Probate Book D

Cass County Probate Book D, December 1853-July 1858

Cass County, Illinois Probate Book D, December 1853-July 1858 Abstracts by Mary Ann Bell. The names appearing will include that of the deceased, the administrators, perhaps some bondsmen, guardians, minors and surviving heirs.

Code: Adm.-administrator; Dec.-deceased, Gd-guardian, Mn.-minor/s.

The probate books have been transcribed and re-typed more than once. Please check the records at the courthouse to make sure the information is accurate.

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3      Nancy E., Charles H., Elizabeth and Henry H. Smith, mns of Halsey SMITH, dec. M.H.L. Schooly gd. Dec. 12, 1853
4      Amos Stewart mn of Joel STEWART, dec., John W. Hancock, Adm. Dec 13, 1853
5      Estate of Isaac KILLEM, died 16 Dec 1853. John W. Hancock, Adm. 23 Dec 1853
6      Will of Nathan DOWNING, death date not given, made March 24, 1853. To wife, Eliza Jane, personal property and land.
        After her death remainder to children. Wm. Stevenson and Richard S. Thomas, Adm. Dec. 24, 1853.
10    Henry Clay and Mary E. Lake mns. of Johnathin LAKE, dec. Bartholimus Hoafstatter gd. 2 Jan 1854
12    Nancy, James E., William, Melinda and Enoch MATHEWS, Final Account, $154 each to above heirs. Jan 12, 1854.
12    Tylee REES, died 24 Dec 1853. Isaac Epler Adm. pertaining to sale of land of Sec. 25, TSP. 17, RG. 9, 60 acres to Emily Stout. 3
        Jan. 3, 1854
13    Estate of Britton CARTER, died 24 Nov 1853. Wm. W. Morgan Adm. 4 Jan.1854
15    Estate of George W. HOUSE, died 27 Dec 1853. Herman Pence Adm. Feb 6, 1854
17    Estate of Yancy POWELL, George Powell Adm. 6 Feb 1854
18    John SAHMAN, died 25 Jan 1854. Adam Hageman Adm 6 Feb 1854
20    Sarah Mathews, mn. of John MATHEWS, dec. John Bridgewater gd. upon the complaint of Peter and Martha Hudson because of
        improper treatment towards said ward, Bridgewater to appear before March court. 6 Feb 1854
24    Estate of Peter LYNCH, dec. John Quigg Adm. Feb 10, 1854
25    Will of John F. HENKELL, died Jan. 1854. Will made Feb 2, 1853. To wife, Catherine E., land in Sec.20, Tsp. 18, Rg. 11.
        Livestock, grain, house and furniture. Feb 15 1854. Garrett Seeger Adm.
27    Estate of Hampton DUNN, died Feb. 1854. Simon Newman Adm. Feb 21, 1854
29    Estate of Hiram HORHAM, died 20 Feb 1854. Cyrus Horham Adm. Feb 21, 1854
32    Estate of George A. ROSS, Sr. Died 9 March 1854. George Ross Jr. Adm. 21 March 1854
34    Mary J. Madden mn. of George MADDEN, dec. David McConnell gd. 9 Mar 1854
35    Will of Robert DAVIDSON, died 9 March 1854. Robert B. Davidson Adm. Heirs: Robert B., Mary, William and Mary Jane Davidson
        and Margaret (Heutt?). March 24, 1854
37    John Sutton presenting current account as Gd. of Amos, Melissa, Hannah, Frank and Susan Stewart, mns. of Joel STEWART,
        dec. March 25, 1854
40    Estate of Levi WOOD, died 9 March 1854. Will made March 3, 1854. William H.H. Wood Adm. Heirs, brothers, William H.H., Elias
        W., Lewis B., and sister Mary Ann Wood. April 3, 1854.
