Probate Book E

Cass County Probate Book E, February 1858-August 1861

The names appearing will include that of the deceased, the administrators, perhaps some bondsmen, guardians, minors and surviving heirs.

Code: Adm.-administrator; Dec.-deceased, Gd-guardian, Mn.-minor/s.
The purpose of publishing extracts from the Probate Books is because these old books are extremely fragile and material can not be copied on a copy machine.

The probate books have been transcribed and re-typed more than once. Please check the records at the courthouse to make sure the information is accurate.

The society members will not look up or copy any additional information concerning probate records at Cass County courthouse. The records are not easily searchable and some records are stored and not easily found.

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6.   Henrietta Sudbrink, mn. of Lewis SUDBRINK, dec., Mother Catherine Sudbrink, asks that William Sudbrink be appt. gd. Feb. 6, 1858.
8.   Melvin, Marian and Deliah Ann, mns. of John BUCK, dec., Joseph White, appt. gd. Feb. 14, 1858.
8.   Will of Elizabeth WELLS, d. 1858, will made Feb. 3, 1858. David Carr appt. Etux., after expenses, 2/3's of remainder to son, Perry, one
      third to grandson, Samuel Wells, February 17, 1858. If son Perry Wells, is dec. at the time of my death, all goes to Samuel Wells. Feb. 17, 1858.
13. Est. of William K. WILSON, d 7 Feb. 1858. His father G. Wilson, renounces right to adm., appts. John F. Wilson, adm., William K. Wilson has
      left no widow or children. Feb. 18, 1858.
14. Mary Jane and Harriet, mns of James BRIAR, dec. Jacob Pierson appt. Gd. March 1, 1858.
14. Will of John S. SMITH,dau of Mary Smith, to receive $5, Nancy Smith to receive $50 at age 21. Son, Andrew Smith to have property in Tenn.,
      and use my real estate for seven years or until my youngest son is 13. Andrew is to care for my children, John, Elias and George during those
      7 years. When son George, is 13, my real estate to be sold. Dau., Aberilla Smith is to receive $50., son John Smith refuses to honor these demands,
      my etuxs. are to take charge, they being Henry Dummer and Sylvester Emmons. Will made 17 Oct. 1857, probated March 9, 1858.
20. Estate of Bradford REW, d. 1858, widow Julia A. Rew appt. gd. March 1858.
21. John, mn of Lewis H. DOSS, dec., James White, gd. March 30, 1858.
30. Will of Henry Christian GRIEF/GRIEVE, made 22 July 1855. To Maria Engel Bolton, now wife of Henry Roterd, of Beardstown, the amount
      expended and paid for her expenses coming to this country. To Mary Elizabeth Jones, of Beardstown, $30. To John, son of Christ Rahe, $25.
      To William and Henry Grief, $100 each. To Maria Engel, Herman, Matilda and Christian Lovekamp, children of deceased Frederick Lovekamp,
      $100. To Trustees of St. Peters Church near Arenzville, $50., the interest tobe used annually for support of said church. The residence of all my
      property, after paying legacies, to go to Catherine Elizabeth Rehling, widow of Frederick Lovekamp, dec. or her heirs. Francis Arnez and William
      Talkemeyer, etuxs. April 22, 1858.
33. Est. of Louisa HOUSTON, dec. 1858. William Houston appt. adm. Apr. 22, 1858.
36. Phillip Burracker appt. gd. of mn. Sarah Burracker, in matter of est., of her maternal grandfather, Jacob Koonz, dec. April 24, 1858.
42. Sarah E. CLARK was judged to be insane. She is 32 years old with no means of support. Condition caused by loss of friends, not hereditary
      condition. May 4, 1858.
51. Est. of Nancy ANDERSON, died May 3, 1858, James L. Anderson, Adm. May 26, 1858.
52. Est. of Mathew ARMSTRONG, d. May 28, 1858, wife Eliza Ann Armstrong, appt. adm. May 31, 1858.
53. Will of James MORAN of Beardstown, d. June 1858. Wife, Mary to receive lots 1,2,7 and 8, Blk. 47, Beardstown, also all livestock, cattle, mules,
      hogs, house and furniture. Mary Moran etux. Will made June 17, 1858, probated June 23, 1858.
