Mount Calvary Cemetery - Nampa, Canyon Co., Idaho Embassy2

The following is a partial list for Mount Calvary Cemetery,
located in Nampa, Canyon Co., Idaho. 
Latest Update 2-13-2016.

- The names listed below are not all those buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery.
Each name is labeled mentioning what is available.  Those names in red are links.
 "Photo Available" means just that.  We have a headstone photo for that
person and can be sent to you free upon request.  Please send your request
stating name and cemetery to

Other Canyon County cemeteries are listed on the  HOMEPAGE


Adame, Diego Alejandro 1987-1987    Obit Only MC
Aguirre, Leon 1897-1964    Photo Only MC
Almanac, Braulia Ortiz 1881-1956    Photo Only MC
Almanac, Jose 1883-1961    Photo Only MC
Amaparan, Amand G "Chata" 1914-1988    Obit Only MC
Andre, Elreno C 1911-1931    Photo Only MC
Andre, Julie 1901-1992    Obit Only MC
Andre, Martin E 1902-1923    Photo Only MC
Andre, Oliver Vincent 1892-1935    Photo Only MC
Antunes, Alexander Joseph 1975-1975    Obit Only MC
Antunes, Helen M Lopez 1925-2009    Photo and Obit MC
Antunes, Pete 1928-2014    Photo and Obit MC
Applegate, Caroline Lawby 1886-1974    Obit Only MC
Applehans, John 1891-1974    Obit Only MC
Arano, Bonifacia 1900-1970    Photo and Obit MC
Arano, Jose Miguel 1887-1974    Photo Available MC
Archuleta, Mary Hope Santana 1914-1987    Obit Only MC
Arehart, Angela M Schmidt 1920-1978    Photo Available MC
Arehart, Leonard C 1915-1970    Photo and Obit MC
Arehart, Lester R "Joe" 1919-1986    Obit Only MC
Arellano, Robert John 1973-1992    Obit Only MC
Armas, Jess "Shorty" "Cuba" 1904-1986    Obit Only MC
Arritola, Maria Uberuaga 1885-1934    Photo Only MC
Arritola, Pedro 1870-1937    Photo Only MC
Artechevarria, Joaquin 1902-1996    Photo Only MC
Artechevarria, Leona 1929-1932    Photo Only MC
Artechevarria, Marie 1906-1999    Photo Only MC
Aschenbrener, John Richard 1911-1991    Obit Only MC
Aschenbrener, Wanda Maxine Smith 1916-2008    Photo and Obit MC
Aschenbrenner, George J 1915-1996    Obit Only MC
Aschenbrenner, Joseph Anthony 1904-1992    Obit Only MC
Aschenbrenner, Teresa Mary 1908-1997    Obit Only MC
Ashinhurst, Russell Duane 1953-2007    Photo and Obit MC
Asselin, Carolyn Kay 1939    Photo Only MC
Asselin, Clarence 1899-1918    Photo Only MC
Asselin, Damase 1851-1924    Photo Only MC
Aulbach, Catherine Marie Meistrell 1867-1941    Photo Only MC
Aulbach, George Adam 1858-1935    Photo Only MC
Aulbach, William Richard "Bill" 1933-1983    Obit Only MC
Azavedo, Joe V 1861-1938    Obit Only MC
Azevedo, Antone 1876-1916    Photo and Obit MC
Azevedo, Baby Antone 1911-1912    Photo and Death Certificate Available MC
Azevedo, Cecilia A 1916-1916    Death Certificate Available MC
Azevedo, Daughter 1909-1910    Photo Only MC
Azevedo, Mable 1915-1916    Photo and Obit MC
Baker, Terry G 1927-1993    Obit Only MC
Baltazor, Walter Levi 1881-1959    Obit Only MC
Barela, Daniel Tobias 1988-1988    Obit Only MC
Barrie, Ada Fay Hall 1897-1960    Photo Only MC
Barrie, August Marc 1894-1969    Photo Only MC
Barrietua, Domingo 1874-1918    Photo Only MC
Barrietua, Domingo 1916-1917    Photo Only MC
Barrietua, Joe 1912-1967    Photo Only MC
Bastida, Juan 1898-1959    Photo Only MC
Bastida, Regina 1898-1991    Photo and Obit MC
Baune, Herman 1902-1985    Obit Only MC
Bayles, Casie Marie 1993    Obit Only MC
Beitia, Ygancio 1899-1986    Obit Only MC
Bell, Helen Frances Teresa Graves 1915-2008    Photo and Obit MC
Belmer, Christena M Johnson 1900-1994    Obit Only MC
Beltran, Elias D 1930-1987    Obit Only MC
Belyeu, Susan K Grass 1944-2008    Photo and Obit MC
Benventure, Sister 1858-1933    Photo Only MC
Bermensolo, Jess 1909-1991    Photo and Obit MC
Bermensolo, Louis 1881-1952    Photo Only MC
Bermensolo, Marie 1910-1998    Photo Only MC
Bermensolo, Venancia Gavicagoheascoa 1886-1983    Photo and Obit MC
Bermeosolo, Jose 1920-1994    Obit Only MC
Bernal, Jose Armando 1953-1986    Obit Only MC
Bernal, Jose Sr 1924-1987    Obit Only MC
Berriatua, Dora D 1885-1982    Photo Only MC
Berrietua, Walter Joe 1936-1998    Photo Only MC
Beumeler, Anna Marie Carney 1897-1960    Photo Available MC
Beumeler, Theodore Edward "Ted" 1887-1966    Photo and Obit Only MC
Bicandi, Cedric 1937    Photo Only MC
Bielenberg, John 1920-1920    Photo Only MC
Bilbao, Eusebio 1897-1935    Photo Only MC
Bilbao, Felix 1924-2007    Photo and Obit MC
Bilbao, Josephine Luque 1911-1983    Photo and Obit MC
Bilbao, Justina Sumaeta 1885-1975    Obit Only MC
Birmingham, Fred Howard 1909-1985    Photo and Obit MC
Birmingham, Mary Quintana 1911-1973    Photo Only MC
Bixby, Rex 1926-1984    Obit Only MC
Blaylock, Lilly Quintana 1914-1957    Photo Only MC
Blinn, Evelyn R 1920-1920    Photo Only MC
Boicourt, Jess "Rusty" 1945-1968    Photo and Obit MC
Boicourt, John Marsh 1949-1997    Photo and Obit MC
Boicourt, Pauline M 1917-2000    Photo Only MC
Bowen, Anna Mae 1927-1996    Photo Only MC
Bowen, Annie Klinkosh 1891-1984    Photo and Obit MC
Bowen, Caroline M 1917-1997 MC - Photo Only MC
Bowen, William Clifford 1890-1983    Photo Only MC
Bowen, William Dean 1957-2000    Photo Only MC
Bowen, William F M.D. 1913-1994    Obit Only MC