43    Martha Henderson (J. Henderson, Gd.) and Oliver Pratt (Richard Thomas, Gd.) Martha Henderson is half sister of Oliver Pratt and is
        entitled to a quarter of the real estate of Matilda PRATT, dec. June 10, 1854
47    Final account of Neal TAYLOR, estate, heirs, Archibald, Miza, Mary, Robert and John Taylor mns. to receive $208.24 each and
        widow to receive $520.57. 6 April 1854
48    Martha Carver mn. of James CARVER, dec. is under age 14 and been abandoned by her stepfather, Peter Douglas who has left
        the State. Elijah Carver appt. Gd. Apr 7, 1854
56    Estate of John ROSENBERGER, died 7 April 1854. Will gives wife Elizabeth house, kitchen furniture and one third of real estate.
        Son, Presley Addison Rosenberger to receive $1000., son Harrison $1000., duas. Phebe Conover,
        Matilda White, Susan Price, Elizabeth Deal, Barbary Ellen Rosenberger and Jane Haveluft to receive one
        ninth of real estate and money after mother's death, children of deceased dau. Malinda Robinson to
        receive half. Adam Price, son-in-law Adm. June 19, 1854
59    Estate of John WAGNER, died 17 May 1854. Mr. Boeler Adm. June 19, 1854
66    Hester Ann and Columbia Ann mns of Edward FLETCHER, decd. Mary Ann Fletcher Gd. 22 June 1854
66    Estate of Thomas BOICOURT, died 19 April 1854, Will made 25 April 1854. To wife, Mary Ann, the plantation on which we now live
        in Cass Co. IL. Sec 34, T. 18, R.9, livestock, household furniture for her natchural life, what remains to
        children, Susannah, John, Jefferson, Edward, Nancy E., James, George, Joseph. Mary Ann John Boicourt,
        Adm. 22 June 1854
69    Amelia, Anna, Charles W., George W. and Rudolph mns. of Bethzala W. SCHNIDER, dec. S.F. Sanders Gd. June 24, 1854.
70    P.A., William T., Sarah M., Joseph Alexander, Willis and Bebin Forsythe, mn. heirs of Joshua ALEXANDER, dec. S.F. Sanders Gd. 24
        June 24, 1854
71    Estate of George C. Frauman, heirs Gerhard Henry FRAUMAN, and Catherine Maria Thelke formerly Frauman, they residents of the
        Kingdom of Hanover, date not given.
72    Estate of Martin F. HIGGINS, died 22 June 1854. Mane, his widow has appt. Thomas Plaster Adm. June 30, 1854
74    Estate of John DAVIS, died July 7, 1854. Will made July 7, 1854, heirs - wife Mary, farm and land on SEC. 27 and 26, T. 18, R. 10,
        livestock and furniture. At her death remainder to be divided amon my heirs except Almanda Miller who is
        to receive $5. Mary Davis and John Haskell Adm. July 31, 1854
78    Estate of Tylee C. REES, final account, heirs, Sarah Ann, Martines and Alfred Rees to divide $913. Aug 7, 1854
79    Martin Treadway mn. heir of Martin TREADWAY, Sr. George Treadway appt Gd. as Gd. Vincent Smith has removed beyond this
        State. Aug 7, 1854
80    Emily McManard heir of John McMANARD, dec. James Brown Gd. Aug 7, 1854
82    George A., Thomas and Levi mns. of David BROWN, dec. James Brown Gd. Aug 8, 1854
89    Estate of James COOK. died 8 Aug 1854. Ann Cook Adm. Aug 30, 1854
93    Caroline, MN of Lewis PIEPER, George Kuhl gd . had contracted with Jacob Frechee to board, clothe and school the
         above ward for $30. Sept. 29, 1854.
93    Estate of Nicholas WEISER, died Aug 1854. Will made March 18, 1854. Heirs, wife, Mana M. to receive half of house on
        our farm, Sec. 6, Tsp. 17, Rg. 11, plus furniture, livestock and $200. Son, Adam to have the farm
        where he now lives, sons John and Phillip, land, to daus. Catherine Bucke, Susanna Herring,
         Caroline and Barbara Weiser, $1000. each. Sept 19, 1854.
