Parma Cemetery


The following is a partial list for the Parma Cemetery,
located in Parma, Canyon Co., Idaho. 
Latest Update 2-13-2016.

- The names listed below are not all those buried in the Parma Cemetery.
Each name is labeled mentioning what is available.  Those names in red are links.
 "Photo Available" means just that.  We have a headstone photo for that
person and can be sent to you free upon request.  Please send your request
stating name and cemetery to

Other Canyon County cemeteries are listed on the  HOMEPAGE


Albertson, Martha Thompson 1847-1932    Obit Only PA
Allen, Agnes Janes Taylor 1876-1950    Obit Only PA
Allen, Charles B MD 1874-1924    Photo Available PA
Allen, Hannah J 1844-1912    Photo Available PA
Allen, Hilda May Peterson 1904-1943    Obit Only PA
Allen, Juanita Wymer abt 1907-1993    Obit Only PA
Amador, Carolina G 1924-1997    Obit Only PA
Amador, Vincente 1916-1990    Obit Only PA
Andersen, Hans Christian 1855-1937    Obit Only PA
Anderson, Barton Lane 1896-1983    Obit Only PA
Anderson, Dora Hay 1896-1985    Obit Only PA
Anderson, Hans Christian 1894-1915    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Anderson, Mary 1857-1920    Photo Available PA
Anderson, William 1856-1931    Photo Available PA
Andrews, George Ellis 1894-1986    Obit Only PA
Ashcraft, Lowell Thomas 1902-1983    Obit Only PA
Atkinson, Arden Lee 1926-1994    Obit Only PA
Avila, Cirilo Escamilla 1915-1993    Obit Only PA
Bachman, Gladys Baker Smith - 1914-1994    Obit Only PA
Bacon, Cyrus Newell 1883-1942    Obit Only PA
Bailey, John Hertzel 1917-1914    Death Certificate Available PA
Baka, Evalina 1838-1935    Photo Available PA
Bake, Michael Jay 1946-1994    Obit Only PA
Baker, Florence Mariah Copley 1873-1939    Obit Only PA
Ball, Anna Elizabeth Graves 1851-1917    Death Certificate Available PA
Barch, George Jefferson "Pop" 1951-2011    Photo and Obit PA
Baremore, Sally Beulah About 1909-1993    Obit Only PA
Barney, David 1860-1958    Photo Available PA
Barney, Leroy B 1908-1966    Photo Available PA
Barney, Susan A 1877-1950    Photo Available PA
Barth, Gus A 1871-1961    Photo and Obit PA
Barth, Hazel Margaret 1917-1917    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Barth, Lottie A 1881-1952    Photo Available PA
Beck, Charles Henry 1887-1939    Obit Only PA
Behrman, Henry G 1887-1950    Photo Available PA
Behrman, Martha M 1896-1987    Photo Available PA
Behrman, Martha Marie Klattenhoff 1919-1987    Obit Only PA
Bennett, James W 1944    Photo Available PA
Bennett, Viola L Bertholf  1912-1985    Obit Only PA
Bernard, George Perkins 1873-1940    Obit Only PA
Bernard, Harry Daniel 1877-1939    Obit Only PA
Bishelberger, Dick Abt 1875-1910    Obit Only PA
Black, Dorothy Hazel Kevan Lancaster 1912-1984    Obit Only PA
Bloyd, Merle K 1912-1990    Obit Only PA
Bloyd, Pearl Vesta Klahr 1911-1982    Obit Only PA
Blurton, Myrle Loveland Dowdle Boodry 1918-1987    Obit Only PA
Boardman, Mary Louise 1881-1959    Obit Only PA
Boehringer, Carl C 1864-1933    Photo Available PA
Boehringer, Pauline C Specht 1865-1939    Photo and Obit PA
Bone, John Burgess 1895-1986    Obit Only PA
Boodry, George E 1895-1979    Photo Available PA
Boodry, George E 1895-1979    Photo Available PA
Booth, Jolene Kaye 1960-1975    Obit Only PA
Booth, Lorene Beatrice Canfield 1920-1997    Obit Only PA
Boston, Earl Eugene 1910-1995    Obit Only PA
Bowman, Stella May Dollarhide 1909-1987    Obit Only PA
Bowrin, L Maude 1887-1970    Photo Available PA
Bragh, Charles D 1888-1959    Obit Only PA
Breneman, Luella Knight 1900-1982    Obit Only PA
Brooks Lena L Leigh Fretwell 1903-1983    Obit Only PA
Brown, Charles Henry 1859-1932    Obit Only PA
Brumbach, Ira 1907-1931    Obit Only PA
Brumbach, Joseph P 1904-1990    Obit Only PA
Buchanan, Clarence Munroe 1901-1983    Obit Only PA
Byram, Robert 1946-1985    Obit Only PA
Calderon, Margarito 1925-1984    Obit Only PA
Caldwell, Cedric Aaron 1902-1984    Obit Only PA
Caldwell, Kenneth Arnold Abt 1924-1992
Caldwell, Lloyd Arthur 1880-1963    Obit Only PA
Cameron, Edith Matilda Davis 1901-1072    Obit Only PA
