Bureau County IL Cemetery Information

Listing as provided by the United States Geological Survey and other sources.  If you know of a Bureau County Cemetery not listed here, would like to provide more specific directions,  or would like to contribute a transcription of burials at any of these locations, please email the information so we may add it to the group.

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Albrecht Cemetery . Arispe Township, Sec 21
on private property; established 1842
. .
Aldrich Cemetery . north of Wyanet, west of Princeton; 
Wyanet Twp; established 1855; 
private property
412420N 0893453W
Amish Cemetery . Fairfield Twp south of Tampico 
established 1944
413436N 0894704W
Anderson Family Cemetery . Section 21, Wheatland Twp
established 1860
413003N 0894804W
Anderson Family Cemetery . Section 33 Fairfield Twp
established 1872; private property
. .
Arispe Cemetery . Arispe Twp Section 17 
on private property
. .
Arlington Cemetery . Arlington; Westfield Twp . .
Berean Cemetery . due north of Seatonville; nw of Ladd, 
sw of Cherry; Westfield Twp. 
established 1850's
412429N 0891544W
Bowen Cemetery . slightly east of New Bedford
Greenville Twp; established 1842
413109N 0893926W
Boyds Grove Cemetery  Mounds Cemetery southeast of Bradford; Milo Twp
established 1850's
410946N 0893448W
Brush Creek Cemetery Artesian Well Cemetery
Long Cemetery
Selby Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery
Selby Twp; established 1846 . .
Bunker Hill Cemetery . directly south of Buda; Macon Twp
established 1850
411726N 0894101W
Calvary Cemetery Calvary Catholic  Arlington; Westfield Twp; 
established 1880
412800N 0891452W
Chapel Cemetery New Bedford Chapel
United Brethren Cemetery
rural New Bedford southeast of town
Greenville Twp est 1860
412948N 0894231W
Chenowith Family Cemetery . Arispe Twp on private property . .
Clarion Cemetery . Clarion Twp; private property . .
Clarion Lutheran Cemetery Zion Lutheran northeast of La Moille 413232N 0891258W
Clark Family Cemetery . Princeton Twp; on private property . .
Corss Cemetery West Bureau Cemetery est. in 1840's; north of Wyanet,
w. of Princeton; Bureau Twp
412512N 0893330W
County Farm Cemetery County Home Cemetery est. 1911; between Princeton 
& Wyanet (south) Wyanet Twp; 
(one memorial marker-no individual)
412102N 0893200W
Depue Cemetery  De Pue Village Cemetery northwest corner village of DePue; Selby Twp
established 1910's
412026N 0891904W
Elm Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery . Princeton; Princeton Twp; 
established 1938
partial list online in our archives thanks to Virginia Perry
412248N 0892816W
Erbes Cemetery . northwest of Mendota, Clarion Twp
established in 1860's
413457N 0891229W
Evangelical and Reformed Cemetery German Evangelical  est 1860's; Hollowayville; Selby Twp 412151N 0891737W
Fairfield Greenville Cemetery Greenville-Fairfield Union northwest of New Bedford
Greenville Twp
413148N 0894432W
Fifield Cemetery Lyford Fifield northeast corner Buda; 
Concord Twp; est 1830's
412012N 0893954W
Floral Hill Cemetery . Neponset; Neponset Twp;
established 1885
partial list online in our archives thanks to Virginia Perry
411734N 0894717W
Follett Cemetery . northwest Manlius; Manlius Twp;
established 1840's; private property
412755N 0894133W
Forest Cemetery . Greenville Twp; private property . .
Forest Hill Cemetery . Wyanet Twp; established 1842 412157N 0893430W
German Evangelical Cemetery St Paul German Evangelical northwest of Mendota; same area as Erbes Cem.
Clarion Twp; established 1850's
413504N 0891237W
Gold Township Cemetery . northeast of Mineral, southwest of Manlius
Gold Twp; established 1860's
412607N 0894709W
Greene Cemetery Jenkins-Green Cemetery due south of Princeton; Princeton Twp
established 1840's; gravestones removed
to Stoner Cemetery-it is not clear if the
burials themselves were moved or just the
412019N 0892738W
Greenfield Cemetery La Moille Cemetery La Moille Twp; established 1837 413143N 0891637W
Greenwood Cemetery Bureau Cemetery Bureau Junction; Leepertown Twp
established 1888
411758N 0892151W
Heatons Point Cemetery North Prairie Baptist est. 1830's;northwest of Dover, 
North of Princeton
Dover Twp
412703N 0893011W
Hayes Cemetery Knox Cemetery Princeton Twp; established 1840's . .
