First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown Weddings

First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown Weddings

Translated and submitted by William Talkemeyer, Arenzville, Illinois and printed in The Cass County Historian, December 1993 and March 1994. Although other marriages were performed, only those with added information appeared in the newsletter.

Aug. 4, 1834 - David JONES and Maria ENGELBOLD - groom from Caston South Walls, England, bride from Schiekel Osnabruck, Hanover.

Aug. 4, 1835 - Carl August KROHE and Johanna Christina JOCKISCH - groom from Niederkunersdor Lausitz, Kingdom of Saxony, bride from Oppuch, Oberdaus, King. of Saxony.

Dec. 10, 1835 - Jobst Friederich LOVEKAMP and Catharina Maria Nee REHLING - groom from Lockhausen Essen, Kingdom of Hanover, bride from Belus by Osnabruck, widow of Johann Fried Katker from Lichne, Prussia.

Mar. 30, 1836 - Johann Friedrich KILFER and Anna Maria Clara WEDEKING - groom from Kirchsiel, Essen, County of Wittlage, Hanover, bride from same.

May 29, 1836 - Gottlieb JOCKISCH and Christina ELSNER - groom from Oppuch by Byern, Kingdom of Saxony, a widower, bride from Huffnersdorf by Zitten, Kingdom of Saxony.

June 13, 1836 - Adolph SCHOPPAN and Emelia VOGLE - groom from Neudorf, Lausitz, Saxony, bride from Ebersbach, Lausitz, Saxony.

Jan. 27, 1837- Gerhard Heinrich HACKMAN and Anna Maria MEYER - groom from Belm, County of Osnabruck, Hanover, bride from Osterkuggel, County of Wittlage, Hanover.

Jul 16, 1837 - Johann Wilhelm TALKEMEYER and Maria Elizabeth DUVAL - groom from Hover, Prussia, bride from Schledhausen, Hanover.

Jul 6, 1837 - Heinrich Friedrich KORS and Maria Engel HEMMINGHAUS - groom from Kirchziel, Buckhausen, Wittlage, Hanover, bride from Schledhausen, Hanover.

Oct. 24, 1837 - Moritz KALLENBACH and Christina JOCKISCH - groom from Saxony, bride from Oppuch over Lausitz, Saxony.

Mar. 27, 1838 - Phillip KUHL and Henrietta SCHOPPAN - groom from Biesaxhsen, Hessen, bride from Neudorf, Saxony.

Mar. 12, 1839 - Friedrich HENDERKEN and Elizabeth KUHL - groom from Hanover, bride from Biesucher, Hessen.

Apr. 11, 1839 - George KUHL and Christiana WENSCHEN - groom from Biesuchter, Hessen, bride from Neudorf, Saxony.

Apr. 27, 1841 - George KUHL and Louise M. KOGLE - groom from Bisachen, Hessen, bride no information.

May 16, 1841 - Johann Friedrich WEDEKING and Anna Maria SLEUTER nee Rauben Ludwig KLEUKER'S widow - witt. H. Hemminghaus and wife as well as widow STONER.

June 17, 1841 - Valentine TRON and Margareta BERGER - wedding on a Sun. with the groom being Valentines son. A wagonmaker from Badischen, bride being Johann's daughter.

June 24, 1841 - Johann Friedrich HACKMAN and Maria Wilhelmina MEYER - groom from Osnabruck, Hanover, son of Johann Eberhard, bride dau. of Gerhard Heinrich, Hanover.

July 17, 1841 - Ludwig BOY and Elizabeth STOHR - no information.

Jan. 27, 1842 - Heinrich DAHMAN and Maria SCHENK - groom from Hanover, bride was widow of Christian SCHENK, nee EBERS.

Aug. 16, 1842 - Henrich Ludwig NOTLE and Maria ENGEL nee JONES - groom a widower from Hanover.

Aug. 10, 1843 - Henrich DECHART and Catharina DORR - no information.

Nov. 3, 1843 - Johann DUCHART and Frederika KROHE - groom from Lauterbach, Hessen, bride being dau. of Friedrichs from Oberlausitz.

Nov. 23, 1843 - Johann Heinrich Louis PEIPER and Anna Maria STORMEYER - groom from Hanover, bride also.

Jan. 18,1844 - Adam Heinrich Louis SUNDERMAN and Cathariana Maria MITTELBUSCHER - groom and bride both from Hanover.

Mar. 8, 1844 - Heinrich LOVEKAMP and Elizabeth KLEINSCHMIDT - groom and bride both from Hanover, living in Arenzville [Illinois].

Mar. 14, 1844 - Johann Gottlieb BERGER and Maria THRON - groom from Saxony, bride dau. of Valentine from Badischen.

Apr. 25, 1844 - Karl SANDMAN and Dorthea MULLER - groom a tanner from Arenzville, [Illinois] bride, Johann's dau. from Darmstadt.

