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Genealogy for Woodbury County, Iowa, USA.  Home page.

Fixed broken links 10/13/2017

Added adoption papers transcribed from the poor farm 1886. 5/7/2017

Woodbury County Vietnam war casualties new 5/2017

Woodbury County Korean war casualties new 5/2017

Passed Spring Review 4/2017

New page added 1853 names for births 1904-1906 with mothers maiden names Woodbury County Births 1904-1906 4/21/2017. Thanks Nettie Mae Lucas!

Updated 21 pages with broken links, updated copyrights, fixed headers 4/19/2017

Refactored the adoptions page to be compatible with XHTML 1.0T, CSS 2.1 and HTML 5
Basically just took the text out of the file and used a WYSIWYG
to create a new html file. Added new links. 2/14/2017

New page: List of Service persons buried in Calvary Cemetery (9/25/2016)

New page: Lee Post VFW # 221, Smithland, Iowa. List from 1883 to 1889 (9/25/2016)

New page: Bayer VFW Post # 411, Sloan, Iowa. List from 1885 to 1889 (9/25/2016)

New page: Bud Hazen VFW Post 207 List from 1883 to 1884 (9/25/2016)

Updated pages for email addresses Surnames for R's, B's, and W's (9/24/2016)

New page Sidney Fuller VFW Post # 458, Oto, Iowa. List from 1889 to 1901 (9/21/2016)

Refactored old files to be compatible with XHTML 1.0T, CSS 2.1 and HTML 5
Basically just took the text out of the file and used a WYSIWYG
to create a new html file.
early history of oto
early history of hornick
early history of holly springs
danbury early businesses
early danbury history
cushing church history
cushing schools early history
early cushing history
early history of grace lutheran church correctionville
early history of durst mill correctionville

assembly of God church correctionville
brief early history of correctionville library
first baptist church of climbing hill
Climbing Hill School History
anthon history
early merchants of correctionville
historyof correctionville
anthon history

Passed Spring 2016 review 5/7/2016.

Passed Fall 2015 review 12/11/2015.

Fixes for Fall 2015 review. 12/11/2015

New page for Woodbury County Iowa Poor House - Farm 9/1/2015

Added a church 8/19/2015.

Cleaned up Civil War Vets buried in Woodbury County by using Tidy HTML 6/11/2015.

Added info on Civil War veterans buried here Westfork Cemetery 5/16/2015

Cleaned up Arlington Cemetery by using Tidy HTML 5/6/2015.

New 1700 names form the 1880 census. 5/6/2015 (Deemed to be complete)

Added 90 names to Floyd cemetery 5/5/2015

Added 45 names to Floyd cemetery 4/27/2015

Added 45 names to Floyd cemetery 4/23/2015

Passed Spring Review Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 6:43 PM

Added 45 names to Floyd cemetery 4/21/2015

Fixed Search Engine. 4/21/2015

Fixed more broken links 4/16/2015

Cleaned up Floyd cemetery entries 4/16/2015

Fixed broken links 4/15/2015

Added 42 names to Floyd cemetery 4/14/2015

Added 118 names to Floyd cemetery 4/13/2015

Passed Fall Review 11/9/2014

Added 983 Civil War vets to CW Vets buried in Woodbury County. Now all Civil War vets are on one page. 8/12/2014

Added additional information on US Civil War vets to the Little Sioux Township Cemetery (aka Smithland Cemetery). 7/13/2014

Passed Spring Review 2014. 4/26/2014

Added 1000+ names and US Civil War Vets info and location of graves to Little Sioux Township Cemetery (aka Smithland Cemetery)

New added Logan Park Cemetery US Civil War Vets 4/5/2014 CW Vets buried in Woodbury County

Added new surnames to search list Hansbrough and Folwer 3/1/2014

Passed Fall Review Tue Oct 22 06:29:10 2013

Added three new names to Correctionville Cemetery 10/6/2013

New Woodbury County death index 1930 - 1935 Page 1 10/5/2013 [1800+ names]

Passed the Spring Review 5/8/2013

New history of Holly Springs 4/18/2013

Updated St Mary's Cemetery, Oto Township, Oto, Iowa added names 4/18/2013

New The Blue Book of Iowa Women, bios' of women in Woodbury county. 3/14/2013

Added 933 names to St. Joseph Cemetery 1/7/2013.

Updated Graceland Cemetery page. 1/7/2013

Updated Query and Surname pages 1/6/2013

Updated Surname page 11/20/2012

Passed Fall Review Mon, October 29, 2012 10:19:50 PM

Added 1064 names to the WestFork Cemetery 10/2/2012.

Added 362 names to the Willow Cemetery 9/30/2012.

Added 1825 names to the Sloan Cemetery 9/4/2012.

Added names and updated Pleasant Hill Cemetery 9/4/2012.

Updated Peiro - Bethel Cemetery 9/3/2012

Added 385 names updated information on others in the Oto cemetery 9/3/2012.

Updated email address on quires and surnames. Surname List for the letter "W" and "R"
Quires for "W" and "R"

New Cemetery listing adding approx 168 names, German City Cemetery 7/24/2012.

