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1850 Mortality Schedules - Dubuque County, Iowa
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1850 Dubuque County, Iowa - Mortality Schedule

Below is a list persons while died in the year before the 1850 census was taken. This shows the "name of every person who died during the year ending 1 June 1850 whose usual place of abode at the time of his death was in this family." The "census year" was 1 Jun 1849 to 31 May 1850. The Mortality Schedules, then, recorded all of the deaths in Dubuque County during 1849.

The death date on the actual form only shows the month of death. The year in parentheses was added make the year of their death more obvious to the reader.

Family Number Surname Given Name Age Sex Color Marital Status Birth Place Free Or Slave Month of Death Occupation Cause Of Death Number of Days Ill
  Brakey Martha 7/12 F     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Whooping Cough 8
  Spincely Solomon 9/12 M     Iowa   Oct/(1849)   Unknown  7
  OBrien Bridget 40 F   M Ireland   Oct/(1849)   Dropsy 14
  Goodman Mary 35 F   M Ireland   Nov/(1849)   Consumption 77
  Heslop Thomas 9 M     England   Nov/(1849)   Diarhea 13
  Gillaspy Catherine 2 F     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Diarhea 9
  Watters Ann 1 F     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 6
  Kennedy Meulhijah 20 M     Mo   Jun/(1849) Mining Scrofula 43
  Watters John G 2 M     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 9
  Cotter Joseph 1 M     Iowa   Jun/(1849)   Unknown 90
  Rickey John H. 1/12 M     Iowa   Oct/(1849)   Unknown 8
  Wilson Johnathan 19 M     Missouri   Apr/(1850) Farmer Inf. Lungs 15
  Evans Andrew S 1 M     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Dysentary 4
  Hassestedder Mary 1/12 F     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Not Known 14
  Deihlen Eve 30 F     Germany   May/(1850)   Child Birth 1
  Ocihlen Joseph 7 M     Iowa   May/(1850)   Diarhea 14
  Ann Mary 5/12 F     Iowa   Jly/(1849)   Diarhea 30
  Morrisson Matilda P. 2 F     Iowa   Jan/(1850)   Pneumonia 21
  Brown Catherine 27 F     Germany   Jly/(1849)   Dropsey 25
  Froz John 40 M   M Ireland   Sep/(1849) Farmer Billious Fever 5
  McCarren Edward 2 M     Iowa   May/(1850)   Lung Fever 14
  McKenzie Elizabeth 11/12 F     Iowa   May/(1850)   Unknown 14
  Thornton Patrick 65 M     Ireland   Apr/(1850) Farmer Dropsey 76
  Esterbrook Joshua 30 M     New York   Nov/(1849)   Consumption 15 Years
  McGinnis Ellen 33 F   M Ireland   Aug/(1849)   Consumption 42
  Battels Relief 26 F     Vermont   May/(1850)   Consumption 365
  Donoven Morris 5 M     Ills   Jun 1st/(1849)   Typhoid Fever 8
  Garris Margaret 44 F   M Missouri   Dec/(1849)   Congestive Chill 1
  Zount Uphemy A. 12 F     Missouri   Oct/(1849)   Scarlet Fever 7
  Randolph Lewis W. 7/12 M     Iowa   Oct/(1849)   Scarlet Fever 4
  White Jane D. 1 F     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 4
  Nowlin Barnard 65 M   M Ireland   Mar/(1850) None Consumption 60
  Horton June A. 25 F   M Ireland   May/(1850)   Consumption 6
  Harvey John O. 7/12 M     Iowa   May/(1850)   Whooping Cough 14
  Cousins Mary E. 7/12 F     Iowa   Jan/(1850)   Scarlet Fever 9
  Clark Hannah 77 F   W Mass.   Mar/(1850)   Consumption 1 Hour
  Mathias Rickle 2 M     Iowa   Oct/(1849)   Burned 1
  Tibbard Eve 73 F   M Germany   Jan/(1850)   Abscess On The Breast 121
  Andrew David 50 M   M N. Y.   Oct/(1849) None Consumption 350
  Swigler Frederick 11 F     D. C.   Feb/(1850)   Scarlet Fever 4
  Swigler Caroline 2 F     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Cholera 4
  Ranlanar Jacob 45 M   M Germany   Nov/(1849) Farmer Consumption 721
  Roach Catherine 35 F   M Germany   Apr/(1850)   Not Known  
  Seefirt Augustus 45 M   M Germany   Jly/(1849) Farmer Cholera 1
  Seefirt Alana 38 F   M Germany   Jly/(1849)   Cholera 1
  Merret Gilbert 1 M     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 12
  Kephart Elizabeth 77 F   M Vt.   Dec/(1849)   Diarhea 60
  Swires Wm. 31 M   M Pa.   Feb/(1850) Farmer Fall from a hee  
  Hayes James 20 M     Ireland   Mar/(1850) Laborer Cholera 7
  Glutz Wm. 2/12 M     Iowa   Mar/(1850)   Not Known 60
  Lantine Octavo 3 M     Canada   Apr/(1850)   Croup 2
  Glew Emanuel N. 22 M     Pa   Apr/(1850) Carpenter Not Known 7
  Greenly Maria 13 F     England   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 7
  Cook Thomas 47 M   M England   Jan/(1850) Farmer In Of The Lungs 21
  Jordan Lavina 1 F     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Not Known  
  Scroggins Louisa B. 9/12 F     Iowa   Mar/(1850)   Croup 3
  Tonaulin/Yonderlin Hart H. 1/12 M     Iowa   Dec/(1849)   Croup 1
