Middleton Cemetery

The following is a partial list for Middleton Cemetery,
located in Middleton, Canyon Co., Idaho. 
Latest Update 10-2-2015.

- The names listed below are not all those buried in Middleton Cemetery.
Each name is labeled mentioning what is available.  Those names in red are links.
 "Photo Available" means just that.  We have a headstone photo for that
person and can be sent to you free upon request.  Please send your request
stating name and cemetery to

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Adams, Evaline 1853-1926     Photo Available MI
Adams, George W 1902-1985     Photo Available MI
Adams, Joy B 1911-1998     Photo Available MI
Adams, Julia E "Betty" 1912-1994    Obit Only MI
Ahlborn, Clair W 1907-1991     Photo Available MI
Ahlborn, Viola E 1909-1993     Photo Available MI
Alchenberger, Jacob 1828-1908    Photo and Obit MI
Alchenberger, Lillian Bertha 1877-1915    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Alchenberger, Magdelena "Lena" Pflughaupt 1841-1905    Photo and Obit MI
Allen, Glenn L 1935-1986    Obit Only MI
Allen, James Henry 1886-1963     Photo Available MI
Allen, Martha R Wilson 1885-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Allen, Paul J 1915-1992     Photo Available MI
Allen, Ranseller Henry 1915-1929    Photo and Obit MI
Allen, Silas D 1845-1929  - Obit Only MI
Allen, Vernon W 1912-1972     Photo Available MI
Almon, Eugene C 1916-1982     Photo Available MI
Almon, Lucille Carol Bergum 1944-1986    Photo and Obit MI
Anderson, Edith Voelkelt 1942-1990    Obit Only MI
Anderson, John G 1889-1963    Photo and Obit MI
Anderson, Lillian D Baxter 1907-1967    Obit Only MI
Anderson, Phebe A 1894-1961     Photo Available MI
Armstrong, Helen L 1906-1987     Photo Available MI
Armstrong, Richard K 1905-1988     Photo Available MI
Armstrong, Robert Diemer 1942-1994    Photo and Obit MI
Arrasmith, Morgan Jill 1996-1996    Photo and Obit MI
Attebery, Lucas Wayne 1981-2004    Photo and Obit MI
Autry, Raymond B 1914-1983    Obit Only MI
Ayotte, Leita D 1899-1955     Photo Available MI
Ayotte, Mary Gaffney 1934-1971     Photo Available MI
Ayotte, Robert Henry 1929-2003     Photo Available MI
Ayotte, William J 1894-1959     Photo Available MI
Bachmann, Arthur W 1897-1983     Photo Available MI
Bachmann, M Theresa 1901-1981     Photo Available MI
Bado, Frank 1921-1990    Obit Only MI
Bailey, Hubert White "Bert" 1895-1994    Photo and Obit MI
Bailey, Mellie B 1903-1989     Photo Available MI
Balcom, Elizabeth Godfrey McClure 1909-1985    Obit Only MI
Balcom, Harry Kenneth 1895-1972    Photo and Obit MI
Ballard, Anna 1856-1923     Photo Available MI
Ballard, Henry 1855-1928     Photo Available MI
Ballard, Homer A 1889-1906     Photo Available MI
Ballard, James R 1901-1901     Photo Available MI
Ballard, Maud M 1894-1906     Photo Available MI
Barnes, Courtney Wylene 1900-1961     Photo Available MI
Barnes, Jim 1905-1987    Photo and Obit MI
Barnes, Lorraine F 1913-1979     Photo and Obit MI
Barnes, Thomas 1872-1943     Photo Available MI
Bates, Mary Matilda West Ladd 1850-1935    Photo and Obit MI
Beck, Clara 1902-1985     Photo Available MI
Beck, Clayne Carl II 1974-1992    Obit Only MI
Beck, Don Ray 1943-2000     Photo Available MI
Beck, Emma Clara Null Rogers 1902-1985    Obit Only MI
Beck, Mike 1898-1973     Photo Available MI
Beck, Raymond H 1911-1995     Photo Available MI
Bickle, Betty Grogdon 1923-2000     Photo Available MI
Bickle, Weaver Emmett 1920-1977     Photo Available MI
Bigler, Carl S 1912-2006     Photo Available MI
Bigler, Inez M Park 1913-1995    Photo and Obit MI
Bish, Anna May Cardon 1940-1995     Obit Only MI
Bixby Headstone Main Face     Photo Available MI
Bixby, Elizabeth E 1831-1899     Photo Available MI
Bixby, Ethelyn 1897-1918     Photo Available MI
Bixby, Grace Arline  Crockett 1878-1986    Photo and Obit MI
Bixby, Seth 1831-1897     Photo Available MI
Black, Raymond J "Ray" 1912-1994    Obit Only MI
Blackburn, Howard Taft 1912-1963     Photo and Obit MI
Blackburn, Lori Ann 1976-1976     Photo Available MI
Blackburn, Marion May Gerhauser 1918-1987    Photo and Obit MI
Blattner, Daniel Loosli 1918-2009    Photo and Obit MI
Blattner, Lanny R 1942-1969     Photo Available MI
Blattner, Margaret Marcella Pride 1922-2000    Photo Available MI
Boelman, Betty Lou Johnson Benson 1928-1985    Obit Only MI
Bowen, Lloyd Francis 1917-1990    Obit Only MI
Bowman, Edgar 1901-1964    Obit Only MI
Brandel, Della May Culp 1924-1986    Obit Only MI
Breshears, Andrew J 1847-1921     Photo Available MI
Breshears, Martha Melvina Hammack 1850-1918     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Broadbent, Julian John 1920-1996    Obit Only MI
Brogdon, Edith P 1882-1961     Photo Available MI
Brogdon, Lee A 1872-1950     Photo Available MI
Brogdon, Sarah Lucille 1908-1949     Photo Available MI
