Bryant Cem., Champaign Co., IL
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Champaign County Genealogical Society

Bryant Cemetery


Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly: As published in Volume 6, Issue 3

Bryant Cemetery is located in the northeast quarter of Section 22, about one mile southeast of Mahomet, and is undoubtedly one of the earliest burial grounds of the settlement days in this community. It was transcribed by the Alliance Chapter of the D.A.R. in 1959.

Argo, John W. died Oct. 2, 1877, 29y 11m 8d
Mary L., daughter of J. W. and R. Argo died March 8, 1889, 18y 8m 12d
Nora, daughter of J. W. and R. Argo died Jan. 27, 1876, 9d
Barnhart, Frankie, son of E. P. and __ .M. Barnhart died June 26, 1881, 10m 28d
Bays, John W. died Oct. 16, 1845, 42y 4m 18d
Bevins, James died Aug. 12, 1848, 35y
Brees, Louis R., son of M. and L. C. Brees died Aug. 23, 1858, 2m 26d
Nancy, wife of Elem Brees died Jan. 15, 1862, 63y
Brenton, Alexander died Oct. 18, 1838, 41y 2m 6d
C. A. (Lieut.) Co. H. 125th ILL. Inf.
John William died Dec. 18, 1855 23y 2m
Josiah, son of A. and R. Brenton died Oct. 20, 1838, 10y 1m 23d
Rebecca, wife of Alexander Brenton died Jan. 8, 1853 (stone broken, could not read age)
Brown, Infant son of J. W. and Mildred Brown died May 16, 1845
Infant son of J. W. and Mildred Brown died Aug. 24, 1846
Almira, wife of W. W. Brown died Oct. 27, 1888 60y 5m 21d
Elisha H., son of J. W. and Mildred Brown died Sept. 2, 1841, 3m 29d
Emely Frances, daughter of J. W. and Mildred Brown died Nov. 23, 1845, 6y 1m 18d
Henry M., son of J. W. and Mildred Brown died April 3, 1856, 15y 11m 19d
John W., son of W. W. and A.M. Brown died Oct. 1, 1853, 1y 4m 1d
Mary Ella, daughter of W. W. and Almira Brown born Nov. 13, 1853, died Nov. 13, 1883
Mildred, wife of J. W. Brown died Aug. 28, 1846, 28y 1m 14d
Minnie F., daughter of W. W. and Almira Brown died Oct. 1, 1853, 1 yr 4m 1d
Bryan, Arthur M., son of John and Malinda Bryan died March 17, 1852, 5y 3m 5d
Henrietta I., daughter of John and Malinda Bryan died March 31, 1852, 7y 8m 27d
Isaac J. died Aug. 19, 1851, 16y 8m 10d
Malinda J., daughter of  J. and M. Bryan died June 26, 1867 17y 1m 10d
Sarah E., daughter of J. and M. Bryan died Sept. 3, 1837 1y 5m 8d
Buchanan, Alice, beloved wife of A. J. Buchanan died June 20, 1911, 69y 3m 12d
Andrew, born Feb. 11, 1829, died April 3, 1916
Wilbur B., born Aug. 20, 1860 died Dec. 31, 1915
Cappis, Infant son of  J. and I. Cappis died June 11, 1861
Infant son of Wm. and D. C. Cappis died Aug. 7, 1879, 7m
Infant daughter of William and Dulcinia K. Cappis died Dec. 18, 1855
D. Catherine, wife of Wm. Cappis died Feb. 13, 1881 44y 5m 25d
John, died Dec. 27, 1888, 61y 13d
Martin, died March 13, 1863, 62y
Martin, son of M. and P. Cappis died Jan. 25, 1858, 23y
Polly, died March 19, 1870 51y 8m 13d
Rebecca, daughter of William and Dulcinia K. Cappis died Feb. 4, 1857, 15d
Carson, Robert, Sept. 16, -__ 50y 10m 17d (stone broken in pieces near north fence. Could not read year. It is possible body has been moved.)
Carruthers, Elizabeth J., wife of James Carruthers died May 15, 1852, 24y 2m 14d
James, died April 30, 1855, 30y
Chambers, Mary A., wife of John D. Chambers died April 29, 1857, 20y 10m 3d
Sarah C., daughter of  J. D. and M. A. Chambers died Sept. 2, 1857, 6m 9d
Cloud, Abner died Dec. 25, 1866, 56y
Coffman, Infant son of  D. H. and S. E. Coffman died Jan. 23, 1877
Combs, William, died Oct. 3, 1873 42y 6m
Dale, Infant daughter of  T. and M. E. Dale died Dec. 4, 1877
Albert J., son of  T. and M.E. Dale died Oct. 30, 1861
Alice J., daughter of  T. and M. Dale died Sept. 21, 1871 9y 10m 29d
Daniel F., died Feb. 26, 1855, 18y 2m 13d