July 28, 1844 - John NELSCH and Helena RICK - groom from Wurtenburg, bride Casper's daughter.

June 19, 1845 - Christopher L. EMERICK and Caroline HAFERKLUFT - groom a medical doctor.

Oct. 2, 1845 - Christian HAFERKLUFT and Sophie HAFERKLUFT - the bride, Heinrichs widow.

Oct. 10, 1845 - William CAMPBELL and Dorthea SUDBRINK - bride from Hanover.

Mar. 15, 1846 - Johann B. BROCKHAUS and Anna G. HUFKERS - groom and bride from Hanover.

Apr. 15, 1846 - Karl VOGEL and Margaretha PLANK nee LIPPERT - groom a widower.

Brachmonth 11, 1846- Christoph LOVEKAMP and Maria WEDEKING - groom and bride both from Hanover.

Oct. 22, 1846 - Friedrich KILFER and Maria EVERS - groom a widower and carpenter of Arnezville [Illinois], bride a widow nee ORTMAN from Hanover.

Jan. 25, 1847 - Friedrich BRAUER and Elizabeth BRUNKER - groom from Hanover.

Jan. 27, 1847 - Dietrich BROCKHAUS and Maria PEIPER nee PORTMAN - groom J. DIETRICH's son, bride Dietrich PIEPER"s widow.

Mar. 9, 1848 - Leofried ADELMAN and Christina RAUCHENBACH - groom born in Fulda, Hessen, bride born in Lauterbach, Kingdom of Hessen.

Mar. 21, 1848 - Nickulaus Weiser PHILLIPS and Hilka EILERS - groom from Hanover.

Apr. 22, 1848 - Peter EISLOFFEL and Elizabeth HAHN - groom from Prussia and bride from Hessen.

Oct. 25, 1848 - Valentine BLUME and Elizabeth KEISER - both from Hessen.

Nov. 3, 1848 - Friderich KRUSE and Catharine NIEMAN - bride was Riemann's widow.

Jan. 11, 1849 - Frederich EHRHARDT and Mrs. Carolina EMERICK - both from Hanover

Jan. 24, 1849 - Friedrich BINKENMEYER and Catharina WEISER - groom of Naples, bride dau. of Phillipp.

Mar. 14, 1850 - Alexander LAMMERS and Lenore Henriette CHRISTIANER - groom son of Wilhelm Lammers and wife Margarethe, born Hutmacher, both died Borstein, near Munster, Prussia. bride dau. of the watchmaker, Friedrich CHRISTIANER of here and deceased wife Anne Marie Johanna.

Mar. 16, 1850 - Alexander SOMMERS and Henriette CHRISTIANER - groom from Beardstown [Illinois], bride dau. of the watchmaker and both single.

July 7, 1850 - Georg PLAHN and Jane LOOSLEY - groom legitimate son of Joh Hans PLAHN who died in Gluckstadt, duchy of Schleswig-Holstein and wife, Karoline Jakobine nee KIRCHNER, bride legitimate dau. of Richard LOOSLEY and wife Jane ROGERS.

Sept. 7, 1850 - Franz Joseph FRANK and Katharine APPLE - groom legitimate son of Joseph FRANK, died Waldsee, Kingdom of Wurtemberg and wife, Therese, nee HAHN, bride, dau. of Johannes APPLE and deceased wife, Anna Katharine nee EHRHARDT.

Oct. 17, 1850 - Jakob BOHRMAN and Elizabeth FISCHER - groom son of Valentine BOHRMAN of Iggelheim, County Frankenthal, Kingdom of Bavaria and wife, Marie Katharine nee HEERING, bride, dau. of Johannes FISCHER, died Storndorf, County Alsfeld, Grandduchy Hessen and wife, Marie Katherine nee KEHL.

Nov. 6, 1850 - Frederich HERMANN and Katherine SCHMIDT - groom is a shoemaker in Bath, Mason Co, son of Martin HERMANN and wife Barbara nee HEINOLD, both died in Kleinenfast, County Garbon, Kingdom of Wurtembern, bride, dau. of Peter SCHMIDT, died in Wallenrod, County Lauterbach, Grandduchy, Hessen and wife, Marethe nee EIFFERT.

Dec. 5, 1850 - Johann Friedrich PAPPMEIER and Elisa TIEMIER - groom, son of Peter PAPPMEIER, farmer, decease and wife Katharine, nee ENGEL who remarried Johann Friedrich HENKLE, bride, dau. of farmer TIEMEIER and wife, Anna Marie nee TIEMEIER.

Dec. 6, 1850 - John H. WEDEKING and Margaretha KRAFT - groom, son of Ehrhard WEDEKING from Hanover, bride, from Hessen Darmstadt.

Jan. 23, 1851 - Ernst RUPP and Anna Christina SCHMIDT - groom, son of John RUPP and wife, Jacobina nee HERMANN.

