William Johnson - Crawford Co., IL Biography

History of Crawford and Clark Counties, Illinois, Vol. II.

William Henry Perrin, ed.

(Chicago: O.L. Basking & Co. Historical Publishers)


William Johnson, Deputy Sheriff, Robinson, was born in this county September 19, 1822, and was brought up on a farm, receiving but a limited education. At the age of twenty-eight years, he commenced trading in stock, which he continued until 1862, when he was elected Sheriff of the county.  He did an extensive business in stock; buing and driving cattle and horses to Chicago, also bought and shipped cattle to New Orleans.   He is a stanch Democrat, and in 1862, was elected Sheriff; in 1864, Circuit Clerk, and in 1876 was again elected Sheriff.  He has also served as Justice of the Peace.   He was appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1882, which position he now holds.  In 1848, he was married to Miss Martha J. Ford, of this county.  They have nine children living, viz:  Price, Lauretta, Frank P., Amelia, Carroll, Luduskey, Martha, William D., and Maud.  Subject's father was born in Kentucky in 1775, and was married in 1803 to Miss Nancy McCarty, born in 1784, on the banks of the Ohio, where Louisville now stands.  They came to Crawford County, Ill., April 9, 1818, shortly before Illinois was admitted into the Union.  He entered 234 acres of land in what is now Montgomery Township.  A part of this (123 acres) is still owned by his descendants.

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