Cass County Guardianship Book A-1

Cass County, Illinois Guardianship Book A-1

The purpose of publishing the extracts from this book was to preserve the information. The books are very fragile and cannot be copied at the courthouse.
These names were originally copied from the books held at Cass County Courthouse, typed, then re-typed for this page. Please double check this information at the courthouse in case any typographical or transcription errors occurred. - Source - "The Cass County Historian," March 1997

Guardians were usually relatives, ministers, or attorneys. Code: Mn - minor, Gd. - guardian, Dec. - deceased

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1.    Leander L. WITTY, Mary J. Witty and Deborah A. Witty, mns. of William J. Witty, dec., Sarah H. SHAVEN, gd. 19 March
2.    Luther KORS, mn. of Frederick Kors, dec. Francis H. REARICK, gd. 11 March 1867.
3.    Henry H. SMITH, mn. of Holsey Smith, dec. N.S. READ, gd. 28 March 1867.
4.    Ann RAYCRAFT and Sarah Raycraft, mns. of John Raycraft, dec., Frederick RATCLIFF, gd. 24 July 1867.
5.    Abram R. FORBES, Florence Forbes, and Nancy Ellen QUINN, mns. of Sarah Quinn, dec., Ellen M. RYAN,
       gd. 7 September1867.
6.    John F. KOESTER, Henry Koester, Ann Koester and William Koester, mns. of John G. Koester, dec., Henrietta MENCKEL, gd.
       10 September 1867.
8.    John E. McCLURE and Henry C. McClure, mns. of Joseph McClure, dec., Joseph McClure, gd. 26 October 1867.
10.  John M. COMBS, Frances M. Combs, Ann Combs and Ellsworth Combs, mns. of Samuel Combs, dec., Margaret COMBS,
       gd. 6 November 1867.
11.  Henry QUIGG, Sarah Quigg, Rose Quigg, John Quigg, and Edward Quigg, mns. of John and Mary Quigg, dec., Henry
gd. 7 November 1867.
12.  Edward BIDDLECOME, mn. of John W. and Mary Biddlecome, dec., Wesley COLEMAN, gd. 22 November 1867.
13.  Lonce, mn. of John W. and Mary BIDDLECOME, dec., John H. WAY, gd. 22 Nov. 1867.
14.  George CREWS and Mary Crews, mns. of Mary Crews, dec., William GARNER, gd. 21 November 1867.
15.  Luella McDONALD, mn. of John McDonald, dec., Samuel SINCLAIRE,
       gd. 19 Dec. 1867.
.16.  John N. TAYLOR, mn. of Neill Taylor, dec., Margaret Taylor, gd. 3 March 1868.
18.  Christian Henry KNOESS, Carl Otto Knoess and Carl Edward Thomas Knoess, mns. of Henry Knoess, dec., Katherina Knoess, gd.
       13 May 1868.
19.  Julius August DOERR, mn. of Frances E. Doerr, dec., Ernest ARNOLDI, gd. 1 June 1868.
21.  Joseph, mn. of John and Elizabeth (HANCOCK) WHITE, dec., G.H. SEEGER, gd. 8 June 1867.
23.  George LEEPER, Albert Leeper and Arthur Leeper, mns. of William Leeper, dec. Moses HARBISON, gd. 22 June 1868.
24.  James MARTIN, Saligmon Martin, George W. Martin, Charles A. Martin, Amanda J. Martin and William R. Martin. Rose Martin,
       gd. (deceased not named) 13 August 1867.
26.  Luella ROSENBERGER and Alonzo Rosenberger, mns. of Jacob Rosenberger, dec., Albert EPLER, gd. 19 August 1868.
27.  Mary E. LANE, Emma Lane, William M. Lane, Edwin Lane, and John Lane, mns. of Tabitha Lane, dec. Francis Lane, gd. 24
       August 1868.
28.  Louisa GIELS, Henry Geils, August Geils, and Mina Geils, mns. of Albert Geils, dec., Mary WESTERHOLDT, mother and gd. 1 November
29.  Henry TURNER and Charles Turner, mns. of E.W. Turner, dec., America Turner, mother and gd. 24 September 1868.
30.  Burrous McKeever SANDERS, Henry N. Sanders and Mary Sanders, mns. of Edward R. Sanders, dec., John F. NOLTE, gd. 28 October 1868.
33.  Adam SCHUMAN, Lydia Schuman and Emily Schuman, mns. of Catherine Schuman, dec., John Schuman, gd.
       28 May 1869.
34.  Emilie and Herman ARENZ, mns. of Peter Arenz, dec., Henry MENKE, gd. 13 July 1869.