Brauner, Charles George 1896-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Brauner, Willibald J 1871-1932    Photo Only MC
Brennan, William H 1882-1964    Photo Only MC
Brubaker, Charlie Edward "Edd" 1892-1986    Photo Available MC
Brubaker, Irma Joyce Baldwin 1927-2008    Photo and Obit MC
Brubaker, Ruth Ann Harman 1892-1970    Photo and Obit MC
Bryant, Jesse Homer 1924-1996    Obit Only MC
Budell, Amelia Sutter 1878-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Budell, Charles F 1872-1940    Photo Only MC
Budell, Ethel M Grant 1919-1995    Obit Only MC
Budell, Florian 1836-1925    Photo Only MC
Budell, Izelle Beatrice Bullen 1904-1922    Obit Only MC
Budell, Marcellus Edward 1904-1991    Photo and Obit MC
Budell, Margaretha 1910    Photo Only MC
Bullen, Allan Charles 1940    Photo Only MC
Bullen, Alva Ann 1930    Photo Only MC
Bullen, Esther Mary Bissonnette 1874-1934    Photo Only MC
Bullen, John Osborne 1871-1954    Photo Only MC
Burns, Helen Schwab 1910-1986    Photo Only MC
Burns, Peter Joseph 1907-1983    Photo Only MC
Bushard, Bernace G Brenton 1899-1982    Obit Only MC
Bushard, Rudolph E 1893-1981    Obit Only MC
Buzzell, Mabel Pace 1902-1992    Obit Only MC
Byrne, John Jack 1910-2003    Photo Only MC
Calzacorta, Emelio 1907-1992    Obit Only MC
Calzacorta, Maria Lorenza Gabica 1874-1955    Photo Only MC
Campbell, Claude R 1910-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Campbell, Margaret E 1915-2000    Photo Only MC
Canning, Father Thomas S 1882-1941    Photo Only MC
Cariaga, Armando 1952-1995    Obit Only MC
Caron, Jacob 1870-1936    Photo and Obit MC
Caron, Pulcherie LaLande 1875-1934    Photo and Obit MC
Caron, Rene Richard 1927-1938    Photo Only MC
Carroll, Bobby J 1943-1991     Obit Only MC
Castellanoz, Maria Evangelina 1981-2003    Photo Only MC
Catti, Elizabeth J 1926-2007    Photo Only MC
Catti, Paul Lucca 1889-1985    Photo and Obit MC
Catti, Paul P 1926-1999    Photo Only MC
Catti, Pauline A 1895-1957    Photo Only MC
Cegnar, Frank - 1877-1938    Obit Only MC
Cegnar, Frank 1877-1938    Photo Only MC
Cegnar, Mary 1880-1967    Photo and Obit MC
Cegnar, Vincent 1912-1927    Photo Only MC
Cerda, Gregorio R 1947-1983    Obit Only MC
Chavez, Frank Adam 1921-1993    Obit Only MC
Chavez, Virginia Marquez 1935-2001    Photo Only MC
Clark Mae C 1911-1967    Photo Only MC
Clark, Jean 1944-2010    Photo Only MC
Clemens, Father Thomas K 1913-1997    Photo Only MC
Clement, Clara Lalande 1873-1947    Photo Only MC
Clement, Cressa Laura Marquis P 1903-1967    Photo Only MC
Clement, Frank 1858-1928    Photo Only MC
Clement, Oscar G 1901-1985    Photo Only MC
Coelho Ed D 1914-1965    Obit Only MC
Coelho, Edward D 1914-1965    Photo Only MC
Coelho, Rena M 1917-1988    Photo Only MC
Contreras, Tomas 1921-1983    Obit Only MC
Corda, Agostina 1869-1929    Photo Only MC
Corda, Ceasare 1869-1943    Photo Only MC
Crispino, Erminia Naccarato 1880-1967    Obit Only MC
Cronin, David B 1960-1960    Photo Only MC
Cronin, Judith Ann 1962-1962     Photo Only MC
Croy, Margaret Nulty 1887-1959    Obit Only MC
Croy, Wesley Odra 1885-1959    Obit Only MC
Curwick, Francis Leo Jr 1921-1990    Photo Only MC
Curwick, Francis Leo Sr 1899-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Daly, Mark K 1958-1992    Obit Only MC
Daniel, Jon Michael 1973-1980    Obit Only MC
Davidson, Juanita Smith 1917-1982    Obit Only MC
De La Fuente, Gustavo 1953-1976    Obit Only MC
De La Paz, Amalia 1912-1992    Obit Only MC
De La Paz, Gregorio 1917-1975    Obit Only MC
De La Paz, Margarita Pacheco 1900-1984    Obit Only MC
De Lugo, Tomasa Lopez V 1886-1967    Photo Only MC
De Luna, Feliciano 1926-1966    Obit Only MC
DeLay, Fred 1900-1986    Obit Only MC
DeLeon, Lupe Palacios 1933-1987    Obit Only MC
Delo, Jesse Knox 1873-1933    Photo Only MC
DeLonay, Amanda Burel 1869-1931    Photo Only MC
Delonay, Arthur E 1879-1956    Photo Only MC
Delonay, Edward 1857-1936    Photo Only MC
DeMinck, Gene 1930-2005    Photo Only MC
Denevan, George Thomas 1859-1935    Photo Only MC
Desaro, Max Frederick 1907-1993    Obit Only MC
DeSloover, George A 1918-1991    Obit Only MC
Dieffenbach, John H 1918-1982    Obit Only MC
Dollarhide, Evelyn Louise Doss 1914-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Dominick, Anne Marie Wilde 1889-1988    Photo Only MC
Dominick, Thomas Arthur 1890-1976    Photo Only MC
Donnigan, Genevieve 1899-1982    Photo Only MC
Donnigan, George J 1922-2003    Photo Only MC
Donnigan, Matthew G 1897-1974    Photo Only MC
Douthit, John E Sr 1912-1986    Obit Only MC
Douthit, Laura Emity Schroeder 1917-1986    Obit Only MC
Eaton, John 1852-1932    Photo Only MC
Echevarria, Francisco Frank 1896-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Eckman, Leona Joanna Damele 1922-1997    Photo and Obit MC
Eckman, Ricky Bernard 1956-1956    Photo Only MC
Elisburu, Pete 1892-1933    Photo Only MC
Feeny, Frances June 1930-1934    Photo Only MC
Fergusson, Glen Thomas Jr 1928-1987    Obit Only MC
Fernandez, Polonia Mallea 1871-1930    Photo Only MC
Fifita, Linda Lee  1950-2006    Photo and Obit MC
Finnigan, James 1851-1923    Photo Only MC
Finnigan, Mary 1852-1931    Photo Only MC
Flahiff, Charles 1871-1936    Photo Only MC