Camp, Bertha abt 1872-1939    Obit Only PA
Campbell, Heber Grant 1923-1983    Obit Only PA
Campbell, Ida Bybee Thomas 1885-1964    Obit Only PA
Campbell, Lyman Richard "Dick" 1935-1964    Obit Only PA
Campbell, William Elmer 1882-1943    Obit Only PA
Cannon, Eula E Baker 1907-1985    Obit Only PA
Card, Otto L 1900-1992    Obit Only PA
Carlock Milton Millard 1897-1940    Obit Only PA
Carlyle, Callie Augusta Holbrook 1983-1942    Obit Only PA
Carlyle, William Harvey 1858-1930    Obit Only PA
Carroll, Mary May Rolfe 1900-1939    Obit Only PA
Carter, Leonard George 1895-1980    Obit Only PA
Cason, Eliza B 1862-1926    Photo Available PA
Cason, James M 1850-1921    Photo Available PA
Cearley, Grace Merritt 1909-1996    Obit Only PA
Cervantes, Antonio B 1923-1983    Obit Only PA
Chancellor, Andrew Jackson 1861-1917    Death Certificate Available PA
Chaney, Justin Dean 1989-1994    Obit Only PA
Chaney, Rosetta Percie Collins 1905-1983    Obit Only PA
Christie, Alexander S 1874-1953    Photo Available PA
Christie, Christiana B 1877-1966    Photo Available PA
Clark, Mary Elizabeth Wells 1847-1916    Death Certificate Available PA
Clark, Matthew 1841-1913    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Clarke, Oliver Edward 1884-1972    Obit Only PA
Clinton, Delbert Eldridge 1906-1986    Obit Only PA
Clinton, Elza 1912-1993    Obit Only PA
Clore, Herschel Hale 1893-1914    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Codr, Craig Lynn 1970-1985    Obit Only PA
Collins, Claire 1913-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Collins, Cora Clinton 1919-1993    Obit Only PA
Collins, Lloyd Allen 1922-1990  Obit Only PA
Collins, Nolan Henry 1901-1995    Obit Only PA
Collins, Russell Howard 1910-1991    Obit Only PA
Collins, William Ira 1912-1986    Obit Only PA
Comer, Lawrence B "Jack"    Obit Only PA
Cookston, Ralph Edward 1918-1986    Obit Only PA
Cornwell, Bryan Franklin 1907-1987    Obit Only PA
Cortabitarte, Juan 1895-1959    Photo Available PA
Cox, Clara Ferris 1877-1939    Obit Only PA
Crosswhite, Eugenia Catherine Barry 1856-1943    Obit Only PA
Dailey, George N 1868-1939    Obit Only PA
Dart, Marie 1868-1966    Photo Available PA
Davidson, Bob 1905-1943    Obit Only PA
Davis, Ollie Park 1871-1955    Photo Available PA
Davis, Robert Lee 1866-1914    Death Certificate Available PA
Deister, Edward John 1865-1943    Obit Only PA
Dennis, Con Winfred 1917-1993    Obit Only PA
DeVault, Jacob 1856-1912    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Devuono, Charley 1879-1953    Photo Available PA
Dibble, Dorothy Winona Sandy 1910-1991    Obit Only PA
Dibble, Lloyd Q 1911-1983    Obit Only PA
Dickerson, Bertha I 1871-1956    Photo Available PA
Dickerson, Carrie E 1877-1957    Photo Available PA
Dickerson, Charlie W 1875-1953    Photo Available PA
Dickerson, Frank L 1871-1955    Photo Available PA
Dickerson, John V 1847-1914    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Dickerson, Mary Agnes Hilton 1849-1916    Death Certificate PA
Dines, Ethel M Henderson Plagar 1901-1983    Obit Only PA
Divine, Dorothy Karrett 1911-1981    Obit Only PA
Divine, Edgar W "Bill" 1904-1982    Obit Only PA
Doersch, Ethel Margurite Olson 1915-1975    Obit Only PA
Doi, Frank 1919-1992    Obit Only PA
Doi, Kakuji 1883-1961    Photo Available PA
Domenico,  Anna Gustafson 1900-1987    Obit Only PA
Duloff, Kelly Petroff 1889-1976    Photo Available PA
Duloff, Ruth Catherine 1893-1982    Photo Available PA
Dunn, Horace Harling 1935-1939    Obit Only PA
Dunn, Verda Mae Proffitt 1903-1984    Obit Only PA
Dutro, James Landes 1907-1985    Obit Only PA
Echevarria, Jeffrey Allen 1960-1987    Obit Only PA
Eddy, Baby Girl 1915-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Eddy, Catherine McBride 1896-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Edmiston, Albert Elmer 1869-1940    Obit Only PA
Edmondson, Gussie A Brough 1914-1983    Obit Only PA
Eisenmenger, Carl 1882-1965    Photo Available PA
Eisenmenger, Marie 1884-1955    Photo Available PA
Ellibee, Bessie V 1897-1976    Photo Available PA
Ellibee, C Harriet 1917-1949    Photo Available PA
