Tomlinson Cemetery, Champaign Co., IL
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Champaign County Genealogical Society

Tomlinson Cemetery


Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly: As published in Volume 6, Issue 1

Tomlinson Cemetery contains about one acre of land in Kerr Township, Section 21. The cemetery was transcribed by the Alliance Chapter of the D.A.R. in 1958 and by Elizabeth Hansen in 1983. The Archives of the Urbana Free Library has on file a map which gives the location of graves within the cemetery. 

ALLHANDS, Betsy Ann (Kerr) died Oct. 5, 1874 age 5y
Daniel died June 25, 1873 age 56y 8m 23d
HASTINGS, Catharine, wife of C. J. died October 15 (or 5), 1875 age 28y
BAUMAN, Mallvina A., dau R. E. and E. M. died Sept. 8, 1871 age 3y 7m 8d
Margaret C., dau H. L. E. and M. L. died Nov. 13, 1879 age 5y 2m 18d
BEVINGTON, infant son of S. E. and B. Bevington died Sept. 30, 1889
BIRT, Emi1y died Apr. 4, 1881 age 58y 5m 10d
BOYCE, Emma Jane, dau T. and N. E. died Feb. 8, 1883 age 4y 8m 4d 
Thomas, died July 29, 1895 age 57y 9m 3d
BRAZILTON, Theresa Ann, wife of Thos. R.died Sept. 8, 1864 age 42y 10m 20d
Thomas R.
infant daughter of T. R. and T. A. Brazilton died Apr. 3, 1857
BROWN, Aaron A., son of  J. and C. Brown died Mar. 24, 1874 age 24y 10m 27d
Cora May, daughter C. and  __ Brown died Apr. 28, 1889 age 11d
John, died Aug. 27, 1872 51y 8m 3d
Margaret, wife of Isaac J. Brown died Aug. 26, 1870 16d
CARR, Johney, son of  J. and E. Carr died Oct. __, 1879 age 9y __m 28d
CARTER, Eliza A., wife of James Carter died Jan. 21, 1879 age 45y 5m 18d
CASEMENT, Robert J., son of H. and L .J. Casement died Nov. 13, 1867 age 30d
Wilder J., son of H. and L. J. Casement died Aug. 8, 1866 age 3m 28d
CERRANDIN, Almeda, dau of H. and C. died 1867 age 1y 7m 17d
CHAMBERS, Ethel 1905-1911
William E. 1895-1918
CLIFTON, John A., son of G. and D. died Mar. 14, 1893 age 6y 5m 28d
Martha E., wife of G. G. Clifton died Dec. 26, 1897 age 29y 16d 
CONNER, Alice “Mother” 1867-1930
Leola R., infant daughter of R. W. and A. Conner born Oct. 2, 1910 died Dec. 7, 1910
R. W. “Father” 1865-1931
COODER, John, son of J. and P.P. Cooder died Sept. 15, 1862 age 18y 5m 15d 
Permelia, wife of John Cooder died May 3, 1866 age 54y (or 51) 10m 8d
CORBIN, David B. died Apr. 16, 1860 age 19y 2m 26d
Lucinda C., wife of Jacob Corbin died Dec. 17, 1882 age 32y 9m 6d
Infant Son of J. E. and L. C. Corbin died June 22, 1880
Infant Son of J. E. and L. C. Corbin died June 23, 1881 
Ella ) children of E. and M. A. Corbley died Sept. 4, 1862
CORBLY, John A., son of  L. and S. Corbly died Sept. 18, 1858 age 17m 17d
Mary E., dau of L. and S. Corbly died Sept. 25, 1859 age 8m 9d
Owen L., son of  L. and S. Corbly died Mar. 16, 1863 age 6m 12d
Sarah, wife of Lindsey Corbly died Jan. 17, 1866 age 28y 10m 9d 
COYLE, Georgena, wife of Anthony Coyle died July 29, 1861 age 26y 3m 6d
Solomn Georgie, son of Anthony and Georgenaage died Sept. 3, 1861age 6m 