Hetzler Cemetery Wells west of Mendota, northeast of La Moille
Clarion Twp, established 1832
413312N 0891449W
Highland Cemetery . Concord Twp; burials removed to Hopeland . .
Hill Cemetery Cypress Hills or Hills just south of La Moille heading toward Arlington 413037N 0891629W
Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery . Westfield Twp; established 1909 . .
Hopeland Cemetery  Union Cemetery dead center in middle of triangle formed
by Buda, Sheffield and Neponset; Concord Twp
established 1940's
411930N 0894305W
Hunter Cemetery . south of Tiskilwa, east of Bradford; Wheatland Twp established 1840's 
see Hunter Cemetery Preservation Website
for burial list and restoration information 
(Thanks to Mikki Judge-you guys do good work!)
411145N 0893110W
Kennedy Family Cemetery . Westfield Twp; established 1860's
private property
. .
Ladd Cemetery . southeast corner of Ladd
Hall Twp; established 1904
412246N 0891203W
Limerick Cemetery . halfway between Ohio and Princeton
Dover Twp; established 1850s
412909N 0892759W
Lithuanian Cemetery  Lithuanian Liberty northern Spring Valley; Hall Twp; 
established 1910
412020N 0891122W
Lone Tree Cemetery (old) . Wheatland Twp; established 1850
private property
. .
Lone Tree Corners Cemetery Lone Tree Cemetery
Wheatland Twp Cemetery
southeast of Tiskilwa about 
1/2 way to Henry;
Wheatland Twp; established 1860's
411103N 0892855W
Lost Grove Cemetery . Arlington; Westfield Twp;
established 1837 
online in our archives thanks to Teri Goembel
412827N 0891429W
Malden Cemetery . Malden (just west of Dover), Berlin Twp
established in 1850's
412539N 0892229W
Manlius Cemetery . Manlius Twp; established 1920 412705N 0894011W
Mason Grove Cemetery  Mason Cemetery north of Princeton, 
northwest of Dover near Malden
Dover Twp; established in 1840's
412700N 0892719W
Miller Cemetery . northwest Spring Valley; Hall Twp;
established 1840s
411952N 0891321W
Miller Cemetery . Leepertown Twp; established 1845 . .
Milo Cemetery Milo Twp Cemetery northeast of Bradford; Milo Twp;
established 1860's
411135N 0893458W
Mineral Cemetery . southeast of Mineral heading toward Neponset
Mineral Twp; established 1850's
412059N 0894818W
Miners Memorial Cemetery Cherry Miners Cemetery
Holy Trinity Cemetery
Westfield Twp; established 1909
for a brief history of the Cherry Mine disaster click here
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Southwest corner of Cherry (north of Ladd)
412524N 0891307W
Mount Bloom Cemetery . northwest Tiskilwa; Indiantown Twp;
established 1855
411739N 0893123W
Mount Olivet Cemetery . Spring Valley; Hall Twp; 
established 1891
411952N 0891104W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery . northwest of Bradford, south of Buda; 
Macon Twp; established 1850's
411410N 0894209W
Neponset Cemetery Old West or 
Old Neponset West
est. 1853 by the Norton family; 
west Neponset
some photgraphs onsite contributed by Susie Martin-Rott
411733N 0894904W
Newell Cemetery . Greenville Twp; established 1850 . .
North Prairie Cemetery Prairie Hill Cemetery southeast of the town of Ohio 413127N 0892331W
Oak Hill Cemetery Providence Cemetery est 1840's;south of Wyanet, west of Buda
Indiantown Twp
411710N 0893519W
Oakland Cemetery . Princeton Twp; established 1836
partial list online in our archives thanks to Virginia Perry
412154N 0892859W
Old Swedish Cemetery . Princeton Twp; private property . .