Flahiff, Charles Baramio 1911-1998    Photo Only MC
Flahiff, Lucy M Thinnes 1910-1993    Photo and Obit MC
Flahiff, Nellie Egan 1874-1933    Photo Only MC
Flores, Peppi Duran Jr 1959-1961    Photo Only MC
Florian, Vaclav L 1880-1930    Photo Only MC
Florin, Celina O 1883-1925    Photo Only MC
Foreman, Neva Marie 1916-1997    Photo Only MC
Foster, James Nathaniel Jr 1926-1995    Obit Only MC
Fox, Mary Catherine 1887-1975    Photo and Obit MC
Fox, William C 1883-1965    Photo Only MC
Franssen, Dale R 1929-1999    Photo Only MC
Futter Unknown    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Benita Gaviola 1917-1990    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Elias 1882-1936    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Jess 1906-1992    Obit Only MC
Gabica, Joe 1906-1991    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Jose D 1867-1931    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Lois 1906-1985    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Micaela 1868-1953    Photo Only MC
Gabica, Ricardo Pedro "Richard" 1914-2009    Photo and Obit MC
Gabica, Valentina Uberuaga Ascuenaja 1891-1973    Photo Only MC
Gabourie, Edith Lucille Baltazor    Photo Only MC
Gabourie, Felix Leonard 1897-1951    Photo Only MC
Galacci, Celestino 1877-1948    Photo Only MC
Gallegos, Charlie 1951-1994    Obit Only MC
Garcia, Genoveva Alvarado 1901-1994    Obit Only MC
Garcia, Rosa Medina    Obit Only MC
Garmendia, John 1900-1987    Obit Only MC
Garrity, Catherine Elizabeth Ryan 1870-1959    Obit Only MC
Garrity, Dr John Walter 1898-1976    Photo and Obit MC
Garrity, John Walter 1923-1985    Obit Only MC
Garrity, Pearl Woodford 1899-1965    Photo and Obit MC
Garrity, Ruth Beinhart 1921-2010    Obit Only MC
Garza, Victorio C 1900-1994    Obit Only MC
Gaussoin, Charles Hendricks 1876-1955    Photo Only MC
Gaussoin, Paul F 1916-1916    Death Certificate Available MC
Gaussoin, Sarah Genevieve McCarty 1884-1937    Photo Only MC
Geier, Joseph A 1899-1965    Photo and Obit MC
Geier, Margaret Adler 1901-1982    Photo Only MC
Geiger, John D 1900-1975    Photo and Obit MC
Geiger, Monika Babel 1901-1961    Photo Only MC
Gibson, Charlotte Gabica 1913-1983    Photo and Obit MC
Gibson, Commodore Frank 1913-1999    Photo Only MC
Givens, Albert Dale 1866-1954    Photo Only MC
Givens, Roselle Tarr 1873-1954    Photo MC
Glanschneg, Fred John 1893-1982    Obit Only MC
Gomez, Esther Gonzales 1911-1972    Obit Only MC
Gonzales, Lionel Jose 1951-1996    Obit Only MC
Gonzales, P J 1979-1994    Obit Only MC
Gonzalez, Aurora H 1905-1981    Obit Only MC
Gonzalez, Jose L 1890-1968    Photo Only MC
Good, James R 1932-1967    Photo Only MC
Grant, Eliese M 1892-1970    Photo Only MC
Grant, William Joseph 1884-1974    Photo Only MC
Grass, Rose Calzacorta 1909-1995    Obit Only MC
Graves, George Byron 1850-1936    Photo Only MC
Graves, James H. 1889-1969    Photo Only MC
Graves, Nanny Marie Roash 1861-1917    Photo Only MC
Graves, Nellie B 1892-1988    Photo Only MC
Greene, Mary Catherine 1904-1989    Photo Only MC
Gremling, Robert Sr 1924-1995    Photo and Obit MC
Gremling, Thomas LeRoy 1953-1985    Obit Only MC
Griffard, Charles C 1840-1929    Photo Only MC
Griffard, Mary Gustava Lalumandier/Leon1860-1937    Photo Only MC
Gross, Rose Helen Geneski 1903-1997    Obit Only MC
Grunke, Lester L 1917-1985    Obit Only MC
Guardiola, Frank S 1944-1991    Obit Only MC
Guth, Andrew 1868-1911    Photo Only MC
Haines, Clarence B 1910-1991    Photo Only MC
Haines, Jacqueline Cecilia Maher 1914-1986    Photo and Obit MC
Hanagan, Margaret E 1846-1922    Photo Only MC
Hanses, Hugo J. Jr 1910-1930    Photo Only MC
Harder, June Carol Rivett 1928-1996    Obit Only MC
Harder, Scott Andre 1959-1995    Obit Only MC
Harn, Hugh Tom Sr 1916-1985    Obit Only MC
Harris, Marcy M Hejlik 1922-1997    Obit Only MC
Hartman, Frank X 1905-1962    Photo Only MC
Hartman, George 1907-1989    Obit Only MC
Hawthorne, Richard C 1949-1996    Obit Only MC
Hayes, Mary E Cavanaugh 1894-1985    Obit Only MC
Hayes, Thomas W 1924-1992    Obit Only MC
Heck, Cletus J 1942-1980    Obit Only MC
Heck, Edward 1940-1996    Obit Only MC
Heck, Frank L 1911-1993    Obit Only MC
Hejlik, Frank Jr 1926-1927    Photo Only MC
Hendricks John M 1875-1929    Photo Only MC
Henry, Bernard B 1916-1984    Obit Only MC
Henry, Elma Dayley 1913-1996    Obit Only MC
Herman Ralph E DMD 1938-2007    Photo Only MC
Herman, Beatrice Marsing 1914-1997    Photo and Obit MC
Herman, Francis J 1907-1991    Obit Only MC
Herman, Helen M Willers 1907-1993    Obit Only MC
Herman, Matilda C Schwendinger 1883-1969    Obit Only MC
Herman, Raymond Julius 1909-1984    Photo and Obit MC
Hernandez Macario 1960-1962    Photo and Obit MC
Hernandez, Carlos 1957-1962    Photo and Obit MC
Hernandez, Elena 1959-1962    Photo and Obit MC
Hernandez, Jenny 1963-1963    Photo Only MC
Hernandez, Jose Armando 1951-1994    Obit Only MC
Hernandez, Mary Alicia 1955-1962    Photo and Obit MC
Hernandez, Mary F 1902-1956    Photo Only MC
Hernandez, Paul Frances 1934-1972    Photo and Obit
Hernandez, Paulo Jr 1956-1962    Photo and Obit MC
Hernandez, Sabino V 1919-1986    Obit Only MC
Herrbach, Emile Joseph 1894-1963    Photo Only MC
