Hunter, brothers and sisters, Lavina C. Hunter, Henry A. Hunter, Joseph
         Hunter, James M. Hunter and Andrew Hunter. Anderson Hall/Hale appt. adm., Nov. 11, 1862.
231.  Est. of Charles RICH, d. Oct. 31, 1862. Survived by wife, Maria Antonette Rich and children, Charles H. and Anna C. Rich. Edmund P. Chase
         adm., Nov. 14, 1862.
233.  Est. of Daniel WAGNER, d. Oct. 27, 1862. Survived by widow, Elizabeth Wagner and children, William S. and Aaron D. Wagner, Hazen
         Skinner appt. adm., Nov. 14, 1862.
234.  Real est. to be sold in matter of insufficient funds in est. of Prudy ALEXANDER vs. Joseph S. Alexander, Milton R. Alexander, Nancy
         Alexander, William T. Alexander, Willie H. Forsythe, Rueben Forsythe, Charles Summers, Sarah M. Summers, Lewis Zimmer and the heirs of
         Joshua Alexander. Nov. 1862.
236.  Est. of Joseph A. HUFFMAN, died at the home of his father, Nov. 20, 1862. Survived by wife, Rachel Huffman and one child, Clara Rosina
         Huffman who is under the age of 14. Edward Davis appt. adm., Nov. 24, 1862.
238.  Naturalization certificate issued to Ludwig WILDT, Dec. 5, 1862.
238.  Naturalization certificate issued to George GABHART, Dec. 5, 1862.
239.  Est. of David S. EATON, died in Menard Co., IL. --1862. George S. Eaton appt. adm., Dec. 1862.
242.  Est. of Luther M. OUTTON, d. Dec. 9, 1862. Survived by widow, Lucinda J. Outton and children, Thomas E. Outton and Martha L. Conover.
         Lucinda J. Outton appt. adm. Dec. 18, 1862.
245.  Mrs. Margaret Ebert is to receive $127 in addition to property belonging to her dec. husband, George EBERT. Jacob Bohrman adm., Dec. 26,
248.  Will of Clamor A. TIEMEYER, d. Nov. 27, 1862 in Beardstown. All property and real est. to go to wife Ann Marie Tiemeyer except for one
         tract of land to go to son John Henry Tiemeyer. All remaining property not used by my wife to go to children Henry John Tiemeyer, Maria
         Elizabeth (Mrs. John T. Pappmeier), Ann Maria (Mrs. Henry Decker), John Henry Tiemeyer, Ellen Caroline Tiemeyer, and Hannah Fredericka
         Tiemeyer. Anna Maria Tiemeyer, excu., Dec. 24, 1862.
250.  Est. of Ernest KOESTRING, d. Nov. 26, 1862. John A. Arenz appt. adm., Dec. 26, 1862.
251.  Est. of Sinai BERRY, d. Dec. 18, 1862. Heirs, are children, Milton Berry, Elizabeth Berry, James Berry (all adults) and William Berry, Mary
         Ann Berry, Nancy Berry, mns., B.C. Berry, gd. of mn. children. William Stevenson appt. adm., Jan. 6, 1883.
252.  Naturalization certificate issued to Werner STEIVNAGLE, Jan. 19, 1863.
253.  Will of Andrew J. WEVER, d. Dec. 25, 1862 in Beardstown. All personal and real est. to go to wife Johanna Wever during her lifetime or until
         she remarries, then all remaining goes to son Amos Wever. Will made Dec. 20, 1858. Probated Jan. 14, 1863. Son, Asa
         Wever born after will was made. Johanna Wever exct.
258.  Naturalization certificate issued to Daniel MOORMAN, Jan. 19, 1863.
261.  Final acct. of Gottlieb NOELSCH, dec. Heirs, John Noelsch, Gottlieb Noelsch, Jr., Thomas Noelsch, Louisa Noelsch, John P. Noelsch, John E.
         Noelsch, Lena Eckhart and Mary Duckhart $27.87 each. Widow Anna Noelsch $111.47, Jan. 1863.