Brown, Arthur Leroy 1893-1962 Photo Available MI
Brown, Justin Allen 1986-1987    Obit Only MI
Brown, Lola Frances Barnaby 1894-1992    Obit Only MI
Brumbalow, Kelly M 1983-1983    Obit Only MI
Buell, Donald Bruce 1922-1993    Obit Only MI
Buffington, Gertrude Bowman 1904-1918    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Burlingame, Charles Augustus 1881-1942    Obit Only MI
Burns, Mary Maria Ann Schafer 1830-1907     Photo and Obit MI
Burns, Sarah 1872-1919     Photo Available MI
Burris, Roma K Robinson Fattig 1912-1989    Photo and Obit MI
Butler, Alice M Chipman 1919-1989    Photo and Obit MI
Butler, Hazel R 1914-1998     Photo Available MI
Butler, Walter Eugene 1913-1964    Photo and Obit MI
Callahan, Joseph William "Joe" 1983-1983    Obit Only MI
Campbell, Albert L 1910-1985    Photo and Obit MI
Campbell, Elsie Mae McHenry 1909-1985    Photo and Obit MI
Campbell, Guy Earl 1923-1988     Photo Available MI
Campbell, John Alfred 1918-2007    Photo and Obit MI
Campbell, Kenneth Dale 1929-1960     Photo Available MI
Campbell, Lillian May Spiellman 1897-1986    Obit Only MI
Campbell, Marion Alford 1880-1948     Photo Available MI
Campbell, Mary Edith 1914-1937     Photo Available MI
Campbell, Maude Nona Lemrich 1884-1980    Photo and Obit MI
Campbell, Robert Archie 1906-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Campbell, Terry 1945     Photo Available MI
Cantrell, Evelyn Rutledge Jones 1924-1077    Obit Only MI
Capson, Juanita M Corn 1921-1990    Obit Only MI
Capson, Wayne L 1932-1988    Obit Only MI
Cardon, Royal Dahlstrom 1913-1994    Obit Only MI
Carman, Verna M. Hemenway Mason 1904-1991    Obit Only MI
Cate, John Wesley 1921-1996    Obit Only MI
Cate, Richard R 1921-1986    Obit Only MI
Cave, Clara Ellen Arrasmith 1838-1919   Obit Only MI 
Cave, Josiah 1830-1919    Obit Only MI
Chaney, Amelia A 1878-1969     Photo Available MI
Chaney, Delilah E Langdon 1855-1913     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Chaney, Effa B 1881-1882     Photo Available MI
Chaney, Ethel M 1893-1893     Photo Available MI
Chaney, Frederick O 1878-1940     Photo Available MI
Chaney, John 1902-1965    Photo and Obit MI
Chaney, Lee F 1879-1909     Photo Available MI
Chaney, Samuel Fields 1847-1917     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Chaneys Large Stone     Photo Available MI
Chenoweth, Asa 1878-1921     Photo and Obit MI
Chenoweth, Bruce Tarkington 1876-1940     Photo and Obit MI
Chenoweth, Darrell Wayne 1881-1948     Photo and Obit MI
Chenoweth, Edith Mae Lewis 1879-1931    Obit Only MI
Chenoweth, Elsie Ruth 1910-1983     Photo and Obit MI
Chenoweth, Ethel Virginia Hallford 1891-1980     Photo and Obit MI
Chenoweth, Infants Unknown     Photo Available MI
Chenoweth, Minnie Ellen Taylor 1881-1966     Photo and Obit MI
Chenoweth, Sarah Edna 1846-1898     Photo Available MI
Chenoweth, Timothy 1846-1914     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Cherry, Albert B 1925-1994    Obit Only MI
Chipman, Lillian Gladys Cullison 1890-1974    Obit Only MI
Choat, Harold Irvin 1920-1987    Obit Only MI
Choat, Laura Newton 1887-1982     Photo and Obit MI
Choat, Orren 1892-1949     Photo Available MI
Choat, Warren Lee 1917-1992    Obit Only MI
Christensen, Verla Georgeson 1915-1986    Obit Only MI
Church, Hillary Clinton 1916-1975     Photo Available MI
Cisney, Joseph Allen 1892-1982    Obit Only MI
Cisney, Ruby May Hanham 1894-1976    Photo and Obit MI
Clabo, Barney Lee 1918-1991    Obit Only MI
Clabo, Charles C 1932-1991    Obit Only MI
Clabo, Mervin Jay 1926-1993    Obit Only MI
Clabo, Myrtle Jane Reagan 1896-1979    Obit Only MI
Clabo, Shirley E Robinson 1918-2000     Photo Available MI
Clark, James W 1904-1971     Photo Available MI
Clark, Violet R 1913-1992     Photo Available MI
Clemens, Juanita L 1907-2003     Photo Available MI
Clemens, Rollie C 1902-1971     Photo Available MI
Clemmens, Anna Mabel 1894-1894     Photo Available MI
Clemmens, Effie M 1880-1949     Photo Available MI
Clemmens, Jacob 1839-1913     Photo Available MI
Clemmens, Mary Josephine 1849-1900     Photo Available MI
Clifford, Franklin H 1905-1989     Photo Available MI
Cluff, William Ferrell 1933-1959    Obit Only MI
Coe, Aaron chael 1985-1985    Obit Only MI
Collins, Roy Donald 1921-1992    Obit Only MI
Condelario, Joseph William 1916-1988    Obit Only MI
Conrad, John Edward 1904-1972    Photo and Obit MI
Coombs, Dean C 1926-1986    Obit Only MI
Coon, Infant 1913-1913    Death Certificate Available MI
Cope, Gladys Mae Butterfield 1913-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Cope, Kenneth Crandall 1914-1995    Photo and Obit MI
Corn, Baby Boy 1916-1916    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Corn, Emery Alfred 1898-1975    Obit Only MI
Corn, Everett Edwin 1896-1987    Obit Only MI
Corn, Gladys M Vassar 1902-1986    Obit Only MI