Herrbach, Louis 1859-1924    Photo Only MC
Herrbach, Louise Kempff 1904-1992    Photo and Obit MC
Hetmer, Antonia Prachyl 1907-1984    Obit Only MC
Hetmer, Eugene J Sr 1939-1990    Obit Only MC
Hogenmiller, June L Pline 1913-2005  Photo and Obit MC
Hruska, Aloisie Mary Tycz 1901-1984    Photo and Obit MC
Hruska, John Frank 1883-1964    Photo Only MC
Hruska, Joseph B 1936-1954    Photo Only MC
Huff, Hollister Lee 1914-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Iucker, Albert Jacob 1874-1960    Photo Only MC
Iucker, Barbara K 1874-1964    Photo Only MC
Iucker, John Albert 1911-1960    Photo Only MC
Jackson, William M 1885-1916    Photo and Death Certificate Available MC
Jaworski, Infant 1924    Photo Only MC
Jaworski, J J 1892-1959    Obit Only MC
Jayo, Leisa M 1967-1967    Obit Only MC
Jerome, Gladys N Baltazor 1913-1992    Obit Only MC
Jesenko, William 1929-1929    Photo Only MC
Johnson, Albert Abt 1900-1990    Obit Only MC
Johnson, Eugene Henry 1935-1936    Photo Only MC
Johnson, Margaret C 1922-2008    Photo Only MC
Jordan, Michael 1831-1916    Obit and Death Certificate MC
Jorgenson, Charles William 1920-1975    Obit Only MC
Juarista, Juan 1932-1963    Photo Only MC
Kaiser, Edward L 1908-1987    Obit Only MC
Kalisek, Joseph J 1893-1968    Photo Only MC
Kalisek, Matilda M 1895-1991    Photo Only MC
Kalousek, Albert 1915-1984    Obit Only MC
Kalousek, Albina E 1895-1980    Obit Only MC
Kalousek, John Martin Sr 1877-1961    Obit Only MC
Karsten, George Francis Morrison 1901-1993    Obit Only MC
Kelleher, Frank James 1885-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Kellogg, Elizabeth Ann Leahy 1887-1965    Photo and Obit MC
Kellogg, Ernest Pearl 1874-1926    Photo Only MC
Kelly, Charles P 1913-1992    Obit Only MC
Kennedy, Clair 1915-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Kennedy, Timothy 1828-1913    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Kidder, Anna Fraser 1898-1928    Photo Only MC
Kinne, Mary Teresa Gabicagaocoechea Larrinaga 1927-1993    Obit Only MC
Klas, Lawrence Vincent 1899-1984    Obit Only MC
Klas, Leona B Hotz 1899-1985    Obit Only MC
Knutson, Larry Gordon Jr 1984-1986    Obit Only MC
Kolar, Anna Florian1883-1985    Photo and Obit MC
Kolar, Joseph F 1876-1962    Photo and Obit MC
Korn, Agnes Franke 1884-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Korn, Anna 1886-1985    Photo and Obit MC
Korn, Anna Knoblauch 1846-1923    Photo Only MC
Korn, Anna Stella 1875-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Korn, Anthony R 1921-2009    Photo Only MC
Korn, Benamin John 1883-1961    Photo Only MC
Korn, Benjamin Peter 1911-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Korn, Bessie A Rosa 1914-2000    Photo Only MC
Korn, Dorothy S 1923-1958 MC    Photo Only MC
Korn, Frank 1841-1926    Photo Only MC
Korn, Frank G 1905-1981    Obit Only MC
Korn, Frank J 1919-1986    Obit Only MC
Korn, George R 1945-2000    Photo Only MC
Korn, Joseph 1868-1930    Photo Only MC
Korn, Lawrence 1935    Photo Only MC
Korn, Peter J 1924-1990    Obit Only MC
Korn, Wencel Anton 1887-1960    Photo Only MC
Korn, William W 1916-1932    Photo Only MC
Kosmiske, Lloyd C 1907-1957    Photo Only MC
Kosmiske, Ruth E 1916-2005    Photo Only MC
Krajnik, Fredrich Ben 1890-1961    Photo Only MC
Krajnik, Mary Trojanova 1890-1969    Photo Only MC
Kriebs, Madeline Rosalie Cattoor 1910-1990    Obit Only MC
Kucera, Ray Dennis 1908-1985    Obit Only MC
Kukla, John Paul 1895-1983    Obit Only MC
Kunerth, Agnes Baumann 1913-1986    Obit Only MC
Labrum, Marisel Balderis 1973-1994    Obit Only MC
Laible, Adeline M Schwarze 1914-1986    Obit Only MC
Laible, David A 1966-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Laible, Karl J 1901-1986    Obit Only MC
LaLande, Claudia Thout 1885-1959    Photo and Obit MC
LaLande, J Maurice 1869-1948    Photo Only MC
LaLande, Jean Isobel Thomson 1917-2000    Photo Only MC
LaLande, Lavelle Mae Dalton 1920-1997    Obit Only MC
LaLande, Lydia 1906-1921    Photo Only MC
LaLande, Maurice 1841-1914    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
LaLande, Ulric 1876-1920    Photo and Obit MC
Lalande, Ulric C 1914-1990    Photo Only MC
LaLande, Victoire Chevrier 1839-1919    Photo Only MC
Langan, Edward Daivd "Ed" 1895-1962    Photo Only MC
Latham, Mark 1996-1996    Obit Only MC
Latham, Thomas 1996-1996    Obit Only MC
Lawlis, Howard 1894-1984    Obit Only MC
Lawlis, Marguerite "Lolly" Balse 1899-1984    Obit Only MC
Lee, Frank Sr 1860-1928    Photo Only MC
Lee, Mary Ellen 1864-1929    Photo Only MC
Leedom, Mary Etta Barrer 1870-1924    Photo Only MC
Lenten, Mondi Leanine 1970-1983    Obit Only MC
Leslie, Homer P 1911-1992    Obit Only MC
Lete, Pedro 1898-1987    Obit Only MC
Limani, Stephen J Sr 1931-1996    Obit Only MC
Limones, Blas C 1915-1993    Obit Only MC
Linehan, Daniel Michael 1878-1939    Obit Only MC
Linehan, Nora Kennedy Linehan 1854-1940    Photo and Obit MC
Linehan, Patrick abt 1840-1913    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Lloyd, Isaac Milton 1864-1926    Photo Only MC
Lopez, Arvilla A 1917-1987    Obit Only MC
Lopez, Faustino P 1934-1984    Obit Only MC
Lopez, Francisca Rameriz    Photo Only MC
Lopez, Juan D 1929-1983    Obit Only MC