99     Estate of William WHITE, died 21 Aug 1854. Marcus White, Adm. Sept 20, 1854.
101   Estate of Thomas CLARK, dec. Final Account, Heirs, wife Julia to receive $248, Thomas C. William T., Mary, John, Q.W.,
         Martha Clark, Rebecca A. Chambers and Cynthia Dalson to receive $62 each. Sept 21,
102   Christina, mn of Phillip MILLER, dec. C.A. Bussman gd 21 Sept 1854.
103   Henry C. and Elizabeth F. mns of John MOSLEY, dec. John Mosley gd. 21 Sept 1854.
106   Estate of James BOWELS, dec. James Pointer Adm Oct 2, 1854.
108   Dorothy Rew appt. gd. for Ann, Charles, Edwards & H. Rew, mns of H.G. REW, dec in place of Edward Miller who has resigned.
         Oct 4, 1854.
----    Estate of Isaac HOUSTON, dec. Final Account, Heirs, wife, Louisa to receive $1052.10. William, Stark B and the heirs of John R. Houston
         to receive $701.40 each. Oct 4, 1854
111   Estate of Wesley PLUMMER, died 24 April 1854. Benjamin Plummer, Adm. Oct 4, 1854.
113   Estate of Henry GRIFFIN, died Sept 27, 1854. Heirs, Alfred and Jacob Griffin, who appointed Henry Taylor Adm. Oct 23, 1854.
117   Estate of John McCLAIN, died 2 Nov 1854. John S. Harding, Adm. Nov. 6, 1854
120   John VanBuren Bowen, mn of Jermiah BOWEN, Jr. dec. Jermiah Bowen Sr. gd. 6 Nov 1854
122   Estate of Martin HARDING, died Oct. 1854. Will dated 28 June 1854, gives wife, Isabell, during her lifetime, household furniture, farming
         utensils, livestock plus $100 and real estate. After her death land in Morgan and Cass Co. to son,
         Martin, to son Andrew, land in Morgan Co. Peyton and Paschel Harding, Adm. Nov 8, 1854.
125   Francis mn of William HALL, dec. David Dilly gd. Nov 8, 1854
126   Estate of Charles BRADY, died Oct. 18, 1854. Mahala Brady, wife, Adm. Nov 9, 1854.
129   Estate of Gideon KOONTZ, died 7 Nov 1854. Isaac Epler, Adm. 10 Nov 1854
130   Estate of James MILLIKEN, died 14 Nov 1854. John Jewell, Adm. 18 Nov. 1854.
132   Estate of Cyrus WRIGHT, died 29 Oct 1854. Charles Skaggs and John Franchire, Adm. The latter two were also appt. bondsmen along
         with Joshua Nance and were residents of Schuyler and Mason Counties, Ill.
134   Estate of John McDONALD, died 14 Oct. 1854. Wife Magdaline McDonald and James C. Leonard Adm. Nov. 27, 1854.
135   Estate of William MURRAY, Died 14 Oct 1854. Henry Murray Adm. Nov. 30, 1854.
137   Estate of Henry COLLINS, died 12 Nov 1854. Mary Collins Adm. Nov 30, 1854
141   Benjamin, Eliza A, James M., Elizabeth Angeline and Albert, mns of Benjamin CAUBY, dec. to receive $41. each.
143   Estate of Stephen BUCK, died 14 Dec 1854 - will made 25 Sept 1852. Bequeath to beloved children, Alfred, Cyrus, Ira and Richard
         Thomas Buck, land in Sec. 4, Tsp. 17, Range 11. To daus. Mary Eliza (Mrs. Richard Davis), Celia (Mrs.
