Jersey Cemetery, Champaign Co., IL
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Champaign County Genealogical Society

Jersey Cemetery


Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly: As published in Volume 11, Issue 1

Jersey Cemetery is located about six miles southeast of Fisher and lies in the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 26 on a slight rise. The land was deeded in 1864 by R. B. and Edith Condit to trustees of the Jersey Presbyterian Church of Newcomb. The land originally contained about two acres, the west part of wh1ch was occupied by a church. The cemetery is fenced and has a gate.

The following transcription was copied and alphabetized by the D. A. R. in 1956 and has not been updated. Corrections and addition are welcomed and may be sent to the Society, Attn: Quarterly Editor.

Arnold, Vina, wife of J. A. Arnold died May 16, 1870 22y 5m 13d
Bogle, Cora J., dau of J. A. and J. A. Bogle died May 11, 1864 5 months
Carpenter, Benilam (broken stone)
Carpenter, Charles, son of A. E. and O. Carpenter died April 21, 1872 3m 25d
Condit, Carrie M., dau of A. and I. Condit died March 6, 1865 6y 9m 1d
Condit, Irene, dau of J. O. and G. C. Condit died Aug 13, 1860
Condit, Isabella, wife of A. B. Condit died Sept 10, 1860 33y 11m 15d (stone broken)
Condit, John 0. (stone broken, could not read)
Conard, James __. 1871-1910
Conard, Lillian Nelson 1865- (blank space)
Crouch, Julia E., wife of John Crouch died Oct 29, 1898 63y 4m 1d
Dean, R. C. born Jan 8, 1890 died June 9, 1914
Durr, James W., son of J. H. and P. E. Durr died Mar 17, 1874 5m 3d
Dutton, Nancy E., wife of G. M. Dutton died Nov 5, 1861 49y 6m 1d
Feeks, Stephen H. born Jun 17, 1809 died Nov 26, 1906
Gillick, Elmer 1908-1936
Helphrey, Ray D., son of J. and L. Helphrey died Oct 5, 1898 1m 25d
Hennigh, Eva, wife of John C. Hennigh 1861-1913
Hennigh, John C. 1857-1910
Humphreys, Isaac C. 1850-1936 (Father)
Huselton, William Mar 10, 1844 - Jan 22, 1906
Jackson, Jennie E. 1899-1933 (Mother)
Jackson, Julia Rhoten 1874-1947 (Mother)
Jackson, Willard H., son of F. E. and J. E. Jackson 1925-1932
Jackson, William H. 1860-1934 (Father)
Johnston, Earl W. Sep 17, 1887 - Sep 20, 1894
Johnston, Evalyn V. Nov 20, 1859 - Sep 10, 1896
Johnston, Roy W. Nov 11, 1886 - Nov 16, 1886
Knecht, James H., son of S. E. and J. Knecht died Oct 29, 1892 8y 9m 16d
Lenington, Ira F., son of William and L. J. Lenington died Aug 19, 1961 1y 8m 6d
Lenington, Julia, wife of William Lenington died Dec 29, 1859 31y 2m
Little, Phebe, wife of T. Little died Sep 6, 1876 90y 9m 15d (broken stone]
Nelson, Lizzie M. 1862-1939
Nelson, Marcus 1826-1917
Nelson, Miles D. 1959-1901 (Father)
Nelson, Pauline 1860-1940 (Mother)
Nelson, Susane, wife of Marcus Nelson died Feb 16, 1893 56y 6m 9d
Odell, Charles 1964-1953
Odell, George Wilbur Nov 27, 1870 - May 6, 1898
Odell, Georgiana H., wife of John Odell Jun 17, 1835 - Jul 12, 1912
Odell, John Sep 10, 1834 - Mar 6, 1916
Patnod, Augustus died Sep 1, 1872 45y
Peck. Susan, wife of O. M. Peck died Nov 12, 1870 36y 7m 11d
Pierson, George died Sep 18, 1858 29y 6m 1d
Potts, Ella E., wife of C. M. Potts died Sep 2, 1881 26y 11m 2d
Putman, Rose, dau of N. and P. Putman died Apr 22, 1964 11y
Quick, Jennie died Aug 31, 1969 9m 9d dau of John and Maria Quick
Quick, Minnie, dau of John and Maria J. Quick died Aug 19, 1877 6y 9m
Ray, John Wesley 1884-1939 (Father)
Rhoten, Ann Oletha, wife of Kinneth Rhoten Mar 17, 1935 - Jun 13, 1917
Rhoten, Kinneth Jul 11, 1831 - Apr 17, 1917
Shaffer, Eli died Mar 31, 1867 29y 5m 1d
Shaffer, Nancy wife of V. Shaffer died Jan 1, 1893 86y 9m 22d
Shaffer, Valentine died Oct 6, 1880 75y 10m 23d
Smith, Ann Jervis, wife of Samuel Smith died 1874
Thompson, Wilbur, son of W. N. and L. E. Thompson died Feb 11, 1977 2m 17d
Tipton, Andrew Aug 17, 1893 - Oct 3, 1914
Turell, Ida B., dau of F. and P. L. Turell Oct 9, 1890 - Oct 2, 1892
Waddington, Ella Fern 1892-1903
Waddington, Walter F. 1886-1890
Wheaton, Aubert R., son of M. and A. A. Wheaton died Apr 25, 1874 16y 10m 20d
White, Emma G., wife of A. A. White died Nov 1, (could not read year) 33y 5m 15d
White, Jane, wife of S. White died Mar 29, 1864 (cou1d not read rest)


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