When she was very young, Mrs. Earl (Charlotte Mikesell) Gunnell of Soda Springs, Idaho decided to keep a journal of deaths and other various information items for Caribou County.  Some of the early information she wrote down came from old newspapers. The information included a section of Bannock County which is now part of Caribou County. There are also a few records from Bear Lake County, Franklin County and some in Wyoming.  She kept these records until 1997, just before she entered a care center. She died in January 2003. We have been asked to transcribe this information and place it on the Internet for the benefit of genealogists interested in these records.  Some private remarks are in brackets to note a particular area or subject.  The spelling, punctuation, abbreviations and style of writing is Mrs. Gunnell’s and we have not tried to correct it unless it needed to be made clear or we knew the particulars. Note:  Residents of the area have always used the term “Soda” to mean Soda Springs, the name of Gray to mean Gray’s Lake and Lava to mean Lava Hot Springs. The questions of burial ? or buried ? at the end of some items are Mrs. Gunnell’s notations.

Some of the records were just short notations. We have decided to include the obituary, if possible, whenever we could find it.  We hope the additional information will be useful. We also found the style of writing obituaries during this period of time to be very interesting.  We would like to thank Dianne Brown for scanning and sending this information to us from Mrs. Gunnell’s original records. We also thank Jeff Anderson for entrusting Mrs. Brown to do the scanning from Mrs. Gunnell’s book. What a treasure this is for all genealogists!


                                                                Arlene M. Henley, Transcriber 

                                                                Della Maughan Britenbeker, Historian






PART I – 1903 TO 1949






Early records of the Idanha Chieftain

Editor L. H. Willets 1901-1903



ADOLPH MITCHELL OR MICHAEL, died 3 April 1903 in Raft River.  He was not found until June.  Later buried in Montpelier, Idaho.


GEORGE ROWLEY, SR. age 72, died 19 May 1903 at St. Anthony, Idaho.  Born in England, came to U.S. 1847, member of L.D.S. Church.  Leaves 2 sons, Buried in the Cedar Cemetery in Soda.  [Cedar Cemetery is also known as the Old Pioneer Cemetery]


“SID” GISH died 23 May 1903 at the Caribou Hotel in Soda Springs from a gun shot (accident).  Funeral 24 May 1903. Buried in the Mound Cemetery [According to Mrs. Gunnell the Mound Cemetery was later named Fairview Cemetery].  Leaves a wife & 4 children.


INFANT SON of MR. & MRS. CHARLES A. BURTON, age 20 mo. died at Chub Springs, Idaho, 12 Jun 1903.


WILLIAM NORMAN WILSON, son of Dr. & Mrs. W. T. Wilson, died at the Wilson Ranch near Henry, Idaho, 29 Jun 1903, age 23 years.


MOSES PARKER died 13 July 1903 at the home of W. C. Davis, 4 miles west of Soda.  He was a brother of Mrs. W. C. Davis, Age 51 years, he was born in Lehi, Utah.  Remains were buried at the Cedar Cemetery.  


 J.H. LOCK died at Spencer, Idaho 16 Jul 1903, age 35 years.  Body was brought to Soda for burial.  Funeral 18 July 1903 under the auspices of the Odd Fellows Lodge.  Leaving a wife & one son.  His wife, Perdette Merrill, was a dau of F. M. Merrill of Soda.


JOHN RAMSEY died 12 August, 1903 [or the 19th – both dates shown] in an accident at Opal.  He was taken to Pocatello, Idaho where he died a few hours later.  He was a brother of Mrs. D. W. Church.  Ramsey was 18 years old.  Buried ?


OFFER B. HANSEN, of Henry, Idaho, died at Soda Springs, 1 Sept. 1903.  He is the son of Mrs. & Mrs. Lars Hansen, age 41 years.  Leaves a wife with no issue.  Funeral 3 Sept. 1903 at Fryar’s Hall in Soda (Presbyterian).  Buried at Mound Cemetery.


MRS. HANNAH MERRILL, wife of Frank M. Merrill, died at Soda Springs, Bannock, Idaho, 11 Sept. 1903.  She was born in Oblong, Ill. 44 years of age.  Her maiden name was Hannah Byerly.  She married Robert Glaze at Ill. She had 2 sons & one daughter, Robert Glaze, Walter Glaze & Mrs. Ethel Price of Mammoth, Utah.  Sisters & brothers are, Mrs. J. Trist & Mrs. Chas. Colter of Oblong, Ill., F. H. Byerly of Eureka, Utah, U. T. Byerly of Chub Springs, Ida. & G. W. Byerly of Huachuca, Ariz.  On 7 Jul 1903 she married Frank M. Merrill (2 months of marriage). Buried in Mound Cemetery.


JAMES WOODS NANNEY, infant son of Charles & Pearl Nanney, died at Pocatello 15 Sept. 1903.  Remains were brought to Soda for burial.  Funeral 17 Sept. 1903 at the Presbyterian Church.  Interment at Mound Cemetery.


NORAH MARY COLLINS, dau of H. L. Collins of Bench, Ida. died (suicide) in Salt Lake City, Utah, 22 Sept. 1903.  Would be age 16 years the 10th of August.  Funeral at Bench 25 Sept.1903. Burial?


Death Notice From The Salt Lake Tribune, Sept. 23, 1903

With A Correction By Norah’s Father In The Idanha Chieftain


     Notice of the death of Norah Collins, daughter of H. D. Collins of

Gentile Valley was published in Tuesday’s issue of the Salt Lake Tribune.


                     Another unfortunate was added to the suicide list last night.  She was

Norah Mary Collins of Bench, Idaho, a young woman of about 25, well

dressed, but in search of employment, who killed herself with a dose of

strychnine. She was of medium height, slight and dark complexioned, and

bore the air of having come from the country. 

                                     At about 8:10 o’clock A, J. Stratton, clerk at the Cullen Hotel, heard

screams from upstairs, and when someone went to investigate, Miss Collins

was found in convulsions, with a bottle near her and some white powder. 

     Dr. A. A. Kerr was summoned at once and tried by artificial respiration

 and an antidote to save her, but she died in minutes. The Coroner was notified

 and the body was taken to the undertaker’s

     A note explaining her act was found. It was badly spelled and ran as follows:

                                 “My dear sister, father and brothers, goodbye.  I can’t work any longer. I am

                                about dead.” Miss Norah Mary Collins, Salt Lake City, Utah (From Bench,

                                 Idaho].  There was also a letter to her from Montpelier, Idaho, signed by her sister.


     The above is in error as to the age of the girl according to her father.  She would have been 16 years old next month.  H. D. Collins, the father of the girl, came up from the Valley yesterday to make arrangements for the remains.  The remains arrived in Soda Springs this morning from Salt Lake, and will be taken to Bench this afternoon. The funeral services will be held in the Catholic Chapel at that place, tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock, conducted by Father Hendricks.


H. P. CALKINS, brother of Mrs. D. D. Sullivan, of Grace, Ida. age 65, died at Ogden, [Utah] 23 Sept. 1903. Funeral 26 Sept. 1903.  Interment at Thatcher [Idaho] Cemetery.


MRS. HENRY STANLEY died at Wayne [probably Wayan], Idaho, 24 Sept 1903, age 68.  Burial?


INFANT CHILD OF MR. & MRS. ANDREW CHRISTENSEN died 24 Sept. 1903 at Henry, Idaho.  Burial?


MARGARET ROSE LAU, eldest daughter of Daniel J. Lau & Mary Rose Lau died in Soda 15 Nov 1903, age 7 yrs. 3 mo. & 5 days.  Funeral 17 Nov 1903. Burial in the Cedar Cemetery.  Grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. C. G. Rose.


ANSON RICHARDS died 19 Dec 1903 at Stockton, Calif. (Killed by a train).  Mrs. Richards’ sister is [Mrs.) Thomas Sterrett of Soda.  Burial at Deer Lodge, Mont.



Idanha Chieftain dated 17 Dec 1903


                                     A telegram was received here Sunday evening announcing the death

of Anson Richards, a well known resident of Bannock County, which

occurred at Stockton, Cal. last Saturday. The cause of his sudden death

was not stated in the dispatch.  Mrs. Richards, who has been stopping

at the Cariboo Hotel with her sister, Mrs. Thomas Sterrett, left on Monday,

accompanied by Miss Julia Sullivan, for Deer Lodge, Mont. where the

burial will take place.

     A press dispatch of the 19th, from Stockton, Cal. gives the following

statement of his death.  C. S. Richards of Idaho, was run over and killed

by a train near this city today.  It is claimed he was pushed from the train

by two men who had robbed him.


JOE GISH, 5 years old, son of Joe Gish, died 28 Dec 1903, at the home of Mrs. Gish’s sister, Mrs. Alice M. Dempster in Butte, Mont.  Body brought to Soda.  Funeral 30 Dec 1903, buried in Soda.  Mr. Gish has lost his wife, two children & a brother in the last 3 months. 


SAMUEL BRACE HOPKINS, son of Daniel R. & Kezia Hopkins died 29 Dec 1903. Age 18 years, 10 mo., 14 days.  Interment in Cedar Cemetery.





Early records of the Idanha Chieftain

Editor, Joe H. DeWitt, 1904-1931



INFANT DAUGHTER of GEO. ELLIS of Hanna died on Saturday, 20 Feb. 1904.


NAOMI [not sure of name) TOLMAN died at Blackfoot, [Idaho], last Sat, 20 Feb 1904, & the remains were shipped to Chesterfield [Idaho] for interment.


MRS. JOHN KNOWLES died this morning, Feb. 1904, leaves 5 children. Interment in the Soda Springs Cemetery.


JOS. E. JOHNSON, died near Hanna Thursday morning of last week (18 Feb 1904). He was 28 years old, leaves a wife & 3 children.


MRS. AGNES GUNNELL died at Bench on Thursday of last week (18 Feb 1904).  Leaves husband & 4 children & baby 4 days old at time of her death. Body was shipped to Wellsville [Utah].


Funeral of CLARA ELIZABETH HORSLEY, a baby girl of Mr. & Mrs., Harry Horsley, born 12 Jun 1903, died either the last of Feb. or first of Mar. 1904, funeral Mar 3, 1904.  Niels Jensen is the father of Mrs. Harry Horsley.


CHLOE ROBISON, infant daughter of Fred Robison & wife, born Feb. 9, 1904, died 9 Mar. 2004, age 1 mo.


MRS. MARY ANN WINFIELD SPIERS, died in her 84[Th] year.  She was the mother of Mrs. E. Crawford & the grandmother of L. S. Marriott & Mrs. E. D. Whitman. 


ELLIS ALVIN KACKLEY, age 2 yrs. 9 mo. 6 days, died 19 Apr 1904, son of Dr. & Mrs. Kackley.  Buried 21 Apr 1904 in Soda.


GEORGE S. HORSLEY, mother was Sophia Edgehill, father Thomas William Horsley.  


ANNIE M. SALT, wife of C. W. Salt, died May 21, 1904 at Dempsey [Idaho], leaving husband & 5 children.  Born in Wellsville, Utah, 39 yr. old. Burial in Dempsey Cemetery.



Obituary from May 26, 1904 Idanha Chieftain


                                     Mrs. Annie M. Salt, wife of C. W. Salt, died at Dempsey

[Idaho] last Saturday, May 21st [1904] at 7:30 p.m. after an

illness of several months with dropsy resulting from childbirth. 

Every effort was put forth to save her and to that end she was

taken to the springs near where she died and for a time seemed

to be improving but last Saturday morning she was taken much

worse, passing away that evening. Besides a husband she leaves

five children, the youngest being a baby five months old and the

eldest eight years. Mrs. Salt was born in Wellsville, Cash [Cache]

Valley, Utah and was thirty-nine years of age.

                                     The family moved from Benton, Utah last October to their ranch

                                about thirteen miles east of this city.  The funeral was held last Sunday

                                (May 22nd) at 5 o’clock and burial made in the Dempsey Cemetery.


MISS MARGUERITT P. FRYER died in San Francisco, Calif. at the home of her sister on 3 June 1904.  Born in Mississippi on Aug. 2, 1878.  Parents are Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Fryer.  Besides her parents, 2 sisters, 6 brothers survive her.  Buried in Soda Springs in Mound Cemetery.  Mother is Frances Fryer.


ANNIE MABEL WILSON, 15, daughter of Dr.  W. T. Wilson died at Henry, Ida, 18 Jun 1904. Funeral 20 Jun 1904 interment at the Wilson Ranch at Henry, Ida.


WILLIAM P. ERWIN, nearly 76 yrs old, died 22 Jul 1904 near Bench (Ida.) Funeral 24 July 1904 at Trout Creek meeting house.  Interment at Lago Cemetery.  Born in Alabama 16 Sep 1828, unmarried.




Obituary from the Idanha Chieftain of July 2?, 1904


                                     William P. Erwin, died at his residence near Bench [Idaho]

                                last Friday afternoon, July 22, 1904, at 3:30 o’clock after an

illness of only a few days, of gravel [unknown what this means].

The funeral was held at the Trout Creek meeting house on July 24th

at 11 o’clock, the services being conducted by Bishop J. W. Hubbard.

A large cortege followed the remains to their last resting place in the

Lago Cemetery. 

                                     Mr. Erwin was nearly seventy-six years of age, having been born

in Alabama on September 16th, 1828 and was one of the first settlers

in this section.  He was never married, but leaves, besides a number

of relatives in Gentile Valley, a sister and a brother in Perry County,  

Mo. and a brother in Bench, Idaho, John N. Erwin, who has been an

invalid for about five years with rheumatism and a sister, Mrs. M. M. Ellis.



JOSEPHINE EBORN, age 4, daughter of E. W. Eborn & wife, died 12 Aug 1904 at the Woodall Cottage.  Funeral 12 Aug 1904, burial in the Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. ALICE GILLETT, nee Alice Terry, wife of Perry Gillett, died 12 Sept. 1904.  She was 20 years of age.  The body was taken to Tooele, Utah for burial.  Funeral held there 18 Sep 1904. She left a little daughter born 26 Aug 1904.


The INFANT CHILD of Geo. Strong & wife of Henry, which was born yesterday, was interred in Mound Cemetery in this city, 15 Sept 1904.  Born 14 Sept. 1904.


DAUGHTER of Hugh Sibbett & wife of Grays Lake, age three yrs. Died 10 Oct 1904.


PERRY GILLETT’S baby girl (born 26 Aug 1904) died about 20 Oct 1904, was buried in Tooele, Utah beside her mother.


C. W. DETTON age 65 died at his home at Hatch, Idaho, 11 Dec 1904


MRS HANNA GRAHAM died at her home in Bennington, [Idaho], 11 Dec 1904.  She was 84 years old.  Buried 12 Dec 1904   Where?





Early records of the Idanha Chieftain [Later Soda Springs Chieftain]

Editor, Joe H. DeWitt, 1904-1931



THE BABY SON OF Mr.  & Mrs. W. H. Skinner, age seven months, died at their residence at the Woodall Ranch, Thursday 5 Jan 1905, buried at Nounan [Idaho] Sat. 9 Jan 1905


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. John Trappett of Grace [Idaho] died last Friday, 6 Jan. 1905, buried Sunday, 8 Jan 1905    Where?


PARLEY MC LAIN, the five yr old son of David McLain died Sunday (8 Jan 1905), buried at Turner [Idaho] Monday, 9 Jan 1905


INFANT SON of Mr.  & Mrs. Lamoni Tolman died at their home in Dempsey [Idaho], 9 Jan 1905 Buried?        


A BABY of Mr.  & Mrs. John Turner died Friday 19 Jan 1905 of Lago [Idaho]. The baby had

only been sick a few days & appeared to be improving. The funeral services were held at the Trout Creek meeting house on Sunday.  Buried ?


M. J. KNOX, who worked for the Short Line [Railroad] at this station last June, died Monday 23 Jan 1905 of consumption in Socorro, New Mexico.  His wife is a daughter of J. L. Armstrong of Bancroft [Idaho]. Remains were brought to Bancroft for burial.  Buried Saturday 28 Jan 1905. Several people of this city [Soda Springs] attended the funeral.


PETER HUNT died at Tilden [Idaho] on Monday, 23 Jan 1905, age 34 & unmarried.  Remains were prepared for burial by Undertaker Wedekind, then his brother J. Frank Hunt left with the remains on the train for Downey [Idaho] where the body will be interred in the family burial ground.


Obituary for Peter Hunt

January 1905, Idanha Chieftain


                                     J. Frank Hunt, speaker of the House of Representatives of the

                                Idaho Legislature, came in this morning from Tilden in charge

                                of the remains of his brother, Peter Hunt, who died at Tilden on

                                Monday morning after a short illness.  Peter Hunt had lived at

                                Tilden for a number of years and was in the employ of a cattle

                                firm. He was thirty-four years old and unmarried. About a week

                                ago he was taken down with pneumonia in the midst of health

                                and strength, and withstood the ravages of the disease only four

                                days, when he succumbed to the inevitable. The remains were

                                prepared for burial this afternoon by Undertaker Wedekind and

                                Speaker Hunt left with the remains on the noon train for Downey

                                [Idaho], where the same will be interred in the family burial ground.


BABY of Mrs. Dan Jensen died at Blackfoot [Idaho] from burnes [sic] in Jan 1905.  Mrs. Jensen is the daughter of J. A. Tolman of Chesterfield [Idaho].


INFANT of Mr. & Mrs. Sern Jacobson died 29 Jan 1905 – Buried?


MISS FERN PECK, age 17, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. Peck, died at the home of her parents at Thatcher [Idaho], last Tuesday, 30 Jan 1905 & was buried Saturday, 4 Feb 1905  -- Where?


WILLIAM DOVER, age 75, died (from burnes, [sic] in a cabin on his ranch on the Snake River bottoms, leaving a son & two daughters who live in Pocatello (Buried?) [No date shown]


MRS. JOHN LEE, formerly of Sterrett [Idaho], died at her home near Rexburg, Ida last Friday, 10 Feb 1905 of blood poisoning following childbirth.  She is an aunt to Mrs. Carter Cornia.  She leaves 9 small children   A coincidence is that both she & Mrs. Carter Cornia died on the same day, from the same cause & at nearly the same hour. Buried?


MRS CARTER CORNIA, died at her home at Bench [Idaho], 10 Feb 1905 of blood poisoning from childbirth, burial 13 Feb 1905 at Bench, 25 yrs of age, leaves 3 small children, the youngest only five days old.


A TWO WEEK OLD BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Claborne Morehead died last Saturday, 11 Feb 1905, buried 12 Feb 1905 at Trout Creek Cemetery


FRANK BEACH [or Black], died 15 Feb 1905 at the Burbank house.  Buried?


MRS T. W. HORSLEY received word last week of the death of her father, J. Y. Rose on the 20 Feb 2005 at Milton, Illinois.


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Winschell born 2 Dec 1904, died 22 Feb 1905.  Buried in Thatcher [Idaho].


MR. & MRS. JOSEPH SIMONS lost their little boy, age 3, on Monday 28 Feb 1905.  Funeral 2 March 1905. Buried in Chesterfield Cemetery.


ALVIN BAIRD, 30 yrs. old from Thayne, Wyo. died 1 Mar 1905.  He was the brother of John Baird of Eight Mile [Idaho], buried 3 Mar 1905 Where?


VERNE SHOWELL, age 6, daughter of Mrs. Jane Showell, died 1 March 1905, here at the home of H. Horsley. Buried 2 Mar 1905 in the Mormon Cemetery in the Cedars east of town.


THE 7 MONTH OLD BOY of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Creer died 10 Mar 1905 (Ray Creer of Lund) Buried?


THE BABY GIRL of Nephi Moss & wife died 12 Mar 1905 of whooping cough & pneumonia.  Funeral 15 Mar 1905, buried in Chesterfield Cemetery.


MRS. THOMAS COFFIN of Downey [Idaho] died 21 or 22 March 1905.  Funeral 24 March 1905 at Downey.


ALFRED HIGGINS of St. Anthony [Idaho] died last week (abt 24 March 1905) Buried?


TWIN BABIES, BOY & GIRL, born to Thomas Hopkins & wife on 20 Oct 1904, both died this past week.  The boy, Henry, died 23 March 1905 Buried, 24 March 1905.  The girl, Henrietta, died 28 March 1905, buried 29 March 1905.  Both interred in the Cedar Cemetery.


Yesterday (29 Mar 1905) the body of WILLIS BANKS, 2 yrs old son of Mrs. Nan Banks was brought from Pocatello [Idaho] to be buried in the Lund Cemetery by his father’s side.




Soda Springs Chieftain, 30 March 1905


                                     Yesterday the body of Little Willie Banks, the two year old of

                                Mrs. Nan Banks, was brought from Pocatello [Idaho] to be buried

                                in the Lund Cemetery by his father’s side. The cause of the little

                                fellow’s death was measles.  The mother and brother are at Pocatello

                                in a very dangerous state with the same disease. The two little sisters

                                are only just pronounced out of danger. Mrs. Bank’s sister, Miss Effie

                                Tolman is also with them and is very low with measles. Mrs. Wm.

                                Banks of this city is attending them at present.


MRS. ANNA BYRNES, sister of L. P. Beus of this city died at her home in Sunnydell, Idaho, 5 April 1905.  Buried?


BLANCHE, the 5 yr old daughter of Olef Olsen & wife, died 10 April 1905.  Funeral was held at the Grace School 12 Apr 1905   Burial??


BISHOP IRA HOGAN died 16 April 1905 (Pneumonia), at the home of James Moore, across the river from Soda.  Buried 19 April 1905 in Thatcher [Idaho].  Leaves a wife & 8 children.  He was born in Bountiful, Utah of Norwegian parentage, moved to Richfield, Utah with his parents at the age of 8 yrs. He was 50 yrs, 24 days old at time of death & a resident of Gentile Valley 24 yrs.


GEORGE JENSEN died 14 Sept 1905 at his home in Henry, Idaho.  Buried 16 Sept. 1905 in Soda in the Mound Cemetery.


DAVID E. JENKINS, of Malad [Idaho] died from an accident 17 Sept. 1905 in Soda.  Remains sent to Malad for burial 19 Sept. 1905.


Death Notice

Soda Springs Chieftain, September 21, 1905


                                     While assisting in loading a heavy tombstone base at the

                                freight house at Soda Springs last Friday afternoon about 2:30

                                o’clock, David E. Jenkins slipped and fell in such a way as to

                                get caught under the rock. 

                                      Tom Ellis came in from Bench last Friday to get the base

                                and as he needed help to load it called on Mr. Jenkins. Just as

                                they had it about half way out of the wagon, the team became

                                frightened at a starting train and suddenly jerked the wagon

                                which caused Mr. Jenkins foot to slip and he fell to the ground

                                under the stone.

                                     The base weighed probably 350 pounds and struck him heavy

                                enough to crush his head.  Surgery was performed, but he died

                                Sunday morning at 4 o’clock having never regained consciousness.

                                       His remains were shipped to Malad for burial Sunday night.

Mr. Jenkins leaves a wife and two children in Malad.  Interrment [sic]

was made Tuesday in the cemetery at Malad.

LUDWIG SHURKE (SUHRKE), died in this city [Soda], 23 Sept. 1905. He was born 11 May 1937 & died at the age of 68 years, 4 mo., 12 days.  He came to Soda in the early Seventies, a member of the church (LDS).  Leaves a wife, Susannah, two girls & one boy.


MRS MARY RICHARDS, nee Mary Christofferson, died at the T. A. Sterrett Ranch 19 Oct 1905.  Remains were shipped to Deer Lodge, Montana for burial beside those of her husband, Hans Richards in Dec. 1903.  Mrs. Richards was 35 yrs old & had spent several years in this city.  She leaves a boy & a girl of her own & an adopted daughter. 


MRS.RICHARD SMITH of Turner [Idaho] died Oct 1905.  Buried ??


ELOSIA CORNIA, age 18, dau of Dan Cornia & wife of Sterrett, Idaho, died 26 Oct 1905.  Buried at Sterrett.


ETHELBERG POTTER, age 9 months, a son of Mr.  & Mrs. Fred Potter of Grace, Ida. died 28 Oct 1905, buried in Payson, Utah.


N. L. JACOBSON, 30 yr, of age of Bancroft, Ida. died 1 Nov 1905 (suicide) He was born at Bountiful, Utah where his mother resides.  His father died several yrs ago.  Body will be shipped to Bountiful for burial. 


CLARENCE MC DONALD of Blackfoot [Idaho] died the later [sic] part of Nov. 1905   Buried?


MANNASSAH WOODROW WILLIAMS, brother of T. S. Williams of this city died at Goldfield, Nevada, 30 Nov. 1905.  Body was shipped to Soda Springs to be buried [sic] in Mound Cemetery, 6 Dec 1905. Age 50, Mr. Williams was born in Salt Lake City [Utah].  He leaves a wife & four children besides an aged mother & a brother & a sister, Mrs. Carolin Kimball.


ALEX LARRD, age 7 yrs, 5 mo. died suddenly 3 Dec 1905 at the residence of Cyrus Tolman at Chesterfield.  Buried?


LARS CHRISTENSEN, age 48, died at his home near Cove [Idaho] in Gentile Valley, 9 Dec 1905 of diabetes.  Funeral 13 Dec 1905 at Thatcher [Idaho] Ward was attended by a large delegation of the Odd Fellows Lodge, of which the deceased was a member. He leaves 7 children, the oldest being Mrs. Bert Titus.  He had spent nearly thirty years of his life in this section. Buried?


ABRAHAM DURFEE, of Lava [Idaho], died 14 Dec 1905 at the Burbank hospital, age 83.  Buried?


WILLIS HOPLA, a boy, 11 yrs old son of Mrs. Mrs. Erastus Hopla, was killed (shot accidentally [sic] with a 22 calibre [sic] target rifle), Saturday 16 Dec 1905 near Lund [Idaho].  Buried 18 Dec 1905


ARTHUR BRUNER, of Henry [Idaho], age 30 yrs. died 22 Dec 1905 at the L.D.S. Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Soda Springs Chieftain, 28 Dec 1905


                                     Arthur Bruner of Henry died on Friday last, December 22,

                                1905, in the L.D.S. Hospital at Salt Lake City, Utah, of pneumonia

                                following a complication of kidney troubles.  The remains were

                                brought to Soda and interred in Fairview Cemetery last Sunday

                                afternoon, the funeral being held at the Presbyterian Church. 

                                     Mr. Bruner was 30 years of age and had resided in this

                                vicinity for some time. He leaves a wife and two step-children

                                to mourn his loss.


MELVA WOODALL, died 24 Dec 1905.  Age 9 yr. old, she was the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Woodall.  Buried in Soda.



Soda Springs Chieftain, 28 Dec 1905


                                      After a very short, but severe illness with scarlet fever, little

                                Melva Woodall passed over last Sunday morning at about

10 o’clock. A short funeral service was conducted by Rev. C. G.

Denton on the porch of her parents residence with the usual

service at the grave.  The services were largely attended by

grown people.

     Melva Woodall was born in Soda Springs and was about nine

years of age.  She was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D.

Woodall and a favorite with all being of a kindly and loveable




MABEL BANKS, of Sterrett [Idaho], died 25 Dec 1905 of typhoid fever.  Daughter of Mrs. W. H. Banks, age 7 yrs, Buried at Sterrett.



Soda Springs Chieftain


A SON of Walt Harris & wife, age 2, died at Henry [Idaho], Jan 1906. Buried?


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Christensen died 1 (or 2nd) Feb 1906. Buried?


MRS. JOSEPH TINGEY of Bountiful, Utah, daughter of Joseph Fowler of Thatcher [Idaho] died 11 Feb 1906. (Buried)


ORSON CAMPBELL, age 53, died at his home at Thatcher, Idaho, 21 Feb 1906. Buried?


HEZEKIAH (HESSIE) TANNER, age 5, son of George Tanner & wife, died of diabetes 17 March 1906.  The funeral was held at the Grace [Idaho] school house, & was buried in the Grace Cemetery.


CHAUNCEY PAINE of Georgetown [Idaho] died at his home 23 March 1906. He would have been age 68 on the first of the month.  Leaves a son & daughter, both of Georgetown. Funeral was held 25 March 1906.


MRS. E. C. WHITMAN, OR FLORENCE H. WHITMAN, nee Sampson died 17 March 1906 at her in Como, Illinois, age 74.  Her father was Henry Brigg Sampson & her mother Turner Sampson.  On Oct 5, 1855 she married Edwin C. Whitman.  Mrs. Whitman raised 5 children as follows: Mrs. Lizzie Underwood, Marcus & Henry B. Whitman of Montpelier, Ida., Edwin D. & Blanche Crawford Whitman of Soda & Caroline B. Lane of Houston, Texas.  She has a sister, Mrs. Charles N. Russell of Sterling, Ill. & a brother, Albert Sampson of Kirwin, Kansas.


ALFRED BENNETT of Bailey Creek [Idaho] died 24 April 1906, age 82 yrs. He was born in Tennessee & made 3 trips across the plains before the railroad came.  He came to Soda Springs 20 Jun 1884 & has lived here ever since.  Raised a large family.  Burial made in the Soda Springs Cemetery.  Mrs. F. Sizemore was a daughter.


INFANT SON of Will Tarr & wife, born 29 April 1906, died on 3 May 1906.  Buried?


MRS. MARY CALL, wife of Bishop Chester Call of Chesterfield, died 5 May 1906, about age 60.  Buried?


JOS. ALBISTON, age 60, died at his home south of the river on 12 May 1906.  His remains will be taken to Richmond, Utah for burial.


THOMAS J. SCOTT, age 72, father-in-law of H. O. Harkness of McCammon [Idaho], died 25 May 1906.  The funeral was 27 May 1906 at McCammon.


A BABY of Willard Hansen & wife died 9 Jun 1906.  Buried in Lund [Idaho] Cemetery.


KID ROGERS, a colored porter at the Stock Exchange Hotel died 17 Jun 1906.  He was a prizefighter.  Buried 16 (probably 18th) Jun 1906 in the Mound Cemetery.


WILLIAM J. LARKIN, age 75, died 27 Jun 1906.  Survived by wife & three sons & 2 daughters.  John Larkins & H. W. Larkins were his sons.  Buried in Ogden?


ROBERT WATSON, died at Bingham, Utah, 25 June 1906.  He was born 9 Feb 1858.  He lived in Soda for 20 yrs, associated with T. S. Williams as a partner in a livery stable & saw mill at Eight Mile [Idaho]. Robert Watson was the son of James & Margaret Watson.  Survived by parents & 3 brothers & 3 sisters.  His sisters are Misdames [sic] T. S. Williams, J. D. Woodall & O. J. Bell of this city.  His brothers are James Watson, marshal of Soda, Wm. Watson & Alex Watson of S.L.C. [Salt Lake City].  He was buried in Soda, 28 June 1906, in the Mound Cemetery.


CHARLES BLACK of Georgetown [Idaho] was killed by lightning, 22 June 1906.  Burial at Georgetown.


ALICE CAMPBELL, born at Spanish Fork, Utah, 8 April 1859 died at Soda Springs, Idaho, 10 July 1906, buried 12 July 1906 in the Mound Cemetery.  Her father was Dolphus Babcock & mother was Hannah Chapman Babcock.  She has one sister, Mrs. Ann Ashby of Bountiful, Utah, & a brother, Wm. Chester living near Henry, Ida. & step-father, Chas. Raymond.  She married J. E. Campbell about 1874 soon after Soda was settled & moved here.  She had 16 children, 14 still living in 1906.  Alta Leah Campbell, a baby of one year, died 1 Oct 1899.  Frances Campbell Stephenson, born, 17 Jan 1881, died Aug. 1901.  In May 1905, her husband & grandson, Chapman Call died (burned).  She leaves a family of nine children unmarried, the oldest of whom is nineteen years & the youngest five years.  The married children are Millie Call, Nellie Horsley, Grace Beus of Soda & J. E. Campbell, Jr. & Chester Campbell of Pocatello.


JAY GORTON      was killed 4 Aug 1906, born 13 Dec 1893.  Mrs. Leah Gorton, his mother, has lost her husband & 5 daughters before this.  He was buried 6 Aug 1906 in the Mound Cemetery.


INFANT SON of W. F. Swank & wife died 8 Aug 1906.  He was buried in the Mound Cemetery in Soda beside another of their children buried some time ago. 


DELBERT WHEELER died 21 Aug 1906 at Henry [Idaho], age abt. 35 yrs.  Leaves a wife of Victoria B. C. Funeral 25 Aug 1906 with Rev. M. E. Coen made remarks.  Burial in Mound Cemetery.  Rev. Coen was from Soda. 


MRS. HARRIETT A. HOGAN died at Thatcher [Idaho] of heart trouble & dropsy on 11 Sept. 1906.  Funeral held on 14 Sept. 1906, age 50 yrs. buried near her husband, Bishop Ira Hogan who died 16 April 1905,  leaving eight children orphans.  Two from this area are Ira B. Hogan of Henry [Idaho] & Mrs. Frank Andrews of Thatcher [Idaho]


DONALD TOLMIE “DAN” died of uremic poisoning at his home on the Big Blackfoot River on 16 Sept. 1906.  Funeral 18 Sept. 1906 with burial in Mound Cemetery.  Mr. Tolmie was born in Dingwell, Scotland in 1845.  He came to New York when he was 22 yrs of age, then to Illinois before coming to Soda.  He married Bella McCloud leaving 4 sons & 5 daughters.  One daughter having died before.  He was a mason & stone cutter & built the Presbyterian Church & many other structures in the area.


WILLIAM D. WEST, the infant son of J. L. Thiel & wife, age 9 months, died 28 Sept. 1906.  His funeral was 30 Sept. 1906 with burial in the Mound Cemetery.


INFANT DAUGHTER, of John Greaves of Grace [Idaho] died 28 Sept. 1906, age 7 mo., buried at Grace. 


KATIE ANDREASON, daughter of J. P. Andreason, died of an accidental shot gun blast at Cleveland, Idaho on 7 Oct 1906, age 13 yrs.  Buried?


J. W. JACKSON, SR., died 7 Nov 1906, at age 68 yrs.  He leaves a widow & two married daughters, Mrs. Emma Wood & Mrs. Julia Thompson of Long Valley & one son, J. W. Jackson, Jr. of Hailey [Idaho].  Funeral 9 Nov 1906; Buried?  Native of Bates County, Missouri & served in the Civil War.


WILLIAM “WILLIE” ROOSEVELT PATTON, age 2 months died 27 Nov 1906, Buried 29 Nov 1906 in the Mound Cemetery.  Son of T. J. Patton & wife.  Probably born in Pocatello [Idaho], since they brought the body from Pocatello to Soda.


CLINTON DONALD BRUNSON died 14 Dec 1906 of cancer & dropsy. Buried 16 Dec 1906 in the Mound Cemetery.  He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. D. Root.  Lacked 3 days of being 83 yrs old.  He was born in Mentor, Ohio 17 Dec 1823 & came to Utah in 1847.  Leaves a wife & 5 living sons & three daughters.  He was the youngest member of the Mormon Battalion.


RUTH MARGUERITE BRAMHALL, infant daughter A. L. Bramhall (local school principal) & wife, died in Soda 31 Dec 1906; funeral 1 Jan 1907, age 5 month.  Buried in Mound Cemetery.




Soda Springs Chieftain


CHARLES D. HUDSON, died (suicide) 4 Feb 1907, age abt 40 yrs. and a bachelor.  Buried 7 Feb 1907 in the Mound Cemetery.  Rev. R. Tweed conducted funeral.


BERGETTA HOGAN, daughter of Ira & Harriett Ann Hogan, both of whom are deceased, passed away at her home near Thatcher [Idaho], 28 Feb 1907.  Age 23 yrs, 5 mo, 10 days old.  Born 18 day of Sept. 1883. Funeral 3 Mar 1907 at Thatcher. Burial?  She leaves 2 sisters & 5 brothers.  Mrs. F. W. Andrus of Cove [Idaho] is one sister & Ira H. Hogan one brother.


MAUD S. FRYAR, wife of George Reed Fryar, died at Twin Falls [Idaho], 18 March 1907.

The funeral was held 22 March 1907 in Soda with burial in the Mound Cemetery, age 23 yrs.  Isaac Fryar & Frances Fryar was the father & mother of George Reed Fryar.  Mrs. Martha Scott was the mother of Maud S. Fryar.  John Scott was her father.  Maud died on her first wedding anniversary.


MRS. THEO (HELEN) DEWEY died 7 April 1907, daughter of D. D. Sullivan & wife of Grace [Idaho], age 30 yrs.  Her husband was the hotel man of Grays Lake [Idaho].  The funeral was held at Grays Lake, 9 April 1907.  Buried?


JOHN HASSELL, a sheepherder, was shot & killed near Bancroft [Idaho], 22 April 1907 by Evans Flack.  His age was abt. 25.  Buried in Pocatello [Idaho].


MILDRED NANNEY, age 2 yrs, died 1 May 1907 in Kemmerer [Wyoming].  The funeral on 2 May 1907 at Soda.  Burial in Mound Cemetery.  Father is Sylvester Nanney.


JOSEPH HIGHAM died 1 May 1907, age 49 yrs. A wife & 2 children, a boy & a girl, survive him. Funeral services under the direction of the Woodman of the World.  Burial?


VERNAL GLOVER, age 11 yrs, son of Seth Glover & wife of Pebble [Idaho] died in Soda 18 May 1907.  Body was taken to Pebble for burial.


FRANK TURNER died 21 May 1907.  Funeral 22 May 1907 at Soda.  Burial?


MRS. THEODORE ROBISON of Alexander [Idaho] died 23 May 1907.  Funeral 24 May 1907 in Bancroft [Idaho].  Burial in Bancroft. Former Margaret Holmes born at Sigorney, (sic) Iowa.  She was married in Sigorney & her 4 children were born there.  First two died in infancy; the other two, George & Ray, are well known in Soda.  They moved to Bancroft & was [sic] in the mercantile business then moved to Alexander.  Age nearly 60.


ARTHUR LAKE, age 32 yrs, died at Central [Idaho], 2 June 1907, Funeral 3 June 1907, Burial?


THE BABY of Chris Barfuss & wife, age 1 ½ yrs, was drowned 16 June 1907.  Buried?


HERMAN WAKEMAN of Grays Lake [Idaho] died in the Salt Lake Hospital 28 Jun 1907 Buried?


ITEM DATED 4 JULY 1907 – There are three graves west of Steamboat Springs [Idaho] about 2,000 ft & near a point of rock at the foot of a hill which comes down toward the river as described. Abe C. Anderson who is well acquainted with the circumstances surrounding two of them.  One of them contains the body of a boy about 10 yr. who died 30 yrs ago.  The other is that of John Grant, a “squaw man” [Note:  the term “squaw man” usually meant that person had married or lived with an Indian.] who died in 1860 & who George Goodhart of this city assisted in burying. The center grave has disappeared & is the oldest one. The center grave was at one time marked by a head board cut out of a cedar tree, as was the one of the little boy, but the inscriptions have disappeared [sic].  There are two other graves farther west in a field now belonging to Peter Lund & each is covered with about a load of rock.


CORRECTION – dated 11 July 1907.  The three graves mentioned [above] are in the field belonging to Peter P. Lund, while the two graves are about a mile further west in a field & were at one time marked by piles of rock.


THE BABY BOY of Hans P. Larsen & wife died 24 Jul 1907.  Buried at Trout Creek Cemetery. [Idaho]


STERLING ARGYLE died 15 Aug 1907, son of J. H. Argyle.  Buried in Lund [Idaho] Cemetery.


WARREN POND son of Joseph Pond & wife of Thatcher [Idaho] died 23 Aug 1907.  Buried in Richfield, Utah, age 12 yrs.


RALPH CREER was killed at Lund [Idaho] 27 Aug 1907 by foul gasses in a well.  Body was shipped to Spanish Fork, Utah for burial.


DELBERT BOWERS was killed at Lund [Idaho] 27 Aug 1907 by foul gasses in a well.  Body shipped to Spanish Fork, Utah for burial.


SARAH DEWEY died 1 Sept. 1907 at Grays Lake [Idaho].  Body then taken to Salt Lake City [Utah] interment beside her husband. Born in Portsmouth, England 21 Sept. 1825, age 82 her next birthday.  Had lived in Gray 18 yrs.  Leaves 4 children: Mrs. Alex Moffat of S.P [Soda Springs], Mrs. H. E. Heath, Theodore & A. A. Dewey of Gray.


RUTH GENEVA BALLS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Balls, died 13 Sept 1907, age 2 yrs, 4 mo, 26 days,  This little grave makes the beginning of a cemetery in Davisville [Idaho] on land belonging to Grandpa Davis near a knoll southeast of the school house.  (Later moved to Soda)


MRS SAM SIBBETT, SR. OF Gray [Grays Lake, Idaho] died 17 Sept. 1907. Buried ? Gray?


BENJAMIN F. GLAUNER died at his home on Eight Mile Creek (near Soda Springs), 4 Oct 1907; funeral 6 Oct 1907 in Soda, buried in Mound Cemetery.  He was born in Bourban, Richland Co. Ohio, 25 day Jan 1836.  Age 71 yrs, 8 mo.9 days.  He married Sarah E. Spratt in Missouri 1862.  Located here in 1886.  Survived by wife & 5 children, J. W. and W. F. Glauner, Mrs. George A. Miller, Mrs. George W. Hulme, all of Soda, Mrs. Carrie Eliason of Race Track, Montana.


RUTH PALMER, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Palmer of Soda Hotel died 9 Oct 1907. Taken to American Falls [Idaho] for burial.


MRS EMILY THOMPSON died 18 Oct 1907 at Montpelier [Idaho].  Funeral 20 Oct 1907, age 45, leaving a husband & 6 children.  Burial ?


CHURCHWELL B. SCOTT was accidentally killed at Five Mile Meadows [Idaho] 16 Nov 1907.  He was hauling hay from Five Mile Meadows to his home at the Sulphur Works.  He was buried at Thatcher [Idaho] where some of his children were buried before.  He was at one time marshal of Soda.


J. H. MILLER died at St. George, Utah 21 Nov 1907.  He was formerly a resident of Eight Mile [Idaho].  He is a brother of George A. Miller of Bailey Creek [Idaho].  He has four children buried [sic] here & leaves a wife & seven children.  He was born at Farmington, Utah 19 Aug 1863.  Buried?


DR. C. N. ROOKER of Pocatello [Idaho] died in the Blackfoot [Idaho] Asylum 5 Dec 1907. Buried in Pocatello.


HYRUM EGBERT died at Turner [Idaho] 7 Dec 1907, leaves a wife & 3 children.  Funeral 8 Dec 1907   Where?  Mrs. Dock is a sister.


EARL HANCOCK son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Hancock of Turner [Idaho] died 5 Dec 1907; funeral 8 Dec 1907.  Where?


WIFE & BABY BOY of Joseph (or Jeseph) Johnson of Preston, Ida. died (were burned), Dec. 1907.  Buried??


MR. JOHN GERMER of Deweyville, Utah died at Idaho Falls [Idaho], Dec 1907  Buried?







Soda Springs Chieftain



MARGARET SPENCER, daughter of Mrs. Adaline Spencer, of Paris [Idaho] died 6 Jan 1908. Buried in Paris. Mrs. T. W. Horsley being a sister of Mrs. Spencer.


MRS. GEORGE M. SMITH died 10 Jan 1908; funeral 13 Jan 1908 in Thatcher [Idaho] Burial? She had been married 27 years and had nine children, nine of whom are still living.


ALEXANDER “SANDY” CAMPBELL died in Soda 14 Jan 1908, funeral 16 Jan 1908. Born in Pasley, (sic) Scotland, 1 Jan 1842, age 66 yrs, 13 days old.  Came to Utah when he was 8 yr old with his uncle Robert L. Campbell.  He was married 1866 to Hannah S. Archibald who survives him. 8 children were born to the union, all of whom, with the exception of one, died when they were babies.  Buried?


CHESTER CALL of Chesterfield, Ida. died 26 of Jan 1908 in East Bountiful, Utah.  He came to Utah 20 Sept. 1848.  He was born in Macedonia, Ill. 13 May 1841, son of Anson & Mary Flint Call.  He came to Idaho and the town of Chesterfield was named in his honor. He was married 12 Jan 1860 to Agnes Loveland.  Survived by 14 children, seven have died.  Funeral at East Bountiful.


E.B. BLISS was accidentally shot 2 Feb 1908 near American Falls [Idaho).  Buried?


MRS ANN DOULL died 19 Feb 1908 in Salt Lake City [Utah].  She came across plains in 1848 in the Watson Co. She sailed from Hull, England, her birthplace, at the age of 25.  (1) Husband John Robinson, with whom she came from England.  He died on the road to Utah.  (2) John Coulam.  They built the adobe house on 730 Brigham St. in 1849.  John Coulam died 1877. (3) She married George D. Doull in 1881 and was stepmother to James Doull, superintendent for W. A. Clark at Butte [Montana?].  George D. Doull, of Soda Springs, Idaho, Albert & Frank Doull of Butte, Alfred and Sadie Doull of Spokane [Washington] and John M. Doull of Salt Lake [Utah].  She never had any children of her own.  George D. Doull, her husband is 76.  Funeral 24 Feb 1908 in Salt Lake.


MISS HATTIE ALDRICH, died 9 of Feb 1908  Burial?


INFANT DAUGHTER of Mrs. George Shofer died at Bailey Creek [Idaho] at the home of H. Higley 22 Feb 1908.  Buried 23 Feb 1908 in the Mound Cemetery.


INFANT DAUGHTER of W. A. Anderson & wife died 24 Feb 1908.  Buried 25 Feb 1908 in the Mound Cemetery.


MRS. MARY IRWIN died at the home of her brother George Harrison of Soda 26 Feb 1908. She was born in Salt Lake City [Utah], 32 yrs ago and was married at Malad, Idaho 12 yrs ago to O. Irwin. Funeral 28 Feb 1908 in Soda.  Her mother  Mrs. E. Harrison & a brother Frank will arrive this evening from Malad. Another Brother John is here now.


EDWIN CLARK WHITMAN died 4 March 1908 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. L. Underwood in Montpelier, Ida.  He was born at Belchertown, Mass 1 Dec 1818, He married in 1855.  He and his wife settled in Como, Illinois for 50 yrs – 5 children were born to them at this place. His wife died March 1906 at Como, Ill.  Then he came to Montpelier.  He is survived by 3 son and 2 daughters, Marcus F., Henry B. & Mrs. J. L. Underwood of Montpelier, Edwin D. of Soda and Mrs. W. L. Lane of Houston, Texas. His body was taken to Sterling, Ill to lie beside his wife.


FATHER JOHN YOS T died at Lund [Idaho] 22 of Feb 1908.  25 Feb he was shipped to Providence, Utah to be buried beside his wife.


A SON OF J. E LAU & WIFE, died 29 Feb 1908.  Buried 2 March at Cedar Cemetery.


MRS WARREN SMITH of Central [Idaho] died 1 Mar 1908, leaving a husband & 6 children.


ELLIS CARTER MEEKER, infant son of Dr. & Mrs. M. J. Meeker died 5 March 1908 at Soda. Funeral 6 Mar 1908; burial in Mound Cemetery.  He was born 4 Sept 1907, age 6 mo. & 1 day.  Mother’s name was Nettie Meeker.


MRS. BOWERS of Dempsey [Idaho], age 74, died at her home at Dempsey, 16 March 1908


IDA ELLA ANDERSON, wife of Wm. A. Anderson, died at her home in Soda 23 Mar 1908. She was born in Oct 4, 1864 in Berks Co. Pennsylvania.  Father, John McCammon, Mother, Jane McCammon.  She married Wm. A. Anderson at Willard, Utah 24 Dec 1885.  She had 9 children, six of whom with her husband are left to mourn her passing. Funeral 24 March 1908, burial in the Mound Cemetery.