Ellibee, Leroy T 1887-1976    Photo Available PA
Elsberry, Charles Keith  Obit Only PA
Elston, Bertha E 1891-1967    Photo Available PA
Elston, Harry 1888-1971    Photo Available PA
Endsley, Albert R 1897-1983    Photo Available PA
Endsley, Myrtle O 1907-1966    Photo Available PA
Evans, Annie May 1875-1944    Obit Only PA
Everson, Ethelynne N 1895-1935    Photo Available PA
Everson, Tyler 1894-1918    Photo Available PA
Farley, Ella E Linebarger 1892-1976    Obit Only PA
Ferguson, Ernest Lowell 1896-1914    Death Certificate Available PA
Ferguson, Thomas Chester 1901-1991    Obit Only PA 
Finley, Day E 1897-1975    Obit Only PA
Fisher, Frona Ellen 1895-1971    Photo Available PA
Fisher, Leah Nora Biggs 1893-1994    Obit Only PA
Fisher, Vern A 1915-1997   Obit Only PA
Fisk, Chesley Campbell 1920-1995    Obit Only PA
Fisk, Cleora Campbell 1890-1005    Obit Only PA
Fisk, Frederick Ellsworth 1861-1942    Obit Only PA
Fisk, George Albert 1867-1938    Obit Only PA
Fisk, Harold W 1894-1952    Photo Available PA
Fisk, Helen R 1897-1971    Photo Available PA
Fisk, Ollie Emerson 1869-1943    Obit Only PA
Fitzpatrick, Anna M 1888-1960    Photo Available PA
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Franklin 1882-1965    Photo Available PA
Flores, Nick M 1919-1995    Obit Only PA
Ford, Brent Benson 1965-1986    Obit Only PA
Ford, Vesta Angeline Dunaway 1884-1959    Obit Only PA
Fouch, Altha Ethelum Mitchell 1867-1937    Obit Only PA 
Fox, Betty Lou Tuttle 1929-1984    Obit Only PA
Fox, Mable C 1891-1986    Obit Only PA
Fox, Raymond William 1925-1987    Obit Only PA
Franklin, Eleanor Gay 1945-1981    Obit Only PA
Franklin, Lon H 1929-1994    Obit Only PA
Franklin, Mary L Fells 1934-1995    Obit Only PA
Freeman, Clarence Lonzo 1900-1979    Obit Only PA
Freeman, Daniel Rogers 1878-1938    Obit Only PA
Freeman, Doshia "Dosie" Ellen Collins 1883-1939    Obit Only PA
Freeman, Johnnie Lou Turnbull 1905-1986    Obit Only PA
Freeman, Juanita 1910-1984    Obit Only PA
Freeman, Leona Seiber 1894-1937    Obit Only PA
Fritts, Celia E Crosswhite 1880-1912    Photo and Death Certificate Available PA
Fritts, Infant 1912-1912    Death Certificate Available PA
Fritz, Anna Elizabeth 1928-1942    Obit Only PA
Fritz, Queenie E 1838-1914    Death Certificate Available PA
Fulton,Canyon Hill Cemeteryarlotte Seaton 1840-1917    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Galloway, Leon 1874-1937    Obit Only PA
Gammel, Christine K 1911-1969    Photo Available PA
Gammel, Darrel H 1932-1995    Photo and Obit PA
Gammel, Harry 1882-1965    Photo Available PA
Garcia, Concepcion Rosales 1913-1996    Obit Only PA
Garcia, Estella Taylor 1938-1997    Obit Only PA
Gardiner, Charles H 1856-1939    Obit Only PA
Geisler, Anita Gooden Merrill 1911-1984    Obit Only PA
Glandon, Benjamin Franklin 1866-1936    Obit Only PA
Gonzales Ramon Z 1912-1976    Obit Only PA
Gonzalez, Ramona Garcia 1912-1988    Obit Only PA
Gooing, Pleasant Thomas Filmore 1854-1932    Obit Only PA
Goss, Christina Geanine 1972-1972    Obit Only PA
Goss, David V 1876-1914    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Graham, Alta Lewis 1989-1984    Obit Only PA
Gray, Robert James 1882-1959    Obit Only PA
Griggs, James Madison 1850-1914    Death Certificate Available PA
Guerrero, Federico E 1890-1987    Obit Only PA
Hager, George S 1920-1985    Obit Only PA
Hall, Billy Joe 1972-1994    Obit Only PA
Hamilton, Violette 1872-1918    Photo Available PA
Hammock, Elizabeth Sabina "Eliza" Bonner 1895-1936    Obit Only PA
Hammock, Max W 1921-1991    Obit Only PA
Hammond Gordon Lewis 1905-1987    Obit Only PA
Hammond, Billie Louise 1934-1959    Obit Only PA
Hansen, Carl Abt 1926-1936    Obit Only PA
Harbour, Newell Emerson 1909-1996    Obit Only PA
Harnar, Grover Eugene 1921-1996    Obit Only PA
Harnar, Willadean Nims 1925-1995    Obit Only PA
Harris, Nellie Gammel 1890-1952    Photo Available PA
Harris, William 1882-1964    Photo Available PA
Hartwig, Emma S Rey 1891-1985    Obit Only PA
Hartwig, Henry Edward 1887-1937    Obit Only PA
Hastie, Belle Ione Britton 1862-1913    Death Certificate Available PA