         John Davis), Sarah Frances (Mrs. John Parr) and Parcellia Buck, all the personal property that is
         disposed with after my death and to be equally divided. David Epler, Adm. Dec. 19, 1954. A codicil
         dated Aug. 8, 1854, that son Ebenezar H. is to have no exceeds of my estate as his share has been
         given already.
151   Estate of John Gottleib NEUMAN, - will made 15 July 1854. All personal and real estate property to my beloved wife, Ann Rosna Neuman.
         After her death, the remainder to children of my son, Christian Neuman, divided equal parts. Mendelin Hebst
         Adm. 20 Dec. 1854.
152   Final Account of Hampton P. DUNN, dec. George W. Ruby gd. 1 Jan. 1855.
155   Nancy and Martha, mns of John DRISKELL, dec. George W. Ruby gd. Jan 1, 1855.
156   Lydia, mn of Phineas McGINNIS, dec. James Haynes gd. Jan 1, 1855.
157   Estate of George HARTMAN, died 20 Dec. 1854. George b. Arendt Adm. Jan. 2, 1855
159   Urvilla mn of Luman HORHAM, dec. Luman Horham gd. 1 Jan. 1855.
160   John F.C. and Henry F. mns of Frederick KILVER, dec. Christina Lovekamp, gd. Jan 3, 1855.
163   Final Account of Juliann LEEPER, heirs, Nancy Ann Bowen (leeper) and Robert Leeper, to be given one half of the balance. Clifthen
         Bower, Adm. 5 Feb 1855.
164   James Seaman appt. Adm. with Magdaline McDonald, of the estate of John McDONALD, 5 Feb. 1855.
165   Alfred, Cyrus, Ira and Richard, mns of Stephen BUCK, dec G.A. Treadway gd Feb. 5, 1855.
167   Virginia and Richard mns of Martin HIGGINS, dec. Charles H. Richards gd. 5 Feb 1855.
172   Estate of Amos WOODWARD, died 17 Jan 1855. Mary Woodward Adm. 5 Feb 1855.
173   Green H. Pascal, son-in-law, filed the will of Margaret DEWEBBER on 7 Feb. 1855. She died 29 Dec. 1854, the will was made the same
         day. She was a resident of Virginia, Ill. Heirs, son, Solomon, given 40 acres in Sec. 10, Tsp. 17, Rg.
         10, also bed, curtains and parlor table. He is to take care of my son, Benjamin F. as long as he lives.
         Dau. Sarah Paschal given bureau, bed, curtains, candlestand, six windsor chairs, rag basket and one
         third of my house, where I now live and one third of lots 46 and 47 in Virginia, Ill. Margaret Pascal,
         granddaughter to be given large rocking chairs, rag basket and one third of my house, where I now
         live and one third of lots 46 and 47, rocking chair and table.
175   Barbary and Wilehlmina mns of Ludwig YECK, dec. Ludwick Yeck gd. 7 Feb 1855.
303   Mary Ann mn of John FARRELL, both parents dec. Daniel Shurtliff gd. Nov. 8, 1855
306   Elizabeth, Miles, Anne and Martha mns of Miles WHITE, dec. Mathilda White gd. Nov. 9, 1855.
308   Est. of Thomas FINNEY, dec. Nov. 9, 1855, wife appts Daniel Shurtliff adm. Nov. 14, 1855.
310   Mary nm of Pleasant ROSE dec. James Watkins appt. gd. Nov. 19, 1855.
312   Est. of Alice PRATT, d. May 1855. James Garlick adm. Nov. 30, 1855.
315   Isham and Sarah mns of James REAVIS dec. Sylvester Emmons adm. Nov. 31, 1855.
315   Est. of Eli WILHITE, d. 7 Dec. 1855. Fenton Vandeventer adm. Dec. 18, 1855.
321   Emily mn of B.W. SCHNIDER, Charles Oliver has been appt. gd. and is to appt. a new security as James Thornsbury, former security, has
         departed this life. Dec. 18, 1855.