Lopez, Lona Lee 1964    Photo and Obit MC
Lopez, Lucas N 1886-1976    Photo and Obit MC
Lopez, Polly Negrette 1931-1987    Obit Only MC
Lopez, Rosa K 1895-1968    Photo and Obit MC
Luce, John Adin 1885-1959    Obit Only MC
Luke, Clara A 1896-1960    Photo Only MC
Luke, Joseph Peter 1893-1928    Photo Only MC
Luna, Roberto 1964-1964    Photo Only MC
Luna-Guajardo, Anthony David 1987    Obit Only MC
Lunstrum, Carl K 1912-1989    Obit Only MC
Luque, Julia 1918-1918    Photo Only MC
Lytle, Clara 1914-1958    Photo Only MC
Machos, Victor P 1896-1934    Photo Only MC
Madero, Corina M 1910-2005    Photo Only MC
Madero, Jose Negrete 1908-1968    Photo Only MC
Madsen, Andrew 1885-1963    Obit Only MC
Maher, Alice Bell Swisher 1891-1923    Photo Only MC
Majella, Sister 1892-1952    Photo Only MC
Mallea, Dionisia Ycazuiaga Albizuri    Photo and Obit MC
Mallea, Nicolas 1888-1965    Photo and Obit MC
Maloney, Lawrence 1873-1924    Photo Only MC
Maloney, Mary Rose Hanagan 1877-1946    Photo Only MC
Manly, Mary 1869-1927    Photo Only MC
Mansinne, Andrew 1905-1997    Photo Only MC
Mansinne, Dena 1907-1997    Photo Only MC
Mapes, Rebecca M Birch 1894-1964    Obit Only MC
Maresh, John 1927    Photo Only MC
Marquez, Delores 1952-1999    Photo Only MC
Marquez, Robert T 1939-1981    Obit Only MC
Marquez, Ruth T 1913-2002    Photo Only MC
Martin, Mary "Helen" Sweninger 1911-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Martineau, Clarinda Rivett 1887-1979    Obit Only MC
Martineau, George 1882-1959    Obit Only MC
Martineau, Joseph A 1910-1911    Photo Only MC
Martineau, Kay Myers 1919-1993    Obit Only MC
Martineau, Leo Neal 1912-1990    Obit Only MC
Martineau, Mabel Wade 1908-1996    Obit Only MC
Martineau, O A 1911-1991    Photo and Obit MC
Martineau, Velma M 1912-2000    Photo Only MC
Martinez, Charles P Sr 1945-1990    Obit Only MC
Martinez, David G 1955-1987    Obit Only MC
Martinez, Ian E 2004-2004    Photo Only MC
Martinez, Martha Lopez 1921-1992    Obit Only MC
Martinez, Ruth Baros 1945-1982    Obit Only MC
Massey, Melissa Fay Maria 1974-1974    Obit Only MC
Mateo, Lola Salove Oltman 1927-1987    Obit Only MC
Matinoha, Bartlett 1865-1926    Photo Only MC
Matush, Madeline Mary Weber 1893-1974    Obit Only MC
Mayse, Edna Louise 1886-1922    Photo Only MC
Mayse, George W 1859-1953    Photo Only MC
Mayse, Virginia 1861-1930    Photo Only MC
McCabe, Louise Detmer 1912-1987    Obit Only MC
McConnell, Emaline Quintana 1918-1976    Obit Only MC
McDonald, Charles Norman 1934-1936    Photo Only MC
McDonald, Gordon A 19110-2002    Photo Only MC
McDonald, Margaret 1917-1951    Photo Only MC
McDonald, Mildred C 1913-2006    Photo Only MC
McDonough John 1883-1928    Photo Only MC
McGehee, George A 1915-1991    Obit Only MC
McKenty, John Abt 1858-1918    Death Certificate Available MC
McKowen, Ida E 1902-1990    Obit Only MC
McMahon, Bessie 1886-1931    Photo and Obit MC
McMahon, Frank Edward 1888-1931    Photo Only MC
McMahon, Hazel J 1890-1976    Photo and Obit MC
McMahon, James E. 1861-1934    Photo Only MC
McMahon, Mary E Spencer 1864-1947    Photo Only MC
McMahon, Raymond Eugene 1899-1976    Photo Only MC
McMullen, David Joseph 1941-1997    Obit Only MC
McNally, Henry D 1865-1935    Photo Only MC
McPheters, Steven L 1947-2006    Photo Only MC
McShane, Lucille Marie Smith 1928-1992    Obit Only MC
Medek, George G 1910-1983    Obit Only MC
Medina, Ernesto 1916-1987    Obit Only MC
Medina, Jose Angel 1951-1994    Obit Only MC
Medina, Juana Hernandez 1950-1987    Obit Only MC
Meissner, Frank S 1897-1993    Obit Only MC
Menchaca, Jose 1923-1997    Obit Only MC
Mendiguren, Candido 1882-1973    Photo Only MC
Mendiguren, Martina Arriola 1886-1987    Photo Only MC
Mendiola, Justo 1937-1995    Obit Only MC
Mendoza, Jose G 1953-1996    Obit Only MC
Messer, Matthias 1920-1987    Obit Only MC
Mestyan, Joseph Andrew 1923-1985    Obit Only MC
Meyer, Geneva M Boltz 1921-1984    Obit Only MC
Meyer, Robert C 1912-1966    Obit Only MC
Miengier, Leonard M 1905-1928    Photo Only MC
Mihan, John Joseph "Joe" 1898-1986    Obit Only MC
Mihan, Laurine Hahesy 1901-1974    Obit Only MC
Mitchell, George Ralph 1903-1950    Photo Only MC
Mitchell, Marie Bernadine Wissel 1905-1983    Photo and Obit MC
Monasterio, Jose 1902-1983    Obit Only MC
Mondragon, Elsie Ann Kunzler 1909-1997    Obit Only MC
Montanez, Jesse 1946-1990    Obit Only MC
Montini, Ernesto 1876-1963    Photo and Obit MC
Montini, Zaccaria 1882-1977    Photo Only MC
Mooney, Mary M Kight 1895-1989    Obit Only MC
Moore, Barry William 1909-1910    Photo Only MC
Moore, Lorine 1888-1951    Photo Only MC
Morin, Ruben Rivas 1940-1997    Obit Only MC
Morris, Delores Ann Hijlek 1928-1987    Obit Only MC
Moser, Alfred Henry 1909-1994    Obit Only MC
Motzko, Mary Freitzek 1857-1927    Photo Only MC
Motzko, Philip 1859-1910    Photo Only MC
Moulton, Father Arthur J 1886-1929    Photo Only MC
Muldoon, Alma Christine Anderson 1901-2000    Photo Only MC
Muldoon, John 1900-1960    Photo Only MC
Muldoon, Joseph Alvin 1904-1976    Photo and Obit MC
Muldoon, Mary Margaret Murphy 1910-1982    Photo Only MC
Mulroony, Margaret E 1891-1960    Photo Only MC
Mulroony, William Joseph 1884-1954    Photo Only MC