59. Estate of Thomas Plasters, d. 1858. Jeptha Plasters, adm. June 24, 1858.
62. Cyrus H. Frizell has attained the age of 21, mn of Henry T. FRIZELL. He is entitled to $311. Robert Stevenson gd. July 10, 1858.
63. Concerning the Est. of James ARMSTRONG vs unknown heirs, real est. in Sec. 13, Twp. 18, Rg. 10, Cass Co. to be sold. Robert Glass, adm.
      July 1858.
64. Est. of William A. FITZHUG, d. May 1858, father, Robert Fitzhug recommends that Fenton VanDevanter be appt. adm. July 30, 1858.
66. James McClure recommends John BARRY, 42, pauper, be committed to Ill. State Hospital. John McKenzie and George Nolte, wits. Nolte appt.
      conservator July 19, 1858.
74. Joseph H. Williams, mn, born March 25, 1853, his mother dec, father has abandoned him. George W. Shaven moves that Julius Hamilton
      apprentice the boy until age 14, on March 25 1867. Filed Aug. 20, 1858.
75. William N., Armanda and Fruza E., mns. of James D. WILSON, dec., are all more than 14 years old. Sally Wilson, mother, appts. Gerhard H.
      Seeger gd. Aug. 27, 1858.
76. Estate of John B. DRAKE, of Cass County, dec., William Smedley of Menard Co., adm. Sept. 3, 1858.
77. Mary E. and Rachel Ann, mns. of John B. DRAKE, dec., are under age of 14. William Smedley, gd. Sept. 3, 1858.
78. Ann E., Lavina, Abel, Susan E. and Warren M., mns. of William GORDLEY, dec. John Lee, gd. Sept 13, 1858.
79. Charles N. and Elizabeth Frances, mns. of John B. DRAKE, dec. are over age 14. William Smedley, gd. Sept. 15, 1858.
80. Estate of James CAUBY, d. 28 Aug. 1858. Wife, Pricilla D. appts. Josephus Cauby, adm., Sept. 17, 1858.
81. John HICKMAN, a distracted person. Jeptha Plaster appt. conservator Sept. 18, 1858.
83. Due to insufficient funds of est. of David MONTGOMERY, portions of land in Sec. 32, T. 18, R. 8, to be sold to pay bills. Heirs notified are
      Martha Ann, Emily, Sarah, Alice, Susan, Amanda, Thomas, children; and wife, Sarah Montgomery. John T. Rush, adm.
      Sept. 22, 1858.
86. Lucretia, Aaron M., William B., George M., Mary Sophia and Sarah M., mns. of Charlon BUCK, dec. George A. Treadway, gd. Oct. 5, 1858
87. Est. of Sarah FLEMING, d. 1858, Samuel Shaw, adm. Oct. 9, 1858
89. Ruanna Hood appt. gd. of Nancy R.R., mn of John HICKMAN, insane, the mother of the child is deceased. Hood is the child's grandmother. Oct.
      18, 1858.
90. Est. of William SUMMERS d. 16 Oct. 1858. Nicholas Summers, bro., adm. Oct. 20, 1858
93. Est. of John A. MILLER, d. 1858, wife, Frances Miller, adm. Nov. 8, 1858
97. Will of Charles A. HIGGINSON of Allegheny, PA, made 2 Dec. 1857. Heirs: (1.) Brother John to receive a farm from money due from mortgages
       owed by Samuel Christy, Samuel H. Higginson and Charles Higginson. (2.) Sister, Mary Higginson to receive lots in Wilkins
       Twp., Allegheny co., Pa. (3.) Sisters, Mary Higginson and Susan Henderson, to receive one fourth interest in the steamboat
       "Key West." (4.) Charles Higginson, of Lancaster Cass Co., Ill. to be etux. to that which pertains to my brother, John
        Higginson. (5.) Arthur Stewart of Allegheny Co., Pa., is etux. to that pertaining to my sister. Charles Higginson died 1858,
        probated Nov. 23, 1858.
102. Ruanna Hood, gd. of Nancy HICKMAN, reports the child has been abducted by her father. A Citation has been issued for Hickman to appear in
        court Dec. 18, 1858. Filed Dec. 20, 1858.