INFANT, one month old of W.M. Boyington of Dempsey died 23 March 1908.


13 year old SON OF J. P. CALKINS of Niter [Idaho] died 23 March 1908.


MRS. ALMA HOGAN died 9 April 1908 leaving a husband & seven children.


AUGUST MILLER died at his residence in Soda 23 April 1908.  Funeral 26 April 1908 at Pocatello [Idaho].  Remains laid to rest beside those of his wife.  He was born in Hamburg, Germany 13 Sept 1832, age 75 yr, 5 mo. 10 days.  He was married in the old country, came to U.S. in 1881, located in Pocatello.  His wife died in Pocatello 23 Sept 1902.  In 1898 he took up a ranch north of Soda Springs.  Leave 4 children, Charles, Wm. G. & Edith Miller & Mrs. Anna Ryan.


MRS. CHAS. GRAVES of Pocatello [Idaho], a sister of Robert Crumb of this city died 26 April 1908. Funeral 28 April 1908 in Pocatello.


MRS. MATTIE HOUD, nee Miss Mattie Ruud, sister of George & Bert Rudd, died 14 May 1908 in Logan [Utah].


MRS. H. B. WILLIAMS, mother of Mrs. Ben Clegg, died at Mound Valley 15 May 1908, age 75.  Funeral in Mound Valley, burial in Logan, Utah beside her husband who died 2 yrs ago.


AROET HALE, son of Jonathan Hale & wife of Perry [Idaho], died while serving as a southern states missionary, 11 June1908.  Funeral held a central building in Thatcher [Idaho] 18 June1908. His brother Frank was killed 2 yrs before.


RUBEN DEBOW of Grays Lake [Idaho] died 14 June 1908 at the home of his brother, age 18 yrs. Funeral was held at the Lake 18 June 1908.


JED CAMPBELL moved the bodies of two sisters & a little baby from the cemetery in the Cedars east of town to the Mound Cemetery, 26 & 27 of June 1908.


WM. ALDRIDGE died near Nounan, Idaho 13 Aug 1908.


TEMATO ONANDO, a Spaniard [possibly Basque] in the employ of Frank Gross as sheep herder died 16 Aug 1908, 5 miles Southwest of Auburn, Wyo. & was brought to Soda Springs for burial 19 Aug 1908, age 40 yrs.  Has a wife & children in Spain.


WALLACE WADDELL of Chesterfield [Idaho] died 25 Aug 1908 from a fall of a horse.  Buried at Chesterfield.


MILTON THATCHER died 29 Aug 1908 at Lava Hot Springs [Idaho].  Father John B. Thatcher of Thatcher [Idaho].  Burial in Preston [Idaho].  He leaves a wife & children.  Bros. Bishop John Thatcher of Star Valley (Wyo.), Howard, Henry and Gilbert Thatcher of Thatcher; Sisters, Mrs. Frank Thirkill of Soda & Mrs. Eldalfsen.


ANDREW A. BIORN, JR. died at Blackfoot [Idaho] 11 Sept 1908, age 31 yrs, a son of Mrs. Thomas G. Hopkins of Soda.  He leaves a wife and 3 children.  Funeral 13 Sept 1908 at Blackfoot.


D. C. BUCHANAN died at the Soda Hotel 24 Sept 1908.  Buried in the Mound Cemetery 26 Sept. 1908.  His family resides at Las Angelo, Texas.


MRS. MARY MOTHANDER died 29 Sept 1908. Buried in the Lund [Idaho] Cemetery.


MRS. REBECCA MITCHELL, age 74, died at her home in Idaho Falls [Idaho] on 30 Sept 1908.  She was one of the pioneers of this section of Idaho and the author of the Historical Sketches which were printed in the Chieftain May 1906.


MRS. ROBERT C. STIMPSON, age 65, died in Soda 4 Oct 1908, at the residence of Mrs. H. Campbell.  Her home was in Olympia, Wash. Burial was 6 Oct 1908. Buried in the Mound Cemetery.  J. Strachan conducted the services.  She leaves a husband and 5 grown children.  One was Mrs. Ellen Holbert.


CARBIN JOHNSON died 13 Dec 1908, of Sterrett [Idaho].  Funeral 16 Dec 1908.


JAS W. COVINGTON, employed by C. A. Burton, died from a gunshot (accidental) 8 Oct 1908 near Herman [Idaho].  Burial in Loa, Utah.  29 yrs old – leaves a wife & 2 children.


CHAS. CROWLEY, age 35, died in Soda at the Occidental (hotel), 17 Oct 1908.  A blacksmith by trade, buried 18 Oct 1908.


The five month old BABY of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Campbell died in Pocatello, 27 Dec 1908.  Was brought to Soda for burial.


MRS. H. J (HUGH) DARRIEN, or Lizzie Darrien, died Jan 1909.  Funeral 20 Jan 1909 in Soda leaving a husband & sons.


GEORGE JOSEPH, 18 year old son of Mr.  & Mrs. W. Joseph, died 31 Jan 1909 at Grace [Idaho] leaving one brother & four sisters.  Funeral, and burial, 2 Feb 1909 at Grace.


THE THREE YEAR OLD SON of Mr. & Mrs. Thos. L. Gunnell died at there [sic] home southwest of Soda, 25 Feb 1909.  Funeral 26 Feb 1909, burial in the Davisville [Idaho] Cemetery. 


MRS. KATE MUNRO, wife of Brigham Munro, of Thayne, Wyo. died at her home 16 March 1909, Funeral 20 March 1909. She was born in Cusia Co. Alabama, 31 March 1883 & was married to Brigham Munro in Montpelier [Idaho] in 1899. Her maiden name being Henderson. She leaves a husband & three children.


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. Austin Pond of Thatcher [Idaho] died 17 March 1909; two week old.


JOHN KELLY died at his home in Pebble [Idaho] 21 March 1909.  Body was taken to Brigham City [Utah] for burial.  45 yrs old – leaves a wife & 5 children.


The body of a man supposed to be that of PATRICK MCGLONE, a blacksmith in the employ of the O.S. L. [Oregon Short Line Railroad] at Pocatello, was found 30 March 1909 on the banks of the Portneuf River near Pocatello.


The Infant child, TAFT BARNEY, of Mr. & Mrs. Grant E. Barney died at their home at Henry [Idaho] 6 April 1909, age 5 months.  The body was brought to Soda, burial in the Mound Cemetery.  Funeral held at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Call, 7 April 1909


INFANT SON OF Mr. & Mrs. Harris Christensen died April 1909 at Thatcher [Idaho], buried 15 April 1909, age 11 weeks.


MRS. ANNA LUND died at her home north of Soda 16 April 1909, funeral 19 April 1909.  Buried in the Mound Cemetery beside her husband who died seven yrs ago. Mrs. Lund was born in Hounes Saven, Denmark, 78 yrs old. She was married in Denmark to C. P. Lund, came to America 1882.  Three sons were born to them in the old country, Peter P., Chris and Charles, now all reside in Soda.


MRS JOHN ROSEDALE [Probably Rosedahl] of Central [Idaho] died 7 May 1909.  Funeral held at Central 9 May 1909.


MRS. SARAH RHODES died in Soda 24 May 1909.  Buried in the Mound Cemetery 25 May 1909. Leaved [sic] a son William Ruby.  Born in Council Bluff, Iowa, age 59 yrs.  Came to Soda 1882.


MRS. ELIZA PACKER DAVIS, wife of Wm. C. Davis who resides a few miles west of Soda, died 4 June 1909.  Funeral was 6 June 1909, burial at Davisville [Idaho] Cemetery.  Mrs. Eliza Packer Davis was born in Hancock County, Illinois 8 Mar 1846, age 63 yrs, 2 mo. 26 days.  Her parents were N. J. and Elizabeth Packer.  She was married 29 Nov. 1864 to Wm. C. Davis who survives her.  13 children, seven of whom are living.  W. J. Davis, Mary E. Balls, Mrs. Emma J. Budrow, A. C. Davis, Mrs. Daisy White, Taylor and Wesley Davis all live in this vicinity.


CHARLES GOUILLART died at the home of A. Largellier (sic) [Largelliere] in Soda 5 July 1909, funeral 7 July 1909.  Buried in the Soda Cemetery.  He was born at Wolencourt France 5 July 1885.  A. Largellier was his uncle.  The rest of his family still in France.


JAMES ELKHART OR ELKHORN was murdered 14 July 1909 near Blackfoot [Idaho] by Matthias Lewis.


MISS ROFINA JENSEN died 27 July 1909 at the home of Chris Mortensen.  Age 23 yrs.  Funeral 28 July 1909 at Cleveland [Idaho].


MRS MARTHA CALL, wife of Israel Call of Chesterfield [Idaho], died 28 July 1909.  She leaves a husband and 3 children, age 30 yrs.  A sister of John Balfour


ELDER THOMAS MILLS died in Lund [Idaho] 26 Aug 1909.  He was born in Walsall, Eng. [England], 25 Sept 1826, 83 yrs old. Funeral 29 Aug 1909 in Lund.


BURTON MATHEWS died 10 Sept 1909 at Liberty [Idaho], an accident with a hay ricker.  Funeral 11 Sept 1909 at Liberty. Burton was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W, Mathews, age 7 yrs.


MR. WILLIAM H. CLARK, father of Mrs. B. F. Titus, died 28 Sept 1909 South of town.  Funeral 30 Sept 1909


INFANT SON of Mr.  & Mrs. Jos. Hansen at Henry [Idaho] which was born 4 Nov 1909, died 4 Nov 1909.  Was brought to Soda and buried in the Mound Cemetery 5 Nov. 1909


CHARLES SCHMID died at Montpelier 15 Nov 1909, Funeral in Montpelier, burial in Montpelier.


INFANT DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. Parley Hudson died 1 Dec 1909.  Funeral 2 Dec 1909, Burial?  At the residence of C. Panting.


MRS. SARAH M. WAYLETT died in Malad [Idaho] 2 Dec 1909.  Mother of Leah Gorton.


ORIA MCCARTHY, 9 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. L. B. McCarthy of Turner [Idaho], died 23 Dec 1909. Body was taken to Smithfield, Utah for burial. This makes 12 children out of 14 that have died in the past few years.


MRS. PAT HARKINS, 48 yrs old, died 9 Jan 1910 at Bancroft, Idaho.  Funeral 11 Jan 1910, Bancroft Mormon meeting house.  Catholic member L.O.T.M.  Leaves a husband & 4 children, 4 other children died prior to her death.


DAN JERMAN of Grace [Idaho] died 17 Jan 1910 at his home, age 60 yrs.  Funeral in Grace 20 Jan 1910.  Burial in Grace Cemetery.  Leaves a wife & 4 children, two step-children, Bert & Ed Jerman, Mrs. Emma Nelson, Mrs. L. Rawlins, Mrs. Wm. Josephs and Mrs. Earl Fluke.


JOHN H. SWANK died at Big Blackfoot River 18 Jan 1910, 55 yrs old.  Died on the way to Soda for medical care.  Buried Thursday, 20 Jan 1910 at Mound Cemetery. No relatives known.  Had been married and a son survives.  (According to paper 3 Feb 1910 – Ralph Swank, son of John H. Swank came to this city 31 Jan 1910 from Butte, Montana.)


MRS. NANCY BANKS GUNNELL died at home in Davisville, 11 Feb 1910.  Born 14 Oct 1879 in Utah.  Her parents are Mr. & Mrs. Jas. H. Tolman. She was known as Nancy Tolman.  Married W. G. Banks, May 1897.  He died in 1902.  Married Robert B. Gunnell, 27 Sept 1905.  Buried in Lund [Idaho] Cemetery.


MRS. WEAVER died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alex Harris at Cove [Idaho] 19 Feb 1910.  Funeral 22 Feb 1910.   Burial?


MRS MATTIE STONE – Martha Beatrice- a sister of Ida Stone died in Pocatello [Idaho] 9 March 1910, a dau of Mrs. H. P. Stone.  Born in Soda Springs 18 Jan 1893.  Buried 12 March 1910 in Mound Cemetery.


A BABY of Mr.  & Mrs. Niels Halverson of Sterrett [Idaho] died 8 March 1910. Was born 8 March 1910.


BERT CAMPBELL died in Burlington, Wyo. 25 March 1910.  He is a brother to Mrs. Geo. Horsley and Grace Beus.  Son of Jared Edward Campbell, 19 yrs 4 mo. old.  Born in Soda, buried in Burlington, Wyo.


MRS. A. PEDERSON, wife of the school teacher of Chesterfield [Idaho] died 9 April 1900 [ten yrs ago] of childbirth. The child, a boy, was born 9 April 1900 and lived.


JOHN KELLY died 11 April 1910 in Soda, 63 yrs old.  Buried Tues. 12 April 1910, Mound Cemetery.  Born in Troy, N.Y. 24 March 1847.  Married Mary E. Heaston 22 Jan 1896 at Portage, Utah.  Mary E. Heaston was a dau of Dr. & Mrs. Wm. H. Anderson.


MRS. SARAH MAY LAU died 12 April 1910 in Soda. Wife of Daniel J. Lau and daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. G. Rose. Born 14 March 1874 in Soda Springs, Idaho.  Was married to D. J. Lau 30 Oct. 1895.  Buried 15 April 1910 in Mound Cemetery.  Seven children born to this union.  The oldest died when a baby.


VERNAL WATSON, 17 yrs old, son of James Watson died sometime during week of 7 to 14 April 1910.  Buried in Salt Lake [Utah]


WILEY COOPER of Dempsey [Idaho] nephew of John Marriott of Soda Springs, died at his home 16 April 1910


CHARLES C. DEWITT died 20 May 1910 at Henry, Ida. Born Pike Co. Ill. 29 May 1870 (40 yrs old less 9 days.  Buried 22 May 1910 Mound Cemetery.  Leaves a wife & 3 children, Josephine, Hazel and Dillworth.


JOSEPH L. STILLWELL died 1 June 1910 at the home of his step-son H. I. Barnard at Soda Springs.  Buried 3 June 1910 in the Mound Cemetery.  Born 12 July 1839, Edgar Co., Ill. Has a wife and 4 children – a Civil War veteran.


INEZ EDWARDS died 9 July 1910, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Edwards. Buried at Ferrin, Idaho, 4 yrs. old.


A SON of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Horsley died 4 July 1910. Born 3 July 1910.


A SON of Mr. & Mrs. M. D. Allen 12 Aug 1910.   Born 11 Aug 1910.  Buried 12 Aug 1910.


MRS. IRIS GEE THIEL died 19 Aug 1910 at Montpelier [Idaho].  Born Nov 1883 Cokeville, Wyo. Married Albert E. Thiel, Feb. 1904.  Had two children.  A girl was born 16 Aug 1910 and died at birth.


GORDON A. WELLS died 28 Aug 1910 in Chicago, Ill., 64 yrs of age.  Owner of a ranch 5 miles west of Soda.  Mrs. A. J. Knollin was his niece.  He died at her home.


JOHN CARLTON (BLACK JIM) died 7 Sept 1910, 62 yrs old. (died in Caribou rooming house) in Soda.  Buried 8 Sept 1910 at Fairview Cemetery.


GEORGE HAYES died 11 Sept 1910, buried 13 Sept 1910 in Fairview Cemetery, 51 yrs old.  Thomas Hayes was a brother and has two sisters living in Ogden [Utah] and another brother in West Weber, Utah.  


MRS. JOSEPHINE OTTERSON JACOBSON of Cokeville, Wyo. died 28 Sept 1910.  Born 7 Jan 1847 in Dramen, Norway.  Buried in Cokeville 30 Sept 1910. 


VERNAL BEUS, 2 yrs old, died 29 Oct. 1910, a son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Beus, Buried 31 Oct 1910


N. D. HIGGINS body found 26 Oct 1910 found at John Grays Lake, Idaho. It is thought he died about 9 week ago.  Thought to have been murdered – shot in region of left kidney.


TERRY OR PERRY HANLEY of Livingston, Tenn. Died 2 Nov 1910 at the Soda Hotel, 25 yrs old.  Buried in Livingston, Tenn.


MOSE WAKEMAN of Herman [Idaho] died at Denver, Colo. 6 Nov 1916.  Buried?


ISAAC FRYAR died 18 Nov 1910, age 68 yrs. Buried at Ripley, Miss.  A stone is placed in Soda.


Isaac Fryar

[Obituary copy from Soda Springs Chieftain]


                                     C. W. Fryar received a message last Friday announcing

the accidental death of his father at Ripley, Miss., his old home.

He was working with his nephew in the timber cutting saw logs

and one very large tree didn’t fall the way they expected it to

and in attempting to turn it, Mr. Fryar was caught and crushed,

death resulting almost immediately. It struck him on the back of

the head, badly fracturing the skull and not scaring the face. The

accident occurred a mile from his old home and he was buried in

the old church yard a few days later.

     Isaac Fryar, with a large family, came to Idaho in 1883. He

located in Bannock County and for several years was on of our

most successful [unable to read balance of this paragraph and one


     Deceased leaves an aged wife residing in Soda Springs, also one

son, C. W. Fryar and one daughter, Mrs. Alice Beus.  Six other

children survive him – five boys and one girl. 

     Uncle Ike had many warm friends in Soda Springs and Southeastern

Idaho who will be pained to learn of his sad death.  He was 68 years

of age.  Peace to his ashes.



TWIN BOYS, 6 weeks old, of Mrs. Millie Campbell died 19 Nov 1910 at Shelley, Idaho.  Mrs. Campbell is a sister to Grace Beus & Nell Horsley.


MRS. JANE THOMPSON died 8 Dec 1910 (Fort Collins, Wyo.) Born 3 Oct 1838, New York (Leicester).


JOHN TAYLOR died at his home 22 Dec 1910 4 miles southwest of Soda. Age 60 yrs, 3 Mo. 20 days.  Born 2 Sept 1850 East Kent, England.  Married Candace E. Phelps 11 Nov 1898 at Franklin, Oneida, Idaho.  Buried 24 Dec 1910 at Soda Springs. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor had eleven children, 4 girls & 7 boys surviving.  Three sons are James, John & Willard Taylor.


CLARENCE HILL, who was employed by the Natural Mineral Water Co. as forman [sic], died 29 Dec 1910 at St. Charles [Idaho], age 25 yrs.  Burial?


Five weeks-old BABY SON of Mr. & Mrs. George Skinner died 30 Dec 1910. Funeral 31 Dec 1910, Burial?




MRS. ELLISON died ? Jan 1911


N. G. HIGGINS died on the 4 or near then Jan 1911.  His body was shipped to Salem, Utah for burial. (murdered)


BOYD WENDLE LAMBERT, the infant son of Mr. & Mrs. F. Lambert died at Montpelier 29 Jan 1911.  He was born at Frontier, Wyo. on 2 April 1910.  Funeral was held 31 Jan 1911 at the Presbyterian Church.  Burial?


SARAH ANN ROWLEY, wife of D. H. Rowley, died at her home in Soda 24 Feb 1911.  Age 40 yrs. 8 mo. and 12 days. She was born at Providence, Utah 12 June 1870. She was a daughter of Herbert Horsley of Soda.  She leaves a husband & 10 children – 7 girls 3 boys.  Burial?


JOSEPH R. LEWIS, 81 yrs old, former territorial judge of Idaho died at his home in Calif. 20 March 1911.


GEORGE AND J. H. SCHMIDT, of this city, received the sad news last week of the death of their mother, who passed away 20 March 1911 at her home in Germany, age 86.  Leaving six children, four in America and two in Germany.


D. D. SULLIVAN, 67 yrs old of Grace [Idaho], died 30 March 1911 at Soda Hotel.  Miss Minnie Sullivan came from Chicago to the funeral of her father.  His wife and son-in-law, Frank Snow of Turner [Idaho] were with him at death.  Funeral at Grace.  He was a native of Ireland.  Leaves a wife and 8 living children & one dead, Theo Sullivan who died several yrs. ago. The living are: Mrs. Harry Westernfelder, Misses Gladys & Caroline Sullivan and Walter Sullivan of Grace, Ida, Dave Sullivan of Rich, Ida, Mrs. Julia Green of Montpelier, Ida, Mrs. Frank Snow of Turner, Ida and Miss Minnie Sullivan of Chicago, Ill.


DEATH – DANIEL GRIFFINS died 4 Apr 1911, age 76.  A native of Ireland.  In 1873 came to Idaho and located in the Cariboo mining district.  In 1874 “Dan” Griffins and J. Thompson discovered quartz mines on Mount Cariboo.  As far as known he never married.  He leaves two sisters, one in N. Y. state and one in England.  Funeral 6 April 1911. Buried in Soda.


H. O. H   ARKNESS, “Father of the town of McCammon,” died at his home in McCammon [Idaho] 4 April 1911.  Leaves a wife and five children.


DILLWORTH MONTGOMERY DE WITT died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Josephine DeWitt, in Longmont, Colorado, 4 April 1911, 17 mo. & 27 days old baby son of Mrs. Josie (Josephine) DeWitt.  Mrs. DeWitt was formerly a resident of Henry, Ida.  Her husband, Chas. C. DeWitt died about a year ago.  One sister, Hazel DeWitt and grandfather M. G. Condon.  Burial?


MRS. FRED OLSON, a resident of Grace [Idaho] died 8 April 1911. Funeral 9 April 1911 at Grace.  40 yrs old. Leaves a husband and four children.


ONA ROWLEY, daughter of Dr. D. H. Rowley, age ten years died in Soda Springs 21 April 1911.  Funeral 23 April 1911 at Soda.  Mrs. Rowley, the mother, was laid to rest eight short weeks ago.  Three of her brothers, Leo, Brady and Earl Rowley acted as casket bearers.


MRS. CHARLES B. STYLES [STILES] died 26 April 1911 at the ranch home eight miles north of Soda Springs.  Mrs. Stiles was married to Charles b. Stiles on Jan. 13, 1896 in St. Clair Co. Missouri.  Two girls were born to this union.  Edna Mearle age 9 and Grace Wilson age 5.  She also leaves a husband and an aged father, W. T. Fields, three brothers, W. H. and B. H. Fields, both of Soda Springs, Idaho and O. B. Fields of San Angelo, Texas, one sister Lily Fields of Soda Springs.  Funeral services 28 April 1911, interment in Soda Springs Cemetery.


MAE D. HEASTON, age 23 yrs. 11 mo. 28 days, died 28 April 1911 at the home of her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Anderson in Soda Springs.  Funeral 30 April 1911. Leaving a mother & brother Willie and her sweetheart, G. W. Vance.  Her wedding was only a few days off. She was born 3 May 1887, granddaughter of Dr. W. H. and M. A Anderson – daughter of Mrs. N. E. Kelly. Other relatives at the funeral - Thomas Corrigan, Robert Crum, Mother, M. E. Kelly, a dau. o Dr. & Mrs. W. H. Anderson, grandparents Dr. & Mrs. W. H. Anderson.


FRANCIS TERRY, wife of Jack Terry, age 29 yrs 6 months and 13 days, died at her home in Soda, 13 May 1911.  She was born in Clifton, Idaho, 30 Nov 1881.  She married Mr. Terry about ten years ago.  Leaves a husband and a little girl, five years old.  Funeral 15 May 1911, buried in Fairview Cemetery.


HANS R. HANSEN died 8 June 1911.  Funeral (in Soda) Remains were shipped to Soda Springs for burial.  Mr. Hansen was born in Denmark 15 Aug 1838.  Came to America 1850, settled in Soda Springs 1863.  He married twice and leaves a wife Mrs. Anninee H. Hansen, 9 children and a step-son.  They are:  Mrs. Lena Baker of Bandar, Oregon, Enoch Hansen of Preston, Ida, Peter Hansen of Zenith, Wyo,  Mrs. Annie Tarr of Pocatello, Ida, R. E. Hansen of Soda, Mrs. J. D. Murphey of Preston, Ida, Ben D. Hansen of Pingree, Ida, Frank and Hans, still at home and the step-son, Earl Corey.


MRS. NELLIE WRIGHT, mother of W. B. Wright and J. B. Wright and Mrs. E. L. Bennett, died 14 or 15 June 1911.  Funeral 16 June 1911 at Franklin, Idaho.


JOSEPH C. ASTLE died at Montpelier [Idaho] week of 20-27 of June1911.  He was a native of England.  Came to this country 1860, crossing the plains with an ox team in 1861.  Moved to Montpelier 1865 and resided there until his death.


MRS. SARAH ROGERS, AGE 74, DIED 2 July 1911 at the home of Mrs. H. Campbell, who was taking care of her. She was a native of England.  Her first husband died 6 Jun 1880.  In 1897 she married Harry Rogers.  She is survived by husband and three sons, 4 daughters: Joseph Clifford, residing in London, Eng. [England], George and W. E. Clifford, both of Soda Springs, Mrs. Fannie E. Seely of Rippon, Calif. Mrs. Julie Shuttleworth of London, Eng. Mrs. Ed Dolan of Salt Lake City [Utah] and Mrs. James P. Rosenburg of Kemmer [sic] Wyo.  Other relatives are Herbert Horsley of Soda, a brother and Mrs. Annie Box of Brooklyn, N. Y. and Mrs. G. Willamont of Birmingham, England, sisters.


MRS. KARL (CARL) A. SCHMID died 4 July 1911 at her home on Slug Creek [Idaho].  Interment in the Georgetown Cemetery.  68 yrs old. Survived by husband and three daughters and three sons. One son, Robert Schmid, resides north of Soda Springs.


W. W. CHAPMAN, 64 yrs old of Montpelier [Idaho], died at a Salt Lake Hospital 16 Jul 1911


CLARENCE NANNEY died at Grace [Idaho], 17 July 1911 at the age of 22 years.  Survived by parents, several brothers and sisters.  He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Nanney.  Funeral 19 July 1911.  Burial?


H. DUNKEL died at his room in Fryar’s Hotel, 20 July 1911.  Interment in Mound Cemetery in Soda Springs, 22 July 1911.  He was employed on the ranch of Charles Dunn 8 miles southeast of town.  His wife preceded him in death several years ago.  He formerly resided in Ontario, Cal. but no reply was received from a friend, Frank Warren.


ELNORA LOWE, four year old dau of Mr. and Mrs. Moroni W. Lowe died 31 July 1911 from an accident.  Was interred from Grace L.D. S. tabernacle 1 Aug 1911.  The grandfather is Frederick Burton.


Fatal accident to Little Girl

From Soda Springs Chieftain, 17 Aug 1911


                                     Elnora, the four-year-old cherub of Mr. and Mrs. Moroni W.

                                Lowe was interred from Grace L.D.S.  tabernacle Monday, a

                                large concourse of mourning relatives and sympathizing friends

                                being present at the sad and impressive funeral services.

                                     The death of this little joy of the family was a result of an accident.

                                On July 31st, a team of horses belonging to Olof Olsen, being

                                driven by Freddie Burton was turned out of the road to pass

                                another team coming down a canyon. Young Burton’s team

                                plunged into a deep ditch which was hidden from view by alfalfa,

                                the wagon and its occupants following. The horses jumped over

                                the ditch, but those in the wagon, the driver, Mrs. Lowe, a babe

                                in arms and little Elnora, were thrown headlong onto the frightened

                                horses. The wheels of the wagon passed over the mother, but she

                                miraculously escaped serious injury, as also did the baby, the little

                                daughter sustaining injuries which resulted in her death last Saturday.

                                it being a relief from great suffering.

                                     The grand father of the child, Frederick Burton, is at present on a

                                mission to England and is still in ignorance of the awful fate of the

                                precious little one.              



MRS. HYRUM BYINGTON & her still born infant died ? Aug 1911 and interred in the same coffin. Mrs. Byington is the mother of 14 children – 10 daughters, 5 of whom are married.


MRS. FRANCES MEACHAM, wife of a well known ranchman and stock-raiser at Turner [Idaho], died of blood poisoning 4 Aug 1911.  The body has been shipped to Deseret, Utah for interment.


J. C. SYFERT of Montpelier [Idaho] died at Pocatello [Idaho] 12 Aug 1911.  He leaves a wife at Montpelier & a father at Runer, Ohio.  Burial?


Sudden Death

Soda Springs Chieftain of August 17, 1911


                                     J. C. Syfert, of Montpelier, an Oregon Short Line freight

                                conductor who has been in service over three years, died

                                suddenly of hemorrhage of the lungs in the luggage room of

                                the O.S. L. depot in Pocatello, Saturday morning.  Deceased

                                was enroute from Nama [Nampa?] to a Salt Lake hospital and

                                had just entered his transportation when he was seized with

                                the fatal attack. 

                                     He leaves a wife at Montpelier, Idaho and a father at Runer, Ohio.



JACOB AST, who worked on the Williams ranch was killed (an accident) 15 Aug 1911. Had been employed about two week, coming from Salt Lake [Utah], in which relatives are thought to reside.  About 40 yrs old. A member of the L.D. S. church.  No answer being received from relatives, the body was buried here [Soda], 16 Aug 1911.  Gottfried Ast, a brother to Jacob, another bro. & sister reside in S.L. also.


(Nine years ago?) 14 Aug 1902, DAN H. JONES, a sheepherder for J. S. Hautz was found dead on the railroad track near town.  His body having been frightfully mangled by a train.




GEORGE MC CLELLAN, JR., the 16 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. George McClellan died at the family home in Niter [Idaho] 30 Sept 1911.  Survive him are parents, six brothers 4 sisters.  Funeral 3 Oct.  Interment in the Grace [Idaho] Cemetery.


MRS. KIRKHAM, wife of George Kirkham died Sept 1911.  Funeral 1 Oct 1911. Buried in the Grace [Idaho] Cemetery.  Sister Kirkham was a member of L.D.S. church, having joined in England & emigrated (sic) to Zion with husband and family.  Reared a large family, who reside in or around Niter. She celebrated her golden wedding last year & lived to be a ripe old age.


JIM PRICE of Burley [Idaho] was shot & killed a few days ago.  ? Oct 1911 by J. D. Nesbitt.


BRO. KUTTERER died at his home in Lund [Idaho] 14 Oct 1911.  He leaves a wife, three sons two daughters. One son George is on a mission.  Funeral at Lund.


BRUCE BROWN, son of Mr.  & Mrs. C. H. Brown, of Bancroft [Idaho], age 25 yrs. 11 mo. 17 days.  Died 18 Oct 1911 at Lund, Ida.


Death of Bruce Brown

Soda Springs Chieftain October 26 1911


                                     On Wednesday, October 18, 1911, at Lund, Idaho, occurred

                                the death of Bruce Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brown, of

                                Bancroft, age 25 years 11 months and 17 days. At the time of his

                                death the young man was living on his farm near Lund. He was

                                an industrious and well behaved young man and had the esteem

                                and respect of all who knew him.  He was a graduate of the B.Y.

                                College of Utah and Logan, and also of the Agricultural College

                                of Utah.  Deceased was ill only a little more than a day.  The

                                sympathy of friends go out to the afflicted parents and relatives

                                in their hour of sorrow.



PETE ANDERSON, 30 years of age, died at Judge Mercy Hospital, in Salt Lake [Utah], 22 Oct 1911.  Body taken to Grantsville [Utah] for burial.  Died from a shot wound.


WALTER HOGE died in Paris, Idaho 3 Nov 1911, age 69.  He was a brother-in-law of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Horsley.  Funeral 6 Nov 1911.  He came to America 1862 from Scotland, but he was born of English parentage.  Located in Paris 1870.  To Mr. & Mrs. Hoge was born five children; three dau. & two sons; Rhoda, Ella, wife of Judge Budge, Lizzie, Walter and William.


MRS EMMA SARAH BALSER, widow of John Balser died 22 Nov 1911 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Luella B. Lees in Salt Lake City [Utah].  She was born in Hereford, Herefordshire, Eng. [England] emigrated to Nauvoo [Illinois] 1842 with her parents.  She came to Utah in 1852. Mother of eleven children, five sons and six daughters.  Is survived by two sons, John G. Smith Balser and Lewis Balser and three daughters: Mrs. James Watson of Soda (marshal), Mrs. Frank Yearance and Mrs. John N. Lees.


WILLARD MICKELSEN (commited [sic] suicide by hanging) died 5 Dec 1911 at Bancroft [Idaho].  Body was taken to Logan [Utah] for burial.


MRS. JANET M. MCLEAN, age 70, wife of John McLean, died in Salt Lake City 22 Dec 1911.  She is the mother of Mrs. W. C. Clifford, Mrs. C. A. Lallatin and Dave McLean, all of Soda. She was a member of the handcart co. to cross the plains in 1860.  Born in Edinburgh, Scotland 7 May 1843.  She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. R. Moffat.  She married John McLean in 1870.  She is survived by her husband and the following sons and daughters:  Mrs. J. H. Kimball, Mrs. O. S. Walsh and George McLean, all of Salt Lake; Mrs. W. E. Clifford, Mrs. C. A. Lallatin and Dave McLean all of Soda Springs; Malcolm McLean of Sacramento, Calif. also brothers & sisters: Joseph S. Moffatt & A. D. Moffatt of Salt Lake; M. A. Moffatt of Nevada & Mrs. M. W. Williams & Mrs. Mary Eldredge of Spokane, Wash. Funeral 24 Dec 1911 in Salt Lake.


PHILLIP PELLAN, 66 yrs old, died 25 Dec 1911 at the home of James Rolands.  Switzerland was his native country.  Funeral and burial in Soda Springs.


LEONA CASPERSON, 11 yrs old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Ephreham [sic] died 28 Dec 1911 at Niter, Idaho. Buried 31 Dec 1911 at Niter.





MRS. CHARLES E. DEMMENS died 6 Jan 1912 in Carlyle, Sask., Canada. A dau of Mr. & Mrs. William Harris (Ida M. Harris is mother) of Turner [Idaho].  Born at Sterrett, Ida. 14 Nov 1893.  The latter part of Dec. 1910 she married Charles E. Demmens.  They moved to Carlyle, Sask. Canada where she died.  She is a niece of Mrs. Joseph L. Hansen.


MISS MARY LEONA SUHRKY died 9 Jan 1912 in Salt Lake City. Age 17 yrs. Buried 12 Jan 1912 Salt Lake City, Utah.  Funeral in the 24th Ward.  Dau of Mrs. Susana Suhrky.


MRS. ELLEN OWENS died 13 Jan 1912 at Chico, California.  A former resident of Soda Springs, a dau Grace Owens was chief operator in telephone co. here.


MR. AVOL PETERSON of Grace [Idaho] died 18 Jan 1912.  Funeral held in Grace Tabernacle 21 Jan 1912.  He leaves wife and three children also a father & mother who lives (sic) in Mink Creek.  Buried in Grace Cemetery.  Brothers Enock [sic], Nephi, Emil & Richard were pall bearers.  Mrs. Peterson was originally from Mink Creek [Idaho]



Death of Avol Peterson

Soda Springs Chieftain of January 25, 1912


                                      Solemn and impressive funeral services were held at the

Grace Tabernacle last Sunday over the remains of Mr. Avol

Peterson. Mr. Peterson suffered a fatal attack of appendicitis. 

He was taken ill the previous Monday and appeared to be

doing nicely until Thursday night, when he was taken worse.

He was hastily removed to the office of Dr. Hubbard, where

he died soon afterward.

     Everything was done for his life and comfort, but without

avail. Mr. Peterson leaves a wife and three children besides

father, mother and a host of friends to mourn his untimely

death.  He was well known throughout the valley and respected

by all who knew him. He was a member of the Bench ward

and had been for years an active worker in mutual work and

was at the time of his death preparing to fill a mission. His aged               

father and mother live in Mink Creek, where he resided until he

was married.

     The speakers at the funeral were: Brothers Willard Hubbard,

W. H. Mendenhall, Lewis S. Pond, Christian Poulson and Alma

Hubbard who all spoke of the noble character and good example

of Mr. Peterson.  A large cortege followed the remains to the

Grace Cemetery, where the body was laid to rest.

     The brothers, Enoch, Nephi, Emil and Richard, with John and

Charles Sorenson, were pall bearers. 

     The many friends of Mrs. Peterson and family unite in extending

to her their sincere sympathy.



L. M WARD died at his home at Eight Mile [Idaho] of quick consumption, 2 Feb 1912.  Born in Vermont, age 56 yrs.  Funeral 5 Feb 1912 at the Presbyterian Church in Soda Springs.  Had lived at Eight Mile 19 yrs.  Came from Fish Haven, Ida.  Leaves three children, Frank age 19, Carrie age 13, Ethel age 11, also two step-daughters, Mrs. Rose Sorter and Mrs. Bessie Higley.  Pall bearers:  Silas Mapes, Lee L. Simmons, Harry Higley, Alford Higley & Lee & Alvin Munro.


LAMBERT DEAN HILDRETH died 6 Feb 1912, the first death in the family of five children.  Buried 9 Feb 1912.  Mrs. C. H. Cheney from Pueblo, Colo, and Mrs. Norman Collings are sisters of W. H. Hildreth, father of Lambert.  B. A. Scudder of Solida, Colo. Is a brother of Mrs. W. H. Hildreth.  Lambert Dean is the second son of Mrs. & Mrs. W. H. Hildreth, age 21 yrs. 1 mo. 22 days.  Funeral 8 Feb 1912, burial in Fairview Cemetery.  Unmd. (Unmarried)


GEORGE DUNBAR DOULL died 7 March 1912 at his home in Salt Lake City [Utah], Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Mr. Doull was 79 yrs old.  Born at Caithnesshire, Scotland Came to S. L. [Salt Lake] 1881.  He was the father of George Doull, Jr. of Soda Springs.


“GRANDMA” MARGARET WATSON died 16 March 1912 at the home of her dau. Mrs. John D. Woodall. She was born in Blanter, Scotland 2 Jan 1836.  Married James Watson and never changed her name only from Miss to Mrs.  The young couple started for America 3 mo. on the voyage.  Arriving in the U.S. they went to Council Bluff, Iowa & then crossed the plains to Utah by ox-team arriving in S.L. [Salt Lake] 1854 in Captain Campbells (sic) Co. of handcart volunteers.  In 1886 she moved to Soda Springs where she has since resided, her husband having passed away in Salt Lake City [Utah] more than 25 yrs ago.  Six children survive: James Watson, Jr., Mrs. J. D. Woodall of Soda Springs, Mrs. T. S. Williams and Mrs. O. J. of Pocatello [Idaho], William Watson and A. R. Watson of Salt Lake City – 26 grandchildren, 11 g. grandchildren.  Funeral 18 March 1912 at the L.D.S. church.  Burial in the Fairview Cemetery (in Soda Springs)


HARRY FREDERICK CHRISTENSEN, 9 mo. old son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Christensen of Lago [Idaho] died 17 March 1912, funeral 18 March.  Burial in the Trout Creek Cemetery [Idaho].


GEORGE GLENN, 13 year old son of Hon. Thos. L. Glenn of Montpelier [Idaho], died 24 March 1912 at his father’s residence.  Funeral 25 March 1912.  Burial?


CHARLES MEDFORD, age 75, died of cancer at his ranch home near Niter, Idaho 2 May 1912.  Funeral 5 May 1912 in Thatcher [Idaho] ward meeting house.  Survived by wife, Louise, and eight children.  The youngest 14 mo. old.


MRS J. J. CALL died at the family home 15 May 1912, funeral 18 May 1912 in the Presbyterian church.  Leaves a husband and ten children, 7 dau. & 3 sons.  Rose Atkinson was born in Whitesea, Northhamptonshire, England 23 Jun 1854.  She married James J. Call 23 Dec 1872 in Soda Springs, Ida. Survivors:  Mrs. L. Westrom, Mrs. Abe C. Anderson, Mrs. Walter Christensen, Miss Violet and Charles and Fred Call of Soda Springs, Ida, Mrs. E. G. Harding of Weiser, Ida, Mrs. Frank Allen of Pocatello, Ida, James H. Call of Dayton, Ida. and Mrs. George Page of San Diego, Calif., also a brother & a sister, James Atkinson of Franklin, Ida. and Mrs. J. M. Patton of Pocatello, Ida.


MARGARET IDA KACKLEY, age 4 yrs 4 mo. 22 days, died at the home of her parents in Soda Springs, Ida. 26 May 1912. The only daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ellis Kackley.  She was born in Soda Springs, Ida. 4 Jan 1908.  Funeral services held in the Presbyterian Church in Soda.  Burial Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. DAVE SKINNER died 6 July 1912 at the family home on Eight Mile [Idaho], age 30.  Leaves a husband and three small children.


JOSEPH  T. SIMMONS, age 55 years, died at his ranch home on Eight Mile 17 July 1912.  He leaves a wife and three children, two boys and a girl, Mrs. Emma Ellen Moore and Jodie E. & Leroy Simmons.  Funeral 19 July 1912 from the L.D.S. Church.  He also leaves 6 brothers & 2 sisters.



Funeral of Joseph T. Simmons

Soda Springs Chieftain of July 25, 1912


                                     The last sad rites over the remains of the late Joseph T.

                                Simmons, who died at his ranch home on Eight Mile,

                                July 17th, occurred at the L.D.S. church last Friday afternoon

                                at 1 o’clock. The services were in charge of Bishop T. H.

                                Horsley. William Skinner was the principal speaker and he

                                spoke eloquently of the life of deceased, who had been a

                                resident of this community for the past 26 years. Attorney

                                C. E. Harris, representing the Modern Woodman and W.O. W.

                                of which organizations Mr. Simmons was a member, also

                                spoke in behalf of these lodges. Several selections were

                                rendered by the choir. The beautiful funeral service of the

                                Mormon religion was concluded at the grave, when Lee S.

                                Robinson, a half-brother of deceased offered the dedication

                                ceremonies, and all that was left of our former friend was

                                consigned to earth.  Mr. Simmons was 55 years of age at

                                the time of his death. He leaves a heartbroken family consisting

                                of a wife and three children, two sons and one daughter, besides

                                six brothers and two sisters. All these relatives reside in Idaho,

                                the two sisters and five of the brothers, attending the funeral.

                                The names of the children left to morn his death are Mrs. Emma

                                Ellen Monro and Jodie F. and Leroy Simmons.



MRS. LOVISA BRONSON, mother of Dell Root of Soda Springs, died at the home of her sister Mrs. A. J. Shupe in Ogden, Utah 17 July 1912, age 82. She was born in New York 19 March 1830 a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Amos D. Andrews & wife of Clinton Bronson, a member of the Mormon Battalion.  Came to Utah 1848 in Lorenzo Snow Co., Funeral in Ogden.


WILLIS M. BENNETT died 26 July 1912 (heart attack) at Alexander, Ida.  Funeral in Presbyterian Church in Soda Springs, 28 July 1912. Burial Fairview Cemetery.  He had just married the day before and his new wife and her two children by a former husband will return to Fletcher, Oklahoma.



HYRUM HATCH died 4 Aug 1912 at the Ogden Hospital.



Death of Hyrum Hatch

Soda Springs Chieftain


                                     Word was received in Soda Springs the first of the week

                                of the death of Hyrum Hatch in the hospital at Ogden, Utah

on August 4th, the cause of death being cancer of the stomach.

Deceased was well known in this section of the country where

he had been identified with sheep interests for a number of years.


Funeral for LOUIS MADSEN were held 12 Aug. 1912 at Turner [Idaho]. He was killed at his ranch in Beaver Dam Canyon by a mad bull.  He is about 45 yrs old and unmarried. One brother lived with him.  The rest of his relatives live in Norway.  Interment in Turner Cemetery.


JAY HORSLEY died at the home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Harry Horsley 17 Aug 1912 at Soda Springs.  Age 3 yrs, 10 mo. & 21 days. Funeral 19 Aug 1912 at the L.D.S. Church in Soda. Burial Fairview Cemetery.  Mr. & Mrs. Niels parents of Mrs. Harry Horsley.


ISAAC HILL was killed by lightning at St. Charles [Idaho], Aug 1912, age abt 56 yrs. Leaves a wife and ten children, 7 boys 3 girls.  One son, Bert Hill and dau. Mrs. Will G. Skinner lives in Soda Springs.  Funeral held 4 Sept 1912.


MRS. A. P. DOLBEER, wife of A. P. Dolbeer of Bancroft [Idaho] died at Los Angeles, Calif. 31 Aug 1912.  She was shipped to Ogden, Utah for burial which took place 3 Sept 1912.


THOMAS MURPHY, an old time resident of Alexander [Idaho], died in Ogden, Utah 27 Aug 1912.  Buried?


GEORGE E. GRAY died at his home in Pocatello [Idaho] 17 Sept 1912, leaving a wife and one child.  Funeral 19 Sept at L.D.S. Church in Pocatello.


MRS. ANNA ELIASON SCHMIDT, age 49 yrs. 1 mo. 19 days died 21 Sept 1912, Anna C. Eliason was born in Soda Springs, the part known as Lower Old Town on the 2 day Aug 1863. She was born in a dugout and was the first white child born in Soda Springs.  She married John Henry Schmidt at Soda 29 Sept 1883.  She leaves a husband, one sister, Mrs. Carrie Calvert of Fish Grap, Montana & four brothers, Joseph, John & Isaac, reside at Rose Track, Montana & Jacob of Hagerman, Idaho. Funeral held in the Presbyterian Church 23 Sept 1912.  Interment at the Mound Cemetery (Fairview).


MRS. DESSIE ANDREWS, wife of Frank Andrews, died at the family home of Grace, Ida 26 Sept 1912. She leaves a husband & four daughters & one son, besides several brothers and sisters. She was born at Richmond, Utah thirty seven years ago & was a dau of Bishop Hogan & wife. Funeral at Thatcher [Idaho], 29 Sept 1912. Buried in the Thatcher Cemetery.


MISS FIAMETTA M. KUNZ, a dau. Of Mr.  & Mrs. John W. Kunz of Bern [Idaho] died 2 Oct 1912 at Montpelier [Idaho].  She was 17 years old. Body was taken to Bern for funeral & burial.


MRS. WM. (WILLIAM) BUDGE, age 73, died at the home of her son, Jesse R. S. Budge in Pocatello [Idaho] 28 Sept 1912. Funeral 30 Sept in Logan, Utah. She was born in England & was married to Mr. Budge who is now 84 years old, 56 years ago.  Judge Alfred Budge accompanied by his family & Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. S. Budge accompanied the body to Logan for burial.


JAMES J. SHELTON, a Negro left a party of hunters 7 Sept 1912 abt 12 miles from this point and was found dead 29 Sept 1912.  Body was shipped to Pocatello [Idaho].


LEE AUSTIN, age 21, son of Thomas Austin, died 27 Oct 1912 in Salt Lake City [Utah].  Well known in Soda.


F.W. COLLINS, a pioneer of Lago [Idaho], died in Pocatello 25 Oct 1912 at the home of his sister, Mrs. W. H. King.  He leaves a wife & seven children.


MATTIE MABEL HENDRICKS died in Soda Springs, Idaho 31 Oct 1912, age 62 yrs 10 mo.  She was born in a sail boat on the Atlantic Ocean 1 Jan 1850. She was married to Peter Clement at Adrian, Michigan 11 April 1865.  Two children were born to this union, one having died in infancy, the other, Harry Clement survive her.  Olive Clement was a grand child.


TWINS OF MR. & MRS. ALBERT BEUS died one day of the 10-15 Nov. 1912.  Lived only a few minutes.


INFANT CHILD of Mr. & Mrs. Russell Panting died ? Nov 1912.  Funeral 17 Nov 1912.