Mulryan, Mary Alphonsus 1891-1984    Obit Only MC
Murphy, John R 1902-1987    Obit Only MC
Murphy, Katie 1875-1932    Photo Only MC
Murray, Richard Joseph 1865-1943    Photo Only MC
Murray, Rose Belle Lines 1870-1935    Photo Only MC
Naranjo, Fred P 1901-1960    Photo Only MC
Naranjo, Henry J 1897-1967    Obit Only MC
Navarro, Jose 1906-1970    Photo and Obit MC
Needs, Frank William Jr 1956-1974    Photo and Obit MC
Needs, Frank William Sr 1930-2011    Photo Available MC
Neff, Ross Dale Jr 1917-1984    Obit Only MC
Nelson, Clarence Lanay 1915-1934    Photo Only MC
Nettleton, Charles Richard 1895-1985    Obit Only MC
Nettleton, Emeline Ann 1898-1995    Obit Only MC
Nettleton, Joseph V 1908-1995    Obit Only MC
Newburg, Scott 1962-2000    Photo Only MC
Nicholas, Dianna D 1943-1963    Photo Only MC
Nichols, William Eugene 1926-1996    Obit Only MC
Nielsen, Mary Michel 1909-1988    Obit Only MC
Nieto, Manuel M 1922-1997    Obit Only MC
Niland, John Francis 1911-2003    Photo Only MC
Niland, Kevin Patrick 1948-1956    Photo Only MC
Oberst, Elizabeth I "Betty" 1917-2002    Photo Only MC
O'Brien, Daniel James 1913-1924    Photo Only MC
O'Brien, Thomas G 1909-1974    Obit Only MC
O'Brien, Violet Ruth Peterson 1893-1967    Obit Only MC
Obstarcyzk, John 1866-1914    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Obstarczyk, Anna 1868-1916    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Ochmanski, Josephine 1860-1934    Photo Only MC
O'Hara Anna Irene 1875-1943    Photo Only MC
O'Hara Kenneth 1915-1921    Photo Only MC
O'Hara Martin J 1870-1953    Photo Only MC
O'Hara, Beatrice Mary 1879-1915    Death Certificate Available MC
O'Hara, Robert J 1912-1992    Obit Only MC
O'Keefe, Dolores White 1915-1999    Photo Only MC
O'Keefe, Michael Arthur 1913-1996    Photo and Obit MC
O'Keefe, Patrick Joseph 1913-1985    Photo and Obit MC
Olson, Gus A 1882-1953    Photo Only MC
Olson, Theresa Motzko 1887-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Ortega, Paul F 1889-1967    Photo and Obit MC
Ortega, Phillip G 1907-1986    Photo and Obit MC
Ortivez, Julian C 1953-1986    Obit Only MC
Ortivez, Maria D Cortez 1921-1987    Obit Only MC
Ortivez, Michael James 1956-1986    Obit Only MC
Ortiz, Domingo 1929-1994    Obit Only MC
Ortiz, Victoriano 1893-1952    Photo Only MC
Ostyn, Raymond D 1927-1996    Obit Only MC
O'Very, John L Jack 1940-1993    Obit Only MC
Overy, Mary C O'Brien 1915-1983    Obit Only MC
Owen, Woody 1912-1986    Obit Only MC
Ozamez, Jose Maria 1937-1986    Obit Only MC
Panichelli, Anthony J 1921-1996    Obit Only MC
Panzeri, Peter C 1906-1977    Photo Only MC
Pash, Benedict Radford 1867-1935    Photo Only MC
Paulin, Charles 1910-1995    Obit Only MC
Pazzetti, Bob 1884-1970    Obit Only MC
Pena, Raul "Rudy" 1931-1984    Obit Only MC
Perez, Catherine A. Reid Davenport 1939-1990    Obit Only MC
Perron, Carrol Odessa 1931-1933    Photo Only MC
Perron, Peter abt 1856-1919    Photo Only MC
Peterson, Charles Unknown-1955    Photo Only MC
Peterson, Francis I 1900-1928    Photo Only MC
Peterson, Isabella 1868-1957    Photo Only MC
Peterson, Iver 1861-1941    Photo Only MC
Peterson, M Coletta Aulbach 1892-1986    Photo and Obit MC
Pflieger, Martin P 1933-2002    Photo Only MC
Pherigo, Bob Dean 1953-1986    Obit Only MC
Philipps Ludwig Michael 1887-1987    Obit Only MC
Pierce, Kevin Roy 1960-1974    Obit Only MC
Piersol, James W "Jess" 1914-1997    Obit Only MC
Piersol, Jimmy W 1935-1936    Photo Only MC
Piersol, Maurice Dwayne 1972-1985    Obit Only MC
Pierson, Aaron H 1901-1963    Photo Only MC
Pierson, Yvonne D Larive 1905-1992    Photo and Obit MC
Pineda, Librado R 1918-1984    Obit Only MC
Pineda, Linda 1965    Photo and Obit MC
Pokorney, George Michael 1915-1964    Photo Only MC
Potter, Maye O'Keefe 1911-1992    Obit Only MC
Powers, Zachary Joseph 1991    Obit Only MC
Prachyl, Clara Ester Blaha 1916-1993    Photo and Obit MC
Prachyl, Rudolph 1914-1959    Photo Only MC
Prachyl, William Joseph 1928-1993    Obit Only MC
Precht, Delton Stafford "Dell" 1920-1994    Obit Only MC
Pritchard, Logan Mary 1887-1919    Photo Only MC
Prochaska, Magdalena Kubis Matinoha 1873-1943    Photo and Obit MC
Quilantan, Antonio 1910-1986    Obit Ony MC
Quinn, Thomas 1848-1921    Photo Only MC
Quintana, Ben V 1921-1970    Photo Only MC
Quintana, Emiterio 1885-1969    Photo Only MC
Quintana, Sabina 1885-1953    Photo Only MC
Ramirez, Anestacio B "Ernie" 1919-1983    Obit Only MC
Ramirez, Helen T 1913-1984    Obit Only MC
Ramirez, Jason D 1971-1987    Obit Only MC
Ramos, Hospicio P 1973-1992    Obit Only MC
Ramos, Ramiro H 1940-1986    Obit Only MC
Ramos, Ricardo Richard 1948-1994    Obit Only MC
Reichner, Lillian N 1913-1994    Obit Only MC
Renya, Raul 1945-1964    Photo Only MC
Reyes, Andrew James 1985-1985    Obit Only MC
Reyes, Emilio 1928-1994    Obit Only MC
Richard, Joseph 1921-1996    Obit Only MC
Riordan, Benjamin Raphael "Ben" 1882-1972    Photo and Obit MC
Riordan, Mable Josephine Ree 1916-1990    Obit Only MC
Riordan, Richard L 1916-1999    Photo Only MC
Riordan, Sarah Ida Hurst 1891-1983    Photo and Obit MC
Rivet, Clarisse LaMarche LaPierre 1865-1911    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Rivet, Frank 1893-1926    Photo Only MC
