Cain-Schaefer Cemetery, Champaign Co., IL
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Champaign County Genealogical Society

Cain-Schaefer Cemetery

Contributed by Mary Myrick

Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly: As published in Volume 5, Issue 3

"The burials on the Cain (now Schaefer) place are located about two miles southwest of Ludlow on a decided knoll about thirty-five rods east and about five rods north of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 10-22-9. In 1892 the cemetery was reported fenced with tombstones standing about 1920. Soon after this, they were reported taken down by the tenant farming the land. The stones are now said to be in a wash, closed by, but so far nothing definite has been reported. The burial place was said to have been started during a prevalence of sickness when several children were first buried there. A dozen or more burials were made here. It is not reported whether veterans are buried here.

We moved away from the place in the year 1917. The tombstones were still there and the fence was partly around the cemetery. Mr. Golden never farmed over them - he had too much respect for the dead." Taken from a newspaper article.

In 1983 four headstones were found when the current owner, Hubert King (1983)  was having some field terracing done. No one knew of there ever being a cemetery there. They did not dig deeper to see if there were caskets; they removed the stones from under the ground (about 3 or 4 feet) and took them up closer around the farm buildings. The stones were located just south of the farm house in Section 10 of Ludlow township, the southwest quarter. The plat book shows the house located up a little lane. The headstones appeared to be children.

James son of H. and S. J. David died April 5, 1868, aged 6y _m 12d
Etta J. daughter of B. F. Head died August 1, 1870 aged 2y 11m 2d
David H. son of W. W. and W. J. Vinzant died Sept. 18, 1868 aged 1y or 4y 5m 1d
Melville son of J. M. and C. C. Eddy b and d June 26, 1869


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