Ottville Cemetery . Hall Twp; established 1840's . .
Perkins . Arispe Twp on private property . .
Pioneer Cemetery . Dover Twp; established 1840's 412559N 0892338W
Prairie Repose Cemetery . southwest Dover; Dover Twp;
established 1859
412547N 0892415W
Red Oak Cemetery Red Oak Methodist. between Walnut and Ohio; Walnut Twp
established 1855
413418N 0893213W
Rice Family Cemetery . Clarion Twp; est.1860's;
on private property
. .
Roggy Cemetery . Bureau Twp, northeast of Manlius
established 1855
412827N 0893404W
Saint Annes Cemetery St Anne's Lithuanian north central Spring Valley
Hall Twp; established 1900's
412011N 0891148W
Saint Bede Cemetery . south east Spring Valley 411909N 0890949W
Saint George Cemetery  St George Syrian north west Spring Valley; Hall Twp
established 1920
411953N 0891324W
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery (German) Church on the Hill Cemetery west of Hollowayville on road to Princeton
Selby Twp; established 1850's
412204N 0891843W
Saint Josephs Cemetery . Spring Valley, Hall Twp, 
established 1864
411937N 0891045W
Saint Margarets Cemetery . Hall Twp; established 1900 for
burials of Nuns and Priests only
. .
Saint Marys Cemetery St Johns  due west of Tiskilwa
south from Wyanet
Indiantown Twp
411729N 0893514W
Saint Marys Cemetery  Kirkpatrick Cemetery southwest of Tiskilwa;
Indiantown Twp
411640N 0893218W
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery . Selby Twp; established 1917 . .
Saint Patrick Cemetery St Patrick's Catholic Southeast of Sheffield about
1/2 way to Buda
Concord Twp; established 1873
412015N 0894240W
Saint Valentines Cemetery . north central Spring Valley; Hall Twp
established 1891
411959N 0891111W
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery . northwest Spring Valley; Hall Twp
established 1890's
411956N 0891324W
Sand Hill Cemetery  Sand Hill Baptist southeast of Manlius; Manlius Twp
established 1861
412553N 0893741W
Sapp Cemetery . west of Princeton northeast of Wyanet
Wyanet Twp; established 1845; 
private property
412303N 0893325W
Searl Ridge Cemetery Ridge Cemetery north of Bureau Junction,
west of DePue
Selby Twp; established 1838
411958N 0892204W
Serbian Orthodox Cemetery . Selby Twp; established 1907 . .
Sheffield Cemetery . southeast Sheffield; Concord Twp.; established 1840's 412052N 0894333W
Stoner Cemetery  Backbone Cemetery
Union Cemetery
Woodlawn-Stoner Cemetery
north Princeton; Princeton Twp
established 1859
412336N 0892832W
Thomas Cemetery Cartright Cemetery Fairfield Twp; established 1870's . .
Triplett Cemetery Pleasant Grove 
Prairie Cemetery
Union Cemetery
between Wyanet and Princeton;
Wyanet Twp
established 1842; private property
412120N 0893222W
Union Cemetery  Clapp Cemetery north of La Moille; La Moille Twp
established 1837
413447N 0891647W
Union Cemetery . Ohio Twp; established 1850's 413322N 0892733W
Valley Memorial Park  Spring Valley Memorial  Spring Valley
Hall Twp, established 1947
412028N 0891320W
Van Orin Repose Cemetery . between La Moille and Ohio; 
La Moille Twp
established 1877
413312N 0892148W
Walnut Cemetery . west Walnut; Walnut Twp; 
established 1880
413330N 0893617W
Walnut Grove Cemetery . southwest of Buda; Macon Twp
established 1852
411704N 0894251W
Willow Springs Cemetery Willow Springs Mennonite southwest of Tiskilwa, Indiantown Twp
established 1871
411501N 0893211W
Wood Cemetery Wood Family Cemetery east of Neponset; Macon Twp
established 1861; on private property
411736N 0894356W
Yorktown Cemetery Fairfield Cemetery northwest corner of county 
in Fairfield Twp near Henry Co line 
(note this can be confusing-
Yorktown in in Bureau Co but Yorktown TWP is in HENRY Co) 
established 1850's
413421N 0895059W

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