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Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 
From: "Sandra Lechner" robertsandra83830@yahoo.com 

I am looking for any information on the Pearl Street Theater in Woodbury. There may have been a Joe Brow who was part of it. My ggrandfather was a piano player there in the 1890's. His name was Robert Blois.



Name:  ???

E-Mail: lleporte@itol.com

Location: ?????????????

Date: Tue 8/26/2003 2:11 PM

There was a hotel, I think, next to the Princess Theater on Jackson Street, possibly 5th and Jackson Street in 1943.  I would like to know the name of the hotel, verify the name and location of the Princess Theater and find the locations of the following theaters: Victory, State and Hipp.  There was in the same area a Bishop’s Cafeteria.  Any help including descriptions of that area of downtown Sioux City in the WWII years would be appreciated.



Name: Mary Allison Yonan

E-Mail: yonan@fgi.net

Location: Decatur, IL

Date: Fri 2/15/2002 12:05 AM

Was there a hospital located in Sioux City in 1888?   or by 1896? If so, what was its name and where would the patient records be stored? 


I would like to learn specific information about the place and cause of death of both of my great -grandparents, Samuel Allison and Emeline Johanna Allison. I have done research in western Iowa and found their gravestones in the Schaller Cemetery in Sac County, IA. They lived on a farm near Galva, IA.  I know that my great-grandfather, Samuel ALLISON died in August 1888 and is buried in the Schaller Cemetery in Sac County, IA and I know that his wife, Emeline Johanna ALLISON, died in 1896 and is buried beside him. My first cousin, who is in his 80s,  told me that Samuel was gored by a bull and died of his injuries. My cousin also said that Emeline fell down some cellar steps and died later as a result of that fall.


I have checked the courthouses in Sac, Ida and Buena Vista Counties in Iowa and their death certificates are not recorded in those three counties closest to Schaller.  It was suggested to me that the closest hospital to Schaller  in the 1880s and 1890s was probably in Sioux City.   If they both suffered serious injuries prior to their deaths, it seems likely that they would have been taken to the nearest hospital.

Therefore I would like to learn the name(s)  of hospital(s) located in Sioux City  at that time and where the patient records would be stored today.  If they are still in existence, how could I access information in the records and learn the causes of my great-grandparents' deaths?   If there are records of their hospitalizations after the injuries, even if they did not die at the hospital, that would also be valuable information.


Name: Lois Hill

E-Mail: hilo@pcpartner.net 

Location: Story Co. IA

Date: Mon 4/23/01 1:34 PM

Would like to know if there was an old hotel located in Correctionville operated by Elizabeth (Mrs. John W.) Time period would be 1870-1880. Is there any information re. this? Due to the boundary changes, the property may have been listed in Ida Co. at one time. Thanks


Name: David Florance

E-Mail: dflor@flash.net 

Location: ?????????

Date:  Fri 1/19/01 5:47 PM

I am seeking info. on my great-uncle, George Gjuul in connection with the above named lumber company. He supposedly managed the company in the late 1890's to 1912 approximately. I am from Dallas, TX and would appreciated your assistance very much.


Name: Barbara Thompson Klein

E-Mail:  Barba94144@aol.com 

Location: ????????????

Date: Mon 11/27/00 10:39 AM

My grandmother Winifred Estelle MAY was born in Morningside near Sioux City, Woodbury Co. in 1884 as were all of her siblings, 1874-1891. According to her memory they had Homesteaded there, they then moved to Chicago, IL. Her father was Alfred William MAY and he would have been the one who applied for the Land. Alfred and his wife Julia Estelle TYLER were married in Appleton, Outagamie, WI. in 1871. She said the area was Grant's Township. I have been unable to find out anything about this Land Grant. If anyone can help me on this matter, please get back with me. Thanks in advance.




E-Mail: slroan@nevada.edu 


Date: Monday, October 30, 2000 6:14 PM

My name is Shannon Roan and I am currently working on my family tree, which lies mostly in Woodbury County. I am looking for information on a school (I believe) was in Salix by the name of LaCroix Country School. I have many relatives from the Salix/Sioux City area with the last name LaCroix and I am trying to find out if this school is related to my family at all. I would appreciate any information you could send me on this topic. Thank you for your time.


Name:  Patrick Montgomery

E-Mail: p.montgomery@myactv.net

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Date: Thu 3/30/00 3:16 PM

My grandparents, Emma Belle Wenzel and Carl Christian Hogenson (Hogensen) were married by the Rev George L. Search, Supt of the Helping Hand Mission on what during my years of growing up in Sioux City (1938-1957) was lower 4th Street or the south Bottoms. Near where the Hipp Theater, the Tin Tin Tavern - the area of 4th and Court Street are or were. I am interested in any information concerning the mission and my grandparents.


Name: Anne Bagby

E-Mail: abeecee@netins.net

Location: Clear Lake, Iowa

Date: I am looking for information about homes for unwed mothers in the Sioux City area of Woodbury County. I am especially interested in homes that were operating from 1942-1945.