Hatter, Retta Martha Cummings 1859-1942    Obit Only PA
Haynes, Bessie Maud 1902-1992    Obit Only PA
Haynes, Clifford 1905-1967    Photo Available PA
Haynes, William S 1871-1949    Photo Available PA
Hayton, George R  1919-1959    Obit Only PA
Hayton, Lenna Mae Hammock 1923-1996    Obit Only PA
Healy, Albert Lee 1897-1934    Photo Available PA
Healy, Elliot Hower 1852-1931    Obit Only PA
Healy, Joan Beverly 1931-1934    Photo Available PA
Healy, Mollie Redmond 1864-1921    Photo Available PA
Healy, Oakley C 1894-1934    Photo Available PA
Healy, Theron 1901-1918    Photo Available PA
Hedges, Herbert Lee 1890-1976    Photo and Obit PA
Hedges, Lula V 1890-1988    Obit Only PA
Hedges, Minerva 1890-1980    Photo Available PA
Heil, Carl 1919-1986    Obit Only PA
Helderman, Elsie S Ernstrom 1907-1994    Obit Only PA
Helderman, Jay J 1909-1994    Obit Only PA
Helderman, Thomas H 1911-1983    Obit Only PA
Helm, Mary Cammie Gray 1875-1963    Obit Only PA
Henkel, Fred G 1903-1984    Obit Only PA
Henkel, Marion Weiderspon 1908-1996    Obit Only PA
Herold, Fred Martin 1894-1967    Obit Only PA
Hicks, Gertrude V 1884-1967    Obit Only PA
Higgins, Floyd M 1896-1983    Obit Only PA
Higgins, Velma McGee 1900-1987    Obit Only PA
Higgins, Wilma M Venn 1909-1991    Obit Only PA
Hill,Charles W 1901-1985    Obit Only PA
Hoff, Lucille Wheatley Hammond 1912-1996    Obit Only PA
Hoffman, Catharine Elizabeth 1876-1959    Obit Only PA
Hoffman, Duane R 1930-1963    Obit Only PA
Hoffman, William 1854-1937    Obit Only PA
Holdt, Sarah/Sarrah L. Weaver 1881-1958    Obit Only PA
Holmes, Dolly Mae Freeman 1923-2007    Obit Only PA
Holmes, John Zelmer 1909-1984    Obit Only PA
Holmes, Olive DeLois Freeman 1925-2006    Obit Only PA
Hopkins, Cordelia Irene Church 1907-1930    Obit Only PA
Houtman, Luther 1898-1990    Obit Only PA
Huffer, Richard D 1931-1996    Obit Only PA
Huffer, Robert "Carl" 1903-1997    Obit Only PA
Huffman, Orval L 1900-1951    Photo Available PA
Huffman, Orville Lester 1923-1986    Obit Only PA
Huffman, Vera 1908-1999    Photo Available PA
Humphrey, Mary T 1884-1937    Obit Only PA
Hunt, Earl E 1895-1951    Photo Available PA
Hunt, Emma E 1895-1994    Photo Available PA
Hurley, Jean Laraine 1935-1938    Obit Only PA
Hurtt, Clarence Bertram 1871-1942    Photo and Obit PA
Hurtt, Jessie 1875-1953    Photo Available PA
Hurtt, Julie M 1960    Photo Available PA
Hurtt, Roberta F 1913-1997    Photo Available PA
Hurtt, Ross G 1909-1978    Photo Available PA
Iiams, Carrie 1880-1970    Photo Available PA
Iiams, Hale CD 1877-1956    Photo Available PA
Jackson, Stanley Chttenden 1922-1987    Obit Only PA
James, Sherman Franklin 1878-1918    Photo Available PA
Jenkins, Donald S 1900-1984    Obit Only PA
Jenkins, Julia W 1907-1986    Obit Only PA
Johanson, Ida E Unkknown-1985    Obit Only PA
Johanson, John Gottfrid 1886-1974    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Alva Major 1913-1985    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Azel A 1906-1972    Photo Available PA
Johnson, Evan Gustave 1873-1942    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Francis Lee 1869-1959    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Gustave Adolph 1885-1939    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Iva Inez Collins 1934-1994    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Lucy Ella Kennerly 1847-1942    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Mae C 1910-1978    Photo Available PA
Johnson, Mary Maxine 1919-1982    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Robert A 1911-1995    Obit Only PA
Johnson, Rose Wood Gray 1889-1975    Obit Only PA
Johnston, Ada Magill 1891-1987    Obit Only PA
Johnston, Calvin Ross 1878-1916    Photo and Death Certificate Available PA
Johnston, Lottie Alice Raymond1887-1932    Photo and Obit PA
Jones, Sylvia Ferguson 1905-1994    Obit Only PA
Jorgensen, Everett Waite 1914-1988    Obit Only PA
Judd, Charles Demetrius 1894-1990    Obit Only PA
Jurries, Albert Henry Carl 1881-1942    Obit Only PA
Jurries, Mary Kitzerow 1858-1940    Obit Only PA