Corn, Hazel Fern Kent 1895-1986    Obit Only MI
Corn, Ira John 1919-1982    Obit Only MI
Corn, James Avery 1943-1996     Photo Available MI
Corn, Luella Mae Painter 1900-1974    Photo and Obit MI
Corn, Ruby Elizabeth Combs 1916-1992    Obit Only MI
Corn, Silas Pinckney 1857-1931    Obit Only MI
Cornell, Adelbert 1875-1967     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Bessie 1879-1971     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Boyd Bryan 1916-1988    Obit Only MI
Cornell, Clark Marden 1910-1999     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Irving W 1900-1968     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Jennie May Stolzenburg 1908-1991    Photo and Obit MI
Cornell, Leah Faye 1958-1961     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Minna H 1904-1979     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Roger V 1936-1998     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Vance M 1904-1999     Photo Available MI
Cornell, Vera M Lockerly 1912-1982    Photo and Obit MI
Cox, Ora A 1878-1934    Obit Only MI
Cox, Savannah ldred Canter 1880-1932    Obit Only MI
Cox, Willard 1896-1969     Photo Available MI
Crider, George B 1915-1975    Photo and Obit MI
Crockett, Agnes June 1922-1935    Obit Only MI
Crockett, Arthur Thomas 1894-1966     Photo and Obit MI
Crockett, Bessie Irene Venator 1874-1968     Photo Available MI
Crockett, Charlie 1880-1978     Photo Available MI
Crockett, Delilah Maria Wolf 1850-1937     Photo and Obit MI
Crockett, Edna M Goddard 1902-1975    Photo Available MI
Crockett, Elmer Henry 1870-1942    Photo and Obit MI
Crockett, Everett 1900-1948     Photo Available MI
Cummings, Lorna Rose 1913-1913    Death Certificate Available MI
Dart, Evelyn K Endecott 1941-1987    Obit Only MI
Davis, Loree McProud Mabbott 1907-1995    Obit Only MI
Davis, Silvia I 1902-1993     Photo Available MI
Davis, William Earnest 1895-1990    Photo and Obit MI
Davison, Fleta May Cox 1909-1933    Obit Only MI
Dawson, James R 1905-1994    Obit Only MI
Dawson, Leada Josephine McGowen Gill Dowers 1907-1994    Obit Only MI
Deitrick, Albert Ray 1908-1992    Obit Only MI
Deitrick, Mildred 1916-1999     Photo Available MI
Deitrick, Ray 1908-1992     Photo Available MI
Delgado, Maria de Jesus Rodriguez 1926-1996    Obit Only MI
Dickinson, Beulah Margaret 1914-1997     Photo Available MI
Dickinson, John Winslow 1918-1969     Photo Available MI
Dickson, Cedric Monroe 1916-1978    Obit Only MI
Dilley, Cora Elizabeth Shuee Dilley 1900-1985    Obit Only MI
Dillon, Edward E 1872-1961     Photo Available MI
Dillon, Mary E 1878-1980-    Photo Available MI
Doolittle, George Dudley 1889-1971    Photo Available MI
Doolittle, Ina D Cooper 1888-1966    Photo and Obit MI
Doty, Robert Jr 1979-1992    Obit Only MI
Douglas, Allen Lincoln 1900-1983    Obit Only MI
Doyle, Robert E 1923-1996    Obit Only MI
Drake, Irwin W 1886-1980    Obit Only MI
Drees, Ervin Alfred 1922-1933    Obit Only MI
Driskell, Emily Grace 1903-1977    Photo and Obit MI
Driskell, J Lloyd 1931     Photo Available MI
Driskell, Jasper Loyd 1902-1981     Photo Available MI
Dudley, Emily E 1820-1906     Photo Available MI
Dudley, Howard C 1858-1948     Photo Available MI
Dyer, Alonzo S 1865-1944     Photo Available MI
Dyer, Fanny 1869-1920     Photo Available MI
Edde, Edith M Barr 1905-1980    Photo Available MI
Edde, Thomas Raymond 1896-1966    Photo and Obit MI
Eddy, Jessie Leona Vandewerker 1883-1914    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Edwards, Joshua Nathaniel 1971-1972     Photo Available MI
Egger, Elizabeth Aellig 1860-1940     Photo and Obit MI
Egger, Samuel 1855-1924     Photo Available MI
Else, Francis W 1907-1973     Photo Available MI
Else, Lillie A 1912-1972     Photo Available MI
Erne, Cora Marie 1890-1987    Obit Only MI
Estes, Ellen Louise 1932-1939     Photo and Obit MI
Evans, Orval Harry 1888-1966    Photo and Obit MI
Evans, Sarah Lenaghan 1895-1983    Obit Only MI
Evans, Sarah Lenaghan Corbin 1895-1983    Photo Available MI   
Faber, Lou 1881-1920     Photo Available MI
Farmer, Clara Alva 1896-1988     Photo Available MI
Farmer, Kirk Sr 1890-1971     Photo Available MI
Fattig, Gladys 1899-1977     Photo Available MI
Fattig, Joseph C 1905-1972    Photo and Obit MI
Fattig, Orville A 1900-1970     Photo Available MI
Ferrell, Benjamin Pierce Sr 1876-1974 - Obit Only MI
Finch, Marie M Cox 1913-1985    Obit Only MI
Fisher, Paul Revere 1902-1987    Obit Only MI
Fisher, Wallace Rolland 1932-1995    Obit Only MI
Florom, Wesley Clayton 1940-1985    Obit Only MI
Fluetsch, Lloyd Eastman 1909-1980     Photo and Obit MI
Fluetsch, Lloyd L 1941-1961     Photo Available MI
Fluetsch, Thelma 1915-2001     Photo Available MI
Foote, Chester A 1889-1920     Photo Available MI
Foote, Elsie L 1905-1968     Photo Available MI