CRAWFORD,  Dora E., dau of J. H. and R.W. Crawford died Dec. 13, 1863
Guy Harold, son of J. H. and R.W. Crawford, (no dates)
Hugh Crawford, died Sept. 19, 1873 age 29y 2m 29d
DALBEY, Lulu May, wife of Charles Dalbey died Nov. l4, 1881 age 19y 4m 10d 
DRISKELL, H. died Mar. 26, 1887 age 71y 9m 14d
DRISKELL, Rowland died Feb. 19, 1878 age 39y 11m 6d 
William 1844-1923
DUNCAN, Calvin A., son of Wm. T. and E. J. Duncanage died Aug. 13, 1863 age 1 yr 5 m 7d
EVANS, Thirzey, dau of L. and E. J. Evans died May 25, 1873 1m
Willie A., son of P. and R. A. Evans died Feb. 14, 1873 age 7y 10m 
Infant Son of L. and E. J. Evans (no dates)
DEHAVEN, Infant Son of J. W. and V. DeHaven (no dates)
DUNCAN, Ray Wood, son of G. M. and F. died Mar. 7, 1894 age 3y 5m 1d
FOREMAN, John W., son of J. and E. Foreman died May 3, 1881 age 22y 15d
FOWLER, Arthur C., son of J. P. and A. A. Fowler died June 19, 1881 age 25yr 8m 6d 
John P. died Dec. 25, 1890 age 59y 3m 19d
GITZEN, William, son of A. and S. C. Gitzen died Oct. 10, 1876 age 8d
Infant Daughter of A. and S. C. Gitzen died Mar. 8, 1879 age 1d 
HAMILTON, Catharine M., wife of R. M. Hamilton died Oct. 7, 1866
Clara B., daughter of R.M. and H. Hamilton died Dec. 6, 1871 age 1y 25d
Sallie B., wife of A. M. Hamilton died Dec. 26, 1870 age 25y 8m 5d
Willie C., son of R. M. and H. P. Hamilton died Mar. 28, 1876 age 1yr 6m 13d
HARTSOCK, Asa N., son of G. W. and E. J. Hartsock died Aug. 8, 1876 age 1y 8m 2d
HAZELL, Ota, daughter of B. and R. R. Hazell died Oct. 2, 1871 age 2m 12d
HAZLE, Harry, son of Dr. M. M. and A. E. Hazle died Aug. 7, 1875 age 11m 23d
HELVIE, Adam, son of A. C. and J. C. Helvie died June 8, 1875 age 2y 1m 3d
HICKS, Mary E., daughter of H. J. Hicks died May 17, 1868 age 8m 21d
HOBART, Isaac born Jan. 20, 1820 died Sept. 23, 1870
HOWARD, Hattie, daughter of R. L. P. and R. E. Howard died Sept. 18, 1847(?) age 1y 4m
HUNT, Jane J., wife of Aaron Hunt died Aug. 16, 1869 age 15y 2m 16d
JOHNSON, Everette, son of A. E. and L. E. died Aug. 21, 1893 age 5m 8d
Jesse, son of A. E. and L. F. Johnson died Sept. 13, 1891 age 2m 8d
JONES, Laura Leet, daughter of J. and G. M. Jones died Sept. 3, 1874 age 1y 6m 6d
KERR, Samuel died July 16, 1852 age 40y 5m 3d
KUDER, Albert L. 1859-1903
Candis died Sept. 18, 1850 age 2y 4m 9d
Cloda B., daughter of W. H. and R. J. Kuder died Sept. 29, 1888 age 1yr 1m 2d
David, died July 9, 1855 age 68y 4m 22d
Forrest, son of Albert and Ella Kuder died Aug. 19, 1891 age 2y 8m 19d
Frances, wife of Solomn Kuder died Oct. 9, 1886 age 79y 8 m 16d
Henry, died July 27, l846 age 1y 6m 10d
Lewis, died Jan. 14, 1890 age 70y 22d “Father”
John died Aug. 10, 1843 age 62y 8m 9d
Mary, wife of John Kuder died Jan. 6, 1841 age 59y 10m
Nancy, daughter of Lewis and Susannah Kuder died May 29, 1853 age 2 yr 9m 21d
Sarah, died Dec. 6, 1852 age 1m 12d
Sarah M., daughter of E. and I. Kuder died July 21, 1870 age 7y 3m 17d
Solomn, died Nov. 23, 1880 age 77y 7m 20d