325   Lydia E. and Nancy A. mns of John TRAYER, dec. Addison Angier gd. Dec. 19, 1855.
327   Est. of James H. CARPER, d 22 Dec. 1855. Isaac P. Smith and Jacob Carper adms. Dec. 31, 1855.
330   Martha E., James W., Thomas A. and Margaret mns of John MARSHALL, dec. Wm. Nesbet appt. gd. Jan. 7, 1856.
331   Est. of William S. TALBOTT, d. 27 Feb. 1855. Benjamin Lillie adm. Jan. 9, 1856.
334   Est. of Eli COLE, d 9 Jan 1856. Daniel Smith adm. Jan. 10, 1856.
335   Catherine Moore asks for a gd. for son Thomas Moore, who has been abandoned by his father for three years. John Baujan gd. Jan. 10,
337   Est. of Martha MARSHALL, d. 23 Jan. 1856. William Moore adm. Jan. 29, 1856.
339   John H. and William W. mns. of Britton CARTER, dec. William W. Morgan gd. Feb. 4, 1856.
343   Samuel D., Charles and Mary mns of Gideon KOONTZ dec. Phillip Burracker gd. Feb. 5, 1856.
346   Final Account of est. of Hiram HORROM. Heirs are living parent, Sarah Horrom, $83.94. The following are to receive $41.97 each, John,
         Lemon, Cyrus, Alva, Sarah Ann and Catherine Horrom. Elisa (Horrom) Hager, Lucy (Horrom) Willes
         and Sarah (Horrom) Cook. Feb. 1856.
349   Jeanette, Isabella and John msn of John McDONALD, dec. Sarah M. McDonald, gd. 22 March 1856.
356   Final Account of est. of Nathan BLIZZARD, dec. Heirs to receive $581.21 each, being Pamelia (Bizzard) Henley, Angeline (Blizzard) Epler,
         ____(Blizzard) Short, and heirs of Joel Potts. Isaac Epler, adm. March 1856.
361   Final Account of est. of David BROWN, dec. Heirs are widow (not named) $179, other heirs (not named) $49. April 1856.
362   Matter of the will of Francis Arenz dec. Case ordered to be delivered to Morgan Co. Illinois. John A. Arenz adm. April 10, 1856.
365   James F. and Anna M. mns. of James MARSHALL, dec. William Moore gd. April 12, 1856.
366   Est. of Sarah F. PARR, d. 22 Feb. 1856 in Gentry Co. Mo. John Parr of same place adm. 18 April 1856.
368   Malinda C. George W., William and Elisha M. mns of Elijah VINEYARD, dec. Lewis Sanders gd. 5 May 1856.
372   John A., Thomas M. and Angeline mns of Gebedee WOOD, dec. Jessie Crews gd. May 1856.
374   Final account of est. of Charles FLODERER, dec. Heirs are Mary Ann Decker, mother, $243.58, and Richard F. Keppenberg, Harriett
         Menger, Oscar Decker, Oliver Decker and Andrew Keppenberg $121.79 each. May 1856.
376   Final account of est. of John McMURRAY, dec. Heirs widow to receive $101.20 and the guardian of the minor children $301. Heirs not
         named. May 7, 1856.
377   Joseph mn of Mary E. DAVIS, dec. Richard L. Davis gd. May 6, 1856.
378   Louisa, Sovilla and Sarah mns of John B. YECK, dec. William T. Houston gd. May 6, 1856
380   Copy of will of Francis ARENZ, made April 15, 1854. Death 2 April 1856, filed April 18, 1856. "My debts being paid, I bequeath to John A.
         Arenz, Peter Arenz and Julia Phillippi, all my personal estate of every description and if one or more of
         them die, then the rest to those survivors. A trust for my wife, Louisa and our nine children, Henrietta,
         Louisa, Francis, Mary Ann, Oscar, Susan, Albert, Laura and Henry, which includes notes for real
         estate, $800 monthly for my wife and an education trust for the children.