Jan. 28, 1851 - Heinrich TROLL and Elizabeth BAKER - groom, son of Gottlieb TROLL, born Kingdom of Dachau, Germany.

Jan. 30, 1851 - Friedrich MILLER and Christina SCHWEER - groom born in Hanover, Germany.

Mar. 27, 1851 - John Gottlieb JOCKISH and Mrs. Josephine WANKEL - bride is widow nee HUMMEL.

Aug. 14, 1851 - Johann Christoph HOSSE and Marie MULLER - groom is son of Christian HOSSE died Wettesinger, County of Wolfhagen, Electorate of Hessen and wife Elizabeth nee HORTE, bride, dau. of Konrad MULLER, died at Schonberg, County Zingenber, Hessen and wife, Barbara nee GRUNER.

Sept. 25, 1851 - John MUSCH and Albertine LIPPERT - groom, a widower, bride, born Hessen, dau. of Herman LIPPERT.

Oct. 12, 1851 - Henry KIRCHER and Dorthea BEALEY - groom, a widower of Arenzville [Illinois], bride, a widow.

Oct. 31, 1851 - Friedrich Wilhelm SCHOOPE and Katharine Margareth DICKHOFF - groom, a widower, son of Earl Heinrich SCHOPPE, died Hefes, Coutny Bunde, Prussia and deceased wife, Anna Katharine nee SCHOPPE, bride, dau. of Heinrich Friedrich TIMKENS and wife Margaretha ADELHEID nee REINKENS, both died Aastendorf, County Hoya, Hanover.

Oct. 20, 1857 - Henry HANSMEIER and Catherine Elicabeth SCHMIDT - bride, dau. of minister of Lutheran Church of Beardstown [Illinois].

Jan. 27, 1858 - Eilert EILERS and Sophia GERBETH - wedding took place at Bethel, IL, groom, son of Johann EILERS

Jan. 27, 1858 - Gerhard HENRICKS and Marie EILERS - bride, dau. of Johann EILERS

Mar. 7, 1858 - Wilhelm PILGER and Elizabetha SCHMIDT - groom, born Barich, Waldeck, Germany, bride born Altenschlief, Hessen, second dau. of Georg SCHMIDT, minister of Evangelical Protestant Church. The above bride had a child prior to her marriage to PILGER, a girl, one and a half years, which her husband has adopted and will have the name Augusta PILGER

Aug. 29, 1858 - Gottlieb MARTI and Elizabeth NOULEN nee JONTE - groom, Jacobs widower from Biel, Canton Berne, Switzerland, bride from Arenzville [Illinois]

Sept. 28, 1858 - Johann EDELBROCK and Maria HEINRICHS nee EILERTS - bride, dau. of Johann EILERTS, from Ostgriesland, Hanover, a widow.

Jan. 2, 1859 - Georg RAHN and Marie HAHMEL - married in the home of Thomas HAHMEL, Beacon of the Church.

Apr. 3, 1859 - Johann MILTENBERGER and Emelia HUNT - wedding took place at Rushville [Illinois], groom, a taylor at Rushville.

Oct. 7, 1859 - Johann Heinrich STEINKUHLER and Anna Marie ENGEL - groom a carpenter, born Wittlage, Hanover.

Dec. 30, 1862 - George Fred Wm. GEBIG and Maria Jaconbine HOFFMAN - groom, a minister, marriage performed by Rev. Paul LORENZEN.

Mar. 10, 1863 - Christian Theophile LAUNER and Josephine WINHOLD - groom, son of Gottieb Freidrich LAUNER from Switzerland, bride, dau. of Wilhelm from Hessen.

Dec. 5, 1865 - Karl LUCKING and Maria Catharina LAUNER - groom from Beardstown [Illinois], bride dau. of Gottlieb Friedrich LAUNER.

Apr. 10, 1866 - Theodore LAUNER and Louise KROHE - groom, son of Gottlieb Friedrich from Switzerland, bride, dau. of August from Saxony.

Mar. 7, 1867 - Johann Friedrich LAUNER and Katharina MEYER - groom, son of Gottlieb Friedrich, bride, oldest dau. of Heinrich from Prussia, Westphalia.

Oct. 8, 1868 - Henry EBERT and Elizabeth MATHIS - Schuyler Co. wed in Beardstown [Illinois].

Jan. 12, 1869 - Hellwig MEIREIS and Mrs. Rebecca THEIVOGT - groom from Mason Co. [Illinois], bride from Beardstown [Illinois].

Aug. 26, 1869 - Gerd B. EILERS and Ricka YOUNG - groom from Bethel, Morgan Co. [Illinois], bride from Meredosia [Illinois].

Feb. 27, 1870 - Thomas EILERS and Helene HOPKINS - from Bethel, wed in Beardstown.[Illinois]

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