Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

The following is a partial list for Pleasant Ridge Cemetery,
located near Greenleaf, Canyon Co., Idaho. 
Latest Update 2-13-2016.

- The names listed below are not all those buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.
Each name is labeled mentioning what is available.  Those names in red are links.
 "Photo Available" means just that.  We have a headstone photo for that
person and can be sent to you free upon request.  Please send your request
stating name and cemetery to

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Adams, Infant Unknown-1903    Obit Only PR
Allebaugh, Amanda Loreine Bender 1838-1914    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Allebaugh, Daniel 1836-1931    Photo and Obit PR
Allebaugh, Daughter 1903-1903    Photo and Obit PR
Allebaugh, Ernest W 1876-1909    Photo Available PR
Bowman, Lucy Alice 1897-1911    Photo Available PR
Bowman, Mary Elizabeth Parrish 1855-1934    Photo Available PR
Bowman, Mounce Bird 1843-1916    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Bowman, William Lester 1891-1925    Photo Available PR
Bryan, Daniel Wesley 1855-1924    Photo Available PR
Bryan, Eva May George 1866-1924    Photo Available PR
Bull, Dayle G 1940-1941    Photo Available PR
Carlson, Florence Violetta Matteson 1902-1924    Photo Available PR
Carroll, Unknown    Photo Available PR
Charity, Rex Verner 1886-1907    Obit Only PR
Clark, Theresa M 1873-1966    Photo Available PR
Claybaugh, Bessie Margaret Johnston 1887-1921    Photo Available PR
Claybaugh, Charles T 1882-1962    Photo Available PR
Claybaugh, LaVerne 1909-1994    Photo Available PR
Coleman, Ella Marie 1927    Photo Available PR
Croft, Bernice 1889-1906    Photo Available PR
Croft, Minerva A Allen 1851-1909    Photo Available PR
Darling, Christina Wood 1859-1935    Obit Only PR
Davis, William L 1832-1914    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Dean G L Baby Girl Unknown    Photo Available PR
Dotson, David Franklin 1873-1926    Photo Available PR
Dotson, Pleasant 1828-1917    Photo and Death Certificate Available PR
Dotson, Verdie Unknown    Photo Available PR
Eames, Erastus William 1853-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Eames, Frances A Brown 1856-1935    Photo and Obit PR
Eames, William Wellington 1882-1920    Photo Available PR
Earner, John M 1869-1929    Photo and Obit PR
Earner, Martin 1920-1920    Photo Available PR
Earner, Neil 1901-1931    Photo Available PR
Earner, Ruth 1918    Photo Available PR
Escott, Amos Ernest 1881-1946    Photo Available PR
Escott, Bertie Arthur 1884-1932    Obit Only PR
Escott, John J 1909-1918    Photo Available PR
Escott, Mary E 1871-1918    Photo Available PR
Faris, Infant 1914-1914    Death Certificate PR?
Fisher, Ellis Harl 1888-1918    Photo Available PR
George, Harriet Matilda Morse 1847-1934    Photo and Obit PR
George, William Alexander 1840-1912    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Hageman, Keith 1913-1913    Obit and Death Certificate PR
Hamilton, Carl Barnes 1890-1930    Obit Only PR
Hamilton, M E 1925    Photo Available PR
Harris, Amyette Mundone Burton 1838-1922    Photo Available PR
Harris, Frances 1911    Photo Available PR
Harris, Pearl 1890-1911    Photo Available PR
Harris, William Warren 1865-1937    Photo and Obit PR
Hoff, Edith K George 1879-1910    Photo Available PR
Holton, Eva Alice 1915-1915    Obit and Death Certificate PR
Holton, Infant Daughter 1912-1912   Obit and Death Certificate PR
Horrace, George W 1832-1902    Photo Available PR
Horrace, Rachel A 1846-1919    Photo Available PR
J A W Unknown    Photo Available PR
Jessen, Dorthea Kalrene Jensen 1838-1908    Photo - Obit - Death Regstry Entry PR
Jessen, Jens Peter 1849-1929    Photo Available PR
Johnson, Clara Eliza Murphy 1851-1914    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Kincaid, Bessie May Claybaugh 1916-1937    Photo and Obit PR
Knapp, Phillip E 1861-1918    Photo Available PR
Knee, Mark Edwin 1911-1939    Photo and Obit PR
Martin, Daniel 1940-PR
Martin, Dona E L 1941-1941    Photo Available PR
Matteson, Harry Haines 1867-1912    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Mayall, Nancy Ellen Grissom 1832-1916    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Mills, Son 1921    Photo Available PR
Morrow, Chester H 1906-1906    Photo Available PR
Morrow, Robert L 1855-1911    Photo Available PR
Mussell, Ada Norton 1867-1929    Obit Only PR
Mussell, Alma E 1898-1914    Death Certificate Available PR-Burial Not Confirmed
Mussell, Infant 1903-1903    Obit Only PR
Mussell, Rev Jacob 1859-1946    Photo Available PR
Nelson, Pauline 1911-1913    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Norton, Lucy Ann Bosley 1830-1908    Obit and Death Register PR
Olsen, Baby Boy 1917-1917    Death Certificate Available PR
Olsen, Infant 1907-1907    Obit Only PR
O'Neal, James J 1860-1947    Photo Available PR
O'Neal, Mary A 1857-1937    Photo Available PR
Phinney, Edwin Nelson 1839-1925    Obit Only PR
Phinney, Julia Ann Howse 1838-1915    Obit and Death Certificate PR
Ragains, David 1849-1927    Photo Available PR
Ragains, Nancy Ann Ellis 1849-1916    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Rice, Olive M 1857-1927    Photo Available PR
Rolen, Charlotte 1905-1906    Photo Available PR
Root, Baby 1936    Photo Available PR
Rose, Daughter 1907    Photo Available PR
Rose, Harold Thomas 1917-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Rose, Josephine Aileen 1924-1925    Obit Only PR
Rose, Laura Joyce 1933-1933    Obit Only PR
Ross, Queen M Wheeler 1883-1910    Photo Available PR
Salisbury, A Unkknown    Photo Available PR
Salisbury, Veda Jeanette 1915-1915    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Schechling, Bertram 1915-1915    Death Certificate Available PR
Schechling, Mrs Unknown    Photo Available PR
Shields, James W 1836-1925    Photo Available PR
Shuee, Noel O 1923-1981    Photo Available PR
Springer, Reverend John Lewis 1862-1903    Photo and Obit PR
Starr, Edgar 1831-1905    Photo Available PR
Starr, Martha Ann Layton 1840-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Starr, William Alonzo 1838-1915    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Stockdale, Virgil Ray 1931-1941    Photo and Obit PR
Swan, Mary S Morse 1835-1915    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Thomas Nora Earner Shuee 1903-1995    Photo Available PR
Trotter, Ernest Delbert 1873-1919    Photo and Obit PR
Trotter, Patricia 1941-1941    Photo Available PR
Van Valkenburgh, Sarah Ann Moote 1826-1914    Photo and Death Certificate Available PR
Vinson, Johnnie W 1874-1914    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
Webb, John A 1858-1913    Obit and Death Certificate PR
White, Caroline Ellen 1839-1915    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PR
White, Sarah J Stiles 1849-1917    Obit and Death Certificate PR
Wilson, Lester 1934    Photo Available PR
Womer, Dannie C 1919-1923    Photo Available PR
Wright, James M 1851-1904    Photo Available PR
Yensen, Alice W 1906-1980    Photo Available PR