Jemima, born Sept. 21, 1836 died Aug. 26, 1889
Lydia A., daughter of  T. and M. Dale died Oct. 17, 1865, 9d
Mary E., born 1832 died 1883
Moses S., died Aug. 30, 1865 61y 8m 24d
Sarah E., daughter of J. F. and A. Dale died Feb. 28, 1863
Susanna, wife of  Moses Dale died Aug. 24, 1876, 73y 10m 16d
Thomas, born 1834 died 1918
Dickson, Infant son of J. M. and J. L. Dickson died Sept. 9, 1873
Amos V., son of J. M. and J. Dickson died April 24, 1863, 4m 24d
Amos S., born Dec. 25, 1804 died June 29, 1880
Dora F., daughter of  J. M. and J. Dickson died Sept. 15, 1876, 10y 4m 21d
Rachel, wife of Amos Dickson died Feb. 18, 1863, 51y (could not read all of age)
Edwards, Jeremiah P., son of  H. E. and M. Edwards died Oct. 12, 1860, 3y 5m 11d
Foster, Bertie L., son of  T. M. and H. A. Foster died Jan. 22, 1877 1y 3m 20d
Franklin, Anna, wife of T. Franklin died Aug. 23, 1856, 69y 8m 2d
Eliza A., daughter of Daniel R. and Mahala Franklin died March 12, 1855, 11m 8d
Gerall, Samuel A., son of  N. S. and S. C. Gerall died March 27, 1867, 11m 4d
Sarah J., daughter of  N. S. and S. C. Gerall born Sept. 7, 1869 died Sept. 8, 1869
Gordon, Maria, wife of George Gordon died Jan. 14, 1884, 67y 21d
Gumley, David, died March 25, 1901, 75y 6m
Herriott, Lawrence D., son of  W. H. and M. E. Herriott born May 10, 1902 died Dec 12, 1902
Hunter, Charles M., died Oct. 23, 1854, 33y (a veteran)
Hyde, Samuel, died Sept. 13, 1878, 76y 1m 8d (2 other stones near down, but could not be moved)
Johnson, Benjamin Johnson born 1832 died 1907
Sarah Holt, born 1853 died 1941
Sarah Smith, born 1830 died 1880
Johnston, Harriet, daughter of Mathew and Martha E. Johnston died Jan. 7, 1856, 12y 1m 29d
Karr, Alvin, son of A. T. and R. Karr died Sept. 10, 1850, 4y 3m 26d
Hannah, daughter of M. and E. Kerr died May 4, 1852 1y 4m 17d
Martha, wife of James Karr born June 17, 1793 died Oct. 6, 1851, 58y 3m 19d
Rebecca, wife of Adam Karr died Feb. 9, 1864, 48y 1m 1d
Kieffer, Clyde M., son of P. and L. A. Kieffer died April 6, 1889, 8y 8m
Frances, son of P. and L. A. Kieffer (could not read more)
Frank (?), son of P. and L. A. Kieffer (could not read date)
Lydia A., born June 29, 1837 died Sept. 9, 1898
Mattie P., daughter of P. and L.A. Kieffer died March 16, 1886, 7y 11m 24d
Peter, born Sept. 19, 1832 died Oct. 14, 1887 (a veteran, flag on grave)
Susan D., wife of P. Kieffer died Jan. 7, 1870, 30y
Lynch, Amanda Cappis, born 1863 died 1887
George W., born 1844 died 1931
Jerusha J., born 1855 died 1931
Mathias, died June 3, 1880 (?), 72y 21d (date difficult to see)
Martin, Hulda E., daughter of J. and J. A. Martin died March 15, 1852, 6y 1m 20d
Joseph S., died Nov. 28, 1861, 28y 7m 2d
Malinda A., daughter of J. S. and C. Martin died July 7, 1856, 3m 20d
Maxwell, Charles H., born 1856 died 1915
Joana, wife of Jonathan Maxwell died Aug. 31, 1843, 55y
Jonathan, died March 28, 1845, 56y 10m 23d
Jonathan, son of J. and J. Maxwell died Dec. 31, 1845 10y 10m 23d
Jonathan K., son of R. and M. S. Maxwell died Jan. 10, 1870 12y 3m 26 d
Joseph, born May 16, 1824 died May 9, 1897
Lydia, daughter of J. and J. Maxwell died July 27, 1837, 9y 8m 29d
Rosana, wife of Joseph Maxwell born April 22, 1832 died Jan. 6, 1882, "She died as she lived, A Christian".
William, son of J. and B. Maxwell died 1853
William R., son of R. and M. S. Maxwell died Feb. 26, 1871, 19y 3m 18d
May, William, Co. I (?) 25th ILL. Inf.
Mead, Ann, wife of  J. Mead died Nov. 17, 1865, 68y 9m 11d
Charles P., died May 22, 1871, 37y
John, died Feb. 24, 1847, 51y 9m 23d
Metheney, Infant daughter of  J. and L. Metheney died Aug. 8, 1855, 1 day
Charles R., son of J. and L. Metheney died Aug. 25, 1853, 2y 4m 14d
James L., son of J. and L. Metheney died Sept. 2, 1854