CHARLES QUINN STERRETT died at the Carriboo [sic] Hotel, 21 Dec 1912. The deceased was an Indian and abt 55 yrs old. His mother, a full-blooded Shoshone Indian died when he was 6 mo. old & the father who was a trapper & hunter gave the baby to “Grandpa” Sterrett at Fort Bridger Wyo. more than 50 years ago.  Tom & Sim Sterrett always treated Charley like a brother.  Funeral 23 Dec 1912 at Thatcher, Idaho.


W. W. “GRANDPA” WILLIAM STERRETT, father of Thomas A. and S. S. (Sim) Sterrett of Soda Springs & Mrs. Walter Harris of Salt Lake City [Utah], died at him home in Turner, Idaho 30 Dec 1912, age 87 yrs. 1 mo. 18 days.  He was born in Ohio, Hamilton County 18 Nov. 1825. Funeral at Thatcher [Idaho] 1 Jan 1913. Burial at Thatcher.






MRS. EMILY POULSON died 8 Jan 1913, age 61 yrs.  She is the mother of George S. Horsley of Soda. She was buried at Logan [Utah] 10 Jan 1913/


WILLIAM WATSON, a brother of City Marshal James Watson, died at his home in Salt Lake City [Utah] a t the age of 53 years. Jan 1913. He was born in S. L. City 30 Aug 1859.  Survived by a wife, Mrs. Lois Watson and 8 children.  W. E. Watson, A. S. Watson, R. L. Watson, W. A. Watson, Mrs. Lula Swanson & Geniva, Zina & George Watson.  Funeral 16 Jan 1913 in Salt Lake in the 20 ward.


CHAS. SCHMIDT died 25 Jan 1913 at the home of his son, Robert  Schmidt, on Slug Creek [Idaho]. Age 75 yrs, he was the father of five children, two sons & 3 dau.  Robert & August Schmidt & Mrs. Wm. Thornton of Georgetown [Idaho], Mrs. Johnnie Kunze [sic] & Mrs. Wm. Kunze [sic] of Bern, Idaho.  Buried in Georgetown, Idaho.


MR. ELI MORGAN died Feb 1913.  Born 6 May 1825 Dearborn Co. Indiana.  Spent 47 yrs in Southeastern Ida., 7 or 8 of which being spent in & about Soda Springs.


JAMES WALLACE, father of James H. Wallace, died in Salt Lake Co. hospital 3 March 1913.  Born in England 18 Nov 1824, survived by two sons, James H. of Boise, Idaho & George Wallace of St. George, Utah.


6 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph, died at Grace [Idaho] 7 March 1913. Burial at Grace Cemetery 10 March 1913.


GARRETT WILLIAMS, age 16, son of John & Elizabeth Williams of Grace [Idaho] was killed near the Last Chance Canal dam 22 March 1913 from an accidental gunshot while hunting. Funeral was 25 March 1913 at Grace.


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Anderson died 5 April 1913.


MRS. EMILY SERVICE, age 53, died in Pocatello [Idaho] April 1913.  Funeral was 13 April 1913 at Pocatello.


GRANT SHIELDS drowned in a canal about three miles from Paris, Idaho 28 April 1913. He had gone to Paris from Tooele, Utah to visit relatives.  Body was taken to Tooele. Funeral 1 May 1913.


MRS. JOHN ROBERTS of Lava [Idaho] died 29 April 1913 at Soda Springs. Buried in Dempsey [Idaho]. Survived by husband


CHARLES D. CHANDLER, the Short Line [Oregon Short Line Railway] machine shop foreman of Pocatello [Idaho], was found dead 22 July 1913 at the foot of a rocky cliff half a mile west & about four miles northwest of Pocatello. He disappeared 13 July 1913 and believed to have died near that date.


LAURA BELL SMITH died 13 July 1913 at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Smith, age 22 days.  Funeral 14 July 1913 at the L.D.S. Church.  Bishop T. H. Horsley conducting.


MRS. DENZEL POULSON of Grace [Idaho], dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. John Allsop died Monday 4 Aug 1913.  Leaves 4 small children.  Funeral 6 Aug 1913 from the L.D.S. church. Burried [sic]?


WILLIAM CLEMENS died in Soda Springs, Ida 13 Sept 1913. He was born near Sandusky, Ohio 78 years ago. He came to the far west sixty six years ago in company with Samuel Longhorn Clemens (Mark Twain), a cousin & latter [sic] associated with him in some mining ventures in Nevada & Calif. He was one of Buffalo Bills companions – served in legislature 1863-78. In his first trip to northwest in 1847, he camped at Steamboat Springs just west of town. In early seventies he located several mines in the Carriboo [Cariboo] district. The past 26 yrs he has been a resident of Soda Springs. He built the Carriboo [Cariboo] Hotel on Dillon Street in Soda & was one of its owners for several years. Two daughters survive him: Mrs. Irene Hurley of Manitoba, Canada & Mrs. Edith Sharp of Twin Falls, Ida. Funeral 15 Sept 1913. Rev. P. C. Irwin conducting.


BEN E. RICH died 13 Sept 1913.  Born in S. L. City [Salt Lake City, Utah], 7 Nov 1855. His father Apostle Charles C. Rich.  He married Diana Farr Dec. 27 1877 at Ogden [Utah]. Father of 8 children – 6 boys & 2 girls.


MRS. CHARLES HOLSTEN of Central, Ida died at the Fryar Hotel 18 Sept 1913


MARY GREEN, 16 year old dau of Mr.  & Mrs. James Green of Grace [Idaho], died 25 Sept 1913. Funeral 27 Sept.


MRS. MARY A. ANDERSON, wife of Dr. W. H. Anderson, died 5 Oct 1913 at the family home on Dillon Street in Soda Springs, age 74 years 10 mo 23 days.  She was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England 13 Dec 1838. Came to S.L. City [Salt Lake City, Utah] 1859 & Wellsville [Utah] 1860 where she married Dr. W. H. Anderson 8 Sept 1861 by Bishop W. H. Maughan. Moved to Soda 1898.  Survivors, husband & one daughter Mrs. Thomas Corrigan & one son W. A. Anderson of Soda Springs. Funeral was 7 Oct 1913 at the L.D.S. meeting house, Bishop T. H. Horsley conducting.  Buried in the Fairview Cemetery.


FIREMAN A. J. WESSA died 1 Nov 1913 ½ mile west of Soda (Fireman on train wreck),  Funeral was held at Pocatello [Idaho] 5 Nov 1913. His parents came from Kremling, Wyo. Mr. Wessa was not married for he was just a young man.


FIREMAN H. M. DAVIS, died 1 Nov. 1913 ½ mile west of Soda (Fireman on train wreck). His parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Davis lived at Union, Oregon. His body was taken to Cove, near Union for burial. He was unmarried – just a young man.  Brakeman F. E. Carman lost a leg from the wreck.


NYDIA THATCHER PETERSEN, the 11 year old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Nils J. Petersen, who reside on homestead north of Soda Springs, died 5 Nov. 1913. Funeral 7 Nov 1913 from L.D.S. church.


ELLA MAE LAWTON, age 14 years 5 mo. 25 days, a daughter of Mrs. Alma M. Lawton & granddau of Mr. . & Mrs. Swanson of Alexander, Ida. died at the Swanson home 7 Nov. 1913.  Born at Fremont, Dodge Co. Nebraska & came to Alexander a year ago to reside with her grandparents.  Survived by her father and mother. Funeral at the home 9 Nov. 1913, Rev P. C, Irwin officiating. Burial in the Fairview Cemetery at Soda Springs.


JOHN MARTIN of Soda Springs was accidentally shot 13 Nov 1913 at the nole [sic] 3 miles north of Soda and died in the Soda hospital. Funeral 15 Nov at Presbyterian Church, age 31. Leaves a father and two sisters at Hungaria, Europe [actual term used in newspaper] & two brothers in America.


DAVID E. SARGENT, (father of Mrs. Paul Tipton) died 14 Nov 1913 at Payson, Utah. He was born at Rushville, Ill. in 1842, came to Utah 1852.  He married Fanny Reid.  Survivors: W. S. Sargent, Payson, [Utah], Mrs. Mattie Kinsey of Raymond, Canada, Mrs. Annie Pace of Moab, Utah, David H. Sargent of Payson, Mrs. Agnes Tipton of Soda Springs, Ida, Mrs. Jennie Poulson of Raymond, Canada.  He was baptized a Mormon at age 10. In 1904 & 05 he filled a mission in northern states.


ERNEST P. VIAHOS (a Greek), was killed near Grace [Idaho] Nov. 1913. He was 52 years old. He was married and had one son who was with him at the Phoenix Construction Camp at Grace.


WAYNE WARNER of Grace [Idaho] was instantly killed struck by a falling tree, 11 Dec 1913 near Soda Springs.  He was a son of Mr. & Mrs. O. H. Warner of Grace.  He also leaves a young wife & baby.





EZRA NELSON of Preston, Idaho died 8 Jan 1914, a brother of George G. Nelson & Mrs. W. J. Davis of Davisville. He was the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Nelson. (Accidentally shot by City Marshall Dave Davis).  Buried ?  (Riverdale, Idaho)



JOHN H. FEENEY died at his ranch home about one mile and a half northwest of Soda Springs 18 Jan 1914, age 89 years. The body was taken to Montpelier [Idaho] for burial; funeral 21 Jan 1914.  Born Queens Co. Ireland 15 Aug 1825. came to America 1849, came to Carriboo [Cariboo] mines in 1872.  He never married. He deeded his property to his nephew John Corrigan.  Another nephew was Thomas Corrigan.


MICHAEL GALVIE died at the Carribo [Cariboo] Hotel in Soda Springs Jan. 18 1914, age 74 years. Born in County St. Clair, Ireland.  Funeral 19 Jan 1914 from the hotel under the direction of Rev. P. C. Irwin of the Presbyterian Church.


“OLD CHARLES”.  A few days ago (late Jan 1914) a dead body was found near the right of way four miles east of Benson [Idaho].  It had been mutilated by coyotes.


D.F. LAU died 6 Feb 1914, age 82.  Born in Schwan, Germany in 1832. In 1852 he joined the Mormon Church and came to America; reached Salt Lake City [Utah] 1854.  1863 he married Dorothea Zollinger. Twelve children were born to this union; nine still living in 1914. He had a paraletic [sic] stroke in 1905, being an invalid for 9 yrs. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery 8 Feb 1914.


CHARLES H. GASSER, a resident of Soda for many years where he conducted a jewelry store, died at White Sulphur Springs, Montana, 12 Feb 1914 (from apoplexy).  His body was shipped to Pocatello for burial 18 Feb 1914.


JOHN L. UNDERWOOD, age 82, a veteran of the Civil War and one of the framers of the Constitution of the state of Idaho, died 18 Feb 1914 in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Came to Idaho in 1875 as a cattle buyer.  He settled in Paris, Ida. in 1879 & moved to Montpelier [Idaho] in 1886. He served as state senator. He was born in Deposit, Broom Co., N.Y., Jan. 15 1832. On Feb. 14, 1879 he married Miss Elizabeth M. Whitman. His wife & 2 dau. survive him. The two daughters are Mrs. Bernard Eastman of Plymouth, Ida & Mrs. George Marks of S.L [Salt Lake].  The body was sent to Soda Springs, Ida for interment 24 Feb 1914. A funeral service was held in S.L. 19 Feb 1914.  The body reached Soda 23 (Feb) & was buried 24 Feb. following a funeral service in the Presbyterian Church. He was a resident of Soda thirty years ago, having conducted a butcher shop here. He was a brother-in-law to E. D. Whitman & H. B. Whitman.


HUGH EASTMAN died at his home in Soda Springs 16 March 1914, age 12 yrs, 3 mo. 16 days.  Cause of death pneumonia.  Burial at the Fairview Cemetery 18 March 1914. He was the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Eastman. Two other brothers are Elbert & Gordon.


HARLAN EDWARD SIBBETT, age 32 yrs, died at the Carriboo [Cariboo] Hotel in Soda 18 March 1914.  He was born at Morgan City, Utah on 24 Oct 1880.  He leaves a wife and two little girls, besides his aged parents, Mr. & Mrs. James Sibbett and several brothers and sisters. The body was taken to Gray, Idaho [Grays Lake], the old homestead Fri. evening, 20 March where the funeral will probably be held tomorrow (19 Mar. 1914. (abscess of the spine)


MRS. SOLOMON HALE died at her home in Preston [Idaho] 13 April 1914, age 73 years. They came to Utah in 1848 & in the early 60’s went to Bear Lake, later moved to Soda Springs. 1890 they moved to Preston.  Burial Preston


MRS. SUSAN BODY, wife of William Body, died 25 April 1914, age 65 years. Survived by husband, one daughter & one grandson. Funeral 26 April 1914; burial in the Fairview Cemetery.


FRANK WHITWORTH, died at Chesterfield [Idaho] the week of 20 May 1914, age 32. Survived by wife and three children. His wife is a niece of Dr. O. B. Steely of Pocatello [Idaho]; buried Chesterfield (Killed by lightning)


INFANT, GWENDOLYN MILLER, age 2 mo. 2 days, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Will G. Miller died 15 May 1914; funeral 16 May 1914. Burial?  Mrs. Miller is a sister to Winfield Shufeldt (male)


THE 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. John Tomlinson of Chesterfield [Idaho] died 18 May 1914 in Soda hospital.  Body shipped to Salt Lake City [Utah] for burial.


MRS. JESSE DREDGE of Malad [Idaho] died very suddenly at her home in Malad 20 May 1914. Survived by her husband Jesse Dredge and eight small children.


LORENZO BACON of Georgetown [Idaho] was killed at Montpelier [Idaho] 22 May 1914 (an accident).  Leaves a wife and seven children.  His wife is a daughter of Alzera Dunn of Georgetown.


ULYSSES G. BEREUP OR BEARUP (used both way [sic] in the article) who killed deputy sheriff McFadden at Grace [Idaho] on the 23 Aug 1913, died of a bullet would [sic] in a prison break 23 May 1914 at Boise, Ida.


PHILLIS OLSEN, 13 month-old [sic] daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Olsen of Grace, Idaho, died 27 May 1914. Burial at Grace.


MRS. ETHEL KIRBY, wife of John Kirby died 6 June 1914 at Grace [Idaho]. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Peterson.  She was born in Gunnison, Utah 1 March 1886. She married John Kirby Oct 1913. Survivors are her husband, father & mother, three brothers & sisters.


MRS. MARGUERITE M. ELLIS died at her home in Bench, Idaho 12 June 1914, age 81 yrs. Born in Alabama 25 April 1833.  Moved to Soda in May 1884. She leaves eight children, 4 sons and 4 daughters as follows:  Charles N. Ellis of Bench, George W. Ellis of Soda Springs, Ida. Frank E. Ellis of Grace, Ida., Thomas M. Ellis of Bench, Mrs. I. W. Nanney of Grace, Mrs. W. B. Wright, Mrs. J. B. Wright of Lago, Ida and Mrs. David Anderson of Pocatello [Idaho].  She also leaves 37 grandchildren, 15 g grandchildren.  Funeral 12 June 1914; buried in the Fairview Cemetery.


THOMAS GUNNELL, SR, age 48, died at his home in Wellsville, Utah 14 June 1914 of heart failure.  His son Thomas Gunnell, Jr. of Soda, Robert Gunnell, a brother and Mrs. Taylor Davis departed for the funeral.  He leaves a wife & 9 children.


EDMOND D. GOASLIND, a resident of Gem Valley for 35 yrs died at the hospital in Soda 18 Jun 1914, age 65 yrs and unmarried. A brother, Charles D, Goaslind of Preston, Ida. Funeral 19 June 1914 burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


JOHNNIE MARTENSEN, age 21, drowned in Bear River near Thatcher 20 Jun 1914.  Buried 27 June 1914 (Body recovered from the river 27 Jun 1914)


DOMINICK SAPARANO, an Italian, was found 26 Jun 1914 murdered near the Section House East of the stock yards in Soda.  He was buried in the Cedar Cemetery.  The killing is believed to have taken place 20 June 1914.


JOHN THOMPSON of Grace [Idaho] died 3 July 1914.  Buried 6 July in Grace Cemetery.  Born at Pleasant Grove, Utah 23 March 1858.  Leaves a wife & family.


MRS. A. E. HAINES died in the Soda Springs hospital 7 July 1914.  Body was shipped to McCammon [Idaho] for burial. Funeral being 8 July 1914. She was 41 years of age.  Survivors: a husband and one son Jesse age 20. Mr. Haines was the editor of the McCammon [newspaper] and had moved to Grace [Idaho] where he would shortly issue a paper.


MRS. ORR B. CAMPBELL died July 1914. She was Minnie Nelson befor [sic] her marriage to Mrs. Campbell on Dec. 2 1913. Mr. Campbell is a son of J.E & Alice Campbell. She being a bride of only a few months. Funeral and burial took place at Shoshone, Idaho.


MRS. J. W. WOLFORD of Pebble, Ida died 20 July 1914. She leaves a husband, one son & one daughter, Guy Wolford & Mrs. Ala Ash of Boise [Idaho].


THE 11 MONTH-OLD DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. N. J. Peterson, who lives north of Soda three miles, died 26 July 1914 of whooping cough. They lost the oldest daughter just a few months ago with typhoid fever.


D. J. MALONE was killed by Frank Madden in Pocatello [Idaho] 23 July 1914.  Then Frank Madden committed suicide the same day.


A BABY BOY was born to Mr. & Mrs. Earl D. Smith of Soda, 28 July 1914 and live [sic] just two hours. This makes the fifth child born to the couple and all have died in infancy.


HUGH MCLEAN, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. D. K. McLean, died 11 Aug 1914; funeral 12 Aug. Burial Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. JANE BROWN, formerly Mrs. Geo. Holvarsen, of Soda and Caribou [Cariboo], died in Salt Lake City [Utah] 14 Aug 1914. Funeral 17 Aug 1914 in Salt Lake.


ARTHUR LALLATIN CHESTER, eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Colin Chester, age 5 yrs. 10 mo. and 2 days, died at the home of C. A. Lallatin in Soda Springs, Ida. 16 Aug 1914. Funeral services in Soda 17 Aug 1914. Mr. & Mrs. Chester reside at Henry, Ida. they were visiting at the Lallatins when scarlet fever was pronounced & they were quarantined.


MRS. JAMES P. ROSENBERG died at Kemmerer, Wyo. 23 Aug 1914. She used to reside in Soda Springs. She is a sister of W. E. & George Clifford of Soda. The funeral was 25 Aug 1914; burial in Kemmerer, Wyo.


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Messenger died 25 Aug 1914; funeral 26 Aug 1914.


MRS. J.P ROSENBERG died 30 Aug 1914. She was born 23 May 1874 in Coventry, England. She married J.P Rosenberg 20 Sept 1893 at Soda Springs. Funeral was 2 Sept 1914 burial [Kemmerer], I think.  She leaves a husband, Judge J.P. Rosenberg & children: Clifford, Bertie, LeRoy, Ralph, William and Miss Jessie.  Will and George Clifford of Soda are brothers to the deceased, Mrs. Ed Dolar is a sister.


MRS GARFIELD BOND of Blackfoot [Idaho] disappeared in early Aug 1914 & was found drowned in the river 4 Sept 1914. She was the wife of Garfield Bond, one of Blackfoot’s councilmen.


EDWIN CLARKE WHITMAN, 18 yrs. old, eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Whitman died 12 Sept 1914 in Soda Springs. Funeral 14 Sept 1914 in Presbyterian Church.  He was born in Soda Springs 8 Dec 1896


UDAR SKINNER, 19 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Will J. Skinner, died 17 Sept 1914, funeral 18 Sept 1914


JUSTICE GEORGE H. STEWART died in Portland, Oregon 24 Sept. 1914. Body was sent to Boise [Idaho] for burial, 28 Sept 1914.  He was 75 yrs old.  Survived by two children – Charles s. Stewart & Mrs. McCarthy, wife of Judge McCarthy of Boise,


MR. DARBER of Dempsey [Idaho] died 30 Sept 1914 at Soda Springs.


J. H. LOWRY was killed ? Sept 1914 at McCammon [Idaho].  Funeral was 2 Oct 1914 (accident with a gun), at McCammon. Sheriff Lowry, a brother, from Soda attended the funeral. J. H. Lowry was a night watchman for the Short Line [Oregon Short Line Railway] at McCammon. He leaves a wife & six children.


JOSEPH DORSEY, 16 yrs old, son of Mrs. Nellie Dorsey, a widow, accidently (sic) shot himself 14 Oct 1914 in Salt Lake City.  Samuel Shurhke was with him at the time.


FREDERICK W. ROSE, a brother in law of T. W. & George S. Horsley & Mrs. J. E. Lau, died at his home in Salt Lake City [Utah] 22 Oct 1914.  Funeral 25 Oct.  Mr. Rose was born in Salt Lake 15 July 1866.  Survived by his widow, Amelia Horsley Rose, his mother Elizabeth Rose & the following children: Mrs. Arline Stanton, Lawrence, Mildred, Fred W. J., June & Wendell Rose.  Also two brothers Charles E & J. Edward Rose, two sisters, Emma Rose & Mrs. W. J. Lewis.


GLENN SHOEMAKER, age 3 mo. died in Soda 24 Oct 1914.  He was the son of Theodore Shoemaker of Bancroft Pharmacy.  Body was shipped to Kansas City for burial.  


DAVID HOPKINS died at Blackfoot [Idaho] 4 Nov 1914, age 43.  Survived by his wife and five children.  He was a brother of Thos. J. Hopkins of Soda Springs.


VEDA MABEL TARR, age 15 yrs, a dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Tarr of Pocatello [Idaho], died 7 Nov 1914 in Soda Springs. The body was shipped to Pocatello for burial 10 Nov 1914.


ALBINA M. WILLIAMS known as “Grandma” Williams died at Pocatello [Idaho] 28 Nov 1914 at the residence of her son Thomas S. Williams. Buried in Fairview Cemetery in Soda Springs 1 Dec. 1914. Funeral in the L.D.S. church. Pres. Pond & Daniel J. Lau speakers. She was born in New York State 25 Jul 1826. 

     She joined the L.D.S. Church in an early age. With her parents she moved first to Kirkland, Ohio then to Nauvoo, Ill. where she was married in 1842 to Thomas S. Williams. She received her Patriarchal blessing from Hyrum Smith. She moved westward with the great Mormon emigration to Utah. She made two overland trips across the plains from the “states” to Utah, one of which was with the historic “Mormon Battalion”, her husband having enlisted therein.

     She resided in Salt Lake City most of her time between 1857 & 1880 and raised her family. Her husband was killed by the Indians 1860 while on an overland trip to California and was buried where he fell. She was the mother of ten children, 2 of whom are still living. They are Mrs. Caroline Kimball and Thomas S. Williams, 26 grandchildren, 58 great grand children & 1 g. g. grand child.


MRS. JOHANNA RINEHART, age 79 yrs. 5 mo. 28 days, died 2 Dec 1914 at Rushville, Nebraska. She is the mother of Henry Rinehart, a farmer of Bailey Creek, Ida. She was born in Germany 4 Jun 1835. burial at Bethel cemetery in Cozad, Neb. Mrs. Rinehart is the mother of Henry Rinehart of Soda, Annie Willger, Cashton, Wis., John Rinehart of Tryon, Neb., George Rinehart, Rugby, N.D. & Daniel Rinehart, Lake Mills, Iowa. 


GENE TAYLOR, deputy sheriff was shot by a prisoner 11 Dec 1914 in Pocatello [Idaho]. Funeral was 14 Dec 1914 in Pocatello at the East side L.D.S. church. Body was shipped to Moroni, Utah for burial.  He is survived by a wife & child.


LIONEL CLATWORTHY died at the Fryars Hotel 12 Dec 1914. He had been under the care of Dr. Kackley for several weeks. He was born in Heber City, Utah and later lived in Malad, Ida. Burial? Leaves a wife and one child.


CHARLES BRUCE died 19 Dec 1914 at his home near Soda Springs. He was born in Indiana 18

April 1854. He married Elizabeth Miller at the age of 19. He came to Soda about 8 yrs ago working for the Oregon Short Line [Railway].  He also took up a homestead near Soda where he lived until the time of his death. Funeral services 22 Dec 1914 at the Presbyterian Church, Rev. P. C. Irwin officiating.  Burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda. Surviving are his widow, one son Calvin Bruce, two daughters, Mrs. L. P. Carr of Soda & Mrs. E. F. Walters of Alva, Oklahoma. One brother A. D. Bruce of Soda.


THE INFANT SON OF Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Lloyd died 20 Dec 1914. Burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda Springs.  Mrs. David Hutchinson is a sister to Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Neddo of Providence, Utah is (sic) the parents of Mrs. A. E. Lloyd and J. J. Neddo, Jr. is a brother.


DR WILLIAM H. ANDERSON “M.D.” died 24 Dec 1914 at Soda Springs. He was born at Florence, Pennsylvania 14 Feb 1835, a son of Robert S. Anderson and Dorcas A. S. Hopkins Anderson, a native of Penn. & Ohio respectively.  Since 187 Dr. Anderson has been a resident of Soda Springs. The paternal grandparent(s) of the doctor was (sic) Mayor Robert & Betsy Agnes Anderson, both of Penn. Mayor Robert was the son of Robert & Margaret Anderson born 16 Mar. 1934.  Dr. Anderson’s mother was the daughter of William & Mary Pumphrey Hopkins, the Pumphrey’s being closely related to John Hancock & Stephen Hopkins both of whom signed the Declaration of Independence, and her father was a son of James Hopkins, whose family name is perpetuated to the famous John Hopkins University.

     8 Sept 1861 he married Miss Mary Allen at Wellsville, Utah. She is a dau of Isaac & Elizabeth Siddell Allen of Darbyshire, England. He was L.D.S. The children of Dr. Anderson are:  William A. born in Wellsville 26 Sept 1862. Dorcas E. born 16 Feb 1865 & died 2 Aug 1876 and Mary E.  born 19 March 1867.  She was married 3 times. First to Charles A. Heaston, died leaving one child.  Second md. John Kelly of Soda Springs. He died leaving one child, William Kelly. Third md. Thomas J. Corrigan of Soda Springs.  Interned in Fairview Cemetery. Funeral was held in the L.D.S. Church 27 Dec 1914








HARRIETT LEAH WOODALL, wife of Charles T. Woodall, Jr. and daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Simon Sterrett died 9 Jan 1915 at the residence of her parents in Soda Springs. She was born at Thatcher, Idaho 20 Aug 1894. She was married to Chas. T. Woodall, Jr. 19 Nov 1912, moving to Lamville, Nevada where she lived 3 yrs of her married life. She had a daughter, Gwenevere or Gwendoline. She had come to Soda to visit her parents. The funeral services were held in L.D.S. Church 10 Jan; Burial in the Mound Cemetery.


EVAN ELLIS LAKEY, 9 month old baby of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lakey, died 12 Jan 1915. Buried 13 Jan 1915


THE INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. V. T. Lakey died 23 Jan 1915. Funeral 24 Jan 1915. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. LAURA DOULL died 25 Jan 1915 at her home in Soda Springs. She was born in Spanish Fork, Utah 34 years ago this mo. At five years of age she moved to Lost River, Idaho & lived there until shortly after her marriage to George Doull when she moved to Bannock Co. Funeral 27 Jan. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery. She leaves a husband and four children the youngest but 3 yrs. old.   Note on side:  Card of thanks: Geo. Doull, Mrs. L. Swanson, Mrs. H. F. Smith, Blanch Swanson, Arthur Swenson and wife.


EVA ELLIS, the dau of Mrs. Ellis of Way [Idaho] died in Soda 26 March 1915.


MRS. HUBBARD died 27 March 1915 of her home in Grace [Idaho].  Funeral 30 April, buried in Grace Cemetery.


LERU MEDFORD, the 14 year old daughter of Mrs. Charles Medford of Thatcher [Idaho], died at the Soda Springs hospital 18 April 1915. She was taken to Thatcher for burial.


DAVE ROWE of Star Valley, Wyo. died at Rexburg 15 April 1915.  Funeral was 17 April. Mrs. Rowe & her husband were on a visit to relatives.  Mrs. Rowe was formerly Eliza Hopkins of Soda Springs.


WILLIAM WOODARD died 4 May 1915. He & his wife & child came to Soda Springs from N. Carolina a year ago. He was born in Franklin Co. North Carolina 39 yrs ago. He was a member of the Order of Odd Fellows of Soda Springs & a member of Spanish War Veteran.


HARRY J. BARNARD died 8 May 1915 at Soda Springs hospital, a resident of Soda for more than twenty years. He was born at Box Elder, Utah 22 June 1867. He was the son of John & Anna Barnard. 3 Aug 1895 he married Minnie T. Woodall of Soda Springs.  Six children were born to this union, five boys & one girl, five of whom are still alive. (Christo, Orren, Burdick, Bill & June). He had run a hotel & livery business in Soda for a number of yrs. This he disposed of & move (sic) to Idaho Falls [Idaho] for two yrs, then returned & took charge of C. T. Woodall ranch until his death.


THE 4 MONTH OLD BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Jolly of Monroe, Utah died 8 May 1915 at the local hospital.


THE BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Skinner born 13 May 1915 died the 13 May 1915.


JUSTINE ALLEC died May 28, 1915 at the Blackfoot River at the ranch of Frank Espitoflier. Funeral May 30 1915, body was interred in Fairview Cemetery (Suicide)


LEW HORSLEY, son of Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Horsley died at Soda Springs May 29, 1915.  Funeral was May 30 1915, Rev. Irwin officiating.  Burial in Fairview Cemetery.


JOE S. SMITH (Murdered) near Pebble, Ida. June 7, 1915.



EARLE MASON, 17 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Mason of Alexander [Idaho] was struck by lightning 8 Jul 1915.  Burial in Utah.


W. G. BAILEY was killed at the Blackfoot reservoir June 10?, 1915 by Alfred Ludhight.


HARRY ROGERS, who died 2 wk ago in Salt Lake City [Utah] was brought to Soda Springs 6 July 1915 for burial in the Fairview Cemetery.


GEORGE BIRCH was drowned in Bear River 21 July 1915. He was 15 yrs old. Buried in Montpelier [Idaho].


JOE MEACHAM of Grays Lake [Idaho] was killed by lightning 27 July 1915, burial was 29 July 1915 Where?


L. R. PARTLEW, JR, age 2 yrs, 6 mo., son of Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Partlew of Alexander, Idaho, died in Soda Springs hospital 10 Aug 1915. Burial in the Soda Springs Cemetery 11 Aug 1915.


HATTIE SIBBITS, dau of Mr. & Mrs. James Sibbits died Aug 1915. [could be Sibbetts]


GUST THEODORN was dragged to death by a horse near Doull shearing plant north of Soda. ? Aug 1915.  Brought to Soda, E. D. Whitman prepared him for burial.


WILLIAM T. FIELDS died 5 Sept 1915, born near Manton in Washington Co. Ky on 21 Jan 1827. Buried in Soda Springs Cemetery, 6 Sept 1915. 22 Dec 1853 he married Caroline Beall in Washington Co. Ky. They had 4 children: Lettie, John H. Logan W. and Elizabeth. Caroline Fields died May 1963 in Monroe Co. Missouri.  14 April 1864 Mr. Fields married Marry B. Wilson. To this union 6 children were born: Washington H., Oscar B., Maud, Lilly, Robert & Burr H.  Mary B. Fields died in Collins, Mo. 7 April 1901. In 1903 he moved to Soda Springs, Ida.


H. D. OR H. M. “HOWARD” SETTLE, of Bancroft [Idaho] was killed 10 Oct 1915 by a train at the crossing two miles east of Way [Idaho].  Clyde Settle, who runs the Star Valley Independent of Afton, Wyo., was a brother; another brother W. E. Settle who worked on the Chieftain and a brother-in-law T. E. Phelps were to the funeral. The mother & sister was (sic) in Kansas.  They consented to the burial to be in Bancroft. They never got to the funeral.


MRS. GEO T. HYDE – Mrs. Emma Nibley Hyde- wife of Bishop Geo. T. Hyde of Downey [Idaho] died in Salt Lake [Utah] hospital 13 Oct 1915. Funeral at Downey 16 Oct 1915, burial in Downey. Mrs. Hyde is a cousin of Mrs. J. E. Lau of Soda Springs.


H. D. OR H. M. “HOWARD” SETTLE, of Bancroft [Idaho] was killed 10 Oct 1915 by a train at the crossing two miles east of Way [Idaho]


MARA CALL of Bancroft [Idaho] committed suicide 13 Oct 1915, age 16. She was a sister to Mrs. Fred Christensen, Sr.


GRANT CAMPBELL, grandfather of Grace Beus, died 22 Nov 1915 at Lewiston [Utah] at the age of 83 or 87.  Burial in Fairview, Wyo. Father of 22 children, 13 of whom survive him.


MARGARET AMELIA BOLSER WATSON, wife of James Watson of Soda, died 23 Nov 1915. She was born while crossing the plains at a point known as Vermillia Creek on the 17 June 1852, her parents having been members of the Smoot Company.  She married James Watson 1871. Nine children were born.  Three are still living Lou and Claud Watson and Mrs. H. W. (Homer) Woodall. Survived by her husband James Watson and the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Frank Yearance, Lehi, Utah, Mrs. John N. Lees of S.L.C [Salt Lake City, Utah], John Smith & Louis Baker of Kanara, Utah. Funeral was held 24 Nov in Soda L.D.S. Church. The body was taken to Salt Lake to be buried beside her children who had gone on before.


ERNEST NICHOLS died at his home in Soda Springs 1st Dec 1915, age 23 yrs 9 mo. 29 days. He was born in Kiowa County Kansas on 3 April 1892. He came to Soda 27 April 1914 and was one of the operators at the O.S.L. depot [Oregon Short Line Railway] until July. He took up a homestead north of town until Nov. 23 when he moved to town. (Death was from consumption). Funeral 5 Dec 1915. Survivors are his father, Dorsey Nichols & sister Bertha & Mrs. Kate Smith & a brother Dorsey Nichols, Jr., Dennis and Lonnie. Funeral 5 Dec 1915.


MRS. MATT HOLHNAN [or Hoehnan] of Pocatello [Idaho] died 16 Dec 1915, 58 yr old & leaves a family of three boys & one girl.


AFTON ECHO LLOYD, age 7, was killed in California in an automobile accident the last of Dec. 1915.  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Lloyd of Grace [Idaho].  Burial in Central [Idaho] Cemetery.





MRS. RICHARD DOUGLAS (Miss Rebecca Harmeson) of Pocatello [Idaho] died Jan 1916, age 41 yrs. Buried in Pocatello.  Well known in Soda. Use to live in Soda.


MRS. THOMAS G. HOPKINS (Amelia Biorn Hopkins) died 23 Feb 1916.  Funeral held from the L.D.S. Church 25 Feb 1916. Born in Denmark 10 April 1854, a dau of Lyon & Marion Rasmussen.  Twice married – 9 children; two preceded her in death. Burial in Fairview Cemetery 25 Feb 1916.  The children are: Paul R. Biorn, David P. Biorn, Martha E. Wood, Agnes Wood of Williamsburg, Idaho. Josephine E. Rasmussen of Blackfoot [Idaho], Marion Fowler & Helen Fowler of Soda.  Sisters are: Mrs. Hubertina Jens, Mrs. Caroline Johnson and Mrs. Johanna Larsen.


A BOY born to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Densley died 23 Feb 1916; buried in Fairview Cemetery.


MR. B. RODEBACK died 6 March 1916 at Lago, [Idaho] age 80 yrs.


BABY BOY of Mill Messenger died 23 March 1916, age 4 months 4 days old.


J. G. BRISTOL died 1 April 1916 at Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] by the fall of a huge boulder which pinned him beneath.  He came from Iowa 1890. He was an operator on short line [Oregon Short Line Railway] in Soda 1910 & had many friends here. Leaves a wife & 1 brother. Burial?


MRS JAMES (MAUD) BIGLER, wife of James Bigler died 10 May 1916.  Body was shipped to Nephi, Utah for burial.  Funeral services 13 May 1916 at Springville, Utah.  She was born in Springville, Utah, April 21, 1868.  Married James Bigler 27 Oct 1888 in Logan [Utah]. Leaves a husb. & 8 children. Burial at the Vine Bluff Cemetery.


MRS. LOVELESS killed first week of May? 1916 at Dubois [Idaho] by a blow from an axe (believed to have been by Walter Cairins). Her funeral was at Sosa Springs.


FRANK HASSE, of Sublett, Idaho died at the local [Soda] hospital 23 May 1916 of cancer. He was a widower & living at Stillwater, Minn. He came to Idaho to look after business some time ago, leaving 3 children in care of an aunt of Stillwater.  The body was shipped to Stillwater for burial.


MRS. S. J. MEYERS, wife of the Soda Springs electric engineer, died 19 May 1916 at her home in Soda. Born in Lancaster, Penn, 42 yrs ago.  Her body was taken to Lancaster for burial.


FLORENCE REEDER, dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Reeder of Grace [Idaho], died June 14, 1916, age 19 yrs.


ALBERT HESS, age 27 yrs, whose home is at Farmington, Utah, died in Soda 25 June 1916 from a gun shot wound inflicted by Miss Grace Blair.  Albert Hess was the son of Albert C. Hess of Farmington.  The father arrived in Soda 27 Jun & had the body prepared for shipment to Farmington, where burial took place.  Survivors: parents, ten brothers and sisters.


MRS. HELEN ALEXANDER, age 22 yrs, died 4 June 1916 a few miles east of Lava Hot Springs.  She was traveling from her home in Provo, Utah to Montpelier, Ida. The body was mangled under the train June 24, 1916.


CLOIE GREEN, age 19 yrs, committed suicide 27 Jun 1916 at Grace [Idaho]


MRS. GEORGE W. STRONG, formerly Miss Mary Tolmie, died July 3, 1916 at her home in American Falls [Idaho]. The body was brought to Soda Springs and laid to rest beside her child and father who were buried (sic) here several years ago. Cards of thanks signed by Mary Tolmie Strong, Geo. W. Strong & Mrs. Izabella Tolmie.


MARY TOLMIE STRONG, daughter of Donald & Izabella Tolmie was born at Soda Springs, Ida 25 April 1884 and died 3 Jul 1916 at American Falls, Ida, age 32 yrs & 3 months. She married George W. Strong on Sept.1, 1903. Left a husband, 2 daughters, mother, sisters & brothers. Her father & a sister, first born child are buried in Soda Springs, her former home, to which place the remains were taken for burial. Leaves a husband, George W. Strong, 2 daughters: Myrtle 8 yrs & Marguerite 5 yrs, her mother, Mrs. Izabella Tolmie, four brothers: George, John, Donald & Norman, four sisters: Mrs. Katherine Hansen of Blackfoot [Idaho], Mrs. Marguerite Conway, Hannah & Frances Tolmie of Shelley [Idaho].


DONALD D. CHILDS, 3 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Orson Childs, burned to death 14 July 1916 at Grace [Idaho]. Funeral was held in Grace.


MRS. ALBERT MORRIS died at her home 4 miles north of Soda Springs 20 July 1916. The body was interred in the Fairview Cemetery at Soda.  Besides her husband she leaves a three year old daughter to mourn her loss.


HYRUM N. WINTERS died 5 Sept 1916; funeral 7 Sept 1916.  Body was taken to S.L.C. [Salt Lake City, Utah] for internment (sic).  Leaves a wife & 3 children.


PABLO ETTURIPE, age 20 yrs, died 8 Sept 1916 from rabie (sic) [rabies]. He was employed by the Donato Chanchez Sheep Co.  He died in the hospital at Soda Springs after being bitten by a rabie (sic) [rabid] dog. Buried?


JAMES LYNCH accidentally killed himself 18 Sept 1916 10 miles north of Soda. He was attempting to eject loaded shells from a large 45 Colts revolver, the weapon discharged. He was a Spanish War Veteran – leaves a wife and 5 children.


MRS. JOHN L. MASON of Alexander [Idaho] died 1 Oct 1916 at Soda Hospital. The body was taken to Heber [Heber City, Utah] for burial. She is survived by her husband and 6 children.


OLA GUTHRIE, sheepherder for Isaac Freeman, was found dead at his camp 20 miles north of Montpelier, 11 Oct 1916.  Burial?


MRS. MARGARET LOUISE FARREL TIPTON, wife of Henry Tipton, died at her home in Payson, Utah 10 Oct 1916.  Born in New York 4 July 1851. She moved to Missouri and was married to Henry Tipton at Forest City [Missouri] in 1870.  Moved to Salt Lake [Utah], later to Payson.  Four children survive:  Harvey S. Tipton, Payson, Paul Tipton, Soda Springs, Ida, Mrs. Mabel Goff, S.L. [Salt Lake] and Clarence Tipton. Interment in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake.


CHARLIE E. CAMPBELL MERRELL died 19 Oct 1916.  He was born 16 Nov 1890. Buried?


LEO LEGRAND FOWLER, son of Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Fowler of Williamsburg [Idaho] died 1 Nov. 1916 at the home of his aunt, Mrs. J. W. Wood of Williamsburg, Ida. Born 7 Jun 1914 at Price, Utah. Buried in Soda Springs Cemetery 3 Nov 1916.


E.J. TURNER died at San Diego, Calif. ? Nov. 1916.  Buried?


JOHN ORSON HEATH died 18 Nov 1916 at Pocatello [Idaho], a son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Heath of S. L. City [Salt Lake City, Utah]. Born 17 June 1859 in S.L. City, survived by wife & one child. Burial 20 Nov. 1916 in Pocatello Mountainview Cemetery.  Well known in Soda & Gray’s Lake.  Lon Heath is a brother.


“DOC” ALEXANDER WEST died at American Falls [Idaho] 26 Nov. 1916. He was an early day saloon keepers (sic).  Leaves a wife and one adopted child, & a mother.  Mrs. L. B. Smith, formerly of Soda and the mother of Mrs. J. L. Thiel is a sister t o Mr. West. “Doc” was well known in Soda.


GEORGE VOYLES, of Soda, died 29 Nov 1916 in the local hospital. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


MRS. NIELS P. LARSEN died at her home in Georgetown [Idaho] 1 Dec 1916, age 82 yrs, a native of Denmark. Came to America 1863 with her husband, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  1885 came to Georgetown.  Survived by a husband, two sons and three daughters.  Funeral at Georgetown 4 Dec 1916. She is the mother of Mrs. George Clifford of Soda Springs.


SAMUEL J. RICH died in Los Angeles [California] 8 Dec 1916.  Born in Centerville, Davis Co., Utah in 1860, a brother of the late Ben C. Rich. Educated in Bear Lake Co. survived by his widow, four sons, three daughters and an aged mother. Buried in Blackfoot [Idaho], his home.


MRS. CAROLINE M. KIMBALL, of Thatcher, Arizona, died 22 Dec 1916. She is a sister of

T. S. Williams of Pocatello [Idaho].  Mrs. Kimball was 75 yrs old. She was the oldest of the Williams family of ten children & T. S. Williams is the youngest.




THE 8 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kelly of Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] died 14 Jan 1917 with measles.


MRS. MARGARET M. PHILLIPS, formerly Mabel Waylett, died in Ogden, Utah 26 Jan 1917 was taken to Malad, Ida for burial. She was 42 yrs old. Leaves a husband & 2 children besides three sisters Mrs. Leah Gorton & Mrs. W. M. Davis & Mrs. B. D. Thomas.  One brother Noel B. Waylett. She was born in Malad in 1874.


THE INFANT DAUGHTER, MADGE, 4 ½ month old of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Ferguson died 27 Jan 1917 of pnumonia (sic).  Buried Fairview Cemetery.


LAVON, age 2 yrs one month, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. (Jack) A. Ferguson died 9 Feb 1917 from measles.  Buried Fairview Cemetery.


JOHN R. TAYLOR died 11 Feb 1917 at Soda Springs, age 34 yrs 7 months 8 days.  He leaves a wife & 5 small children besides an aged mother, three sisters & 5 brothers to mourn his loss. He was born in Clifton, Idaho. In 1907 he married Minnie Cornelison of Chesterfield, Ida. Burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda Springs.


ALBERT BEUS JR, 7 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Beus Sr. died 17 Feb 1917 with measles. Funeral 19 Feb 1917 from the home of L. P. Beus. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery.


OTTO RASMUSSEN of Thatcher, Ida died 19 Feb 1917 at Soda hospital.


WASHINGTON MCCLELLAN died 21 Feb 1917. He came to this country from England. He leaves a wife and ten children – Ray McClellan of McCammon [Idaho], Misses Janie, Lucy, Fannie, Verna, Thelma & Master Jesse who are at home;  Mrs. Henry Blaser of Pocatello [Idaho], Mrs. Chas. Davis of Twin Falls [Idaho] and Steele, a son, in Honolulu [Hawaii].  Buried Bancroft [Idaho]


MRS. FRANK W. LAWRENSON died 22 Feb 1917 at Lewiston, Ida.  Funeral at Downey [Idaho] 27 Feb 1917.  She was a sister to Mrs. James Chester of Henry [Idaho] & Mrs. Anna Thornton of Lago [Idaho].


MRS. JOE GUNNELL died 23 Feb 1917 at Wellsville [Utah].


AUDREY BUZZA, little son of Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Buzza, died 25 Feb 1917 at Bingham, Utah.


FRED BUZZA, age 3, died 1 March 1917, a son of R. J. Buzza. Both died of pneumonia.


VENDEL PAUL CORNIA, the 15 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. Enoch Cornia of Ivins [Idaho] died 25 March 1917 at Ivins. Interment in the Ivins Cemetery.


MRS. JOSEPHINE E. SHELP, age 73, died 26 March 1917 at her home on Colorado St. in Idaho Springs , Colo. Survived by one dau Mrs. Hiatt of Hilger, Mont. & two sons, Lee of Soda & Ernest of Bisbee, Arizona.  Buried in the City Cemetery at Idaho Springs, Colo.


NIELS JENSEN died at his home at Farr West [Utah] 7 April 1917.  He was born at Seland, Denmark 7 Dec 1840.  He was the son of Lars Jensen & Marin Peterson Jensen.   He came to Utah with his parents 1853.  21 April 1860 he married Johanna Sandling in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Funeral 9 April 1917 at Farr West, Utah; burial was at Cornish, Utah, 10 April 1917. He was 77 yrs old and survived by his widow & the following children:  M. F. Jensen, Alfred Jensen, Mrs. Emma Moore, Mrs. Tillie Horsley & Mrs. Ella Horsley of Soda, Mrs. Mary Bingham, Mrs. Olena Homer & Mrs. Clara Fife.


CHARLES OLSON, age about 60, whose home is thought to be Leadville, Colo. died in the Soda Springs hospital, 24 April 1917.  Member of Odd Fellows Lodge.


MARY ELIZA NELSON, wife of George G. Nelson, died 24 April 1917.  She was born at Franklin, Idaho 20 June 1866. age 51 yrs 9 mo. 24 days. She was the dau of Peter & Mary Ann Preece & was married to Geo. G. Nelson 9 Dec 1886. She leaves a husband & 10 children: George Angus, Emanuel, Ella, Veda, Blanche, Lee, Emma, Ivan, John & Virginia.  Funeral services held at Davisville 23 April 1917; burial.


FLORENCE RICH, 13 year old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Landon Rich, died May 2, 1917 at Soda Springs Hospital; funeral May 4, 1917; interment was at the Grace [Idaho] Cemetery.


J.M. PATTON died at Minidoka, Idaho 21 May 1917; buried in Pocatello [Idaho] 23 May 1917. He was a former resident of Soda Springs & known as Jim Patton.


LEVANT TISH, about 60 yrs old, was found dead alongside the road about 15 miles north of Soda Springs 30 May 1917. He had left Soda to take a job sheep herder (sic).  The body was brought back to Soda and buried 3 June 1917 at the expense of Bannock County.