Karrett, Henry 1888-1971    Obit Only PA
Kerrick,  John E 1865-1922    Photo Available PA
Kerrick, Bertha Sayler 1893-1965    Photo Available PA
Kerrick, Minnie E 1869-1965    Photo Available PA
Kerrick, William H 1911    Photo Available PA
Kilpatrick, Jessie Belle Cary 1891-1986    Obit Only PA
Kirkpatrick, Elbert Marion 1870-1916    Photo and Obit PA
Kirkpatrick, George M 1837-1928    Photo Available PA
Kirkpatrick, Mary Elizabeth 1870-1947    Photo Available PA
Kirkpatrick, Robert William 1890-1912    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Klahr, Earl Everett 1911-1986    Obit Only PA
Klahr, George Erwin 1888-1936    Obit Only PA
Klos, Dorothy Elizabeth Daflin 1913-1990    Obit Only PA
Knutson, Lena C Nugent McFarland 1914-1997    Obit Only PA
Kochis, Andrew Wendell 1879-1950    Obit Only PA
Kochis, Mary J Varga 1893-1983    Obit Only PA
Kratzberg, Anthony Henry 1894-1976    Obit Only PA
Kratzberg, Frances Anna 1906-1995    Obit Only PA
Kremer, James Patrick Jr 1955-1994    Obit Only PA
Laca, Gregoria Osa 1912-1990    Obit Only PA
Laca, John Osa 1902-1996    Obit Only PA
Lackland, Donald  1907-1975    Obit Only PA
Lake, Ada Francis Tooley 1907-1984    Photo and Obit PA
Lake, Herbert Bailey 1903-1993    Photo and Obit PA
Lane, William Ross 1885-1943    Obit Only PA
Lanning, Frank Kline 1901-1913    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Lee, George P 1877-1967    Photo Available PA
Lees, Lily Irene Munson 1886-1933    Photo and Obit PA
Legin, Alfonso 1894-1961    Obit Only PA
Leigh, Cecil P 1904-1966    Photo Available PA
Leigh, Evelyn 1919-1938    Obit Only PA
Leigh, Lena L 1903-1983    Photo Available PA
Leigh, William Edson 1877-1939    Obit Only PA
Lekan, Dayne Fusaji 1987-1988    Obit Only PA
Leman, Arvilla Loyd 1920-1975    Obit Only PA
Lilly, Carl Edward 1907-1968    Photo Available PA
Lilly, Helena "Helen" Schacht 1914-1986    Photo and Obit PA
Little, Rose Lenora Lawler 1890-1942    Obit Only PA
Long, Allan Pryor 1925-1984    Obit Only PA
Loyd, Arvilla 1820-1975    Photo Available PA
Magini, August 1878-1959    Obit Only PA
Manseau, Martha A 1878-1910    Photo Available PA
Marcy, Maggie A 1873-1916    Photo Available PA
Martin, Amanda Alice Beechley    Obit Only PA
Martin, Beatrice Ollie Johnson 1918-2002    Obit Only PA
Martin, Floyd Leroy 1923-1991    Obit Only PA
Martin, Forest "Windy" 1922-2002    Obit Only PA
Martin, Fred 1891-1985    Obit Only PA
Martin, Freeman Adelbert 1862-1946    Obit Only PA
Martin, Ila Evangeline Parker 1896-1953    Obit Only PA
Martin, Lee 1897-1976    Obit Only PA
Martin, Lennie Earl 1924-1965    Obit Only PA
Martin, Minnie Margeret Gipe 1904-1983    Obit Only PA
Martin, Tommy Freeman 1914-2002    Obit Only PA
Martin, Truman Claude 1919-1980    Obit Only PA
Mast, Otho Raymond 1908-1985    Photo and Obit PA
Matthews, Florence B 1890-1981    Photo Available PA
Matthews, William B 1888-1974    Photo Available PA
Maxwell, Judith M Paul Solis 1947-1995    Obit Only PA
McBride, Dewey W 1914-1990    Obit Only PA
McCoy, Anna M 1876-1931    Obit Only PA
McCune, Harriet "Haddie" Abt 1840-1917    Death Certificate PA
McCurry, Pvt. James Marvin 1922-1943    Obit Only PA
McDaniel, John Luna 1930-1994    Obit Only PA
McDaniel, Randall Lee 1960-1993    Obit Only PA
McDonald, Laura 1884-1974    Obit Only PA
McIntyre, Effie 1874-1944    Photo Available PA
McIntyre, James Harvey 1897-1918    Photo Available PA
McKnight, Lena M 1900-1983    Obit Only PA
McMahon, Elsie "Mac" 1920-1992    Obit Only PA
McMurray, Sherry Lynn 1982-1982    Obit Only PA
McNall, Anne Davidson 1911-1985    Obit Only PA
McNall, Kenneth H 1913-1993    Obit Only PA
Meier, Henry A 1888-1948    Photo Available PA
Meier, Pauline "Fisher" 1897-1978    Photo Available PA
Merriam, George Descom 1858-1932    Obit Only PA
Merriam, Glenn Gordon 1888-1938    Obit Only PA
Merrill, Clarence Frederick 1910-1974    Photo and Obit PA
Merrill, Kathleen L 1912-1988    Photo Available PA
Miles, Maude Emma Tuttle Roberts 1882-1970    Obit Only PA
Miller, Albert Peter 1906-1990    Obit Only PA
Miller, Freda Kerrick 1896-1930    Photo and Obit PA