Foote, John E 1910-1990     Photo and Obit MI
Foote, Samuel S 1846-1918     Photo Available MI
Frank, John 1907-1976     Photo Available MI
Frank, Nada E 1917-1988     Photo Available MI
Freeman, Dumas Coleman 1909-1981    Photo and Obit MI
Fretwell, Louisann 1845-1922     Photo Available MI
Galvin, Alta D Chaney 1901-1994     Photo and Obit MI
Galvin, Clairmont Houston O'Gilvey 1901-1956     Photo Available MI
Garrett Leslie Elihu 1908-1994    Obit Only MI
Garrett, Alva Lee Sr 1883-1936    Obit Only MI
Garrett, John Colby 1910-1995     Photo and Obit MI
Gatliff, George Dewey 1899-1975     Photo Available MI
Gatliff, Mary Gladys Roberts 1901-1996     Photo and Obit MI
Gerhauser, Georgia Helen Foote 1887-1959    Obit Only MI
Gibson, Wesley H 1893-1987    Obit Only MI
Gifford, Andrew G 1921-1989     Photo Available MI
Gifford, Ethel M Hayes Shea 1904-1996    Obit Only MI
Gould, Jusdon Luther 1915-1988    Obit Only MI
Granger, Alvin Jack 1921-1983    Obit Only MI
Gravenmier, Kevin Ross 1981-1981     Photo Available MI
Green, Edwin George 1899-1992    Obit Only MI
Green, James E 1920-1992    Obit Only MI
Green, Milton Harold 1926-1987    Obit Only MI
Grever, Kenneth "Lonnie" 1941-1996    Obit Only MI
Grever, William David 1950-1992    Obit Only MI
Grimm, Bessie Estella Hibner 1875-1944    Photo and Obit MI
Grimm, Richard E 1876-1954     Photo Available MI
Grover, Alma Justin 1914-1984    Obit Only MI
Grover, Persis May Young 1915-1997    Obit Only MI
Hadsall, Albert W B 1853-1928     Photo Available MI
Hadsall, Baby Girl 1916-1916     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Hadsall, Beulah Gladys 1883-1982    Obit Only MI
Hadsall, Frances H Smith 1906-1997    Obit Only MI
Hadsall, Mary Ann Coyne 1850-1944     Photo Available MI
Hadsall, Murnie M Fox 1965-1929    Obit Only MI
Hadsall, Perry D 1859-1942    Obit Only MI
Hahn, Billy 1941-1948     Photo Available MI
Hale, Benjamin Aroet 1900-1983    Obit Only MI
Halliday, Lula Elizabeth 1861-1931    Photo and Obit MI
Halliday, Newton Herbert 1852-1931    Photo and Obit MI
Hamilton, Bethel C 1879-1913    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Hammack, Andrew 1818-1893     Photo Available MI
Hammack, Sarah 1808-1893     Photo Available MI
Hansen, Ross W 1916-1993    Obit Only MI
Hargis, Creta M Beckley 1918-1986    Obit Only MI
Harmon, Marie E Kohler 1921-1998    Obit Only MI
Harshman, Clarisa Ann Miller 1850-1936    Obit Only MI
Hartley, Michel Willis 1874-1964    Obit Only MI
Harvey, Ada A 1892-1893     Photo Available MI
Harvey, Albert 1855-1925    Photo and Obit MI
Harvey, Kenneth 1907-1973     Photo Available MI
Harvey, Margaret M Calhoun 1868-1945     Photo Available MI
Hayes, Curtis LeRoy 1961-1977     Photo Available MI
Hayes, Helen I Shelton 1925-1979     Photo Available MI
Hayes, Sam H 1906-1990    Obit Only MI
Heavrin, Anna Marinda Holler 1842-1932    Photo and Obit MI
Heavrin, George L 1913-1928     Photo Available MI
Heavrin, James Unknown Dates     Photo Available MI
Henderson, George 1926-1997    Obit Only MI
Hernandez, Joseph 1971-1983    Obit Only MI
Hicks, Lillian Blanche James 1874-1943    Photo and Obit MI
Hicks, Stephen Samuel 1870-1954     Photo Available MI
Higgins, Bertha Jane Webster Beckley 1897-1985 MI
Hildebrandt Travis Jay 1979-1979    Obit Only MI
Hindahl Artie M 1877-1957     Photo Available MI
Hoagland, Cylistina May Adams 1872-1947     Photo Available MI
Hoagland, David Lewis 1866-1938    Obit Only MI
Hodges, Brett Dee 1996-1991    Obit Only MI
Hollandsworth, Annie Pfeiffer Abt 1845-1918    Death Certificate Available MI
Holt, Jana Linn 1981-1981    Obit Only MI
Honey, Ernest Alfred 1920-1984    Obit Only MI
Honeycutt, Helen Mae Roe 1916-1992    Obit Only MI
Honeycutt, Willard Wesley 1915-1984    Obit Only MI
Howard, Opal M Easter 1914-1996    Obit Only MI
Huston, Caldona "Callie" 1891-1982     Photo Available MI
Huston, Floyd 1884-1966     Photo and Obit MI
Ireland, Nellie Mary Mitchell 1903-1975    Obit Only MI
Isenberg, Catherine Emilie Maria Pauline Hanf 1880-1912    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Ivie, Dale Oree 1918-1997    Obit Only MI
Ivie, John Robert 1865-1940    Obit Only MI
Ivie, William Dollen 1906-1977     Photo Available MI
Jackson, Edith Lucille 1921-1996     Photo Available MI
Jackson, F M 1856-1925     Photo Available MI
Jackson, Loretta M 1924-1994    Obit Only MI
Jackson, Matilda Gates 1858-1916     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Jarvis, Anna M K Zimmerman 1879-1918     Photo and Death Certificate Available MI
Jensen, Gerald L 1926-1993    Obit Only MI
Jessen, Jesse J. 1878-1959    Obit Only MI
Jessen, Pearl Elizabeth Myers 1885-1967    Obit Only MI
Johnson, Clifton H 1899-1989     Photo Available MI
Johnson, Ervin Clyde "Sam" 1910-1995     Photo and Obit MI
Johnson, Ethel Martha Miller 1899-1994     Photo and Obit MI