Added 6 names and 22 pictures to the Eberly Cemetery (aka Concord Township Cemetery)  7/7/2012.

Added approx 20 names to the Elliott Creek Cemetery, aka Floyd Township Cemetery listing.  7/7/2012.

Added a new page for a List of Men who served in either, The War of 1812, Mexican War, War of the Rebellion. 6/24/2012

Added a new page for the 1940 Census. 6/24/2012

Added 700 names to the Banner Cemetery listing.  6/8/2012. This should be 99% of the interments.

Added 200 names to the Little Sioux Cemetery listings. 5/20/2012.

Updated the following pages Resource List, List of Maps to Cemeteries, Adoptions Queries 4/17/2012

Removed broken link on the SSDI pages. Added two new links for look ups on the Social Security Death Index pages. 4/12/2012.

Removed broken link on the Home page. 4/12/2012

Passed the Spring Review 4/12/2012

Added information for 1940 Census on the front page. 4/5/2012

Updated email address for Surnames 3/14/2012

Added new obit obits_P.htm 3/7/2012

Added new information 1930 census new page 2/25/2012

Added new information for Westfork Cemetery 2/19/2012

Added new Woodbury County History from 1876 1/1/2012

Updated Eberly Cemetery (aka Concord Township Cemetery)  re-formatted, peer reviewed and corrected. 11/25/2011

Passed the Fall Review Wed, October 26, 2011 1:06:43 AM

Fixed broken links 10/13/2011

Moved all 26 files for Queries to a new folder, updated all pages to remove propriety code for just one browser to make them more browser friendly to all. 9/24/2011

Moved all 26 files for Surname's to a new folder, updated all pages to remove propriety code for just one browser to make them more browser friendly to all. 9/17/2011

Updated email address for Posted Queries For the Surname "J" 9/10/2011

Added new surname on list   Surname List for the letter "S" 9/10/2011

Added (new) Durst Mill 9/3/2011

Added (new) Danbury History 9/3/2011

Added (new) Cushing Church History 9/3/2011

Added (new) Cushing School 9/3/2011

Updated the Correctionville Cemetery, now almost 800 names!!!! 7/16/2011

Updated list of churches 6/25/2011

Passed the Spring Review 4/16/2011

Fixed broken links on many pages 3/19/2011

Updated WCGS page with the Spring 2011 index of the WAHKAW 3/13/2011

Fixed broken links on many pages 3/5/2011

Added (new) Cushing History 2/7/2011

Added (new) Grace Lutheran Church, Correctionville  2/7/2011

Added (new) Assembly of God Church History, Correctionville 2/5/2011

Added (new) Correctionville Public Library History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Early Merchants of Correctionville  History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Correctionville History 2/5/2011

Added (new) First Baptist Church of Climbing Hill History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Climbing Hill School History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Elliott Creek Presbyterian Church History 2/5/2011

Updated the Churches in Woodbury County, IA page 2/5/2011

Added (new)  History of Owego 1/2/2011

Passed the Fall 2010 Review 11/3/2010

Re-indexed Index to Hornick Centennial Book 10/25/2010

Fixed Broken links on 16 pages 10/24/2010

Updated the Main Cemetery page 10/16/2010

Updated the GNIS Map to Cemetery's  page 10/16/2010

Fixed Broken Links  on many pages  10/9/2010

Updated the Floyd Cemetery page 10/9/2010

Added (new) CW Vets buried in Woodbury County page 10/9/2010

Fixed Broken Link  Surname List for the letter "L"  page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Posted Queries for Surnames beginning with the letter "W" page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Wahkaw_Winter_2002 page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Wahkaw_Spring_2002 page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Wahkaw_Winter_2001 page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link  Front Page / Home Page / Index page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Woodbury County Genealogical Society page 9/12/2010

Updated the  Family Reunions Index page 9/11/2010

Updated the  German City Cemetery page 9/11/2010

Updated the  Front Page / Home Page / Index page 9/11/2010

Updated "Posted Queries for Surnames beginning with the letter "P"" 7/15/2010

Updated front page (aka index page) 7/12/2010

Added (new) St Joseph parish index 5/23/2010

Added (new) WWII Deceased 5/23/2010

Passed the Spring 2010 Review 4/4/2010

Added History of Woodbury County 1876 4/3/2010

Added Unveiling of Cordua-Roberts Monument 4/3/2010

Added THE SQUATTER WAR Of 1885 4/3/2010



Added Index to Hornick Centennial, 1887-1987, Iowa, Woodbury County 4/3/2010


Added Historical Review of the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Department 4/1/2010

Added Church Records For St. John’s Evangelical Church German City 4/1/2010


Added Farming over the years 4/1/2010

Added Farming in Woodbury County 3/31/2010

Added History of Anthon 3/31/2010

Added Graceland Cemetery page three, names from Mabel R Alkire to  Harry B Amos 11/20/2009.

Added Graceland Cemetery page two, names from Elizabeth Adamson to  Emily Jane Alkire 11/13/2009.

Added Graceland Cemetery page one, names from Eline Aasen to  Baby of A.G. Adamson 11/2/2009.




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