Miller, Hampton K 1904-1983    Obit Only PA
Miller, John/Jack 1851-1916    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Miller, Larry DeVere 1942-1993    Obit Only PA
Miller, Lydia Otto Miller 1920-1992    Obit Only PA
Minium, Ralph Louis 1919-1996    Obit Only PA
Mitchell, Bess E Fisk 1877-1959    Obit Only PA
Mitchell, Lucy Farnham 1887-1973    Obit Only PA
Mitchell, Pearl M 1894-1937    Photo Available PA
Mitchell, Walter Bruce 1916-1994    Obit Only PA
Monson, LeRoy 1896-1937    Obit Only PA
Monson, Thomas Winston 1851-1942    Obit Only PA
Moore, James Arthur 1898-1940    Obit Only PA
Moore, Vern C 1911-1944    Photo Available PA
Morel, Edmond Adrian 1916-1990    Obit Only PA
Morel, Theresa Anne Arpin 1922-1994    Obit Only PA
Moses, Jesse Harper 1907-1993    Obit Only PA
Muller, William J 1876-1959    Obit Only PA
Munden, Samuel Lee 1907-1985    Obit Only PA
Murray, Lucy Dena 1888-1968    Photo Available PA
Murray, Luther T 1888-1976    Photo Available PA
Nelson, Baby Boy 1916-1916    Death Certificate Available PA
Nelson, Dora Ann Roberts 1909-1984    Obit Only PA
Nichols, Ethel A 1902-1981    Photo Available PA
Nichols, Oscar E 1893-1981    Photo Available PA
Nielsen, Kyle Pace 1959-1969    Obit Only PA
Norland, Alma Pauline 1932-1940    Obit Only PA
Norton, Richard Von 1931-1994    Obit Only PA
Norton, Roscoe Baldwin 1894-1974    Obit Only PA
Nugent, Fern Gertrude Skinner 1893-1990    Obit Only PA 
Nukida, Ben 1822-1952    Photo Available PA
Nukida, Fumi 1898-1997    Obit Only PA
Odom, Nettie 1877-1903    Obit Only PA
O'Laughlin, Christopher James 1993-1994    Obit Only PA
Olenik, Joseph Jr 1916-1987    Obit Only PA
Olson, Opal L Stout 1924-1984    Obit Only PA
Orr, Walton 1903-1991    Obit Only PA
Pace, Harold Lawrence 1910-1991    Obit Only PA
Packwood, Harriet Ellen Schwasinger 1909-1983    Obit Only PA
Park, Clement Lee 1868-1915    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate PA
Parker, Kathryn Hofeldt Booth 1908-1983    Obit Only PA
Parker, Kimberly Kay 1962-1995    Obit Only PA   
Parks, Willie T 1903-1974    Obit Only PA
Patchin, Opal Martin Schimmels 1920-1991    Photo and Obit PA
Patterson, Helen Clara Randolph 1906-1992    Obit Only PA
Patterson, Rev Leonard L 1904-1992    Obit Only PA
Pedersen, Kleta Myra Ockerman 1934-1996    Obit Only PA
Pennington, Teddy Joan Campbell 1931-1994    Obit Only PA
Petersen, Beulah May Riggs 1908-1995    Obit Only PA
Peterson, Isiah R 1820-1903    Photo and Obit PA
Peterson, Stanford H 1937-1986    Obit Only PA
Pfaff, Catherine Ursulla Perry 1904-1986    Obit Only PA
Pfeifer, Merl Franklin 1923-1996    Obit Only PA
Phelps, Gladys Berniece Cole 1903-1985    Obit Only PA
Pielstick, Mabel McNulty 1891-1985    Obit Only PA
Pierce, Halley W 1910-1988    Obit Only PA
Pierce, Myrtle Frank 1910-1995    Obit Only PA
Pinkston, Bruce Lewis 1916-1983    Obit Only PA
Pinkston, Mary Kaufman 1872-1943    Obit Only PA
Pitts, Mark Allen 1964-1991    Obit Only PA
Plagar, Will 1888-1963    Obit Only PA
Plager, Charles Edward 1921-1984    Obit Only PA
Plager, Sarah Ann Miller 1919-1986    Obit Only PA
Post, Charles D 1873-1938    Obit Only PA
Potts, Leona Augusta Regenold 1908-1992    Obit Only PA
Potts, Patricia Ann 1929-1995    Obit Only PA
Poulton, Maude Theadore 1902-1996    Obit Only PA
Powell, Gerald Mitchell 1923-1983    Obit Only PA
Powell, Hazel J Domenico 1922-1987    Obit Only PA
Price, Charles Loren 1906-1918    Photo Available PA
Price, Inez E 1882-1970    Photo Available PA
Price, John Wesley 1843-1933    Obit Only PA
Price, Lorene 1836-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Price, Sylvester J 1874-1968    Photo Available PA
Profitt, Evelyn Bernice Mitchell 1918-1935    Obit Only PA
Purdy, Annie 1872-1951    Photo Available PA
Purdy, Charley R 1871-1949    Photo Available PA
Rader, Eva M Young 1910-1988    Obit Only PA
Rader, John T 1921-1983    Obit Only PA
Ramirez, Anita A 1946-1990    Obit Only PA
Ray, Oma Elnora Leturno 1904-1991    Obit Only PA
Raymond, Burt Leland 1914-1916    Death Certificate Available PA