104. John N. HICKMAN appeared in court, appears now sane and wishes custody of his daughter. Request was granted. Dec. 18, 1858.
106. Est. of Ernest F. JOST. d. 1858, wife Mina appts. Henry Carls, adm. Jan. 3, 1859.
111. Est. of William PEARN d. 29 Dec. 1858, wife, Mary Pearn and Luke Dunn, adms. Jan. 11, 1859.
113. Est. of Ezra BLACK, d. 20 Jan. 1859. Archibald Taylor adm. Jan. 28, 1859.
114. Last will of James FIELDEN, died 1859, will made Dec. 21, 1855. Heirs: (1.) To sons, John, Robert and James Fielden, land. (2.) Money
        to heirs of dec. son, Edmund Fielden and daughters; Ann (widow of John Cley); Alice (Mrs. Wright Gill); and
        Betty Fielden. (3.)Farming utensils and stock to my sons, John and James. Dowers right to my wife. Jan. 27,
117. Thomas and Laura, mns. of Thomas FINNEY, dec.; wife, Rachel appt. gd; Son, Martin Finney, appts. George Thompson, his gd. Feb. 2,
121. Est. of Henry BROWN, d. ___, J.H. Tureman, adm. Feb. 7, 1859.
124. John W., George T., and Elva J., mns. of Thomas R. SAUNDERS, dec. Edward Saunders was gd. but the widow, now Mrs. Sarah C. Parsons,
        appts. Norman Parsons as gd. Feb. 9, 1859.
128. Susan C., mn. (not named who she is mn of). Joshua Morris, gd. Feb. 15, 1859.
129. Nancy and Lavina, mns. of Obadiah MORGAN, dec. Martin M. Morgan, gd. Feb. 21, 1859.
130. Est. of David S. EATON, d. Feb. 19, 1959. Brother, Joseph Eaton, adm. Feb. 22, 1859.
133. Est. of Joseph ALLISON, d. Feb. 11, 1859. John S. Boicourt, adm. Feb. 28, 1859.
133. Harriett and Albert, mns. of Elezar HICKOX, dec. James Jackson gd. March 3, 1859.
134. Helena, wife of John DUNTGEN, is judged to be insane by a jury. March 14, 1859.
142. Robert Stevenson presents final account of ward, Malvina T. FRIZEL. (now Melvina T. Campbell). March 22, 1959.
144. Est. of Aaron REAM, dec; Insufficient funds for estate, land to be sold includes portions of Sec. 20, T. 18, R 11; Michael Ream, adm. March 26,
145. John BROWN certifies that John Ferguson and wife, Phebe, are free persons of color, have resided in Cass Co. since October 1844. Their children
        are Jane, 24, John B., 16, and Warren Ferguson, age 10. March 29, 1859.
145. Estate of Marcus CHANDLER, died 1859. G.B. Leonard, adm. March 30, 1859.
146. Est. of Mary GUNTHER, died 1859. Thomas Carter, adm. March 30, 1859.
147. Robert KING, judged insane. Stephen Elam signed complaint. March 31, 1859.
143. Nancy Jane Cauby and Sarah Jane Cauby, mns. of Joseph CAUBY. wife, Sidney Cauby appts. Robert Taylor Adm. April 6, 1859.
153. Martha Jane Briar and William Lewis Briar, Mns. of William BRIAR, (r.?) gd. April 7, 1859.
155. William BRIAR died April 4, 1859, wife Emeline Briar and Charles Briar, adm. April 8, 1859.
160. Theodore S. Arendt and Leona Arendt, Mns. of George ARENDT. dec. Littleberry Freeman, gd. May 3, 1859.
164. Margaret F. (now Margaret Murray) and Thomas R. Graves have reached legal age. The gd. pays as final acct. to them and Melinda F. Graves,
        $820,44. John E. Haskell, gdn. of the heirs of William Graves. May 4, 1859.
167. Final acct. of heirs of Carl SCHNAKE, widow to receive $10.46 and children, Frederick Schnake, Henry Schnake, and Catherine Schnake $6.97
        each. May 5, 1859.