Johnson, Gladys Iola Seckman Alexander 1901-1991     Photo and Obit MI
Johnson, Hansel Leon 1897-1990     Photo and Obit MI
Johnson, J Robert 1862-1920     Photo Available MI
Johnson, John Watkins 1869-1940    Obit Only MI
Johnson, Laurie 1963-1963     Photo Available MI
Johnson, Rachel A 1913-2008     Photo Available MI
Johnston, Reynold L 1917-2000     Photo Available MI
Jones, Anna May 1862-1925     Photo Available MI
Jones, Evelyn Rutledge 1924-1977     Photo Available MI
Jones, Jack 1900-1995    Obit Only MI
Jones, Newton 1861-1948     Photo Available MI
Jordan, Darrell 1941-1941     Photo Available MI
Jordan, F Warren 1943-1976    Obit Only MI
Jordan, Ferrell 1975-1976    Obit Only MI
Jordan, Mary Elaine Stevens 1945-1976    Obit Only MI
Josephson, Doris V Wasserman 1913-1991    Obit Only MI
Kimzey Gertrude Gehman 1895-1973    Obit Only MI
Kincaid, Robert S 1864-1942    Obit Only MI
Kindall, Eileene Eldora Jensen 1911-1995    Obit Only MI
Kindall, Harvey Jackson 1865-1959    Obit Only MI
Kindall, Henry Jackson 1902-1984    Obit Only MI
King, Avadna B 1959-1965     Photo Available MI
King, Leonard S 1903-1981     Photo Available MI
King, Mable S 1905-1964     Photo Available MI
King, Wesley C 1933-1987    Obit Only MI
Kissell, Elmer Delose 1897-1971     Photo Available MI
Kissell, Frances L Allen 1906-1985     Photo and Obit MI
Kline, Franklin Adelbert 1866-1912    Death Certificate Available MI
Knight, Cyrus Mayne 1876-1962     Photo Available MI
Knight, Donald 1914-1920     Photo Available MI
Knight, Lawrence 1917-1923     Photo Available MI
Knight, Marie White 1878-1943     Photo Available MI
Kohlhepp, Henry J 1844-1924     Photo Available MI
Kropf, Eleanor Grace 1908-2001     Photo Available MI
Kropf, Jess L 1882-1970     Photo Available MI
Kurtz, Ida May 1874-1923     Photo Available MI
Kurtz, Lee 1863-1939     Photo Available MI
Kurtz, Leon L "Lee 1863-1939    Obit Only MI
Kurtz, Otis 1865-1948     Photo Available MI
Laeger, Roy D 1902-1987    Obit Only MI
Lair, Lawrence 1921-1992    Obit Only MI
Laman, LaVerne A 1918-1991     Photo Available MI
Landrith, William R 1839-1924     Photo Available MI
Lanning, Alice M 1912-2001     Photo Available MI
Lanning, John S 1910-1982     Photo Available MI
Lawson, Dorothy Mae McNichols 1932-1990    Obit Only MI
Lechtenberg , Alvin Karl 1902-1994    Obit Only MI
Lechtenberg, Connie Hortense 1906-1994    Obit Only MI
Lee, Iona Pearl Martindale 1906-1984    Obit Only MI
Lee, Orson Hubbard Sr 1904-1974    Photo and Obit MI
Leeper, Donald Ray Sr 1912-1996    Obit Only MI
Lenaghen, Boy 1940-1940     Photo Available MI
Lenaghen, Frederick H 1865-1949     Photo Available MI
Lenaghen, Halsey J 1894-1956     Photo Available MI
Lenaghen, La Vada M 1877-1974     Photo Available MI
Lent, Bessie R 1896-1907     Photo Available MI
Lent, Evan A 1903-1907     Photo Available MI
Lent, Joseph Edward 1850-1935    Obit Only MI
Lent, Sarah J 1829-1909     Photo Available MI
Lepel, Mae E Wilson 1897-1985    Obit Only MI
Liggett, Albert Heed Jr 1919-1922     Photo Available MI
Liggett, Albert Heed Sr 1872-1932     Photo Available MI
Liggett, Mattie Vivian 1888-1964     Photo and Obit MI
Liggett, Sophia Westenhaver Priddy 1834-1889    Photo and Obit MI
Lindauer, George 1884-1964     Photo Available MI
Lindauer, Matilda 1890-1982     Photo Available MI
Lively, Cora Lee Clark 1872-1962    Obit Only MI
Lively, Martha Ester 1917-1918    Death Certificate Available MI
Long, Joseph Fawn 1930-1964     Photo Available MI
Loomis, George H 1897-1971     Photo Available MI
Loomis, Jeanette C 1897-1991     Photo Available MI
Lundy, Charles Don 1919-2001     Photo Available MI
Lyda Maria Crockett Steele 1912-1991    Photo Available MI
Martin, Tauscha Anne Koch 1968-1990    Obit Only MI
Martin, Timothy Mark 1966-1990    Obit Only MI
Masterson, Alie F 1852-1876     Photo Available MI
Masterson, Bertha S 1885-1904     Photo Available MI
Masterson, Daniel Mack 1844-1921     Photo and Obit MI
Masterson, Ella S "Sibby" Priddy 1863-1879     Photo and Obit MI
Masterson, Mable 1888-1890     Photo Available MI
Mathews, Noah E 1885-1964     Photo Available MI
Matsumoto, Morio 1885-1973    Obit Only MI
Matthews, Clara D 1898-1962     Photo Available MI
Mazanec, Fred W 1897-1971     Photo Available MI
Mazanec, Rose A Kobza 1903-1994     Photo and Obit MI
McClure, Hazel 1902-1969     Photo Available MI
McClure, Mark 1895-1974     Photo Available MI
McCracken, Duane Henry 1920-1994    Obit Only MI
McCracken, Miriam Nan Passmore 1925-1986    Obit Only MI
McCreary, John Henry 1928-1997    Obit Only MI
McCulloch, Blanche Godfrey 1915-1993    Obit Only MI
McHenry, Cora M 1875-1960     Photo Available MI
McHenry, Joseph 1877-1957     Photo Available MI
McIntyre, Annie E 1863-1897     Photo Available MI
McIntyre, Eunice E 1875-1953     Photo Available MI