383   Est. of John DEWEBBER, pertaining to lots in Virginia, Ill. for claims against the est. Names heirs as William F., Isaiha B., John, Solomon
         and Sarah Ruth Dewebber, also Emeline and Andrew Williams. J. Henry Shaw adm. May term
390   Final account of est. of Jacob GIEGER, dec. Heirs to receive $803.38 each, they being Gottleib, Frederick, Lehna, Elizabeth, John and Mary
         Gieger. May 1856.
390   Final account of est. of John ROSENBURGER, heirs to receive $123.80 each, they being, Presley A. and Jacob Rosenburger, Matilda
         White, Phoebe Conover, Susan Price, Elizabeth Deal, Ellen Fay, Jane Havekluft and the heirs of
         Malinda Robinson. Adam Price adm. June term 1856.
391   Samuel C., James H., John and Thomas Davis and Jane Hunter mns of John DAVIS, dec. Lewis F. Sanders gd. June term of 1856.
397   Est. of Isaac W. HAYNES, d. 1 July 1856. Sylvester Paddock adm. July 28, 1856.
398   Final account of est. of John DUTCH, dec. Sole heir, Thomas Lord of Boston, Mass. $2,405. July term 1856.
400   Final account of est. of John LAHMAN, dec. Heirs are Katherine, widow, Daniel, Margaret, Jacob, Samuel, Henry and Peter Lahman,
         Susan (Lahman) Jockish, Mary (Lahman) Nauman, Sarah (Lahman) Eckhart and Nancy (Lahman)
         Rhubart. Adam Hageman adm. Aug. 4, 1856.
401   Final account of est. of Thomas ELLIOTT, dec. Heirs are widow (not named) $36.15 and John, Nancy, David and Jane Elliott, $8.07 each.
         Aug. 1856.
403   Est. of Thomas FINNEY, insufficient funds to pay for claims, land to be sold to pay for claims, names children, David, Eliza, Martin,
         William, Thomas and Louisa Finney. Daniel Shurtcliff adm. Aug. 5, 1856.
406   Est. of James WELSH/WALSH, d. July 28, 1856. Bridget Welsh adm. Aug. 9, 1856.
407   Fritz, mn of Fritz OBERHAKE, dec. Albert Giles gd. Aug. 11, 1856.
407   Est. of Joseph HARRIS, d. 16 June 1856. Martha Harris, Joseph Harris and John H. Harris adms. Aug. 15, 1856.
408   Est. of Charleton BUCK, d 6 Aug 1856. William Gains adm. Aug. 26, 1856.
409   Est. of Stephen FINN, d. May 1855. Joseph W. Sweeny adm. Sept term 1856.
410   Est. of Hezekiah ANDERSON, d. 29 Sept 1856. Nancy Anderson adm. (wife) Oct. 21, 1856.
413   Final account of John McLEARN, dec. Heirs not named, wife to receive $300 and each minor $40. Nov. 5, 1856.
416   Martin, Mn of John FOUCH, dec. Phillip Yeck gd. Nov. 12, 1856.
417   Willis H. and Reubin mns of Martha FORSYTHE, dec. Nancy Alexander gd. 15 Dec. 1856.
419   Est. of Robert GLASS, d 15 Dec. 1856. James Armstrong adm. Dec. 20, 1856.
420   Est. of Adam REAM, d. 19 Dec. 1856. James Armstrong adm. Dec. 20, 1856.
422   Final account of William KIRCHER, dec. Heirs being wife to receive $1,300, one minor child, $26. Catherine Kircher adm. Jan. 5,
422   William C., Martha A. and Mary E. mns. of John MORROW, dec. decises of William Morrow of Marshall County, Virginia. William H. and
         Martha Rhineberger gds. January 7, 1857.
425   Final account of Henry GRIFFIN, heirs being Jesse, Jacob, John, Alfred, Thomas, Richard and Lewis Griffin, Nancy (Griffin) Oneal,
         Charlotte (Griffin) Watkins and Celia (Griffin) Wright. Jan. 7, 1857.