Rivet, Leo 1901-1910    Photo Only MC
Rivett, Andre 1864-1931    Photo Only MC
Rivett, Bruce Leonard 1918-1996    Obit Only MC
Rivett, Gelphire 1851-1932     Photo Only MC
Rivett, Georgia Stoddard 1900-1990    Obit Only MC
Rivett, Hermidas 1853-1911    Photo Only MC
Rivett, Joseph 1888-1956    Photo Only MC
Rivett, Marie A 1911-1927    Photo Only MC
Rivett, Marie Alvira 1880-1959    Photo Only MC
Rivett, Oscar 1881-1934    Photo Only MC
Robinson, Frank P 1911-1993    Obit Only MC
Robinson, J Reid 1897-1989    Photo and Obit MC
Robinson, John Reid 1928-1993    Photo and Obit MC
Robinson, Margaret E Garrity 1900-2000    Photo Only MC
Rodriguez, Maria Elodia 1923-1997    Obit Only MC
Rodriguez, Maria S 1902-1995    Photo and Obit MC
Rodriguez, Paul "Paublo" 1931-1996    Obit Only MC
Rodriguez, Pedro G 1892-1964    Photo Only MC
Rodriguez, Santos R 1918-1991    Photo and Obit MC
Rodriques, Jesus Jr 1965-1967    Photo and Obit MC
Rodriquez, Jesus 1964-1967    Obit Only MC
Rodriquez, Pedro Smart    Photo Only MC
Romelli, Stephen 1883-1955    Photo Only MC
Roper, Rena Marie Olson Coelho 1917-1988    Obit Only MC
Salas, Belia Garcia 1926-1996    Obit Only MC 
Salas, Martin "Lencho" 1921-1996    Obit Only MC
Salek, John Benjamin 1910-1992    Photo and Obit MC
Salek, Violet M Hejlik 1920-1989    Photo and Obit MC
Salek, Violet M Hejlik 1920-1989    Photo Available MC
Salinas, Jesse H Jr 1965-1991    Obit Only MC
Salinas, Johnny Garcia 1958-1994    Obit Only MC
Salinas, Mary Jane 1983-1984    Obit Only MC
Salove, Agustin 1900-1957    Photo Only MC
Salove, Santa M 1905-1964    Photo Only MC
Sanchez, Maria Robles 1894-1986    Obit Only MC
Sanchez, Trinidad 1917-1984    Obit Only MC
Sandolo, Meghann Michelle 1983-1984    Obit Only MC
Sandoval, Santos Ortiz 1926-1994    Obit Only MC
Sands, Anna Motzko 1881-1910    Photo Only MC
Santana, Erica Angel 1995    Obit Only MC
Saucedo, Rodolfo Chavez 1957-1984    Obit Only MC
Savoie, Leo J 1917-1983    Obit Only MC
Saxton, Roberta E Fulter 1905-1994    Photo and Obit MC
Schaff, Delores 1932-1982    Obit Only MC
Scharfen, Frank Fred 1888-1964    Photo Only MC
Scharfen, Katherine Carolyn Karen Nelson 1898-1985    Photo and Obit MC
Scheuerer, Frances H Zechmann 1914-1995    Obit Only MC
Schey, August J 1888-1951    Photo Only MC
Schey, Clara 1864-1939    Photo Only MC
Schey, Wendelin 1859-1933    Photo Only MC
Schmidt, Michael J 1969    Photo Only MC
Schmitt, Beatrice F "Beatty" Kroll 1954-1997    Photo and Obit MC
Schmitt, Cecilia I Martineau 1915-1994    Photo and Obit MC
Schmitt, Howard Francis 1915-1995    Photo and Obit MC
Scholl, Evelyn Lucille Grant 1916-2005    Photo Only MC
Scholl, Francis James "Frank" 1911-1964    Photo Only MC
Scholl, J B 1871-1920    Photo Only MC
Schomburg, Leland Charles 1915-1999    Obit Only MC
Schreiner, Joseph A 1890-1972    Photo and Obit MC
Schreiner, Mary Anna Kaiser 1893-1964    Photo Only MC
Schreiner, Norbert Joseph 1918-1990    Obit Only MC
Schrimpster, Mary Justine Bercier 1901-1964    Photo and Obit MC
Schuler, Aloys Charles 1891-1971    Photo and Obit MC
Schuler, Clara Margaret Ackerman 1889-1952    Photo Only MC
Schuler, James Robert 1948-1997    Photo and Obit MC
Schuler, Loretta T 1915-1999    Photo Only MC
Schwendinger, Joseph 1946-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Sedlacek, Alfred G 1913-1981    Photo Only MC
Seewald, Charles Eugene 1943-1953    Photo Only MC
Seewald, Janet Kay 1966-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Seitz, Anthony A 1933-2003    Photo Only MC
Seitz, Casper Paul 1886-1957    Photo Only MC
Seitz, George 1850-1932    Photo Only MC
Seitz, John J 1923-1984    Photo Only MC
Seitz, Marianna "Mary" Kuhn/Kihn 1849-1941    Photo Only MC
Seitz, Robert Paul 1929-1987    Photo and Obit MC
Seitz, Sophie Goetz 1889-1959    Photo Only MC
Serratos, Connie Acevez 1923-1983    Obit Only MC
Serratos, Elena Vera 1897-1984    Photo and Obit MC
Serratos, J C "Pop" 1897-1967    Photo and Obit MC
Serratos, Raymond Vera 1916-1996    Obit Only MC
Serratos, Ted M 1941-2008    Photo Only MC
Sevy, Margaret Marquez 1947-2002    Photo Only MC
Shannon, Baby John 1962    Photo Only MC
Shannon, Dorothy M Nylander 1929-1982    Photo Available MC
Shannon, Frances H 1903-1965    Photo and Obit MC
Shannon, John Marshall 1928-1995    Photo and Obit MC
Shannon, Katherine M 1957-1957    Photo Only MC
Shannon, Patrick J 1894-1969    Photo Only MC
Shaw, Naomi Buckman 1920-1994    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, Camilla Mary Pritchett 1916-1986    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, Cynthia M Deary 1894-1978    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, John T 1879-1970    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, Myrtle Hastings 1878-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, Sharan Marie Margaret 1941-1997    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, Thomas Patrick 1918-1982    Photo and Obit MC
Shea, William John 1887-1961    Photo and Obit MC
Shehee, David (Daniel) Martin 1899-1920    Photo Only MC
Shehee, James Edward 1905-1930    Photo Only MC
Shehee, Patrick Francis 1867-1959    Photo and Obit MC
Shehee, Sarah Mary Chiles 1869-1941    Photo Only MC