Susan L.(?), - of L. and S. Kuder died Jan. 6, 1867 age __ 6 m 11d
Susannah 1826-1919 “Mother”
Infant Son of Lewis and Susannah Kuder died May 28, 1854 age 1m 24d
Infant Daughter of Lewis and Susannah Kuder died Aug. 27, 1885 age 8d
LANMAN, Ruth, daughter of W. S. and N. J. Lanman born Sept. 24, 1899 died Apr. 23, 1900
William S. born Jan. 8, 1867 died Apr. 20, 1901
LEAVER, Elizabeth, wife of John Leaver died June 4, 1889 age 44y 4m 28d
George died Mar. 7, 1878 age 34y 2m 14d
John died Sept. 8, 1887 age 75y 10m 15d
Infant Daughter of R. and E. F. Leaver died April 7, 1888 
LEDBETTER, Rev. W. died Sept. __, 1876 age 75y 2m 26d
LEFEVER, George W. died May 19, 1872 age 30y 1m 17d
Isaac N. died April 12 1884 age 32y 7m 28d 
John died Nov. 19, 1884 age 74y 9m 3d
Mary, wife of John Lefever born Aug. 3, 1813 died Dec. 2, 1893 
LIZER, Infant Daughter of P. J. and H. J. Lizer died June 14, 1888 age 2d
MARTIN, Alice M., daughter of Wm. P. and S. E. Martin died May 12, 1874 age 2 yr 8m 5d
Burzilla, daughter of  J. and. N. Martin died Feb. 13, 1871 age 20y 11m 18d
Charles, son of Wm. P. and S. E. Martin died Nov. 11, l871 age 2m 11d
Edward, son of  J. and M. Martin died Aug. 20, 1863 age 6m 9d
Ella, daughter of J. and M. Martin died Oct. 9, 1867 age 1y 7m 26d
Mary P., wife of W. P. Martin died May 20, 1881 age 39y 10m 16d
Polla A., daughter of J. and M. Martin died Mar. 28, 1863 age 2y 9m 12d
Sarah E., wife of Wm P. Martin died Oct. 27, 1874 age 30y 1m 8d
Sarah F., daughter of  J. and M. Martin died Sept. 8, 1852(?)
William, son of J.and M. Martin died June 2, 1860 age 7m 25d
William P., son of J. and N. Martin died Mar. 28, 1881 age 1m 7d
Infant Son of J. and N. Martin died June 1, 1859
MANTLE, Ellen, daughter of I. and N. J. Mantle died Nov. 26, 1872 age 1 yr 4m 24d 
Fannie P., daughter of J. and H. Mantle born Sept 1, 1887 died Feb. 6, 1901
Frances N., daughter of Isaac and N. J. Mantle died Aug. 30, 1883 age 22y 7m 17d
George F., son of Isaac and N. J. Mantle died July 22, 1868 age 12y 10m 28d
Isaac, son of L. and N. J. Mantle died Sept. 9, l864 age 1yr 4m 22d
Isaac died Aug. 25, ___ age 50y 17d
John died Aug. 16, 1895 48y 9m 16d
Mary J., wife of Isaac Mantle died 18, 1898 age 2m 9d
Rachel died Jan. 16, 1888 age 83y 7m 19d
Infant Daughter)
Infant Daughter) of L. and N. J. Mantle died Nov. 16, 1850
MAXWELL, Harry J., son of H. and M.C. Maxwell died Aug.__, 1870 age 8m 20d 
MERGER, Aaron died May 5, 1856 age 46y 4m 22d
Albert, son of S. M. and J. Mercer died Sept. 2, 1870 age 6y 11m 19d
Delbert, son of J. and L. Mercer died 1860
Edwin, son of J. __ Mercer died Jan 17, 1878 age 8m 20d
Henry T. died Apr. 1, 1865 age 18y 5m 29d
Mary, wife of Aaron Mercer died Apr 3, 1857 age 47y
Mary E., daughter of  J. and L. Mercer died Aug. 29, 1870 age 1y 11m 24d
MILES, Ruth Annie, daughter of C.G. and M.E. Miles died July 4, 1871 age 1y 2m 17d 
MILLER, Arthur M., son of P. and S. Miller died Nov. 25, 1892 age 7y 8m
Jessie, daughter of L. and E. Miller died Feb. 16, 1878 (?)