  McCraney Sophronia 10/12 F     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 11
  Cook John James 9 M     Iowa   Jun/(1849)   Not Known  
  Trainer Anestatia 1 F     Iowa   Jly/(1849)   Diarhea 20
  Morrow Peter 1 M     Iowa   Oct/(1849)   Measles 90
  Carson Ann E. 42 F   W Va.   Apr/(1850)   Consumption 120
  Hendersit Sarah Jane 4 F     Iowa   Jly/(1849)   Diarhea 20
  Lovell Francis A. 1/12 M     Iowa   Jan/(1850)   Inf. Of The Brain 1
  Hurley Mary 1 F     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Bil. Diarhea 30
  Hart Jesse Maria 9/12 F     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Diarhea 14
  Long Elizabeth 48 F   W Scottland   May/(1850)   Consumption 365
  Smith Andrew 1 M     Iowa   Jun/(1849)   Diarhea 10
  Cannor Margaret 41 F   M N. J.   Nov/(1849)   Lung Fever 9
  Mobley Mary 10 F     Ill.   May/(1850)   Irresipilis 80
  McMullen Lydia 1 F     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Pneumonia 4
  Clements John 50 M     Not Known   /(1850) Farmer Not Known Not Known
  Mohiser John P. 73 M   M Germany   Aug/(1849) Farmer Dropsey 124
  Green Harriet 25 F   M New York   Apr/(1850)   Consumption 110
  Loflesh John 39 M   M Ohio   Jun/(1849) Farmer Consumption 186
  Jorden George W. 27 M   M Ills   May/(1850) Farmer Inflammation Of The Brain 3
  Paul Child Of John 1/12 M     Iowa   Apr/(1850)   Not Knwon 3
  Reid Lydia C. 3/12 F     Iowa   May/(1850)   Small Pox 14
  McGreggor Ann 1/12 F     Iowa   May/(1850)   Gangreen 500
  Loveless Mary 3 F     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Scrafula 4
  Kibbe James 27 M   M Indiana   Dec/(1849) Farmer Congestive Fev 1
  Galahan James 56 M   M Virginia   Oct/(1849) Farmer Pneumonia 14
  Cumber Thomas 68 M   M England   Nov/(1849) Farmer Typhoid Fever 14
  Kelly Ann 7 F     Ireland   Apr/(1850)   Dropsey 620
  Anderson John 70 M   M Virginia   Mar/(1850) Teacher "Pneuralgia" (Neuralgia) 14
  Burlaston Andrew 1 M     Iowa   Nov/(1849)   Diarhea 35
  OConnel Margaret C. 35 F   M Ireland   Jan/(1850)   Labor 10
  Hawley John C. 21 M     Canada   Mar/(1850)   Consumption 368
  Mullen Grace 23 F     Ireland   Jly/(1849)   Billious Fever 21
  Waldo Ann E. 38 F   M New Jersey   Apr/(1850)   Inflammatory Fever 10
  Walde Horatio Junior 1 M     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Inflammatory Fever 10
  Hawley June E. 22 F   M New York   Mar/(1850)   Consumption 375
  Chapman Edward 1 M     Iowa   Oct/(1849)   Diarhea 30
  Dawson John 1 M     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Diarhea 4
  Dow Daughter Of Peter 1/12 F     Iowa   Jly/(1849)   Not Known  
  McCarmel Gloucester 1/12 M     Iowa   Jan/(1850)   Not Known 1
  Benton Mary 5 F     New York   Dec/(1849)   Bronchitis 14
  Gregory  R. 48 M   M New York   Feb/(1850) Miner Lung Fever 11
  Elizabeth Emma 1 F     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Croupe 6
  Brooks Matilda 2 F     Iowa   Dec/(1849)   Pneumonia 11
  Patrick John 45 M   M England   Jun/(1849) Miner Cholera 1
  Patrick Charles 6/12 M     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Not Known 7
  Chinnberg/Cherinberg Lewis 1 M     Iowa   Sep/(1849)   Fever 21
  Hatton Thomas J. 7/12 M     Iowa   May/(1850)   Croupe 21
  Richmond Isaac 11/12 M     Iowa   May/(1850)   Lung Fever 14
  Strassen Catherine 28 F   M Switzerland   Jly/(1849)   Diarhea 7
  Wonderlin Elizabeth 85 F   W Germany   Apr/(1850)   Old Age  
  Hill Thomas 2 M     Ky   Jun/(1849)   Diarhea 12
  Smith Francis C. 30 M     Conn.   Dec/(1849) Merchant Pneumonia 6
  Rogers Wm. 4 M     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Lung Fever 4
  Anderson Agnes 1 F     Ills   Sep/(1849)   Summer Complaint 90
  Lewis Ella E. 7/12 F     Iowa   Mar/(1850)   Lung Fever 14
  Holbrook John 18 M     Boston   Mar/(1850)   Inflammation Brain 10
  Homer John T. 1 M     Iowa   Apr/(1850)   Diarhea 8
  Russel Charles H. 2 M     Iowa   Jly/(1849)   Dysentary 16
  Kerrichbauer/Kerrichbaum John 1/12 M     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Not Known 4
  Shunk George 10/12 M     Iowa   Jly/(1849)   Diarhea 1
  Downey Margaret 11/12 F     Iowa   Dec/(1849)   Whooping Cough 60
  Nightingale Monte 1 M     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Diarhea 3
  Nightingale Geo. H. 0/12 M     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Fits 4
  McNair David B. 9/12 M     Iowa   Aug/(1849)   Diarhea 21
  Haley Sarah 0/12 M     Iowa   Feb/(1850)   Small Pox 20
  McGinnis Ellen 35 F   M Ireland   Aug/(1849)   Consumption 270
  Reed Ann 1 F     Iowa   May/(1850)   Lung Fever 15


Transcribed By: Tom Schlarman, Feb 2001
Proofed by: Joan Tallman, Dec 2003/Jan 2004