MARY E. BASS, wife of Charles E. Bass of Burley, Idaho, died in Soda hospital 8 June 1917. Survived by her husband & 3 children:  Chas. E. Bass, Myrtle A. Kaggie & P. C. Bass & her father, Geo. W. Sharp & 8 sisters and 2 brothers.  Mrs. Bass was shipped to Burley for burial. She is a sister of Mrs. Harvey Higley, formerly a resident of Bailey Creek, near Soda.


OTTO B. HUBOLD died 9 June 1917 at Lava Hot Springs [Idaho]. Funeral 10 June 1917 under the direction of Bishop D. H. McLean.  He was born in 1887 at Ritteburg, Prussia. He served with the imperial army in China and Japan from 1901 to 1906. He married Miss Pauline Marie Hlavacek of Saxony, Germany & came to the U.S. 1908. He is survived by a wife & 2 children, age 6 & 2 yrs.


J. FRANK HUNT died 10 June 1917 at his ranch at Swan Lake [Idaho]. Buried?


MRS. NELLIE LOOMIS, age 34 yrs, wife of Ralph C. Loomis, died 27 June 1917 at Soda Springs. Survived by her husband, a 14 year old son, her father E. M Walters, and 3 brothers. Burial 1 July 1917 in Fairview Cemetery with a little babe in her arms.


RAYMOND MILLER, 9 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. George A. Miller of Gooding, Ida, died 30 June 1917 at Soda.  His body was shipped to Gooding for burial. The Millers were former residence (sic) of Bailey Creek south east of Soda.


MRS. THOMAS PHELPS died 31 June 1917 at their ranch home north of Soda.  Body was taken to Bancroft [Idaho] for burial 1 July 1917.


MICHEL ALCUYET died July 4, 1917 from injury received from a train accident while trying to board a freight train in Soda Springs.  He was about 40 yrs old, a native of France.


COL. H.V.A. FERGUSON died 19 July 1917 at Pocatello [Idaho], abt 65 yrs of age.  He was born at Three Mile Bay, New York, Feb. 19, 1822 of Scotch stock on his father’s side, and Holland (sic) on his mother’s side.  His wife died 20 yrs ago and buried in Pocatello [Idaho]. He never remarried.  A sister survives him; she lives in New York.


CHRISTIAN ANDREASON, age 56 yrs died 22 July 1917 in Soda Springs. Survived by one sister.  Body was shipped to Newton, Utah, 24 July for burial.


RAY G. CHENEY died 25 July 1917 at the Soda Springs hospital (from a weakened heart after surgery).  He was signal maintainer here for several years. He leaves a widow & 5 children.  Body was shipped to Grinell, Kansas for burial, his former home.


THE LITTLE DAUGHTER, LAVARNE (LAVERN) LOWE, of Mr.  & Mrs. Moroni Lowe of Grace [Idaho] died 29 July 1917 at Soda Springs Hospital from blood poisoning. Her father, Elder Lowe, was called home from his mission in N.Y.


DELWIN MCKAY HORSLEY, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Horsley, died 31 Aug 1917; funeral 1 Sept 1917.  Burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda along side his brother & sister. Grandma Jensen, mother of Mrs. Harry Horsley.


LYMAN HOWELL died 6 Oct 1917 at Soda hospital.  He was 47 yrs of age. Body was shipped to Burley, Ida.


MRS. JENNIE SKINNER ROMANS, wife of Thomas P. Romans of Wendell, Ida died 3 Nov 1917.  She was born 9 July 1885 at Liberty, Idaho. She was the daughter of Brigham H. & Lucy Skinner. Her father died several yrs ago and her mother married Herbert Horsley of Soda Springs in which city Jennie grew up. She was married to Thomas P. Romans 5 March 1903 & died at Montpelier [Idaho] 3 Nov 1917. She leaves a husband & a little son, a mother & a number of brothers and sisters. Funeral service 6 Nov 1917 at Soda.  Body was taken to Nounan, Ida 7 Nov 1917 and buried besides (sic) her father.


INFANT SON of Fred & Lydia Campbell died 15 Nov 1917 at Felt, Idaho.  Brought to Soda for burial. Mr. Campbell is a brother to Nellie Horsley & Grace Beus.


THE BABY of Charles & Stella Campbell died 8 Dec 1917 at Lava Hot Springs of inflamation (sic) of the bowels. Charles Campbell is the brother of Ray Campbell & Grace Beus.


A SON of Mr. & Mrs. Rennie Coppard died 22 Dec 1917. He died a few seconds after birth. Funeral 23 Dec.


WILLIAM BODY died in Soda Springs (abt 27 yrs old), Dec. 30, 1917. Funeral Dec. 31, 1917. Died from blood poisoning caused from burns he got while taking the place of Santa Claus at Eight Mile school.  Burial in Soda Springs.  A grandfather lives in Soda.


CLARENCE DAVIS, 24 yrs, son of Mr. & Mrs. William J. Davis died at the home of his parents at Davisville, Dec. 27, 1917.  Funeral 30 Dec; burial at the Davisville Cemetery. Born in Davisville 1893.





MRS. HAROLD SMITH died Jan. 2, 1918 in Soda Springs.  Funeral 4 Jan 1918. Burial in Soda Cemetery.


JOSEPH FRANCIS HICKEY “LITTLE JOE”, son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hickey died (from pneumonia) at the family home on Nob Hill (in Soda), 6 Jan 1918.  Funeral 8 Jan 1918, burial in Soda Cemetery. Born 20 Nov 1914 at Cohnnell, Washington [could be Connell]


G.G. PICKREN died at the home of his son, H. F. Pickren in Soda, 11 Jan 1918. George Gilson Pickren born at Plattsburg, N.Y. 31 May 1849. Funeral 12 Jan 1918. Remains were shipped to Bliss [Idaho] for burial in the Hagerman [Idaho] Cemetery.


MRS. MILLIE C. CAMPBELL, wife of W. E. Campbell, died in Pocatello, Idaho 19 Jan 1918, funeral 22 Jan 1918 at Soda.  Burial in Soda. Survived by husband, 2 sons, two daughters, seven sisters & 5 brothers.  She was a dau of Alice & Edward Campbell, the oldest daughter of a family of 16 brothers and sisters. 

     Millie C. Campbell was born in Soda Springs 25 April 1875. She married Carl Call of Chesterfield [Idaho] at the age of 25. To this union 2 children were born: Chapman (now deceased – died in the fire that killed her father) and Alta. A year and half after her father died in the fire, her mother passed away leaving 7 little children to be mothered by Millie.

     She moved to Pocatello [Idaho] and married W. E. Campbell. Later moved to Richfield, Ida. When she got sick wanted to go to Soda to Dr. Kackley, but became serious befor (sic) reaching Soda so was taken to the general hospital in Pocatello where she died 19 Jan 1918.

     Sisters & brothers are:

Chet Campbell                                                                      Charles Campbell

Bulah Campbell                                                                    Orr Campbell

Alva Campbell                                                                      Lois Taylor

Gertrude Young                                                                    race Beus

Jed Campbell                                                                         Nellie Horsley

Raymond Campbell                                                              Orpha Brown


JOHN KUNZ, SR of Bern, Ida died in Bern 16 Jan 1918. Born 7 Feb 1854 at Ct. Bern (sic) Switzerland.  Two sons, Wm. J & John Jr.  Buried?


MRS. SARAH GREEN, wife of Stephen Green, died in Pocatello [Idaho] 21 Feb 1918. Funeral 24 Feb in Soda Springs. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery. Survived by husband, 12 children; 8 girls 4 boys: Benjamin F. Green, W. L. Green, Mrs. Dave Pons, Mrs. Della Barnhill, Winnifred Green, Mercy Green, Charles Green, Mrs. Frank Craig, Mrs. Elva Johnson, Mrs. John Green, Mrs. J. A. Thorpe of Soda & Mrs. Roy Corrigan.


MARY GILLETT, wife of M. N. Gillett, died 6 March 1918, leaving husband, 2 small children, her parents, brothers & sisters.  Born in Woodruff [Utah] 4 Nov 1886.  Married M. N. Gillett in Logan [Utah], 18 Dec 1905.  Buried in Brigham City, Utah.  She is a sister to Mrs. Sam Gillet of Alexander [Idaho].


PERDETTE DEWITT, died 23 April 1918 at the home of her sister, Mrs. Pearl Thornton, in Kansas City, Kansas with whom she was visiting. She was born 20 Sept 1875. She married John N. Lock 27 Sept 1899.  He died in Soda Springs in 1903. 28 March 1910 she married Joe H. DeWitt who at that time was editor & owner of Soda Springs Chieftain, but now resides in Rupert, Idaho. Funeral & burial at Rupert 27 Apr.1918. Survivors: husband, a son, John F. Lock, one aged father, F. M. Merrell, Sr, of Chub Springs, Ida, following sisters and brothers: Mrs. Vara Riggs, Mrs. Pearl Thornton, Mrs. Mary Makin, F. M Merrell, Jr., Ed M. Merrell.


LILLIAN CHEIRRETT, 12 yr old dau. of Mr.  & Mrs. John Cheirrett, died at her home, Ten Mile Spring [Idaho], 4 May 1918.  Buried at Turner, Idaho.


MRS. G. W. WALTERS, formerly Mildred Alice Horsley, 22 yrs, died 27 Aug 1918 in Seattle, Washington (concussion of the brain).  Buried in Soda; funeral 2 Sept 1918.  Born 22 Oct 1896 in Soda Springs.  Married George W. Walters 6 Jun 1918.


ARTHUR PECK of Ivans (sic) ward [Ivins] [Idaho], died 6 Oct 1918. Funeral in the Ivans (sic) ward 9 Oct 1918. Mr. Pict (sic) [Peck] is a son-in-law to Mrs. Ellen Lund of Soda.


MRS. D. A. WOODALL received word of the death of her nephew, RAY DEWITT, of Logan, Utah, age 21, killed in killed in France 8 Oct 1918. He was a son of H. J. DeWitt & born in Logan.  He married Miss Isabel Olsen of Hyrum [Utah].  Buried?


JOHN BLACKBURN, son of George W. Blackburn, died in France (Oct 9, 1918 – accidental explosion – grenade


GIACOMO (JIMMY) ROLANDO died 22 Oct 1918.  He was born Pont Canavese, Govia, Italy, 19 July 1864.  Funeral 23 Oct.


INFANT DAU. of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Campbell died at their home 26 Oct 1918. Buried?


KENNETH WITEBECK BIGLER died 27 Oct 1918. Funeral 29 Oct 1918.  Leaves a wife & two children.  Burial in Fairview Cemetery.  Born in Nephi, Utah 28 Jul 1893, son of James Bigler & Maude Witebeck.  Married Violet Hopkins 10 June 1916, 2 sons Ronald & James Earl.


J. E. SIMMONS, age abt 35 of Eight Mile [Idaho] died 25 Oct 1918 [also shows 12 above the 25th] Leaves a wife and 7 children.  Buried Draper, Utah.


PRIVATE FRED J. CALL died 31 Oct 1918 somewhere in France of pneumonia. Born 9 Nov 1892, he was the youngest of ten children.  His mother died several years ago in Soda.


WILLIAM BELL, age 36, oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Neil S. Bell, died 4 Nov. 1918 at the home of his parents north of Soda Springs. Buried 5 Nov 1918 at Central, Idaho.


MRS. NEIL S. BELL died 6 Nov 1918 at her home north of Soda.


GROVER MEACHAM died at the Witzel Hotel in Soda 5 Nov 1918; was buried 6 Nov 1918. Where?  Leaves wife & 2 children.


HARRY F. COLLINS, age 34, son of Mrs. F. W. Collins, died 11 Nov 1918 in Soda Springs – buried in Pocatello [Idaho].  Born 27 May 1879 Lago, Idaho.  Survivors, Mother Mrs. F. W. Collins, 2 brothers, Lee and Arthur; 4 sisters: Mrs. Frank Ellis, Mrs. Edgar Andrus, Mrs. Emery Poulson, Mrs. Emil Gregoire.


ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, wife of Constable T. S. Williams, died 10 Nov 1918 in Pocatello [Idaho].  Buried in Soda Springs 12 Nov 1918.  Born in Salt Lake City [Utah] 62 yrs ago.  Survivors:  husband, 1 daughter, 5 sons, two sisters & two brothers.


                                Mrs. Ivy Anderson                                              Leland S. Williams

                                Warren S. Williams                                              George L. Williams

                                Jas. C. Williams                                                    Anassa W. Williams


                Sisters:  Mrs. O. J. Bell of Pocatello [Idaho] & Mrs. J. D. Woodall of Soda

                Brothers:  James Watson of Soda and A. R. Watson of Salt Lake [Utah]


LEONARD RHINEHART died 19 Nov 1918.  Came from North Carolina, survived by wife & 3 children. Buried where?


JOHN BLACKBURN died 9 Oct 1918 in service of U.S. Army.  Son of G. W. & Minnie O. Blackburn.  Buried?


CHRISTIANA LYNCH, age 25, 7 Nov 1918 near Meadowville [Idaho].  Funeral 9 Nov under direction of L.D.S. Church. Left 4 small children.  Her husband died 2 yrs ago.


MRS. MICHAEL KELLY died in Grand Isl. Neb. 22 Nov 1918. Buried in Salt Lake City [Utah].

Survivors:  husband, 2 dau. Mrs. P. L. Laying, Mrs. Ed Brody of Soda and a sister Mrs. P. Harrington.  Her husband use (sic) to be a section foreman in Soda & she ran the boarding house in the little red house by the railroad tracks in Soda along in the eighties.


THOMAS L. GLENN died in Montpelier [Idaho] 18 or 24 Nov 1918. He was the grandfather of Althea Caldwell of Soda.


MRS JOHN STOOR, SR. of Wayan, Idaho died 25 Nov 1918.  Buried in Soda Springs.


ROBERT J. CALDWELL, of Soda died 24 Nov 1918 at the family home, age 79.  Funeral 27 Nov 1918; burial in Fairview Cemetery in Soda.  Born 31 May 1839 at Crosby, Renfrewshar (sic), Scotland.  Married Hannah Thomas; 10 children.


RUSSELL S. WHITMAN, of Montpelier [Idaho] was killed 12 Dec 1918 in Des Moines, Iowa in a train accident.  He was born in Montpelier 9 Jan 1898 & would have been 21 yrs of age on the 9th of next mo.  He was a son of Mr. & Mrs. H. B. Whitman.  Survivors: parents, a brother Clyde & a sister Mrs. George Schoper,  [He was] a nephew of Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Whitman.


ELLIS I. STODDARD of Grace [Idaho] died 12 Dec 1918 at Soda Springs of acute appendicitis, age 8 days short of 40 yrs. Born 20 Dec 1878.  He married Miss Clara May Burton; dau of Frederick & Clara Burton, on the 22 day of Nov. 1898.  Funeral 15 Dec 1918  Where?  Survivors:  Elias Rufus, Frederick Geo., Melvin Leroy, Merlin Frank and Basil & wife.  Burial?


MAYLAN C. FOX, JR., 27, died 14 Dec 1918 in Salt Lake City [Utah]. He was managing a cattle ranch in Soda Springs. Survived by his wife, a 4 year old daughter and a 1 year old son, his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Maylan C. Fox of Soda, a brother Lawrence of Salt Lake City and a sister Mrs. Edson Adams of Calif.


On 17 Dec 1918, LELA CALDWELL, 18 month old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Caldwell of Lane Tree, Wyo, died at the Rock Springs hospital of spinal meningitis & pneumonia.  Body was brought to Soda Springs for burial.  While here to bury the baby, their 8 year old son, ROSCOE died of the same disease.  The body was buried in Soda Springs.  His death day would be abt 19 of Dec. 1918.


EDWIN STEPHAN WHITTIER died 26 Dec 1918 at Grub Gulch [Idaho], age 78.  Born in Cambridge, Vermont 2 July 1849.  In 1868 he was married to Mary Roth in Cheyenne, Wyo. Survived by a daughter Mrs. Ida C. Wood & 2 grandchildren, Mary & Elinor Wood.  Buried?





THOMAS G. FRAZER, a brother-in-law to James Bigler of Alexander [Idaho], died at his ranch home near Turner, Idaho 9 Jan 1919.  He was 54 yrs. old; leaves a wife and six children. Buried?


ANNA JANE WILLIAMS CLEGG, wife of Benjamin Clegg, died 18 Jan 1919 at Bench, Idaho. She was born in Montpelier, Idaho ? July 1863, a daughter of Robert & Harriett Williams. She married Benjamin Clegg in 1880 at the Logan Temple.  Survivors:  husband, sons: Benjamin Orsen, R. W., Joseph, D. W. & William Dale Clegg; one daughter Anna Luetta Clegg.  Funeral 20 Jan. 1919 at the home.  Brothers & sisters: Mrs. Millie Fullmer, Mrs. Mary Schvanariat, Mrs. Amy Perry, Mrs. Mandy Hubbard, R. H. and O.P., John and W. W. Williams.


Memorial services were held 2 Feb 1919 at the Presbyterian Church in Soda for JOHN BLACKBURN and FRED J. CALL.  (Both died in the war)


TWIN GIRLS of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Wood died 14 March 1919. They were born 14 March 1919. Burial?


RICHARD J. BUZZA, who was shot by Jimmy Stone 3 March, died 15 March 1919. Funeral 17 March 1919. Burial?  Cards of thanks signed by Mrs. R. J. Buzza, Mrs. T. B. Nardale & L. A. Sterling, husband, father & son.


EMILY M. MUNRO died 24 March 1919.  Born 9 June 1839, buried in the Cedar Cemetery 26 March 1919.  She was the mother of 8 children, 5 boys & 3 girls.


MRS. VIOLET F. CALL JENKINS or Mrs. Dave Jenkins, formerly Violet Call, died 25 March 1949 in Samaria, Idaho.  Buried in Fairview Cemetery.  She was born 29 June 1892 at Soda Springs, Idaho. Married David W. Jenkins 1 Jun 1914 in Soda.  Survivors:  Husband, father J. J. Call, six sisters & 2 brothers

Mrs. F. W. Christensen

Mrs. Abe C. Anderson

Mr. Charles f. Call

Mrs. J. H. Call

Mrs. F. J. Allen

Mrs. L. Westrom

Mrs. E. G. Harding

Her mother and one brother Fred J. Call preceeded (sic) her in death.


MRS WESTLEY (sic) DAVIS [Wesley] or Laura May Albiston Davis died at her ranch home in Davisville 31 March 1919; buried at Davisville [Idaho] 1 April 1919.  Born at Richmond, Utah 29 June 1886, a daughter of Joseph and Christina Albiston.  Survivors: husband and 3 small children, Ralph age 13, Ray age 11 and Wanda age 4.  She married (Charles) Wesley Davis, a son of William C. Davis 5 April 1905.  Her mother died in Utah when Laura was young. Her father moved to Davisville where he took a homestead. Laura went to live with Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Davis until she married their son Westley (sic) Her father, Joseph Albiston died at Soda 11 May 1906.  Brothers and sisters: Mrs. Lois Cooley, Mrs. Anna Brower, Ren Albiston, Aseph, Willie & Albert Albiston, Mrs. Lucy Skinner, a step-mother Adella Albiston.


W. EARL STILWELL died at “Tunnel” three miles west of Kemmer, (sic) Wyo. 4 April 1919. His wife and daughter were in the East at the time. His sister, Mrs. Minnie Barnard was with him to the last. She had the body shipped to Soda Springs for burial.  The funeral was 7 April 1919 at the home of Mrs. C. T. Woodall in Soda.  Burial in the Fairview Cemetery. He was born at Prescott, Wash., age 31. His mother, Mrs. Anna Stilwell, sister – Mrs. H. T. Eastridge and a brother were at the funeral.


GASTON LAKEY, died at his ranch home east of Soda 9 April 1919.  Born at Etna, North Carolina 14 Feb 1890, (29 yrs old), leaves 3 bro. Vance, Charles & Jesse & one sister, Mrs. J. E. Burchfield.  Buried in Soda 10 April.  Came to Soda 12 yrs ago.  He had just returned from a visit to N. Carolina when he got sick.


ROLAND B. REESE, age 44, died 11 April 1919 at his home north of Soda. Buried 13 April 1919 in Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


BERNICE LAKEY, 3 yrs old, dau of Gaston Lakey died, east of Soda 12 April 1919.  Buried 15 April in Soda.


LETTIE LAKEY, (1 yr. old) died in Soda or east of Soda 13 April 1919, dau of Gaston Lakey. Buried 15 April in Soda.  Buried in Fairview Cemetery.


SON OF DAVID DUBACK [or Dubock] of Wayan [Idaho] died 15 April 1919, Born 8 April 1919.


ALFRED TOLBERT of Grace [Idaho] died in Soda 20 [or 21] April 1919, age 32. Leaves a wife & 3 children.  Buried?


MRS. GASTON (ICY HALL) LAKEY, died 21 April 1919 at her home east of Soda.  Funeral 22 April & burial in Fairview Cemetery.  Icy Hall Lakey was born 5 Sept 1897 at Etna, N. Carolina.  Cards of thanks were signed by Lakey Brothers and Byron Hall.


MRS. MARY BAIRD, age 71 yrs. 7 mo. 22 days, of Eight Mile [Idaho] died 23 April 1919at her ranch home. She is a grandmother to Syliva (sic) Monroe. Born in Yorkshire, Eng. 31 Aug 1847.  Married John Baird 7 Nov 1867, leaves 4 children, 8 grandchildren. Funeral 25 April; burial Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


MRS. BUDD WEAVER, age 41 yrs, died 10 May 1919 in Long Beach, Calif. Buried in Salt Lake [Utah], leaves a husband, son Neal & daughter.


JEAN BIDONDO died 20 May 1919 at Soda Hospital; buried in Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. MARY E. RIGGS, wife of John Riggs, died 31 May 1919 at Alexander [Idaho]. Burial in Wellsville [Utah]; leaves husband & 6 children.


JOHN FEREBAUER died 23 Aug 1919 in Soda, leaving a wife and two sons & a sister Mrs. A. Hupery in Detroit, Mich.  He was born in Detroit, Mich. 42 yrs ago.  Came to Soda 21 yrs ago. He first worked in Old Caribou Mines, later he was engaged by A. J. Knolin (sic). He had worked at Gorton Supply store & Largillier (sic) Bank & organized the bank of Soda Springs. He married Louise Woodall, dau of Colonel & Mrs. C. T. Woodall in 1905. Children John age 9 and Robert age 6.  Funeral 25 Aug 1919 at Soda.


MRS. LEWIS, wife of W. M. Lewis died 27 Aug 1919 at her ranch home in Wayan, Idaho.


W. E. DONOHUE died 8 or 9 Sept. 1919 in Soda.  Funeral 11 Sept 1919; burial Fairview Cemetery.  Leaving a wife of Grace [Idaho], son (Edward) 8 yrs, William Donohue Sr., father of the late W, E. Donohue arrived from Mr. Pleasant, Mich.  Mrs. W. A. Thomas, a sister of Mrs. W. E. Donohue arrived from Washington to remain with her sister.  She was accompanied by her niece, Miss Katherine Koen of Prosser Washington.


MARY A. JENSEN SKINNER died in Soda Springs 25 Sept. 1919. She was born in Denmark 13 Dec. 1858. She married William H. Skinner of Soda Springs 18 Oct 1876. She had 15 children, 12 of whom survive her:

William J.                                               Woodruff

George J.                                                Heber J.

James H                                                 Miss Beatrice Skinner

John J.                                                    Mrs. Jane Ciddle

Smith J.                                                  Mrs. Christea Dewey

                                                                Mrs. Elain Newberry

                                                                Mrs. Gladys Jensen

Funeral 27 Sept. 1919 at Soda.


JENNIE AGNES COOK, age 17 yrs. 6 mo. & 4 days old, died 28 Sept. 1919 in Soda Hospital, a sister to Mrs. John New, whose husband is section foreman of Strachan [Idaho]. She was born in Steele City, Jefferson Co. Nebraska 24 March 1902. Parents live in Pocatello [Idaho] Survivors: father, mother, 2 sisters & 1 brother, all of whom reside in Idaho except one sister Mrs. R. M. Dickinson of Neb. And her bro. Mr. W. S. Cook.  Funeral 1 Oct 1919; burial Fairview in Soda Springs.


HENRY F. RINEHART died 29 Oct 1919 in Soda. He was born in Jackson County, Iowa in 1858, age 61 yrs.  Funeral 31 Oct 1919.  Survivors:  wife, children – John H. Rinehart, Mrs. Lucy Higley, Albert N., George W., Carl E., Fred W. Rinehart of Soda;  brothers & sisters: Mrs. J. H. Corwin, Mrs. J. Willger, George Rinehart, Dan Rinehart, John Rinehart, Albert Rinehart, William Rinehart.


MRS. FRED (ETTA) FORSYTH, died 8 Nov 1919 at Soda, age 37 (blood poison).  She was born in Chuck, Tenn. Survivors: Husband Fred Forsyth and 8 children, William, Glaze, Mrs. Bessie Jorgensen, Everett, Elmer, Violet, Ada and Frederick. Funeral 9 Nov 1919 (at Presbyterian Church), burial Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


ABNER TURNER, nephew of Mrs. H. R. Hansen died at Lago [Idaho] 13 Nov 1919.  Buried in Blackfoot [Idaho] Cemetery.


GUS JOHNSON, 23 yrs old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Eric Johnson of Lund [Idaho], committed suicide 19 Nov 1919.


MOSES MUIR died 19 Nov. 1919.  He was born in Bountiful, Utah 11 May 1852. At the age of 24 he married Mary V. Call and moved to Hatch [Idaho] and then to Chesterfield [Idaho].  Buried in Chesterfield. Leaves a wife & 7 children: Mrs. Chas. A. Higginson, Vasco Muir, Stephen Muir, Mrs. Cassia Lasley, Wm S. Muir, Mrs. Jared Bergstrom, Miss Lettie Muir.


MAX SPRAGE died in the Soda Hospital 5 Dec 1919.  Buried in the Fairview Cemetery (A stranger)


CHARLES H. WETZEL, age 78 yrs, died 13 Dec 1919 in Soda.  Charles Henry Wetzel was born in Lexington, Missouri 31 May 1842. He married Anna C. Williams 1889. Survived by his wife and one sister Mrs. Augustus Byron of Chicago & one niece Mrs. Carlysle of Berkley (sic) Calif. Funeral 15 Dec 1919.  Card of thanks signed Mrs. Charles Wetzel & E. J. Williams family.






MRS. LAVINIA N. KESLER, wife of Fred Kesler of Alexander, Idaho died Jan 8, 1920 at Soda, age 67.  Body shipped to Wellsville [Utah] for burial.


MRS JOHN KUNZ, JR. died at her home in Bern, Ida.7 Feb 1920.  Born 11 April 1873 in Switzerland.  Md. John Kunz Jr. 11 April 1894.  Mother of 12 children; 9 living.

Children of Mrs. John Kunz:

                                Mrs. Alvin N. Kunz                                             Delphin K.

                                Rhoda S.                                                                Denzil A.

                                Rulon S.                                                                 Dan Kunz [or Don]


Also 2 brothers & 2 sisters, Mrs. Wm. J. Kunz, Bp. Robert Schmid & August Schmid of Bern, Ida. Mrs. W. J. Thornton of Georgetown, Ida. Funeral 10 Feb 1920 at Montpelier. Buried?


LEO FAY (GILLETT) the grandson of Mrs. B. L. Thompson of Grace [Idaho] & son of Mr. & Mrs. Al Gillett of Meadowville [Idaho] died 9 Feb 1920. Burial in Grace Cemetery.


HARVEY W. GRAHAM died 9 Feb 1920 (Killed by James Sibbett, Jr.) near Wayan, Idaho, age 24 yrs. Burial Feb 12 1920 at Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


TWO YEAR OLD SON of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gillett died 9 Feb 1920 near Soda Springs (ranch home north of Soda) Services were 10 Feb 1920; body taken to Grace [Idaho] for burial.


MRS. CHAS. NANNEY, formerly Miss Pearl Rorke, died Feb 12 1920 at Pocatello [Idaho], age 38 Burial?


ELIZABETH M. WEGENER FALKENBERG, wife of Herman Falkenberg, age 22 yrs, died 12 Feb 1920 in Soda Springs.  Md. Mr. Falkenberg in 1915. Leaves husband and two children Hellen Elizabeth age 3 ½ and Hermona Alberta age 7 mo., her mother Maude Kelly and a brother William Wegener.  Funeral 14 Feb 1920.


MARY JANE BOLTON, dau of William Bolton and Mary Ann Moles Smith, was born in Bristol, Eng. 14 Nov 1848; died 28 Feb 1920. She was married to Henry Bolton at Williamsburg, N.Y. 11 Dec 1866. She was the mother of 11 children.  She is the mother of Walter Bolton of Soda.


JOHN J. WHITTIER died at Soda Springs 9 March 1920, 85 yrs old. He was Ed. C. Whittier’s father. Ed C. died two years ago.


LOUIS WESTROM died 11 March 1920 at the L.D.S. hospital in Salt Lake City [Utah]. He was born in Norway 10 June 1868. He married Annie Call 14 Jan 1895 at Soda Springs.  Five children were born to this couple 4 of whom are living.  Funeral 13 March 1920 at Pocatello [Idaho] Survivors:  his wife & 3 daughters, Mrs. Mabel Wade, Miss Lillie & Gladys Westrom and one son Louis Westrom. Burial?


KENNETH R. BEUS, age 2 yrs 8 mo. died 20 March 1920 at the home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rudith Beus at Soda.  Funeral 22 March 1920; burial in Fairview Cemetery at Soda.


F.M. MERRELL, SR. died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Vara Rigg (sic) at Copperopolis, Cal. 6 April 1920. Funeral 14 April 1920 at Soda Springs. Francis Marion Merrell was born at Des Moines, Iowa 18 Feb 1837.  He married Adeline Marvia at Panaca Nevada in 1872. From this union 6 children were born.  Mrs. Merrell, having had two children by a previous marriage.  Both were adopted by their foster father.  Of the two, one, Ed. M. Merrell of Pocatello [Idaho] and four of his won children survive him. They are: F. M. Merrell, Jr., Mrs. Pearl Thornton, Mrs. Mary Makin & Mrs. Vara Riggs.  He is also survived by his wife who resides in Oregon.  Two brothers and 2 half sisters are living: Joseph Merrell, John F. Merrell, Mrs. Sarah Brewerton & Mrs. Martha Parrish. He was the eldest of 12 children.


JOHN E. YOUNG died 10 April 1920 at Soda. He was born in Iowa 58 yrs ago. He married Hannah Campbell 24 Jan 1912 at Soda Springs.  Burial in Fairview Cemetery at Soda Springs.


CHARLES PERRY died 14 April 1920 at Pocatello [Idaho] (by taking morphine in jail).  He was the murderer of Pa t McNamara of Lava [Idaho].


A DAU OF MRS. HOMER BLACKBURN died 1 May 1920. Born 29 April 1920 at Soda.


FRANK D. JENNINGS & his wife, Ella Jennings, believed to be from Boise [Idaho], were murdered near Bancroft [Idaho] 27 May 1920 while camping 2 miles from Bancroft.


MONTANA ELIZABETH BOONE, 16 mo. old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Boone, 28 May 1920 at Soda Springs, Ida. Funeral 30 May 1920 at Soda. Bishop McLean in charge; grave dedicated by Geo. Wood.


ALONZO HEATH of Soda Springs died 16 June 1920, age 49 yrs.  Survivors:  wife, son Glenn & two brothers – Henry E. & Walter M. Heath; four sisters: Mrs. M. E. Hanks, Mrs. Ida Anderson, Mrs. Hattie Koope & Mrs. J. W. Thatcher.  Buried in Salt Lake City [Utah]


VIOLA CATHERINE STILES, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. B. Stiles, died 19 June 1920, age 11 mo. 11 days.  Funeral 20 June 1920; burial Fairview Cemetery – Soda


GEORGE W. BURCHFIELD, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Burchfield, died 20 June 1920, age 7 mo 20 days.  Funeral 22 June; buried Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


ABRAHAM VERHAM died 29 June 1920 at Ogden [Utah].  He was born in Holland 23 Aug 1856, a son of William & Marie Verham.  Survivors:  his widow & children, William Verham of Ogden, Henry Verham of Soda Springs, Abraham Verham  of Ogden, Mrs. Jacoba Mechin of Grace, Idaho, Mrs. Elsie Cornwell of Los Angeles [California], Jennie Verham of Ogden, Mrs. Hellegine Baeze of Holland.  Burial Ogden, Utah


JOSEPH BARNETT, of Malad, Ida died in Soda 1 July 1920, age 22 yrs. Burial in Malad.


SON OF MRS. R. J. BUZZA died 14 July 1920 at Green River, Utah, age 2 yrs. 4 mo.


MRS. L. P. BEUS died at her home in Soda, July 29, 1920. Mary Beus was born 17 June 1868 at Uinta, Utah.  She moved to Ogden, Utah & was married to L. P. Beus in the year 1883 (in Ogden) where they lived for 3 yrs. then moved to Soda Springs where she lived for 35 yrs. 13 children were born to this couple. 9 are still living; 4 having preceeded (sic) her in death. Children living: Edmond, Albert, Rudith, Wilburn, Leslie, Mrs. Iona Mikesell, Mrs. Molita Densley, Mrs. Emma Hildreth & Wanda Beus.


GEORGIA WAYLETT GORTON, only dau of Mr. & Mrs. George Gorton, died Aug. 28 1920 at Soda, age 1 yr. 9 mo. Funeral 30 Aug 1920


MRS. ISAAC VIAS of Wayan, Idaho, died 16 Sept 1920 in Soda Springs. She was born in Finland Jan. 28 1874. Md. [married) Isaac Vias 1901. Several children were born to this union, but only three sons survive:  Oscar, Roy & Alfred; one brother, Abe Soderman. Funeral in Soda 19 Sept 1920. 


MRS. CHARLES (CHARLES) HAVERCOST, died 7 Nov 1920 at Soda Springs. She leaves a husband & 5 children.  Buried in Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] on the 9 Nov 1920. Loretta Bayre Havercost was the oldest daughter of Mrs. Merrick. She was born at Oxford, Ida. 27 Jan 1883, making her 37 yrs. 9 mo. 20 days.  Mr. Havercost & family sometimes go by the name of his step-father (Vanza). The children: Mrs. Edna Goss, Harold, Lida & Ida – twin girls, and Orval, her mother, step-father & several brothers & sisters.


EARL D. GILLETT, infant son of Mr.& Mrs. Earl Gillett of Meadowville [Idaho], died 2 Dec 1920,  Would have been 5 weeks old on the third of Dec. Burial in Grace, Idaho


MRS. EPHRAIM J. SNIDER, wife of Bishop Snider of Gray’s Lake, died 12 Dec 1920.  Survived by husband & 8 children.  Funeral at Gray Ward meeting house 15 Dec 1920





CLARA JENSEN FIFE died 10 Jan 1921 at Logan, Utah. She is the dau of Niels Jensen & Johanna Sandling Jensen.  She married Joseph A. Fife of Ogden or Trenton, Utah 21 Oct 1896. She was born at Logan, Utah 1 Aug 1875. Survivors: husband & 8 children and an aged mother, five sisters & two brothers, N. F. Jensen & Alfred Jensen, Mrs. James Moore of Soda Springs, Mrs. B. F. Bingham, Mrs. James Horsley & Mrs. Harry Horsley, Mrs. Joshua Horner. Funeral a Trenton, Utah 14 Jan 1921


The body of FRED CALL, who died in France 31 Oct 1918, will arrive between the first & 15 of Feb. 1921. Fred was a member of the111th infantry & contracted pneumonia while in the trenches on the Argone (sic) Forest.


MARY J. WOOD, age 76, died at the home of her son, Charles Wood of Bailey Creek [Idaho] 29 Jan 1921


A SON of Mr. & Mrs. Ted Holbrook of Soda died 31 Jan 1921; born 31 Jan 1921. Funeral 2 Feb 1921.


MRS. NIEL (sic) (NEIL) BELL, JR., of Central, Idaho died in Soda Springs Hospital 26 March 1921, age 28 yrs.  Survived by husband & 3 children.  Funeral 18 March 1921 at Central; buried in Central.


MR. I. W. NANEY (sic) died at his home in Pocatello [Idaho] April 3. 1921, age 79 yrs.  Mrs. George Albright is a dau of Mrs. Naney (sic). Funeral at Pocatello, April 5.


MRS W. W. (ARMINTA SHARP) PACKER of Meadowville [Idaho] died at her home at that place 17 April 1921. She was the wife of W. W. Packer.  Survived by husband and four children. Funeral at Meadowville 19 April; burial at Preston [Idaho].  Mrs. Packer was born 8 Dec 1877 at Preston, Idaho, a dau of Joseph & Rebecka Sharp, of Whitney, Ida.  Md. Walter Packer 4 Nov 1897.


MRS. LEO FOWLER died at the Soda Springs hospital 3 May 1921.  Marion Biorn was born 6 April 1890. She md. Leo Fowler 4 Oct 1910. Survived by husband and one small daughter, 4 sisters, Mrs. Frank Woods Mrs. Wood Skinner, Mrs. Joe Woods & 2 brothers, Dave Biorn and Paul Biorn.  Funeral 5 May in Soda; burial Fairview Cemetery at Soda.


MILLARD GILBERT of Gray, Idaho [Grays Lake] died at the Soda Springs hospital 14 May 1921.


GEORGE HARRISON died 27 May 1921 at his home in Soda. He was born at Hyde Park, Cache, Utah 16 Sept 1866. He was the eighth of eleven children. At the age of 21 he married Annie Neeser of Oxford, Ida. To them 5 children were born.  Survivors:  two brothers, his widow, one son, George Harrison of Soda & two daughters Mrs. Frank Smith & Mrs. W. H. Cox. Funeral 29 May 1921. Interment in the Odd Fellows plot at the Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


PVT. FRED J. CALL was born 9 Nov 1894 at Soda Springs. He died at Toul (sic) France 28 Oct 1918 from pneumonia.  His body arrived in Soda 23 May 1921 & was buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda the 30 May 1921 (Memorial Day).  Son of James J. Call.


CHARLES E. RUDD died at his home in China Hat, Ida. 11 June 1921.  Born in Sweden 22 June 1860.  Survived by wife & five daughters & by his mother & three brothers. The two brothers O. C. Rudd & A. A. Rudd.  The body accompanied by Mrs. Rudd and Ruben, an adopted son, and A. A. Rudd was taken to Nebraska for burial.


MRS. LAURA SMITH died 24 June 1921 at Pendleton, Oregon, age 51 yrs. She was born at Barkersburg, W. Va., a dau of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Sutherland.  Survived by two children: Mrs. A. E. Janis & Mrs. Jesse Lothair


GEORGE VAN of Henry, Ida died at Soda Springs hospital 15 July 1921.  Buried 17 July at the Fairview Cemetery in Soda.  He was a Spanish-American War veteran.


JOSEPH L. BURCHFIELD died at the Soda Springs Hospital 1 Aug. 1921, age 53.  Born 12 Feb 1870, N. C. Survived by wife & 6 children; funeral 2 Aug 1921; burial Fairview Cemetery.  One dau. Mrs. W. S. Hildreth.


ROLIS B. PERNELL died 11 Aug 1921 at the Soda hospital.  Body was taken to Iowa for burial.


THOMAS S. WILLIAMS died at Pocatello [Idaho] 12 Aug 1921.  Funeral 14 Aug 1921; burial Fairview Cemetery.  He was born in Salt Lake City [Utah] in 1855.  He married Lizzie Watson in Soda.  Mrs. Williams died 11 Nov 1918.  He is survived by a dau. Mrs. Ivy Anderson & 5 sons: Watness Williams, J. C. Williams, M. W. Williams, Leland S. Williams & C. L. Williams. He was an uncle to Mrs. L. C. Eastman & Mrs. J. D Woodall.


ROBERT HARRISON of Bancroft [Idaho] died at Soda Hospital 25 Aug 1921.  Body was taken to Bancroft for burial.  Leaves 7 children.


MRS. HANNAH RHINEHART died 27 Aug 1921 at Soda Springs.  Mrs. Rhinehart was born 25 Feb 1861 at Provo, Utah. Md. Mr. Rhinehart 1884.  Mr. Rhinehart died Oct 1919.  Survived by 7 sons 1 dau.  Funeral 30 Sept 1921; burial Fairview Cemetery.


HENRY K. THATCHER died 27 Sept 1921 at Soda Hospital, age 43.  Survived by wife & 4 children.  Funeral in Thatcher, Ida 30 Sept 1921


JAMES CARROLL died 28 Sept 1921 at Soda Hospital.  Funeral 29 Sept 1921; burial Fairview Cemetery.


THOMAS F. SHEETZ died 28 Sept 1921 at China Hat [Idaho], near Soda.  He was born in West Virginia 19 January 1854.  Survived by wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters.  Funeral 1 Oct 1921 at Soda [buried in Fairview Cemetery is very faint – may have been erased]


KENNETH EUGENE MARRIOTT died 4 Nov 1921 at Soda Springs Hospital.  He was born in Soda Springs 18 May 1896, second son of Mr. & Mrs. L. S. Marriott. On 15 Feb 1918 he married Helen Groening at S. L.C. [Salt Lake City] Utah. One son Merle Eugene was born 7 Jul 1921.  Survivors: wife & one son, father & mother and 5 brothers: Loren, Chester, Leonard, Frederick Winfield, Melbourne & Ralph Marriott; one sister, Alberta Marriott.  Buried 6 Nov in Mound Cemetery.


MRS. ALEXANDERINE MCLEAN SNELL, widow of Bishop Geo. D. Snell, died 16 Nov 1921.  Funeral 18 Nov 1921; buried at Spanish Fork [Utah]. Mrs. Snell was the mother of our attorney, N. E. Snell of Soda Springs.


EMMA LORETTA NELSON BLACKBURN, age 22, died 25 Nov 1921 at the home of Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Blackburn of Soda Springs.  She was born in Soda Springs, Ida 9 Nov 1897.  She married M. M. Blackburn 10 Sept 1918 at Pocatello[Idaho] Survivors: husband, one son age 2 yrs. 5 mo. her father George G. Nelson of Davisville [Idaho]; 4 sisters and 5 brothers: Mrs. Thomas Cobble, Mrs. J. C. West, Mrs. C. L. Forman & Miss Virginia Nelson; Mr. Geo A.  Nelson, Emamel & Lee W. Nelson, Ivan & John Q Nelson.  Funeral 27 Nov 1921; burial Fairview Cemetery.


FRANK LUSHER died ? Dec 1921. Burial?  Funeral 28 Dec 1921. He was born in Chittenden Co. Vermont 7 April 1834.





From a partial obituary clipping from the Soda Springs Chieftain (date shown as Feb 9, 1922)




                                     Was last Thursday afternoon about 1:30 that the sad new (sic)

                                spreaded (sic) about town of the shooting and death of little

Ellis Beus. 

                                     Elwin and Ellis were playing in one of the off rooms with a

410 shotgun in which there were no shells, the boys finding some

place in the house a 30-30 rifle cartridge and putting in the shotgun

was in some manner exploded, the charge striking Ellis in the right

eye. The bullet being so much smaller than the chamber caused

the shell to burst, this stopping the speed of the bullet so that it only

had power enough to reach a vital spot in the boys head. The boy

was in a dying condition when medical attention arrived and was

dead one hour later.

     Ellis Keackley Beus was born June 27, 1917, died February 2,

1922, being 4 years, 7 months old. Ellis was a twin brother of

Elwin and were the babies of Mrs. and Mrs. Edwin Beus, who

Resides (sic) one mile east of town

     Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock

From the L.D.S. church, as the little white form entered [Unable to

read balance of obituary.]



MARJORY CAMPBELL died 22 Feb 1922 at Soda Springs.  She was the dau of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Campbell.  Born 6 Aug 1921; buried in Lava Hot Springs [Idaho].


ELDEN LEROY MOORE, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. A. F. Moore died 27 Feb 1922; funeral 2 March 1922.


STEWART MINGO of Grace [Idaho] was killed at Los Angeles (Calif.) 11 March 1922. Body was brought home for burial 14 March 1922 at Grace.


REV. J. C. F. DILLIN, minister of Presbyterian church of Bancroft [Idaho] died 13 March 1922.


THE SIX MONTH OLD BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Gunnell died 13 March 1922; burial 14 March 1922.


MR. WILLIAM A. ANDERSON died 15 March 1922 at his home in Soda, age 60 yrs old. He was the son of Dr. Wm. H. & Mary A. Anderson, born at Willowville, Utah 26 Sept 1862. He married Ida Ellen McCammon of Willard, Utah 24 Dec 1885. 9 children were born to this union.  He leaves to mourn his death:  Mrs. M. E. Corrigan, Robert S. Anderson, Myrtle M. Vance, Mrs. Mary Stoddard, Mrs. Alice Bush, Wm. A. Anderson, Allen J. Anderson.  


The 11 months old baby – BILLY – WILLIAM D. WOODALL – of Mr. & Mrs. James A. Woodall died 16 March 1922.


A BABY BOY of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Daniels died March 1922.


MRS. WILLIAM HOPKINS died 6 April 1922 at Soda.


MRS. PERCY GORTON, wife of Henry C. Gorton, died 9 April 1922.  She was born at Draper, Utah 22 Sept 1880; burial 12 April 1922. She was the dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. Wm. Terry. Priscilla Adeal Terry was born at Draper, Utah 22 Sept 1880. She md.Henry Clay Gorton 27 Aug 1902. She leaves a husband, a father & mother, seven sisters & five brothers. Burial Mound Cemetery.


THE 4 YEAR OLD DAU of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Hamp died 6 May 1922, funeral 8 May 1922.


THOMAS COLLETT died 18 May 1922 at Burley, Idaho, age 54. Body brought to Soda Springs for burial.  He is a son-in-law to Mr. & Mrs. Neils Anderson. Leaves wife, 4 sons & 4 daughters; several bro. & sisters.


INFANT DAU of Mr. & Mrs. Wm Tremeling died 20 May 1922; funeral 22 May 1922.


BABY OF MR. & MRS. EARL GILLETT died 20 May 922; born 20 May 1922; buried in Grace [Idaho]


JAMES SIBBETT, JR. of Grays Lake [Idaho] died 22 May 1922 of Soda Springs; buried in

Grays Lake. (Parents are James Sibbett, Sr. & Almeda Simmons Sibbett)


EDWIN PERRY of Cokeville (Wyo.) died 7 June 1922 at Soda hospital; buried in Cokeville.


JAMES “POP” SIBBETT, SR. of Grays Lake [Idaho] died at Soda Springs 22 June 1922, age 70. He was born in Franklin Co. Pa. 22 June 1852. He married Almeda Simmons in 1871.  To this union 12 children were born, 7 boys 5 girls.  Survivors:  His wife Mrs. Almeda Sibbett and eight children:

                Mrs. Geo. A. Lincoln – Twin Falls [Idaho]

                Mrs. Bill Rose – Ogden [Utah]

                Mrs. Bertha Rowberry – Twin Falls [Idaho]

                Mrs. Della Corbet of Gray, Ida [Grays Lake]

                Mrs. Della (sic) Wakeman – Gray [Idaho]

                Hugh Sibbett of Gray [Idaho]

                Sam Sibbett – Wayan [Idaho]

                Earl Sibbett – Gray [Idaho]



JOSHUA JAMES CALL died 28 July 1922 at Pocatello [Idaho] at the home of his dau. Mrs. F. A. Allen.  He was born in Ohio 75 yrs ago, 25 Jan 1847. He married Miss Rose Louise Atkinson, 23 Dec 1872 at Soda Springs, a girl of English dessent (sic). Eight of the ten children born to them are living:

                Mrs. E. H. Harding                                               Mr. James H. Call

                Mrs. E. G. Norton                                                 Charles F. Call

                Mrs. F. A. Allen

                Mrs. Charles Nanney

                Mrs. A. C. Anderson

                Mrs. F. W. Christensen

Violet Jenkins & Fred Call died before & are buried in the Fairview Cemetery.  A sister Mrs. James Cook of Calif. 1 bro. John S. Call. Funeral 29 July 1922; buried in Fairview Cemetery.