Name:  James L. Merry

E-Mail: Jmerryinaz@aol.com

Location: Tucson, AZ

Date: Fri 2/25/00 11:29 AM

My parents, Jake and Agnes Merry, were married April 5, 1924 in Sioux City. I have the marriage certificate which shows F. C. TAYLOR as minister. I would like to know the church where this took place (possibly a Grace Methodist?). The certificate also shows witness as Mrs. Taylor and a Mrs. John Land. Does anyone have this information and could help me out? Thank you for your time.

Name:  ?????????????

E-Mail: MushroomPie1@aol.com

Location: ???????????

Date: Sat 2/19/00 6:19 AM

Would you happen to know anything about the Good Shepard Home in Sioux City? In 1920 it was a home for girls who had met up with men who were then referred to as "wolves in sheeps clothing". I'd like to find out how I could get records on an aunt who was there in 1920. Would you have any ideas? Thank you!

Name:  Kim Baldwin

E-Mail: kkhb59@aol.com

Location: New Kent, VA

Date: Fri 1/28/00 12:58 AM

I have a picture of my great-grandmother's uncle John "Jack" C. Wallace with his wife Mary Edwards Wallace and a few of their children. The picture was taken in Correctionville, Iowa at the Warren Studio probably between 1885 and 1905. In the picture Uncle Jack is wearing a badge. I have another picture in which Jack's brothers are wearing badges as well. So all you historians out there, can you tell me if there is any correlation between the badge and the name of the town and/or if there is someplace in the local history where I might find record of the local peacekeepers.

Name:  Tom Johnston

E-Mail: Dead Email updated 10/21/2013

Location:  ???????

Date: Tue 1/25/00 6:35 PM

I am looking for information and the location of a location in Woodbury County called Pumpkin Hollow. My gr-gr aunt says she was always told she was born there.

Name:  Doris Morley

E-Mail: ddacres@directcon.net

Location:  ?????????

Date: Mon 10/18/99 9:19 PM

I'm looking for a cemetery at Maple Landing, Woodbury Co., IA.  Elizabeth Wilkie Case died there on 9 Mar 1874.  Woodbury cemeteries is a site in progress & I don't know where else to look.  Can you help?

Name:  Patrick Montgomery

E-Mail:  montgomerp@isecfdeo-emh1.army.mil 

Location:  Hagerstown, Maryland

Date: Wed 9/29/99 10:00 AM

Looking for information on the Helping Hand Mission and its minister Rev. Geo. L. Search which existed during the heyday of the railroads and their influence in Sioux City. Believe the ministry was located in what was then called the South Bottoms or around the 4th & Court Streets area. The Rev Search officiated at the marriage of my maternal grandparents, Carl Hogansen and Emma Wenzel on Sept 7, 1912 with witnesses R.B. Nicherson and Katti Reimtoma. Trying to establish background information. 

Name:  Arlene Hollenbeck

Location: ?????????

Date: Sat 9/4/99 1:19 PM

I am looking for the Township and section location of a stockade (fort) which was located on Castle property north of Correctionville in 1866.  Several families wintered there and then moved out to their homesteads along Ridge Road in the spring.  I found this information published in "A History of Pierson, 1857-1940, by Dorothy McGraw Bogue", but I can't find the exact location of the stockade or of Ridge Road. Can anyone help. I live north of Correctionville and would like to find these spots.  I suspect Ridge Road runs from north of Correctionville to Raneys Knob at Washta but not sure.  

Name: Ken Humphrey

E-Mail: kenhump@rconnect.com

Location: Lake Park, Iowa

Date: Fri 11/27/98 9:12 PM

I am looking for a former village in Woodbury county called Kennebec possibly was east of Sergeant Bluff.  .


Name: Stephanie Lee

E-Mail: akcelt@alaska.net

Location: ?????????

Date: Sun 9/13/98 5:41 PM

There is a family story that in the middle of Woodbury, IA there is a plaque dedicated to Robert Samuel LEE. I was wondering if anyone had seen it or knows of it. I would like to confirm or refute this story. Thank You. 

Name: Arlene Willet

Email: arlew@webtv.net

Location: ???????????

Time: Wed 7/22/98 3:57 PM

Was there ever a city named Franklin City, in Woodbury County? Some time around 1869. My great grandparents were married , July 2, 1869 in Franklin City, IA. They were William R Kemper and Mary Jane Menzie. If not, have you ever heard of it and where is it? Also I have 2 great grandmothers that died in Sioux City, IA. Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper, died Oct 10, 1880, no idea what cemetery. The other is , Rachel Lorena (Hulett) Rudd, died 4-3-1932 and is buried in Floyd cemetery, in Sioux City Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P S. My grandmother Mary Jane, was supposedly struck by lightening and died as a result. Some one may be available to find a newspaper article on it.


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