Nancy L., daughter of J. D. and E. S. Miller died Feb. 28, 1881 age 2m 20d
Thomas died Sept. 26, 1878 age 23y 5m 17d
Tommy, son of T. and E. Miller died Feb. 10, 1879 age 2m 5d
MILES, Gracie E., daughter of C.G. and M.E. Miles June 28, 1888 age 6m 22d 
MILLS, Charles S. 1876-1908
Nannie, daughter of S. and M. Mills died Dec. 11, 1874 age 8y 7m 1d
Nellie J. 1875-1908
Ollie, daughter of .R.W. and L. Mills died Jan. 15, 1875 age 8m 8d
Robert W. 1852-1920
MOREY, Andrew C., son of C. and M. Morey died May 25, 1865 age 8d
NEFF, Fletcher T., son of F. T. and N. J. Neff died June 15, 1866 age 1m 5d
Infant daughter of F. T. and M. J. Neff died Mar. 6, 1860
Infant son of F. T. and N. J. Neff died Nov. 12, 1862
OTTO, Frederick T., son of D. J. and J. Otto died May 21, 1870 age 2y 9m 7d
Jacob H., son of D. J. and J. Otto died July 5, 1872 age 2y 8m 16d
PATTON, Eva, daughter of W. T. and Fanny M. Patton born Feb. 11, 1877 died Mar. 24, 1878
PHEBUS, Martha E., wife of Isaac C. Phebus died Sept. 28, 1883age 28y 9m 28d
RESSLER, Henrietta, wife of Michael died Apr. 22, 1879 age 45y 1m 7d
RIGGLEMAN, Caroline, daughter of A. L. and D. R. Riggleman died 1932
Harry, son of M. and E. Riggleman died Apr. 9, 1893 age 19y 6d
Lois Irene, daughter of A. L. and D. R. Riggleman 1928-1930
Luther H. 1882-1918
Minnie Florence born Sept. 29, 1885 died Jan. 25, 1907
SEALS, Elizabeth A., daughter of B. and J. Seals died Apr. 6, 1868 age 7y 11m 6d
SEARFUSS, Rebecca, wife of Ruben died May 3, 1857 age 32y 21m 5d
SHANTZ, Jesse H., son of G. S. and E. M. Shantz died Aug. 2b, 1872 age 1 yr 7d
SHINNEMAN, Eddy, son of L. and A. Shinnernan died Jan. 2b, 1875 age 10m 28d
Sarah J., daughter of L. and A. Shinneman died Jan. 7, 1876 age 22y 10m 6d 
SHUMATE, Andrew died Mar. 18, 1868 age 16y 9m 16d
Elizabeth, daughter of J. V. and H. Shumate died Aug. 25, 1855 age 1y 2m 12d
Hannah died July 8, 1877 age 54y 3m 11d
Mary Ellen, daughter of Geor. and Sarah Shumate died Sept. 8, 1894 age 3y 1d 
SIMPSON, Henry died Aug. 29, 1859 age 39y
SMITH, Charles, son of C. and __ Smith died Mar. 2, 1867 age___ m 17d
Charlotte, daughter of J. R. and M. G. Smith died Nov.25, 1892 age 1y 3m 25d
Edith, daughter of J. M. and R. Smith born Jan. 16, 1894 died Sept. l4, 1894
Ethel, daughter of J. M. and R. Smith born Jan. 16, 1891 died Aug. 19, 1891
George E. son of J. R. and M.G. Smith died Feb. 17, 1892 age 13y 8m 13d 
SNIDER, Malinda J., wife of  Wm Snider born Feb. 20, 1840 died June 12, 1912
Robert P. died Apr. 30, 1889 age 28y 3m 10d
William born Aug. 3, 1830 died May 28, 1898
SNYDER, James H., son of W. and M. Snyder died May 29, 1876 age 13y 5m 24d 
SPEARS, Alonzo J. died Mar. 22, 1864 age 48y 10m 11d “Father” 
STALEY, Nancy W., wife of Lewis Staley died Oct. 25, 1875 age 55y 8m 15d 
STATELAR, Russell T., son of D. and M. M. died Jan. 27, 1868 age 1m 12d 
STILLER, Alvane H., wife of W. E. Stiller died Nov. 6, 1895 age 28y 8m 6d 
STONESTREET, Adam died June 7, 1884 age 65y 7m 24d
James O., son of A. and N. Stonestreet died June 19, 1882 age 17y 10m 22d
Johnie B., son of A. J. and M. J. Stonestreet died Feb. 2, 1875 age 1m 29d
Martha E., daughter of A. and N. Stonestreet died Apr. l4, 1868 age 22y 6m 5d
Mary E., wife of Wm Stonestreet born Mar. 20, 1871 ( no death date)
Nancy S., wife of Adam M. born Oct. 27, 1822 died Nov. 12, 1897 75y 15d