MABEL STOOR, dau of Mr. & Mrs. John Stoor, Jr. age 12 yrs, 11 mo. and 10 days, died 24 Aug Soda.  Funeral 26 Aug.


MRS LAURA M. (MAUDE EATON) TAYLOR, wife of LeRoy Taylor died 30 Aug 1922 eight miles from Soda at her home. Born 23 Dec 1890, she married LeRoy Taylor 29 Dec 1912.  Funeral 31 Aug 1922; buried in Dails (sic) [probably Dalles], Oregon. She was born 32 yrs ago near Dalles, Oregon.  Survived by a mother, Mrs. M. G. Eaton, two sisters, Mrs. Pearl Wirthmate & Mrs. Fred Christen and brother, Walter Easton in Oregon.


MRS. JAMES F. WOODALL died 30 Aug 1922.  Funeral 1 Sept 1922. Vella Grace Davis Woodall was born at Malad, Idaho 10 Sept 1887. She married James F. Woodall 29 Jan 1907. Five children were born to them: James Franklin, Virginia Priscilla, Henry Gorton Woodall, Edith Louise and William Demas Woodall.  Buried in the Mound Cemetery.


SARAH CASSIE MOORE, wife of CLINTON PIAR died 5 Sept 1922 at Soda. She was born 29 June 1891 in Soda Springs. She married Clinton Piar 29 July 1911 at the age of 20. Funeral 8 Sept 1922; survived by husband, parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Moore, & sisters, Mrs. Viola Lauritson & Mrs. Jessie McConkie.


9 MO. OLD BABY OF Mr. & Mrs. Wilford Anderson died at Alexander, Idaho 23 Sept 1922.


MRS. AMANDA STONE, age 70 yrs & 5 mo. died 18 Oct 1922; funeral 20 Oct 1922.  Survivors Mrs. Sam Gagon, Ida L. Stone, Mrs. H. W. Kissler. Md. Henry P. Stone.


MRS. ALBERT EATON of Bancroft [Idaho], age 48 yrs, died in Soda 18 Oct 1922; survived by husband & daughter & one son, Lt. Roy Eaton in the U S army (sic).


4 BODIES removed from Davisville graveyard: Mrs. Wesley Davis & infant son who died 1909 were shipped to Richmond, Utah for re-interment.  Two small children of Thomas Gunnell were shipped to Wellsville [Utah].


MRS. CHARLES W. HAVERCOST died 24 Nov 1922, age abt 28 yrs.  Leaves 2 children, a boy age 20 months & a girl 7 yrs old besides her husband, mother, sisters & brother to mourn her loss. Body was taken to Iowa for burial.





SIMON DIKE died Jan. 1923 at Soda Springs.  Born at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois 3 Jun 1845. He married Martha E. Davis, sister of W. C. Davis. Survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. F. A. Moore.  Funeral 9 Jan 1923.


THE INFANT CHILD OF Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Bell of Grays Lake [Idaho] died in Soda 11 Jan 1923


MRS. MODESTA JOSEFA LEONA  ZABALA [or Zovola] died 11 January 1923 at her ranch home near Soda, age abt 42 yrs. Survived by a husband, and one adopted daughter. Funeral 14 Jan 1923; interment in the city cemetery.


ROBERT GORDON died Jan 1923, funeral 22 Jan 1923 at St. Charles [Idaho]; buried at St. Charles Cemetery.


ALBERT KNOLLIN, son of A.J. Knollin was instantly killed at Bethal, Kansas, near Kansas City, Sunday 10 Feb 1923.  He was born in Chicago [Illinois] 22 yrs ago. Survived by his father & mother and brothers, Jam (sic) Knollin of Los Angeles and Loyal G. Knollin of Omaha, Neb. and a sister, Mabel Knollin.


BABY OF MR. & MRS. ARTHUR J. BELL died 12 ? Feb 1923 in Soda.  Burial will be 15 Feb 1923. Mrs. Bell is the dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Madsen


THE TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Jensen of Grace [Idaho] died13 Feb 1923 at the Soda Hospital.  Remains taken to Grace for burial.


Taken from the Herald, May 1885 and reprinted in the Soda Springs Chieftain10 March 1923.


     E. J. Williams, operator of the hotel was shot by 11 yr old son of

J. W. Baker.  Williams & Baker were quarrelling in the G. W. Gorton

Saloon and Bakers son got a revolver & shot Williams through the heart.


THE THREE YEAR OLD DAU of Mr. & Mrs. I. J. Densley, now a resident of Riverton, Utah, died 28 March 1923 (scalded)


ELLEN NORMA DAVIS, the 15 months old baby of Mr. & Mrs. Roy [or Ray] Davis of Davisville [Idaho] died 6 April 1923, age 1 yr 3 mo. 11 days.


C. W. GRAY died 18 April 1923 at Long Beach, Calif. while on a winter vacation. He is an uncle of Jack Minty.


MRS. JAMES PURDIE died 8 May 1923 at Pocatello [Idaho]. She is the oldest sister of the Lallatins (Chris & Joe). She is survived by her husband James Purdie, 4 daughters, Delma and her son, Robert.  Funeral 12 May 1923 at Pocatello, age 54 yrs


JAMES PINKNEY “PINKEY” YORK, age 65 yrs 2 mo. died 9 May 1923 at Blackfoot, Idaho. [Originally showed 63 or 68 yrs, and then corrected it].  Buried in Fairview Cemetery 12 May in Soda Springs. Leaves 3 brothers: one brother Bryce lives in Blackfoot, Ida, another in Morgantown, N. Carolina and one in Virginia.  He was born in N. Carolina.


INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. O. H. Brown died 10 May 1923.  He was born 22 April 1923. Funeral 12 May 1923. He was O.H. Jr.


HYRUM S. CHERRY died 13 May 1923. He was born in Utah 1856.  Survived by wife and 2 daughters: Mrs. Archbald (sic) and Mrs. Jack Gibbs & two sons Hale and Ted Cherry. Buried in the Grove City [Idaho] Cemetery.


DAVE E. BUTTERFIELD of Chesterfield, Ida died 17 May 1923 at Soda Springs hospital.  Survived by a wife and seven children.


THE TWO MONTH OLD SON, DELL, of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gillette of Conda [Idaho] died 6 Nov 1923.  Buried at Grace [Idaho]


HYRUM MILES, oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Dave Miles of Grace [Idaho] died 24 Nov 1923 at Soda Hospital.  Survives (sic) by a wife & two small children.


HERCHEL HITCHCOCK, a native of Vermon (sic), age abt 25 yrs, was murdered by James Murphy near Alexander, Ida.  Son of W. E. Hitchcock of Barre, Vermont. Funeral in Soda from Whitman Undertaking Parlor.  Burial?  [Note:  no date was shown on this death notice – See below]


HERCHEL HITCHCOCK was murdered at Alexander [Idaho] 5 Dec 1923 by James Murphy.  Hitchcock was a native of Vermont. His wife, Mrs. Clara Hitchcock & one child, 3 brothers survive. Body was buried here in Soda


SAM COWELL of Soda died 25 Dec 1923 at Soda hospital, a bachelor.  The body is being held in the Whitman Undertaking Parlor awaiting the arrival of a brother from Oklahoma.





MRS. JACK KUNZ died 6 March 1924 at Soda Springs. Survivors: husband & one daughter, Velma. Burial in Montpelier [Idaho].


MARVEL MILLWARD, 14 yr old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Millward of Chesterfield [Idaho] died 1 April 1924.


MRS. JOHN VANZA of Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] died at her home 29 March 1924. She is the mother of C. W. Havercost of Soda.


ELMER GREEN of Grace [Idaho] died in Soda week of 10 April 1924. He leaves a wife & family.


WM. HARKNESS was shot – murdered- 1 May 1924 at Alexander [Idaho]. He was brought to the hospital in Soda where he died that night. The body of Wm. Harkness was buried by the county here in Soda.


DOUGLAS BALLS, son of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Balls died in Soda 4 May 1924. He was born in Soda Springs 4 Jan 1910.  Buried 5 May 1924 in Soda.


MARION HAYES of Grace [Idaho] died 10 May 1924 in a farm accident. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Hayes, age 16 yrs. He was a student at Grace High school & was a freshman in school.


MELVIN P. BANKS, 20 year old son of D. A. Banks of Ivans (sic) [Ivins] ward, near Alexander [Idaho], died 13 May 1924 at the Soda Hospital. Buried in Spanish Fork, Utah.


MRS. JOE BLACKBURN died 13 May 1924.  Amy Elizabeth Newman Blackburn was born at Ottumwa, Iowa 1 Oct 1887, age 36 yrs 7 mo. 13 days.  Md. Joseph F. Blackburn 23 Dec 1908. Six children born to them.  Survivors:  husband & five children, Ethel, Walter, Helen, Nelda & Alice, a father, mother & 2 brothers.  Ruth a dau died 16 April 1918.  Those signing card of thanks: Joe F. Blackburn & family, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Newman, Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Blackburn.


FRED CRANNEY LALLATIN, JR. of Star Valley [Wyoming] died 14 May 1924. Funeral 16 May 1924 at Afton, Wyo.  He was born 7 Sept 1903 at Bedford, Wyo, age 20.  Father was Fred C. Lallatin & mother Emma C. Lallatin, buried in Afton, Wyo. Survivors: mother, Emma C., sister Mrs. Lester Coy, Mrs. Carl Haderlie, Florence, Allie Rosina, & Loretta, Bro. Anthon, Frank & Duane.


MRS. KOVENE, 26 yrs old, & three little sons, age 4, 6 & 8 yrs were burned to death at Georgetown [Idaho], 24 May 1924.  One little girl found alive.


HARVEY HUSTEAD, 21 yr old son of Mr.  & Mrs. Jess Hustead died at the Enders Hotel, 16 June 1924.  The body was taken to Buhl [Idaho] for burial.


DARRELL FLYNN NICHOLS, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Nichols died 16 June 1924 at Soda. Funeral 17 June; burial in Soda.


ANNIE MABLE WILSON, age 15 yrs, daughter of Dr. Wilson, died at the home of her father near Henry, Idaho, 21 June 1924. Funeral held 23 June 1924. Burial made at the ranch, near Henry.


GRAVES TRANSFERRED – The bodies of Captain H. Johnny Grant who died in 1862, Mary Anderson who died 1862 & the ten year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Dorset who died in 1875 were removed from their resting place near Steamboat Springs [Idaho] on Bear River to Soda Springs Cemetery 2 July 1924 [Note from Mrs. Gunnell – “There is more to the article in the paper (get a copy)].


CARL WILSON was fatally injured 3 July 1924 by falling from the top of the dam at Alexander [Idaho] to the bottom, about 100 feet. He was rushed to Soda hospital, but died that evening. His mother & other relatives live in Buhl [Idaho]. Mrs. M. D. Skinner, a sister from Montpelier [Idaho] accompanied the body to Buhle (sic) for burial.


MRS. R. J. HARLEY & infant son died 26 July 1924 at Soda Springs. She was born in Kingman, Kansas 5 Sept 1897. Funeral services were held in Soda 28 July 1924. Burial? Survivors: husband R. J. Harley & children of Denver, Colo.


THE INFANT OF Mr. & Mrs. Roy [or Ray] Larkin died 30 July 1924.


MR. J. C. TAYLOR, age 56, of Rock Springs, Wyo. died 31 July 1924 at Soda Hospital. Leaves wife & 2 sons, Jack & Chester.  Burial ? Born in the state of Washington.  Burial services were held at the Whitman Undertaker Parlor.


JAMES D. MORGAN, died at his home in Blackfoot [Idaho] 31 July 1924. He was born in Clover, Utah 40 yrs ago. Leaves 4 daughters, one son & 2 brothers. Interment in Blackfoot Cemetery.


GRANT MUIR, 16 yr old Chesterfield [Idaho] boy, died 3 Aug 1924 in the Soda Hospital after a fall from a (sic) automobile.


MRS. H. HALVERSON died 19 Aug 1924 at Grace? [Idaho]. Leaves a husband and one daughter.  Body shipped to Salt Lake [Utah] for burial.


BARNARD OLANDER of Osdick, Calif. died in Soda Springs, Ida. 3 Sept 1924 from cancer. He was a native of Sweden. He was 60 yrs. 11 mo. 22 days old.  He leaves a wife & 7 children. Funeral from the Whitman Undertaking Parlor; burial Soda Mound Cemetery.


MARJORIE “MARGEY” EVANS HENDRICKSON, 14 mo. old dau of Mr.  & Mrs. L. P. “Peter” Hendrickson of Soda was drowned 11 Sept 1924. Body was taken to Newton, Utah for burial 14 Sept 1924,


MRS. JOHANNA JENSEN, 88 yrs, 8 mo. 22 days old, died 5 Oct 1924 at the home of her youngest dau, Mrs. Ella J. Horsley in this city. She was born in Dolby, Sweden 13 Jan 1836, a dau of O. P & Carrie Sandberg. She was the mother of nine children; seven are living. They are: N. F. Jensen, Mrs. Emma Moore of Soda, Mrs. Mary Bingham, Mrs. Matilda (Mrs. James) J. Horsley, Mrs. Olena J. Homer, Alfred Jensen and Mrs. Ella Horsley of Soda. 2 children preceeded (sic) her in death. Mrs. Clara Fife & Louis Jensen. Funeral held in Cornish, Utah 8 Oct 1924 and burial made there beside her husband who died in April 1917. She married Neils Jensen 21 April 1860.


THE LITTLE DAU, age 3 yrs, of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Sibbett of Gray’s Lake [Idaho] died 15 Oct 1904 (from twenty yrs ago colom (sic))


MRS. ELLEN E. WOODALL, wife of Christopher T. Woodall, Sr. died 20 Oct 1924. She was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. M. Doyle born in Missouri 7 Oct 1855. 69 years ago in Marys County. She moved with her parents to St. Clair Co.  Mo. where she married Christopher J. Woodall in 1876. She & her husband came west 1882 in an emmigrant (sic) wagon. 

     The first 6 yrs of their life were spent on a ranch north of town [Soda]. Then they purchased the Stock Exchange Hotel & for 18 yrs she was hotel matron. Then they were management of the Idanha summer hotel.

     Survivors: husband & seven children:

                Mrs. Minnie Barnard                                                           Mrs. Joseph Gulick

Deamas A. Woodall                                                            William H. Woodall

James F. Woodall                                                                 John Wallace Woodall

                Christopher T. Woodall, Jr.

Two brothers & Two sisters also survive her. Funeral 23 Oct 1924.


LEO, 6 yr old son of I. B. Marley was shot & instantly killed by the father in an accident 22 Oct 1924. Survivors: father, mother, brother 18, sister 8.


DANIEL KEITH BROWN, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Mell C. Brown of Davisville [Idaho], died Nov 1924; funeral 30 Nov 1924.


LYDIA HOPE, the infant dau of Mr.  & Mrs. Chas. Skinner died 4 Dec 1924 or 27 Nov. 1924. She lived just one hour.


WILLARD GROVES, 65 yrs old, died in Denver [Colorado], 9 Dec 1924. He was from Soda. He was a bachelor living on his ranch north of Soda. 





CHRISTOPHER T. WOODALL, died at Idaho Falls [Idaho] 19 Jan 1925. The remains was (sic) shipped to Soda Springs for burial in the Mound Cemetery 22 Jan 1925. Born in Missouri 10 Sept 1855. In 1876 he married Ellen E. Doyle.  In 1882 the couple came west in an immigrant wagon. He was a prominent stockman & rancher. To him goes the credit of building the Stock Exchange Hotel. Survivors 2 daughters & 5 sons:  Mrs. Minnie Barnard of Soda, Mrs. J. I Gulick of Idaho Falls, Demas A. Woodall of Logan [Utah], James F. Woodall of Hayward, Calif, Christopher T. Woodall, Jr. of Friday Harbor, Wash, Homer W. Woodall of Soda, John Wallace Woodall of Hayward, Calif.


ERNEST BRIGGS died 26 Feb 1925 near Soda Springs at Alexander [Idaho]. He was buried in Soda Mound Cemetery 2 March 1925.


FRANK M. BUTLER of Conda [Idaho] died 22 March 1925 at Soda Hospital. Born at Lyma (sic), Ohio 28 Feb 1871. He md Leora Facht.  To this union was born one daughter, Mrs. Madge Panting. Funeral 24 March 1925 in Soda; burial in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


JOSEPH A. SWENSEN died 21 May 1925 at his ranch home north of Soda, age 52. Funeral 25 May 1925. Survivors: wife.  Burial in Soda Springs Cemetery.


MRS. FRANK BABA died 5 July 1925.  Hawaye Malooka was born in North Platte, Neb 21 Dec 1899.  In 1919 was married [to] Frank Baba at Grace, Idaho. She and her husband were in charge of Enders Hotel. Survivors: husband, father and mother, 3 sisters & 3 brothers. Buried in North Platte 9 July 1925.  Funeral 7 July in Soda.


GEO. HOBBS died 14 July 1925 at Franklin, Ida. Funeral 16 July 1925  Burial?


MARTIN STARK died 24 Aug 1925 at his ranch home northeast of Soda. He was born in Denver, Colo. 1861. He married Vina Kelsey at Paris, Ida 1905. 3 sons were born to this union, Raymond, Stephen, Elmer.  Funeral 26 Aug 1925 in Soda. Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda. Leaves wife, 3 sons, 1 sister & 2 bro. Mrs. Helen Terry, Edgar & Norman Stark.


RAY, 7 yr old son of Mr.  & Mrs. Eugene Golay was killed 30 Aug 1925 (fell from a horse) near Soda. Funeral 2 Sept 1925 burial Mound Cemetery at Soda.


MRS. RUBEN AUSTIN died 11 Sept 1925.  Maise Field Austin was born at Temple, Texas

11 March 1892. In 1919 she married Rubin (sic) Austin. Funeral was 12 Sept. 1925 at Soda; burial in American Falls [Idaho]. Survivors: husband, her mother & father, Mr. & Mrs. L. S. Field, three sisters: Mrs. G. W. Kerr, Mrs. Joe Hardyh, Mrs. R. R. Hayes; 2 brothers, D. Field & E. B. Field.


MRS. MARTHA DIKE, age 76 yrs, a sister of W. C. Davis, died 6 Oct 1925 at the home of her nephew, Don Balls, at Davisville [Idaho]. Martha Davis was born in Indiana 31 Dec 1847. She married Simon Dike 8 March 1866 at Sherman, Iowa. Survivors: one adopted dau, Mrs. Laura Moore. Funeral 8 Oct at Davisville, burial at Soda.  Riley Davis is a bro.


VEDA, the 14 yr old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Neils Anderson of Central, Ida. died at the Soda Hospital 4 Oct 1925.


HAROLD THARPE, the 9 yr old son of Mrs. Olive Tharpe, died 17 Oct 1925 at Lago, Idaho.


VIOLA SWENSEN, 8 yr old dau. of Mr.  & Mrs. A. Swensen of Cokeville, Wyo. died 24 Nov 1925 at Soda Hospital.  Body was taken to Cokeville for burial.


A BABY GIRL of Mr. & Mrs. George & Myrtle Gardner Gorton died 6 Dec 1925. She was born 4 Dec 1925 at Soda.


MRS. HANNA YOUNG died 9 Dec 1925


WILLIAM THUET [unable to make out this name for certain] died 22 Dec 1925 in Soda. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul, Minnesota, 29 Dec 1925 beside his parents & bro. & sister.


FRANK EDGAR THIRKILL, JR. died 25 Dec 1925, Funeral 29 Dec 1925. He was killed in his farm home 2 miles north of Soda. (Murdered by Warren Lowery) He leaves a wife, Hattie Eva Jenkins Thirkill & one daughter, Donna Mae.  Born in Thatcher, Ida 22 July 1893, he married Hattie Eva Jensen (sic) [Should be Jenkins] in Provo, [Utah] 4 yrs ago.  Survived by parents, 4 sisters & 3 brothers.

                Mrs. Racheal Gilgen                                            Mrs. Lottie Panting

                Mrs. Mollie Allred                                               Mrs. Burdick Barnard

                Cora Plet Thirkill                                   Howard Thirkill & John Thirkill


WILLIAM CHESTER died 28 Dec 1925 at Soda at the home of his daughter, Lucy Marriott or

(L. S. Marriott), He was born in Crawle, England 3 May 1843, age 82 yrs. He lived in Eng. until he was 30 yrs of age. He & his wife & 3 children, Thomas, William & Charles came to America. His wife died 30 yrs ago.  Other sons, James & Colin. Funeral 31 Dec 1925, buried in Soda Cemetery.  Survived by 2 daughters and 4 sons:

                Mrs. L. S. Marriott                                               Mrs. F. M. Merrell

                William H. Chester                                               Fred Chester

                James Chester                                                       Colin Chester





LEONONIE, infant son of Mr., & Mrs. Jesse Law died 10 Feb 1926 in Soda. Buried in Paris, Ida (One of the twins) Born Nov 1925.


HANNAH CALDWELL died 20 Feb 1926 at the home of her grand daughter Mrs. Kenneth Gorton in Soda, age 83 less 3 months. She was born in Wales 20 March 1843. June 18, 1858 she married David Daniels. To this union was born 2 children, one of whom survives: he being a son living in Canada.  In 1861 Mr. Daniels died.  In 1864 she married Robert Caldwell.  To this union was born 10 children, 8 of whom survive. In 1918 Mr. Caldwell passed away. Funeral 24 Feb 1926 at Soda; buried in Soda. Pallbearers were sons: Robert, Dan, John, Eli Sylvester & Sylvannus. Also surviving are two daughters: Rosella & Margaret.


JOHN WALTER HARRIS of Bancroft [Idaho] died at the Caribou Hospital in Soda, 23 Feb 1926; He was born in Richmond, Utah 25 April 1868. Surviving: a widow & 7 children; burial in Bancroft, Ida.


INFANT SON of Jesse Law died in Soda 20 or 21 Feb 1926,  Born Nov. 1925.  This is the remaining one of the twin boys. The other one passed away 10 Feb 1926. Buried in Paris, Ida

22 Feb 1926.


NEILS ANDERSON, age 90 yrs, died 4 March 1926 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Ida Collet at Burley, Idaho. He was born Egg Holm, Jutland, Denmark 3 Oct 1835. July 1963 he married Mary Christofferson. This was the first white couple married in the territory that is now Idaho. To this union were born 8 children.


                A C. Anderson                                     Mrs. Anna C. Rogers

                Mrs. Lulu Larsen                                  Neils C. Anderson

                Mrs. Mary Verham                               David A. Anderson

                Mrs. Ida Collet                                      Peter W. Anderson


Survived by his wife & the above children. Funeral 7 March 1926. Burial in Soda Cemetery.


SAM METCALFE died in Soda March 11 1926. He was born in England, age 41 yrs. Funeral in Soda 13 March 1926. Survivors: wife and six children.


JOHN S. SIEVERS died in Soda 4 April 1926. (Hanged him self (sic) in the hospital). A resident of Rock Springs, Wyo. Born in Germany. Age 63 yrs. Not married. Body was shipped to Twin Falls, Ida 5 April 1926.


ADELLA R. ALBISTON died 17 April 1926, age 58 yrs, at Meadowville [Idaho]. Funeral 19 April 1926 at Meadowville ward. Burial Richmond, Utah beside her husband. Children surviving are: Mrs. Lucy Skinner, George K., Asolpha, William and Albert Albiston.


MRS. WALTER STILES died at the Soda hospital 27 April 1926. Funeral 29 April 1926.  Pearl Alice Stiles was laid to rest in the Fairview Cemetery 29 April 1926. Pearl Alice Miller, youngest child of Thomas & Mary Miller was born in Southeastern Kansas 8 Dec 1889. When she was 18 she moved to Osceola Mo. Four yrs later she married Walter D. Stiles. 2 children were born Walter Doyal Stiles now 8 yrs old & Mary Alice Stiles, 3 yr old.


MRS. ANNIE WETZEL of Arlington, Oregon, an old time resident of Soda died week of 29 April 1926. She ran the Wetzel Hotel in Soda. 3 yrs ago she moved to Oregon to be with her son, E. J. Williams & family. Funeral in Soda 3 May 1926


W. H. POPE was killed at the Hotel Enders in Soda 1 May 1926, age 55 yrs, a native of Wyoming. He had cut his throat while insane & forced the policeman to shoot him in self defence (sic). Shipped to Wyoming for burial. 


JOHN STOOR, SR. died 24 May 1926 in Soda Springs. He was born in Parton (sic), [Portom] Finland 1863, In 1883 he married Johanna Pituss.  To this union 6 children were born. John, Matt, Emil, Mrs. Parley Kunz, August & Roy.  Mrs. Johanna Stoor passed away in 1900 & a year later Mr. Stoor married Marie Vinburg & from this union was born Anna, Elsie, Edna, Lillian and Vern. This wife died 1918. His funeral was 25 May 1926. Burial in Mound Cemetery in Soda.


THE 4 MONTH OLD BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mortisen of Central, Ida. died at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Homer Blackburn, in Soda, 31 May 1926.  Funeral 2 June 1926 at Soda; burial in the Mound Cemetery at Soda.


ORIN COZZINS, 2 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. William Cozzins of Raymond [Idaho] died 31 May 1926.  Mrs. Cozzins was formerly Ally Wood of Soda.


LILLY BELL ANDERSON, age 49, wife of David Anderson died 28 June 1926 in Pocatello [Idaho]. Funeral 29 July 1926 in Pocatello, Body brought to Soda for a funeral & a burial 1 July 1926. Survivors: husband & 4 children, Mrs. Grace Johnson, Hoover, LeRoy, & Margaret.


EZRA CAMPBELL died at the home of O.I. Arnold in Soda 4 July 1926, age 62 yrs. Born in Bloomington [Idaho]; body taken to Fairview [Wyoming] for burial. 


MRS. GEORGE WILSON of Gunnison, Utah died 4 Aug 1926. She was formerly Elizabeth Calkins, dau of Mr. & Mrs. O. B. Calkins. Survived by husband & a son, a year old. 


THE 12 YR OLD SON of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Smith of Grace, Ida was instantly killed by lightning 2 Aug 1926.  Funeral in Grace.


SARAH J. MEECH OLESON was born in England 16 April 1855; died at the home of her son, Leo Oleson near Henry [Idaho], at the age of 71 yrs, 3 mo. 16 days. 21 Feb 1879 she married Oliver Oleson. Mrs. Oleson was the mother of 5 children; 3 boys & 2 girls, all are living. Her husband died 13 Sept 1923. She has two aged brothers who live in the east, and a sister, Mrs. Bodger of Soda. The body was taken east for burial at Logan, Kansas.


GLADYS MARY ADAMS, 15 yr old dau of Mr. & Mrs. John Adams, died 2 Oct 1926 at the Soda Hospital. Funeral 4 Oct 1926; burial in the Mound Cemetery, Soda.


MRS. C. H. METSKER, wife of Charles Metsker, died 12 Oct 1926. Born 28 May 1893 at Beatrice, Nebraska. Nov. 11, 1913 she married Charles Metsker. She was the mother of 8 children, 7 of whom are living.  Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda.


MRS. KEPLAR SESSIONS died 9 Oct 1926 at Salt Lake City [Utah] L.D.S. Hospital. Anna Sessions Call was born in Bountiful, Utah 20 March 1857 and was married to Keplar Sessions 1876 in the old Endowment House in Salt Lake City. Funeral 10 Oct 1926 in Bancroft, Ida. Burial in the Chesterfield Cemetery where 3 of her children were buried.


S. S. STALKER of Cleveland, Ida died 5 Dec 1926 in Soda Springs. Sardius Smith Stalker, son of Alexander & Artencia Smith Stalker. He was one of the first six children born in the little pioneer hamlet of Franklin, Ida 26 May 1862, born in one of the log cabins within the fort. He married Dora Kelley of Springville, Utah. To this union 6 children were born; three at Franklin and three more at Gentile Valley [Idaho]. Survivors:  wife and Mrs. Ireta McClellan, Philip, Fred and Donald D. Stalker; brothers and sisters – Wallace W., James T., Willard S., Alma S., Joseph B., Alvira Ellis, Theresa Shorten and Elizabeth Shorten.  Funeral 8 Dec 1926 in the Presbyterian Church; burial in the Mound Cemetery at Soda.





ALFRED G. FRYAR died at Bowden, Alta, Canada 19 Feb 1927. He was born at Ripley, Miss. He came to Soda with his parents when he was a child where he grew up. He married Minnie Sarver at Seamore, Ind. 1902.  Burial at Bowden, Alta, Canada. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Minnie Fryar of Bowden, and two sisters, Mrs. Alice Barnes of Soda and Mrs. Emma Allendorth of Mo. and five brothers: Mr. C. W. Fryar of Soda, Reed and Allen Fryar, Lee and Frank.


DELPHIN KARL KUNZ, son of John Kunz, Jr. and Mary Schmidt Kunz, died 24 Feb 1927. He was born 1 April 1917 at Bern, Idaho. He was the seventh child in the family of twelve children. Buried in Bern Cemetery 1 March 1927


W. F. OWEN, of Idaho Falls, died March 1927, age 73.  Survived by 9 children: Mrs. Mary Calkins of Soda, William F. Owen, Mrs. Margaret Stoddard, Mrs. Lenora Salverson, Heber J. Daniel H., Leroy and Lorin.


GEORGE HORSLEY, son of Herbert H. Horsley died 28 March 1927 in Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Wm. Calkins is also a dau of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Horsley.


MRS. A. LARGILLIERE died 29 March 1927 at the home of her dau. in Salt Lake City [Utah].  She was born in Walincourt or Wallincourt, France, 21 Feb 1851, 76 yrs ago. 8 Sept 1875 she married August Largilliere at Walincourt. To this union 2 children were born: Edgar & Mrs. J. H. Bailey, Jr. She was Catherine Roussiez. Funeral service in S. L. City 31 March 1927.  Remains will be held in S.L. until burial vault may be erected in Soda Mound Cemetery where the body will be put for final resting place. Funeral in Soda 23 Aug 1927; burial in Soda.


MRS. A. C. RICH, dau of Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Horsley, Sr., died 30 March 1927 in San Jose, Calif. She was born in England 68 years ago. Survived by 3 sons: A. C. Rich, Jr., Newel and Franklin all of Los Angeles [California] and the following brothers & sisters Mrs. H. W. Mills, Mrs. William Fernandez, Mrs. M. M. Collins and Mrs. George B. Spencer, Mrs. J. E. Lau, Thomas W. Horsley and George S. Horsley.


MAYME E. KELLY, of Oakland, Calif died 3 April 1927. Mrs. Kelly, dau of Harry and Ida Dana Kelly, was born in Manston, Wisconsin 18 May 1895. She taught school in Soda 1918 & 1919. She married William J. Kelly of Soda 28 Jun 1919. She is survived by her husband and a dau. Vera Jeane.  Mrs. Tom Corrigan, mother of Mr. Kelly, left for the funeral & burial in Calif.


MRS. JESSE LAW died 13 April 1927 in Soda.  Audrey Perkins Law was born at Franklin, Idaho 19 January 1890. To this union was born 7 children; 4 boys, 3 girls; burial in the Paris [Idaho] Cemetery.


JOHN P. MADSEN, SR. died 17 April 1927 at Nampa [Idaho]. He is survived by his widow and the following children: Leonard Madsen, John P. Madsen, Jr., Mrs. Vina O. Bell, Mrs. Bertha Tilly, Mrs. Effie McCollum and Ralph G. Madsen.  Funeral in Nampa; burial ? probably in Nampa.


MRS. BERTHA CHRISTOFFERSEN AANDAHL died 20 April 1927 at Presto, Idaho at the home of her son Sim Christofferson (sic). Buried in Soda Springs Cemetery beside her husband Christian Christoffersen. Funeral 24 April in Soda.


HENRY TIPTON, about 87 yrs of age, died 26 April 1927 in Salt Lake [Utah].  Mr. Tipton has a son at Payson, Utah and a daughter in Santa Ana, Calif. He is the father of Paul Tipton of Soda.


HENRY HEATH died 29 April 1929 at Salt Lake [Utah]. He is the father of Mrs. J. R. Muir.


FRED WESTBROOK died in Soda hospital 4 May 1927, age abt 25 yrs old. Leaves a wife & son in Grace [Idaho], a father in Kansas and a sister in Calif. Funeral and burial in Grace, Idaho.


ALMAN [OR ALMON] CRANE, the 12 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Crane of Bennington [Idaho] died 6 May 1927 (killed accident (sic)),  Funeral & burial at Bennington 8 May 1927.


JOHN A. ANDERSON died 21 May 1927 at Pocatello [Idaho]. Funeral 24 May in Pocatello. Body was shipped to Soda Springs for burial, 24 May. Mr. Anderson was born at Salt Lake City [Utah] 15 Sept 1874. Aug 17, 1911 he married Ivy Williams Jackson at Ogden [Utah]. Survived by widow and a dau – Mrs. Elizabeth Moore and two stepsons: Jay Jackson and Gale Jackson, also by one brother, Frank L. Anderson and the following sisters: Mrs. May K. Miers, Mrs. Elizabeth Rooker, Mrs. Emma Hawkes, Miss Sadie Anderson.


CLAYTON LALLATIN, 19 year old, died 1 June 1927 in Soda. He was born in Soda 30 June 1908 to Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Lallatin. He is survived by his parents and sisters, Mrs. Relia Nichols, Mrs. Janet McConkie, Irene and Vivian; brothers: Jay, Mark, Darrell & Keith. Funeral 5 June 1927; burial in Mound Cemetery.


PIERRE JOUGLARD died in Soda 16 June 1927, age 62. The body was shipped to Pocatello [Idaho] for burial.  He was born in France 1 January 1865.  Survived by a sister, Mrs. Martha Matherson and two nephews, Joseph Matherson & Joseph Jouglard.


MRS. FERN BYBEE NEAF died at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. V. Bybee at Meadowville [Idaho] 20 June 1927,  Funeral 22 June 1927; burial in Mound Cemetery.


R.H. HACKING died 15 June 1927 at a hospital in Redonda (sic) Beach, Calif. Survivors are: Mrs. James Sibbett, Jr. of Wayan [Idaho], Richard Hacking, Earnest Hacking, Mrs. Grant Gilbert, Lester Hacking.


MRS. WM COLE died 17 July 1927 at the home of C. F. Metsker Ranch west of town [Soda]. Mabel Scoffield Cole was born in England 1893. 1915 she married Wm Cole. To this union 4 children were born.  Funeral in Soda 19 July 1927. Body was shipped to Kaysville, Utah for burial.


LOUIS P. BEUS died 13 Aug 1927. Louis P. Beus was born in Piedmont, Italy 5 July 1849. He married Mary Terry of Uintah, Utah the fall of 1876. To this union 13 children were born; 9 of which are still living.


                E.M. Beus                                                              Mrs. Iona Mikesell

                Albert Beus                                                           Mrs. Molbet (sic) (Molita) Densley

                Rudith Beus                                                          Mrs. Emma Hildreth

                Wilburn “                                                              Mrs. Wanda Pulver


Buried in the Mound Cemetery in Soda.


MRS. C. KINGSFORD, 60, of Downey, Idaho died 28 Aug 1927 in Soda. Buried in Downey. Survivors:                                             Willard Kingsford                                              Leslie Kingsford  

                                Carl                                                                       Mrs. Hazel Pearson

                                Harney                                                                 Mrs. Blanch Kirvonic

                                Albert                                                                   Mrs. Dora Newbold



ELLA JENSEN HORSLEY, 49, wife of Harry Horsley of Soda died at the Soda Hospital 24 Sept 1927. She was born in Logan, Utah 1 July 1878. She married Harry Horsley 16 Oct 1901 in the Logan Temple. She was the mother of six children, 3 of which preceeded (sic) her in death. She is survived by husband, two sons, Earl & Farrel and one dau. Twila. Funeral 28 Sept 1927 at Soda. Burial in Soda Cemetery.


GEORGE F. KUGLER, 73, died in Idaho Falls [Idaho] at the home of his son, Dan F. Kugler, 25 Sept 1927. Survived by his son and one dau Mrs. Gladys Campbell and the following brothers & sisters:                                       A. D. Kugler

                                Mrs. Bose (or Base)                             W. E. Kugler

                                Mrs. Leroy Stahl                                  R. H. Kugler

                                Mrs. Henry Stewart                             Arthur Kugler

Body was taken to Sheffield, Iowa for burial.


WILLIAM WILEY CALL of Wayan, Idaho, son of Josiah Call & Henrietta Williams Call of Fillmore, Utah, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Jane Stoor of Soda Springs, 26 Sept 1927. He was born at Fillmore, Utah 23 Feb 1858. In 1877 he married Melvina Eliza Pace in Bountiful, Utah. 1901 he moved to Wayan, Idaho where he live (sic) until death. Funeral services held in Soda Springs. Survived by wife and the following children:

                Wiley Call                                              Mrs. Millie Crane

                Howe Call                                              Mrs. Jane Stoor

                Frank Call                                              Mrs. Myrtle Larsen

Two brothers – Cyril Call & Siley Call

One Sister              Mrs. Columbia Loveland


THE 5 ½ MONTH OLD BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. W. Boyer died 15 Oct 1927 in Soda. Baby was

Shipped to Portland ?


JOHN MARRIOTT, 81 died 27 Oct 1927 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Jorgen Peterson at Roy

[Utah?]. He was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa 24 Oct 1846. Crossed plains with his parents Mr. &

Mrs. John Marriott. He married Alberta Spiers in 1870. She died. He married Elvira Cooper.

Buried at Plain City, Utah. He was the father of 12 children.  The following survive him:


                Willard Marriott                                                   Mrs. Gay C. Rampton

                Lorenzo Marriott [Soda]                                     Vincent Marriott

                Mrs. Ed. Whitman [Soda]                                   Mrs. Peterson

                Mrs. Harry Hamilton                                            Ray Marriott

    `           Emil Marriott                                                         Mrs. Alberta Bingham


GEORGE E. GARDNER died in Los Angles (sic) 20 Oct 1927. He was 70 yrs old. Buried Forest Lawn Cemetery. He leaves a wife and 9 children, among whom are Mrs. George Gorton and Mrs. L. G. Strong of Soda & Ray Gardner of Montpelier [Idaho].


JOHN DUBAC, former resident of Grays Lake died 16 Nov 1927.


BISHOP HYRUM M. LAU of Soda, died 20 Nov 1927 at the Salt Lake Hospital [Utah]. He was born 57 yrs ago at Providence, Utah to D. F. & Dorothy Lau.  Survivors: his widow & 4 children. Marjorie, Katherine, Kay and Jean Lau; 3 brothers: Daniel J., Joseph E., Arthur F. Lau; 5 sisters: Mrs. Louise Horsley, Mrs. Joe Torgensen, Mrs. Ann Dimick, Mrs. Walter Rose and Mrs. Emma Dimick. Body was shipped to Soda for funeral & burial 25 Nov 1927.


LESLIE BENNETT of Gentile Valley [Idaho] died 4 Dec 1927. Funeral services were held in Mound Valley & burial in Perry [Utah] Cemetery.


NORA LEE HILL, wife of Stanley A. Hill of Pegram, Ida died 7 Dec 1927 in Soda, age 38 yrs. Survivors – husband & 3 children; burial in Salt Lake City [Utah].


ED O’CONNER of Montpelier [Idaho] died 10 Dec 1927 in Soda. Body was taken to Montpelier for burial.


MRS. FLORENCE VAIL of Alpine, Wyo. died 16 Dec 1927 in Soda. She was 52 yrs old.


WILLIAM ENDERS died 18 Dec 1927 at Ender’s Hotel in Soda. He was born in Australia 1861. 1887 he came to Soda (a brother Theodore).  He was buried in the Mound Cemetery in Soda.


GEORGE W. GOODHEART died 25 Dec 1927 in Caldwell, Idaho.  Came to Idaho 1860, In 1862 he married a Fort Hall [Idaho] girl, Lizzie Pattee, a granddaughter of Frances Payette of the Old Hudson Bay Co. The wedding took place in Boise [Idaho]. Three yrs later she was drowned in Snake River.  1874 he married a cousin of his former wife, Julia Payette. She was killed by Indians a few years later. Abt 1880 he came back to this region and homesteaded on Slugg (sic) Creek [Idaho]. Later came to Soda engaged in the hotel & livery business. He married Lena Caldwell. Later moved to Snake River country.  Funeral & burial at Caldwell, Idaho


WILLIAM H. BOHLSCHEID died 31Dec 1927 at Pocatello, Idaho. Buried in Mountainview Cemetery. He is survived by his widow, a daughter Mrs. J. I. Minty of Soda & two sons, Harold & Curtis, four sisters & a brother. He was born 20 June 1869 at Council Bluffs, Iowa.






MRS. W. V. BYBEE died 3 Jan 1928 at Soda at the home of her sister Mrs. Clara Bowler. She had resided at Meadowville [Idaho]. Survivors, her husband, and one son O. S. Bybee and 2 daughters, Mrs. Leman Smith & Miss Jennie and Sibel (sic), two brothers & three sisters – James Cutler, Sam Cutler, Mrs. Clara Bowler, Mrs. Robert Cole and Mrs. E. E. Batt.  Funeral 6 Jan 1928.  Buried in Soda Mound Cemetery. She was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Orsen Cutler.


BERTHA DANIELS died 9 Jan 1928, age 16. Bertha Eva Daniels was born 28 May 1911 at Pocatello [Idaho]. Survived by parents Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. (Daphine) Daniels, seven brothers & sisters. Funeral was 11 Jan 1928 at Soda; burial in the Mound Cemetery at Soda.


MRS. DAN ROWLEY died 17 Jan 1928.  Lena Leota Potter Rowley was born in Hartford, Iowa 7 Oct 1876, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Milton Whitmore. In 1892 she married W. F. Potter of Pocatello [Idaho] at Pocatello. To this union 4 children were born of whom 3 survive: Arthur Potter & Mrs. William Christopher & Mrs. R. B. Root. Mr. Potter died March 11 1905. 27 January 1913 she was married to D. H. Rowley of Soda. Funeral 20 Jan 1928. Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda. Survivors: children mentioned above, the husband, 8 step children and two sisters. They are Dan H. Rowley, Mrs. T. T. Marriman, Mrs. Winnie C. Lyon, two [the] step children are Mrs. Earl Smith, Mrs. Joe Wills, Mrs. Jess A. Edefson, Mrs. T. Stedman, Mrs. Buster Larkin, Mrs. M. Stedman, D. E. Rowley, H. B. Rowley.


MRS. ROE WHITE of Bancroft [Idaho] died 23 Jan 1928 at Soda. Daisy Dean Davis White, a daughter of William C. Davis was born at Riverdale, Ida 14 Sept 1883. She married Roe White 14 Oct 1903. Survivors: her husband and the following children: Mrs. Laverl Parnell, Mrs. Jack Parnell, Dean White, Margarette White; four brothers, William J. Davis, Albert C. Davis, Taylor Davis, & Wesley Davis; two sisters, Mrs. Don Balls & Mrs. J. C. Budrow [or Burdaw]  Funeral in Soda


LAWRENCE MALONE died 1 Feb 1928 at Soda. Body was taken to Montpelier [Idaho] for burial.


THOS. J. COPPARD, nearly 78 yrs old, died Feb. 24, 1928 in Soda Springs. He was born in Maidstone, Kent County, England 10 April 1850. He married Josephine Murrin [or Currin] 1876. To this union three children were born, two of whom survive: Mrs. L. E. Shelp and Rene J. Coppard, also survived by wife. Funeral 27 Feb 1928. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.


LYNN O. GODFREY, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Ruban (sic) Godfrey of Clarkston, Utah died in Soda 1 March 1928.


BERTHA J. WILSON, wife of F. M. Wilson, died 19 March 1928. She was born in Cresco, Iowa 9 Jan 1879. She married Mr. Wilson 27 yrs ago and was the mother of seven children, five of whom survive her. One son and a dau having died in infancy.  Surviving children: Elmer, Earnest, Everett, Elden and Leo Roy, also her husband, one sister Mrs. Jack Brewer and four brothers, Ira, Frank, George and Fred Perkins. Funeral services held in Bancroft [Idaho]. Interment was in Soda Springs Cemetery,  (Father, Perkins, Frank, Mother Kennedy, Clara)


DOROTHY JEAN, the 8 month old dau of Mrs. J. M. Lau died 11 April 1928. Funeral 13 April 1928.


JAMES STRACHAN died 16 May 1928. He was born in Farglen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 20 April 1852. He married Ruth M. Atkinson 15 Oct 1878. 5 children were born to this union; 2 survive. They are Mrs. H. F. Pickren of Soda and Allen G. Strachen (sic) of Pocatello [Idaho]. Also a wife survives. Funeral 19 May 1928. Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda. In 1886 he organized the Union Sunday School of Soda for the Presbyterian Church. 1895 was the main factor in building the present Presbyterian Church. He was the first probate judge of Caribou County.


JAMES BOWMAN, age 87, died at the home of Niels Anderson, in Old Town or Lower Town 31 May 1903.  Funeral 2 June 1903, buried in Mound Cemetery. He was born in Manchester, England 19 Feb 1816. In 1840 he was baptized into the Mormon Church in river Irwell. In 1861 he emigrated (sic) to America. The following winter he joined the Morrisites on the Weber River 4 miles from Ogden [Utah]. His wife was shot and killed there.  In the spring of 1863 he came to Soda Springs with a party of Morrisites under the protection of General Connar (sic) & his troops, settled in part of Soda Springs known as Old Town. He kept a small general store in that part of town. He had no relatives in this county. [From a 25 years ago section June 1928]


ALPHONZO SORENSEN died 13 June 1928 at the Caribou Hospital in Soda


MRS. CLAIR ROOT of Soda was killed in a car accident 18 June 1928 at Rawlins, Wyo. Buried at Shelton, Nebraska.


JOHN PETERSON died 22 June 1928, (age abt 60) and a bachelor – a native of Denmark. Funeral 25 June 1928. Buried in Mound Cemetery.


ARCHIE BOWMAN, Chesterfield [Idaho] farmer, died 5 July 1928 (age 53) in Soda. Taken to Chesterfield for burial.


WILLIAM NORMAN WILSON, son of Dr. & Mrs. W. J. Wilson died at the Wilson ranch 29 June 1903 (Age 23) [From 25 yrs ago July 1928 paper.]


MARY CHRISTOFFERSON ANDERSON, age 80, died 13 July 1928. Funeral 18 July 1928. Buried in the Mound Cemetery in Soda. She died at the home of her dau Mrs. Henry Verham of Soda. She was born in Denmark 20 July 1847. Came to U.S. 1857 resided in Iowa until 1859 when she came to Utah with her parents. 13 June 1862 she was shot by a cannon ball loosing (sic) her chin. 1863 she and Niels Anderson were married in Soda Springs in Old Town, the first wedding known to take place in the Territory of Idaho. Mrs. Anderson gave birth to 13 children, eight of whom are living – the oldest being Mrs. Abe C. Anderson of Soda, Mrs. Lula Larson, Mrs. Mary Verham of Soda, Mrs. Ida Collett of Burley [Idaho], Mrs. Anna Rogers of Spokane, Wash., Nels Anderson of Nevada, David and Peter Anderson of Pocatello [Idaho].