Redin, John Peter Amezquita "Pete" 1910-1994    Obit Only PA
Redin, Michael J 1955-1987    Obit Only PA
Reed, Allen B 1914-1988    Obit Only PA
Reed, Claudia May 1888-1942    Obit Only PA
Reed, Forrest Lee 1909-1987    Obit Only PA
Reed, Henry E 1904-1973    Photo Available PA
Reed, Orvilla Vertrees 1916-1985    Obit Only PA
Remsen, Ruth 1893-1918    Photo Available PA
Remsen, S Edd 1890-1950    Photo Available PA
Repenn, Frank Greene 1918-1944    Obit Only PA
Reynolds, Lyman Scott 1916-1994    Obit Only PA
Rice, Arthur Silas 1859-1939    Obit Only PA
Richardson, Florella E 1850-1934    Photo Available PA
Richardson, Francis Albert 1862/1863-1939    Obit Only PA
Richardson, James O 1840-1925    Photo Available PA
Richardson, Stella M 1868-1953    Photo Available PA
Riggs, Lizzie 1893-1961    Photo Available PA
Rippey, Charles Asra 1879-1938    Obit Only PA
Rivera, Rojelio Arturo 1983-1983    Obit Only PA
Roberts, Edmond Fielden 1919-1986    Obit Only PA
Robertson, Almeda McClure 1889-1942    Obit Only PA
Robertson, Bert 1878-1959    Obit Only PA
Robertson, Dale 1881-1951    Photo Available PA
Robertson, Donald William 1946-1950    Photo Available PA
Robertson, Douglas Foster 1947-1950    Photo Available PA
Robertson, Marguerite Drenth Webb 1882-1971    Photo and Obit PA
Robins, Donald Francis 1918-1994    Obit Only PA
Robinson, Hanna Ringeisen 1892-1982    Obit Only PA
Robinson, Kenneth B 1913-1974    Photo Available PA
Roff, Joseph 1927-1937    Obit Only PA
Rojo, Hermenegildo Armenta 1972-1992    Obit Only PA
Rood, Alfred Howard 1883-1964    Photo and Obit PA
Rood, Eda Ellen Lowery 1884-1949    Photo and Obit PA
Rose, Henry Lee 1892-1940    Obit Only PA
Rose, Joseph Jr 1917-1997    Obit Only PA
Rose, Marjorie Vosper 1916-1992    Obit Only PA
Rose, Merritt Casey 1895-1937    Obit Only PA
Ross, Iva Ruth 1915-1916    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Ross, Mary Margaret Edwards 1900-1935    Obit Only PA
Roth, Gus 1886-1976    Photo Available PA
Roth, Ruth S 1902-1938    Photo and Obit PA
Roth, Vera Viola 1921-1938    Obit Only PA
Rowan, George B 1861-1916    Death Certificate Available PA
Rucker, Emma M 1882-1952    Photo Available PA
Rucker, Lano Shirley 1888-1961    Obit Only PA
Rucker, Lydia A 1833-1905    Photo Available PA
Rucker, Rollo R 1885-1949    Photo Available PA
Samer, Joseph Benjamin 1903-1958    Obit Only PA
Samer, Michael 1861-1929    Obit Only PA
Schimmels, Myrl Toney 1917-1951    Photo and Obit PA
Schrimpster, Annabel R Zook Brown Groves 1908-1995    Obit Only PA
Schultz, Ernest Gottleib 1843-1913    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Schultz, Ruth Marie 1928-1939    Obit Only PA
Scott, Arlie E 1924-1955    Photo Available PA
Scott, Carrie W Zenske 1842-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Scott, Cecil F 1899-1965    Photo Available PA
Scott, John C 1893-1963    Photo and Obit PA
Shaner, Dale Allen 1958-1983    Obit Only PA
Sharp, Edward Junior 1930-1985    Obit Only PA
Shaw, Henry T 1871-1913    Photo and Death Certificate Available PA
Shay, Bertha 1885-1960    Photo Available PA
Shay, Frank 1882-1963    Photo Available PA
Shippy, Carroll Theodore 1905-1976    Obit Only PA
Shodeen, Carroll Axel 1934-1987    Obit Only PA
Sidener, Cline James 1910-1996    Obit Only PA
Sillonis, Juana Zarondona 1898-1981    Obit Only PA
Simpson, Minerva E 1884-1957    Photo Available PA
Simpson, Nial D 1874-1963    Photo Available PA
Slate, Everett Lee 1920-1986    Obit Only PA
Slate, Olive Marie Schritter Bailey 1922-1994    Obit Only PA
Small, Morris M 1843-1912    Death Certificate Available PA
Smalley, Dean M 1934-1949    Obit Only PA
Smalley, Frances Annabel Weed 1904-1993    Obit Only PA
Smith, Hazel E Philbrick Kressly 1901-1996    Obit Only PA
Smith, Jesse F 1912-1992    Obit Only PA
Smith, Martha Elizabeth Wake 1901-1988    Obit Only PA
Smith, Nancy O Riggs 1904-1990    Obit Only PA
Smith, Ruth Buchanan Frazee 1924-1992    Obit Only PA
Solis, Jose Artemio 1910-1983    Obit Only PA
Sommars, Edith Leola Bolain 1912-1990    Obit Only PA
Sommars, Floyd Charles 1909-1982    Obit Only PA
