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Name: Jim Healey


My Location: Reading, PA

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005

I have seen a picture of Homer Healey, a cousin, in a baseball uniform. On the back of the pic is his name and "Otoe Cumquats"; the pic is circa 1905-1910. Does anyone have any info on this team?


Name: Renee Hermanson


My Location: San Antonio, TX

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005

I was told that my grandmother's brother died in a fire in a drug store in Sioux City, probably sometime between 1886 and 1900. I wonder if anyone might have heard of such an event or have an idea of where I might search. My source (an uncle since deceased) did not have a name, but the last name was either Nilsen (Nelson) or Hansen. The father was Hans Nilsen but the family members changed their names when they came to America and were not consistent in the surnames. The oldest brother (Anton) emigrated in 1886, the others (Nils, Haakon, Mathias) with their mother Marit (Mary) in 1888. They also changed their first names so it's possible the one who died in the fire would have a different first name. Very confusing and difficult to trace, but I would appreciate any scrap of information that would help in my search.


Name: Byron Perrine

My Location: Olivia, MN

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 13:45:51 -0500


I am in possession of a document which indicates that it was given to a R. W. Woodbury by General Sherman in October of 1889. I am wondering if you can tell me who R. W. Woodbury was? Since this document is a copy of a poetic reading given by Adjutant S. H. M. Byers at a reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee I assume that R. W. Woodbury is of Iowa and probably associated with the Iowa 25th Infantry Brigade which served under Sherman's command, though that is only an assumption. I'd like to know if R. W. Woodbury is a son or relative of the person for whom Woodbury County was named, and any information you might be able to provide me regarding his Civil War service and association with General Sherman. Many thanks.


Name: Barbara Schulz


My Location: Oneco, FL

Date: Fri 4/27/01 2:43 PM

Does anyone remember reading in the newspaper about 1926-1930 a story about an abandoned baby. Supposedly left in one of the large hotels of the time, with a note "This is baby Ruth, please take care of her".



Name: Betty J. Foster

Email: Dead email address

Location: Phoenix

Date: Thu 11/9/00 10:08 AM

Hello, Greg, Nice to hear from you. You surely have my permission to mention the names I posted at your meeting and to post them on the GenWeb site. Please note that we have determined the name could be Rachel Cragg /Cregg / Crogg. We also found, in the same house, a report card belonging to one Mammie Gleason We think it is so interesting to find these things after all this time. Here's hoping we connect with someone.  Appreciate your interest and help. Will let you know if I receive any responses. 

Name: Pat Alexander




 I found a beautiful photo postcard in an antique store in Tucson, Arizona. It is postmarked 11 January 1915. The photo is of a young woman and a toddler sitting in a window. They are identified as Elsie RICHTER and daughter Connie. It was written and sent by Elsie from Minnesota, where the photo was taken, to Mrs. Joe PRAGER in Sioux City, Iowa. I would love for someone in their family to have this.

Name: Lou Vassoler



Date: Sat 5/13/00 12:53 PM

I have recently come across some stock certificates issued buy "The Union Trust Company" of Sioux City Iowa. The date on the certificates is 1890.  I'm trying to find out any information on this company relative to this time period and beyond. Any information you can give me about this company would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Marge Rice



Date: Mon 12/20/99 7:58 AM

I purchased a book at a used book sale, titled Buggies, Blizzards and Babies, by Cora Frear Hawkins, published 1971.  The book is in good condition and gives genealogical data on Edwin Frear, born 3 May 1854, and his parents William and Elizabeth Parrish Frear of Woodbury Co., IA.  I would like to see this book go to someone who would treasure it and would be glad to send it on for cost (I paid $6.00) plus UPS.  Email me and I will give you my mailing address.

Name: Linda Patterson


Location:  Portland, Oregon

Date: ??

I found the following list of names in a history of St. John Lutheran church in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa: "A Lutheran congregation was organized in 1872 consisting of Swedes, Norwegians and a couple of Danes, and Rev. O. A. Normann was called to serve as pastor. . . Among the laymen of that period may be mentioned A.O. Utheim, George Norbeck, John Langbak, Thomas Eidem, Gunder Larson Graven and others. The founding members [of St. John Lutheran] were Marit Jystad, Gurina Olsen, Karen Olson, Ingeborg Sivertsen, Bereth Bjornstad, Gollering Sundseth, Ludevika Larsen, Marit Soberg, Gina Johnson, Eilert Hansen, Anton Hansen, Anders Krregness and Andreas or Andrew Wigdahl." Pastors mentioned were Elling Eielsen, C.C. Moe, Pastor Hill, Ole Enock Torgerson, Arne E. Boyum, Frederick Herman Carlson (a Swede), and Pastor Harrisville and Edward Johnson. Other members of the church were E.O.F. Sletworld., Albert Kvam, Ole Lonseth, Julius Burtness, Oscar Olson, Ole Back, George I. Back, Albert Larson, John Graning, Emma Hanson, Andrew Johnson, R.M. Dott, Sam Jacobson, Ole Blekke, Isaac Solberg and Belle Femreike. My family, Ole Hansen Berge and Kari Torgersdatter Gulliksrud, were members of St. John Lutheran from at least 1886 on.

Name: Arlene Hollenbeck

E-Mail: (dead email)

Location:  Marcus Iowa

Date: Sat 9/4/99 1:24 PM

Looking for someone who is connected or knew Genevieve Howard.  She wrote this family history in the "History of Woodbury County"  and mentioned a Jarvis Mullinnex.  I would like more information if anyone has any.  Thanks. 

Name:  Mildred Freeman


Location: ?

Date: Fri 9/3/99 3:04 PM

These names are familiar in the Iowa Amish communities. I have come across some books at an auction. They are on the Schlabach,  Swartzentruber, Helmuth and Miller families. They are Amish families and are  in good condition. The books are listed below; 1. The Handclasp - David D. Schlabach anad Sarah N. Miller 1860-1980  2. Family Recod of Joel Miller by David Beachy, Jr. and Alpha Otto  3. Swartzentruber History  4. The Abraham J. Helmuth Family Journal. Please help me find someone who would like these books. Thank you for your help.

Name:  Pam Gow


Location: ?

Date: Thu 9/2/99 1:25 AM

I have a class roll for the 1929 graduating class of The Methodist Hospital School for Nurses, Sioux City. Not much. Only 18 names. I have no information on these people other than the one who is a relative. If you wanted to post these names on your site somewhere, it might be helpful to someone trying to place a particular person in a certain place at a specific time. It would be useless to refer people to me since I don't have any information. The names on the class roll are as follows: Margaret E. Asemissen, Ina L. Bappe, Lucille Behrend, Edra B. Bouvia, Edna F. Chenoweth, Lucile Haase, Gladys L. Harper, Julia M. Holder, Amy F. Johnson, Marjorie J. Korver, Myrtle L. Lundquist, Joy I. Marcussen, Florence J. Prouty (my Aunt), Evelyn Riemenschneider, Marie E. Stuessi, Saramae Surber, Marguerite E. Thayer, Beatrice M. Yockey, I am not researching in this County, only had this because my Aunt attended this school.



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