35.  Orvilla MAJORS and William Majors, mns. of Samuel Majors, dec., Sylvester EMMONS, gd. 24, July 1869.
36.  Martha GLOVER, Nancy Glover and Mary Glover, mns. of Uriah Glover, dec., Lyman HAGER, gd. 11 September 1869.
37.  John ALFORD, mn. of Joel Alford, dec., Martha Alford, gd. 29 September 1869.
39.  George H. MILLER and John C. Miller, mns. of James Miller, dec., Mary KUHLMAN, gd. 18 November 1869.
42.  Anna and James MORAN, mns. of Mary Moran, dec., Gerhardt SEEGER, gd. 4 Feb. 1870.
43.  Mary McKENZIE and Margaret McKenzie, mns. of John McKenzie, dec., Bridget LANGDON, gd. 19 April 1870.
44.  Ellen M. CARPER, mn. of James M. Carper, dec., Robert CHETTICK, gd. 22 April 1870.
45.  Elizabeth CLARK, William Clark and Emma Clark, mns. of William Clark, dec., John CLARK, gd. 23 April 1870.
46.  Emma ROSS, mn. of Katie Ross, dec., Henry MENKE, gd. 15 June 1870.
48.  Charles, Mary, Milton, George, Dorcas, and Martha MATHEWS, mns. of Lewis C. Mathews, dec., John F. CONYERS, gd.
       12 January 1871.
49.  William Henry WILKER, Mary Louise WIlker and Maria Amelia Wilker, heirs of John Wilker, dec., Louisa Wilker, gd. 12
       January 1871.
50.  Ludwig BECKER, Elizabeth Becker, and Wilhelmina Becker, mns. of Adam Becker, dec., Wilhelmina Becker, gd. 20 January
51.  Mary Frances WRIGHT and Joseph Wright, mns. of William H. Wright, dec. John WEAR, gd. 21 March 1871.
52.  James McKENZIE, mn. of James McKenzie, dec., Ann McKenzie, gd. 24 June 1871.
53.  Otto WEBER, Josephine Weber and George Weber, mns. of Joseph H. Weber, dec., Mary Weber, gd. 19 July 1871.
55.  James H. ETHEL, mn. of James H. Ethel, dec., Charles STANTON, gd. 20 July 1871.
57.  James CAREY, Mary Ann Carey, Michael Carey, and Martin Carey, mns. of Michael Carey, dec., Thomas MEADE, gd. 18
       September 1871.
58.  Eva Ellen REAVIS, mn. heir of John ARMSTRONG, dec., James Armstrong, gd. 30 October 1871.
59.  Delia Emma DALE mn. of John Dale, dec., Edward CHAPMAN, gd. 5 March 1872.
60.  Ida M. LEONARD, Emma S. Leonard, Catherine Leonard, and Knowelton C. Leonard, mns. of Caroline L. Leonard, dec.,
       George B. Leonard, gd. 6 March 1872.
62.  Ruth McCLURE of Beardstown, petitions the judge for Ida Kate McClure and Joseph McClure, mns. of Joseph Albert
       McClure and Mary C. Page, both dec., pertaining to real estate in Camp Point, Brown Co., ILL. Thomas CARTER, gd. 7 March 1872.
63.  Sophia and Nellie DALE, mns. of John Dale, dec., John PETEFISH, gd. 12 March 1872.
64.  Maria Ellen THOMPSON, mn. of David Thompson, dec. Chauncey RICE, gd. 28 March 1872.
65.  John T. DRINKWATER, mn. of Catherine Drinkwater, dec., Jacob Drinkwater, gd. 23 March 1872.
66.  Henry WEBER, August Weber, Fred Weber, William Weber and Christian Weber, mns. of Casper Weber, dec., Henry
gd. 3 April 1872.
67.  Ona PARKER, Lydia M. Parker, Elizabeth E. Parker, James R. Parker and Elijah Parker, mns. of William Parker, dec.,
       William WATKINS, gd. 8 April 1872.
68.  Emma CUNNINGHAM, mn. of George Cunningham, dec., Maria Cunningham, gd. 4 April 1872.
69.  Henry ARENZ, mn. of Francis Arenz, dec., John A. Arenz, gd. 20 April 1872.
70.  George W. SMITH, mn. of John S. Smith, dec., Curtis HAGER, gd. 20 April 1872.
71.  Alex M. HUFFMAN, Mary Huffman and John J. Huffman, mns. of Enoch Sylvester Huffman, dec., John W. SAVAGE, gd.
       18 March 1872.
72.  Dosha ESTILL, mn. of David Estill, dec. William T. CARTWRIGHT, gd. 23 April 1872.
73.  Margaret KLEIN, Francis Klein, Mary Klein, and John Klein, mns. of Peter Klein, dec., Katherine MULHERN, gd. 20 July
74.  Julia GROSS, mn. of Phillip Gross, dec., Anderson HOEL, gd. 21 August 1872.

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