Huss Chapel Cemetery, Champaign Co., IL
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Champaign County Genealogical Society

Huss Chapel Cemetery


Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly: As published in Volume 8, Issue 1

This cemetery is located in Section 32 of St. Joseph Township near the mile markers of 1250N and 1900E. When last visited is was in good condition. The cemetery was first platted in 1881 and the D.A.R. transcribed the following headstones in 1956.

Many pioneer names are represented here. Among them is that of Jefferson Huss, who with his brother, James, came to the Salt Fork timber about 1830, and entered land a short distance above Sidney. His sons were Wesley W. and James R. Another prominent name is that of Moses B. Deere, 1825-1900. He was the eldest son of Larkin Deere, who came to Champaign County in 1830 from Kentucky. When Moses was only twenty years old, his father died, and the support of the family of ten children fell upon him. Despite lack of  time for a formal education, he a success of life. For many years he was the largest shipper of livestock from Champaign County. He married Harriet Thomas, daughter of Joseph Thomas, in 1850, and they had twelve children, four of whom died in infancy.

Bauman, Leonhard, d May 4, 1889 65yrs 1m 2da
Butler, Robie W., son of R.W. & H.P. Butler d Aug. 4, 1886 9m 10da
Clark, Albert, son of J.H. & M. Clark d April 25, 1883 8yrs
Clark, Little Amos, son of J.H. & M. Clark d May 1, 1883 6yrs
Clark, Cecil, son of J.H. & M. Clark d June 18, 1891 9yrs 7m
Coons, Christiana, mother of J.S. Coons d Aug. 26, 1888 69yrs 3m 15da
Coons, Jacob S.,  b 1838 d 1923
Coons, Sarah C., wife of Jacob Coons  b 1841 d 1862
Coons, William A., son of J.A. & S.A. Coons d May 5, 1870 10m 25da
Deere, Harriet, wife of Moses B. Deere  b Feb. 19, 1834 d July 28, 1925
Deere, Moses B.,  b Jan. 17, 1825 d April 5, 1900
Deere, Solomon K., son of M. & H. Deere d May 10, 1893 20yrs 8da
Dillmn, Lydia, d Dec. 11, 1882 80yrs 2m 19da
Dillman, Mary A., wife of James H. Dillman d June 2, 1894 36yrs 8m 22da
Dillman, Vitella, wife of Charles Dillman  b Jan. 1, 1870 d Oct. 28, 1895
Grein, Infant son of H.J. & E.O. Grein  b Dec. 4, 1908 d Dec. 8, 1908
Halterman, Olen, son of B. & S. Halterman  b March 25, 1901 d April 18, 1901
Howser, J.N.,  b Oct. 16, 1821 d March 20, 1893 71yrs 5m 4da
Howser, Jonathan Clyde, son of C.L. & N.J. Howser  b Dec. 8, 1892 d March 19, 1893
Howser, Margaret J., wife of J.N. Howser d Jan. 11, 1892 65yrs 9m 22da
Huss, Emily F., daughter of J. & J. Huss d June 24, 1875 4yrs 4m 2da
Huss, Flora N., daughter of J. & J. Huss d Oct. 2, 1893 20yrs 9m 15da
Huss, Jefferson, d Nov. 23, 1848 41yrs 4m
Huss, Jemima, wife of Jefferson Huss, d Jan. 9, 1863 50yrs 7m 14da
Huss, Nellie I., d May 18, 1892 2yrs 11m 10da
Joh, Margaret E.,  b Oct. 19, 1855 d Sept 27, 1923
Joh, Simon, d Feb. 19, 1892 65yrs 1m 11da
Joh, W.H., d Feb. 27, 1885 33yrs 8m 9da
Jones, Elizabeth K., daughter of Lewis & Sarah Jones  b Nov. 18, 1846 d Sept. 12, 1848
Jones, Inf ant child of Lewis & Sarah Jones d May 8, 1851
Jones, Infant son of Lewis E. & Julia A. Jones d June 11, 1893 7m 3da
Jones, *Jefferson T., Co. I, 10th Illinois Cavalry
Jones, Leona, daughter of Lewis & Sarah Jones  b Jan. 15, 1853 d Oct. 11, 1853
Jones, Lewis,  b July 3, 1816 d Dec. 25, 1858 42yrs 5m 22da
Jones, Lewis E.,  b Feb. 9, 1857 d Aug. 6, 1900
Jones, Sarah, wife of Lewis Jones  b March 19, 1814 d May 19, 1903 90yrs 2m
Macy, Julia A., wife of William E. Macy d March 10, 1896 32yrs 8m 28da
Macy, Julia Ellenore, Infant daughter of W.H. & 0. Nacy d April 10, 1917
Macy, Mary S. G., daughter of Wm. E. & J.A. Macy d Nov. 28, 1888 1 year 27da
Macy, William E., d Oct. 13, 1919 52yrs 5m 9da
McCloskey, Elizabeth, wife of J.L. McCloskey d Sept. 30, 1888 38yrs 1m 1 day
McCloskey, Robert, son of J. & E. McCloskey d Sept. 19, 1889 29da
Preston, Martha,  b I'pril 7, 1831 d Sept. 25, 1898
Prickett, Charlotte Webb, d Sept. 16, 1912 87yrs 3m 6da
Prickett, Jackson, d Nov. 10, 1994 72yrs 3da
Prickett, Sarah, daughter of J.B. & S. Prickett d Feb. 23, 1872 15yrs 9m 9da
Roach, Mary,  b April 10, 1864 d April 5, 1905
Samson, Julia E., daughter of J.B. & M.E. Samson  b June 2, 1887 d Aug. 21, 1997
Samson, Mattie E., wife of J.B. Samson  b June 6, 1869 d Jan. 14, 1909
Thompson, David,  b Oct. 28, 1813 d Nov. 9, 1895
Thompson, *S. Thompson, Co. I, 10th Illinois Cavalry
Woolever, Etta, wife of L.B. Woolever,  b Nov. 9, 1859 d May 2, 1902
Worl, Bessie N.,  b Dec. 20, 1893 d Feb. 23, 1907
Worl, Leonard P.,  b Feb. 5, 1889 d May 21, 1895
Worl, Washington,  b Sept. 15, 1855 d Nov. 9, 1900

* Consult "Roll of Honor, Record of Burial Places, Vol. I, Champaign County" for verification of death date and service record.

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