Sorensen, Timothy Alan 1978-1993    Obit Only PA
Specht, Louise 1836-1913    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Stein, Hattie E Schoenrock 1901-1993    Obit Only HC
Steinhaus, Dean Louis 1929-1987    Obit Only PA
Steinhaus, Frank Louis 1883-1959    Obit Only PA
Stephens, Ella Delaney 1876-1959    Obit Only PA
Stiles, Adeline Ebelen 1864-1943    Obit Only PA
Stockton, Richard Huston 1842-1915    Obit and Death Certificate PA
Stockton, Richard Leonard 1885-1931    Obit Only PA
Stout, Joseph Stacy 1913-1983    Obit Only PA
Strain, Sarah E Andrews 1864-1914    Death Certificate Available PA
Strode, Gladys Mae Meinzer 1902-1992    Obit Only PA
Strode, Leroy Samuel "Roy" 1901-1996    Obit Only PA
Stuhr, Paul Gerhard 1897-1940    Obit Only PA
Sullivan, Delbert Dewitt 1908-1983    Obit Only PA
Summy, Earl Almer 1880-1943    Photo and Obit PA
Summy, Ethel Lenore Cocking 1888-1949    Photo Available PA
Sunseri, Gloria Marie 1956-1993    Obit Only PA
Sutherland, Daniel Silas 1983-1983    Obit Only PA
Sutton, Daisy Dean Rodman 1898-1976    Obit Only PA
Sutton, Hugh 1918-1992    Obit Only PA
Takatori, Kazue 1902-1994    Obit Only PA
Tate, Alfred L 1866-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Thomas, Josiah Russel 1878-1942    Obit Only PA
Tooley, Bessie Christine Ferrell Mullins Robbins 1922-1985    Photo and Obit PA
Tooley, Estill Chalmer 1912-19985    Photo and Obit PA
Tooley, Vollie Lester 1921-1995    Photo and Obit PA
Transue, Phyllis Mae 1918-1937    Obit Only PA
Travis, Carrie Beard 1858-1942    Obit Only PA
Tredway, Bert L 1899-1971    Photo Available PA
Tuttle, Archie C 1891-1969    Photo Available PA
Tuttle, Melissa G 1894-1971    Photo Available PA
Twitchell, Charles M 1857-1919    Photo Available PA
Van De Venter, Albert Jennings    Obit Only PA
Van Landingham, Anna E 1886-1968    Photo Available PA
Van Landingham, William Jesse 1882-1947    Photo Available PA
Van Natta, Mina Healy 1889-1943    Obit Only PA
Vande Moer, Tersa P Unknown-1990    Obit Only PA
Vertrees, Vernon Lee 1934-1935    Obit Only PA
Wade, Erma Robertson - 1887-1938    Obit Only PA
Waldrop, William Edgar 1873-1943    Obit Only PA
Walker, Elizabeth S 1898-1986-   Photo Available PA
Walker, George L 1898-1984    Photo Available PA
Wallace, John Edward 1860-1912    Death Certificate Available PA
Walmsley, Jennie Euretta Price 1876-1938    Obit Only PA
Watkins, James Guy 1874 -1933    Obit Only PA
Wellbourn, James Potter 1865-1943    Obit Only PA
Wheatley, Julia J 1891-1977    Photo Available PA
Wheatley, Larris A 1887-1961    Photo Available PA
White, John E 1846-1913    Photo Available PA
White, Mabel L 1849-1942    Photo Available PA
Wight, Blair Allen 1947-2010    Photo Available PA
Wilkie, Erma Grace Manley 1891-1943    Obit Only PA
Wolfe, Samuel Welch 1863-1937    Obit Only PA
Wolff, Alta Marie 1828-1950    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Alpha Lolo 1890-1910    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Andrew J 1847-1929    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Donald Grant 1900-1963    Obit Only PA
Wymer, Edward 1876-1974    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Ellis C 1879-1967    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Harriet H 1885-1947    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Harry 1913-1981    Obit Only PA
Wymer, Nellie G 1880-1950    Photo Available PA
Wymer, Samantha Christiana Hulse 1849-1916    Photo and Death Certificate Available PA
Yadon, Marvin Claire 1943-1944    Obit Only PA
Yadon, ul E 1913-1983    Obit Only PA
Yeakel, Nettie L 1872-1956    Photo Available PA
Yeakel, Thomas E 1871-1956    Photo Available PA
Youmans, Melrose 1876-1938    Obit Only PA
Young, Arthur C 1895-1986    Photo Available PA
Young, Fred 1917-1983    Obit Only PA
Young, Polly A 1898-1960    Photo Available PA
Zimmerli, Martha Anna 1912-1915    Death Certificate Available PA
Zimmerman, Irvin J 1917-1988    Photo Available PA
Zimmerman, June L 1921-1962    Photo Available PA
Zink, Baby Boy 1916-1917    Death Certificate Available PA
Zink, Clarence M 1879-1952    Photo Available PA