167. Est. of Sarah, widow of Abraham SHOWALTER, died May 4, 1859. John Mason, adm. May 7, 1859.
174. Final acct. of Edward TULL, dec., Mary A. Tull and V.A. Turpin, adms. Minor children, David A. Tull and Mary F. Tull. J.R. Dowler appt. gdn.
        May 16, 1859.
174. MEYER, Est. of Ferdinand died May 20, 1859. Henry Deckert, adm. May 20, 1859.
181  Eveline Showalter, John Showalter, George Showalter, Emeline Showalter and Abraham Showalter, mns. of Abraham SHOWALTER, dec. John
        Mason, gdn. June 14, 1859.
191. Final acct. of John MARSHALL, dec. mn. John Marshall, to receive $870.22. William Nesbit gdn. June 22, 1859.
193. Final acct of John H.C. GRIEVE/GRIEF, dec. Heirs being, Mary E. Jones, to receive $30., John Rahe, $35., william Henry Lovekamp, $100,
        Mary Lovekamp, (now Mrs. Pelker) $100. To the gdns. of Herman, Matilda and Christian Lovekamp, $300. To
        trustees of St. Peters Church, $50. The remainder is retained by Catherine E. Rehling, (late Mrs. Fred
        Lovekamp) m according to Will. The widow is to pay court fees and each Etux. to receive $5., as heir of
        commission, as they do not ask for more. June 24, 1859.
199. Elijah Pierce, gdn. or Nancy E. Watkins (formerly Nancy E. Smith) mn of Holsey SMITH, dec. presents annual acct. June 28, 1859.
200. Will of Nicholas BIRD died 1859, will made June 22, 1859. Bird a resident of Beardstown. Wife, Catherine Bird to be exc. and gdn. of my
        children and the children of dec. brother, Luke Bird. After debts and funeral expenses, she controls all that is left, to go to our children. June 13,
207. Will of William LEHMKUHL died 1859. Will made March 1, 1856. To wife, Mary B. Lehmkuhl, all real est. live stock, horses, cattle, sheep,
        hogs, household furniture and money. If she remarries, then all to be divided between my children, John L.Lehmkuhl, Sophia Furham,
        William Lehmkuhl, Ellen Lehmkuhl, Fritz Lehmkuhl, and Henry Lehmkuhl. July 17, 1859.
210. Sarah REAM, mother of Amanda Ream, aged nine months, stated on July 25, 1859, John Ream, with force, took their child, that he is a habitual
        drunkard. A citation was issued for him to appear and Sarah Ream recovered possession of child. July 25,
220. Est. of Conrad REGUS, died July 28, 1859, wife Mary Regus, appts. Thomas Carter, adm. August 1, 1859.
211. Pamelia Richardson, wife of Ebenezer RICHARDSON, files statement that he is insane and should be committed. He was so declared by
        jury. August 5, 1859.
213  Est. of Hugh R. POWELL, died April 25, 1859. William Petefish, adm. Aug. 9, 1859.
215.  Est. of Thomas EVANS, died Feb. 19, 1859. Wife, Amanda J. Evans, adm. appts. John Mason gdn. of mn. Amanda Evans.
223. Est. of Thomas LEE, died August 7, 1859. Wife Araminta Lee, appts. J.G. Campbell, adm. August 22, 1859.
225. James L. Anderson, adm. of Nancy ANDERSON, dec., has removed from Illinois and is thought to be dead. His Att. Henry Drummer, is appt.
        adm. of est. August 27, 1859.
227. Will of Henry SCHMIDT, died 1859. Will made January 17, 1854. Schmidt a resident of Arenzville. To wife Margaret Schmidt, Lots #4 #5,
        block 1, Arenzville, also livestock, household furniture, interest money, at her death it is to be divided between Margaret (wife of Frederick
        Herman and dau. Catherine Schmidt) $50., Henry (son of Peter Schmidt), $50., Henry (son of Henry Pfeil) $50., Margaret (dau. of Henry Pfiel)
        $50, and Margaret (dau of Conrad Daub) aforementioned, then to be equally divided among my nearest kin and my wife's relatives,
        one have to each branch. Margaret Schmidt, adm., September 12, 1859.