Miller, Infant son of  W. N. and A.C. Miller born and died March 18, 1877
Elsie, daughter of G. P. and E. M. Miller died Sept. 2, 1892, 11d
Hamilton, died Feb. 27, 1871, 57y 8m 11d
Sarah, wife of H. Miller died June 27, 1870, 57y 8m 17d
Miner, Charles, died July 21, 1885, 77y 3m 22d
Eunice, wife of Charles Miner died Oct. 5, 1899, 76y 1m 18d
Grant, born June 26, 1864 died Aug. 13, 1887
John, son of C. E. Miner died Sept. 30, 1890, 24y 4d
Martha, daughter of Charles and Eunice Miner died Jan. 14, 1851, 11d
Rufus, (Sergeant) Co. 125 Reg. ILL Vol. died April 11, 1864, 24y 1m 17d "Farewell my brother dear, Until the Blest word is given, A full discharge from care and strife, And earth exchanged for heaven".
Sarah, daughter of Charles and Eunice Miner died Aug. 1, 1856 1y 22d
Thomas, died July 14, 1883, 30y 11m 7d
Minniear, John, son of S. and M. Minniear died Nov. 5, 1892 17y
Samuel, died March 22, 1900, 82y 1m 3d
Sylvester S., son of N. Minniear died Aug. 23, 1852, 14m 16d
Moore, Hannah, wife of John Moore died Feb. 10, 1846, 43y 5m 22d
Nicewander, Sarah B., wife of Daniel Nicewander died Feb. 9, 1874, 49y 1mo
Ogden, Rebecca, died May 4, 1853, 72y
Osburn (on some stones spelled Osborn)
Osborn, Julia N, daughter of W. and E. Osborn died Oct. 6, 1843, 2y 5m 11d
Infant daughter of  J. and M. A.. Osburn died March 11, 1853 (this stone was down but near that of William Osburn)
Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Osburn died June 30, 1851, 37y
William, died Dec. 20, 1842
O'Neal, Nancy, wife of  James O'Neal died Jan. 11, 1867, 50y 3m 5d
Penny, Matilda, wife of  Jacob Penny died May 26, 1858, 44y 3m 18d
Phillips, Catherine, died March 30, 1896
Joseph H., son of  H. M. and C. W. Phillips died Sept. 6, 1857, 9m 19d
William A., son of H. M. and C. W. Phillips died Oct. 20, 1851, 8m 2d
Pippen, Silance, wife of A. J. Pippen died Feb. 25, 1858, 31y 11m 21d
Refenberrick, Margaret L., daughter of O. H. P. and Silance Refenberrick died Oct. 14, 1849 1y 1m 5d
Robertson, Craven J., born Jan. 10, 1844 died Jan. 18, 1844
Emma M., born Sept. 3, 1857 died Dec. 27, 1857
J. B., died May 13, 1858, 39y 5m 28d
Margaret, born Oct. 25, 1873 died July 27, 1874
Martha A., wife of J. (?) R. Robertson died Oct. 17, 1855 62y 3m (stone broken and down, so do not know if there was a record on other side)
William R., born Oct. 5, 1842 died April 26, 1843
Robinson, John, died May 7, 1861 62y 22d
Sarah __, daughter of N. L. and F. G. Robinson died Sept. 2, 1857, 1y 22d
Tobitha, wife of J. R. Robinson died April 13, 1862, 56y 2m 7d
Ruhl, Emily F., daughter of A. G. and B. Ruhl died July 30, 1859, 1y 25d
Lizzie C., daughter of A. G. and B. Ruhl. died June 27, 1878, 8y 2m 17d
Smith, Infant daughter of C. and E. M. Smith died Oct. 29, 1859, 7 weeks
Chancy, died June 10, 1865 40y 14m 27d (veteran, flag by stone)
Elizabeth M., wife of C. Smith died May 11, 1880, 45y 2m 6d
Sprague, William, son of Abraham and Mary J. Sprague died Sept. 5, 1850, 6m 27d
Stearns, Mary J. Boyer died April 17, 1872, 51y 9m (stone has the words "Our Parents".)
Nelson, died July 13, 1847, 34y 9m 5d
Sweet, Stephen G., died March 29, 1877, 59y 6m 13d
Webb, John, died July 31, 1836, 45y 9m 26d
Rhoda, wife of James H. Webb died Dec. 23, 1868, 38 years
Richard W., died March 13, 1850 26y 11m 16d
Wheatley, Jane M., born 1831 died 1887 "Mother"
Minnie K., born 1867 died 1900 "Daughter"
Wilson, born 1825 died 1905 "Father"
Wright, Ida L., died Sept. 29, 1889, 18y 2m 24d
Isaac E., born March 17, 1824 died March 8, 1880, 56 years
Tabitha J., born Sept. 20, 1856 died Nov. 18, 1858
Yapp, Ann, wife of Gideon W. Yapp died Dec. 8, 1867, 46y 5m 9d

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