Sammie, son of J. W. and M. E. Stonestreet died Dec. 16, 1880 age 11m 28d
William born June 1, 1851 died Aug. 27, 1909
Infant Child Feb. 2, 1902
Infant Child Dec. 1, 1888
Infant Son of J. W. and M. E. Stonestreet died Mar. 13, l884 age 3m
Infant Child of W. M. and M. E. Stonestreet died Dec. 1, 1888
Daughter of John and Jane (?) Stonestreet died 3, 1857
Son of John and Jane (?) Stonestreet died Oct. 8, 1862 
TALBOTT, James A. l844-1922
Ruth A. 1854-1889
TOMLINSON, Ellen H. born Oct. 19, 1835 died June 15, 1903
Ernest E., son of J. H. and H. M. Tomlinson died Mar. 13, 1866 age 2y 9m 8d
(Mary E.), wife of Wm Tornlinson died Feb. 26, 1871 age ___ 11 m 7d
Mary E., wife of Wm. Tomlinson died July 28, 1875 age 30y 10m
William Russell, son of A. and E. Tomlinson born Nov. 3, 1906 died Jan. 13, 1913
Infant Daughter of W. and M. E. Tomlinson died Apr. 12, 1868 age 9d
Infant Daughter of W. and M. E. Tomlinson died Oct. 29, 1869
UMSTED, Louis H., son of L. H. and R. Umsted died Oct. 25, 1862 age 1y 7m 8d 
VANATTA, Hanan, son of S. V. and D. Vanatta died Nov. 10, 1871 age 7y 4m 25d
VANNESS, William C., son of W. and J. S. died Mar. 23, 1882 age 8y 4m 26d 
WALKER, Elizabeth, wife of John Walker died , ____1865 age 52y 4m 25d
John died July 28, 1846 age 37y 3m 12d
John, son of J. E. Walker died Mar. 11, 1852 age 10y 7m 25d 
WATSON, Charles M., son of N. and S. Watson died Mar. 5, 1861 age 20 yr 5d
Lenie L., daughter of M. and S. Watson died Mar. 7, 1861 age 3y 3m 13d 
WERTS, Bertram died Mar. 6, 1868
Charles F. died Mar. 12, 1865 age 2m 8d
John W. died Mar. 5, 1868
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, wife of Jacob died Dec. 12, 1872 age 78y 7m 8d 
Jacob died Apr. 12, 1877 age 91y 3m 12d
WILSON, Claudia B., daughter of E. V. and J. H. Wilsonage
Elizabeth, wife of Jas. H. Wilson died Mar. I7, 1877 age 27y 7m 27d
Minerva, wife of S. Wilson died Mar. 8, 1885 age 58y
Solomn died Aug. 4, 1884 age 60y
Winston Summers born Feb. 21, 1850 died Aug. 16, 1928 
WOOD, A. H. died Feb. 3, 1869 age 46y 25d
Edward, son of L. and F. A. Wood died Feb. 24, 1860 age 1y 2m 6d
Merle O., son of J. H. and L. A. Wood died Feb. 13, 1894 age 1y 5m 26d
William, son L. and F.A. Wood died June 26, 1860 age 7y 25d
William P., son of A. and F.A. Wood _________
Baby Wood, son of A. H. and Vannie Wood died Jan. 16, 1890 age 3m 2d 
WRIGHT, Elijah 1861-1906
Elizabeth died Aug. 27, 1894 age 60y 4m 27d
N. Ethel, daughter of A. R. and S. D. Wright died Oct. 14, 1897 age 7m
Richard died Apr. 25, 1894 age 61y 5m 14d
Thomas R., son of S. N. and L. M. Wright born Jan. 31, 1892 died May 28, 1893

Several Known Unmarked Burials:

COYLE, Anthony. Civil War Veteran, buried in the small enclosure.
CHAMBERS, Flossie Barton (wife of Roy) died 1923; their children: 
Lucille age 2y
Viola Maude age 15y
Merle age 3m
Elmer died 1923 as infant
SHUMATE, John (husband of Hannah)
TOMLINSON, William, Jan. 19, 1837 - Jan. 25, 1919 
Virginia Wallace Tomlinson (M.E. Walker Tomlinson -- see above?); 
Mary Conner Tomlinson 
Mary Louisa Langs Tomlinson 
Andrew Tomlinson (brother of William); Albert Tomlinson, Oct. 6, 1865 - Jan. 20, 1950; 
wife Irma Deidrick Tomlinson, 1884 - Feb. 20, 1933
ZIMMERMAN, John B. Feb. 14, 1859 - Sept. 5, 1919 
wife Sarah Elizabeth Leonard Zimmmerman, Nov. l4, 1865 - Sept. 22, 1937

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