GENE FORMAN, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Forman, died 15 Aug 1928 at the Clarence West home, age 2 yrs 3 mo. Funeral from the West home 16 Aug; burial in Soda Mound Cemetery. Grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. George Nelson of Soda & Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Forman.


JAMES ? M. BURRELL, of Utah, died 1 Sept 1928, age 32 yrs. body shipped (sic) to his home for burial.


GALEN ELWOOD MADSEN, son of Mr. & Mrs. Grant C. Madsen, died 2 Oct 1928 in Blackfoot [Idaho]. Funeral 4 Oct 1928 at Soda; burial in Soda Mound Cemetery. Mrs. Madsen is the dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Davis of Soda.


MRS. CALVIN A. JENNE died 3 Oct 1928 in Soda; funeral 7 Oct 1928. Miss Ida Wettstine was born in Berne, Switzerland 12 Sept 1897. Her mother died when she was 3 yrs old. She came to the U.S. 1903 with her father. She came to Soda and met & married Calvin A. Jenne in Preston, Ida. 16 Oct 1920.  Buried in Soda.  2 children were born Calvin A. Jr. & Keith A. which both survive her. Also her husband & brother Daniel Jr. & Ernest & sisters Mrs. Lester Campbell & Mrs. Ollie Boyle & Mrs. Theo Merrill.


BARNEY ROLAND died at the home of his sister Mrs. W. Patterson at San Marcos, Texas 10 Oct 1928. Barney was known in the early days as “The Orphan Kid”. He was born in Texas in 1861.


JOHN WALTON of Auburn, Wyo. died here in Soda 11 or 18 Oct 1928.  Body shipped to Auburn for burial.


A.J. GRONEWALD died 22 Oct 1928 at his home in Mosier, Oregon. The funeral was 24 Oct 1928 at Dalles, Oregon. Burial at the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Mr. John Almond Gronewald was born in Faribault, Minn. 4 Nov 1886, the son of Herman & Rosina B. Gronewald. He was a twin. He was superintendent of schools at Soda Springs until January of this year. He leave (sic) a widow, Stella, & four children – Anita, Jeane, Gale & Harry Lee Gronewald, his mother, Mrs. Rosina Gronewald & three sisters Mrs. E. Jaklin, Mrs. E. J. Beckley, & Mrs. H. W. Wilson & three brothers, A. J. Gronewald W. F. & A. E. Gronewald.


AUGUST LARGILLIERE died 7 Nov 1928 in Salt Lake [Utah]. Body was shipped to Soda for burial. Funeral 11 Nov 1928. He was born in Wallincourt, France in 1848. In 1875 married Catherine Roussiez. They came to America, located in Wyo. after 4 yrs came to Soda Springs. (Mrs. Largilliere preceded him in death: survivors are a son, E. Largilliere and family of Soda and a daughter, Mrs. J. H. Bailey of Salt Lake City.)


MRS. JAMES S. PARKER of Salt Lake City [Utah] died 16 Nov 1928 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Fehn. Survivors: husband & eleven children – 2 sisters Mrs. Israel Call, Mrs. C. J. Anderson of Soda, & 2 brothers Chester & Emery Davids both of Chesterfield [Idaho]


MRS. H. W. WOODALL, nee Margaret Watson “Dollie”, died 17 Nov 1928 in Soda. Dollie Woodall was born in Salt Lake City [Utah] 28 June 1891, a dau of James & Amelia Watson. The only girl in a family of nine children, she came to Soda with her parents in 1903 at the age of 12 yrs. She married Homer Woodall, the son of C. T. Woodall, 30 June 1914. To this union were 2 sons, Homer, Jr., age 13 ½ yrs & Max, age 9.  Burial in the Mound Cemetery at Soda. Survivors: husband Homer W. Woodall & 2 sons, her father James Watson & one brother, Claud Watson.


L. P. LARSON, pioneer of Logan [Utah] died 22 Nov 1928. He is the father of O. P. Larson of Conda [Idaho] and Fred Larson of Soda.


MARY ANN DEVERIDGE “Aunt Polly” died 2 or 3 Dec 1928 at the home of Josephine Ronbeck, age 88 yrs 7 mo. 2 day (sic). Funeral 4 Dec 1928, Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.


DR. J. H. HUBBARD, of Grace, Ida. died 5 Dec 1928 at Grace. Survivors: widow, Charlotte Hubbard, two children, Isom & Clara – five sisters, Mrs. Jenny Lloyd, Malinda Merrell, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Gwenn Redford & Julia Barker. The following brothers:  Joseph Hubbard & Alma Hubbard. Funeral 7 Dec 1928. Buried in Salt Lake City [Utah].


EZRA MEEKER died Dec 1928.


HENRY P. STONE of Riverside, Calif., one of the first residence (sic) of Soda Springs, died at a hospital in Riverside 8 Dec 1928. Funeral 10 Dec 1928. Burial was in Oliverwood Cemetery. Mr. Stone was the father of Ida P. Stone of Soda.


MR. JACOB BRENISHOLZ died 9 Dec 1928 at Soda. He is the father of Mrs. Ralph H. Kelley, editor of this paper [Soda Springs Chieftain]. Funeral 14 Dec. The body was taken to Edgemont, S. D. for burial. Born in Bavaria, a province of Germany 18 Jan 1864, 1887 he married Elizabeth Trier.


MRS GEO. ROSE, of Wilmington, Calif. died Dec 1928.Mrs. Rose was the mother of Mrs. Wilburn Beus. 


JESUS VASQUEZ, Mexican, died 16 Dec 1928 in jail in Soda.





NATHAN RICKS of Rexburg [Idaho] died at the L.D.S. hospital in Idaho Falls [Idaho] 1 Jan 1929 from a car accident. Burial in Rexburg Cemetery.


CHRISTOPHER PANTING, 77, native of England, died 6 Jan 1929. He was born in Gloucestershire, Eng. In 1850. Survivors: his widow, Lina Panting & the following children: Mrs. Fannie Hudson, Mrs. Elizabeth Hadley, Mrs., Eva Prehn, Mrs. Albert Beus, Russell Panting, Del Panting, Mrs. Kenneth McClellan, Mrs. Henry Burgin, Chris B. Panting & Worthing B. Panting. Service 9 Jan 1929. Burial in Fairview Cemetery.


DAVE MONROE died at his home in St. Anthony, Ida. died 27 Jan 1929. His sister Mrs. C. E. Foster left Soda to attend the funeral. Funeral services held 31 Jan 1929 in St. Anthony. Survivors: his widow, three daughters, Mrs. Ethel Dixon, Mrs. Joe Howard, Mrs. Alice Thirkill, three brothers & two sisters, W. C. Monroe, Brig Monroe, James Monroe, Mrs. C. E. Foster, Mrs. H. Durney, Mrs. Bert Clements.


MRS. CLIFFORD M. HADERLIE of Star Valley [Wyoming] died Feb 7, 1929 in Soda. Burial in Star Valley.


MRS. MOLLY THIRKILL ALLRED, wife of Fred H. Allred, died 8 Feb 1929. Funeral & burial 12 Feb in Soda. Mrs. Allred was born in Thatcher [Idaho] 8 Aug 1895, the dau of Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Thirkill, Sr. Survivors: her husband & three sons, Virgil, Jay & Richard, her parents & the following brother & sisters: Howard, Jack, Mrs. Russell Panting, Mrs. Burdick Barnard, Mrs. Cora Smith, Mrs. Carl Gilgen.


MISS LENOR MUIR died in Butte, Montana 20 Feb 1929, a dau of Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Muir. Funeral was held in Soda Springs 24 Feb 1929. Burial in Mound Cemetery. Mary Lenor Muir was born 27 Nov 1898 at Grays Lake. Surviving: her parents & the following brothers & sisters, Mrs. E. H. Wakeman, Mrs. A. B. Cooley, Mrs. W. C. Hahm and J. R. Muir & Reed Muir. 


WILLIAM ISAAC SMITH died at the Caribou Hospital in Soda 23 Feb 1929. He was born in Pine Bush, Orange Co., New York 13 Dec 1869, the son of Ezra & Dorothy Jane Smith. He married Florence Johnston 16 Dec 1918. His father, mother & one brother & two sisters preceeded (sic) him in Death (sic). Survivors: his wife, following brothers & sisters, Francis N. Smith, Mrs. Anne Fleming, Mrs. Carrie Jansen.  Funeral held 25 Feb in Soda. Burial in the Mound Cemetery.


DEAN MONROE WHITE, nine yr old son of Roe White of Bancroft, Ida died 21 March 1929 at Bancroft. Burial was in the Soda Cemetery.


WILLIAM R. LARKIN died ? April 1929. He was born in Salt Lake City [Utah] 4 March 1856. Survivors: his widow Dora Woodhead Larkin & the following children – Mrs. H. E. Thatcher, Mrs. Cora Thatcher, W. R. Larkin and Mrs. R. H. Wheat, 10 grandchildren, the following brothers & sisters: Mrs. Mary Lawrence, Mrs. L. P. Brown & C. F. Larkin. Funeral 8 April 1929 at Thatcher [Idaho].


JANE SMITH, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Smith died 7 April 1924 at the home of Ernest Smith. She was born at Thatcher, Idaho 12 July 1914. Funeral 9 April 1929 at Soda. Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda.


INFANT SON of Eli Lund died at Cokeville, Wyo. April 1929.


STRATFORD WILLIAM HORSLEY “STRAT”, 28, died 22 April 1929 at the Caribou Hospital in Soda Springs. He was born at Henry, Idaho 22 Dec 1901 to Mr. Geo. Horsley & Nell Campbell. Funeral 25 April 1929 and burial in Mound Cemetery at Soda. Survivors: his parents & following sisters: Mrs. Anna Lewis, Mrs. Marguerite Hansen, Miss Marjorie & Rhea Horsley.


MRS. IDA MAE POULSEN of Provo, Utah died at her home 28 April 1929. She was a sister of Geo. S. Horsley.


MRS. SOPHIA HORSLEY, widow of the late Thos. Wm. Horsley & a native of England died at Paris, Idaho. Funeral at Paris. Thos W. & George S. Horsley & Mrs. Laura Lau were listed among the surviving children.  [No date shown]


KAY C. BOWLER, son of Mr. Chas. Bowler and Milda Hopkins Bowler, died 24 April 1929 at Soda Springs. He was born 7 April 1929 at Soda Springs. Buried in Fairview Cemetery.


JAMES MOORE died 25 May 1929 at his home in Soda. Funer (sic) held 28 May at Soda. Burial in the Mound Cemetery. He was born at Willard, Utah 18 Dec 1861 to Hezekiah D. & Mary Moore. He married Emma Jensen of Trenton, Utah at Soda Springs by David Wright 25 May 1880. Their only child, Albert Franklin Moore was born 1881.  This son died in 1921. Survivors: his wife Emma Moore and an adopted daughter Leona Gordon, two brothers Jesse Moore, Dan Moore, a half brother Fred Moore, 8 grandchildren.


ARCHIBALD BURNS COOLEY died 16 May 1929 at Red Lodge, Montana. He married Lucy Tucker Muir, 20 April 1913 at Red Lodge. They had four children, two survive, Ruth Lenor & Phillip Archibald. Mr. Cooley was a native of Eagle, Neb. where he was born 50 years ago. (Buried in Montana)


MRS INGRID GRAHAM, 90, died 19 May 1929 at the home of her dau Mrs. David Miles, at Grace [Idaho].  Widow of Nels Graham. She was born in Sweden 4 Feb 1839. Burial in Mink Creek Cemetery [Idaho]. Survivors: four children, Mrs. David Miles, J. N. Graham, Annie Walker, Hilda Schuck.


CHAUNCY FROST died at an Ogden [Utah] hospital 6 June 1929 of Spinal Meningitis.


MRS. GEO. ELLIS, SR. died at the family home south of Soda 5 June 1929. Funeral 9 June. Susahannah May Trappett was born in Morgan City, Morgan, Utah 19 Nov 1879. She married George W. Ellis 22 Dec 1898. Seven children were born to this union, one, Josie, died in infancy. Funeral services 9 June 1929. Burial in the Mound Cemetery. Survivors:  her husband, father, stepmother, two sisters, one brother, four half-sisters, three half-brothers. The following children, George W. Jr., Charles Howard, Ira B. and John W., Homer E., Edna Mable Law.


ELMER DUBRY, 18, son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dubry died June 1929 in Los Angeles, Calif. (drowned)


CLAUDE RAY OWENS, 34, died 1 Jul 1929 at Conda, Idaho. Funeral service held 3 July 1929 at Conda. Burial in Mound Cemetery. Survivors:  his widowed mother & a bride of only one year.


MRS W. L. ORTON of Chesterfield [Idaho] died 5 July 1929. Funeral in Soda & burial in Mound Cemetery in Soda. Elozia Davis Orton was born 5 May 1898 at Davisville [Idaho], a daughter of A. C. & Laura M. Davis. She married W. L. Orton 7 Jan 1925. To this union two daughters were born, Roma, two yrs old and an infant dau Gwen, born three weeks ago. Other survivors are:  her husband, her parents, Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Davis, following brothers & sisters, Mrs. Leah Williams, Mrs. Dora Weatherman & Clarke, Reese, Gean & Nolan Davis.


HOMER NEILSON, 20, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Neilson died 16 July 1929 at the Caribou Hospital in Soda. He was born in Bear River City, Utah 7 Sept 1909 or 1908. Survivors: his parent (sic) three sisters, 4 brothers.  Funeral 18 July 1929 in Soda. Burial in Fairview Cemetery in Soda. 


ALLIE GRONEWALD, twin brother of the late A.J. Gronewald was drowned in the Deschutes river (sic), Mosier, Oregon 14 July 1929. Jerrold, son of Allie Gronewald, 12 yrs of age, was also drowned 14 Jul 1929 in the Deschutes River.


SAM GILLETT, 59, of Declo, Idaho, formerly of Soda died July 1929


MRS. LOUISE DUBACH, 72, of Grays Lake died Aug 1929. She was born in Boltigen, Switzerland 13 Jan 1857. In 1878 she married Gottlieb Dubuch. To this union eight children were born. The husband died 11 Jan 1878. Four of the children preceeded (sic) the mother in death. Those surviving: Dave, Henry and Ezra Dubach & Mrs. E. S. Schneider. Funeral services were 27 Aug 1929 at the Grays Lake ward house.


ERVIN (BUD) DAVIS, 14, son of Mrs. & Mrs. Taylor Davis died 29 Aug 1929 in Soda Springs. Funeral 1 Sept 1929.


MRS. BEATRICE ROSE VOGEL, dau of Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Rose of Santa Monica, Calif. died 10 Sept 1929 in Calif.


MILDRED EVANS of Bancroft [Idaho] died 17 Sept 1929 at Soda hospital.


FRANCES WEAVER, 6 yr old dau of Mrs. & Mrs. Budd Weaver, died 18 Sept 1929. Services 20 Sept 1929. She was born 3 Sept 1923 in Soda Springs. Survivors: her parents & three sisters, Nellie, Cleone and Wanda; one brother Max.


J. P. WANAMAKER of Inkom [Idaho], formerly of Soda died at the Pocatello [Idaho] hospital. Sept 1929. Funeral at Pocatello.


DORIS GERTRUDE ROGERS of Conda [Idaho], 2 ½ yr old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Rogers was drowned in Conda 1 Oct 1929. The body was taken to Paris [Idaho] for burial.


DORA K. STALKER died at the home of her son, Donald Stalker, at Blackfoot [Idaho] 18 Oct 1929. She was born at Springville, Utah 3 March 1865 a daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Kelly. She married Sardius Smith Stalker of Franklin, Idaho 14 Sept 1887.  Children – Ireta, Philip, Fred, Donald, Jerome and Scott.

She is survived by four children, Mrs. Ireta McClellan, Philip, Fred & Donald; two sisters & two brothers – Tillie Stalker, Sadie McTavis, Thomas R. Kelly and Arthur N. Kelly. Funeral services held 23 Oct 1929 at Soda. Interment was in Soda Mound Cemetery beside her husband who preceeded (sic) her in death three yrs previous.


JACOB NEWMAN, 77, died 23 Oct 1929. Funeral services 25 Oct 1929 at Soda. Interment in the Mound Cemetery. He was born near Ottumwa, Iowa 19 Sept 1852, the son of David & Adaline Newman. He married Frances L. Taylor of Ottumwa 22 March 1884. Survivors: his widow Frances C. Newman & the following children: Alfred T. Newman, Everett R. Newman, Mrs. Amy Blackburn, who preceeded (sic) him in death, two brothers & two sisters.


MRS ETTA P. BLACKMAN, 55, house keeper in the Everett Newman home, died Oct 1929. Funeral services 25 Oct 1929. Burial in the Mound Cemetery. Survived by several children.


JOSEPH COUMERITH, 79, died in Salt Lake City [Utah] 27 Oct 1929. He was a native of Alsace, Loraine, France. He married Emma Sedgwick abt 55 years ago. Survivors: his widow & four children, Mrs. J. B. Woods, John H., Berton J. and Mrs. Philo Darnell.  Funeral in Blackfoot [Idaho].


GEORGE BLACKBURN, 67, died 2 Nov 1929 [in Soda]. Funeral was 4 Nov 1929 in Soda. Buried in Mound Cemetery. He was born in Richardson Co., Nebraska 10 April 1862, the son of George W. & Jane Blackburn. He married Minnie Russell 4 Feb 1886. Eight children were born to this union. The youngest baby daughter died in infancy and John died 9 Oct 1918 in the World War. Survivors : his widow Minnie Blackburn, two daughters, Mabel Elston & Myrtle Campbell, four sons Earl, Joe, Ben & Chester; one twin brothers (sic) , Joe Blackburn, one sister, Lydia Dody.


FERDINAND RUSSELL, 94, a native of New York state died 6 Nov 1929. Funeral services 8 Nov 1929. Interment in Mound Cemetery. He was born 16 Aug 1835 in New York state. He married Sarah Armstrong 30 Dec 1857. Eight children were born to this union, four of whom preceeded (sic) him in death. Mrs. Russell died January 17, 1899. The living children are: Mrs. Nellie V. Blackburn, Mrs. Minnie O. Blackburn, Aldon Russell & Charles H. Russell.


ROY H. PECK died at Mackay, Idaho 3 Nov 1929. Funeral services were held at Ogden [Utah] 6 Nov 1929. He was born in Salt Lake [Utah] 24 March 1872. Survived by his widow & two sons: Vern & Horace; brothers & sisters, Leo Peck, Frank Peck, C. W. Peck, Mrs. Sadie Cannon, Mrs. Effie Eldredge.


JAMES “JIMMY” WATSON died 8 Nov 1929 at the general hospital in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Burial in Salt Lake. He was born in Salt Lake 14 March 1845. He married Amelia Balser 50 yrs ago. Nine children were born to this union.  All, with the exception of one son, Claude L. had preceeded (sic) their father to the grave. Mrs. Watson died here in Soda in 1915. Survivors:  one son, Claude L., two sisters, Mrs. J. D. Woodall & Mrs. C. J. Bell.


THOMAS FRANCIS HAGGERTY, 64 yrs, 1 mo. 8 day, died 20 Nov 1929 at his brothers (sic) home in Meadowville [Idaho]. Funeral 23 Nov in Pocatello [Idaho]. Burial in Pocatello. He was born in Dakota Co., Minnesota 12 Oct 1865, the son of Patrick & Mary Haggerty. He was unmd (unmarried). Survivors: a brother, J. P. Haggerty, a sister, Mrs. J. P. Hayes; follow (sic) nephews, Thomas, Edwin, Earl F. & Harold. 


LEROY BEUS, 8 mo old son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Beus was killed in an auto accident near Salt Lake City [Utah] 17 Nov 1919. Funeral 20 Nov 1929. Burial in Mound Cemetery.   





LEONARD CLARENCE CHILDS died 6 Jan 1930 at the home of his sister, Mrs. Swanson, in Soda. Funeral 8 Jan 1930. He was born in Chester, Utah 16 Jan 1885. He was the tenth child in a family of thirteen. Oct 14 1914 he married Martha Nelson of Ishpeming, Michigan. Burial in Mound Cemetery.

Survivors:  wife and the following brothers & sisters, J. E. Childs, F. I. Childs, V. C. Childs, Arthur Childs, O. C. Childs, Mrs. Hanna Swenson, Miss Lydia Childs, Mrs. Mary Madsen & Mrs. A. G. Larsen.                                                  


FRANK MILES, 32, died in the Caribou hospital in Soda 1 Feb 1930. Survived by his wife & his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Miles of Grace [Idaho]. His wife was formerly Caroline Bybee.


VIVIAN ANNA MARCOE, dau of Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Marcos died 5 March 1930 in Soda hospital. She was born in Havre, Montana 30 July 1901 (28 yrs old). She married Otto Warren in Wyo. Nov 1923, Two children were born to this union, Shirley 5 yr old; Charles 4 yrs old. Also survived by her father & step-mother, Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Marcoe & by her twin sister, Mrs. Verona (Fred) Ellis. A younger sister, Loretta, passed away 4 yrs ago.


SOPHIA NORSTROM died 9 March 1930 in Soda. She was born at Fairview, Utah 18 May 1874, the dau of Bishop Omasa and Anetta Tucker. She married Hyrum Stewart in 1891. He died 1894. Leslie Stewart & Mrs. Gladys Johnson are surviving children of this marriage. In 1899 she married Peter Norstrom. Eight children of this union are surviving: Ined Fryer, Jay Stephenson, Elma Beck, Annetta Lloyd, Loran, Glen, Leon and Orpha Norstrom.


CHARLES N. ELLIS died 6 March1930 at his brother (sic) home (George E. Ellis) in Soda. He was born in Perry Co. Missouri 9 Mar 1860. He never married. He is survived by sisters – Mrs. I.W. Nanney - Mrs. W. B. Wright – Mrs. J. B. Wright – Brothers G. W. Ellis – F. E. Ellis of Soda & T. M. Ellis of Grace [Idaho]. Buried?  Funeral 7 March at Presbyterian Church in Soda.


MCGEE HARRIS died 17 March 1930 at Grace [Idaho]. He was born at Richmond, Utah 23 May 1862 a son of Wm C. & Emaline Whittle Harris. 1885 he married Harriet N. Carson in the Logan temple. Funeral in Grace. Leaves the following children:  Dr. Earl Harris, Mrs. Gil Bateman, Mrs. Geo Mathew, Bryan, Guy & Glen Harris.


WILLIAM WINSHELL (sic) died at his home here in Soda 25 March 1930. He was born in Terra Haute, Ind. 4 Feb 1860. He was the first mail carrier from Soda to Caribou beginning 1887. He married Miss Dora Cates 2 March 1881 at Fort Bentar, Montana. He is survived by his wife and following children: Bert, Harry, Louis, Lester, Mrs. Mabel Condie, Mrs. Vella Billingsley, Mrs. Letta Burroughs & Mrs. A. R. Zeelanourse, three brothers, Ed. Winschell, Frank & Albert Winschell. Funeral 28 Mar 1930. Burial Mound Cemetery.


JOHN STAATS died 14 April 1930 in Soda, at the age of 74. He was born 8 May 1856 at East Prussia, Germany. He came to Soda 1880. He married Frieda Kassel at Panama 7 May 1908. He was employed in the construction of the Panama Canal.  Surviving: his widow, one dau. Mrs. Clyde Gill, a brother Fred. Funeral 16 April. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.


JOHN P. HAGGERTY, son of Patrick & Mary Haggerty, age 61 yrs 2 mo. 16 days, died 5 May 1930 in Soda. He was born 19 Feb 1869 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In 1900 he married Mary Simon of St. Paul. They were blessed with 6 sons.   The two oldest were twins died in infancy. Funeral services 6 May 1930 at Pocatello [Idaho]. Burial in the Evergreen Cemetery near the resting place of his bro. Tom who died just a few months ago. Survivors: Thoma O. (sic), Edwin A., Earl F., Harold R.


E. D. TRINDEL died near Soda 13 May 1930. Buried in Nebraska. He was 55 yrs old.


WILLIAM E. (BILLY) CLIFFORD died at the Dee hospital in Ogden 11 June 1930. He was born in England came to the state with his widowed mother & settled in Soda. Mr. Cliffords (sic) mother was a sister of Herbert H. Horsley of Soda. He married Margaret McLean sister to D. K. McLean. Ten children were born. Mrs. Alla Barry, McClean, Douglas, Bascom, Margaret, Gretta, Gale, Ralph, Ray & Wayne. He is also survived by one brother, George Clifford of Soda. Funeral will be in Salt Lake City [Utah]


CHARLES H. STRONG, age 80, died 30 June 1930 at the home of his son Les Strong near Soda Springs. He is survived by one daughter & 2 sons: Jessie Sielbold, Montana, A. R. & Leslie Strong, both of Soda. He is also survived by a second wife residing in Kansas.  Interment was in the City Cemetery of Evanston, Wyo.


GROVER PAYNE, 13, son of Nephi Payne, Georgetown [Idaho] was killed 30 July 1930 in an auto accident.


HENRY D. KUNZ, 44, of Montpelier [Idaho] died 31 July 1930 at his home about 4 miles from Montpelier. Survived by wife & 3 daughters & 2 sons.


THOMAS H. ROSE, age 57, died 4 Sept 1930 at the home of his nephew, John Fanne, of Conda, Idaho. The body is being sent to Neeley, Ida for burial.


EVERETT B. PECK of Grace [Idaho] was killed in an auto accident 13 Sept 1930 returning from Bancroft [Idaho] ½ mile north of Grace.


MRS. ESTHEI TYLER of Clinton, Oklahoma was killed in an auto accident 12 miles east of Soda, 23 Sept 1930. Mrs. Tyler was brought to the Soda hospital where she died shortly after, 23 Sept 1930. The Relief Society dressed Mrs. Tyler for burial & the body was laid in its final resting place 25 Sept 1930 (Soda). Survivors:  husband, Esthei Tyler, 1 boy age 9 1 girl age 7.


CHARLES BUNN died 4 Nov 1930 near Conda, Ida. Funeral held in the Whitman Chapel. Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda. Survived by his bro. S. E. Bunn & a sister in Ohio. Mr. Bunn was born at Green Castle, Ohio 22 Nov 1868.


T.F. BRICKLEY died at the L.D.S. hospital in S. L. [Salt Lake, Utah] 4 Nov 1930. Leaves a widow & son Harold. Funeral was in S.L.C. [Salt Lake City, Utah].


RAYMOND JOEL BEUS died at his home near Soda 28 Nov 1930. He was born 24 Aug 1916, son of Albert & Dora Beus. Survivors: his parents, three sisters & 2 brothers.


INFANT BABY of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Law of Paris [Idaho] died 1 Dec 1930. Mrs. Law was Edna Ellis, dau of George Ellis of Soda.


LANDON RICH died 2 Dec 1930 in the hospital in Lava Hot Springs [Idaho].


DAVID GRANT CUMMINS died 12 Dec 1930 at the family home being 3 yrs 6 mi, 20 days old. He was born at Meadowville [Idaho] near Soda Springs 22 May 1927. Survivors: parents, three sisters, Emma, Darlene, Illa, two brothers, Harold & Frank. Burial in the Mound Cemetery. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Grant Cummins. 


FRANCIS (sic) L. TAYLOR NEWMAN died 13 Dec 1930, age 75 yrs 1 mo. seven days. She was born in Alabama 6 Nov 1855. She married Jacob Newman 22 March 1885. To this union were born 3 children, Amy E. Blackburn who died 6 yrs ago, Alfred Newman and Everett Newman. Her husband died 25 Oct 1929. Funeral 15 Dec 1930. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


MARCUS WHITMAN, 72, died at the general hospital in Pocatello 17 Dec 1930. Born in Illinois. Surviving: widow Mrs. Margaret Jane Jamison Whitman, 2 dau and a son, Mrs. Marguerite Garvin, Miss Virginia Whitman & Marcus Whitman, Jr ., 2 sisters & 3 brothers. Mrs. John Underwood, Mrs. Carrie B. Lane, H. B. Whitman & E. D. Whitman. Mr. Whitman’s father was a first cousin to Dr. Marcus Whitman of Orgon (sic) Trail fame missionary who came over the trail 1839 en route to Walla Walla, Washington. Body was brought to Soda Springs for burial in the Soda Mound Cemetery, 19 Dec 1930 funeral.


PETER L. NOSTROM (sic) [Should be Norstrom] died 27 Dec 1930 in Soda. He was born in Fairview, Utah 17 Oct 1873. 10 March 1899 married Sophia Stewart. There were born to this union 8 children: Mrs. Ined Fryar, Laron, Glen, Leon & Orpha Mae of Soda, Mrs. Jay Stephenson of Lava [Idaho], Mrs. Elma Beck of Ovid [Idaho], Mrs. Annetta Lloyd of Alexander [Idaho], 2 step-children: Miss Leslie Stewart & Mrs. Gladys Johnson, his mother, Mrs. Josephine Young, 2 sisters & 2 brothers. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.





MRS. FRED LARSEN died 11 Feb 1931 at the Caribou Hospital. Funeral 15 Feb 1931burial in

Soda Mound Cemetery. Lulu Anderson Larsen was born in Soda 14 Nov 1877, the dau of Mr. & Mrs. Neils Anderson. 31 Jan 1899 she married Fred Larsen. Five children were born to them: Mrs. G. W. Rinehart, Fred Larsen, Jr. Dubois C., Marie and Anna Laura. Survived by husband and above named children. Eight bro & sisters of the deceased were present at the funeral. Abe C. Anderson, David A. Anderson, Peter W. Anderson, Neils C. Anderson, Ruth, Ida Collett, Anna Rogers & Mrs. Mary Verham.


ALLAN P. FRYAR of Weiser, Ida died 14 Feb 1931 at Weiser. Allan P. Fryar was born near Henrietta, Texas in 1884. Came with his parents to Soda. Survivors: his widow and three children Mrs. W. L. Mason, Mrs. Paul E. Flyn and a son Bobby. Funeral services were held in Weiser. Surviving brothers & sisters: Mrs. C. W. Barnes and Charles Fryar of Soda, Reed Fryar, Lee Fryar, Mrs. Emma Allendorf and Frank Fryar.


W. H. GRAHAM of Pinedale, Wyo. was found dead in his room at Hotel Enders 26 Feb 1931,


FRANK PERKINS died 18 or 24 March 1931.


EDNA MAE LAZENBY born in Los Angeles, Calif. 9 Jan 1922, died at Bailey Creek [Idaho] 2 April 1931. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Lazenby. Funeral at Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] 4 April 1931. Her mother will be remembered as Laura Higley


MRS. CHAS.FORMAN of Cleveland, Idaho died 8 April 1931, age 32. Dau of Geo Nelson of Davisville [Idaho]. Survivors: husband, 3 sisters & 5 brothers. Funeral in Soda 10 April 1931.


MRS. WARREN HIGLEY died 9 April 1931 at Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] Hospital.


MRS. FRANK SHUFELDT died 10 or 12 April 1931 at Richmond, Virginia. The body was shipped to Soda for burial. Funeral 17 April 1931. Survived by husband & 6 known [8] children: Mrs. J. H. (Jennie) Harriman, Mrs. William (Lillian) Miller, W. S. Shufeldt, Sarah, Elizabeth, Max K. Shufeldt, Harvey Shufeldt, Mrs. Winfield Shufeldt. Mrs. Frank Shufeldt, formerly Jane Evelyn Meyers, was born at White House, Ohio 10 March 1875. In 1891 she married Frank L. Shufeldt. Survived also by her mother, Mrs. H. H. Meyers, sisters: Mrs. Elmer Fortney, Mrs. Charles Charter, Mrs. Walter Condon, & one bro. John Meyers. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.


MARY SWENSEN died April 1931 at Soda. She was born in Huntsville, Utah 4 June 1875. Her father died 1887 and her mother died in 1901. Since then she has lived with her older brother Jim Swensen. Survived by 4 brothers: James, Joseph, Hiram, Chris.


F.A. ALLEN, farmer, died at his home in Grace [Idaho] 16 April 1931. Funeral 19 April 1931 at Grace. Interment was made in Grace Cemetery. Besides his widow, eleven children survive: Cyril Allen, Mrs. Susan Harris, Rulon, Glen, Andrew, Barnett, Bern, Junior, Theordore, (sic) and Fay Allen.


JOSEPH M. CUTSFORTH died 18 April 1931 in Soda. He was born in Indiana 1853, the oldest of a family of nine children, seven of whom are living. 1879 he married Elizabeth MacDonald. Five children were born to this union, four of whom are living: Mrs. Maud Dyer, Mrs. Bessie Ashwell, Sydney M. & Donald H. both of Soda. Body taken to Gervais, Oregon for burial in the Masonic Cemetery where his father & mother and one dau. are buried.


WILLIAM M. DOWLEY died 23 April 1931 at the age of 66 yrs. 10 mo & three days. He is survived by Mrs. Chas. Call of Soda, Mrs. Fred Payne of Ogden [Utah], Earnest & Arthur of Orchard [?], Ira of Nevada & Verner of Nevada. Body was shipped to Ely, Nevada for burial.


WILLIAM ALLEN HEMMERT, son of Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Hemmert of Conda [Idaho], died 24 April 1931 at the age of 7 years. Funeral held 26 April 1931 at Conda and burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.


DEWEY GARDNER drowned in the Utah Power & Light Co. reservoir 17 May 1931, son of Ray Gardner; recovered 13 days later. Interment was made in Soda Mound Cemetery 30 May 1931.


DEL HAYES was accidently (sic) killed at Georgetown, Ida. 31 May 1931. He was 36 yrs old. Survived by his widow, three sons: Clinton, Russell & Varlon and one dau Aline; brothers – Riley, Eugene, Lyle and Eldon; sisters: Geneva, Arvilla, Erma, Evelyn & Laure. Funeral 2 June 1931 at Georgetown. Interment was in Soda Mound Cemetery.


THOMAS L. DAVIDSON “JACK” died 1 June 1931 at Alexander; Idaho (took his own life). Buried in Soda Springs Cemetery. It is thought Davidson has distant relatives in Nebraska.


WILFORD H. MONROE (a twin), son of Orin & Jeanette Monroe died 16 June 1931 (At Eight Mile) [Idaho]. He was born 29 Jun 1919.  Survived by: parents and five brothers, one sister. Funeral was held at Eight Mile and he was buried in the Eight Mile Cemetery.


MRS. D. Y. BATES of Los Angeles, Calif., dau of Mrs. & Mrs. Charles Barnes of Soda, died at her home 18 June 1931. The body was shipped to Soda for burial. Funeral was held 24 June. Survived by husband, a daughter Arlene and a son Gene.


NEIL SMITH BELL died 1 Aug 1931, age 72, at the family residence in Logan [Utah]. Funeral 3 Aug 1931 from 10th ward chapel. Interment Logan City Cemetery. 13 years ago he lost his wife and one son William. A short time after, he married Mrs. Rose Haglund of Logan. He was born 24 March 1859 in Salt Lake City [Utah], the son of Mr. & Mrs. William Bell. Surviving: his widow, Mrs. Rose Bell & the following children: Neil Bell, Jr., Richard Bell, Dewey Bell, Mrs. Grant Cummins, Mrs. William Bell & one sister Mrs. Jane McNeil.


MARGARET J. GAGON died 3 Aug 1931 at the L.D.S. hospital in Idaho Falls [Idaho]. She was born 14 Feb 1860 at Time, Illinois. Survivors: her husband, George F. Gagon, Mr. & Mrs. Wendell D. Gagon, two brothers, Albert Davidson & David Davidson; two sisters Mrs. Della Maine, Mrs. Flora Davidson Clark. She was preceded in death by a dau, Hortence, who died 1903 and a sister, Mrs. Ellen E. Watters. Prayer service 4 Aug 1931 at Idaho Falls. Body was taken to Blackfoot [Idaho] for burial.


WALTER T. WOOD of New Port (sic), Rhode Island died 5 Aug 1931 at the Caribou County Hospital in Soda from a car accident.


W. P. ROBINSON of Freedom [Wyoming] died at her home in Freedom 8 Aug 1931, near 70 yrs of age.  He leaves 2 sons Glen & Dewey and 3 dau. Mrs. Griffith Marshall, Mrs. Lorin Hansen & Mrs. Alvin Schiess. Funeral in Freedom 11 Aug and interment in the Freedom Cemetery.


KENNETH CLINGER, 34, OF Etna, Wyo, died 26 Aug 1931 in Caribou hospital in Soda from an auto accident. Body was taken to Etna for funeral & burial 29 Aug. Survived by his wife & 3 children, age 9, 7

& 5.


H. A. FALKENBERG drowned in Snake River 2 Sept 1931. He was taken to Montpelier & will be brought to Soda Springs for funeral & burial 4 Sept beside the grave of his wife who preceded him in death.


MRS. ANTON (ROSINA) SCHWITZER LALLATIN, age 88, died at the home of her dau Mrs. Collin (sic) Chester 16 Sept 1931. She was born in Wurttemburg (sic) Germany 16 June 1843 and was married 4 Feb 1969 to Anton Lallatin. Came to America in 1880 and settled in Logan [Utah]. She was baptized in the spring of 1880 in Providence, Utah. Came to Soda Springs 1922. Her husband died 25 Aug 1923, Children surviving: Fred Lallatin, Mrs. Anna Heyrand, Mrs. Mary Conner, Mrs. Lena Chester, Charles, Christopher and Joseph Lallatin; Mrs. Florence McCain. Buried in Soda Mound Cemetery. Funeral 18 Sept 1931, She was preceded in death by 2 dau, Emma Lallatin & Mrs. James Rurdie (sic) Purdie and her husband Anton Lallatin.


MRS. JOSEPHINE RASMUSSEN died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Violetta Fletcher at Boise, Idaho 18 Sept 1931. She was born in Logan, Utah 22 Nov 1877 the dau of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Biron. 9 Nov 1896 she married H. P. A. (Hans Peter Anton) Rasmussen. To this union five children were born – Mrs. W. O. Clark, Mrs. James Topper, Mrs. L. E. Fletcher, Peter M. Rasmussen and Russell Rasmussen. Funeral services were held at Blackfoot [Idaho] 21 Sept 1931 and interment was in the family lot in the cemetery at Blackfoot. Besides the children she is survived by the following sisters & brothers – Mrs. J. W. Wood, Mrs. Wood Skinner, Mrs. Frank Wood, Paul Biron, Dave Biron.


MARY ELLIS WRIGHT died 18 Sept 1931 at Thatcher, Ida. She was born at Perryville, Mo. 20 June 1866. Came to Soda with her parents 15 May 1884. She was married to Joseph B. Wright 27 Dec?. Survived by her husband and two sons, Ellis and Kenneth of Thatcher, a step dau Mrs. Lara Poole and the following brothers & sisters: George W. Ellis, Frank E. Ellis, Thomas M. Ellis, Mrs. F. W. Nanney & Mrs. W. B. Wright. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery 21 Sept 1931.


MRS. NETTIE COMSTOCK was killed when she fell from the U.P. train in Rawlins, Wyo, west of Ferris Station 1 Oct 1931. Mrs. Carl Norton only dau of Bancroft [Idaho] and a sister survive her.


JAMES RUUD, 2 months old son of Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Rudd, died 1 Oct 1931. Buried in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


MISS IVY IDELLA GRAY, 35, died 2 Oct 1931 at the Caribou County Hospital. Funeral services held in Grace [Idaho] 5 Oct 1931. She was teaching in Alexander [Idaho]. She is survived by her parents Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Gray of Grace,  4 sisters: Mrs. W. J. Jensen, Mrs. Theron Smith, Mrs. A. B. Newsom, Francis Gray & Gladys Gray;  3 brothers: Clark, Andrews  Leo [or Leon] Gray).


SOPHIA PETERSON, 11 yr old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Warren Peterson, died in Soda Springs 16 Oct 1931. Body taken to Wayan [Idaho] for funeral & burial 19 Oct 1931.


GEORGE ELLIS of Grace [Idaho] was killed 11 Nov 1931 in a car accident at Talmage, Idaho. Mr. Ellis was married but had no children. Funeral was in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Burial in Mill Creek Ward Cemetery, Salt Lake County.


JAMES SCOTT of Grace [Idaho], 47, died 16 Nov 1931. Survivors: widow & five children: James 12, Harry 10, Glen 8, Milton 5. Hazel 6 mo. and a sister Mrs. M. Nelmes. Funeral at Pocatello [Idaho].


GEORGE S. HORSLEY, 62, died 1 Dec 1931. He was born at Paris, Idaho 1 March 1871, the son of Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Horsley. He married Nell Campbell 26 Nov 1896. To this union 7 children were born, four of whom survive: Rhea, Elizabeth, Mrs. Ann Austin, Mrs. Marguerite Hanson. Funeral services at the L.D.S. Church 3 Dec 1931. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery. Brothers & sisters of Mr. Horsley – Mrs. J.E. Lau, T. W. Horsley, Mrs. Henry Miles, Mrs. Adeline Spencer, Mrs. Amelia Fernando.


MRS. W. M. DAVIS died 11 Dec 1931 at her home in Soda. Funeral 14 Dec 1931. Burial in Soda. Mrs. Waylett M. Davis, 65 yrs. She was born at Brigham City, Utah 8 Sept 1866. She married W. M. Davis 21 Jan 1885. She was the mother of 12 children, one dau Mrs. Vella Woodall having died in Aug 1922. The remaining six sons & 5 dau are living: Uther, Frank, George and Edith Davis, Mrs. Mabel Rudd, Mrs. Deborah Lindsey, Rees & Ellis Davis , Mrs. Leah Coats, Mrs. Loretta Madsen, her husband W. M. Davis, 2 sisters – Mrs. Leah Gorton & Mrs. B. D. Thomas; one brother Noel B. Waylett.


MRS IDA DANA HEYMING died 18 Dec 1931, age 71 yrs. 7 mo. 8 days [at Soda or Black River Falls, Wisconsin]. Funeral services were held from the home of Mr. & Mrs. H. M Perry 21 Dec 1931. Burial in the Riverside Cemetery. Miss Ada Dana was born in Manston, Wisconsin 10 May 1860, the dau of Hiram N. & Betsey Greenslitt Dana. She married Harry W. Kelly 30 May 1875. He died 1918. In 1907 she was married to John Heyming. Eight children were born to her first union – 5 survive her. Mrs. Myrtle Lavin, Mrs. H. M. Perry, Harry W. Kelly, Mrs. Nina A. Bibbs, William D. Kelly, her dau. Mrs. Frankie Parsons died 1908. Mrs. Mayme Kelly died in 1926 and a son Fred in 1919. She is survived by 3 sisters: Mrs. Caroline St. Clair, Mrs. Hattie P. Kelly & Mrs. Lida Clerk. She was the mother of the late Mrs. Mayme Kelly, wife of W. J. Kelly, who is now a resident of Oakland City, Calif. Mr. Kelly is the son of Mrs. Tom Corrigan of Soda Springs. She was the grandmother of Vera Jean Kelly of Soda.


ALVIN LARGELLIERE was killed 20 Dec 1931 at his home in Soda Springs. He was born in Soda 15 yrs ago, the son of Edgar W. & Katheryn Dunlap Largellier (sic). Funeral services were held 22 Dec. Burial in the Soda Mound Cemetery. Survived by parents, one bro Junior and two sisters, Pauline & Louise.





IDA KING, 47, hanged himself here [Ontario, Oregon] 5 Jan 1932 in King’s room. Funeral 8 Jan. He was born in Soda Springs, Ida. 2 Feb 1885. Survivors father Judge G. L. King, two brothers, Arthur & Homer; two sisters, Mrs. C. R. Arnold & Mrs. L. G. Huston.


CLAUDIA SOPHIA MAYLETT died Jan 1932; funeral 28 Jan 1932 at Malad [Idaho]. She was born in Malad City 6 May 1874 and married Noel B. Waylett 15 May 1892. Noel B. Waylett is a brother of Mrs. Leah Gorton of Soda.


W.A. SMITH, a brother to Mrs. W. E. Smedley, died at Haskel, Okla. 6 Feb 1932, survived by widow and one child. He was 43 yrs. old. Buried in Kansas City [Missouri]


KENT LESTER DEWEY, 47, died 7 Feb 1932 at Idaho Falls [Idaho]. Survivors – widow, Mrs. Christnia (sic) Dewey, Idaho Falls and a son, Marlow Dewey of Boise [Idaho]: his mother, Mrs. Laura Popper; bro & sisters, Ray [or Roy]& Lewis Dewey, Nan Center, Bernice Barrett, Hallie Quinn, Mattie Schmidt.  Born 21 Jan 1885 at Salt Lake City [Utah]. He married Christian Skinner 23 July 1907, Funeral 9 Feb 1932.


MRS. CATHERINE HOCKINGS, 72, died at the home of hr daughter, Mrs. James Sibbett, Jr. at Wayan [Idaho] 13 Feb 1932. She was born in England 24 May 1860. Mr. Hockings died five years ago in Calif. Surviving: 5 children – Mrs. James Sibbett, Jr., Lester Hockings, Wayan, Richard Hockings of Pocatello, Ida., Ernest Hockings of Moore, Idaho, Mrs. Ethel Sibbett of Lustin, Calif.  Funeral 16 Feb 1932; burial in the Gray [Grays Lake, Idaho] Cemetery.


WILLIAM HENRY HILDRETH, died 16 Feb 1932 in Soda Springs. William Hildreth was born in Watsonville, Calif. on 28 Oct 1865. He came to Soda in abt 1909 and assumed charge of the Chieftain [The Soda Springs paper]. He published the Chieftain until 1921 when he sold his interests and moved to Calif. In 1932 he moved back to Soda. Survivors: widow, Lula Dean (Scudder), 3 sons & one daughter: William S. Hildreth of Soda, Mrs. Frank (Ruth) Liston, Fay E. & Frank Hildreth of Long Beach, Calif. 2 sisters Mrs. Cal Cheney & Mrs. Ruth Cullens; one brother Lel Hildreth. Funeral 20 Feb 1932; buried in Fairview Mound Cemetery in Soda.


MELVIN MITTON GUNNELL, son of Ezra B. & Mary Mitton Gunnell died 17 Feb 1932 in Wellsville [Utah]. Funeral 19 Feb 1932; burial in Wellsville Cemetery. He was born in Wellsville 11 Sept 1903. Survived by parents and the following brothers & sisters all of Wellsville: Cyril, Parley, Alton, Jennie & Mary Gunnell & Mrs. Carrie Bailey.


DANIEL MOORE SR., 58, of Buena Park, Calif., died at his home there 2 March 1932. He was born in Soda Springs (Old Town), Ida. Dec 1873. Funeral 5 March in Calif. Burial in Loma Vista Cemetery. Survivors: widow, Mrs. Kathryn Moore, a son Daniel E. Moore Jr., Long Beach, Calif., 4 daughters Mrs. Kathryn Boyd, Mrs. Mae Young, Mrs. Louise Moore & Mrs. Helen Cagle; two brothers Jesse Moore, Soda, Fred Moore, Pocatello [Idaho].


HYRUM SWENSON of Lago [Idaho] died at the Caribou Hospital at Soda Springs 18 March 1932. He was born in Huntsville, Utah 58 yrs ago. Survived by widow and the following children: Raymond Swenson and Loretta Hanson, Lago, Mrs. Nola Jenkins, Newton, Utah; two brothers, James and Clifford Swenson, Lago, 4 grandchildren. Funeral at Lago 20 March 1932 Burial?