231. George Dobson, mn. of John DOBSON, dec. is over age of 14 and appts. William McHenry gdn. September 12, 1859.
231. Est. of Andrew ENGLISH, died Sept. 14, 1859. Walter Cody, adm. September 16, 1859.
236. Final acct. of Joseph CAUBY, heirs, wife, $194.71 and children $77.48 each. September 22, 1859. (see #143 for children. Other children were
        Josephine, Martha and Elizabeth Cauby).
239. Will of Sophia EDWARDS, d. Sept. 15, 1859, will made Aug. 6, 1859. If I die here at my cousins, Mrs. Ann P. Hall, I leave trunks, wearing
         apparel, bedstead and bedclothes. I hold her note and that of Henry Hall for $100 each. John HIll of Petersburg to be adm. I want a plain black
         coffin. The residue is for erection of an Episcopal Church in Petersburg, if Mr. Hill can find enough friends to help him forward in carrying
         this out. If not, put the money out at the highest interest for 2 or 3 years. If Hill can then see a possibility of a Episcopal Church, the money in the
         hands of Bishop of Diocese for the benefit of the church. God gave me this money and little though it is, I gladly give back to him.
         Sept. 21, 1859.
243. Est. of Henry FRITZ, died Sept. 25, 1859. Wife mary Fritz appts. Julius Phillippi adm. September 28, 1859.
245. John W. Schaeffer mn. of George W. SCHAEFFER, dec. Pierce Ryan, gdn. Sept. 30, 1859.
246. Will of Smith WORKMAN, died 1859. Will made July 22, 1859. To wife Margaret Workman, the farm we reside on in Sec. 1 7, Tsp. 18, Rg. 9.
        All livestock, household furniture, also lots 6, Blk. 17 and lot 7, Blk. 17 in Knowlton, H. Chandler addition, Chandlerville. To son, Samuel
        Workman, $5., dau. Pauline Nickolson, $5., son Jessie B. Workman, ground in Sec. 6, Tsp. 18, Rg. 9, son Edward Workman, $100 from stock in
        Illinois River Railroad, son William Henry Workman, $5., son John Workman, $5. Wife to be adm. Oct. 1, 1859.
248. Ann Mary, mn. of John S. CLARK, dec. Her gdn, Loderick S. Collins, has removed from this County. Alexander Huffman, appt. gdn. Oct. 3,
249. Est. of T.J. MILLER, died 1859. Wife Elizabeth Miller appt. adm. October 4, 1859.
250. Est. of John FIELDEN, died Sept. 30, 1859. Sister, Sarah Fielden, appts. Uncle, Robert Fielden, adm. October 6, 1959.
251. Est. of Matilda WHITE, died Sept. 10, 1859. Brothers, Joseph and John W. White, appts. Adam Elrick, adm. October 6, 1859.
253. Will of Jeremiah PLASTERS, died 1859, will made Sept. 8, 1859. To brother Jeptha Plasters, all my right, title and interest in undivided real est.
         of my deceased father, except my interest in among my sisters or their heirs. My livestock, wheat, and corn to be sold and
         divided among my sisters and their heirs. Jeptha Plasters, adm. October 13, 1859.
260. Alexander HUFFMAN, present gd. of Clark children, demands that Loderick Collins hand over all money belonging to these mns. October 20,
        A.WHITE dec. George Treadway, appt. gdn. October 25, 1859.
265. Estate of Shadrack RICHARDSON d. 11 May 1859, an heir of Richardson asks Thomas Carter to be appt. adm. October 28, 1859.
266. Mina KLOKER, formerly Mina Jost, widow of Ernest Jost, dec. asks she be appt. gd. of Mary, Elizabeth and Mina, mns. of Ernest Jost. Oct. 31,
        1959. [typo - should be 1859].
267  Will of Ephraim WHITE, d. 1859, was presented to court by Kiddy White, Nov. 1, 1859.
268-270  Final acct. of John ROSENBERGER, dec., heirs named. (see pg. 56, Book "D" for heirs.)