267.  Final acct. of Jeremiach BOWEN, dec. Heirs, widow, Celia Bowman, $1,383.41, Mary (Bowen) Logan, Amanda (Bowen) Wilson, Peter
         Bowen, Clifton Bowen, Jeremiah Bowen, Jr. and heirs of Michael Hickey, $395.26 each. Calvin Wilson adm., Jan. 1863.
267.  Matter of land to be sold in est. of Daniel SMITH, dec. son, John Smith only known heir. Garrett Seeger, adm., Jan. 1863.
269.  Est. of Elizabeth DARMAN, d. Arenzville, Nov. 21, 1859. Survived by husband Frederick Darman and sister Jane Masterson. Henry Shaw appt.
         adm., Jan. 16, 1863. (Note from transcriber, Mary Ann Bell -think this name may be Dahman instead of Darman --M.A.B.)
270.  Margaret Wolf asks that Charles Ebert and Elizabeth Ebert be entitled to est. of their father George EBERT, dec. Lewis Wolf appt. adm., Jan. 28,
271.  Est. of David ELLIOTT, d. Feb. 3, 1863, widow, Nancy Elliott, children, Ruebin, John, Nancy, David, William and Mary Elliott, all under the
         age of 14. Nancy Elliott appt. adm., Feb. 7, 1863.
273.  Est. of John SAVAGE d. 14 Dec. 1862. Widow, Elizabeth Savage, children, Emily Pratt, John S. Savage, Henry S. Savage, Harriett Silverthorn,
         John W. Savage and Charles R. Savage. John A. Arenz, adm. Jan. 19, 1863.
274.  Est. of William COX dec. Never married but leaves heirs, Eli Cox, Frances Cox, Robert McAuley, Allen Stagdon, Hezikiah Stagdon, John
         Grimes and Elizabeth Grimes. Samuel Cox excu. Feb. 16, 1863.
279.  Matter of Jonathan A. YOUNT dec. Insufficient funds in est. to pay bills, John Maclin and Rachel Maclin have been notified. Feb. 1863.
285.  Est. of Henry KIRCHER d. 18 Feb. 1863. Leaves no widow but heirs are Henry Kircher, fa. John Kircher, brother and Elizabeth Vogal,
         sister. John Kircher adm. 1863.
288.  Est. of Preston H. BECKHAM, surv. by widow Mary M. Beckham and 6 children (not named). James Crum appt. adm. March 3, 1863.
297.  Will of William FREEL, 34, d. 26 Feb. 1863. Will made at Franklin, Morgan Co., IL 16 Jan. 1863. To brother John Freel, $1, to Ebenezer Freel,
         $1, to wife, Sophia A. Freel, all my real est. in Cass County plus promisary notes of $250, also all of personal effects includes, clock, furniture,
         kitchen furniture. She named excu. Mar. 24, 1863.
299.  The final acct. of Alexander PHILLIPPI dec. the gd. of Emily McNamarra, is to receive $137.69. Mar. 1863.
304.   Final acct. of John B. DRAKE dec. heirs, Mary E. Drake and Rachel Drake, to receive $378.67.
306.  Est. of William G. RUPELL, d. Arenzville, 1 Mar. 1863. Surv. by widow, Mary Rupell, children, Martha Jane and Sarah Elizabeth, who are
         under the age of 14 years. John C. Phiel adm. April 1863.
307. Will of John ZIRKLE, d. 12 Feb. 1863. Will made Feb. 5, 1863. All personal property to remain as is for 8 years, then sold or divided among
        heirs who are Charles T. Zirkle, George Zirkle, Josephus Zirkle, Anna Zirkle, Mariah Ellen Zirkle, Susan Christy Zirkle, Nancy Roof and Ann
        Zirkle, all to receive $50 each. Ann, Mariah Ellen and Susan to have one bed each. Reubin Roof appt. gd. and is to do what he thinks best.
        R.S. Walker, adm.

Probated Book F, p.2