THE INFANT DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fannen of Conda [Idaho] died 25 March 1932. Funeral 27 March at Conda; burial at Pocatello [Idaho]


WILLIAM B. THATCHER, 27, died at Grace [Idaho] 27 March 1932 from a (sic) accidental gun shot. Survivors: his widow, Mrs. Leonia Mendenhall Thatcher, his father, Howard E. Thatcher – six sisters: Mrs. Verne Mendenhall, Mrs. Kenneth Wright, Elaine and Helen Thatcher of Thatcher [Idaho], Mrs. Olive Scholes, Logan [Utah], Mrs. Dora Hollingworth, Preston [Idaho].


MARION HEAP of Thayne [Wyoming], in Star Valley, died at his home 9 April 1932. he was born at Dixie, Utah 19 Oct 1869. He married Evelyn Miller of Thayne 28 Sept 1888 in the Logan Temple. Survived by following children: Mrs. Martha Thatcher of Grover [Wyoming], Mrs. Nora Newswander, Mrs. Martha Hansen, Mrs. Stella Hemmert & Mrs. Louis Sanders of Freedom [Wyoming], Alva Heap of Thayne & Delbert Heap of Blackfoot [Idaho]. Funeral 12 April in Thayne. Interment in Thayne Cemetery.


MRS. LAVINA KELSEY STARK, 62, died 10 April 1932 at Soda. Lavina Kelsey Stark was born in Paris, Idaho, 16 Oct 1869, a daughter of Stephen and Lydia Kelsey. She married Martin Stark Dec 1903, who died 7 yrs ago. To this union was born three sons; Raymond Stark of Rigby, Idaho, “Bud” or Stephen and Elmer of Soda Springs, also three brothers and two sisters: Robert Kelsey of Paris, Ida, Caston Kelsey of Montpelier, Ida, Sharley Kelsey of Butte, Montana, Bessie Shapman of Salt Lake City [Utah] & Zina Crawford of Pocatello, Ida. Funeral 12 April 1932. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. FRANS (BESSIE) SWENSEN died 16 April 1932 in Soda. Funeral 19 April 1932. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery. She was born 8 Dec 1853 in Sweden. Survived by husband, Frans and following children: Steven Swensen of Oakley, Wyo. Anna Swensen Stivics of Joyem, Wyo. Anthony Swensen of Denver [Colorado], Augusta Swensen Behrens of Pinedale, Wyo.


MRS. DIANA CHRISTENSEN, age 36, wife of McGee Christensen died at her home in Hatch [Idaho] 16 April 1932. Survived by husband and three children – Leone, Dewey, and Robert; her father Alma Hogan of Hatch; the following brothers & sisters – A. Nelson Hogan of Hatch, LeRoy Hogan of Chesterfield [Idaho], Mrs. Ira Spidell of Downey [Idaho], Mrs. Charles Schenk of Pingree [Idaho], Mrs. Raymond Mickelson of Hatch. Funeral 19 April 1932 at Hatch. Burial in the Chesterfield Cemetery.


MRS. SADIE BACON died 30 April 1932 at her home in Georgetown, Ida. Funeral 2 May 1932.


AMMIE DELL RUNYAN (MRS. GEORGE SUTHERLAND), age 36. Mrs. George Walter Sutherland died at the home of her dau Mrs. Bertha Rinehart in Pocatello, Idaho 19 May 1932. Funeral 20 May 1932 at Pocatello; interment in Soda Mound Cemetery 21 May. Born in Knoxville, Iowa 4 April 1876; married Geo. Walter Sutherland in 1895. Survivors: husband, six children: Erwin Sutherland, Fielding, Utah, Mrs. Bertha Rinehart of Pocatello, Carl Sutherland of Pocatello, Mrs. Edna Cameron of Columbus, Ohio, Henry Sutherland of Los Angeles, Calif. & Ethel Sutherland of Salt Lake [Utah]; parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Runyan of Canada, one brother of Simpson, Sask. Canada, a sister of Knoxville, Iowa and a nephew, Henry J. Finch of Soda.


JOSEPH H. OZBURN, 70, died 22 May 1932 in Soda. Funeral 23 May 1932; burial in the Soda Mound Cemetery. He was born in Yates Center, Kansas in 1860 and married at the age of 27. Survivors: wife, Annie Elizabeth Phelps Ozburn and two children, A. L. Ozburn and Mrs. Harry Richards of Soda; one brother, I. J. Ozburn and two sisters Mrs. Frannie Young and Mrs. Maud Stines of Colorado Springs [Colorado]. His father was Pleasant Henry Ozburn and his mother was Sarah Rich. Burial at Soda Mound Cemetery.


LAWRENCE SLOAN, 68, of Redland, Calif. died at the Caribou County Hospital 8 June 1932 following an operation. Body was taken to Montpelier [Idaho]


MRS. J. R. LEERIGHT of Rupert [Idaho] died 11 June 1932 at the Caribou County Hospital. Body was taken to Rupert for burial.


OLA CALL, 16, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Call of Wayan [Idaho] died 20 June 1932 from a car accident 3 miles east of Soda. She died in the Caribou Hospital. Funeral 21 June 1932. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery. Ola Call was born at Wayan, Ida 18 Oct 1916. Survivors are her parents and six brothers & sisters – Ben, Desmond, Milly, May, Aloma & Leah Call.


GAI TAYLOR, 21, of Burley [Idaho], was drowned 12 July 1932 at Twin Falls, Idaho. She was the dau of Dave Taylor, a brother of W. E. (Wick) Taylor.


MISS BERNICE BUCHANAN, 20, also was drowned 12 July 1932 at Twin Falls, Idaho at a point on the Old Oregon Trail near Murtaugh [Idaho]


FRED ATWOOD OLSON, JR, 27, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Olson, Sr. of Grace [Idaho], died 14 July 1932 at Grace. His mother, Louise Atwood Olson who preceeded (sic) him in death. Survivors are his father & step-mother; 3 sisters, Mrs. Roxey Ines, Mrs. Wilma Brown and Mrs. Ila Turner. Burial in Grace.


FRANK JORGENSEN, five year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Nels Jorgensen died 16 July 1932 in Soda Hospital. Funeral 19 July 1932. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery. He was born 25 Nov. 1926 Where?  Survived by parents & 3 brothers.


ERVIN NELSON, 32, Grace barber, died at his home in Grace [Idaho], 25 July 1932. Funeral 28 July in the Grace City Cemetery.  He was born at Mink Creek, Idaho 23 Sept 1899 a son of Mr. & Mrs. Hans Nelson. Survived by widow & two sons, Junior and Donald Nelson; seven brothers & sisters: Hans C. Nelson, Preston [Idaho], Orson and Leonard Nelson of Mink Creek, Mrs. Minnie Balfour, Salt Lake [Utah], Mrs. Mary Larson, Preston, Mrs. Josephine Keller, Idaho Falls [Idaho], Mrs. Carrie Hite, Weiser [Idaho].


JOHN LONG of Pocatello [Idaho] died 5 Aug 1932 at Montpelier Hospital after falling under the wheels of a train. He is survived by his wife, 3 daughters, Mrs. F. J. French, Miss Murial Long, both of Pocatello, Mrs. Earl Rowley of Cheyenne [Wyoming] and a son James of Pocatello.


TONY SIRICO OR CIRICO, abt 25 yrs. died 15 Aug 1932 in Montpelier Hospital.


KEPLAR SESSIONS died Aug 1932. He was born in Bountiful, Utah 3 Dec 1855, a son of Perrigrine & Lucina Call Sessions. He married Ann Call in Jan 1876 at Salt Lake Endowment House. Funeral 28 Aug 1932; Interment in Chesterfield Cemetery. Survivors: 3 sons & 4 daughters, K. C. Sessions of Soda, Mrs. Carl R. Gustaveson, Topance [Idaho], Ivan Sessions of Soda, Mrs. Thomas Tolman, Paul, and Mrs. Lester Smith, Topance. His wife died Oct 1926


VIRGIL GILLETTE of Grace [Idaho] died 30 Aug 1932 in Soda Hospital. Survived by his mother and two brothers, Kenneth and Deval Gillette, all of Grace, Ida. Burial in Grace Cemetery.


FRED D. ROBINSON died 1 Sept at his home in Grace [Idaho]. Funeral 4 Sept 1932 at Grace. Burial in Grace Cemetery. Born at Lamoni, Iowa 7 April 1878. Survived by widow and following children:  Mrs. Mamie Stibow, Fern Roland, Vivian, Beatrice, Stella, Margaret, Junior & Lee of Grace.


MRS. HELEN LALLATIN CHESTER, 52 yrs, died in Ogden [Utah] 5 Sept 1932 at the home of her sisters (sic) Mrs. R. M. Conner at Ogden, Utah. She was born 26 Aug 1880 and was married to Colin A. Chester 15 Jan 1908. Survived by husband – 3 daughters – 2 sons: Howard Gene, Lucile, Carol and Afton Chester all of Soda; four brothers, Chris, Charles, Joseph of Soda and Fred Lallatin of Salt Lake [Utah]; 3 sisters: Mrs. Dave Heyrend, Salt Lake, Mrs. R. M. Conner of Ogden & Mrs. Frank McClain of Pocatello. Funeral 8 Sept 1932 at the L.D.S. Chapel in Soda.


NEWELL CLARK, 35, was recovered from Bear River 6 miles from Montpelier [Idaho]. It is though (sic) he drowned 16 Sept 1932. He was born in Georgetown [Idaho]. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Clark. Survived by his widow & four children, also several brothers & sisters and his father.  Funeral at Georgetown.


MARIA TARBET, 18, dau of Mrs. E. J. Thomas died 20 Sept 1932 at the Soda Springs Hospital.

She was born at Benson, Utah 20 Nov 1913. Survived by her mother, two brothers – Dwain & Kenneth Tarbet; a half brother Junior Thomas &  two half sisters: Delora & Maxine Thomas all of Grace [Idaho].


MARJORIE JUNE BOAN, age 6 yrs, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Boan of Grays Lake [Idaho] was accidently (sic) killed 29 Sept 1932 by a shot. Funeral at Idaho Falls [Idaho] Burial? Survived by parent and three brothers, 4 sisters. 


GERALDINE FINE died 22 Sept 1932 at Twin Falls [Idaho] Hospital. Funeral 24 Sept at Hazelton, Idaho. She was the dau of Mr. & Mrs. John M. Fine of Hazton (sic). She was born in Hermiston, Oregon in 1911. Survivors: her parents, a md. (sic) Sister in Emmett [Idaho] & 3 brothers, Bryan, Milton, & Kenneth Fine.


BLAINE ACE HAWKER 22 month old son of Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Hawker died 23 Sept 1932. Funeral at Meadowville [Idaho]. Burial in Soda Springs Cemetery. Survived by parents – 3 brothers & 4 sisters.


A. C. DAVIS of Pocatello [Idaho] died 12 Oct 1932 at Pocatello hospital. Mr. Davis was a resident of Davisville. Survived by his wife, three boys and three girls; three brothers, William J. Taylor, & Westley; one sister, Mrs. Dan Balls.


LILA HANSEN, age 2, and Elsie Hansen, age 4, daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Hy Hansen of Triven [?] died at the Caribou Hospital 14 Oct 1932. Interment was at Soda Springs Cemetery.


ALBERT G. KUGLER, 70, died 15 Oct 1932 at Idaho Falls [Idaho]. He was born 18 Aug 1862 at Sheffield, Iowa. Surviving: four brothers & sisters: Mrs. Ross Brase, Mrs. Jewell Stohl, Walter Kugler & Mrs. Lorine Starck. He was an uncle to Don F. Kugler. His body was brought to Soda Springs for burial in the Soda Springs Cemetery.


RAY HOGAN, 22, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Hogan of Thatcher [Idaho] died 23 Oct 1932 at the Soda Hospital. Funeral 26 Oct at Thatcher.


BARBARA JANE WOODALL, dau of Mr. & James F. Woodall, Jr. (mother Netta Colburn) died at her home in Soda 28 Oct 1932 – 2 yrs & 4 months old. Born 20 June 1930. Funeral 30 Oct. Burial in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


HOWARD WILLIAM RIDER, 49, died at Willow Creek, Montana 12 Nov 1932, Funeral services in Willow Creek. Mr. Rider was born in Millbank, So. Dakota 20 Dec 1918. Survived by wife and 4 sisters & his mother of Choteau, Montana.


MRS. LEAH WAYLETT GORTON, 77, died at her home in Soda 20 Nov 1932. She was born in Salt Lake [Utah]. She married George W. Gorton in 1878 in Malad [Idaho] Moved to Soda the same year. Her husband died 1899. Then she run (sic) his mercantile for 24 years. Survived by a brother, Noel B. Waylett of Rupert, Ida and 5 sons: Henry C., George W., Rees D., and Ralph S. Gorton all of Soda Springs, Eastman K. Gorton of Spencer, Idaho; 11 grandchildren. Funeral 22 Nov, burial in Fairview Cemetery.


MRS WILLIAM J. TERRY died 25 Nov 1932. Funeral services held in Draper, Utah. Mrs. Terry was the mother-in-law of Henry Gorton.


DEXTER GRANGER died 2 Dec 1932 at Los Angles (sic), Calif. He married Mrs. Hattie Jackson ten yrs ago. He was born at Owatana, Minnesota 66 yrs ago. Buried in the Inglewood Cemetery.


MISS MARGARET TAYLOR, secretary to Fred E. Lukens, sec. of state, died 2 Dec 1932


GODFREY BARFUSS of Sandpoint, Ida died 4 or 5 Dec 1932. Funeral services in Bancroft, Ida. He was a brother to Fred Barfuss of Bancroft.


NELLIE LENORE WEAVER, age 12, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Budd Weaver died at her home in Soda, 25 Dec 1932 at 2:30 A M from Scarlet Fever (sic). Funeral 25 Dec 1932 at the home in the afternoon. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.





MRS. ELLA WANAMAKER of Pocatello [Idaho] died 4 Jan 1933 in Colorado at the home of her daughter Mrs. Minnie Semler in Denver, Colorado. She was formerly of Soda. Funeral services held in Denver.


LOUIS R. COOLEY, brother of Len Cooley, died at the Caribou County Hospital 7 Jan 1933. He was born in Racine, Wisconsin 10 Nov 1865. Survived by two brothers, I. H. Cooley & Len Cooley; a sister Mrs. G. F. Wellis of Washington.


MRS. MITCHELL RUTH died 25 Jan 1933 at the Caribou County Hospital. Survived by her husband and six children, four girls and two boys. Funeral 27 Jan 1933 in Soda – interment was made in Soda Mound Cemetery.


THE SEVEN WEEK OLD SON of Mr. & Mrs. Lovan Hill died 6 Feb 1933. Funeral 8 Feb and interment was made in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


THOMAS ELLIS, 59, died 6 Feb 1933 at Grace [Idaho]. He was born at St. Maries, Mo. 14 Feb 1874. Survived by his widow and four sons and a daughter. Melvin & Calvin Ellis, Leo Ellis, Weber & Melva Ellis; two brothers, Frank & George Ellis and one sister, Mrs. I Nanney. Funeral 9 Feb 1933. Interment in the Grace Cemetery.


CHARLES PANTER of Thatcher [Idaho] died 14 Feb 1933 at the Caribou County Hospital in Soda. Services & burial were in Thatcher.


CHARLES W. FRYAR, age 62, died 28 Feb 1933 in Soda Springs. Funeral 2 March 1933; burial in Soda Mound Cemetery. He was born in Ripley Mississippi. Moved to Soda 1883. Survived by his widow Mrs. Ella Fryar, six children – Roy [or Ray] Fryar of Preston [Idaho], Edna, Melba, Frank, Betty Jean and Barbara, all of Soda Springs; two sisters Mrs. Alice Barnes of Soda and Mrs. Emma Allendorf of Joplin Missouri; three brothers Reed Fryar, Baker Oregon, Lee Fryar, Yakima Washington and Frank Fryar, Pocatello, Idaho.


ARCHIE MERRELL, 51, died 11 March 1933 at the Caribou County Hospital. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery. Cards of thanks signed by Grace Merrell, Thayne Merrell, Ivan Merrell, Lottie Merrell, Berenice Merrell at the death of our father, Archie Merrell.


AXEL BASTROM of Pocatello [Idaho] died 28 March 1933. He was a son-in law (sic) to Mrs. R. S. Hawker of Meadowville [Idaho]


JOSEPH WM BUTLER, 64, died 16 April 1933 at his home in Idaho Falls [Idaho]. Funeral 14 April 1933 in Idaho Falls. Burial in the Rose Hill Cemetery. He was born 22 Oct 1968 in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Survivors: his widow Mrs., Charlotte Butler, 8 sons and dau, Mrs. Jay Waters, Mrs. Hazel Pearson, Ralph, Joseph, Lewis, and Raymond Butler & John; a brother, George Butler – three sisters, Mrs. Sarah Lawson, Mrs. Hattie Jacobsen, Mrs. Francis Staten.


BEN BINGHAM died April 1933 at Los Angeles, Calif. He was brother in law (sic) to Mrs. James Moore.


KEITH FOWLER, 11 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Fowler of Grace [Idaho] was killed 9 May 1933 in an accident. He was born 19 June 1922. He was a brother to Loren Fowler, manager of Roghaar Store. Funeral services held in Grace 11 May 1933


CHARLES E. KACKLEY died 16 May 1933 at the age of 65 at Alberta, Canada. He is a brother to Dr. Ellis Kackley. His body was brought to Soda Springs where interment will be made in Soda Mound Cemetery 21 May 1933.


MRS. SARAH ANNE LEWIS, 67, wife of Walter H. Lewis, died at her home 17 May 1933. She was born in Missouri 27 June 1865, the dau of E. H. Diggs and Martha E. Diggs. She married Mr. Lewis 26 Oct 1883. to this union three children were born – Pearl E. Skiles, Opal D. Hussey and W. Diggs Lewis, all of who (sic) survive her. Funeral services were conducted in Pocatello [Idaho] 19 May 1933. Interment was in Mountainview Cemetery at Pocatello.


SARAH A. NICKERSON died 18 May 1933 at the hospital in Soda Springs. She was born at Grantsville, Utah 9 April 1856, dau of Emery and Huldah Nickerson Barrus. In 1874 she married Eleazer Freeman Nickerson. To this union were born nine children, five of whom survive her: Eleazer Freeman Nickerson, Sadie Edler, Levi Stillman Nickerson and Loren Nickerson, Mary Huldah Anderson, 23 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren; brothers & sisters, William B. Barrus, Chauncey Barrus & Emeline A. Tanner. Funeral 21 May 1933 and burial in Grantsville, Utah.


J.P. BLACKBURN or Joseph Peter Blackburn, died 22 May 1933 at Soda. He was born in Richardson Co. Nebraska 10 April 1862, the son of George & Jane Blackburn. He married Nellie V. Russell 24 Dec 1884 at Kansas. To this union were born eight children; three girls and five boys – George, William, the eldest dying in infancy. His twin brother George died in Soda two yrs ago. Survivors: his widow, Nellie V. Blackburn, three daughters, Nora Salser and Lyda Tharp of Soda Springs, Jessie Lasley of Rockland, Ida; the four sons, Claude, William, Millard and Homer; one sister Lyda Doty of Brownington, Missouri, 24 grandchildren. Funeral 24 May 1933. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


SAMUEL S. STILLMAN, 65, of Salt Lake City [Utah], died in Salt Lake Hospital 22 May 1933. He was born in East Mill Creek [Utah] 13 Jun 1867.  Funeral in East Mile Creek L.D.S. Ward. Funeral Wasatch Lawn Burial Park.


ELIZABETH ANN RUTHERFORD, 10 month old dau of Mr. & Mrs. H. I. Rutherford, died 5 June 1933 at Salt Lake Hospital. Funeral in Soda 7 June 1933.


WILLIAM T. PARKINSON of Conda [Idaho] died at the local hospital in Soda 21 June 1933. Funeral 23 June 1933. Born in Helena, Montana 17 Jan 1875. Buried in Soda Springs; survived by widow & 2 dau. Mrs. Max Snell & Mrs. Lee Ainsworth; mother, Mrs. J.A. Parkinson of Montana, 2 sisters: Mrs. C. R. Stranahan & Mrs. Rees Taylor.


GAY WILCOX, 6 yr old dau of Mr. & Mrs. O’Neil Wilcox of Conda [Idaho] died 21 June 1933 at the home of his grandfather, Elmer Wilcox of Paris, Idaho.


THE BABY DAU, LITTLE HANNAH SMART, of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Smart of Soda, died 23 June 1933. Buried in Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. MARIE JENNINGS, 46, of Pocatello [Idaho] died at the family home 24 June 1933. She was born in Logan [Utah] 1887. Survivors: a son Russell Jennings, two sisters, Mrs. Carl Grower & Mrs. Nellie Flemming – Pocatello; two brothers Albert Jones – Montpelier [Idaho] & Frank Jones – Pocatello. Mrs. Jennings is a cousin of Myrtle Gorton of Soda, Mrs. L.G. Strong at Trail Creek [Idaho] & Mrs. Arvilla Williams of Grace [Idaho].


MATTHEW (BUSTER) THIEL of Lima, Montana, son of Mrs. Harry Horsley, died 27 June 1933 at Lima, Montana. Funeral services 29 June 1933 at Dillon, Montana.


WALTER J. SCOTT, 39, of Ten Mile Pass [Idaho], died at the Caribou Hospital 3 July 1933. He was born 14 Feb 1894 at Franklin, North Carolina, the son of Robert Lee Scott of N. Carolina and Jane Thornton Scott. Survived by his widow Mattie Jane Scott; two sons, Robert Raymond Scott 12, Raleigh Johnston Scott 10; four brothers, Clyde & George Scott of N. Carolina, Joe Scott of Conda, Idaho, Tom T. Scott of Yellow Pine, Ida; two sisters Mrs. Charles McCracken & Nellie Scott of Ten Mile Pass. Funeral 5 Jul 1933. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. ZELNORA STEVENS HENDERSON, 65, died 10 July 1933 at the family home in Preston [Idaho]. Funeral 12 July 1933 at Preston, Idaho. Survived by husband William A. Henderson, four daughters, Mrs. C. W. Cutler, Mrs. W. K. Moore, Dora and Zelnora Henderson.


MISS ONITA SMITH, 16. dau of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Smith of Thatcher, Ida died 10 July 1933 from an auto accident in the Caribou County Hospital. Survived by parents & several brothers and sisters.


MRS. BERTHA BROWER HEAP of Freedom, Wyo, age 31, died at the Caribou County Hospital ? Aug 1933 Married Clarence Heap. Mrs. Heap was a dau of Mr. & Mrs. James M. Brower. Survivors: her father & mother, husband and three small children. Body was taken to Freedom, Wyo for burial 16 Aug 1933.


HENRY THOMAS BURCHETT died in La Harpe, Kansas 26 Aug 1933 at the age of 73. He was born in Clayborne Co. Tenn. 22 Dec 1859. He married Mary A. Clark of Lee Co. Va. 11 Aug 1880. Seven children were born to this union. Survivors: his widow, Mrs. Mary Burchett, one dau, three sons Charles, George & John. Burial?


ED IRVY, 39, was killed by Lewis Sukilbide 8 Sept 1933, 30 miles north of Soda. Funeral service 12 Sept 1933 by the Elks Lodge of Blackfoot [Idaho] Burial? Survivors: his widow and one daughter who is residing in Calif.


BEATRICE DAVIS, 6 yr old dau of Mr. & Mrs. Glen Davis of Logan [Utah] formerly of Davisville [Idaho] died 12 Sept 1933. Funeral held in Logan, Utah 15 Sept 1933.


WILLIAM ORGILL, 45 yr old sheepherder of Bancroft [Idaho] died 16 Sept 1933. (Murdered)


J. W. THIRKILL died 18 Sept 1933. Interment in the Eyak Cemetery (In Canada). He was born in Salt Lake City [Utah] 1873 and was married in S.L.C. 1896. They then resided in Cordova. Survivors: wife, two sisters, Mrs. Fred Groves, Mrs. Charles Parker and a brother, Frank Thirkill of Soda – clipping from a Canada paper.


WILLIAM TREMELLING SR. died 1 Oct 1933 at the ranch home of his son, William Tremelling, Jr. Body taken to St. Charles, Idaho where funeral was held 4 Oct 1933 [Burial in St. Charles.]


FRANS SWENSEN, age 79, died 6 Oct 1933 at his home in Soda. He was born in Sweden. Mrs. Swensen died 18 April 1932. Survived by the following children – Swen Swensen, Anthony Swensen, Mrs. Anna Twiss, Mrs. W. A. Behrens. Funeral 9 Oct 1933. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. NELLIE BURRALL of Ashton, Ida died 13 Oct 1933 at Ogden, Utah hospital. Funeral at Ashton.


CHARLES F. RORK, 54, was killed 2 miles north of Mack’s Inn [Idaho] 15 Oct 1933. He was born in Franksville, Wis 5 Jun 1879. Body was brought to Pocatello [Idaho]. Survivors: widow, Mrs. Jeanette Rork, a son and daughter, Charles F. Rork, Jr. & Alice Rork; a brother Daniel Rork & a sister Mrs. E. E. Gullidge.


DONATO SANCHEZ, 53, of Rupert [Idaho] died at his home at Rupert; died 29 Nov 1933, Funeral 2 Dec. Interment in Rupert City Cemetery. He was born in Spain 9 Dec 1870. Survivors: his widow – two brothers Joe Sanchez of Rupert and one in Spain. Two sisters Mrs. Carmen West, Mackay [Idaho] and one in Spain.


LORETTA SWANSON STERRETT, 21, wife of Clifton Sterrett, died 2 Dec 1933 at Soda Hospital. Mrs. Sterrett was the only child of Mr.  & Mrs. A. C. Swanson. She was born 7 Sept 1912 at Gooding, Idaho. Funeral services 5 Dec 1933 at Soda. Interment at Mound Cemetery in Soda.


DANIEL ASHTON HILLMAN, 30, residence (sic) of Alexander [Idaho], died 5 Dec 1933 at the Caribou County Hospital. Mr. Hillman was born in Vernal, Utah 20 Nov 1903, son of Dan H. Hillman and Grace Ashton Hillman. Survived by widow, Mrs. Ora Davis Hillman, and three children – Richard, Beverly Jean and Loretta Joy Hillman, his parents, one brother, Ernest F. Hillman, one sister Mrs. Mary Hillman Rands. Funeral services 7 Dec in Grace Ward & 8 Dec in Salt Lake City [Utah]. Interment in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City.


JUDGE LANDI “DICK” C. EASTMAN, age 78, died at his home in Soda 7 Dec 1933. He was born in Oskaloosa, Iowa, 22 Aug 1855. 15 March 1884 he came to Soda Springs, Ida where he met and married Caroline M. Darrien 5 Oct 1885. They were married in Logan, Utah. Born to this marriage Elbert of Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Uther J. Davis of Soda, Mrs. Marguerite Weinberg of Soda, Gorton Eastman of Gerber, Calif & Hugh Eastman who died in 1914. He is also survived by his widow Mrs. L. C. Eastman, 6 grandchildren; 2 sisters Mrs. Ezra Nukolls of Iowa and Mrs. N. J. Brown of Calif. Funeral 10 Dec in Soda.


LELA MYRTLE CHRISTOFFERSON, 35, of Shelly (sic) Idaho, died 11 Dec 1933 in the Soda Hospital. She was born in Goshen, Idaho 24 June 1896, a dau of Jacob A. Teeples and Sarah Burnett Teeples. She married Walter F. Christofferson. Funeral services at Blackfoot, Ida 15 Dec 1933.


WILLIAM C. MUNRO, 79, died 14 Dec 1933 at the Caribou Hospital in Soda Springs. He was born in Graper [Draper], Utah 13 Dec 1854. Funeral held 16 Dec in Soda; burial in the Eight Mile [Idaho] Cemetery beside his wife who died 5 yrs ago.


O.B. O’LANEY, 85, died at his home in Soda 23 Dec 1933. He was born in Tennessee. He was known around town as “Moses”.





MRS. ALICE DRAKE WEST, 42, wife of Alma West, died at her home in Alexander, Ida 1 Jan 1934. She was born in Corinne, Utah 5 April 1892. She moved to Wheelon, Utah where she met and married Alma West 16 Sept 1908. Surviving are four dau - Mrs. Dean Sutton, S.L.C. [Salt Lake City, Utah], Mrs. Francis Simonsen, Idaho Falls [Idaho], Miss Dorothy West, Alexander, & Joy Ann West, Alexander; one son Junior West, Alexander; one grandson Robert Kay Simonsen; her mother Mrs. S. Drake; two brothers Francis Drake and Charles Drake; a sister Mrs. Austin Looke. The funeral in Soda 4 Jan 1934. Body taken to Brigham City, Utah for Interment 5 Jan 1934.


JOSEPH L. HANSEN, 60, of Gentile Valley [Idaho] died at his home 7 Jan 1934. He was born at Soda Springs 17 July 1873. Survived by his widow, three sons and a daughter, Offer, Lowell & Ralph Hansen and Mrs. Louis Elsemore & the following brothers & sisters: Asher Hansen, Mrs. Grant Barney, Romas Hansen, George Hansen, Mrs. Ida Brown, Charles & William Hansen. Funeral held at Grace 10 Jan 1934. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery at Soda Springs.


MRS. KENNETH RYAN died 11 Jan 1934 at Salt Lake City [Utah] Interment at Beaver, Utah (She was a teacher in Soda).


HENRY CHARLES CHRISTENSEN, 45, died in the Caribou County Hospital 13 Jan 1934. He was born in 1885, a native of Copenhagen, Denmark, son of Christian Christensen and Dorothy Marie Christensen. He married Emma Jensen 18 Feb 1903 in the Logan Temple. Surviving – his widow and the following sons & dau., Dean Christensen, Soda Springs, Mrs. Max Chamber, Dorothy, Gilbert, Devona, Marjorie & Kermit Christensen and his father. Funeral at Grace [Idaho] 16 Jan 1934; burial in Grace City Cemetery.


MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR, 77, died at her home at Burley, Idaho, 14 Jan 1934. She was born 5 Nov 1856 at Willard, Utah and was married to Thomas Taylor 18 Jan 1875 in the Salt Lake Temple. She was a dau of Mrs. & Mr. Charles Hubbard. Her husband died 26 Aug 1921. Surviving are three dau – Mrs. Irel Goodmunsen, Mrs. John B. Brooks, & Mrs. Alta Smith; four sons – David A. Taylor, Winslow Taylor, Wesley Taylor & Thomas Taylor, Jr. all of Burley. Funeral in Burley & burial in Burley City Cemetery.


THEODORE ENDERS, 69, died 17 March 1934. He was born in Hamburg, Germany 9 Jan 1865. He came to Soda 1884 to operate the Natural Mineral Water Co. After 14 years with the Mineral Water Co. he and his brother William (Billie) engaged in ranch & livestock business in Enoch Valley [Idaho]. Built Enders Hotel. Theodore Enders married Mrs. Mary Lindstrom 22 Dec 1924. Survived by his widow Mrs. Mary Lindstrom Enders and a step son Glen. Funeral services were held 20 March in Soda. Buried in the Mound Cemetery in Soda Springs by the side of his brother William.


ELIZA EMMA KIBBLE, a former residence (sic) of Soda died 24 March 1934 at Boise [Idaho]. Funeral 26 March at Boise, Interment in Morris Hill Cemetery.


CHARLES G. ROSE died 23 March 1934 at his home in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 92 yrs old. He came to Soda in 1871 to help colonize Soda & lived here for 45 yrs. Retired at the age of 77 and went to Calif. Survived by three children, 17 grandchildren & 12 great grand children. The sons are Charles E. Rose, Walter N. Rose and a dau Mrs. J. C. Huff. Funeral in Santa Monica 26 Mar 1934.


MAYME EGER BRANDON [could be Brandson], wife of C. Walt Brandon of Kemmer (sic) [Wyoming] died 22 April 1934 at the Caribou County Hospital in Soda. Body was shipped to Libertyville, Ill. for burial. Survived by her husband, C. Walt Brandson and a son DeLos Brandson, & a grandson Charles Watt II, a sister Mrs. Jay B. Morse, Mrs. Kate Paddock.


W. A. GEORGE, 46, O.S.L. [Oregon Short Line Railroad] telegraph operator at Soda for 13 yrs was killed 6 May 1934 in a plane crash in Soda. He was born in the South 14 Jul 1888. Survived by a step-father in Mississippi and a sister Mrs. H. H. Bodine of Arizona. Body was shipped to Glendale, Arizona.


MRS. RUBY S. WILLIAMS, 56, wife of Leland S. Williams died at the family home at Pocatello [Idaho] 9 May 1934. She was born in Ogden, Utah 15 Nov 1887. She is a relative of Mrs. J. D. Woodall & Mrs. L. C. Eastman. Survived by her husband, two sons, Leland A. Williams, Dale S. Williams; four sisters and brothers, Mrs. C. J. Hansen, Mrs. Frank Vincent, Elmer & Fred Biddle; & her step mother Mrs. Augusta Biddle. Body taken to Ogden, Utah for burial.


MR. CHARLES W. BARNES died 24 May 1934 at the family residence in Soda. Funeral services were held at the family home 26 May 1934. Rev. Vern B. Newhouse conducted services. Burial in the Mound Cemetery in Soda Springs. Charles W. Barnes was born in Pickway, Ohio 11 Sept 1854. He married Alice Fryar 3 Oct 1889 at Soda. Two children were born to them, a dau Clara who preceded her father in death and a son George. He is also survived by his wife and two grandchildren.


EUGENE GOLAY, 63, died at the Caribou County Hospital 6 June 1934. He was born 21 March 1871 at Galena, Mo. He married Millie Alice Plummer 22 Oct 1906. To this union 11 children were born, two of whom preceded their father in death. He moved to Soda 1916. He is survived by his widow Mrs. Millie Golay, four sons, Elmer, Willis, Robert & Lawrence, five daughters, Esther, Frances, Alice, Lila & Arlene, his mother, Mrs. Delilah Golay, three brothers & five sisters. Funeral services 7 Jun in Soda.


MALISSA COLLINS, 73, died at the family residence in Soda 6 June 1934. Survived by two sons, Arthur & Lee and four daughters, Mrs. Vera Gregoire, Mrs. Edgard Andrews, Mrs. Frank Ellis all of Soda and Mrs. Emory Poulsen of Blackfoot [Idaho]. Mrs. Collins will be laid to rest beside her husband in the Pocatello [Idaho] Cemetery. She was born 2 Oct 1860 near Fort Smith, Arkansas, the dau of Hugh and Ellen Fletcher. Her mother, two brothers & a sister were called by death when Malissa (sic) was just three years old. She lived with her father near Duvall’s Bluff for 6 months, then made her home with her grandmother in Tennessee. She came to Gentile Valley [Idaho] 18 Aug 1895. Here she met & married Fred W. Collins 29 Feb 1876 near Lago, Idaho. Mrs. Collins moved to Soda Nov 1932 and resided until her death. Survived by one brother, Rufus Fletcher; four daughters, Mrs. Frank Ellis, Mrs. Edgar Andrus, Mrs. Emory Poulson, and Mrs. Vera Gregoire; two sons, Arthur & Lee, 16 grandchildren. Funeral services at Grace [Idaho], Burial at Pocatello 10 June 1934.


MR. HUGH GREENFIELD SIBBETT of Gray, Idaho, died 7 Jun 1934. Born 8 Dec 1872 at Morgan City, Utah, a son of James L. & Ammanda (sic?) Almeda Simmons Sibbitt (sic). He married Mary Foss. Funeral 9 June at Gray; burial in the Gray Cemetery. Survived by his widow & the following children: Mrs. Fay Leonard, Kenneth Sibbett, Mrs. Ellis Johnson, Roscoe Sibbett, his mother, Mrs. James Sibbett, two brothers Earl Sibbett & Sam Sibbett, 5 sisters, Mrs. Amanda Lincoln, Mrs. Albert Ross, Mrs. August Wakeman, Mrs. Thomas Rowberry, Mrs. Clarence Corbett.


C. ROY FRYAR, 33, was killed in an auto accident a mile south of Preston, Idaho 15 June 1934. He was born in Soda Springs. Survived by his wife, Ined Norstrom Fryar, one son LeRoy 2, a daughter, Cleo Marie 8 and his mother Mrs. August Sanders of Lund, Idaho and his step-mother Mrs. Ella Fryar, a sister, Mrs. Melva Lau and three half brothers, Conrad & Glen of Lund, Frank Fryar of Soda, four half-sisters, Edna, Melba, Betty Jean and Barbara Fryar.  Funeral at Preston 18 June 1934. Body was brought to Soda Springs for services & burial in the Mound Cemetery.


MRS. C. G. ROSE died 19 July (1934) at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. J. Huff of San Francisco, Calif. Survived by a daughter Mrs. C. J. Huff & two sons, Charles E. Rose & Walter N. Rose. Interment was in Santa Monica, Calif.


LYNN BELL, son of Mr.  & Mrs. O. J. Bell died in Calif 21 July 1934. The body was shipped to Soda Springs 27 July where services were held 28 July and interment made in the Soda Mound Cemetery. He was born at Soda Springs 25 Sept 1894. Survived by his mother Mrs. Margaret Bell, his wife and one daughter, Betty Louise – two sisters, Mrs. Edna Franklin and Mrs. Madge Reid, one brother Mr. Harold Bell of Calif. Lynn Bell was a nephew of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Woodall.


THE 10 MONTH OLD DAU of Mr.  & Mrs. John Burchett of LaHarpe, Kansas died 18 July 1934. Mrs. Burchett was Nellie Burchfield.


MRS. CORA THATCHER, of Thatcher [Idaho] died at the Caribou County Hospital 31 July 1934, She is a sister to Buster Larkins.


W.F. KACKLEY, 79, died at the local hospital in Soda 31 July 1934.He was born in Tennessee 6 Dec1855, a brother to Dr. Ellis Kackley. Body was shipped to Spokane, Washington where funeral services were held 4 Aug. Interment was beside  his wife who preceeded (sic) him in death 18 months earlier.


GEORGE G. NELSON, 68, of Davisville died Aug 1934. Funeral 12 Aug 1934 in Soda. He was born in Oxford, Idaho 25 Sept 1865. He married May Eliza Preece 7 Dec 1886. Survived by following children: George A. Nelson, E. P. Nelson, Ella Coble (Mrs. Thomas Coble), Veda West (Mrs. C. J. West), W. L. Nelson, Ivan Nelson, J. I. Nelson, & Virginia Jones (Mrs. Volda R. Jones).; 19 grandchildren – two brothers & four sisters. He was preceded to the grave by his wife, 2 dau & a son.


LAURA JEANE TINGEY, 18, dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Tingey of Gray, Idaho, died 16 Aug 1934, funeral 19 Aug.


W. H. EDWARDS, 81, died at his home 8 miles south of Pocatello [Idaho] 18 Aug 1934. He was born 26 May 1853 in Washington, Iowa. Survived by his widow, Mrs. Lydia Worthman Edwards, a dau, Mrs. Emery Sherbourne, a brother Lon Edwards and a sister, Mrs. Ann McBarne.


SARAH ELIZABETH (BESSIE) LEWIS STOOR, 43, wife of Matt (Mathias) Stoor of Wayan [Idaho] and mother of ten children, died in Soda Springs 19 Aug 1934. She was a dau of Mr. & Mrs. William D. Lewis & Elizabeth Sessions Lewis. Survived by her husband and nine children –  1. Lee Everett, died at 8 mo. Budd Mathias, Louis Emil, Robert William, Wilma Elizabeth, Forde L., Betty Jean, John Devon, Max David, Frank Reed, a sister Mrs. Lyman Hemmert and a brother, Faso S. Lewis Body was taken to Wayan for burial 22 Aug 1934. Born in Bountiful, Utah 24 April 1891. Md. 5 June 1912


MISS THELMA MADSEN, dau of Mr.  & Mrs. Andrew Madsen of Buhl [Idaho] died at Soda Springs 29 Aug 1934.


RUSSELL GARST died in the Caribou County Hospital 22 Sept 1934. He was born in Nevada, Mo. 16 Feb 1911, a son of Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Garst. He was the coach at the Soda High School. Funeral in Pocatello [Idaho] 24 Sept 1934. Surviving are his parents and a brother Virgil L. Garst.


TAYLOR C. CULLY, died at his home at Chicago, Illinois 24 Sept 1934. He was a former resident of Soda and a brother to Thomas W. Cully of Soda.


MAE FOWLER RICH, 31, wife of Elwood Rich, Burley [Idaho] woolgrower, died at Burley 28 Sept 1934, Interment in Burley City Cemetery. She was born in Hooper, Utah, a dau of Joseph H. Fowler and married Elwood Rich at Ogden [Utah] last May (1933). Surviving are her husband “Slick” Rich, her parents, three brothers J. D. & N. A. Fowler of Burley, J. R. Fowler, Oakley [Idaho]; two sisters Mrs. Floyd Taylor & Ida Fowler.


MRS. CLARA JORDAN of Portland, Oregon, died 17 Oct 1934. She was a sister of Joe F. Miller. Funeral at Portland.


WILLIAM H. AVERY, 64, died at Blackfoot, Idaho 11 Oct 1934. He was born 17 Dec 1934 at Payson, Utah, a son of William H. Avery and Eliza Jane Shepard Avery. Survived by his wife, Eliza M. Durney Avery, his mother, Eliza J. Avery and two children; six stepchildren, three sisters, three brothers. Funeral & burial at Blackfoot.


ALEXANDER ALLENBACK, who has been living with his son Herb, died 26 Nov 1934. He is the father of Mrs. Maylon Lakey of Soda. Body was taken to Montpelier for burial.


 EZRA TAFT BENSEN CALDWELL, died 10 Nov 1934. He was born 9 Jan 1852 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of Robert Caldwell. He never married. One brother, Martin Van Buren Caldwell was killed on the road from Ft. Laramie to Santa Fe. His father died in Soda Springs Aug 1894. Surviving are the following relatives – a sister, Mrs. Agnes J. Hamilton – nieces & nephews: Harper & June Caldwell, Mrs. Jessie Burton, Mrs. Emma Gay, Mrs. Nettie Haws, Frank Loveless, Mrs. Birdie Howarth, Mrs. Ethel Berrett, Ezera, Bruce & Bert Hamilton, Norma Hamilton, Irene Lenhart, Mrs. W. E. Smith, Mrs. Frank E. Ellis, Arthur & Lee Collins, Mrs. Edgar Andrus, Mrs. Vera Gregaire, & Mrs. Edith Graham, Mrs. Emory Poulson. Funeral service in Pocatello [Idaho]. Interment in the Mountainview Cemetery by the side of two sisters & stepmother.


LEWIS S. POND, 79, died at his home in S.L. City [Salt Lake City, Utah] 16 Nov 1934. He was born in S.L. City 25 Dec 1854, a son of Stillman and Abigail Thorn Pond. He married Julia Ann

Whittle 15 Jan 1879.  First President of Bannock Stake.  Surviving: his widow Mrs. Julia A. Pond, three sons & six daughters – L. Sumner Pond, Dr. Casper W. Pond, Joseph M. Pond, Mrs. Flora Wright, Mrs. Myrtle Turner, Mrs. Clare Bergstrom, Mrs. Teressa Dunn, Mrs. Abigail Gardner, Miss Eugenia Pond; brothers & sisters, Joseph T. Pond, Martha Pond, Mrs. Francis Huff Driggs, Mrs. Zina Whittle; 3 half brothers, L. C. Pond, Noah S. Pond, M.A. Pond.  Buried at Richmond, Utah.


MABEL MARGARET CONDIE, 47, wife of Ernest Condie died at her home at Salt Lake City [Utah] 16 Nov 1934. Service held 20 Nov. Mrs. Condie was born at Soda Springs 14 Aug 1887 a daughter of William and Dora Cates Winschell. Surviving: her husband, two daughters, Afton & June Condie; a son Robert Condie – her mother Dora Cates Winschell; four brothers, Bert Winschell, Harry Winschell, Louis Winschell, Lester Winschell; five sisters, Mrs. Vella Billingsley, Mrs. Elva Skinner, Mrs. Gladys Knowlden, and Mrs. Letta Bouroughs & Mrs. Arzella Nourse.


WILLIS STANLEY BEUS, 10 yrs, son of Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Beus, died at the Caribou County Hospital in Soda Springs 25 Nov 1934 from blood poison (sic). Born at Soda Springs 25 Feb 1924. Surviving are his parents Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Beus, three bro. Jay, Edmund Jr. & Eldon, two sisters, Alice Wilson and Marjie Beus.


AL STALKER of Grace [Idaho] died at the Caribou County Hospital at Soda 18 Dec 1934. He was born at Franklin, Idaho Sept 1866. Survived by widow and 8 children; 6 are married. Funeral services held at Grace 20 Dec 1934.


GEORGE FRANCIS GAGON died in Idaho Falls [Idaho] 14 Dec 1934. He was born in Illinois 78 yrs ago. He had taught school in Soda. His wife died three years ago. Survived by one son, Wendell Gagon, a brother Sam Gagon of Soda. Funeral services held in Blackfoot [Idaho]. Interment at Grove City [Idaho] Cemetery (Near Blackfoot).





RASMUSSEN E. HANSEN, 61, died (about 9 Jan 1935) at the home of his dau Mrs. Claude Orison,     Blackfoot [Idaho]. He was born at Soda Springs 17 Feb 1873, the son of Hans Hansen. He married Pheobe (sic) Vaughn in Soda. Survived by his widow, five daughters, three sisters, four brothers.  Funeral service at Blackfoot.


FRED KESLER. 87, died 11 Jan 1935 at his home at Alexander [Idaho] (heart attack). He (sic) wife preceded him in death about three years. Survived by six sons, Fred Kesler, E. J. Kesler. H. W. Kesler, D. H. Kesler, O. D. Kesler, Albert Kesler, one daughter, Mrs. Fred Robison. Funeral services at Grace, Idaho. The body was sent to Salt Lake City [Utah] for burial.


LYDIA JANE ROBINSON, 24, died 11 Jan 1935 in the Gooding [Idaho] City hospital. She was the dau of Mr. & Mrs. T. H. Robinson of Central, Idaho. She taught school at Alexander in 1933. Funeral services at Soda Springs 14 Jan 1935. Interment was in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


ROBERT BAXTER GUNNELL, son of Francis & Jane Baxter Gunnell, died 24 Jan 1935 at his ranch home in Meadowville, Idaho. He was born 28 Sept 1870 in Wellsville, Utah. Funeral services in Soda Springs 26 Jan. Body was taken to Wellsville where another service was held and burial was in the Wellsville Cemetery.


                                                From Soda Springs Sun date January 31, 1935


                                     Robert Baxter Gunnell, son of Francis and Jane Baxter Gunnell

                                died January 24, 1935, at his ranch home in Meadowville, Idaho. He

                                was born September 28, 1870, at Wellsville, Utah, and lived there

                                until 1896, when he moved to Central, Idaho. In 1910 he moved, with

                                his family to Davisville, where he spent the years until 1928, when he

                                moved to his ranch at Meadowville. He lived there until his death.

                                     Mr. Gunnell is survived by the following sons and daughters: Mrs.

                                Fred Campbell of Malad, T. K. Gunnell of Arimo, Mrs. D. C. Lowe

                                of Grace, Mrs. Vernon Murray of Paul, Idaho, Leslie K. Gunnell of

                                Wellsville, Utah and Earl Gunnell of Soda Springs. 


DON JAY STOOR, three yr old son of Mr.  & Mrs. Emil Stoor of Wayan [Idaho], died 24 Jan 1935. He was born 31 Dec 1931 at Soda Springs in the Emma Christensen home. Funeral services 26 Jan at Wayan.