272.  Est. of Archibald CUNNINGHAM, d. 28 Oct. 1859, wife Susan, appts. George Cunningham, adm. Nov. 7, 1859.
273.  John SAVAGE asks for jury to reinstate his custody of his own property. Nov. 10, 1859.
273.  Est. of Jeremiah BOWEN, dec. 26 Oct. 1859, widow of Celia Bowen, appts. Calvin Wilson adm. 11 Nov. 1859.
275.  Mary Ann Griffith, formerly Mary Ann Goble, adm. of Joseph Goble est. purposes making a final statement. Nov. 19, 1859.
277.  C.H. Oliver, gd. of Emelia Schneider, now Emelia Lawson, mn. of B.W. SCHNEIDER, dec. Gd. mades acct. Nov. 23, 1859.
278.  Cyrus J., Mn of Phillip SCHAEFFER, dec., James A. Davis, gd. Nov. 26, 1859.
282.  Final acct. of Alexander COOPER, dec. heirs, Widow Chaterine Cooper, $507.24, George A. Cooper and Mary Ann (Cooper) Quigg $507.24
         each. James Taylor, adm. Nov. 29, 1859.
285  Est. of Robert CARTER d. 12 Dec. 1859, widow Eliza, appts. Samuel J. Pratt adm. Dec. 21, 1859.
287. Catherine Murray and Frederick Ehrhardt, M.D., asks a jury to declare Daniel MURRAY insane and was so granted. Sent to Ill. State Hospital
        Dec. 21, 1859.
293. Est. of David CARR, d. 22 Dec. 1859, Wife, Julia Carr, appt. adm. Jan. 5, 1860.
294. Est. of King W. WHITE, d. 15 Dec. 1859, James A. Morgan adm. Jan. 4, 1860.
295. Est. of William CRAWFORD d. 27 Sept. 1860 (This must be error of court, should be 1859). Son Robert Crawford, appts. William Stevenson
        adm., with widow, Margaret's, approval. Jan. 6, 1860.
297. Will of John LUCAS d. 22 Sept. 1859. Will made 20 May 1858. Son, Charles Lucas, to receive 220 acres if he maintains his parents during their
        lifetime and pays brother, Ralph Lucas, and sisters, Catherine Jones, Elizabeth Nance, Louisa Watkins, and Susy Miller, $100 each. I have given
        sons, John Lucas and William Lucas, all that I ever intend to give. Grandson, John Nance, if he stays with me until my death, shall have
        my young horse called Bill. Granddaughter, Lydia Ann Lucas, is to have horse named Charlie. Charles Lucas and John Nance, Et.UX. probated
        Jan. 9, 1860. Also dau.,Nancy Boid, receives $20.
300. Charles W. BILLINTON, who is over age 14, appts. Samuel Shaw adm. 21 Jan. 1860.
304. Est. of Mary R.WORKMAN, d. 8 Jan. 1860. John Mason adm. 17 Jan. 1860.
305. Est. of Robert THOMPSON, d. 27 Dec. 1859, widow, Catherine Thompson, appts. John Finn adm. Jan. 20, 1860.
308. Margaret FITZPATRICK is a minor over the age of 14, appts. Samuel Shaw adm. 21 Jan. 1860.
311. Est. of Henry DETTMER, d. 17 Dec 1859, widow, Maria Dettmer, appts. John A. Arenz, adm. 23 Jan. 1860.
314. Est. of Gottlieb JOCKISCH d. 7 Jan. 1860, widow Josphea Jockisch, appts. John A. Arenz adm. 30 Jan. 1860.
315. Est. of Henry SMITH, d. 26 Nov. 1859, brother, Hiram Smith adm. 31 Jan. 1860.
315. Estate of Sarah HOWELL, d. 8 Jan. 1860, son George Howell and son-in-law, Frank Bridgeman, adm. Feb. 2, 1860.
318. David, Julia, (both over the age of 14), Dallas, Daniel and Laura (all under the age of 14), mns. All mns. of David CARR, dec. Julia Carr, gd.
         Feb. 6, 1860.
