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Surname Registry & Personal websites with Winnebago co. connections

You are very welcome to submit your personal website. All sites will be pre-screened for appropriateness before I add to this list. Winnebago IAGenWeb isn't be responsible for website content/accuracy or for sites that change in focus after the initial approval.

Please report any problems or non-working links. Submit your surname interests for this list! Make family connections!

Surname Researcher
Anderson Evelyn Smith
Bell (Thompson area) Ken Moen (12/06)
Bendickson Researcher (3/06)
Dahl (Thompson area) Ken Moen (12/06)
Edwin Lisa
Fowler RC Collins
Grunseth Bridgett (02/06)
Halverson Susan H.C. Vera (email updated 03/07)
Holtan Beth
Horvei Ruth (Moe) Christ (11/08)
Hylland Marla Gray (09/07)
Iverson Wallace Rutter
Jacobson Ron Grider
Johnson (Lake Mills & Forest City area) Ken Moen (12/06)
Langfald Evelyn Smith
Larson Bridgett (02/06)
Evelyn Smith
Lee Errin (Lee) Wilker (05/06)
Moe (Lake Mills and Emmons area) Ruth (Moe) Christ (11/08)
Moen (Lake Mills & Forest City area) Ken Moen (12/06)
Nesby Michael Singer (email updated 11/10)
Oulman Marla Gray (09/07)
Peterson (Lake Mills & Forest City area) Ken Moen (12/06)
Peterson Bridgett (02/06)
Richardson Errin (Lee) Wilker (05/06)
Sagen Bridgett (02/06)
Sleper Romona Powers-Perkins (e-mail) (website)
Smith Evelyn Smith
Solum Lisa
Stokesbary Bridgett (02/06)
Thorland (Thompson area) Ken Moen (12/06)
Tofflemire Ron Grider
Vaagen Julie
Weller Ron Grider

PLEASE notify the coordinator of non-working email addresses or broken links to personal websites. Thank-you.