McIntyre, Milton H 1850-1926     Photo Available MI
McIntyre, Raymond J 1908-1986     Photo and Obit MI
McNair, Fern Louise Ivie 1904-1992    Obit Only MI
McNichols, Deborah Lee 1954-1985    Obit Only MI
McNichols, Leona I 1909-1999     Photo Available MI
McNichols, Lyle H 1931-1965     Photo Available MI
McNichols, Wallace P 1906-1973     Photo Available MI
McReynolds, Edith Mae Miller 1916-2003     Photo Available MI
Meeks, David Allan 1980     Photo Available MI
Mendenhall, Allen Leroy 1896-1983     Photo and Obit MI
Mendenhall, Gertrude M 1900-1998     Photo Available MI
Merryman, Emma 1868-1903     Photo Available MI
Metzker, Effie C 1885-1961     Photo Available MI
Metzker, Sam M 1886-1963    Photo and Obit MI
Miller, Bertha Plowhead 1878-1942    Obit Only MI
Miller, Clarence Daniel 1913-1990    Obit Only MI
Miller, Clarence David 1904-1986     Photo and Obit MI
Miller, Florence M Smith 1893-1983    Obit Only MI
Miller, Lorraine J Bowman 1914-1990    Photo Available MI
Miller, Tex William 1987-1987    Obit Only MI
Mills, Alma Carol Ward 1922-1986    Obit Only MI 
Minns, Gertrude E 1871-1963     Photo Available MI
Minns, Horace O 1908-1926     Photo Available MI
Minns, Louis O 1863-1944    Photo and Obit MI
Moberly, Alice Elizabeth Lee 1906-1959    Obit Only MI
Moberly, Irene N Kincaid 1899-1983    Obit Only MI
Moberly, Jordan Henry 1854-1929    Obit Only MI
Moore, A William 1849-1918     Photo Available MI
Moore, Alfred William 1849-1917    Obit and Death Certificate Available MI
Moore, George W Unknown     Photo Available MI
Moore, Mary E 1859-1930     Photo Available MI
Morgan, Kyrel Baugh 1906-1985    Obit Only MI
Morgan, Velma May Lee 1911-1981    Photo and Obit MI
Morris, Marliese Freeman 1931-1987    Obit Only MI
Morriss, Damond Ryan 1990-1991    Obit Only MI
Mower, Thomas Emmett Addis 1853-1933    Obit Only MI
Mudgett, Louisa 1842-1927     Photo Available MI
Mudgett, Recorder Morris 1841-1913     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Murphy, Edward Martin 1908-1983     Photo and Obit MI
Murphy, George E 1917-1959    Obit Only MI
Murphy, Gordon R 1921-1975     Photo Available MI
Murphy, Howard Earl 1919-1981    Obit Only MI
Murphy, Walter Scott 1855-1932    Obit Only MI
Murphy, William Ralph 1913-1994     Photo and Obit MI
Murray, Hope Darlene Porter 1937-1996    Obit Only MI
Myers, Alta H 1908-1973     Photo Available MI
Myers, Clinton Ronald 1933-1986    Obit Only MI
Myers, Ernest Shanon 1871-1951     Photo Available MI
Myers, J L 1902-1971     Photo Available MI
Myers, Marion Doone 1874-1933    Photo and Obit MI
Myers, Minnie 1880-1964     Photo Available MI
Myers, Verna M Adams 1875-1954     Photo Available MI
Naillon, Hilda M Josephson 1897-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Naillon, Jacob 1891-1960     Photo Available MI
Nau, Anthony Henry 1972-1990    Photo and Obit MI
Nau, Walter Earl Sr. 1918-1985    Obit Only MI
Neth, Charles P. 1899-1932    Obit Only MI
Newman, Aaron Huston 1834-1924     Photo Available MI
Newman, Cal Gunter 1877-1966    Obit Only MI
Newman, Edna Lorraine 1931-1986    Obit Only MI 
Newman, Sarah Ann Breshears 1871-1942    Obit Only MI
Newman, Sarah Choate 1841-1883     Photo Available MI
Nickel, Franklin Delbert 1937-1984    Obit Only MI
Nickel, Plen Elmer 1911-1992    Obit Only MI
Nielson, Kenneth Lee 1913-1986    Obit Only MI
Nishioka, Alice Fachiko 1918-1942    Obit Only MI
Nishioka, Bill T 1913-1992    Obit Only MI
Nourse, Kenneth Lee 1957-1974    Obit Only MI
Nourse, William R 1913-1981    Obit Only MI
Okamura, Kylee Diane 1994-1994     Photo Available MI
Olson, Jens C 1844-1925     Photo Available MI
Owen, Earl Douglas 1899-1984     Photo and Obit MI
Owen, Helen M 1908-2001     Photo Available MI
Oylear, Elizabeth 1878-1946     Photo Available MI
Oylear, George Washington 1877-1946    Photo and Obit MI
Pamperien, Joe R 1916-1994    Obit Only MI
Pancheri, Odell 1930-1999    Photo and Obit MI
Parker, Charlie C 1900-1973    Photo Available MI
Parker, Irene M Burch 1904-1974    Photo and Obit MI
Parkinson, Adrian Ethan 1964-1982    Obit Only MI
Paterson, Ethel B Sallee Thornberg 1908-1987    Obit Only MI
Patterson, Mildred Mae 1916-1916   Photo and Death Certificate Available MI
Payne, H 1834-1911    Death Certificate Available MI
Payne, James LeRoy 1880-1962    Obit Only MI
Payne, John T 1876-1913    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Pennington, Amber Mae 1972-1972    Obit Only MI
Perkins, Maude E Campbell 1882-1961     Photo and Obit MI
Perkins, William S 1875-1963     Photo Available MI
Personette, James Edgar 1896-1987     Photo and Obit MI
Personette, James Edwin 1923-1948     Photo Available MI
Personette, Nellie I 1897-1963     Photo Available MI
Peterson, Frank L 1892-1969     Photo Available MI
Pfeiffer, Ceneth Marie 1917-1919     Photo Available MI