319.  Est. of Bernard SCHUNLAN d. 29 Jan. 1860. John Buckhaw, adm. Feb. 7, 1860.
319.  Est. of Henry GREINER, d. 1859. John E. Haskell, adm. Feb. 7, 1860.
322. ThomasDAVIS, mn. has an interest in property of his father, David Davis. B.E. Davis, gd. Feb. 17, 1860.
324. John GEIRGER, who is over the age of 14, appts. John E. Haskell, gd. 21 Feb. 1860.
326. Alex W.M. (over age 14), Julia Ann, Martha E., Graham L., all mns. under the age of 14, and mns of King W. WHITE, dec., Greenbury
        Rawlings, gd. Feb 25, 1860.
330  Johanna Pauline and Carl Frederick, mns. of Carl F. BARTHOLD, dec. ma. Elizabeth Kuhl, gd. Mar. 8, 1860.
332. John BLEM, d. 6 Mar. 1860, Thomas M. Thompson, adm. 12 Mar. 1860.
333. Will of Francis M. BRISBY, d. 29 Jan. 1860. Will made 9 Jan. 1860. Heirs, niece, Alice Long, $100. Nieces Maria Eliza and Helen Brisby and
        nephew, Julian Brisby, $50. each. Sister Maria Long to have my present crop of oats and corn, harness for two horses, my plows and one cow.
        Sister Nancy Parr, $40. My mother, Eliza Brisby, after my expenses is to have remainder of my property and cash. Wm. Mains, adm.
        Mar. 11, 1860.
338. Will of Sarah HAMPTON, d. __, will made Nov. 25, 1859. Youngest brother, James Howell to receive all personal property. Dr. John B. Glass,
         adm. Mar. 21, 1860.
355. Est. of King W. WHITE, the widow of King W. White, has died after the deceased, the minor children survive, it is ordered that they are to
        receive the dower right of $250. James A. Morgan, adm. April 16, 1860.
361. Final acct of William K. WILSON est. heirs, father, George W. Wilson, $200.36, the others to receive $100.18 each, they being James R. Wilson,
        John F. Wilson, Henry C. Wilson, G. Milton Wilson, (all brothers), Margaret Combs, Sarah A. Smedley, Mary J.
        Wilson, and Elizabeth Wilson (sisters). April 17, 1860.
362. George A. Treadway appt. gd. of Albina Clark and Henry Clark, in place of Loderick Collins. April 19, 1860.
365. Est. of Allen WIGGINS d. April 7, 1860, wife, Elizabeth Wiggins, appts. son, Joseph Wiggins, adm. April 17, 1860.
367. Final acct. of George W. POWELL est. heirs, Jackson B. Powell, Gabriel Powell, James Powell, Yancy Powell, H.R. Powell and heirs of
        Aristrchus Powell, $498 each. April 23, 1860.
369. Josphus, Amanda J., Mildred C., and Yancy M., mns. of Yancy POWELL, dec., Wife, Elizabeth Powell, appt. gd. April 23, 1860.
370. Thomas PLASTER, dec. the late gd. of mn. John Geiger. John E. Haskell has been appt. the new gd. of Geiger. Jeptha Plaster appt. adm. of
        Thomas Plaster est. and is to give Gieger $170 owed him from the Plaster est. April 21, 1860.
386. Andrew J. DUNBAR, mn., his mother, Sarah Brown, appts J.T. Dunbar gd. May 16, 1860.
387. Will of Richard GRAVES, d. May 11, 1860. Will made 20 April 1860. To wife, Nancy Graves, in lieu of dower, is to receive a 3 year old bay
        mare and buggy, all household and kitchen furniture, $100 annually, to be paid by sons, James M. Graves and Morrison Graves, land in Sec. 13,
        Tsp. 17, Rg. 11. Son, Nelson Graves, $1000, to be paid two years after my death out of goods and chattel rights. Daughter, Mary Long, to receive
        same as Nelson Graves. Daughter, Sarah___, to receive same as Mary Long and Nelson Graves. James M. Graves and
        Morrison Graves adm. May 21, 1860.
391. Will of Jacob CHASE, d. 7 May 1860. Will made May 6, 1860. Heirs, son Charles Henry Chase, land in Sec. 28, Tsp. 18, Rg. 10. Wife, America
        Chase, our house in Virginia, Illinois, lots 48 and 49, household furniture, all personal property, upon her death, all goes to soon, Charles Henry
        Chase. America Chase, adm. May 21, 1860.

Probate Book E, 1858-1861, p.2