Silver, Joe 1888-1916    Obit and Death Certificate MC
Siron, Emil Albert 1922-2003    Photo Only MC
Siron, Winifred 1919-2000    Photo Only MC
Sladich, Susan Klump 1962-1991    Obit Only MC
Slanksy, Bessie Mae Kaba 1891-1992    Photo Only MC
Slanksy, Joseph Sr 1877-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Slansky, Elizabeth Mae Kaba 1891-1991    Obit Only MC
Smit, Beverly A Roggenkamp 1939-1992    Photo and Obit Only MC
Smith, Barbara Lucia Bertolotto 19081-1987    Photo and Obit MC
Smith, Francis Cook 1919-1984    Photo and Obit MC
Smith, Mary Anne 1893-1993    Obit Only MC
Smith, Matthew Clair 1905-1987    Photo and Obit MC
Smith, Paul S 1910-1960    Photo Only MC
Soehnlein, Bernard John 1912-1996    Photo and Obit MC
Soehnlein, Odelia Elizabeth Pertzborn 1912-1989    Photo Available MC
Solo, Juana Gamcho Urizar 1901-1999    Photo Available MC
Solo/Solosabal, Joseph D 1894-1983    Photo and Obit MC
Sommer, Dr Casper 1884-1969    Photo and Obit MC
Sommer, Mary T 1928-1995    Photo and Obit MC
Sommer, Monica Eugenia Frei 1900-1994    Photo and Obit MC
Spratt, Bruce Daniel 1893-1968    Photo Only MC
Spratt, Florence Helena Schwindaman    Photo Only MC
Sprong, Ray Albert 1906-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Stegner, Cecilia 1865-1928    Photo Only MC
Stewart, Brad L 1966-1986    Obit Only MC
Stokes, Marie C 1917-1964    Photo Only MC
Storey, Faye G Mendiguren 1919-2001    Photo Only MC
Storey, Rex Forrest 1916-1997    Photo Only MC
Supak, Arnold "Slim" 1928-1994    Photo and Obit MC
Sutton, Fern Bea Jones George 1898-1996    Obit Only MC
Svehlak, Frank 1889-1954    Photo Only MC
Svehlak, Pauline Hustakova 1891-1968    Photo Only MC
Swartz, Joseph Marian 1867-1950    Photo Only MC
Swartz, Mary 1877-1929    Photo Only MC
Swartz, Vernon Joseph Jr 1952-1996    Photo and Obit MC
Sweninger, Charles Anthony 1886-1930 MC
Sweninger, Hilda Marie 1886-1946    Photo Only MC
Swirczynski, Henry Joseph 1926-1974    Photo and Obit MC
Swisher, George Mathew 1883-1923    Photo Only MC
Tacas, Julian T 1896-1974    Obit Only MC
Tellechea, Ramon 1899-1958    Photo Only MC
Thompson, Hilda B 1905-1980    Photo Only MC
Thout, Ovila 1893-1925    Photo Only MC
Tidmarsh, Jeremy R 1980-1996    Photo and Obit MC
Tomolo, Kenneth R 1951-1996    Photo Only MC
Torres, Eladio 1957-1962    Photo Only MC
Tracy, Sister Maureen 1912-1979    Photo Only MC
Traxler, Anna Marie 1922-2002    Obit Only MC
Traxler, Bernard David 1931-2004    Obit Only MC
Trejo, Ernest F 1963-1963    Photo Only MC
Tycz, Agnes 1875-1956    Photo Only MC
Uberuaga, Augustin 1859-1924    Photo Only MC
Uberuaga, Florentina Azcuenaga 1864-1937    Photo Only MC
Unknown Broken Marker -    Photo Only MC
Valentine, Baby 1920    Photo Only MC
Van Der Linden, Henry 1879-1967    Photo and Obit MC
Van Patten, Augusta F 1889-1973    Photo Only MC
Van Patten, Fred 1884-1974    Photo Only MC
Van Patten, Lisa Louise 1960-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Van Patten, Steven E 1984-1947    Photo Only MC
Vanderlinden, Cora DeCloedt 1894-1986    Photo Available MC
Vanderlinden, Joseph "Joe" 1884-1966    Photo and Obit MC
Vauk, Emil Vincent 1890-1955    Photo Only MC
Vauk, Hubert Jerome 1923-2002    Photo Only MC
Vauk, Steven 1960    Photo Only MC
Vauk, Tillie M Janda 1893-1971    Photo Only MC
Verheyen Mabel 1893-1980    Photo Only MC
Verheyen, Carrie 1904-1917    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MC
Verheyen, Elizabeth Michels 1873-1951    Photo Only MC
Verheyen, Ernest Charles 1859/1860 1926    Photo Only MC
Villeneuve, Edward Joseph 1912-1956    Photo Only MC
Villeneuve, Hermidas 1872-1933    Photo Only MC
Villeneuve, Rose Anne 1889-1976    Photo Only MC
Villeneuve, Tille Crispino 1912-1967    Photo and Obit MC
Volk, Frank 1922-1994    Obit Only MC
Walker, James W 1858-1921    Photo Only MC
Walker, Josephine Dolores Fox    Photo Only MC
Walker, Laurel Leslie 1896-1957    Photo Available MC
Walker, Margaret Rosella Moran 1891-1940    Obit Only MC
Walker, Mary A 1867-1934    Photo Only MC
Walz, Arthur Joseph 1919-1982    Photo Only MC
Walz, Lisa May 1961-1961    Photo Only MC
Walz, Paul Allen 1957-1968    Photo and Obit MC
Ward, Gerald 1918-1999    Photo Only MC
Ward, Rita C Martineau 1921-2002    Photo Only MC
Waters, Thomas 1856-1922    Obit and Death Certificate MC
White, Norman Allen 1926-1976    Photo and Obit MC
White, Patrick 1866-1915    Photo and Death Certificate MC
Williams, Marvin Lee 1881-1961    Photo Only MC
Williams, Marvin Lee 1881-1961    Photo Only MC
Winter, Alfred Francis 1893-1919    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate Only MC
Winter, Monika Hagner 1859-1916    Photo and Death Certificate MC
Winter, William Joseph 1898-1918    Photo Only MC
Wirtz, Katheryne 1888-1964    Photo Only MC
Wirtz, Virginia Lee 1925-1975    Photo Only MC
Wissel, Clare Joseph 1911-2002    Photo Only MC
Wissel, John Frank 1878-1952    Photo Only MC
Wissel, Nora Veronica Morgan 1879-1964    Photo Only MC
Wissel, Ralph B 1922-2010    Photo and Obit MC
Wray, James Earl 1914-1963    Photo and Obit MC
Zavala, Frankie Michael 1957-1958    Obit Only MC
Zimmer, Jessie Margaret Witcomb Holland 1872-1915    Obit and Death Certificate MC