Pfeiffer, Frances L 1898-1965     Photo Available MI
Pfeiffer, James L 1890-1965     Photo Available MI
Pfost, Addie Wyina Whitney 1903-1994    Obit Only MI
Pfost, Cecil Alonzo 1909-1987    Obit Only MI
Phelps, George Horace 1901-1992     Photo and Obit MI
Philbeck, Darrell Glenn 1943-1997    Obit Only MI
Phillips, Elza 1857-1929    Obit Only MI
Phillips, Obidiah Lida 1858-1911    Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Plowhead, Infant Daughter 1882     Photo Available MI
Plowhead, Jacob 1835-1906     Photo and Obit MI
Plowhead, Magdalena L 1844-1925     Photo Available MI
Plowhead, William T 1872-1949     Photo Available MI
Pollet, Eugene Maurice 1928-1985    Obit Only MI
Polley, Hazel Violet 1902-1902     Photo Available MI
Prickett, Elzie E 1891-1962     Photo Available MI
Prickett, Mabel Fannie Hollenbeck 1894-1994     Photo and Obit MI
Priddy, Joseph Edwin 1907-1994     Photo and Obit MI
Pulley, George Firm 1915-1995    Obit Only MI
Rayne, Jerry Urvie Lamont 1936-1990    Obit Only MI
Rayne, Robert Ancil 1925-2013    Obit Only MI
Rayne, Ted 1938-2014    Obit Only MI
Rayne, Tommy Stanley 1930-2013    Obit Only MI
Rea, Les 1890-1954     Photo Available MI
Rea, Ruth 1907-1990     Photo Available MI
Redding, Elizabeth Annie "Jackie" Matthews Wilson 1906-1991    Obit Only MI
Reece, Anelda Mina Olson 1913-1983    Obit Only MI
Reich, Alvin 1920-1994    Obit Only MI
Reinemer, Henry G 1868-1959    Obit Only MI
Reinemer, Otto Roosevelt 1900-1902     Photo Available MI
Riley, James Argyl 1921-1939    Obit Only MI
Riley, James Findley 1886-1939    Obit Only MI
Ristau, Marion Theodore 1927-1984    Obit Only MI
Ritchey, Elizabeth A Schartz 1900-1976    Obit Only MI
Robinson, Grace B 1882-1948     Photo Available MI
Robinson, William D 1885-1957 Photo Availble MI
Rockwell, Marion Melvin 1919-1993     Photo and Obit MI
Rothwell, Clarence Hervin "Chuck" Oylear 1898-1983     Photo and Obit MI
Rowland, Lasanius A 1906-1915    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Rutledge Ira William 1909-1965     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Ada Reid Morgan 1898-1995     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Bertha Esther 1900-1971     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Dale Ellis 1919-1936     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Edna P 1896-Unknown     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Hazel D 1906-1977     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, James Edward 1867-1947     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Jesse Lincoln 1892-1957     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Lorene 1916-1991     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Lovie Lillette Landreth 1874-1939     Photo and Obit MI
Rutledge, Maurice Jess 1924-1925     Photo and Obit MI
Rutledge, Perry E 1893-1965     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Richard Darrel 1920-1991     Photo and Obit MI
Rutledge, Richard Percy 1896-1955     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Todd Mathew 1953-1998     Photo Available MI
Rutledge, Walter T 1892-1959     Photo Available MI
Sanner/Sanders, Cloyce S 1918-1970    Photo and Obit MI
Scales, Kenneth Clifford 1958-1997    Obit Only MI
Scales, Michael John Kahope 1956-1986    Obit Only MI
Schaefer, Ray D 1920-1997    Obit Only MI
Schaefer, Robina Melvina LaMar Evans 1922-1997    Obit Only MI
Schaffer, William M 1871-1931    Obit Only PA
Schnabel, Mary 1883-1904     Photo Available MI
Schonschack, Wayne Allen 1929-1985    Obit Only MI
Scott, Dalton Page 1996-1996     Photo Available MI
Seale, James Logan 1910-1976     Photo Available MI
Seiber, Alpha May Tooley 1893-1982    Obit Only MI
Severson, Larry Edward 1951-1984    Obit Only MI
Severson, Rance Ray 1953-1981    Obit Only MI
Seydell, Ellen B Dewise 1853-1913    Death Certificate Available MI
Shaddy, Carey Lynn 1970-1992    Obit Only MI
Shaffer, Frank Albert 1885-1936     Photo Available MI
Shaffer, Julia Alice Gray 1861-1932    Photo and Obit MI
Shaffer, Lee Robert 1876-1956    Photo and Obit MI
Shaffer, Lulu Oatie Isaacs Carpenter 1876-1958    Photo and Obit MI
Shaffer, Pearl Lulu 1883-1943    Photo and Obit MI
Shaffer, Porter B 1858-1923     Photo Available MI
Shaver, Winifred W (Martha) Fretwell Wilson 1877-1959    Obit Only PA
Shaw, Genevieve Knight 1910-2001     Photo Available MI
Shaw, Harold W 1911-1965     Photo Available MI
Shelton, Kyle 1951-1956     Photo Available MI
Sherich, Anna 1891-1979     Photo Available MI
Sherich, Vern 1893-1960     Photo Available MI
Sherman, Francis E 1904-1972     Photo Available MI
Sherman, Hazel Lena Snyder 1905-1992     Photo and Obit MI
Sherman, Jack Norman 1927-1973     Photo and Obit MI
Shimmin, Richard Roy 1933-1996     Photo and Obit MI
Shipley, Wayne E 1914-1975     Photo Available MI