PETER CAYHIER, age 75, died at the Caribou County Hospital 30 Jan 1935. Funeral services 1 Feb 1935 at Soda Springs.


WILLIAM J. TERRY, father in law to Henry Gorton, died at Grass Valley, Calif. he was buried (sic) at his old home, Draper, Utah 3 Feb 1935 (Mr. Terry was a resident of Soda for many years.)


MR. D. P. EVANS, age 76, died 2 Feb 1935 at the home of his son Wayne S. Evans. Service held at Riverdale [Idaho]. Buried in the Logan [Utah] Cemetery beside his wife.


CALL STOOR, 23, died 17 Feb 1935 at the Caribou County Hospital. He was born Dec 1911 the son of Mr.  & Mrs. John Stoor. Survived by his wife, Lavon Smart Stoor, a 4 month old dau, Lois Lavon, father & mother, Mr.  & Mrs. John Stoor, sister Edna Stoor, a brother Jimmie. Funeral held at Soda 20 Feb 1935. Burial at Fairview Cemetery at Soda.


ALICE M. DEMPSTER, died 21 Feb 1935 at Los Angeles, Calif. She was a former resident of Soda Springs.


ELAINE A. COOLEY, Elaine Anderson Cooley, 21, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Christie Anderson died at the Salina Hospital at Elsinore, Utah 15 March 1935 from complications of childbirth 11 Feb. She was born in Elsinore, Utah 23 March 1914. She married Willis N. Cooley, son of Mr.  & Mrs. Len Cooley of Soda 4 Jan 1934. Survived by husband of Soda, infant daughter, father, mother, two sisters, Elina & Ivie Dell, three brothers, Marvin, Everett & Gaylon Worth, all of Elsinore, Utah. Funeral 17 March in Elsinore. Interment in Elsinore Cemetery.


MRS. ALICE K. BALE, died 29 March 1935 at Idaho Falls [Idaho] Hospital. Funeral 1 April at Idaho Falls. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. She was born 20 Jan 1889 at Fort Lewis, Colo. In 1919 she served as deputy clerk for Caribou County three years. Survivors: a dau Vivienne Bale, a brother, Edward Bale & a sister, Mrs. Marguerite J. Robertson.


DAN RUSHFORD of S. L. City, Utah was killed (in a train accident) at S. L. City 31 March 1935


RAY A. FAULKNER, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Ted Faulkner, died March 1935. Funeral 29 March 1935 in Chesterfield, Idaho. Interment in Chesterfield Cematery (sic). Survived by parents & one sister Nola Jean Faulkner


MRS. UARDA LICHENBERG CROWELL, 28, wife of Theodore Crowell of Pocatello [Idaho] died of a heart attack 27 March 1935 at the home of her mother in Bancroft [Idaho]. Born Aug 21, 1906 at Lund, Idaho. She married Mr. Crowell in Salt Lake Temple. Survived by husband, three daughters, Catherine 8 mo. Imogine 6 and Barbara 4, her mother, Mrs. Delia Lichenberg, a sister LaPrea, & three brothers, Alvin, Theron and Eldon all of Bancroft. Funeral services held 31 March 1935 in Pocatello. Interment in Mountain View Cemetery.


ALMA HAYES, died 5 April 1935 at his home in Soda. He was 89 yrs old. Funeral service 9 April in Soda Springs. Interment in the Georgetown [Idaho] Cemetery. He was the son of Thomas & Polly Hess Hayes. Was born in Nauvoo, Hancock Co. Illinois 11 Jan 1846. His father died in 1847 and his mother in 1850. Alma crossed the plains in 1852, lived in Provo [Utah] 2 yrs then was sent to Farmington, Davis, Utah to his grandmother Elizabeth Hess, mother of John W. Hess. In 1867 he married Annselina [actually Ann Selina] Thomas, a dau of Robert & Catherine Lewis Thomas. Two children were born, Elizabeth & John Riley Hayes. In 1872 he had sealed to him in the old End. [Endowment] House, Emmeline Thomas & Louisa Jane Sheffield. From this union 22 children were born. Moved to Georgetown [Idaho] & lived 51 years there. Louisa died 7 Nov 1924. He was survived by his wife and 13 of his 22 children - Mrs. Louis Weber, Mrs. George King, Mrs. Lott Payne, Mrs. Zina Armitage, Horace Hayes, Wilford Hayes, Mrs. Wilford King, Mrs. Jane Hoff, John Hayes, Alma H. Hayes, Mrs. Fred Smart, Mrs. Hattie Erb and Thomas Hayes.


MRS. MEILEY SPENCER, age 46, wife of Dick Spencer died at her home in Gray, Idaho April 1935. She was born in Billville, Illinois and was married 18 yrs ago to Spencer. Her body was shipped to Billville for burial. Survivors: husband, four brothers, five sisters.


JUDSON C. WELCH died April 1935. Funeral service 4 April 1935. Born in Providence, Cache, Utah, 3 April 1871. Survived by 6 children- 4 sons & 2 daughters, Heber Welch, Mrs. Amy Larson; Mrs. Edna Cornia, Delbert Welch & Judson Welch, Don Welch. His wife and 2 daughters of Mr. Welch preceded him in death.


LOUIS TORCHIO, 51, son of Mrs. Augusta Rolando (Aunt Jane), died 11 April 1935 in Soda Springs. (Killed in a gravel pit cavein (sic). He was born 14 March 1884 in Pennsylvania. He was living with his mother who is 92 in Soda Springs. Funeral services 13 April 1935 at Soda. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. LOTTIE HIGGINSON, wife of Charles Higginson, died at her home in Chesterfield, Idaho 18 April 1935. She is a daughter of Moses Muir and Mary V. Call, born 16 Jan 1877 at Bountiful, Utah. She married Mr. Higginson in 1893. Survived by husband and one daughter, Mrs. Vasta Argyle; two sons, W. S. Higginson & Vernon Higginson. Funeral in Chesterfield 20 April.


SAMUEL ALEXANDER SIBBETT, 80, died at the Caribou County Hospital in Soda 1 May 1935. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1855. Service 5 May 1935 at Gray’s Lake, Idaho. Interment was in Gray Cemetery beside his wife Evaline Brown Sibbett and three children. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Mike Gorden, Elva Landon;  three sons, Sam & Bert and Lee Sibbett. Two stepsons Ollie & William Sibbett.


VERNAL MCLAIN, died 1 May 1935 at the Caribou County Hospital. Mr. McLain was born at Turner, Idaho in 1907. Services 3 May 1935 at Grace, Idaho. Survivors: his mother, three brothers & 4 sisters; his wife, Viola Larson McLain, two daughters, Connie 3 & Arlene 5 months.


MRS. H.D. DIXON, 25, formerly Miss Zelda Skinner of Soda died 2 May 1935 at Burley, Idaho. She was born in Soda Springs, a dau of Mr. & Mrs. George Skinner. Survived by her husband and infant daughter, 9 day old; two other children, Caron Louise & Maurice Duard; her parents, Mr. & Mrs. George Skinner, two sisters, Mrs. J. C. Martinett & Gloria Skinner; two brothers – Nile, Allen, Loren & Claud Skinner. The body was brought to Soda. Services were held 5 May 1935. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


WASHINGTON HOGE FIELDS, 70, died at the Caribou County Hospital 13 May 1935. He was born in Monroe Co. Missouri 14 Jan 1865. His father was W. T. Fields. Survived by a sister Mrs. Lilly Pearl, brother, Oscar B. Fields & Burr Fields, a half brother, and half sister, Mrs. R. B. Phillips. Services 15 May at Soda. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery. Mrs. Maud Fields was a sister. Wash never married. He was the eldest of six children.


INFANT DAUGHTER of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Rutherford died 25 May 1935. The baby was born 23 May 1935. Buried in Soda Mound Cemetery 26 May 1935.


THE BODY OF WILLIAM MCCLELLAN, of Chesterfield [Idaho] was found 25 May 1935 east of Swan Lake [Idaho]. His parents Mr. & Mrs. James McClellan, 2 bro. James & Earl & 1 sister, Mrs. Al Remington & another sister in Wyo. Mr. McClellan had  been away from home since early winter.


DORMI MUNROE, age 9 yrs 5 mo 21 days, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Munroe, died at the home of her parents May 1935. Funeral 28 May 1935 in Soda.


FRED A. (HAPPY) ROGERS (sic), 60, died 11 June 1935 in Seattle [Washington]. Survivors: his widow, Anna, an uncle Jim Rodgers, other relatives in Ill. His body was shipped to Soda Springs for burial. Mr. Rodgers was a brother-in-law of Abe C. Anderson of Soda. Services were held 19 June 1935 in Soda. Interment was in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. JANE CALL, wife of Chester Call, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Bill Jones 12 June 1935. Mrs. Call was born 10 Nov 1855 at Salt Lake City [Utah]. Came to this country (sic) with her husband 53 yrs ago.  Funeral 15 June at Chesterfield [Idaho]. Children survivors: Columbia Jones, Ada Millward, Ivy Eldredge, Osmos Call, Garis Call, Ace Call.


MRS. HERBERT HORSLEY, SR. (Aunt Lucy) died 5 July 1935. She was born 18 Aug 1857 in Birmingham, England. She met and married Brigham Skinner in 1872. To this union 10 children were born. She was married to Herbert Horsley in Jan 1899. To this union one child was born. Funeral services were in Soda Springs 7 July 1935.  The body was buried at the side of her first husband in Nounan [Idaho] Cemetery.


RUSSELL LEE HESS, 32, died 19 July 1935 in the Utah Hot Springs near Ogden of a heart attack.  He was born 24 Jan 1903 at Georgetown, Idaho, a son of D. W. & Eliza J. Bacon Hess. Survived by his parents, three brothers, DeVerl W. Roscoe Hess, Clarence W. Hess, three sisters Mrs. L.S. Smart, Miss Edna Hess, Mrs. R. H. Munson. Funeral 23 July under direction of Lindquist Mortuary.


GEORGE EDWARD STOTTS died 29 July 1935 of heart trouble. He was born 22 Dec 1870 in Wellsboro, Penn. He was left an orphan at age three & grew up under the care of an uncle. 1915 he moved to Lund [Idaho] with his wife. Survived by his wife Sarah Haag Stotts, a brother H. J. Stotts and a sister Mrs. E. Callahan. Services held 30 July in Lund, Idaho. Interment in the Soda Springs Cemetery.


MARIAN ANN HIGLEY, 69, died in the Soda Springs Hospital 5 Aug 1935. She was born in Richmond, Utah 7 June 1866. She married Harvey W. Higley. Funeral 7 Aug in Soda. Interment was made at the Cematery (sic) at Lava Hot Springs [Idaho]. Survived by her husband, Harvey W. Higley, four dau Mrs. Laura Lasonby, Mrs. Bertha Gummersall, Mrs. Rose Gerber, Mrs. Edith Hartley, a son Warren Higley of Soda, a brother J. L. Sharp, six sisters Mrs. Elizabeth Bowles, Mrs. Emma Glauner, Mrs. Laura Bennett, Mrs. Lola Poulsen, Mrs. Florence Campbell, Mrs. Fern Cooper.


LAWRENCE TURNER of Williams, Idaho died 9 Aug 1935 at the Caribou County Hospital in Soda Springs from a gun shot. He was born 8 July 1901 at Williams. Survived by his wife Anna Roholt & one child, Larene, his parents, Mr.  & Mrs. Richard Turner of Williams and the following brothers, Ray, Oliver, Wallace, & Morris Turner. Funeral 9 July [actually Aug] 1935 at Williams Ward. Interment in Grace [Idaho] Cemetery.


MRS CHRISTINE DEWEY, 46, died at the home of her son, Marlow Dewey of Boise [Idaho] 7 Aug 1935. Injuries in an auto accident on 1 July caused her death. Funeral in Idaho Falls [Idaho] 11 Aug 1935. Burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. Her husband, Kent Dewey preceded her in death three years. Survived by her father. W. H. Skinner of Soda, a son Marlow Dewey, the following brothers & sisters: W.J. & George J. Skinner, Mrs. Grant Madsen, A. J. Skinner, Mrs. Earl Sibbett, S. J. Skinner, J. H. Skinner, J. K. Skinner, W. R. Skinner, Milo & Mrs. H. Criddle & Mrs. George Jensen.


MRS. ORPHA WINNIFRED CAMPBELL BROWN died 16 Aug 1935 in the Stanford Lane Hospital at San Francisco, Calif. Funeral services held in Soda Springs 20 Aug 1935. She was born in Soda Springs 27 April 1877 a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Campbell. Burial was in Soda Springs Mound Cemetery beside her parents. Survived by her husband, Ora H. Brown, two daughters, Grace 17, Mary Alice 16, six sisters and five brothers.


SMITH A. SKINNER died at her home 20 Aug 1935 of a heart attack. Funeral 24 Aug at Soda Springs. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


CHARLES A. GIBSON of Almena, Kansas died at the Caribou County Hospital 23 Aug 1935. Body taken to Almena for burial.


DANIEL CRONEY, 42, died 29 Aug 1935 at his home [Bancroft]. Services held 31 Aug 1935 at Bancroft, Idaho. Survived by wife and six children, his mother. He was born 17 Sept 1892 at Mink Creek, Idaho. He married Nettie Rawlins 21 Oct 1916. To this union were born three sons, Raymond,  Kenneth & Doyle and three daughters; Maxine, Leona & Jean. He was the son of Nels Peter and Elsie Christensen Croney.


BURTON LORDS, age 16, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Lords, died at the family home in McCammon [Idaho] 7 Sept 1935. Survived by his parents, four sisters & six brothers. Burial in Trenton, Utah.


RUTH GRAY JENSEN, 27, & tiny infant died 21 Sept 1935 at the Caribou County Hospital at Soda Springs. Her new born son followed shortly afterward. Interment was at Grace Cemetery. Surviving – her husband, Robert Jensen, a baby daughter 2 ½ yrs old, her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Clark Gray & several brothers & sisters. Mrs. Robert Jensen was a cousin to Mrs. Edmund Beus & Ray Campbell. Mrs. Gray was formerly Lila Campbell.


EDNA FRANCES TERRY GARNER, 27, died 12 Sept 1935 at Rexburg, Idaho. She was born at Pocatello, Ida 23 Dec 1905. he was the only child of Joshua & Francis Taylor Terry of Soda Springs. Her mother died when she was 3. She was raised by Mr. & Mrs. William Byrnes. She married Melvin Garner 31 Jan 1928. Survived by father & husband. Funeral held in Soda 16 Sept. Interment in Fairview Cemetery beside her mother.


JAMES MUNRO, 69, died 27 Sept 1935. He was born in Spanish Fork, Utah. Survived by his widow, three daughters, Sylvia, Mabel & Viola, three sons Lee, Ezra & Alvin Munroe (sic).


W. H. SKINNER, 75, died at his home in Soda 2 Nov 1935. He was born 22 Dec 1859 at Elba, Genesee Co., New York. He married Mary A. Johnson. To this union was born fifteen children – seven girls & eight boys, four of whom are deceased. Mrs. Skinner was born in Denmark. She preceeded (sic) her husband in death 16 years. Mr. Skinner later married Mrs. Hannah Miller. Survived by his widow, Hannah Miller Skinner, four daughters, Mrs. Jane Criddle, Mrs. Elaine Sibbetts, Mrs. Gladys Jensen, Mrs. Beatrice Madsen; seven sons, W. J. Skinner, George J., James John, Smith, Woodruff, & Heber Skinner. Service held in Soda 5 Nov 1935. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery.


GEORGE KEMMER, 73, died 9 Nov 1935 in Soda Springs. Born in Pennsylvania 13 Oct 1862. Funeral held in Soda.


ABLE SMART, 88, died 15 Nov 1935 at his home of Georgetown, Idaho. He was born in England. He is the father of thirteen children, one of whom is Fred Smart of Soda. Funeral held at Georgetown 18 Nov 1935


THOMAS GEORGE HOPKINS, 78, died 18 Nov 1935 in Soda Springs. He was born at South Wales, England 23 Feb 1857. His father was Thomas Hopkins. Survived by one sister, Mrs. Eliza Jane Rowe, and two brothers Samuel and William John Hopkins of Soda. Funeral held 20 Nov in Soda. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery at Soda Springs.


MRS. SARAH SIMONS, 76, died at her home 30 Nov 1935. Funeral 4 Dec 1935. Buried at Chesterfield [Idaho] Cemetery. Survived by following children Elmer Simons & Della Johnson, Martha Hunter, Mr. Ames & Vera Jennings.


GEORGE CLIFFORD, 62, died 5 Dec 1935. He was born in England 9 Nov 1893, the son of Mr. & Mrs. James Clifford. Survived by his widow Mrs. Jennie Clifford. Funeral 8 Dec in Soda Springs. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery at Soda Springs.


E.J. DELBRIDGE died at his home 7 Dec 1935. He came from Yorkshire, England in 1914. Survived by his wife, the following children: Victor, Le, Billy, Horace, Birdie & Mrs. Kenneth Hatch. Buried at Hatch [Idaho].


ASA MILLWARD died in Idaho Falls hospital 9 Dec 1935. Survived by his wife and two children, his parents Mr.  & Mrs. G. H. Millward, four brothers, Albert, Victor, Otto, Tiffany. Funeral held in Ashton [Idaho].


EDMUND M. BEUS died 26 Dec 1935 at Soda Springs (car & train collision). He was born at Ogden, Utah 17 Oct 1881, the son of Mr.  & Mrs. L. P. Beus. Moved to Soda at the age of 3 with his parents. 7 Jan 1905 he married Grace Campbell. Seven children were born to this union: five boys, Jay, Edmund, Jr., Ellis, Eldon & Stanley and two daughters: Alice & Marjory. Four are still living; [Note: the following information was placed with the Edmund, Jr.  obituary and was incorrect. Corrections made by the transcriber] four sisters, Mrs. John Mikesell, Mrs. Jack Densley, Mrs. Sterling Pulver, Mrs. Fay Hildreth; four brothers: Albert, Rudith, Wilborn & Leslie. Funeral for all three men was held 27 Dec 1935.  Interment for all three men was in the Fairview Cemetery.


CHARLES EDMUND BEUS died 26 Dec 1935 at Soda Springs (car & train collision). He was born in Soda Springs 22 Oct 1915, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Edmund M. Beus. He was not married. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Grace Campbell Beus, two brothers, Jay & Eldon; two sisters, Alice Wilson & Marjory Beus. [Note:  Original information by Mrs. Gunnell was mixed up with Edmund Beus Sr. Corrections have been made by the transcriber]. Funeral for all three men was held 27 Dec 1935. Interment for all three men was in the Fairview Cemetery.


ERNEST MIKESELL died 26 Dec 1935 at Soda Springs (car & train collision). He was born in Soda Springs 7 Jan 1909, the son of Mr.  & Mrs. John Mikesell. He and Merinda Wood were married Oct 1931. He is survived by his widow, Merinda Wood Mikesell and three small children, his parents, three brothers, Edwin, Clarence & Louis; six sisters: Mrs. Vivian Watts, Mrs. Charlotte Gunnell, Myrtle, Beulah & Lillian, all of Soda, Mrs. May Fleming of Oklahoma City [Oklahoma]. Funeral for all three men was held 27 Dec 1935. Interment for all three men was in the Fairview Cemetery.


BRIG MUNRO, 74, died in Soda Springs 27 December 1935. He was born in New York City, N.Y. 18 May 1861, Funeral held 30 Dec 1935; interment at Eight Mile Cemetery [Idaho].





DAVID NICHELSON, age 60, died in Soda Springs 1 Jan 1936. Funeral services 2 Jan in Soda Springs. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


GEORGE BENNETT, 66, died 3 Jan 1936 at the Caribou County hospital in Soda Springs. He was born 10 Dec 1869 at Franklin, Idaho. Survived by two brothers, John Bennett & William Bennett; one sister Mrs. Rose Sizemore of Portland, Oregon. Funeral held 6 Jan at Soda. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


CARROLL H. CHENEY, 82, OF Long Beach, Calif. died 4 Jan 1936 survived by his widow, Mrs. Anna L. Cheney and daughter Anne M. Clough. Entombment was in Angelis Abbey Mausoleum.


EUGENE J. GRADY, 49, died 13 Jan 1936 at the Caribou County hospital. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Isobel R. Grady & two sons, Eugene J. 19 and Robert Grady 17. Body taken to Pocatello [Idaho] for burial.


A DAUGHTER was born to Mr. & Mrs. Pete Thompson 11 Jan 1936 at the Caribou County hospital. She died 12 Jan 1936 at the Caribou County hospital. Buried in the Fairview Cemetery.


MRS CHRISTIAN HAWKS of Pocatello [Idaho] died 15 Jan 1936. Funeral 18 Jan at Pocatello. She is the mother of Mrs. Araon (sic) Ozburn.[should be Aaron]


JACK MABEY, son of Mr. William Mabel died at his home in Pebble [Idaho] 23 Jan 1936. He is survived by his father & the following brothers and sisters: Keith, James, Ralph and Ruth. Burial in Bountiful City, Utah Cemetery.


AUNT CLOVER KELLY, 44, wife of Edwin Kelly of Pocatello [Idaho] died at the family home 28 Jan 1936. She was born at McCook, Neb. 8 June 1891. Survived by her husband, two step sons & two step daughters and one adopted daughter: Elmer Kelly, Theodore Kelly, Mrs. Emma Thompson, Francis Kelly, Mrs. Alice Hobbs; three sisters and three brothers, Homer Kyle, Henry Kyle, John Kyle, Norma Kyle, Mrs. Verda Fuerstock, Mrs. Blanche Kelly. Funeral 1 Feb 1936. Burial will be at Chesterfield [Idaho].


RONALD WELCH died Jan 1936. Funeral held 28 Jan 1936 in Lund [Idaho]. Survived by his father and step mother, Mr. & Mrs. John Welch, five brothers, John M. Welch, George, Raymond, Clifford and Dale Welch; six sisters, Mrs. Sarah Welch, Mrs. Florence Watson, Mrs. Hannah Grimm, Mrs. Elsie Hutchinson, Mrs. Hattie Rowsell, Mrs. Lila Welch. Interment at Lund Cemetery.


MRS. FANNY SARGENT, age 88, died 3 Feb 1936 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Paul Tipton, Sr. in Soda. She was born in Liverpool, England June 1847. She married David Sargent who died 1913. Surviving are two sons, David and William Sargent, four daughters, Mrs. David Powelson, Mrs. B. H. Kinsey, Mrs. John E. Pace & Mrs. Paul Tipton. Funeral services held 4 Feb in Soda. The body was taken to Payson, Utah where funeral services were held there 6 Feb. Interment was made in the Payson Cemetery beside her husband.


ROBERT FLOYD MILLER, 2 yrs, 8 mo 13 days old, died 8 Feb 1936 at Caribou County Hospital. “Bobby” was born in Nampa, Idaho 25 May 1936, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Miller. Survived by his parents, two sisters, Gwen and Pat; his grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Joe F. Miller. Body was taken to Twin Falls [Idaho] for burial 13 Feb 1936 in the Twin Falls Cemetery.


MR, HANS ANDERSON DIED. He was born in Sweden 1874. He moved to Lund [Idaho] 44 yrs ago. He married Annie Dobling in 1914 in Salt Lake Temple. Survived by following children: Merlin, Mary, Harry, & Ruth. Interment in Lund Cemetery. [no date shown]


JAMES MOORE died 9 Feb 1936 if a heart attack. He was born at Spanish Fork, Utah, 10 Oct 1867. He married Agnes Haughton 15 yrs ago. He is survived by his widow & five children: James Wilson Moore, John Moore, Frank Moore, Mrs. Bert Reddish. Funeral services were held in Spanish Fork.


EPHRAIM THOMAS WILLIAMS, 63, died at his home in Richfield, Utah 13 Feb 1936. The body was brought to Soda Springs, Idaho to the home of his cousin, Mrs. L. C. Eastman. Services were held 18 Feb 1936. He was born at Soda Springs, Idaho 2 Jan 1873 a son of Mr. & Mrs. Ephraim Williams. He married Bessie D. Cross at Piedmont, Wyo. To this union were born the following surviving children: Mrs. W. O. Fowler, Mrs. K. L. Urfer, Mrs. J. L. McGrath, mis (sic) Marguerite Williams & Frim Williams. Mr. Williams married Mrs. Maud Wight in Idaho. Those accompanying his body to Soda Springs were his wife Mrs. Maud Williams, Mrs. Marguerite Weinberg, Frim Williams (sic) and Warren S. Williams.  Burial in Soda.


JAMES HENRY JENSEN, 74, died at his home at Wayan, Idaho 20 Feb 1936. He was born 22 Feb 1861 at Brigham City, Utah. He married Susan S. Wilbur in 1885. To this union seven children were born – three sons four daughters all survive.  Survived by his widow, Susan S. Wilbur Jensen, sons & daughters: Sina M. Reese, Lawrence J. Jensen, Pearl H. Gilliland, Ernest W. Jensen, Evelyn Duncan, Jesse K. Jensen, Sylvia Wood; one brother Simeon Jensen, one sister Caroline Hansen. Funeral held at Wayan. Burial in Soda Cemetery.


JOSEPH HENRY ADAMS, 63 yrs, 8 mo & 17 days, died at the Caribou County hospital 29 Feb 1936. He was born 12 Jun 1872 at Fillmore, Utah. Survived by brother James Adams of Montpelier [Idaho]. Services were 3 March 1936. Interment in Fairview Cemetery at Soda Springs. Also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Mary Ann Frampton, Mrs. Jane Greenhalgh; two bro. William G. Adams & John Adams.


RAYMOND BUDGE, 38, son of Arthur and Fannie Morgan Budge died at the family home at Paris, Idaho 7 March 1936. Survived by his parents and the following brothers & sisters, William Arthur Budge, Mrs. J. R. Pugmire, Mrs. George Call, Mrs. Francis Bowen, Mrs. Marvin E. Clark, Preston M. Budge, Mrs. Roland Browning, Vernon M., Donald M.& Arthur Budge, Jr. Funeral service held at Paris 10 March.


D.P. MAUGHAN, 48, of Grace, Idaho died at the Caribou County hospital 11 March 1936. He was born at Wellsville, Utah Dec. 9, 1887. Survived by his widow Alice Lloyd Maughan, nine children: Raymond, Herman, Lloyd, Roy, Ellen, Eva, Ruby, Melba and Kenneth Maughan who is on a mission; his father Daniel H. Maughan of Wellsville, six brother, W. P. Maughan, Louis, Charles, Wilford, Harold, Alton Maughan also three sisters Mrs. May Webb, Mrs. Ethel Jones, & Mrs. Audrey [should be Audra] Turner. Funeral services 15 March. Burial at Wellsville.


WILLIAM CALVIN KIBBLE, 82, died 6 March 1936 at his home in Boise [Idaho]. He was born 19 Jan 1854 at Elkhart, Indiana. He is preceded in death by a son N. S. Kibble and his wife Lyda Kibble who passed away last year. He is survived by one son Marion C. Kibble.


BARBARA EVALYN NELSON eight yr old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Nelson died 17 March 1936. She was born 4 Jan 1928. Survived by her parents. Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


JOHN FRANCIS MCCLELLAN, age 2 yrs. 3 mo. 28 days old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McClellan died at the Caribou County hospital in Soda 28 March 1936. He was born 30 Nov. 1933 to Kenneth & Zella McClellan of Conda [Idaho]. Burial 30 Mar at Soda Springs.


HERBERT HORSLEY SR. 70, died 1 April 1936 at the home of his son, Harry. He was born in Alcester, England, near Birmingham, Eng. 6 Sept 1845. Crossed the plains in 1862. In 1864 he married Sarah Edgehill in S. L. Endowment house. He came to Soda 1871. After the death of his wife he married Mrs. Lucy Smith Skinner, who passed away 6 July 1935. Surviving are three sons, Herbert Jr., Harry,  and James M.; six daughters, Mrs. Hattie Montrose, Mrs. Jesse Moore, Mrs. W. G. Tarr, Mrs. J. W. Cook, Mrs. Brig Skinner, Mrs. William Calkins. Funeral services 3 April. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery. He was the son of Thomas and Ann Horsley.


WILLIS H. COOLEY 27, died 27 April [1936] at the Caribou County hospital. He was born at Alexander, Idaho 11 Nov 1908 to Leonard and Louise Cooley. Survive by his parents Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Cooley and a brother Ernest. Funeral services 29 April [1936] in Soda Springs. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery.


MRS. DEAN WILCOX of Conda died 3 May 1936 at the Caribou County hospital. Funeral & burial held at Paris, Idaho 6 May 1936.


DEAN WHITE MCLAIN, 22 month old son of Marguerite & Willis McLain died at Pocatello [Idaho] Gen. hospital 7 May 1936. Born 5 July 1934 at Bancroft, Ida. Survived by parents Mr. & Mrs. Willis McLain, two sisters Jeanette & a baby sister two days old. Grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Dave McLain & Roe White. Funeral 9 May 1936 in Bancroft. Interment in Soda Springs Cemetery.


DAVID ANDREW ANDERSON died 17 May 1936 in Pocatello [Idaho]. David Andrew Anderson was born in Soda Springs, Ida 10 April 1875. His parents settled in Soda Springs 1863. He married Lillie Belle. She died in 1926 and was buried in Soda Springs, Idaho. Funeral 20 May 1936. Survived by two sons:  Hoover D. Anderson  and LeRoy W. Anderson;  two daughters Mrs. William L. Johnson and Margaret Anderson; brothers & sisters: Abraham C. Anderson & Mrs. Mary Verham, Peter W. Anderson, Niels C. Anderson, Mrs. Ida Collett, Mrs. Anna C. Rogers. Interment at Soda Mound Cemetery.


MARY SKINNER of Bedford, Wyo. died in Soda Springs 17 May 1936


JOHN BAIRD 66 yrs old, died at the Caribou County hospital May 1936. He was born at Franklin, Idaho. Funeral 22 May 936. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery. He was a single man & engaged in farming at Eight Mile [Idaho].


MRS OLIVE ATKINSON MUIR, wife of George H. Muir of Gray, Idaho died 31 May 1936 at the Caribou County hospital in Soda. She was born at Bountiful, Utah 6 Dec 1865 and was 70 yrs, 5 mo. 25 days old. Survived by husband, George H. Muir, four sons, George Jr., Hazen Lee, Clarence H., one daughter Mrs. Irene Stocks; two sisters Mrs. William R. Deppe [2nd sister not shown], Funeral June 4, 1936 at Soda.  Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


FRED MARRIOTT, 34 yrs old, killed by lightening (sic) 4 June 1936 at Soda Springs. He was not married. He was born 1 Oct 1901 in Soda Springs, the son of Lucy & L. S. Marriott. Survived by his mother Lucy Marriott, his father L. S. Marriott, four brothers, Ralph, Melburn, Leonard, Larren, one sister, Alberta Davis. Funeral 7 June 1936, Burial in Soda Springs.


ANNA M. MUIR, 73, died at Idaho Falls [Idaho] 12 June 1936 at the home of her dau Mrs. George Hill. She was born 28 May 1963 in Missouri. Her husband, Ben Muir died 13 yrs ago. Survived by two daughters, Elizabeth Gardner & Mrs. Hill; one son W. Neville, a sister Noretta Whitman. Services and burial 16 June at Blackfoot Cemetery.


ISAAC H. WHITE, 74, died 14 June 1936 at Blackfoot, Ida. Born at Pleasant Grove, Utah in 1862, Survived by widow Mrs. Mary G. White, two sons, L.B. White & Dr. V. C. White, a daughter Mrs. H. B. Snyder. Funeral 17 June at Blackfoot. Interment in the Grove City Cemetery (Located near Blackfoot).


EMILY KELLY WHITWORTH, wife of Michael (Mike) W. Whitworth, died at the family home in Kelly [Idaho], 21 June 1936. Born in Brigham City, Utah 19 Nov 1874. Survived by husband, seven daughters & 2 sons: Mrs. Asa F. Hatch, Mrs. G. O. Millward, Mrs. R. L. Hickman, Mrs. W. W. Hubbard, Mrs. L. L. Stock, Lois, Nora, Charles and Herbert Whitworth; five brothers, W. A. Kelly, G. E. Kelly, R. C. Kelly, E. F. Kelly, W. J. Kelly. Funeral services 24 June at Bancroft [Idaho]. Interment at Chesterfield [Idaho] Cemetery.


JOHN KYNASTON, 65, died 21 June 1936 of heart attack while visiting his dau. Mrs. Earl Case at Mt. Emmons, Utah. Survived by his wife & following children: Mrs. E. V. Cornelison, Mrs. George Cole, Mrs. Roy [or Ray] Parks, Mrs. E. P. Gunnell, Mrs. Max Lloyd, Mrs. Earl Case, Edward & Raymond and Murland; brothers & sisters: Mrs. Lorenzo Luker, Mrs. Joseph Cook, William Kynaston. Funeral in Bancroft [Idaho]. Interment in Chesterfield Cemetery.


MOLLY CORRIGAN, 69, died at her home in Soda 28 July 1936 from a stroke. She was the wife of Thomas J. Corrigan.  Survived by husband, T. J. Corrigan, a son William H. Kelly & a granddaughter Vera Jean Kelly. Funeral 30 July 1936. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


GAY JOSEPH HOLDEN, 16, died 28 July 1936 at Swan Lake [Idaho] from taking strychnine. He was the son of Mr.  & Mrs. David H. Holden of Soda. He was born at Bailey Creek [Idaho] 20 April 1920. Survived by parents, five sisters, Mrs. Bertha Bjiorn (sic), Rose, Ruby, Juanita and Iona Holden; three brothers, Van, Ariel, and Roland Holden. Funeral 30 July. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. RUBE HUMBURG, 40, was found dead 26 Aug 1936 from a bullet wound. She is survived by her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John Hayes of Georgetown [Idaho] and several brothers and sisters; also her husband.


ANTONIO F. MANHA, 51 died 30 Aug 1936 at his home at Conda, Idaho. He was born 11 April 1885 at Flasis (sic) Azores. Survived by his widow, two children – one son one dau. Funeral held in Soda Springs 1 Sept 1936. Interment in Fairview Cemetery.


DAVID DUBACH of Wayan, Idaho died 10 Sept 1936 at the Budge Memorial hospital in Logan, Utah. He was born in Bern, Idaho 17 Sept 1881. He was the oldest of eight children. Survived by his wife and two children, Vera Mae 13 and Edgar 11, also two brothers, Henry and Ezra Dubach; one sister Mrs. Clara Schnieder. Funeral in Soda Springs. Burial in Soda Mound Cemetery.


MRS. ELIZABETH CLARK, 70 died 20 Sept [1936] at the home of her daughter Mrs. George M. Likeness. Mrs. Clark’s home was in Indiana. Funeral was held 21 Sept in Soda. The body was taken to Winchester, Indiana for burial.


MRS ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) BRUCE, 76, died at her home in Soda Springs 23 Nov 1936. Funeral services 25 Nov 1936 in Soda. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery. She was born in Aurora, Indiana 2 Jan 1860. She married Charles Bruce in 1877. Four children were born to this union, three of whom survive: Mrs. Minnie M. Carr, Mrs. Gertrude Walters & Calvin P. Bruce. Her husband preceeded (sic) her in death.


JOHN M. KUNZ 56, was found dead at his home in Montpelier 25 Sept 1936. He was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Christian Kunz. His wife died 12 yrs ago. Survived by one daughter, Elva Kunz; eight sisters, Mrs. John Rigby, Mrs. J. H. Dredge, Mrs. Peter Bass, Mrs. Earl Harris, Mrs. A. E. Cambryman, Mrs. Nathan Barlow, Mrs. Walter Middlested, Mrs. Leonard Hatch; six brothers: Alma, Tony, Smith, & Dr. S. S. Kunz, Frank Kunz & Seth N. Kunz. Funeral services in Montpelier 27 Sept.


MRS. ELLEN SIMONSON LUND 59, died 3 Dec 1936 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Grace (D. F) Yarnell of Salinas, Calif. Born 8 Jan 1887 at Copenhagen, Denmark. She was left an orphan at the age of seven. She married Pete Lund in 1894 on April 24. To this union were born nine children, two of whom are deceased. Survived by five daughters: Ella Steadman, Mrs. S. J. Rochelle, Mrs. D. J. Yarnell and two sons E. C. Lund and E. P. Lund; one brother N. C. Simonson. The body was prepared at Salinas and shipped to Soda Springs for burial. Funeral services held 6 Dec at Soda Springs. Interment in Soda Mound Cemetery.


FRANKLIN ABEL BUTTERFIELD of Chesterfield [Idaho] died at the Caribou County hospital in Soda 20 Dec 1936. Body was shipped to Murray, Utah for burial. Survived by his wife Jeremira Butterfield and his parents Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Butterfield.


FRED SMART 49, died at his home in Soda 21 Dec 1936. Survived by his widow Esther Smart; three daughters Genevieve, Mrs. Lavon Stoor, Mrs. Fern Deaton; one son Floyd. Funeral held 24 Dec 1936. Buried in Soda Mound Cemetery. He was born 6 May 1887 at Smithfield, Utah, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Abel Smart. Fred married Esther Hayes in 1907.


MRS. EMMA CHRISTENSEN HOPKINS 59, wife of Thomas J. Hopkins died 31 Dec 1936 at Soda Springs, Idaho. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark 30 April 1877. She married Thomas J. Hopkins 2 Sept 1894; fifteen children were born to this union. Survived by her husband Thomas J. Hopkins, her father Christian Christensen and the following children: Mrs. Kezia Williams, Arthur L. Hopkins, Mrs. Emma Blackburn, John D. Hopkins, Thomas, Parley, Harry Hopkins, Mrs. Harriett Martinsen, Vernal Hopkins, Nephi Hopkins, Mrs. Elsie Moore, Ellis Hopkins, Cecil Hopkins. Funeral 24 Dec. Burial in Soda Springs Cemetery.





LEE   E. SHELP 59, died at his home in Soda Springs 5 Jan 1937. Funeral 7 Jan 1937. He was born 1 March 1977 at Keene, New York. He married Loretta Coppard in 1912 at Idaho Springs, Colo. To this union was born a daughter Josephine. Mrs. Shelp died in 1929. He married (2) Lula Isle at Soda Springs 10 Nov 1933. Survived by his widow, Lula Isle Shelp, one daughter Josephine, four step-children, Gladys Isle, Myron Isle, Mrs. George Bell, Mrs. Joe Bell; one brother, Ernest Shelp. Buried at Soda Mound Cemetery in Soda Springs.


MRS. D. WOOD, wife of Charles J. Wood, buried at the East Lawn Cemetery at Sacramento, Calif. 12 Jan 1937. [No death date shown], She was the mother of the following children: Wilford Elmer, David Wood, Mrs. Minnie Godfrey, Mrs. W. E. Cozzens, Mrs. Sarah Hopkins, Mrs. Edna Hopkins, Mrs. Lucile Vaught.


MRS. RUTH ELIZABETH SMART 43, wife of Floyd Smart of Grace, Idaho died at Logan, Utah, 15 Jan 1937. Mrs. Smart was born at Mink Creek, Idaho 28 Sept 1895, a daughter of Andrew and Caroline Ipsen Larsen. Survived by husband, father of Mink Creek, five sons & daughters, Norma, Donald, Spencer, Keith, Cleo Smart, 7 bro. & sisters. Buried in Grace Cemetery.


MRS. EMMA MICKELSEN RUUD 71, widow of Burt A. Ruud died 17 January 1937 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Elva Mitchell Coombs of Salt Lake City [Utah]. Mrs. Ruud was born in Logan, Utah 14 Nov 1865, a daughter of Neils & Laura Mickelsen. Surviving are ten sons and daughters: Burt, Norman, Mrs. Emma McNeel, George, L.C. (Cobby), Mrs. Nettie Hansen, Lester, Mrs. Edna Thompson, Mrs. Kathryn Black, Mrs. Coombs; four brothers & sisters: Henry Mitchell, George Mitchell, Mrs. John Bankhead, Mrs. Wilford Cranney.


DANIEL CALDWELL 65, died 22 Jan 1937 in Soda. He was born at Malad, Idaho a son of the late Robert and Anna Thomas Caldwell. Survived by three brothers Sylvester, William and Syl Caldwell, one sister Mrs. Maggie Jones. Funeral 23 Jan at Soda, Interment in the Soda Mound Cemetery.


LEGRANDE MENDENHALL 10, son of Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mendenhall of Idaho Falls [Idaho] died at the family home 25 Jan 1937. He was born 15 March 1926 at Grace, Idaho. Survived by his parents & the following brothers & sisters, Mrs. Ernest Cooley, Mrs. Denzil Clark, Mrs. Ruby Fletcher, Venice, Vivian, LaVern, Stanley, Warren & Rex Mendenhall. Funeral at Idaho Falls 27 Jan.


MRS. EUGENE GODFREY died at her home in Basin Gardens, Wyo. 31 Jan 1937. Minnie Wood was born 20 Sept [no year shown], daughter of Charles and Mary Woods. 1920 she married David Eugene Godfrey of Otto [Wyoming] at Soda Springs, Idaho. To this union six children were born, Mary Ellen & Ruth – four boys, Sidney Eugene, Harold Dywayne, Douglas Jay, and Charles Delmar. Funeral services were held in Otto, Wyo. 3 Feb 1937. Burial in the Otto Cemetery. Survived by her husband, six children, her father Chas. Wood, three brothers, Elmer, David, & William Wood, sisters: Mrs. Leah Vaughn, Mrs. Edna Hopkins, Mrs. Sarah Hopkins, Mrs. Ollie Cozzens. Her mother preceeded (sic) her in death by just a few days.


MRS. IRETTA BARZEE KELLAR 30, wife of Clayton Kellar died at her home in Idaho Falls [Idaho] 26 Feb 1937, She was born 11 Dec 1906 in Burton, Idaho. Survived by her husband, a son Evan Haynes, a brother Henry Barzee, three half brothers and sisters, her mother all of Burton.


MARY NEFF, age 9, dau of Mr.  & Mrs. James (Iris) Neff died at Oroville, Calif. 8 March 1937. She was a granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hopkins. Funeral services held in Soda Springs 11 March 1937. Buried in Fairview Cemetery in Soda.


JARED EDWARD CAMPBELL 60, husband of May Loveland Campbell of Lava Hot Springs [Idaho] died at his home 12 March 1937. Born in Montpelier, Idaho 6 Sept 1876, the eldest son of Jared Edward Campbell and Hannah Alice Babcock Campbell. He married Lydia May Loveland at Chesterfield, Ida. To this union ten children were born, four having died in infancy. Survived by his widow, a daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Potter, five sons – Edward, Otto, T ex, Verl, Fay; four brothers, Orr Campbell, Ray Campbell, Chester Campbell, Charles Campbell, six sisters – Mrs. Beulah Tolmie, Mrs. Grace Beus, Mrs. Nell Barry, Mrs. Lois Taylor, Mrs. Gertrude (Young), Mrs. Alva Polk. Funeral services at Lava Hot Springs 14 March 1937. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery in Soda Springs.


ALEX HARRIS 81, Logan, Utah temple worker died at his home in Logan 20 March 1937. Born at Fort Herriman Southwest of Salt Lake City [Utah] 4 Sept 1855. He is survived by his widow Mrs. Josephine Weaver Harris, four sons& daughters, Sarah H. Mikelsen, O. Wills Harris, Frank W. Harris, Ethel H. Elsmore, Funeral 23 March in Thatcher [Idaho]. Burial in Thatcher Cemetery.


MRS. GLADYS JOHNSON 42, died 22 March 1937. She was born in Fairview, Utah 26 March 1895, the daughter of Hyrum Stewart and Sophia Stewart Norstrom. Survived by one daughter Mrs. Clyde Courtney, one grandson Clyde Gene Courtney, one sister Miss Leslie Stewart, five half sisters Mrs. W. J. Fryar, Mrs. V. D. Stevensen, Mrs. R. E. Beck, Mrs. E. C. Lloyd, Mrs. R. L. Comish, three half brothers, Loran Norstrom, Leon & Glen. Funeral held in Soda 24 March. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery at Soda Springs.


MRS. C. W. SALSER 48, died 3 April 1937 at the Caribou County hospital. Nora Minnie Blackburn, oldest daughter of J. P and Nellie V. Blackburn was born in Chase County, Kansas 10 Oct 1888. She married Clarence Wilbert Salser 3 July 1911. Two children born to that union, Donald and Nellie. Her father and one brother George Henry preceeded (sic) her in death. Survived by her husband, daughter, Nellie & son Donald and his wife Charlotte Tigert, her mother, four brothers Claude Blackburn, William Millard and Homer Blackburn, two sisters, Lydia Tharp, and Jessie Lasley. Funeral 5 April in Soda. Burial in Fairview Cemetery in Soda Springs.


MRS. MARTHA E. WOOD, wife of Frank D. Wood of Blackfoot, Ida died ? April 1937. Funeral 14 April 1937. Interment in Grove City Cemetery,


EDWIN HOWE CALL 54, died 9 April 1937. He was born 3 May 1882 of Woodruff, Utah, a son of W. W. Call (deceased) and Melvina Call. Funeral 11 April. Interment Fairview Cemetery. Survived by his mother, two brothers, Wiley Call & Frank Call, three sisters Mrs. Nellie Crane, Mrs. Jane Stoor, Mrs. Myrtle Larsen.


MRS. HANNAH E. ROMERO 65, wife of Andrew Romero died at Soda Springs 13 April 1937. She was born Oct 25, 1871 at Mount Pleasant, Utah and was married at that place in 1888 to Andrew Romero. To this union thirteen children were born, one of whom is deceased. Survived by her husband, seven sons, James A., Alvin, Calvin, Kenneth, Ervin, Golden & Harlin Victor, Forrest; five daughters, Amy Beutler, Ada Jewett, Zellia Banks, Nita Hopkins and Fonda Bybee. Funeral held in Soda 11 April 1937. Interment in Fairview Cemetery.


THOMAS S. REMMINGTON, died at his home near Bancroft [Idaho] 15 April 1937. He was born 9 Dec 1882 at Tooele, Utah. Survived by his wife Margaret Shipley Remmington, one son Elmer & wife, one grandson, Thomas LeRoy Remmington, his mother who is 80 yrs old, four brothers & one sister. Funeral held 18 Sept in Bancroft. Body was taken to Pocatello for burial.


MRS. EMMA D. BUDROW, DIED AT THE Dee hospital at Ogden, Utah 3 May 1937. Mrs. Budrow was born 2 April 1872 at Clifton, Idaho, a daughter of William C. and Eliza Packer Davis. Survived by husband James C. Budrow and four daughters, Delilah H. Budrow, Mrs. Genevieve Powell, Mrs. Marjorie Shipley, Mrs. Michael Budrow, one grandson, Neal K. Powell, one sister, Mrs. Eliza Balls, three brothers, William J. Davis, Taylor Davis, Wesley J. Davis. Funeral held 5 May 1937 at Bancroft [Idaho]. Body was brought to Soda Springs for burial.


JOSEPH CALL JR, 17, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Call of Bancroft [Idaho] was killed in a motor cycle crash 9 May 1937. He died at the Caribou County Hospital at Soda. The body was taken to Bancroft for funeral services and burial 12 May.


MRS. ANNIE HARRISON SCHMIDT died 19 April 1937 at her home at San Diego, Calif. She was the daughter of George and Annie Harrison of Soda Springs. Survived by her husband Frank Schmidt, one daughter, Dorothy, her mother, Mrs. Geo. Harrison, one sister and one brother George Harrison, Jr.