427   Will name May 24, 1850 of Margaret REDMAN, died 1856, a resident of Virginia, Illinois. All my real estate to be sold at the time of my
         death and proceeds to be divided in equal parts to dau. Mrs. Mary Lenson, to children of dau. Mrs.
         Margaret Graves, children of my son Daniel Redman, children of my son Solomon Redman, children
         of dau. Mrs. Cyrus Matthews, children of dau. Mrs. M. Allen, children of dau. Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzhugh,
         Abner Turner, son-in-law, at be ext., John Rodgers adm. 10 January 1857.
437   Est. of James HAYNES d. Feb. 1857. Charles K. Briggs adm. March 1857.
440   Final account of est. James COOK, widow Ann Cook, $537, children, Samuel, John, Jane, George, William, Elizabeth, Joseph and
         Franklin Cook, $119 each. John H. Tureman adm. March 1857.
443   Final account of est. of John McDONALD, heirs, Sarah M., $235, mns. Jeanette, Isabell M. and John M. $1557.13. March 18, 1857.
445   Final account est. of John SCHAEFFER, heirs to receive $175.12 each being, Samuel, Philip, George and Henry Schaeffer, Christina
         Coppee, Elizabeth (Sunoverlin?), Catherine Elam, Sarah Coppee and Mary Tureman. Henry Schaeffer
         ext. March 1857.
446   Est. of James DAVIS, d. March 6, 1857. Wife Elizabeth appts. John H. Tureman adm. March 1857.
447   Est. of Thomas EYRES, d. 26 March 1857, wife Matilda appts. Ebenezar Fish adm. March 30, 1857.
448   Sarah A., Eliza A., Frances, Henry, Harriette and Lousia mns. of James THORNSBURY, dec. Amanda Thornsbury gd. April 1857.
449   Est. of Fielding WAGNER, d 15 March 1857. David Wagner adm. April 6, 1857.
454   Est. of David MONTGOMERY, d. 21 Feb. 1857. J. T. Rush adm. April 11, 1857.
455   Est. of Alexander COOPER, d. 14 April 1857. Wife Catherine appts. James Taylor adm. 25 April 1857.
455   Est. of Carl SCHNAKE, d. April 15, 1857. William Talkemeier adm. May 2, 1857.
457   James A., Cyrus J., John R., and Robert W.F. mns of Cyrus WRIGHT, dec. Their mother, Sarah Wright appt. gd. May 4, 1857.
457   Mary Ann and Alexander G. mns. of Alexander COOPER, dec. Catherine Cooper gd. May 4, 1857.
458   Jury determines that Alexander TURNER is insane, age 19, ill 3 months, to be sent to Illinois Hospital for Insane. May 1857.
461   Est. of James D. WILSON, d. 18 April 1857. Wife Sally Wilson and G.H. Seeger adms. May 11, 1857.
465   Est. of Elazer HICKOX, d. 20 April 1857. Albert Hickox and James Short adms. May 11, 1857.
466   Est. of Charles BOYD, dec. Susan Boyd adm. May 23, 1857.
466   Will of William CARVER, made Jan. 23, 1857, died April 1857. Elijah Carver and George W. Weaver are to take care of real and personal
         est. for the comfortable support of my dau. Stacy/Tacy Carver, after her death $1000 to be added t the
         residuary portion of my est. Names other heirs, dau. Mary Douglas, dau. Vina Short, son George
         Carver, dau. Cynthia Carver, son Moses Carver, Sterling Carver, Martha Weaver, William Carver, Elijah
         Carver and children of Anna Noel dec. May 25, 1857.
472   John BROWN, white person, testifies that Jane Ferguson, a colored person who came to Cass County in 1843, is a free person, dau. of
         John Ferguson, a free colored person. Jun 1857.

Probated Book D, p.2