Simpson, Chester Lee "Chet" 1923-1992    Obit Only MI
Smith, Adam Herschel 1893-1976    Photo Available MI
Smith, Bertha Alice Hawkins 1893-1982    Photo and Obit MI
Smith, Chester A 1889-1920     Photo Available MI
Smith, Clair 1910-1964     Photo Available MI
Smith, John Barton 1841-1913     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Smith, Lee Ferris 1879-1964     Photo Available MI
Smith, Sarah J 1839-1896     Photo Available MI
Smith, Susie E 1881-1944     Photo Available MI
Smith, W G 1856-1922     Photo Available MI
Smithart, Alton Clifford 1908-1987     Photo and Obit MI
Smyser, Samuel Irvin 1852-1933    Obit Only PA
Snider, Alice C Schlick 1922-1986    Photo and Obit MI
Sparks, Gertrude Ruth Burt 1904-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Sparks, Lawrence Charles "L.C." 1901-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Speedy, George W 1914-1984    Photo and Obit MI
Speedy, Kathleen M Freer 1910-2003    Photo Available MI
Spillman, Etha R Wilton 1908-1990    Photo and Obit MI
Spillman, Lt Col R Lynn 1903-1992    Photo and Obit MI
Stark Main Stone     Photo Available MI
Stark, Attillia M 1844-1923     Photo Available MI
Stark, Hiram 1844-1923     Photo Available MI
Stark, J Matteson 1875-1935    Photo and Obit MI
Stark, Lura Hunter 1880-1948     Photo Available MI
Stark, Robert E 1886-1908     Photo Available MI
Starry, Gladys Fern Garrison 1933-1995    Photo and Obit MI
Starry, Harvey Laverne 1928-1994    Photo and Obit MI
Steele, William Lee 1891-1978    Photo and Obit MI
Stephens, Ada Lillian Cusic Sanders Conrad 1909-1992    Photo and Obit MI
Stephens, Charles 1861-1924     Photo Available MI
Stevens, Ethel Pearl Provost 1918-2010    Photo and Obit MI
Stevens, Willard Henry 1915-2008    Photo Available MI
Stillwell, Effie J Johnson 1880-1974     Photo Available MI
Stirm, Audrey Evolena Knee Smith 1912-1967    Obit Only PA
Sullivan, Son 1906-1906     Photo Available MI
Summers, Audrey Bailey Sexton Barnhill 1914-1996    Obit Only MI
Summers, Earl Demont 1909-1990    Obit Only MI
Sundberg, Robert M 1924-1978    Photo and Obit MI
Swigert, Curtis Lee 1964-1983    Photo and Obit MI
Swindell, Charlie Huburn 1923-1992    Photo and Obit MI
Talkington, Alice Ruby Dalke 1914-1984    Obit Only MI
Talley, Mathew Jason 19981     Photo Available MI
Taylor, Robert Porter 1990-1943    Obit Only MI
Taylor, Sylvia Alice 1870-1942    Obit Only MI
Teichert, Ethel 1902-1985     Photo Available MI
Teichert, Gary L 1945-1945     Photo Available MI
Teichert, Otto 1898-1987     Photo Available MI
Thomas, Bessie E 1901-1982     Photo Available MI
Thomas, William R 1902-1989     Photo Available MI
Thompson, Infant 1916-1916    Death Certificate Available MI
Todd, Frances E 1899-1990     Photo Available MI
Tuckness, Cecil Edward 1911-1999     Photo Available MI
Tuckness, Mable Irene 1917-2001     Photo Available MI
Turner, Ina May Cameron Ristau 1925-1996    Photo and Obit MI
Vavold, Joseph Albert 1960-1980     Photo Available MI
Vavold, Joseph Albert 1960-1980     Photo Available MI
Vavold, Ruth P 1912-1999     Photo Available MI
Ver Strate, John 1901-1972     Photo Available MI
Ver Strate, Pansy Ellen 1900-1964     Photo Available MI
Wagner, Carl B 1916-1982     Photo Available MI
Wallace, Keith W 1913-1975     Photo Available MI
Wallihan, Milo G 1916-1916    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Wanzer, Charles L 1891-1964     Photo Available MI
Wanzer, Ethel E 1890-1967     Photo Available MI
Ward, Garland E 1925-1963    Photo and Obit MI
Ward, George Banks 1896-1973     Photo Available MI
Ward, Gladys May 1901-1991     Photo Available MI
Ward, Jeremiah D 1863-1946     Photo Available MI
Ward, Nettie Louise Hubbard 1863-1939    Obit Only MI
Wayt, Herman S 1878-1954     Photo Available MI
Wayt, Mamie M 1884-1955     Photo Available MI
Weaver, Elizabeth Nanny Rumbach 1895-1966    Obit Only MI
Whiffin, Harry Eugene 1873-1952    Obit Only MI
Whitehead, Marjorie Beth 1931-1996     Photo Available MI
Whitehead, Oliver Love 1916-1987     Photo Available MI
Whiteley, Carol Marie 1957-1977     Photo Available MI
Whiteley, Steven Myron 1965-1965     Photo Available MI
Whitney, Georgia M 1909-2002     Photo Available MI
Whitney, Walter W 1906-1987     Photo Available MI
Williams, Robert S Abt 1860-1915    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Wilson, Iris Day 1905-1977     Photo Available MI
Wilson, James Thomas 1873-1931    Photo and Obit MI
Wilson, Samuel O 1905-1988     Photo Available MI
Wilson, Winifred B 1922-1990     Photo Available MI
Wilson, Winifred Martha Fretwell 1877-1959     Photo Available MI
Winkley, Lester M 1910-1917    Obit and Death Certificate MI
Zimmerman, Henry Franklin 1849-1917     Photo - Obit - Death Certificate MI
Zimmerman, Lissetta 1853-1907    Photo Available MI