Winnebago Co., IL Biography - J. Stanley Browne

BROWNE, J. Stanley
Portrait & Biographical Record Winnebago & Boone Cos., IL. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1892, pp 316-317

Hon. J. Stanley BROWNE, editor in chief of the "Morning Star" of Rockford [Winnebago County, IL], has held that position since its inception, 10 Mar 1888.  The staff consists of R. B. JOHNSON, city editor, and Frank EDMISON, reporter.  The sheet is strictly Democratic, and is a strong advocate of Cleveland.  It is very influential in its party, being the only avowed Democratic paper in Winnebago County.   It has a large circulation, its columns being perused by thousands of readers.   It affords pleasure to the biographical writer to incorporate in this volume the sketch of the genial editor in chief, who demonstrates that editors, like poets, are born, not made.  The qualities that make a successful journalist are inbred, and no amount of study can supply the lack of a keeness of observation, acute perceptions of taste of the public, and accurate judgment on matters treated in various departments of a newspaper.

The "Morning Star" is a 7-column, 8-paged paper, issued daily, and a credit of the management that nearly all the workmen who were employed in its publication at the beginning on still on the force.  Mr. BROWNE has had considerable experience in the newspaper line in NY State, having been employed on the Albany "Argus."   While thus engaged, he took an active part in politics, and prior to reaching his majority stumped the state for Tilden, in the campaign of 1876, also making speeches in IN and OH.  He was later twice elected on the Democratic ticket to the NY Legistlature from Otsego County, in which he had previously served as a page, messenger and reporter.   He was very prominent in local affairs, and previous to the time above spoken of, was Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and was Secretary for a period of five years to Lt. Gov. Dorscheimer, during the time Tilden was Governor, and consequently became intimately acquainted with that gentleman and many other prominent men of the Legislature.   His political record in NY was a brilliant one, but his "Star" finally settled in the the West, where he has since given his best efforts to making it rank among the best in Northern IL.  He is a forcible writer, and wihile in politics had the reputation of being an eloquent speaker.  While in he Legislature he was the youngest man in the assembly, in which he was an active worker, and was also a prominent member of the congressional and State conventions.

The Hon. Mr. BROWNE has made a success of all his undertakings.  He was born in Albany [Albany County], NY, 37 years ago, where he received his education in the city schools.  Becoming interested [p 317] in early life in newspaper work, he was carrier boy, when quite young, for the papers of that city.  It will thus be readily seen that through his persistent industry and good judgment, he has attained to his present high standing among his brethren in the newspaper world, and it is his ambition to go on until he shall have attained to the topmost round of the ladder of fame.  His parents lived and died in NY State, where they were well-to-do and honored citizens.

Our subject, coming to IL, has made many political speeches in Winnebago County in behalf of his party.  He was married in his native state to Miss TALLMADGE, who was born in Otsego County [NY], where she was given an excellent education in the public schools.   She is a most intelligent and refined lady and a leader in the social circles of Rockford.  Her father was a soldier in the Rebellion, and her grandfather was a patriot in the Revolutionary War.  In her religious belief she is a Methodist.   Socially our subject is a member of the Elks Lodge, No. 64, of Rockford, and in politics is a straight out-and-out Democrat.

Submitted by Cathy Kubly.